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tv   FOX Carolina News Tonight  FOX  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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3 winds will be strong through this afternoon, but should weaken into this evening and tonight. overnight lows will drop to 31 across the upstate and 25 in the mountains. snow will continue near the tn border during the overnight, then gradually dissipate friday morning. friday will bring plenty of sunshine, lighter winds and cool conditions. highs will warm to 53 in the upstate and 43 in the mountains. friday night will be the coldest of the next 7 days. lows will cool to 29 in the upstate and 24 in the mountains. saturday is looking sunny and a bit milder with highs in the low to mid 50s. sunday will be comfortable in the low 60s for the upstate, then it stays mild for the first half of next week. showers and a 3 and don't forget to wake up with thee morning news-- meteorologist nicole papay will have a check of the forecast and traffic reporter
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latest road conditions on your way to work.that's from 5:00 to 9:00 on thee morning news. 3 back to you. 3 we do have some delays to tell you about--madison, mitchell and yancey county schools with all start three hours late.and graham county will begin on a two hour delay.remember for the latest updates on delays or closings - just head to fox carolina dot com. 3 and this winter weather has caused some outages across the upstate-at this hour there are less than 1-thousand duke energy power outages in our area.and people are making some tough decisions tonight. some are using kerosene heaters to stay warm.while others trying to make it to a hotel.some have been without power since wednesday morning since strong winds barrelled through the carolinas. 3 3 3 "now its going in the second day and we still have no power."
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another cold night.they're concerned about food spoiling in their refrigerator and how the elderly people without power are making it.but in the past hour those outage number are getting smaller. duke says they're working quickly to get the heat back on. 3 now to some breaking news out of kansas 3 where four people are dead- including the gunman...and as many as 14 are hurtfollowing a a shooting at a work place 3 here's a look at the scene in hesston from earlier tonight... in a press conference not too long ago- officials say the victims were randomly targeted. local meida there has identified the shooter as cedric ford--the sheriff says he was an employee at excel industries...a lawnmower company--and that's where authorities say he initially pulled a gun from his trunk and gunned down a woman in the parking lot...and then went into the plant firing shots. tonight witnesses describe happened. 3 3 "the doors opened and people started screaming and running
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then everybody turned around and said no he's out front so everybody started going to the back right over here and then me, my boss and the other employee we work with, we was just standing back there, we really didn't know what was going on." on."now authorities say they *did exchange gunfire with the suspect...and that's when he was fatally far officials have ruled out terrorism as a motive.right now this is an active investigation....we will continue to follow the very latest on air and online at fox carolina dot com. 3 as you decide 2016 3 the final debate before super tuesday is wrapping up tonight on cnn...and it's been a heated one. one.tonight all five candidates took the stage... it's less than a week before super tuesday where 600 delegates are up for grabs - which could change the tone of the race for the nomination. 3 3 the candidates addressed a 3 number of issues--and things
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and trump when asked questions about obamacare--and how they would fix healthcare if elected.rubio continually went after trump on what his plan would actually be--meantime the moderators nearly skipped ted cruz's turn to share his view on the issue.but all agreed they would repeal obamacare. 3 3 3 3 "the insurance companies are making an absolute fortune, yes they will keep pre- existing conditions and that will be a great thing. get rid of obamacare, we'll come up with new plans but we should keep pre-existing conditions." conditions." 3 3 "it is a healthcare law that is basically forcing companies to lay people off, to cut people's hours move people to part time it is not just a bad health care law it is a job killing law and i will appeal it as president and we will replace it with something that is substantially better for all americans." americans." 3 3 "i propose a system in which we use health empowerment accounts which are like a health savings account but with no bureaucrats. and we give to everybody from birth until death, they can pass it on when they die.we pay for it with the same dollars we pay for traditional healthcare
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ability to shift money in their account within their family." family." 3 3 "our plan will work, it uses the market, it uses transparency it gets the patient in the middle and guess what we're actually doing it in my state, the 7th largest state in the country and if this will go national we will get our hands on healthcare where you will know what's going on" on" 3 3 "on obamacare both donald and i say we want to end but for very different reasons. i want to end it because it goes too far it's killed too many jobs and hurting people's healthcare...."as a senator i will repeal every word of obamacare." 3 and governor nikki haley is also talking about the presidential race...and the chance of becoming a v-p candidate. candidate.i got the chance to talk with today in greenville... she was in the upstate, speaking at the south carolina automotive summit at the hyatt regency.the governor... who recently endorsed marco rubio for president... says she'll support whatever candidate ultimately gets the republican nomination.but she thinks
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candidate for the general election, than current front- runner donald trump. 3 3 3 "what we want to see is that field getting smaller, because my biggest concern if it comes down to trump is we don't know if he can win a general and that's a big concern. when you look at, when it comes down to a field of 2 or 3, he can't win, his ceiling is at 35 percent. he can't get above 35 percent and so any other republican going head to head is going to beat him." him."just last week... rubio said governor haley would be on any of the candidates' short list for vice president. but when i asked her about that today... she said she still has work to do in south carolina, her daugther is getting ready to go to college and that she's quote... not interested. 3 meantime the democratic candidates are getting ready for the south carolina primary --on saturday!hillary clinton, bernie sanders and willie wilson are on the ballot. 3 former president bill clinton spoke at u-s-c upstate in spartanburg this afternoon... he's been on the campaign trail for his wife, former secretary of state--hillary
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his wife's record and that it qualifies her to become the next president. 3 and with clinton projected to take south carolina--senator bernie sanders is looking to gain ground he hosted a campaign rally in ohio before taking part in a community forum on the water crisis in flint michigan - where he boasted the progress his campaign has made in the last nine months on the trail. 3 you can vote abentee until five oclock on friday.on saturday...we will of course have all you need to know right here on fox carolina...and at our website fox carolina dot com. 3 now to a developing story 3 lindsey motley lost her valient fight to cancer at just 29 years old. she leaves behind a two year old baby girl. 3 tonight her life was honored at the cancer survivors bridge in greenville. 3 fox carolina's rebecca atkins was there tonight, she's live now along the bridge, and rebecca what is the significance of the location
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3 well cody and diana, this lookout is a special place for lindsey and her family. they call it her 'leap of faith' and her father has been working on getting it dedicated to her. 3 earlier tonight, dozens of motley's family and friends traveled from cleveland street to the cancer survivors bridge off of the swamp rabbit trail. as they approached lindsey's lookout, they were each handed candles to place along the bridge. they also had the opportunity to write cards to lindsey's daughter lilla and place them inside this mailbox. lindsey's husband who was also at tonight's event will read them to her throughout her life. lindsey's friends say her memory and spirit will always live on. 3 3 3 "this community has fallen in love with her because she was welcoming to her story, to her fight as a friend, as a family member...."
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book."her friends say it was her ability and need to share her story that allowed her to connect with so many people. they say she was an amazing on. 3 intstead of flowers, lindsey's family is asking that donations be made to the cancer survivors park alliance. services will be held this saturday ath united methodist church. reporting live in greenville, rebecca atkins fox carolina news tonight. 3 as we continue to cover our counties 3 earlier this week charlotte passed a law-allowing transgender people to choose public bathrooms that relate to their gender identity...and now there's a push for the city of asheville to do the same samethe campaign for southern equality and equality north carolina are calling on asheville city council to pass an ordinance that will protect the l-g-b-t community from discrimination in public. tonight we spoke with an upstate member of this group who tells us more. 3 3
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country in 17 states that already have very similar nondiscrimination ordinances on the books so it's not that we are pushing some radical idea forward or that were really being champions for inclusion and diversity it's just that were catching up." 3 and asheville's mayor is also weighing in, saying in part, quote:"asheville city council has taken bold steps to pass non-discrimination employment policies and tended benefits to domestic partners. asheville is an open and welcoming community, which provides a safe environment for our diverse citizenry." 3 and--you don't expect to be in a life or death situation while eating out. 3 but that's what happened to one upstate woman who began choking!her dramatic rescue--all caught on camera--in a story you'll only see on fox! 3 plus--the greenville police department is welcoming a new k-9 officer...and he's building a special bond with his trainer...more on the new law enforcement duo...up next.
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your seven-day forecast...and what you can expect as you head out the door tomorrow morning.stay with us. 3
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3 now to a story we've been following closely that will effect pickens state lawmakers approved a bill that will prevent the dumping of coal ash to class 3 landfills in south carolina-- carolina--we've covered numerous meetings where people voiced opposition to bringing coal ash to pickens a bill is on the way to the governor's desk.the company "m-r-r" is suing the county for 25 million dollars.. because they want to dump coal ash at a landfill in liberty... but if signed by the governor...the bill will prevent the company from moving forward. 3 an officer with the greenville police department is building a special bond with his k-9 partner partnertake a look...officer callison was recently assigned to the department's canine unit and was paired with k-9 ghost.the two are currently enrolled in a specialized
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police department says is a crucial time for bonding between canines and their handlers. 3 now to a story you'll see only on fox 3 a dramatic rescue inside an upstate restaurant is caught on tapethis surveillance video shows firefighters fighting to save the life of a 90 year old woman...who had stopped breathing...after choking on some food 3 and today those firefighters are being credited by the woman's family with saving her life lifefox carolina's adrian acosta joins us now with more on this dramatic story-adrian? 3 3 3 3 3 diana and cody it just so happens that the restaurant where all this happened is just about 30ft from the piedmont fd behind me....and its a good thing too because as you're about to see the 90 year old woman who was choking was in real trouble""nats"" its business as usual at fgs hardware in piedmont today ""nats""and owner frank pace is helping customers with a smile...and he has a lot to smile about"my mom is fantastic..she's been through a lot"
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except being fine where they did the compression""but she's here"monday night... frank says he nearly lost his 90 year old mother during a dinner outing at the saluda river grill...this is video from inside...frank and his mom are highlighted on your screen"i was talking to the guy on my right and all of a sudden i could see she is choking...she's making the motion she's choking"pace and others do what they can do help his mom"tried to give her the heimlich and it wasnt doing it""but then it did look like what had her came up...she was sitting up then all of a sudden she couldn't breathe"during that time a waitress had called the piedmont fire department across the street where c- shift was on duty...brent greer answered the phone"i got a pair of gloves, ran down the back steps and ran to the cafe" while greer and others from piedmont fire responded...the woman once again stops breathing and goes limp"i tried the heimlich again to and when that was not working i started protocol of cpr""i though she was gone....((sniffling))""they
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seemed like an eternity...they said they had a heart rate and they just wasnt going to give up" up""it was hard to get the air to get in..then we saw the chest rise and fall and we knew we were doing better at that point"eventually pace's mother begins breathing again and is loaded on a stretcher and taken to the hospital"they saved her life...that quick cant thank them enough...the whole crew was there..and you just cant thank them enough"pace's "thank you" means the world to these firefighters firefighters 3 "it is our job but its nice to have someone come in and appreciate what you did""out of all my career this is just the 2nd or 3rd person who's come in and given us an appreciation that everyone would like to have" have" 3 good news mrs. pace is out of the hospital today and her doing much firefighters say a good example important to get certified in cprwon't always bebe fire department was in this caseadrian acosta news tonight. 3 chief 3 meteorologist kendra kent joins us now with a look at
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3 winds will be strong through this afternoon, but should weaken into this evening and tonight. overnight lows will drop to 31 across the upstate and 25 in the mountains. snow will continue near the tn border during the overnight, then gradually dissipate friday morning. friday will bring plenty of sunshine, lighter winds and cool conditions. highs will warm to 53 in the upstate and 43 in the mountains. friday night will be the coldest of the next 7 days. lows will cool to 29 in the upstate and 24 in the mountains. saturday is looking sunny and a bit milder with highs in the low to mid 50s. sunday will be comfortable in the low 60s for the upstate, then it stays mild for the first half of next week. showers and a few storms will be possible by tuesday night and wednesday.winds will be strong through this afternoon, but should weaken into this evening and tonight. overnight lows will drop to 31 across
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mountains. snow will continue near the tn border during the overnight, then gradually dissipate friday morning. friday will bring plenty of sunshine, lighter winds and cool conditions. highs will warm to 53 in the upstate and 43 in the e mountains. friday night will be the coldest of the next 7 days. lows will cool to 29 in the upstate and 24 in the mountains. saturday is looking sunny and a bit milder with highs in the low to mid 50s. sunday will be comfortable in the low 60s for the upstate, then it stays mild for the first half of next week. showers and a few storms will be possible by
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3 plenty to get to in sports... a lot of local talent in the nfl combine over the weekend... we check in with a former gamecocks standout on why he's got something to prove... 3 plus the panthers hoping to add to an already talented roster for another possible playoff run next year... we'll
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what carolina's looking for... for...and a ton of basketball to get to... the paladins, terriers and spartans all in action as well as the gamecock women... hoops highlights and more, straight ahead in sports.. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators
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like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
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3 "i know my game. and i know i can be high. of course injuries and setbacks with this team this past season
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personally i'm a great back. i've always played against great players. going into this draft, and this whole process i know where i stand." stand."brandon wilds one of four former gamecocks, along with eight former clemson tigers looking to continue their career in the nfl... the scouting combine kicks off tomorrow.. 3 hey there, i'm ac... one of those clemson alums, mackensie alexander's been linked to the panthers at the end of the first round of this year's draft.. while josh norman's the number one target to get locked up... not a lot on the other starting corner charles looks a good bet... bet...won't know for sure till the nfl draft... regardless of the position, the runner's up for the super bowl title looking to revamp the roster and reload for another title run... the panthers have a good track record in the draft, nabbing guys like luke kuechly, josh norman and kelvin benjamin.. 3 "we have had success and i work that dave and the scouts put into it. they work very hard, we sit down and talk about what our needs are, then going into it the focus is on what those needs are and the
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for. you've got to give dave and his staff a lot of credit cause they really do work hard. and then to the coaches, for doing what they do to be part of that decision." decision."skills and drills kick off at the combine tomorrow... former gamecocks brandon wilds and brandon shell will be featured... 3 to the hardwood... where the gamecocks essentially locked up a spot in the ncaa tournament last night with their win over tennessee... it's all about positioning... helping their cause with every win... carolina sits in second place in the s-e-c standings.. with three games left, if they can win out, they'd lock up a double-bye in the conference tournament, which means they wouldn't haveto play till round three.. and there's even still a shot of an s-e-c regular season title.. 3 "i had a feeling that we were going to play well. based on the way the florida game unfolded and watching the joy in the eyes of our guys in the locker room after that game, and then their approach the last two days. i just had a feeling that we were going to
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3 a bunch of games tonight... niko medved and the paladins at east tennessee state... the two and three seeds in the socon going head to head.. -kris acox beasting i ithe post all night... trying to bring furman back from an early deficit..-they cut it to six with just over seven to go... stephen croone with a team high 19...-five now with a buck and change.. devin sibley gets it off the deflected in-bounds pass.. they'd get it to three.. three..but missed a couple chances to tie it down the stretch.. tough loss for the paladins... furman falls 80-75. 3 mike young and the terriers trying to stay in the mix... at the western carolina.. -catamounts running early.. nice backdoor cut there... wcu would stretch their lead to ten in the first frame..-but the terriers shoot their way right back... fletcher magee.. just might be the best shooter in the socon right there.. -from nba range... then another from the wing... magee goes 6-8 from 3-pt range for 22 points..
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the comeback however... terriers downed by western 53-48... 3 senior day for eddie payne and the spartans at the hodge center..-spartans firing on all cylinders early.. like josh cuthberson... he finds the cylinder... trey's true... team-high 15 on the night.. -little later... chesnee alum deion holmes... says gimme that... and i'll give you this... 3 phillip whittington throws down another.. one of four spartans in double figurere.. big win for upstate... 72-71... 3 tiffany mitchell and the number three gamecocks just two games away from going 16-0 in the sec...-mitchell not the star tonight though... all about the bigs down low... alaina coates... off the dribble-drive... another double-double for her... 11- points and 14 boards... -carolina paced by a'ja wilson... team-high 16... 16...she'sust a phenomenal player... on a fantastic team... the gamecocks, an sec best 15-0... one more for the conference sweep... 3 and this gorilla may be 400-
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his eyes off a caterpillar crawling in his enclosure... the viral video up next. next.and we're back with one
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3 3 we're back with the nightcap-- 3 a sweet video out of the calagry zoo in canada...of two
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by a caterpillar in their enclosure. enclosure.take a look--a father and daughter just can't keep their eyes off the furry bug crawling on the door to their enclosure...kakinga is the 400-3 pound leader of the pack...but even he is enthralled by the smallest of creatures.
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3 3 3 thanks for joining us, good night. night. 3
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previously on two and a half men... i'm talking about making a long-term commitment to each other. you mean like marriage? i just don't understand why we can't
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never knowing what kind of future you have with the person you've been in a relationship with the past three years? okay, i-i prefer to think of it as cherishing each day-- because it-it could all disappear in-in the blink of an eye. you mean like this? how was your day? i'm pretty sure lyndsey and i broke up. i really like lyndsey. i thought she was great. she is great. but i'm not gonna be bullied into spending the rest of my life with somebody just 'cause they're great. alan. we need to talk. go ahead. i-i want to be with you forever. that's all i ever wanted to hear. i love you, lyndsey, and as soon as i can save enough money, i'm gonna... put a deposit down on an engagement ring. you don't have to buy me some dumb ring. that's all i ever wanted to hear. (skype chimes) oh! oh, hey, jake. hey, dad. what's going on? oh, i've got good news. i've got a girlfriend.


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