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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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the mid 50s for the upstate and low 50s for the mountains. this is near normal for this time of year.sunday will be milder with highs reaching 68 in the upstate and 63 in the mountains! winds will remain fairly light, so it will feel very comfortable outside. 3 i'll have much more,coming up- up-thanks kendra-we continue tonight- 3 now... a fox carolina investigation. 3 a bold thief... is hitting homes in greenville county. sometimes he strikes in broad daylight...kicking in -back- or even -front- doors...taking off with everything from electronics to jewelry...and he's still on the streets tonight. 3 we've heard from many people... saying they know someone who's been a victim. two of the burglaries have happened on phillips road and along batesville road.and several neighborhoods are on guard... including sugar creek, canebrake, thornblade, and boiling springs estates. carolina's shale remien talked with neighbors and deputies... on this rash
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look out for! 3 cody and diana- very concering tonight that a burgular has been walking into vacant homes and stealing anything that seems to be of value. i spoke to a greer woman over the phone. she didn't want to speak on camera but told me she was robbed. she and her husband lost electronics, tvs...even her jewelry stolen. tonight - people on the eastside and in greer all looking out for one another. 3 3 3 a string of breakins in greenville county ...and no arrest..the greenville county sheriff's office says at least five homes have been hit.. others like jessica tan, having close calls. calls."my doorbell rang and i answered the door and no one was there. and i thought it was ups and there's not package or letter."a man is
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seeing if anyone is home. 3 if not, he welcomes himself in. in one case, he tore a door off its hinges."i looked around and i saw a guy wearing glasses and suit, like a business man and got into his car and drove away." the suspicous act has many people on edge.chad slayer says all of his neighbors in boiling springs estates are looking out for one another. 3 "everyone is on their toes and not only our neighborhood, surrounding neighborhoods as well."slayer and other members of the neighborhood are looking into installing cameras."with the cameras in the neighborhood, it would just increase everyone's piece of mind."but tonight, not everyone is at peace... while the thief is still on the loose."i always check to make sure my door is double locked before i leave now."the people we spoke to say the man was either driving a dark color camry or a woman who was robbed says she lost everything from electronics to jewelry.many people hopping
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others are hit. "we are a close knit neighborhood and when someone comes in an distrurbs that, it russles some feathers." 3 greenville sheriff's department says they are confident all of these robberies are connected. investigators continue to search and gather information to try and get this man off the streets. if you have seen anything suspcious, they ask you call crime stoppers at 23- crime.diana? 3 shale, you spoke to several people aboututthese burgularies. did they say how they are relaying information and keeping an eye out for one another? another?they told me the website called next has been a huge is a closed website group where people from the nieghborhood can communicate.they have been exchaning a lot of info on there about what they've been seeing.and relaying the information to the sheriff's department. 3 we are covering our counties tonight... 3 a spartanburg county man is in jail - after deputies say he carried a gun - and threatened to kill his neighbors.
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rolling as thomas standley went before a judge -charged with pointing and presenting a firearm, harassment, and trespassing.deputies say standley showed up on his neighbor's property on goldmine road last night and yelled at a woman--saying quote "tonight is the night you're going to die."police say standley later returned to the home - and pulled a gun on a man inside.the sheriff's office says standley and the neighbors were involved in an ongoing dispute. 3 a close call in greenville county - after a car crashed into a home on white horse road.the homeowner says she's thankful to be alive. 3 3 " i told him, material things can be replaced, as long as he was ok and me and my dog were ok, that's all that really mattered..." mattered..."we spoke to the driver who says he was headed home from work after a 12-hour shift and dozed off for a brief second.when he looked up
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crash.some of the homeowner's items were damaged - specifically a cabinet full of items hand made by her late son. nobody was severely injured. 3 a laurens county teacher is out of a job and charged with assault after being accused of hitting a 13-year-old student. student.brandy overmyer was arrested thursday after a district employee received a complaint from the male police took overmyer's statment - and charged her that day.district 55's website shows overmyer used to be an english and language arts teacher at sanders middle school -she was fired today after joining the staff last fall. 3 developing tonight... 3 an update on this berkeley county sheriff's deputy - in south carolina's lowcountry, who was shot multiple times. she's had surgery... and is recovering.we found out today that deputy kimber gist is from the upstate and graduated from woodruff high school. 3 we went to her hometown tonight to talk with people who knew her.right now - gist remains in the hospital. but
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recover.the sheriff says gist did fire back at her attacker...and hit him. travis smith ran from the scene and later killed himself during a standoff. carolina's sharon johnson joins us live.sharon - how is her hometown responding? 3 friends from high school and neighbors were all saddened to hear about the shooting. but they are proud of the officer kimber gist has become.and sending well wishes for her continued recovery. 3 3 3 corporal kimber gist was shot multiple times this morning... according to the berkeley county sheriff's office - she was shot while investigating a suspicious vehicle behind a closed grocery store in goose creek. creek.7:55:34 "i was shocked, caused i thought once but when they said twice, i said oh my gosh."that investigation continues.and her high school recovery. 3 19:24:40 "my main thing is honoring kimber and letting her know we appreciate her for doing what she does and she is one that we will keep praying
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gets back in the line of duty." kimber gist is a 2009 graduate of woodruff high -was an honor student and athlete.her assistant principal called her an outstanding student with a strong personality. and surprised she was in law enforcement,((asst. prinicipal))19:24:16 "i was shocked that she was actually even in law enforcement. i never thought she'd do that. that was a surprise to me."a surprise to others too when gist's mother told nearby neighbors of her daughter's plans.((sot sue lowery, neighbor))7:54:20 "cause she was undecided and then that's what she chose to be and i said, she wants to be a cop, she said yea." ((talking with gist's mom))corporal gist has been with the berkeley county sheriff's office two years. sheriff duane lewis called corporal gist quote " a strong woman, from a strong family" her hometown family agrees. ((asst. principal))19:24:26 "anytime anyone gets hurt in the call of duty, that's not fair. but she was doing what she was supposed to do so that's honorable." the woodruff police department posted this message on its facebook reads:"the woodruff pd and the entire woodruff community is praying for one of its own today. cpl. (corporal) kimber gist of the berkeley sheriff's office was shot multiple times this morning while investigating a suspicious vehicle. she is
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and in good spirits. together, we remain strong. a*#aberkeleystrong" 3 neighbors say ... family thought working in law enforcement in a different area than your hometown was a good idea.saying - friends might expect favors. 3 kendra is in the 3 weather center for a look ahead at the forecast. forecast. 3 kendra: coming up i'll have your forecast including a warm-up! up! 3 a new lottery... taking aim at a dangerous predator.state lawmakers say it's time to get the coyote population under control..tonight - how hunting them... could get you a big pay-out. carolina investigates..thieves targeting *copper in anderson county.they're cutting cables
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say it's a big problem.. that could impact your safety!and.. you decide 20-16.democratic candidates are making one final push.. ahead of tomorrow's presidential primary.tonight - what you need to know.. before heading to the polls. polls. (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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or making new ones, learning some moves or showing off your skills and being free to keep on exploring. choose a humana medicare plan for the care you need... to help you have better health for everything that's ahead. humana. start with healthy. 3 as you decide 2016 3 polls open in less than 12 hours for south carolina's democratic primary -these three candidates will be on your ballot -hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and willie wilson.they have been stumping through the palmetto state all week long - and today was no exception. 3
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3 imagine that we have the opportunity to stand up and go further to advance the rights we have fought so hard to achieve because - again - this is an area where we have disagreements - we have expanded the circle of opportunity and rights to so many americans - and we're not going back. back.hillary clinton joined by her husband and former president bill clinton during a rally in columbia tonight - promising her supporters she'll raise minimum wage, fight climate change, and create jobs.clinton has consistently held a strong lead in south carolina - and had no shortage of support tonight.starr jones was stumping for her on stage - saying it's time for a women in the white house.there was also a brief cameo from former gamecock alshon jeffrey - as well as columbia mayor steve benjamin.clinton is expected
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night as the ballots are counted. 3 3 3 "we know that when we stand together.. there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. that's what this campaign is about. welcome to the political revolution." revolution."senator bernie sanders also in the state capital tonight - for a get out the vote rally and concert at township auditorium.he spoke with voters on a wide range of issues - including making college affordable, income inequality and criminal justice reform - platforms he's stuck to throughout his campaign.sanders will not be in south carolina tomorrow night - instead he's expected in the midwest for campaign events there. 3 and on the eve of the south carolina democratic primary.. elections officials are reminding everyone of what they need in order to cast their ballots tomorrow... 3 ahead of the 5 o clock deadline - several people turned out to cast absentee ballots in the democratic race. 3 fox carolina's andrew reeser
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county election headquarters. 3 there was a steady stream of voters here at the elections office...workers are gearing up for the big day tomorrow... and they want everyone who comes out to vote to be prepared when they arrive. 3 3 the ballot boxes are beeping once again... again... 3 this time ahead of the democratic presidential absentee voters showed up at greenville county square to cast their vote...for either hillary clinton, 3 3 bernie sanders, sanders, 3 or willie wilson...jaqueline scott is one of those voters.. voters.. 3 09:30:16"it's important to vote because this is a serious thing...we need somebody to run our country."james williams says he wants the next president to be someone who will build on the progress of president obama. 3 3 09:28:30"it gives you the opportunity to be a part of what's going on in the world today..."this weekend, the democratic voices of the palmetto state will be heard... greenville county elections director conway belangia says they expect a big crowd tomorrow... tomorrow... 3 09:33:31"it allows the democratic party to get a true
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nominating from the national convention...and it's a way for people to voice their choice."and to minimize any chaos...they want everyone to come prepared09:32:20"voters are encouraged to bring their photo id with them...they must have that in order to vote... and they need to go to the precinct where they are registered to vote."and as for the best time to come cast your ballot? belangia says that all depends.09:33:08"i fully expect early morning will be busy...i would say mid morning and mid afternoon would be good times to cast a ballot."a south carolina issued drivers license will do just fine to get in and vote... if you're not sure whether you are registered to vote...or where your precinct is, visit our website fox carolina dot com and go to the as seen on section...for a link with that info. in greenville county andrew reeser the ten o clock news. 3 as andrew mentioned -at your polling place, you will be asked to show one of the following photo ids:- a south carolina driver's license- an i-d card issued by the south carolina department of motor
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voter registration card with a photo- a federal military id- or a u-s passport passportif you don't have one of those i-d's, you must bring your voter registration card with you--and you will be able to vote using a provisional ballot.remember - polls open at 7 a-m and close at 7 p-m.if you're in line by 7 p-m you will be allowed to vote. 3 and make sure to stay tuned for our democratic primary special -we'll hear from all three candidates on the south carolina ballot - and bring you their take on the nation's biggest's all coming your way at 11:15. 3 on the gop side of the race for the white house -another high profile endorsement for republican frontrunner donald trump - this time by a former opponent. opponent.the billionaire frontrunner recieved a major boost from new jersey governor chris christie... in what could be a pivitol moment in this christie, a former gop contender in the
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attack dog who says he's prepared to hit the road. christie's endorsement comes just one day after trump butted heads with rubio and senator ted cruz at the cnn debate in houston. 3 3 i will lend my support between now and november every way that i can for donald to make the campaign an even better campaign than it's already been and do what he needs to do to help to make the country everything we want it to be for our children and grandchildren. grandchildren.the governor believes trump will be the eventual nominee -- and, stands the best chance of defeating hillary clinton.but -- ted cruz and marco rubio kept up their attacks today -- trying to gain some ground ahead of super tuesday. 3 600 delegates will be up for grabs come tuesday - which could entirely change the tone of the battle for the
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for the latest updates on both sides of the race for the white house - stick with us on air and online at fox carolina dot com. 3 kendra is in the 3 weather center 3 3 3 a beautiful weekend is in store, with a cooler first half, then milder end. a chance of showers returns middle of next week.expect a chilly start to saturday with temperatures in the upper 20s for the upstate and mid 20s in the mountains. sunshine will dominate and warm the afternoon temperatures into the mid 50s for the upstate and low 50s for the mountains. this is near normal for this time of year.sunday will be milder with highs reaching 68 in the upstate and 63 in the mountains! winds will remain fairly light, so it will feel very 3 for weather 24 hours a day,
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and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 back to you. you. 3 3 parents listen up!thousands of car seats are being recalled because of a harness problem. problem.the warning is that it could *increase the chance of a child being hurt!what you need to know before buckling up! up!plus..big changes.. coming to spartanburg!more people.. mean more businesses and projects.tonight - what you can expect.. as part of the downtown revitalization project. you ever want the outfits the stars wear in the movies.. or on t-v?well now you can!how a couple of current and former clemson students are helping find your favorite hollywood looks.. with just a click! click!
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3 in a developing story 3 the cdc confirming there have been nine confirmed cases of zika infections in pregnant
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states.all got the virus overseas - and of the three babies born so far - one was born with microcephaly - the brain defect linked to the mosquito bourne illness.two of the other pregnancies ended in miscarriages - and two others are continuing without any reported complications.the cdc says its also investigating 10 additional reports of pregnant travelers with zika.the zika virus has reached epidemic level in latin america and the caribbean. 3 mission hospital is asking friends and family of patients at their facilities to limit their visits as they continue to see a rise in flu cases. cases.officials specifically suggest children under age 12 and people who may not be feeling 100-percent should call patients rather than visit them at the hospital. this precaution applies to mission hospital and all mission health member hospitals and affiliates in western north carolina.if you do choose to go - mission asks all visitors to wash their hands before and after
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the situation worsens -further restrictions may be recommended or implemented 3 in a fox carolina investigation 3 an upstate sheriff has declared war on meth...and is giving fox carolina an exclusive inside look at the fight fightoconee county sheriff mike crenshaw says when he took office in 2013 he made stopping the flow of drugs in his county a priority particularly metetbecause crenshaw says most of the crime in oconee can be tied back to the drug in one way or anotherand since then his office has made dozens of arrests...busted up numerous meth labs... 3 3 "i knew that we had a big problem with meth in oconee county..but i have to admit it was bigger than i anticipated" anticipated"but oconee county's fight against meth...isnt just about making arrestsand it doesnt start with an investigagaon or an arrest warrantit starts in the elementary schoolson monday night fox carolina's adrian acosta will put you in the passenger seat with narcotics
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destructive power of meth....and tell you just effective this war on meth has been 3 it's no secret that the lottery could land you with a big payout..but what if the game.. involved coyotes? coyotes?tonight - how south carolina lawmakers are hoping a bounty.. will help control the animal's population. carolina investigates.. a string of copper thefts in anderson countyty.thieves are stripping cables right off power polls! why officials say it's a big problem.. that could impact your safety. safety.and chief meteorologist kendra kent is putting together your seven day forecastshe'll tell you what you can the week to come. come.
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children...
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and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. 3 in a fox carolina investigation 3 take a look at this--phone wire just hanging from a pole
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of copper thieves--taking the copper from the cable--not once, not twice, but six times at this specific location over the last month. 3 that theft has left many without internet--and some without phone service in that neighborhood--and it's leading to a big frustration from people--and also from a-t-&;-t. &; carolina's derek dellinger is live tonight in our newsroom--and derek--how bad of a problem is this for those there? 3 these are the reports that detail what's happening here--- at&;t crews go up and see the mess that has been made.but after six times in one month-- it's got a lot of people there up in arms--and very frequently without service. 3 3 3 if you travel along camellia road in anderson county-- you're bound to see a mess.and it's hanging from the power poles. poles. 3 3 there's just wires hanging to the groundphone wire--exposed to the elements--the wires, seemingly stripped of their
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to happen once--but this has happened six times. times. 3 we would go try to get on and it would just buffer...and buffer...and buffer several times and the kids weren't able to get onto their movies or shows or anythingmichelle burden lives just down the road from the mess of wire--- and is an a-t-&;-t internet customer.she didn't even realize the mess she drives by everyday was the reason for her online outage--until we told her. her. 3 i couldn't get online and it was very slow on several occasions.but burden says she feels for her neighbors--who rely on landline a statement to fox carolina tonight--at&;t went even further, saying that telephone cable cutting crimes -quote- "...endanger public safety by dirupting access to 9-1-1, alarm systems as well as health monitoring. and it often supports the illegal drug trade." -endquote- anderson county deputies, for their part, say in one of the six cases they're looking into the neighborhrhd--a thief was caught by a passerby before making a run for it.we're told at&;t has been out to fix the wires--only to have to come
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burden--her reliance on online access is a sign of changing times. times. 3 i know it's awful but we rely on it now to pay bills and reach out...i mean, i check my kid's grades online, e-mail teachers, you know...just constant--3 and even though she knows it's s not at&;t's fault--she's considering making a switch in her service. service. 3 so many times, a regular occurence, in the same location. 3 both a-t-&;-t and the anderson county sheriff's office say they want to hear from you, if you have seen or heard anything in that area-- camellia drive near singer're asked to call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc if you have any infromation.diana? 3 and all that cable and wire we saw there looks much wire are we talking about here? here?in one instance, 5- hundred feet of wire was
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feet was taken.each were worth thousands of dollars because of *all that's in saw the video, there's all sorts of stuff--including copper.but we're told the copper in all that wiring would only net someone just about a hundred bucks, at most. diana and cody, back to you. 3 continuing to cover our counties 3 starting with a traffic alert out of spartanburg county -a repaving project will be closing lanes intermittently on interstate 85 - and it could cause some major delays. delays.sloan construction - the firm workin gon the project says the lane closures will happen between mile markers 63 and 67 both north and southbound.starting tonight at 8 - the left lane going both directions was closed -and starting at 11pm tomorrow - two lanes will be closed in that stretch - leaving the interstate down to one lane until 5 am the following morning.sloan officials say this pattern
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weeks - and drivers should seek out alternate routes. 3 an investigation is underway in greenville county-after a fire displaced more than 20 people.... who've lost everything they owned. owned.firefighters were called to the blaze at solutions recovery center on lowndes hill road around 6:30 this morning.the apartments were home to recovering alcoholics and addicts in a recovery program.the director is now asking for prayers and community support- for those who are struggling with not only sobriety but now losing their homes. 3 3 3 3 "this is a poignant time in their lives. they didn't lose everything and it's gone. we'll just rebuild. they have friends. they have family. all my guys are like family to me. that's what we'll do. we'll just rebuild and work together and help one another." another."firefighters say the apartments were damaged by fire, smoke, or word on what caused that fire.if you want to help - we've got a link to an online fundraiser
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dot com... and they are accepting donations at the apartments on lowndes hill road. 3 in buncombe county-an asheville man is in jail tonight - charged with possessing a weapon of mass destruction 3 john tolley was arrested after officers found precursor powders and other items that can be used to create an improvised explosive.they say the products were found at tolley's home on nixon terrace--where he was arrested last night. 3 new tonight... 3 new projects...and high rise developments are going up in downtown spartanburg. the city says it's all part of a big revatilzation project. 3 with a growing population and the desire for a lively downtown, those who live in spartanburg say they are excited about the changes. carolina's rebecca atkins is live for us tonight
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3 cody and diana, the city is clearly expanding and growing in size. the businesses i spoke with today who have been here for the past few years tell me they were anticipating that spartanburg would boom. many of the new developments will be bringing more jobs to the area as well. 3 3 3 3 railroad just past the railroad tracks, sits the corner of daniel morgan avenue and west main street. it's the epicenter of two major developments underway in downtown spartanburg. 3 3 "it's been the most rapid sustained growth downtown that the city's ever had."will rothschild is the communications manager for the city of spartanburg. he says the most recent development to be approved by the city will be located where this parking lot now sits. "it's going to be a five story multi-use building with 30 residential units and 3 thousand square feet of retail space." space." 3 "rothschild says in the last 36 months they've had 59 businesses open and they're expecting even more to come to this area." area." 3 "you see little businesses popping up, eateries, bars, boutiques..."mark johnsen co-
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company' that's been downtown for years. he thinks the ac hotel under construction across the street from his brewery will boost business. 3 3 "we'll have to figure out how downtown things but the positive thing about it is growth is growth and it's good for all of us."tony forest owns carriage house wines, which sits directly next to 3 cars 3 u.s. census data shows the population has grown in size. in 2010 there were over 36 thousand people in spartanburg. the most recent data from 2014 says the population grew over a thousand people, to 37,525. and by 2020 the city anticipates 38 thousand people in" the area. "people want to see a lively, vibrant dynamic downtown, so there's a lot of excitement right now associated with what's going on down here." 3 rothschild says at the moment there are close to a dozen projects going on downtown, some of which are new construction and others are historic buildings being
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3 well it really sounds like spartanburg is going to be looking very different soon, do you know what some of those other projects will be? be?there are actually a lot of other additions. there's a new crepery on main street six other residential units being added to a historic building, and a new business office space that will bring about 250 jobs to the area was just announced this week. also among the historic buildings, in those will be two new restaurants and a grocery store. 3 now to a story you'll see only on fox 3 a new lotto of sorts could be coming to the palmetto state....but your winning ticket lives in the wild and is prerey tough to catch - -fox carolina's adrian acosta joins us now to explain 3 lawmakers say the coyote population in the state is out of control...and they are hoping a little game of chance with a big payoff...will be
10:38 pm
coyote hanging out by a pool in spartanburg county in broad daylight are becoming more and more common according to ron winegard with the south carolina department of natural resources resources 3 "coyotoes are not native to south carolina they were brought here and they have spread to every county in the state of south carolina"and winegard says the normally nocturnal animal is becoming bolder ....he says he had to shoot this one in right in downtown easleyaccording to dnr...the exploding coyote population is taking its toll on deer by feeding on fawns...bringing the deer population down 30% since 2002."you can kill coyotes year have to have a hunting license if you go out and hunt them but you have a right to protect your property"3 just this week lawmakers introduced legislation they hope will help calm the coyote catastrophe...and anderson supports it it"it would instruct the dnr to establish in the 4 game zones, capture 3 coyotes, tag
10:39 pm
a bounty on their heads"the proposal sets the bounty for a tagged coyote at no less than 1 thousand dollarputnam says the plan introduced by representative allen clemmons of horry attached to the use budget...that will be voted on in a couple of weeks...before being sent on to the senate...if it passes there it would become law in 2017"if there is a 1 thousand dollar bill walking through the field, hunters will take that opportunity" according to this proposal the dnr can raise the number of tagged coyotes and raise the bounty on them as they see fit now there are some rules for killing coyotes in the state...and we've put a link on the as seen on section where you can read up on those in greenville county adrian acosta fox carolina news tonight 3 a *mail theft ring.. busted in pickens county! county!deputies say the
10:40 pm
people's mailboxes.what the sheriff says you need to know.. so you're not the next target. upgrades.. for the greenville county sheriff's office!their swat team is prepared for the worst. what it means for your safety. safety.and..a chance to look like your favorite hollywood stars!how some clemson students are using their own website.. to hook you up with latest trends. trends.and i'll have the weekend forecast next! next! 3 3 3 3
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine.
10:42 pm
and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. 3 they are the clothes and charactersseen on t-v- and in
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it..two clemson students are workingto get it for you. 3 the idea is now an official businessand the co- owners are bringingfantasy to fruition. carolina's jennifer phillips joins us now to explain. 3 3 3 some of you may wonder how to getthat coat cookie lyon wore during an episodeof empire.. or a similar schmdt shirt from the show new girl..well a former and current clemson student figuredit out.they created a business called saw it on's a website that connects t-v- fansto their favorite charcters.. through clothesdiana true .. a clemson student.. and jasmine ellis - a clemson graduate are co-founders of the company. they two met in a class called how to start a start-up. they've also won a pitch competitionso here's how it works..if a customer.. wants an outfit.. that schmidt has on from season 5 of new girlor a romper/ from cee cee on the show- they'll find it for you. you. 3
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3 "you may go on the site click "new girl,"- or go on our site click the actor or character's name and from there you can find out what he's wearing in that episode." 3 3 "we had one jumpsuit from a red carpet event that cameron diaz went to and it was on sale for $10,000." $10,000.""i did find one that was almost just like it and it was in the $30-40 range."the company used to be call saw it in the if you go to the site and can't f fd an outfit from an episodeor the red carpet.. send an email.. and the company ownerssay they will find it for you.and it's all freefor more information about the company log onto our website.. click on the as seen on section.jennifer phillips fox carolina the ten o'clock news. 3 new tonight 3 a harness issue is forcing the reall of more than 50-thousand children's car seats. seats.evenflo says the recall includes the transitions 3- in-1 car seat with the model
10:45 pm
- which ultimately includes all transitions car seats manufactured prior to jan of this year.children are able to loosen the harness restraint on their own, which the company says increases the risk of injury. so far - evenflo said this hasn't led to any children being hurt... but they want to make sure it doesn't in the future.the company is offering a free kit that it says will "virtually eliminate" the child's access to the harness adjustment switch. 3 on the fox carolina money watch 3 kohl's is closing 18 *underperforming stores. stores.the company says the exact locations will be announced at the end of march. the announcement comes after a quarterly earnings statement - that included below- expectations demand for cold weather goods in november and january.the company says the stores will represent less than one percent of total sales.employees affected by the closures will be offered positions at other stores or a severance package.we'll keep
10:46 pm
the upstate are affected. 3 we all have stores we like and dislike-but america's most hated retailer may surprise you. you.abercrombie and fitch scored the lowest on this year's american customer satisfaction index for the retail industry.but get this - this is abercrombie's *debut on the list.the company scored a 65 on the index - which is almost 10 points below the entire sector's overall score. walmart ranked just ahead of abercrombie with a score of 66. it has ranked the lowest among department and discount stores for nearly 10 years. 3 kendra's here with a look at
10:47 pm
3 a beautiful weekend is in
10:48 pm
half, then milder end. a chance of showers returns middle of next week.expect a chilly start to saturday with temperatures in the upper 20s for the upstate and mid 20s in the mountains. sunshine will dominate and warm the afternoon temperatures into the mid 50s for the upstate and low 50s for the mountains. this is near normal for this time of year.sunday will be milder with highs reaching 68 in the upstate and 63 in the mountains! winds will remain fairly light, so it will feel very comfortable outside.some clouds will ride through on monday as a weak disturbance rolls by, then our next good chance for rain will come late tuesday night into wednesday. a couple t-storms are possible, but no severe weather is expected. temperatures will drop
10:49 pm
moves out, brining colder than normal air for thursday and a beautiful weekend is in store, with a cooler first half, then milder end. a chance of showers returns middle of next week.expect a chilly start to saturday with temperatures in the upper 20s for the upstate and mid 20s in the mountains. sunshine will dominate and warm the afternoon temperatures into the mid 50s for the upstate and low 50s for the mountains. this is near normal for this time of year.sunday will be milder with highs reaching 68 in the upstate and 63 in the mountains! winds will remain fairly light, so it will feel very comfortable outside.some clouds will ride through on monday as a weak disturbance rolls by, then our next good chance for rain will come late tuesday night into wednesday. a couple t-storms are
10:50 pm
weather is expected. temperatures will drop significantly as the rain moves out, brining colder than normal air for thursday and friday.sure to check out for more on the forecast and interactive radar
10:51 pm
rummaging through stolen mail! mail!these suspects are accused of swiping letters straight from upstate mailboxes -and one of them is still on the run tonight! tonight!and some upstate basketball teams are looking for their shot at a state title -high school playoff action - next in sports.
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3 move, deadly, i love it. i love that move. i can play both. i played a lot standing up for clemson this year,
10:55 pm
dirt, so i can play both.""i didn't want to come to this thing, as a blind horse or what not, so i reached out to my former teammates, and they let me know. it's going to be a long and stressful process. but you've just got to get through it. and stay positive. i'mg oing to be kevind dodd. i'm going to do what i've got up to my potential." potential." 3 daniel's shaq lawson and riverside's kevin dodd'll have to wait till sunday to strut their stuff at the nfl combine... former gamecocks brandon wilds on display today... 40 time bench shell - 5.22 22 wilds - 4.54 21 cooper - 15 bench press repsderrick henry - 4.54 40. 22 bench press reps 3 hey there, i'm ac... to the
10:56 pm
time for local basketball teams... on the prep level, a couple schools looking to get to the state championship... championship...starting with the boys upper state 3-a final... ac flora against seneca..-flora getting big on the boards early... off the miss... deshawn thomas gets the putback...-seneca comes right back though...xzavier barmore... gets the strip... and gets rewarded... beats everyone down the floor for the lay in.. bobcat faithful pumped about it...-then barmore... off the dribble... sick handles on this kid...defenders still searching for him him-sinks the fade away but flora gets the last laugh... 56-52 the final... 3 over to the women... 3-a upper state final between wren and dreher...-kameryn lemon hyped pregame... she'd shine during it... off the strip.. beautiful ball control... and one... and she knows it... -dreher out in front early... hurricanes storming back... nakol franks... trey's true... - wren would cut it to two... but with just five ticks left.. left..-dreher doesn't let them
10:57 pm
on... 51-49... heck of a season for the hurricanes... tough night for upstate hoops... 3 tigers at home again this weekend hosting james madison... -no score in the 2nd... chris okey... a shot to center... deepest part of the ballpark.. okey's first of the year opens the scoring...-2-0 now in the 5th... and it's the chase pinder power hour... first... the righty lifts off to left... solo shot.. 3-0.. -then he goes back to back with himself... a 3-run run bomb... his second in as many clemson's first four games... games...more than enough padding for charlie barnes... tigers take game one 6-1... 3 gamecocks hosting penn state at founders park to open a 3-game set..-bottom two... chris cullen... laces one to left.... that double brings home l-t tolbert out of piedmont... s-c up 2-0... -bottom six... john jones... already with a homer... shoots one to center... two more come carolina...-more than enough for clarke schmidt... filthy all day... 3 one hit over seven scoreless... a career high eight strikeouts to boot... s-c takes it 7-1... they're
10:58 pm
3 and stay tuned for our democratic primary special - hear from all three candidates on the south carolina ballot on the nation's big issues...just hours before polls open. 3 3 we're following out of greenville 3 deputies are help tracking
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
3 county-out o3 polls open at seven a-m... 3 and democratic presidential hopefuls- are taking one last swing- at undecided voters before tomorrow's south carolina primary! 3 hilliary clinton and former president bill clinton made stops throughout the state today- including in columbia tonight for a 'get out the vote' rally on main street.t-v host star jones, and former gamecock and n-f-l receiver alshon jeffery--also showed support for hillary tonight. clinton- encouraged voters to make their voices count- while also- speaking on current issues- like isis, immigration- healthcare - and


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