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tv   FOX Carolina News Tonight  FOX  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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reported already. a high wind warning is in place until 7pm for most of our area.the tornado watch has been cancelled for our area, as the severe storms are heading east of us. the wind behind the system will affect us into tonight.expect quickly falling temperatures as the front moves through. this evening we'll see temps drop into the 50s, then quickly into the 30s for the mountains where blowing snow will be likely near the tennessee border. a winter weather advisory is in effect for tonight as 1-2 inches of snow could accumulate with locally higher amounts near sure to check out www.foxcarolina .com/weather for more on the forecast and interactive radar 3 and don't forget to wake up with thee morning news-- meteorologist nicole papay will have a check of the forecast and traffic reporter chris scott will have the latest road conditions on your way to work.that's from 5:00
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3 and we should 3 mention graham county schools will start on a two hour delay tomorrow morning...we will of course have updates on school closures and delays at fox carolina dot com. 3 and it looks like weather is to blame for a problem at gsp tonight.airport officials say a delta plane leaving the gate to prepare for take off was asked to wait...because of gusty conditions.. as it taxied to a holding area...the plane struck a light pole. there were 140 passengers on board...but no one was hurt. the flight was able to take off and successfully landed in atlanta just after 8 tonight. 3 tonight trees and power lines are down across the area.from spartanburg .. where a large tree fell greenville county where crews were out working to repair these lines earlier's been a mess for many people.right now, blue ridge electric is reporting that anderson county
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more than 600-homes without power. duke energy- is reporting- more than 17-hundred- people are without electricity in spartanburg.and in anderson county- more than 700-homes do not have power. in greenville- more than 300. 3 looks like another windy night and worse for some who are without power 3 fox carolina's sharon johnson is live tonight and has been out in the field seeing the damage firsthand. sharon what's it like now? 3 it is a cold and windy night. there are times when the wind and dust settle down but for the most part the gusta winds are very strong and intense. part of washington street in greenville is closed because of a repair that has not been made yet this utility pole behind me is leaning and could fall onto the roadway.3
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mess all across our area. thousands still without power at the height of the outage it was nearly 30 thousand a tree fell on a home in travelers rest earlier neighbor heard the crashing sound.then this incredibly high wind situation where a trampoline actually landed on top of the house in spartanburg.almost hard to believe without the video. 3 3 3 3 "this guy down the street had sent us a facebook picture and said look what you have. so, we came out the back door and looked and there was the trampoline on the roof." roof."and another down the tree. this one blocking blanchard road in spartanburg where one man with s small saw set out to clear the roadway. 3 and another down the tree. this one blocking blanchard road in spartanburg where one
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to clear the roadway. 3 and look at this... 3 how powerful that wind was today...this is east park avenue in of daniel morgan avenue.that huge tree, split, it knocked down power lines and has covered the front yard.but it looks like it did miss the house. 3 and for the latest on the weather the new fox carolina weather app. just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 developing tonight 3 hollywild animal park invited the community to a public forum today...asking for help-- help--park officials met with the public at the chamber of commerce----asking what
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be made. officials say that hollywild is at a crossroads after going through difficult times last year--and because they're a non-profit they get no state funding. if they aren't able to recruit community involvement--it's possible the zoo will have to close it's doors for good. and tonight we're hearing from the executive director of the zoo...who tells us what kind of response they're hoping to get from the community. 3 3 3 3 3 "coming out to the park weekends in march and daily in april, we have people who can donate funds to help us meet our fundraising goal it's an ambitious goal we know that but in 16 years we've never asked like this before and so we're asking now and really trying to establish the foundation for hollywild's existence for long into the future." future."hollywild zoo experienced a fire last year that claimed the lives of dozens of animals--and were also given several violations by the u-s department of agriculture.if you have any suggestions for the animal park--we've got a link online.
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3 the presidential race is heating up in texas the republican candidates vie for votes ....wiwi 155-delegates hanging in the balance. balance.tonight ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich and ben carson spoke on fox's "the kelly file..."for a town hall. gop frontrunner donald trump...who sealed last night's win in nevada...was not in attendance due to scheduling issues. issues.tonight the candidates spoke about a number of issues...from the military and including women in the the economy....the use of anti-muslim rhetoric in this election...along with veteran affairs. 3 3 3 "but i don't think we ought to be forcibly drafting women particularly putting them in a situation where they're in combat. i don't think that makes sense, i don't think military. if women want to step forward and serve voluntarily i think that's perfectly appropriate and it's a wonderful thing but it doesn't make sense to be drafting women in combat." combat." 3 3 "we have a bigger purpose. the purpose is not to be someone who represents their party, your purpose when you are in
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problems, create jobs and give everybody a chance to be lifted." lifted." 3 3 "we should not pitting and dividing americans against each other and i agree, and i think we are capable of recognizing the threat of radical islam without having to demonize an entire religion, especially those americans here who are here so loyal to america." america." 3 3 'here is what i would do. when a person enlist in the military, i would detach them with an external support group who would be with them throughout there military career.' 3 in south carolina...there are just three days left until the democratic primary...and hillary clinton is talking about breaking down barriers. barriers.she was in west columbia this afternoon... at a gathering of the nation's oldest black sorority, alpha kappa alpha... talking about fighting racism.the former secretary of state talked about the importance of creating jobs and opportunities...supporting the affordable care act...and says it's time to do what it 3 3
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charleston that helps turn around the lives and broaden the horizons of men coming out of prison. i'm looking for progress like that because i want to do everything i can to give people a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chance to be able to make it in our country." 3 we were there as the vermont senator held a news conference in columbia this morning-- addressing the media on how he will fight the rise in poverty and wellfare reform.and when asked how his campaign is contending with clinton's in the palmetto state--sanders said he's optimistic. 3 3 3 "this is a race where you got to get 2400 delegates. 2400 delegates. so we are in this race to win it and i think we are going to pull of one of the great political upsets." 3 and there's a third candidate in the race for the democratic nomination.
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willie wilson held a town hall of his own - after he says he's been shunned by the d-n-c. we were there as he spoke at the phillis wheatlety community center--talking about everything from education...gun violence...and domestic violence.he says no matter what he will fight for the people if elected. 3 3 3 "use your vote for me because i am one of you, over spent over (?) million dollars of my money, the point is i'm 3 not bought." bought."and wilson also donated 5-thousand-dollars to the phillis wheatley center... who is need of donations to help fix their roof 3 and remember the democratic primary in south carolina is *this saturday...we will of course have all you need to know right here on fox carolina...and at our website fox carolina dot com.
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catches fire 3 and it was all caught on surveillance video at a convenience store--the details straight ahead. 3 plus--a local mom... gets a life-changing gift!the kindness of strangers that is giving her and her wheelchair- bound son a new way to get around! 3 and a lot of action on the basketball court... the gamecocks look to improve on an already stellar season against tennessee... those highlights coming up in sports... 3 coming up we'll take a look at your seven-day forecast...and what you can expect as you head out the door tomorrow morning.stay with us. 3
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3 one man in kentucky is recovering after recieving severe burns from an e- cigarette exploding in his pocket--and it was all caught on camera! camera!take a look--you can see the man walking up to the register to pay when the e-cigarette battery suddenly
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the store struggling to get his burning pants off--those who were working the cash register say they couldn't believe what was happening.the man was driven to a hospital where he was treated for second degree burns. 3 now to a story you'll see only on fox---- 3 this is lorie simpson- she stopped by a body shop for what shethought would just be a van pickup.. but she left the shop with so much more. 3 engine troubles forced her to parkher family van..but it's a special van..outfitted for her son. caroilna's jennifer phillips joins us now with how workers at the shop gave her a gift. 3 3 3 3 3 she's had the van for more than four years..but back in november... it started giving her she took it to a shop to get it fixed. fixed. 3 auto techs are gearing up for a break breakat the caliber collision centerin greenville. greenville.and fuel for the good for the soul.. especially for lorie simpson simpson 3 "god's been so good to us."for several months-simpson didn't havethis van- which is handicap accessible for her17- year old son austin austin 3 3 "god has promised us that he would take care of us every
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austin.. has muscular dystrophy and can't walk walk 3 "when austin was diagnosed i didn't understand."and when the motor in the van-stopped working..lorie simpson.. borrowed a truckand found creative ways.. to get autsin where he needed to beno matter the weather- weather- 3 "by the time you put him unto the ramp and carry him to the car and strap everything you're soaked. that's the difficult part."and when a tech..heard about it--he and a a team went to work work 3 3 3 "our biggest thing is we fix cars second and we want to restore people to the rhythm of their life."graham whitlock is a field account represenative with the company he s ss they fixed the van's motor and more more 3 "the doors on the side did not work, she had to slam them back and forth." forth." 3 "we gave it a new paint job." they also fixed the ramp for austin austinso this isn't just break-time forthese auto- techs.. techs.. 3 3 "when i walked in here, i was
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overwhelmed."it's a surprise reveal for lorie simpsonand her family family 3 "it's just a blessing that someone is there to lend us a hand."she says thank you isn't enough enough 3 "i'm overwhlemed, i don't know what to say."but this- says it all. all. 3 administrators with caliber collision say they worked donated supplies ...labor and time it would've cost more than 15- thousand to get her van fixed.employees with caliber say they also give away -40- cars each year those in need.jennifer phillips news tonight. 3 chief meteorologist kendra
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3 winds will be a major issue across our area through this evening. winds could gust over 50 mph in the upstate and nearly 60 mph on the mountains peaks. this will cause numerous trees to go down and power outages. many have been reported already. a high wind warning is in place until 7pm for most of our area.the tornado watch has been cancelled for our area, as the severe storms are heading east of us. the wind behind the system will affect us into tonight.expect quickly falling temperatures as the front moves through. this evening we'll see temps drop into the 50s, then quickly into the 30s for the mountains where blowing snow will be likely near the tennessee border. a winter weather advisory is in
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inches of snow could accumulate with locally higher amounts near tennessee.winds will slowly lessen overnight for the upstate with a low of 36. mountains will get down to near 30 with snow showers. thursday will bring more breezy conditions but less windy than wednesday. sunny skies will warm us into the mid 40s in the mountains and low 50s for the upstate. conditions stay sunny through the weekend with a slow and
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3 3 in store.steady warm-up a slow and the weekend with sunny through conditions stay mountains and mid 40s in the mountains and low 50s for the upstate. conditions stay sunny through the weekend with a slow and steady warm-up in
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3 plenty to get to in sports... the gamecocks already sitting pretty for the ncaa tournament... a win over tennessee would only help their cause... we'll take you to colonial life arena... 3 carolina back on the diamond as well... five games in six days to start the season... could the gamecocks come out on the other side at 5-0? 5-0?plus the panthers and falcons both looking to improve in the nfl draft... we'll check in with both teams at the nfl combine... that and more, straight ahead in sports... 3 pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently.
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and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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3 an eye on a bye.. hey there, i'm ac... that's what the gamecocks basketball team's focus is... sitting in second place in the sec standings, with just four games left in the regular season..if carolina can stay in second, they'd avoid the first two rounds of the conference tournament... 3 -frank martin and rick barnes hugging it out before a late tip at the cla... gamecocks hosting tennessee...-kevin punter missing his 2nd straight for the vols with a stress fracture in his foot... -gamecocks going to their bread and butter early... points in the paint... laimonas chatkevicius showing the moves down low and finishes... his 12 on the night... one of four in double figures..-usc shooting it well from distance too... michael carrera hits sindarius thornwell in the corner and he buries the triple... he's feeling it... so is the gamecock bench...-vols trying to hang around... shembari
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filling the punter void as best he can with 11 in the first 20 mins...-but duane notice and company had answers all night long... notice had it going from everywhere on the floor... layup in transition here... team-high 17... 17...gamecocks go onto win it tonight 84-58... usc can smell the ncaa's... 3 the tigers tournament chances take a major hit last night... clemson collapsing late.. up by 13 at one point, they fall by two to georgia tech... that leaves the tigers with a 16-12 overall record.. they fall to 9-7 in the acc.. and an extremely high r-p-i essentially wipes out all the quality wins on the resume... the tigers will likely need to make the acc title game to get to the dance.. 3 some playoff high school hoops to catch up on... abbeville knocks off blacksburg in the 2-a boys playoffs... they advance to the upper state finals on saturday at 3:30 .. 3 fri 2/26girls 3a - dreher @
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flora @ seneca - 8:30pm 3 sat 2/27girls 1a - christ church @ c a johnson - 11:00 am boys 4a - spring valley @ byrnes - 6:30pm-boys 2a (if abbeville wins) - versus keenan-andrew jackson winner 3:30 pm 3 some football off the field to get to... the nfl combine gets going this weekend with a slew of talent up for grabs... one of the big stories for the panthers today however's already on the roster.. roster..number one wide receiver kelvin benjamin will participate in ota's and minicamp in a couple months... but the former number one pick should be full-go once training camp rolls around... coming off a torn acl from last training camp.. carolina's thrilled with his rehab.. 3 "kelvin has worked his fanny off. he really has taken the bull by the horns. like any other young kid it took him a couple weeks to get over the woe-is-me stuff and understand it's time to go. he'll be
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and he'll be ready to go for training camp." 3 the falcons meanwhile look to get faster on defense this draft... they took a couple local defenders last year in clemson alums vic beasley and grady jarrett.. middle of the pack for atlanta though... 13th against the run, 17th versus the pass in 2015.. 3 "i think it's the speed number one. if that part of our defense can get right, then i know we could affect the quarterback, create turnovers, and that part of our game, we're not there yet. when we add that speed to the club, the foundation, the principles, the tackling, the mindset.. that part is firmly established." established."more combine info and a closer look at locals participating throughout the week here on fox carolina... 3 to the diamond... where chad holbrook and the gamecocksback at a windy founders park wednesday hosting winthrop... usc up 2-0 already in the first and adding to it... chris cullen with the base knock into left center... that brings in alex destino to make it a 3-run lead...later in the frame...two more runners on and the wind blowing out for
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one... first career homer for the freshman... gamecocks led it 6-0 after one and made things easy for canaan cropper on the mound... mound...the sophomore righty with a career high eight strikeouts on the afternoon and the gamecocks improve to 5-0 on the year with a 16-4 win... 3 "that win'll hopefully mean something later in the year, from an rpi standpoint. it was a good game to win." 3 wofford beats usc upstate, 6-3. the terriers used a four-run fifth inning to secure the win.wofford opens at 4-0 for the second straight season, while usc upstate is 3-1. every terrier batter had at least one hit in the game, 3 and kids typically have parents climbing up the walls...but instead this two year old is the one moving...
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(woo) when you love seafood this much... back again? i hope it's just a clumsy phase.'s gotta be d's. anything's worth it for our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. also, try our grilled menu featuring new tuscan tilapia. for full meals starting at just $4.99, it's gotta be d's. 3 we're back with the nightcap-- 3 well one two-year-old in arizona is climbing up the walls...quite literally...and it all started before she could even walk. ellie...she first began climbing at 8- months-old....both her parents are avid rock climbers--her dad says he continued training after she was born...and she began watching other climbers in the gym...then began playing on the holds herself...and eventually started climibing!her parents admit it's a bit of a challenge now that she also climbs out of her crib.
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3 3 3 thanks for joining us, good night. night. 3 3
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now, low long have you been dealing with this pain? on and off since i'm a teenager. aha, so, would this be around the time you started to develop? what do you mean? well, you know, as a woman. boobies. oh, uh, yeah. ah. i've always known that's a factor, but what are you gonna do? well, i would d commend that you get two adjustments a week and ultrasound massage therapy. plus, we'll work on strengthening your upper traps and rhomboids so they can support the load on your pecs. or, in layman's terms, reinforce the door that holds up the knockers. you're staring at them, alan. it's okay. i'm almost a doctor. anyway, i've tried all that. it didn't help. well, there is one other option, but it's kind of a last resort. what's that? have you considered having breast reduction surgery?


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