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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 let's check in first with meteorologist ted phaeton.ted? 3 clouds will remains over the carolinas overnight with lows falling into the low 50s in the upstate and mid-40s across western north carolinas. monday will start the work week off with mostly cloudy skies and highs peaking in the
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3 be sure to wake up bright and early with thee morning news. we've got all the local and national headlines you'll need to weather and traffic every ten's on thee morning news...from five to nine. 3 back to you 3 fox carolina is covering our counties 3 a teenager in anderson county is dead - and now the sheriff's office and the coroner are investigating how it happened. happened.the coroner tells us that a 17 year old was found dead on crompton drive in pelzer.but so far, there is no indication of foul play.the investigation is in its early
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3 and in pickens county- a woman's body has been found near a boat ramp.but authorities say -- they believe she was killed *before her body was dumped. dumped.the scene was discovered at saluda lake in easley this morning. authorities say 35-year-old farah khan of townville had severe trauma to her head.the injuries are consistant with a gunshot weapon has been found though. though.if you have any information on what happened-- call crimestoppers--at 1-888-crime-sc 3 nearly *four months after four people were gunned down in their anderson county home- family and friends are coming together to pray - and plead for answers. answers.barbara scott, cathy scott, violet taylor, and michael scott were found shot to death on refuge road, back on november suspects have been named - and no arrests made. made.yesterday, the community gathered for a vigil and balloon release.they say they want to make sure no one forgets the case - in hopes that new information will surface. 3 3 " bring the community together, bring the family
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some comments by friends of the family..." family..."" try to keep the the situation at the forefront of the minds of those around here..." here..."deputies are asking anyone with information on the case to call crime stoppers-- again that number-- 1-888-crime-sc. 3 in spartanburg county-- deputies need your help in n tracking down someone they say *cloned a credit card. card.this is a look at surveillance pictures.deputies say that *this man was seen using the cloned card at a red lobster in spartanburg-- spartanburg----and also at a wallgreens in greenville county.if you recognize this man--you're asked to call the spartanburg county sheriff's office or crimestoppers. 3 in cherokee county--the red cross is helping out a family whose home was damaged after an early morning fire. fire.the fire started here on doctor martin luther king junior street in gaffney.the red cross says-they're helping two adults and a child who lived at that home. 3 and remember for the latest on the news anytime--be sure to download the fox carolina news app--just text the number on your screen for instructions
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your iphone or android 3 in you decide 20-16. 3 a big night across south carolina last night. and a *huge night for republican presidential candidate donald trump.trump has been declared- the winner of the south carolina g-o-p primary.the election proved to be closer than anticpated for *second place--at one point--marco rubio and ted cruz were virtually tied.but rubio ultimately claimed that second place spot.and cruz took third. 3 governor jeb bush came in fourth... but decided to suspend his campaign last night. night.ohio governor john kasich came in fifth and dr. ben carson finished last. 3 and it was a very *early win in the night for donald trump. trump.the presidential hopeful- was declared the winner with less than 1-percent of the precients reporting. 3 trump received all 50 delegates in the state. in his victory speech--he thanked the people of south carolina and promised to do quote "beautiful work". as we mentioned - it was a hard fought battle for second place. senator marco rubio took that
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the south carolina governor and representative trey gowdy- as well as senator tim scott- it did not secure a win for rubio.senator ted cruz came in third last night.during his speech in columbia--cruz says he is defying expectations *and the pundits. he says he is the only strong true conservative republican in position to win the race. 3 and it was a disappointing loss for former governor jeb bush, who decided to suspend his campaign last night after coming in fourth place.the governor says he bowing out that the people of iowa , new hampshire, and south carolina have spoken. and- ohio governor john kasich- fell behind jeb bush. but he still remains optimistic.he tweeted- that he was looking ahead to primaries in four other states.dr ben carson- came in last.he says has no plans to drop out of the race. 3 and it's not over yet.the democrats will be campaigning throughout the palmetto state ahead of their primary this saturday.three candidates remain, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and willie wilson. 3 hillary clinton- secured a little extra confidence
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nevada caucuses. it was tight race between clinton and sanders. 3 and take a look at this. tonight - it was a packed house inside the bon secour wellness arena supporters gathered to hear democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders speak. he talked for about an hour ... and discussed concerns the nation has ... and how *he plans to address them if elected president. 3 and while the vermont senator addressed a wide range of *other topics...some there today say they don't know if his campaign can stand up to hillary clinton's for the long haul. carolina's shale remien spoke to supporters for both democratic candidates. she's live outside of the well for us tonight.shale - what are they telling you? 3 derek and sarah...the outside of the well today was covered with signs endorsing bernie sanders. they even extended into downtown. during his speech today - sanders says everyone has the power and responsiblity to determine america's future. but some people say they don't think intense campaigning is enough to equal a win in south carolina for the senator.
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3 cheers roared inside the well in greenville on sunday thousands welcomed presidential candidate bernieie sanders to the stage. stage."we have the momentium not only in the democratic primary process, if you want a candidate that is going to defeat donald trump, you're lookin at em!"he hit on topics like unemployment and equal pay for women.sanders says if elected, he will raise minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. "and when we talk about wages, let's lay it out on the table. ththfact is the federal minimum wage that exists in many many states of $7.25 an hour is a starvation wage." supporters at the rally today say sanders is their choice because his focus is on middle class. class."national health care, free education and expanding social security, that brings out the bernie supporters." we asked dr. brent nelsen - a political science professor at furman university - if sanders can hold his own through the long haul."it really looks
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race to lose her in south carolina. she is very far ahead in the polls, if she maintains that lead she'll continue to sweep the south." 107.8 radio host kelly mac recenlty interviewed hillary clinton during a live broadcast - and says she's glad she got to know clinton as a person and not just a candidate. 3 " she talked about student loan reform, how she would make it more affordable for people to pay those loans back and how there will be a max of 20 years."and mac says sanders is missing the mark with minority voters. "he walked with martin luther king, but he's really not reaching out to the minority population right now.""if we stand together and demand that the united states government represents all of us, not just the one percent, there is nothing that we can't accomplish!!"
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of incarceration.he says it is disgraceful our nation has the highest percentage of people locked up.sanders says if he is president his main focus will be on education. 3 shale, did he go into detail about how he is differnt from the republicans who are running? running?he touched a lot on the ideas of faith and women's rights.he says republicans wanted to shut down places like planned parenthood.but he wants to expand it.reporting live in greenville, shale remien, fox carolina, the ten o'clock news 3 as the democratic primaries get closer- candidates will be making their way to the palmetto state. throughout the week- hilliary clinton will be making stops in charleston, columbia, and here in greenville. wille wilson's camp hasn't released any plans just yet. 3 a democratic town hall--much like the republican town halls s we saw last week--will be taking place on tuesday.c-n-n is hosting the event at the u-s-c campus in columbia.both bernie sanders and hillary clinton will be
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what the candidates have to say. 3 and just a reminder--that the democratic primary is taking place this saturday.just a reminder--if you have already voted in the republican primary--you can *not vototin the democratic carolina will have coverage of this saturday's primary on air and online at foxcarolina-dot- com. 3 for the latest on the primaries- be sure to wake up with thee morning news and head online to our facebook and twitter pages. 3 ted let's get another look at the forecast 3 3 the wet pattern continues as we get set to start the work week. when will we see the return of some sunshine? stick around for your forecast to find out. 3 we're getting new details on
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six people dead --and two others fighting for their lives in the midwest.we'll have the latest on the disturbing crime - coming up. 3 plus - a woman is rescued from rushing rivers - in the middle of the night.we'll tell you where it happened - and how heroes discovered she was in need of help. 3 plus--one day you hear news that coffee is *bad for you-- and then the next day - it's good for you.tonight - we are talking about the good side of java.especially if you like alcohol, too.that story--when thee ten o'clock news returns.
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3 3 police in michigan say an uber driver went on a rampage-- killing people at random--and even taking fares from passengers between the killings. killings. by the end of the seven-hour killing spree--six people were dead--two people were injured.and many questions still remain. 3 3 3 3 3 "we had multiple people messaging us you guys be careful right downtown there's a killer going around."a night out in a kalamazoo, michigan turns into a nightmare.police say 45-year old jason dalton opened fire--randomly--killing whoever he could. could. 3 "they weren't targeted for any other reason other than they were there to be a target.
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authorities say the spree began around 6 o'clock last night--and spanned three different locations..the first.. an apartment complex.. where a woman was shot 4 times--she's still alive--but several hours later--police say dalton opened fire again at a car dealership where a father and son were shot and killed.minutes later--four people were gunned down in the parking lot of a cracker barrel.a 14-year old girl also shot remains in critical condition.and hours later, they caught up with the suspect. suspect. 3 "a suspect vehicle was spotted in kalamazoo by a sheriff's deputy. the vehicle was followed a short distance. eventually, it was stopped. the driver was indeed identified as our suspect .he was taken into custody."and police believe dalton, an uber driver, picked up passengers in between the shootings--the ordeal in all, lasting seven hours.dalton is expected to be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. afternoon. 3 "the next most important thing is to reassure everyone that there is no continuing threat to the safety of this
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3 that suspect, jason dalton-- has no prior criminal record-- and was described as 'quiet' and 'nice'--and that he liked guns.we'll let you know what happens in court. 3 in the meantime--in columbia--- police are looking for two men who opened fire at mall there-- after a fight. fight.this was the scene last night at the columbiana mall. we're told a fistfight broke out at the mall between two men--when a third man jumped in to try and break up the fight.that's when two of those three men brought out guns-- and shot into the air at the witness heard and saw everything--and describes what happened.. 3 3 everybody was all 'what was that' and then you heard 'pow pow pow pow' and so people just took off running and there were people everywhehe and kids trampled over, it was horrible horriblepolice say they are reviewing surveillance video to pinpoint the two suspects-- who, again, are still on the loose tonight. 3 in news across the carolinas. 3 in eastern north caorlina--a man is f fing charges after authorities say he cut off a pit bull's ears. ears.authorities arrested-19-year-old jerome
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found the dog bleeding--and in need of medical attention. officials took the dog from the house. right now the animal is in a foster home. johnson, is being held on a 53- thousand dollar bond. 3 speaking of dogs--in gastionia- a dog is being called a *hero---after waking up its owners during a morning fire. fire officials say- the fire started in a kitchen at an apartment.the man and his dog were able to get out of the home okay.investigators say--a electrical problem started the fire. the apartment did not have a working smoke detector. 3 new tonight 3 in colorado- fire officials are working to tackle a grassfire- that has burned nearly 12-hundred acres on an army training range. range.that fire is in a remote area of the started yesterday morning during a training crews have worked to set up a fire line to keep the blaze contained--and helicopters have been dropping water. there's no word yet on how much of the fire is contained.
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3 clouds will stick around overnight, only allowing lows to fall in the low 50s across the upstate and mid-40s in western north carolina. look to see areas of patchy fog develop overnight and linger throughout the morning. scattered showers will plague the start of the work week with mostly cloudy skies. temperatures will climb into the low 60s across the upstate while western north carolina peaks in the upper 50s.winds will mainly be out of the east between five and ten miles per hours for both the upstate and
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3 remember for the latest on the weather any time, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather section. there you can check out any watches or warnings in our area... view current temperatures and chchk out our weather blog.
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3 3 still ahead - teenagers dealing with depression might feel like they have no where to go. go.but there's help - and it's just a text a local crisis help line is stepping in - to make sure teens get the support they need in the upstate. 3 plus:an incredible story - of a rescue....and it all unfolded....and what made the whole event even more challenging for first responders.when *thee 10 news returns. 3 here's a look at your winning lottery numbers.. 3 3
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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3 camera-- 3 heroes in action!some might say that word is a cliche sometimes--but not here. here. 3 a group of people saved a woman, trapped in a rushing river in new hampshire--in the middle of the night.and tonight--we've got the story behind it. 3 3 3 it was a desperate race against time to reach a woman washing down a river river 3 "anyone see her?? right there! right there!"the first challenge - spot her in the
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you can hear rescuers urge her to grab hold of a rope"take the rope! take the rope!" firefighters lowered ropes and a ladder for her to hold onto - buying an extra minute for the rescue boat to arrive. arrive. 3 "she was dressed in some dark clothes, and the water is dark and its night - looking for something that's bouncing in the waves can make it quite difficult."she lost her grip once, floating away from first responders - she reached out and grabbed the wall... that's when the boat came to the rescue....with no time to spare....firefighters pulled her to saffy - and sped away... away... 3 "we ended up losing the ladder and her, by that time the boat made it here - probably had another two minutes. she's hypothermic now and she probably wouldn't be able to hold on much longer." firefighters carried the woman up the steps at arms park to get into a warm ambulance... firefighters, paramedics and police officers say they worked as a team to pull off this rescue... something they train for all year long... long... 3 "yeah we do, but the real thing is a little more dramatic than we'd like." like.""proud of your guys?"
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3 a 9-1-1 caller said it looked like the woman jumped into the river.but first responders said it's not clear whether she jumped or fell in.the woman was taken to a nearby hospital.rescuers said the hospital is equipped with specialized warming equipment to treat hypothermia. 3 3 it was a wild saturday night in south carolina-- carolina--the primaries brought more than the *usual drama and intrigue.we have a complete wrap-up of the night that was, coming up. 3 and helping those who may be at their lowest group in the upstate has launched a text line to prevent suicides.we'll take a look at it.ted? 3 the wet pattern continues as we get set to start the work week. when will we see the return of some sunshine? stick around for your forecast to
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3 it's been a whirlwind weekend for politics in south carolina. last night republican presidential candidate donald trump took the win in the state's primary...and all 50 delegates.marco rubio and ted cruz were neck and neck - but official results put rubio in
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tenths of a percentage point. point.jeb bush, john kasich and ben carson rounded things out with 4th, 5th and 6th place finishes. 3 a lot took place throughout the state on saturday. candidate dropped out - two others said they're not going anywhere.and the remaining gop presidential hopefuls say it's now a "three candidate race". 3 voters lined up across south carolina on saturday - as they cast their ballots in the republican primary.and they set records in the process. more than 700-thousand voters took part - according to the state election commission.and a record number of absentee ballots were also turned in for both parties.those votes helped donald trump secure a win - capturing all 50 delegates in south carolina. carolina. 3 45:56 "when you win it's beautiful and we're going to start winning for our country - we are going to start winning because our country doesn't win anymore" 46:10)but
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watching - was who would come in second in the state.marco rubio and ted cruz waited as votes were the end of the night - rubio led cruz - by two tenths of a percentage point.but both candidates made sure to remind voters why they are different from one another - and kept a tone of victory. victory.9:35-9:55 tonight here in south carolina the message is pretty clear - this country is now ready for a new generation of conservatives to guide us into the 21st century - for the time, the time has now come after 8 years of failure - to return to the constitution of the united states that made us the freest people that have ever lived" lived"24:38 if you don't believe that donald trump is the best canddiate to run against hillary clinton in nvoember, if you believe we need a strong contrast with the democrats - (pause for
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aboard our team 3 25:04)coming in a distant fourth place with just over 7% of the vote, was former governor jeb bush.but after a poor performance in the state - he made an announcement that will change things up going forward . ."but the people of iowa and south carolina have spoken - and i really respect their decision. so tonight i am suspending my campaign"ohio governor john kasich and dr. ben carson came in fifth and 6th in the primaries - both receiving under 8% of the vote - kasich didnt stick around south carolina saturday night - he campaigned in massachusetts ahead of super tuesday.("i'm going to run a positive campaign whether i win or not." not.""we are the people and will take america back"but both bottom tier candiates said, they *will remain in the race. 3 the republicans now look forward to tuesday, and the nevada republican caucuses.
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march 1st, when 12 states will hold their contests. 3 next saturday, the democrats are up south carolina.the democratic primaries will be held.voters will decide between bernie sanders, hillary clinton and willie wilson. 3 if you missed any of the coverage - you can head to our website - fox carolina dot com, or our facebook or twitter pages. 3 fox carolina is covering our counties-- 3 you may have noticed it was a very busy day for law enforcement in anderson county today--and there was a reason for that. that.nothing was wrong--it was actually for trainin.gthe sheriff's office and national guard teamed up for ground search training--in iva, specifically.the training ended earlier this afternoon and was meant to give authorities a chance to simulate searches for missing people. 3 in pickens county- an upstate church is celebrating black history month- and raising money in hopes of creating a community center. 3 community leaders -- and upstate youth -- gathered at griffin ebenezer baptist was all for the "steppin' it up" coalition yesterday.the group honored civil rights leaders -and the
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pinckney.they also raised money to buy what was once an all black school during segregation.the group plans to turn the building into a community center. 3 new tonight-- 3 a family in florida is pleading for answers--after a six-year-old was killed in a drive-by shooting shootingthe family says the first grader was playing outside his home yesterday afternoon--when someone opened fire.police have not yet tracked down a suspect.the young boy's parents say gun violence in neighborhoods is out of control. 3 a washington state murder suspect is dead-following a wild police chase and shoot-out with officers. officers.police say the man shot and killed his estranged happened at a nursing home where she worked yesterday morning-the suspect ran from the scene - but was stopped with spike strips. police say he later got in a shootout with them .. and was killed by one else was hurt during the ordeal.the nursing home called the shooting a tragic case of domestic violence. 3 happening now-- 3 teenagers like to talk on their cell phones.but when many of them are suffering with suicidal thoughts- they
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3 but counselors say when they talk with their thumbs.. through text messages.. they open up. carolina's jennifer phillips found out about a crisis *text line.. for those who need help. 3 counselors say parents of young people suffering from mental health may not see the signs of depressionbut they say don't under-reactand now teenagers can anonymously text a teenline.. teenline.. 3 there's now a suicide text teenline in the upstateto help those suffering from depression or thinking about suicide.those who work with mental health america greenville county say counselors get text messgaes on the 24- hour crisis line from middle .. high schooland college students.they say reaserach shows teenagers are more detailed about how they're feeling through text messages than talking on a phone.we talked to a volunteer with mental health america.. she says her brotherkilled himself and she tried to kill herself too-- twice. twice. 3 3 3 3 "when people say things like- 'oh i have a test today and
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become socially acceptable." acceptable." 3 "it wasn't until i tried to kill myself two times that i was able to beat depressiona nd say you're wrong and i am worthy of being here." here." 3 3 3 "suicide is the third leading cause of death "suicide is the third 3 3 3 you're wrong and i am depressiona nd say you're wrong and i am worthy of being here." here." 3 3 3 "suicide is the third leading cause of death between ages 15 to 24 24 3 3 3 ten oclock news. 3 new information- 3 drinking coffee could be beneficial to your health - especially when it comes to liver disease. disease.researchers say two cups a day could cut your chance to develop *alcohol-
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percent.cirrhosis deteriorates the liver by blocking blood flow.alcoholism is the second-most common cause of that condition in the u-s. still, experts say coffee will never balance out all negative affects of too much alcohol. 3 speaking of your health-how about a new way to alleviate migraines?medications can *sometimes do the trick.but experts say exercise may be beneficial particular - indoor cycling.doctors say cycling is ideal for migraine sufferers - mainly because it's low-impact. health experts say exercise gets all kinds of neuro-transmitters going in our brain - and that can *decrease pain levels. 3 trending tonight-- 3 turns out rapper '50 cent's instagram page might have gotten him in to some trouble. take a look here--this is him, with cash.problem is--he filed bankruptcy last year and the judge presiding over that case wants to know where that money came photo shows him with stacks of 100-dollar
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to 50-thousand dollars.the judge says the rapper needs to come to court and explain those pictures.'fitty' says he's been driven to bankruptcy by lawsuits totaling some 29- million dollars. dollars. 3 3 3 still ahead - at least a dozen people are killed - and even more, are without water. water.3 why people in india are taking
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being done to make sure water supplies are turned back on. 3 and - it was a photo finish at the daytona 500!shannon has details on that, still to come in sports. 3 the wet pattern continues as we get set to start the work week. when will we see the return of some sunshine? stick
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3 3 in syria--isis has claimed responsibility for an attack that's killed dozens of people in two cities.the car bomb and
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out earlier of the attacks targeted a neighborhood that supports the syrian government.39 people were killed and injured over a hundred were injured.all this is happening while the syrian government and opposition groups are trying to reach an agreement to end fighting in the country. 3 and take a look at this-- burned buses and rioting in the streets in india.and now - it's led to 12 deaths..and a water shortage.government officials say that the rioting damaged supply lines in the northern part of the country. the riots happened because of some of the country's poor - who were protesting for more government benefits.leaders there are now trying to get 3 3 at least 20-people - are dead in fiji- after a tropical cyclone winston hit the area saturday. the prime minister has declared a state of emergency for the next 30- emergency crews clean up and assess the damage. government workers are expected to head back to work
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3 clouds will stick around overnight, only allowing lows to fall in the low 50s across the upstate and mid-40s in western north carolina. look to see areas of patchy fog develop overnight and linger throughout the morning. scattered showers will plague the start of the work week with mostly cloudy skies. temperatures will climb into the low 60s across the upstate while western north carolina peaks in the upper 50s.winds will mainly be out of the east between five and ten miles per hours for both the upstate and mountain towns.conditions will be mostly dry throughout the morning but expect scattered showers to increase by early afternoon. moderate to heavy rainfall will move in from the west as monday evening
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but continue the wet pattern as temperatures only peak in the mid to upper 40s. keep an eye out more rain and isolated thunderstorms on wednesday as a low pressure system tracks north of the western carolinas. skies clear for the upstate on thursday while counties along the tennessee border can see a few snow flurries on the back edge of the system. expect the work week to end with sunny skies and temperatures hovering in the low 50s and
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3 be sure to wake up bright and early with thee morning news. we've got all the local and national headlines you'll need to weather and traffic every ten's on thee morning news...from five to nine. 3 we want to welcome out- fox carolina sports anchor shannon sommerville.shannon, most kids dream of spending the day with panthers quarterback cam newton. 3 how cool would yoyobe considered at school if two n-f-l players showed up to hang out with you?well marcell reed, son of tennessee state coach rod reed got to kick it with both cam newton and giants cornerback dominique rodgers cromartie recently. reed instagramed these photos. on friday-d-r-c crashing recess and hanging out with the kids at oak hill during lunch. then on showed up at marcel's basketball game. pretty cool to have the nfl m-v-p cheering you on on the sidelines...nice cam-eo
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3 what a way to kick off the season....a wild race in daytona to kick off the 20-16 season...ending in a photo finish...the closest finish in race history! can't miss highlights coming up and hear from the big winner... 3 while one season just getting
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basketball regular season is in the homestretch...march madness right around the what teams in the upstate have the most momentum? that answer and more coming up in sports. stick around. 3 bensinger: hey, this week we're in level cross, north carolina sitting down with nascar legend, richard petty. the king opens up about family tragedy:petty: if i hadn't been in racing, then adam probably wouldn't have been in a race car and he probably wouldn't have got killed. bensinger: how vividly do you still remember that day?petty: it took me a long time to get over that.bensinger: his camp that's changing thousands of kids' lives, and his upbringing. all of that's coming up on in depth, right
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3 doesn't get much more exciting than the biggest crown of the year up for grabs in the first race of the nascar sprint cup series...except when a hail mary move on the last lap
10:52 pm
what ended up being the closest finish in the history of the daytona 500... 500...buckle up for your highlights people... the 58th running of 'the great american race' sprint cup series rookie chase elliot is the youngest pole sitter in daytona 500 history... at 20 years s d.but just 19 laps in...elliott and regan smith involved in the first crash of the day...unfortunate turn of events for the rookiebut even the most seasoned of veterans also having some trouble...30 laps to go... matt kenseth in the lead...dale earnhardt jr.- a heavy favorite in this race- spins out coming out of the 4th turn... he would slide into the barrier... leading to the 5th caution flag of the day...earnhardt losing control of the 88 car trying to navigate "calamity corner"... to the final lap we godenny hamlin the number 11 car with a hail mary move....outside then back inside for the lead past matt kenseth...neck and neck with hamlin and martin truex junior coming down the
10:53 pm
. the closest in daytona history...hamlin edges out martin truex jr. for first win of the season even hamlin had trouble wrapping his head around that dramatic finish... 3 i don't knowwhat happened i cant even figure out what i did but it all just came together i got a push obviously from the 4 but this wouldnt be possible without toyotas sticking together all race long." long."3 that was toyota's first ever win at daytona. the sprint cup series is back on track next weekend at e atlanta motor speedway. 3 from a photo finish to an overtime win...the gamecocks men's basketball trying to stay on the good side of that n-c double a tournament bubble...yesterday's win over the gators certainly helped. helped.frank martin led the 23rd ranked gamecocks over florida 73-69 in overtime. four gamecocks scored in double digits. the win not only keeps s-c in position for a top four seed in the upcoming conference tournament. it also snaps a five year winless streak
10:54 pm
than anything head coach frank martin says it was nice to see his team show their tenacity.... 3 "unbelieveable gut check by our guys. florida's a good team. we had to go earn that win and really really proud of our guys." guys."the gamecocks back in action wednesday night when they host tenneessee. 3 for the tigers...the road to the tourney just got a whole lot tougher...clemson fell at n-c state yesterday 77-74. despite a career high scoring effort by jaron blossomgame with 33...the tigers fell to 16 and 11 overall. 9 and 6 in the a-c-c. the tigers with three games left on the slate...they travel to atlanta tuesday to take on tech...and the following week they'll host 7th ranked virginia. pretty much all games from here on out must win... 3 the republican primary wasn't the only big battle in south carolina last the southern conference two teams rising up the standings board squared off in spartanburg...the furman paladins at the wofford terriers...furman showing some power in the paint...but
10:55 pm
a game-high 21 points for the terriers.... it was a thriller at benjamin johnson arena....wofford with the 77-73 home win. these two teams could very well meet again in the conference tournament in two weeks. so terriers head coach mike avery pleased to see his team putting it altogether. 3 "to come in today and i thought a complete game. and outrebounded furman which was a big statistic for us was fun to see." see."another big statistic for the terriers-outscoring the paladins from 3 point range...shooting 47 percent...terriers travel to western carolina on thursday. while the paladins are at east tennessee state. 3 to the diamond...a rubber match game in tigertown...clems on started off the season with a loss in their opener friday night against maine but the bats came alive today...a 22 hit performance for the tigers... 3 every starter recorded at least one hit. so with the 19-2 win today, clemson takes the series 2 games to 1. they host james madison next weekend.
10:56 pm
group...great danes led it 1-0 through four before the gamecocks offense finally got things going...john jones continuing his hot start to the year with a base knock to center...marcus mooney scores and we're all knotted at 1... usc exploding at the plate in the 6th...gene cone pinch hitting for tj hopkins and his chopper to 2nd is good enough to plate tolbert makes it a 2-1 sc forward in the inning... gamecocks up 2 and its jones delivering again... again...the shot into left is good enough to bring in two more...jones finishes the afternoon 2-for-4 with 3 rbi and the gamecocks close out the weekend with another victory... 8-1 the final from founders park... 3 and finally-apparently, anything involving the beatles can still go for a good price on the auction in point--a lock of john lennon's hair was just sold off.the four-inch lock of lennon's hair was taken by a hairdresser for a movie that lennon was in -- as he was getting a haircut back in 1967. the hair went for--get this--
10:57 pm
3 *ad-liblet's take one more look at the forecast. forecast.clouds will remains over the carolinas overnight with lows falling into the low 50s in the upstate and mid-40s across western north carolinas. monday will start the work week off with mostly cloudy skies and highs peaking in the low 60s and upper 50s. 3
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
richard. >> take you for a little spin here, okay? >> yeah. >> all right.
11:00 pm
recognized and admired motor sports figures of all time. >> i drive a race car. >> the king add record 200 victories 7 championships and more top 10 finishes. petty was uninterested in being a driver himself. >> he wanted to be a mechanic. >> work on making something better or faster. >> after a change of heart at 21, he watched the sport transform over the last half century. >> it's more after show now than it used to be. it used to be a race. >> hall of famer endured serious tragedies on the racetrack from an accident taking the life of a young boy to the crash that killed his grandson, adam. >> if i hadn't been racing then adam probably wouldn't have been in the race car. >> fans credit a letter -- >> there was a letter a fan wrote to you.


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