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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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across our area through this evening. winds could gust over 50 mph in the upstate and nearly 60 mph on the mountains peaks. this will cause numerous trees to go down and power outages. many have been reported already. a high wind warning is in place until 7pm for most of our area.the tornado watch has been cancelled for our area, as the severe storms are heading east of us. the wind behind the system will affect us into tonight.expect quickly falling temperatures as the front moves through. this evening we'll see temps drop into the 50s, then quickly into the 30s for the mountains where blowing snow will be likely near the tennessee border. a winter weather advisory is in effect for tonight as 1-2 inches of snow could accumulate with locally higher
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3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up- up-thanks kendra-we continue tonight- 3 a viewer sent us this picture from spartanburg county.a utility pole got pushed into power lines along whitestone glendale road.the viewer called duke... worried it could fall at any moment. 3 the wind damgae is widespread. snapping trees on top of rooftops.and putting people in the dark, without heat for their homes throughout the carolinas. carolina's sharon johnson has seen much of the damage first hand
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things looking now? 3 the wind is still high tonight but not like it was earlier. some of the damage has been cleaned up but not repaired. and there are still many people in the carolina's
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3 weather predictions of strong and powerful winds lived up to the warnings.damage everywhere in our area.thousands without power - at one point duke energy says there were nearly 30 thousand homes and businesses without electricity..the high winds swept this trampoline off the ground and onto this spartanburg rooftop - landing perfectly.1:33:10 "i have never, i have never seen anything happen quite like this."without the video - it would be hard to beleive it even happened. happened. 3 1:31:58 "this guy down the street had sent us a facebook picture and said look what you have. so, we came out the back door and looked and there was the trampoline on the roof,"and in travelers rest - a large tree snapped on top of this house - punching holes in two different places - the attic and kitchen.the homeowners were'nt home when it happened. happened.7:21:27 "when i drove up in the driveway, there was the great big tree across the house. and the neighbor told me it had fallen just 10 minutes before i drove up in the car."that neighbor heard
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down.7:17:13 "the wind was blowing really hard and had been blowing hard for quite a while and then i just kinda heard a crash, a sound, an odd sound."clean up began quickly with schneider tree care, so the homeowners can stay home tonight.7:23:45 "as soon as they finish taking the tree down, another conpany will come and put a tarp over any opening because it could rain some more."clean up took much longer for those going at it alone - like this man in spartanburg trying to cut a tree with this tiny saw and remove it from blocking blanchard road.. road..1:39:15 "it's like this, its all what a tool is made for, its what you use it for. the old country boy way is, you get the jojodone." to clear these big jobs - more help is often needed from professional crews. crews.1:42:53 "safety is always first, so stay away from the tree. i know there are a lot of do it yourself people out there, but there are some jobs that need to be left to the professionals."
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about fallen trees and downed power careful while out.fallen trees and power lines may be harder to see at night. 3 sharon, have the winds died down since you 3 started working this afternoon... and what was it like driving in the wind? wind?yes, the wind gusts have died i was getting gas earlier - i could feel the wind pushing me.tonight - a
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3 fortunately no reported injuries in the upstate -just major cleanup- 3 but severe weather did prove fatal elsewhere in the palmetto state -in darlington county, a man died today after being struck by a falling tree. 3 plus you can download our fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area if you lose power. just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 now to an interview you'll see only on fox 3 a close friend of this mother of four, who was killed and left at an upstate boat landing, is sharing more on her life and the kids she left behind. pickens county deputies say two fisherman found farah khan on sunday. sunday.and just yesterday we learned kasey waldrop is charged with her murder.the sheriff's office says they were friends, but didn't
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the fatal shooting. 3 tonight that close friend is asking for help for khan's four young children ranging in age from 11 to 17. 3 fox carolina's rebecca atkins sat down with her tonight, she's live in the studio with this tragic story, rebecca? 3 cody and diana, it's hard to imagine what those four children are going through right now. the friend tells me they have a long road ahead of them, but she says they will always have their mother's memory and she hopes they find comfort in that. 3 3 3 3 water under dockhere on this boat ramp is where farah kahn lost her life, leaving behind a large family, among them... her four young children. children. 3 "she loved everything about life, everything about her children everything about anybody she can help in anyway... she was just a good person."barbara ashworth has known farah for a long time. she says at just 35, her life was tragically cut short and now there are a lot of broken hearts left behind. "she would
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happy, and know that she's watching over them and will always be there... you know, hereashworth says she is cherishing her memories of farah, she says this is the last picture taken of her. she remembers when her children would come over, play in her pool and ride around in the golf carts. she says farah's children have asked her how they can bring their mom back.... and as that is a heartbreaking question, she says farah would want to tell her children a few things. 3 3 "i love you, always stay together, be close as we always have been, stay in school, always be kind, love one another... keep god first." and ashworth says farah's children right now, are her biggest concern. "food, whatever it may be, it don't matter, whatever anybody can do to help... to help these kids stay together."this is the go fund me page that has been set up for farah, over a thousand dollars has already been raised. and ashworth wishes more people had the chance to meet her."she was always happy, always smiling, you could see it in all of her pictures, she was full of
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life will live on through her children. she lit this candle in her honor and the legacy she left behind. 3 khan's funeral will be held this friday at the palmetto mortuary. we also have the link to the go fund me on our website. cody and diana back to you. 3 kendra is in the weather center for a look ahead at the forecast. forecast. 3 kendra: coming up i'll have your forecast including colder air and more wind! wind! 3 a troubling trend...nearly 3-dozen deaths from pain pills... in one upstate county! we're hearing from parents who tragically lost their teenage son... just a few days ago. stepping up the fight against zika!with warm weather and more bugs ...what
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dangerous disease carried by mosquitos.and we have the scoop... on one greenville neighborhood's dirty little secret!why so many people are upset...about some dog owners not picking up after their pets! pets! hillary clinton: i do not believe we live in a single-issue country. the economy is rigged in favor of the top. americans haven't had a raise in 15 years. but i want to go further. whether it's poison in the water... hardworking immigrant families living in fear... racism holding people back... wall street and big financial interests along with drug companies, insurance companies, big oil companies... the indifference, the negligence. that's what i want to take on. i'm running for president to root out all of these barriers...
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when we make sure that every american has a chance to live up to his or her potential. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. for just $4 you can get an everyday value slam, all you can eat pancakes, our new biscuits smothered in sausage gravy, or the new cookies 'n cream mega sundae. you know, i'm more than a cook. i'm everyone's best friend.
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denny's. welcome to america's diner. 3 tonight 3 state health officials are wanting to spread the word about the zika virus.with all the rain--the mild temperatures--and with spring less than a month away--the mosquitos are returning... 3 they've even set up a task force to fight the disease..that has been linked birth defects. carolina's derek dellinger is live along
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health officials issued a press release today on zika... what did they say is the big worry? 3 yeah--people traveling along the interstates here--or people traveling by plane are their big concern.we're told that's the worry now--even more than the bugs. 3 3 3 if you haven't seen them already--you're bound to see them in a few weeks.mosquitos-- biting people--leaving a mark ...but officials say the chances of it making you sick is usually slim--but with the zika virus--state health officials are not wanting people to take chances. chances. 3 3 (are you more worried about people coming back with zika or are you more worried about zika-infected mosquitos coming to south carolina? or both?)-- the greatest concern or the greatest risk at this time is for individuals who have traveled to countries where there is active transmission that is the word from state health officials--these bugs-- and this virus--have been in the news a lot lately.and with spring coming up--many officials tell us they think
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south carolina yet. yet. 3 there's no local transmission here in south carolina and we should take measures to prevent bites and mosquito breeding sites. 3 3 3 (i imagine you have bigger fish to fry in terms of other mosquito borne illnesses, right?)rightfant camak is with mosquito commander and pest solutions.he says he's anticipating the calls coming in--people asking about mosquitos and about zika.he says people need to be more worried about other mosquito- borne illnesses--like west nile and encephalitis--which are in the state right now. zika, not so much. much. 3 3 we want to be aware and we don't want to dismiss it but it's not something we should lose sleep over at this point and the only worry right now is for women who are pregnant-- and even then--only if they're traveling. traveling. 3 pregnant women are strongly advised to avoid areas that have active transmission and those who must travel should
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themselves safe3 3 so--do any extra steps need to be taken to protect yourself? the answer we got is 'no'. regular mosquito repellants and sprays are the trick--as is staying away from any pools of untreated water.diana? 3 are there any other steps that counties and cities are taking with their own mosquito control? control?we reached out to a few public works offices.the responses we got back are also 'no'.they'll keep spraying as normal--and they say they do not plan to increase any spraying because of zika.they say mosquitos are mosquitos no matter what kind they are--and no matter what they carry--and they can be controlled all the same way.diana and cody--back to you.
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3 right now four of the five remaining presidential candidates are speaking to a crowd of texas voters - on the heels of last night's nevada caucus. news' megyn kelly is hosting the presidential hopefuls - apart from donald trump - on her show tonight - and giving them the opportunity to answer questions from the crowd.this of course less than a week before super tuesday where 600 delegates are up for grabs- you'll hear from the candidates later in our newscast... 3 tonight's event mes following a dominant victory for donald trump in nevada.he won last night's caucus there by a whopping 22% margin over senator marco rubio -who took the runner up spot over senator ted cruz.and after winning the last three states - trump is already talking about a potential running mate. 3 3 we started off with 17. we're down to 5. and some of the people that i've dealt with i do have a lot of respect for and i like. look, the main quality that you want is somebody that can be a great president. if something
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be number one. and then i would want somebody that can help me with government. so most likely that would be a political person. because you know, i'm business and i'm very good at what i do. 3 hillary clinton - is fresh off her win in nevada...and is now focusing her energy in the palmetto state.the former secretary took part in the alpha kappa alpha sorority day luncheon in west columbia.she spoke to the crowd at brookland baptist church- talking about the need to improve race relations.she also talked about job creation and access to education. 3 3 "when i think about the progress that we have made under president obama, i am determined and committed to preserve and protect that progress." progress.""the republicans are trying to paint an alternate reality and we are not going to let them do that." 3 senator bernie sanders was also in the state capital today - for a news conference on poverty.the senator laid out his agenda to support working families in the palmetto state -by helping to
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lower unemployment rates. 3 3 3 'today in america, and again we don't talk about this, real unemployment isnt 5%. count those who have given up on looking for work is close to 10-percent and thats why we need to create decent jobs. 3 and chicago businessman dr. willie wilson held a town hall of his own - after he says he's been completely shunned by the dnc.he was in greenville tonight - at the phillis wheatley community center - he gave the facility a five thousand dollar donation - a huge contribution to the building that's still in need of repair.he talked with supporters about education reform, protecting our borders - and foreign affairs. 3 3 the greatest country on earth is americai don't know enough
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countries, but what we 3 need to focus on is us 3 and of course polls will open at 7 a.m. on saturday for south carolina's democratic primary.we'll have coverage on air and online with the latest updates 3 kendra is in the weather center 3 3 3 the southeast 3 has seen the brunt of severe weather -three people were killed today as storms swept through virginia -bringing with them dangerous wind and flooding 3 winds will be a major issue across our area through this evening. winds could gust over 50 mph in the upstate and
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peaks. this will cause numerous trees to go down and power outages. many have been reported already. a high wind warning is in place until 7pm for most of our area.the tornado watch has been cancelled for our area, as the severe storms are heading east of us. the wind behind the system will affect us into tonight.expect quickly falling temperatures as the front moves through. this evening we'll see temps drop into the 50s, then quickly into the 30s for the mountains where blowing snow will be likely near the tennessee border. a winter weather advisory is in 3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 back to you. you. 3 3 a dramatic spike in pain pill deaths in one upstate county. county.the latest victim...a
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the coroner... on the growing problem! problem!plus - another case of an exploding e-cig - it was all caught on camera - and we'll hear from the gas station employees who helped save the man from a worse fate. fate.
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3 tonight 3 amid a heated political debate - new reports show president obama may be looking at a republican to replace supreme court justice antonin scalia. scalia.nevada governor brian sandoval is being vetted for the open supreme court seat. sandoval is a former federal judge... and is considered a moderate republican in his home state.senate minority leader harry reid met with earlier this week - and has said he would endorse sandoval for the justice position. republicans in the senate have said they will not hold confirmation hearings on whoever president obama chooses as a speaker paul ryan talked about the issue earlier today 3 3 "the president has every right to nominate someone, but let's not forget the fact that congress is a separate but equal branch of government and the senate has every right not
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sides have rights here. and there is a precedence not acting on a nominee in the middle of a presidential election." election.""my hope and expectation is that once there is an actual nominee, once this is no longer an abstraction that those on the judiciary committee recognize that their job is to give this person a hearing to show the courtesy of meeting with them. them.senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has said obama should leave the next supreme court selection to the next president - and shows no sign of backing down from that position. 3 an update tonight - after bee hives were stolen from an upstate dentist's office. office.a generous donation has the doctor's project to bring honey to his patients back up and running! running! there a future for a new convention center in downtown greenville? it's a plan that's been in the works for more than a year - but a new report on the topic could put the breaks on construction - before it could even begin!
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kendra kent is putting together your seven day forecastshe'll tell you what you can the week to come. come.
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3 tonight fox carolina investigates... 3 ...a rise in pain killer deaths across the upstate. the parents of a pelzer teen who died after a prescription drug overdose sunday are speaking organizing a funeral - instead of a wedding like they'd planned. 3 in anderson county alone... there have been 32 overdose deaths since the beginning of last year. 3 fox carolina's andrew reeser has more on this startling number. 3 3 3 only two of those 32 deaths were suicides..the rest were accidental overdoses....acco rding to the anderson county the parents of one of the most recent victims...say they hope they can enact no other parents have to go through
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told us was he loved us..." anita and roger mills say their 17 year old son stanley shaw...had a big heart...a heart he was ready to give away in marriage to his girlfriend. girlfriend. 3 but sunday evening...those plans came to an abrupt end. 3 3 08:50:12"my husband came in and woke me up and i knew something was wrong by the look on his face and he's like get up get up."mills went into stanley's room to see what was wrong...he wasn't moving. 08:50:33"when i touched his hand i knew he was gone because he was ice cold."the coroner said stanley shaw had overdosed on prescription pills...and that he had other drugs in his system as well. well. 3 09:02:00"you think it's a dream...and that you'll wake up."the mills say their son struggled with anxiety...and was on medicine for it...they also say he had struggled with drug abuse. 3 3 and it's that lethal combination, says anderson county coroner greg shore... that has him concerned about the rise in pain pill deaths in the county. 3 3 3 "these deaths affect so many people...""most of these
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of these people are in the prime of their life."shore says in the last 14 months, there have been 31 deaths...not including shaw's...related to pain pills. the average age of the victims is 43...and only two of them were suicides...the rest, were accidental. shore says many of the victims are using drugs that were prescribed to them. them. 3 "they're not following the regiment their physician ordered or they're taking other medications and mixing them with these drugs."and now, as the mills family prepares to say goodbye to their son...they hope talking about his death...might save someone's life. 3 3 "i don't think you can be too overly cautious." cautiousus"when you lose a child, it is something is unbelievable." other county coroners around our area report a rise in pain killer deaths as well... coroner greg shore tells me of the 32 deaths in anderson county...stanley shaw...was the the newsroom
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3 in tonight's most wanted 3 deputies are searching for a man they say tried to run a car off the road-- after a bad drug deal in spartanburg county. county.take a look at christopher cox.he is charged with three counts of attempted murder. 3 deputies say- they responded to the hot spot on north blackstock road on tuesday. witnesses on scene - told deputies a group of people in a car were trying to buy drugs. they say- they realized they were getting fake drugs and robbed the dealer. authorities say- cox then hopped into his car... and rammed their car off the road. one person was taken to the hospital. 3 if you have seen cox or know where he is, call crime stoppers at 1-888-crime-sc 3 police are looking for the suspect accused of stabbing a security guard at the anderson mall. 3 police say "abe cowan" tried to leave the dillard's store with stolen clothes -when the security officer tried to stop him - he reportedly threw the bag at him, pulled out a knife, and cut the officer's arm. arm.cowan took off
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several charges including armed robber and assault.if you see him or know where he crime stoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. 3 continuing to cover our counties 3 it's been more than a year since the city of greenville began investigating the possibility ofbuilding a convention center downtown - and tonight the firm at the helm of that inquiry has released its results. results.the city was looking for information on the possible location, size and layout of the hypothetical convention center.hunden strategic partners revelead their nearly 250 page report evaluating the options - 3 it says in part - greenville has developed an incredibly compelling downtown experience that weaves in nature, active streets, restaurants, culture, businesses, event spaces and hotels...most cities invest in big-ticket assets like convention centers, performing arts centers and arenas in order to make their downtowns attractive, active and
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accomplished this without building a convention center. 3 but due to the continued exponential growth of the city - as well as an uptick in tourism - there's now a demand for the development of a convention center.however - they believe such a large facility isn't necessarily feasible - because of sizing limitations based on the existing historic and botanical features of downtown. 3 their conclusions lead us to these four sites you see here - only the east broad property has the acreage needed to develop a full convetion center -so the report recommends that instead of a convention center - the city should develop larger convention hotel properties. properties.greenville's current convention facility, the td center, is located on three miles east of downtown off of i-385 and pleasantburg drive.*if a new convention center is built downtown, city officials said the td center
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3 and wind proving to be a dangerous component as greenville county firefighters worked to put out a house fire earlier tonight. 3 this is a look at the scene on smythe street -you can see the heavy smoke -this house is down the street from the lofts apartments -no word if anyone was inside or the extent of the damage.firefighters are still working to pinpoint the cause of the fire. 3 in pickens county-a man is out on bond after clemson university police say he was found with a gun on campus. campus.charles brown is charged with possession of a firearm on school property. police say brown had the gun in an apartment in calhoun courts.they tell us brown was a guest at the apartment and is not a student or employee at the university. 3 in a fox carolina follow up 3 stolen honeybees and their hives, taken from an upstate dentist office. we brought you the story a week ago, and now they have new bees and a hive.
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man right here...john baxter, he's the president of a local non-profit called operation honeybee. this picture was taken this morning when he donated one of his beehives to the julian thomas dentist office in mauldin.the dentist office had three hives on their property and they were all stolen in the middle of the night. they will be able to give their patients honey this summer. 3 3 3 "i thought it would be a good idea, to donate some bees so people could get the honey... i felt really bad it was a terrble thing, it made news, and i had the opportunity to donate them." them." 3 dr. julian thomas says he is so grateful for baxter's generosity and they thank him for donating his established beehive. he says they are excited to give honey to their patients on their way out from visits. 3 only on fox 3 its been several months now since greenville county deputy dave dempsey was shot and nearly killed in the line of duty
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swarming the apartments where dempsey was shot are unforgettableas are these images ofdeputy dempsey being released from the hospital 41 daysafter he was shot in the head.but what many people have never seen is what happened in the time between 3 3 3 "they first said dave's ok but he's been shot...there was a good six hours where we didn't know if he was going to live or die" die"tomorrow night on the ten o'clock news adrian acosta sits down with amy dempseyto talk for the first time about the night her husband was shot and the day to day struggle that followed for her and her familyyou'll also here what obstacles are ahead in deputy
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3 some greenville 3 homeowners have found themselves in a messy situation - -it's all because they say some dog owners are refusing to pick up after their pets - turns out if you don't clean up - it could cost you! you!plus..deciding the fate of hollywild's future!the animal park is in need of financial help...and is asking the public to weigh in their next step! step!and after a superbowl bid this season -what's next for the panthers?we're taking a look at some potential new players that could come to carolina -*if they prove themselves at the nfl combine. 3 and i'll talk about more windy conditions to come! come! 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 it's just been a 3 couple of weeks since the panthers lost in super bowl 50 to the denver broncos... now attention turns to reloading the roster and putting another championship caliber team together to get back to the big game... that starts this week with the nfl combine... 3 sports director aaron cheslock joins us now... and aaron, a lot of local guys participating in this thing right? right?yeah, four guys from the gamecocks and eight from the tigers... but when panthers general manager dave gettleman talked to the media this afternoon.. the big question's
10:42 pm
team...talking about former greenwood high standout josh norman... the star cornerback now eligible for free agency.. if the panthers can't re-sign him, he'd likely to get a max contract once he hits the open market... the panthers could also keep him for next season with the franchise tag... which would keep him for one year, with the average salary of of the top-5 corners in the league... either way, gettleman want's norman in the carolinas... 3 "i dont believe in drafting and developing players for other teams. for some reason it doesn't make sense. so yes, w e are going to have the conversation and do the best we can. and nothing's changed. we are going to try to get a deal done. if not, there are options, and maybe the tag gets used." used."carolina has until next tuesday to place the franchise tag on someone...more panthers information coming out at the combine... including an update on star wide-out kelvin benjamin... could be the biggest acquisition for the
10:43 pm
more on that and some baseball and basketball to get to, right around the corner in sports at 11... 3 happening now 3 it may not *seem like a big deal ... until you step in it. and then - making sure dog waste is clear from sidewalks - turns into something you care about. 3 one neighborhood in greenville says they've seen enough. enough.and they're asking dog owners to take responsibility - so the problem doesn't "pile" up. carolina's sarah danik is live in the north main neighborhood with more. 3 yea- cody and diana, this may seem kind of silly to those who don't have to deal with the problem.but those here in the north main neighborhood say it's about common courtesy. and if it's not stopped - it could turn into an environmental issue ... or animal control may even have to get involved. 3 3 3 (nats 22:24:54 "put a little bounce in your step boy")jim gilreath likes to take his dog chuck on walks around his north main neighborhood (nats "nice and easy chuck")but lately- he's noticed a problem "piling up" on their route.
10:44 pm
3 it's been in the last few weeks i've seen a real increase in the amount of dog manure that wasn't picked and it's not just jim who's noticed,he and his wife phyllis are involved in their neighborhood association - and have been hearing more complaints. complaints. 3 some people think it's silly - they don't think it's a big deal - but to other people it is a big deal esp those who have kids and maybe don't have dogs - and it also can be d amaging to your lawn frankly in fact - there's also a city ordinance against leaving your dog's droppings behind. you may be wondering - is there a way to stop this "smelly offense" - well police and the neighbors tell me - the best option - is to grab your camera, and take a picture picture 3 3 a lot of times what helps us is taking a picture documenting it, that way when we respond we have proof, and when we have proof officer franco says their animal control unit doesn't get *a lot of calls about dog waste
10:45 pm
but he says it's good to make sure you follow the rules - so you don't want to be walking to an event and all the sudden you step on something that you don't want to and now you have an issue and it's frustrating esp when you're not expecting something like that that 3 if you're one of those people who doesn't want to have to bother picking up after your pet - there are a lot of people concerned about that - please be courteous 3 now if you do get in trouble with the city for not picking up after your dog - you could face a 470 dollar fine!so it's not cheap.cody. 3 sarah - do folks in the neighborhood know *why this seems to be happening recently? recently?they're not sure - but they say there are some new people in the neighborhood who may not know the rules. also, we have had some nice days recently - and more people have been they
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ordinances in greenville about cleaning up after your pet. 3 kendra's here with a look at your forecast. forecast. 3 3 we just got this photo from a viewer in anderson county.a tree really did some damage to this house on shaded acre court in pelzer.the cleanup will continue tomorrow for so many people across our area. 3 winds will be a major issue across our area through this evening. winds could gust over 50 mph in the upstate and nearly 60 mph on the mountains peaks. this will cause
10:47 pm
power outages. many have been reported already. a high wind warning is in place until 7pm for most of our area.the tornado watch has been cancelled for our area, as the severe storms are heading east of us. the wind behind the system will affect us into tonight.expect quickly falling temperatures as the front moves through. this evening we'll see temps drop into the 50s, then quickly into the 30s for the mountains where blowing snow will be likely near the tennessee border. a winter weather advisory is in effect for tonight as 1-2 inches of snow could accumulate with locally higher amounts near tennessee.winds will slowly lessen overnight for the upstate with a low of 36. mountains will get down to near 30 with snow showers. thursday will bring more breezy conditions but less windy than wednesday. sunny skies will warm us into the mid 40s in the mountains and
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conditions stay sunny through the weekend with a slow and steady warm-up in sure to check out for more on the forecast and
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3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 instead of receiving for her 14th birthday - one upstate teen is giving back. back.she's raised more than one thousand dollars to help out those battling cancer... more on her amazing gift in minutes. minutes.and caught on camera... an e-cigarette explodes in a man's pocket...while he's in the check out line at a convenience store.we'll show
10:51 pm
3 new tonight do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs
10:52 pm
but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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new tonight 3 an upstate teen is giving back- to the community for her birthday- by donating money to a spartanburg medical facility. check it out. 14-year old ginger dailey- donated 13-hundred dollars to the gibbs cancer center and research institute this afternoon. for the last two years- the teen hasn't asked for birthday gifts.but instead- for donations to be made to the healthcare facility.the teen says- she wants to help people who maybe hurting financially. 3 "i think that he would be proud because he would be looking down on me and telling me that this is the right thing to do." do."john dargan "this young lady is remarkable, she shows a lot of maturity for her young age, at 14 years of age,
10:55 pm
like that everyday on the street so we are very moved." moved." 3 the money dailey donated will go towards unexpected expenses for cancer patients. 3 we're down to our final 14 on american idol ! 3 speaking of idol--former american idol winner and asheville native caleb johnson stopped by our studio today-he just released his new single, holding on, last tuesday- 3 3 "momma said stay away from the wild girls. you know i never listened fell into fatal kissing now that i'm under your spell the sky will break but i'm holding on..." 3 caleb says he wrote that song with two guys during the spring of last year--again the single, holdling on was released last tuesday-it's now available on itunes and amazon- and caleb's record will be coming out later this year--- year--- 3 3 3 3 "i cut this record in nashville last year at
10:56 pm
these songs on this record are live takes. there's no auto-tune, no cuts it's all live performances in the room with the band. 3 caleb has been back on idol as a mentorand tells me he'll be back for the finale- by the way he's now signed with mcghee entertainment who also represents kiss, darius rucker and thousand horses- 3 we're following a developing story...what will happen to hollywild?! hollywild?!the animal park that's found itself at the center of in need of financial help...and
10:57 pm
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3 wild weather damage across our area.part of west washington street in greenville will be closed until this power line is repaired.there are problems like this all across the upstate and mountains. 3 and in mauldin--the winds whipped the roof right off a bus shelter at the golden strip career center and landed on the roof of the main building causing damage to the side of the building and roofing deck.thankfully no students or staff were hurt. and maintenance crews got out there fast to clean it up. 3 winds will be a major issue across our area through this evening. winds could gust over 50 mph in the upstate and nearly 60 mph on the mountains peaks. this will cause numerous trees to go down and
11:00 pm
reported already. a high wind warning is in place until 7pm for most of our area.the tornado watch has been cancelled for our area, as the severe storms are heading east of us. the wind behind the system will affect us into tonight.expect quickly falling temperatures as the front moves through. this evening we'll see temps drop into the 50s, then quickly into the 30s for the mountains where blowing snow will be likely near the tennessee border. a winter weather advisory is in effect for tonight as 1-2 inches of snow could accumulate with locally higher amounts near sure to check out www.foxcarolina .com/weather for more on the forecast and interactive radar 3 and don't forget to wake up with thee morning news-- meteorologist nicole papay will have a check of the forecast and traffic reporter chris scott will have the latest road conditions on your way to work.that's from 5:00


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