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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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candidates who want the nomination...donald trump - ted cruz - marco rubio- john kasich, jeb bush and ben carson. carolina's sharon johnson joins us live outside j-l mann high's one of the larger polling locations in greenville county..sharon. 3 there are two big things to know about voting ... is that you'll see more than six candidates on the ballot tomorrow.that's because some people withdrew after the ballots were put together.and in spartanburg county...many people will not vote in their normal polling place.but there will be signs to let you know where to vote. 3 3 3 absentee voting hit record numbers in south spartanburg - this is where face-to face absentee voting
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director of registration and elections for spartanburg county.he says absentee voting hit over 600 people coming in daily - in the last 2 days. days.6:20:47 "there's a tremendous interest in this presidential primary on both partiesthat we'll see so we're hoping for a good turnout." tomorrow could be a big day as voters head to the polls and cast that one vote.keeping in mind - all the names on this list are no longer in the running for the republican nominee for president.but will still be on the ballot.some could have problems.((sot henry laye))6:19:47 "have never voted before, people who are lil bit leary of touch screen voting machine, people who have not really studied the candidates cause we've had a lot of comments to us, i really don't know who i'm going to vote for." another change -there are 17 closed polling sites in spartanburg county for the primaries.for example if you normaly vote at arcadia elementary in will now vote at nearby jesse bobo elementary.notice the sign outside the school.((sot
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some of the precincts in the interest of reducing the costs, short turn around to get one of the voting machines prepared, which is the one for the visually impaired." laye recommends you do your research or contact their office if you don't know. some provisional voting - where you don't have a picture id's or have changed addresses- would end up voting in this room at the elections office.its also where people voting in the democratic primary can cast their ballots on greenville county ... abseentee votng for the democratic primary continues as well. well. 3 3 "everything from over the age of 65, to military serving overseas, to students out of the county on election day." conway belangia is the director of greenville county elections-and explains why there are separate primaries for republicansand democrats. democrats. 3 "general assembly allowed the political parties to choose their presidential preference election or primary day."but keep in mind you have to be registered to vote and you
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3 polls are open from seven to seven.if you got an absentee ballot in the mail, you must return it to the county elections office by seven p-m in order for it to count. 3 i know you need a photo i-d to vote, but does it have to be a drivers license., it doesn' can also bring a passport or military i-d...or a photo id issued by the dmv...or a voter registration card with a photo
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3 the presidential candidates aren't wasting any of these final hours before the polls open - campaigning throughout the palmetto state.clemson unversity's palmetto poll... just out today... has donald trump in front with 28-percent...followed by ted cruz at 19 percent.marco rubio at 15 percent.jeb bush with 10 percent and john kasich at 9 percent.ben carson has 6 percent and 13 percent of those polled remain undecided. and the candidates are spending their final hours campaigning across the state... 3 tonight senator marco rubio appeared at clemson university with governor nikki haley.the two have stumped through the state since the governor made the endorsement on wednesday. though tonight - his speech was cut short after a medical emergency in the crowd - the senator stopped to pray as emergency personnel arrived to treat the man who collapsed. no word on his condition.rubio will be in columbia tomorrow night as the votes are counted
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statements to upstate voters. 3 3 the federal government is not supposed to be in charge of everything. it is a limited government and its supposed to be a limited government and so when i take the oval office it won't just be a ceremony for me i mean it. unlike our current president i will protect and defend and uphold the constitution of the united states of america 3 and jeb bush has continued his busy day in the upstate...with this rally at daniel high school in central!he's been joined all day by his mother, former first lady barbara bush. they greeted the crowd here... and earlier today, were in spartanburg and greenville. this primary is important to bush... who will closely watch the votes come in from columbia tomorrow night.he knows finishing in the top three... could ensure his campaign keeps going. 3 trt: 0:25"i'm proud to be barbara bush's son and and george h.w. bush's son, and george w. bush's brother. i'm proud of that. that makes me part of the establishment.
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mean i want to 3 protect the status quo in washington dc, my goodness. those are fighting words when you say that." 3 and fresh off an endorsement from former governor and current congressman mark sanford...ted cruz is in greenville tonight.he was joined at this rally at the greenville marriott... by duck commander phil robertson.they criss-crossed the state today... and at one point cruz even suggested that robertson would be a good u-n ambassador! 3 3 3 'can you imagine the un general assembly the russian ambassador begins prattling on and he goes, well that doesn't make any since at all....dont send this mean scary man with a beard who knows what he believes and speaks it.' 3 cruz plans to watch primary results tomorrow night in columbia...meantime... donald trump will be in spartanburg. earlier today... he was
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charleston and myrtle beach. 3 trt: 09what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time as they give that security number. how do you like that? i just thought of it. boycott apple. 3 trump making it clear - he's boycotting apple - saying the tech giant should turn over any information that would help the government investigate the san bernardino terror suspects.he's been staying in the headlines lately after sparring with the pope - who said trumps plan to build a border wall is not something a real christian would do. 3 and dr. ben carson spent the day campaigning in north charleston and florence.after leaving the upstate last night following the conservative rally at the well.he addressed his supporters with some strong words -- regarding dependency on the gogornment. 3 3 "this is a nation that is supposed to be of, for, and by the people. not of, for, and by the government." government."carson will spend primary night at the embassy
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consistently polled near the bottom of the gop pack - along with ohio governor john kasich. 3 3 3 3 i do make the establishment nervous because i've been a change agent. and i've been able to, in washington, balance budgets, cut taxes, and get in a position where we had job growth and better lives for everybody." everybody."kasich pointing out what'lseparate him from the pack during a rally in columbia.the ohio governor coming off a big stand in new hampshire - but he may already be looking past south carolina. kasich's camp says he won't stay to see tomorrow's results -he'll be headed to campaign in vermont and massachusetts. 3 again - polls are open from 7 to 7 must bring a photo id and be registered to vote. 3 and stay with fox carolina all day for live reports and team coverage of the gop primary. stay connected by downloading our app .. and following us on facebook and twitter.we'll have live updates on air after the polls close.. and of course don't miss the ten oclock news.we'll have live
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reporters in the upstate and midlands from each of the candidates campaign parties. 3 and coming up tonight at 10:30 - tune in for our special report..."you decide 2016: south carolina republican primary."we talk to the candidates on four major issues. hear from them with unedited responses ovevethe hour. 3 now...among the democrats - hillary clinton scored a major endorsement from congressman jim clybybn in columbia today. 3 3 3 "i learned a long time ago that hillary clinton is a fighter and that's what we need in our next president. the change we seek for this great country will not come easy. we need a real fighter, and i believe hillary clinton is that fighter. fighter.clyburn's support comes the day before nevada's democratic caucuses.clinton is running against bernie sanders.
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caucuses--voters will show up at polling sites and stand on the side of the room for the candidate they choose.despite previous polls showing clinton with a strong lead -many believe tomorrow's results will be close. the democratic primary.clinton, sanders and willie wilson will all be on the ballot.and this sunday...bernie sanders will be in greenville, hosting a rally at the well. 3 developing tonight 3 prayers and a call for action .. in easley...outside the bowling alley where a teenager lost his life this week. week.a vigil was held for 17 year old kejuan brown - outside tri-city lanes, where he was found shot. shot.a 15-year-old juvenile and these three suspects are charged with murder, jamari fair, dennis gibbs and albert taylor. 3 it's a shooting that has shaken the community. and those who knew kejuan and those against gun violence, say something has to change. 3 fox carolina's rebecca atkins was at tonight's vigil and
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police department with more on what they had to share. rebecca? 3 cody and diana tonights protest was about stopping gun violence in the community. after this 17 year old was killed it struck a lot of people in a big way. and during a moment of prayer tonight several easley police officers joined in as they prayed to end gun violence. 3 3 3 (shot of officers.)four easley police officers joined hands with members of the community as they prayed outside the tri- city lanes.nats:"we all care."this large group is praying for an end to gun violence, between people in the community. and it was the death of 17 year old kejuan brown outside the tri-county lanes bowling alley wednesday that led to this gathering. police say one young adult and three teenagers killed brown, they have all been charged with murder.nats: traci "if out of that group of young people if anybody just for a split second said wait a minute we really about to kill somebody, cause death is final."some of kejuans family was there tonight and spoke on behalf of his mother. mother. 3 "you didn't just take a life,
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and her and my son."3 traci fant put tonights meeting together and says children need to be told at a young age that violence is not the answer to any problem. problem. 3 "if we don't start communicating with them at an early age, they grow up and they don't care, you have to start when they are seven and eight years old."although police have not relased a motive in this shooting, fant says its important to talk with your children about who they can go to if they are having issues in school, she says a small problem can lead to bigger issues. "we as parents don't know everything our kids are doing, that young man who died, his parents were at church when he got killed." she says instead of fighting against each other, communities need to unite. and she says she'll keep working towards a brighter future. 3 and the biggest concern the group had tonight again was encouraging youth to use other means to deal with issues they
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resorting to gun violence. fant says a big issue she thinks leads to the violence is what children and teens see on social media. 3 kendra is in the weather center for a look ahead at the forecast. forecast.kendra: coming up i'll have your forecast forecastan upstate girl... shot in the leg!after a home invasion ... two men do the unthinkable...firing at the house, hitting a 13 year old hiding in a closet!tonight.. we've got an interview you'll see only on fox! fox!and a greenville county teen killed on the ice during this week's winter storm..- is being remembered by students. their memorial for a friend they say will be dearly missed. and only on fox--we're hearing from a mother accused of faking her son's illness to get attention.she's been charged with serious crimes. but says she now wants her children back!
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3 a 13 year old cherokee county girl is recovering after say she was shot during a home invasion. invasion.deputies say several men kicked down the door to a home on julie court in chesnee ...then robbed the family inside at gunpoint.sheriff steve mueller says the men then fled but for some unknown reason they fired shots into the home as the leftone of the shots hit the teen who was hiding in a closet. 3 3 "wether they thought it was to scare the homeowners or keep them from chasing after them or anything..when you have a
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responsible for where it goes" "once we apprehend them they will be charged with attempted murder" murder"wednesday night after the shooting, mueller says a man showed up to a hospital in rutherfordton with a gunshot wound to his handdeputies say they are considering him - and another guy as persons of for the girl...she's expected to make a full recovery. counties 3 in greenville county-students are remembering a high school senior killed in a crash during this week's icy weather. weather.17-year old lauryn agnew died monday night. troopers say- she hit a slick spot on verdae boulevard near woodruff road and crashed headon with a tow truck. 3 today-her friends-gathered outside south side high school to honor the teen. lauryn's friends say her loss has been difficult. 3 3 shes really gonna get missed and i still cant believe it and it still hasnt hit me yet but everybody here is for her 3 agnew was a senior at south side.her family says she was
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heaven gained an angel in lauryn. 3 a man and his dog were found dead in their home after a house fire in spartanburg county. county.croft and roebuck firefighters responded the the home on summerland drive around 5:30 this morning - after reports someone was trapped inside.once the fire was out - crews found 69 year old roger coats dead.the cause of the fire is under investigation. 3 kendra's here with a look at your forecast. 3 some changes are in store this weekend! milder air will move in, but some clouds will come along with it for saturday. a chance of rain is back by late sunday into monday, and showers will stick around through mid-week.tonight
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lows down to 40 in the upstate and 37 in the mountains. clouds will thicken up through the day on saturday, with isolated showers possible in the mountains. highs will be warmer than normal for this time of year at 63 in the upstate and 59 in the mountains.sunday will be even warmer with highs reaching 69 in the upstate and 63 in the mountains. a cold front will drop in to our area by late sunday bringing scattered showers.a few showers will be possible on monday and even an isolated t-storms, but the widespread rain will move in tuesday as a disturbance develops along the front. tuesday will also be cold in the 40s, so expect a raw and wet day! one last round of showers comes in wednesday for the upstate with some snow possible in the mountains. thursday and friday are shaping up to be dry and seasonably sure to check out www.foxcarolina .com/weather for more on the forecast and interactive radar be sure to check out for more on the forecast and
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3 3 interactive radarfor more on the .com/weather out radar forecast and .com/weather www.foxcarolinacheck out 3 your forecast.
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3 pocket knives...mace...tazers - all waiting to be claimed in cherokee county. county.the sheriff says all these items were seized before donald trumps campaign rally in gaffney - and now the question is - will the owners get them back? back?plus--she's accused of faking her son's illness--her children taken from her by d-s-s.and tonight, she's talking only with fox carolina about why she deserves a chance to get them back. back.and stay tuned for our special ahead of tomorrow's primary election.hear from all six gop candidates on four of the nation's biggest issues. it's all coming up - in less than ten minutes. minutes.
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3 3 we're hearing from the mother at the center of a child abuse and neglect case in spartanburg county--who says
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and who now is trying to get her kids back. might remember the case of danielle headley.she was charged last october after deputies say she either faked or exaggerated her youngest child's led to all four of her children being taken into d-s-s custody. custody.headley says she's fighting the charges--and believes she knows what was causing her child to be sick. she says mold inside a home they used to live could have caused medical problems.her family has now moved--and she says she deserves a chance to get her children back.but they say they're hitting a roadblock. 3 3 3 at this point it looks like that if a family member does not say that i had done something to my youngest son, then there's no possibility of them going to anybody in the family. family.headley's lawyer says he's filing a motion to get the children back--or at least in the custody of their grandparents.we reached out to d-s-s for their word on the latest with headley's children--but they told us
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specifics on their cases. 3 happening now 3 check out this bin full of knives, mace canisters, tazers, selfie sticks, even a baseball.these are all items cherokee county sheriff steve mueller says the secret service seized from people who attended donald trump's town hall in gaffney yesterday mueller is now trying to get them back to their rightful owners.he's also hoping to keep this from happening to those who plan on attending future political events in the area 3 3 3 "we encourage folks attending this events that there is heavy security there so dont come into the venue with pocket knives, tazers, pepper spray you know treat that venue just as if you were going through an airport" airport"the sheriff says in order to claim one of the items, the owners need to go to the sheriffs office next week. 3 coming up next - our hour long coverage with everything you need to know if you plan to cast your vote in tomorrow's election. election.the south carolina republican primary: hear from all six candidates on four critical issues - it's all just minutes away.
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3 good morning, i'm 3 "tonight, fox carolina
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south carolina republican primary" 3 good evening, i'm diana watson. watson.and i'm cody alcorn. tonight, we are pre-empting our normal newscast to bring you this special - on the eve of the south carolina republican primary. polls will open in south carolina at seven tomorrow morning... morning...and tonight, you will hear from all six republican candidates on the same four topics. 3 all eyes are on our state as the six remaining candidates take aim for the white house. they are: jeb bush, doctor ben carsonted cruz john kasich marco rubioand donald trump. over the last few months, we've requested one-on-one interviews with all of the candidates. five of the six candidates granted us that time and we asked all of them questions on the same four topics 3 those topics are:the economy, fighting isis, illegal immigration and healthcare. we placed no limitations on time, so some answers are longer than others. tonight, we will
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answers to our questions about those four be fair, we'll present them in alphabetical order. 3 we'll start with the economy - anfirst up is former florida governor jeb bush. carolina's ben hill was invited to spend a few minutes on bush's campaign bus yesterday - and was granted some time to ask a few questions. 3 trt: 52economy 15:22:05 ben: when you talk to a lot of analysts, they say ok, we're in good shape. but you feel like you get a sense - the american people - they want more growth. what can you do to help them? jeb: well, i mean, jobs are being created, but they're lower income jobs than the jobs that were lost. that's the reason why we have 2,300 dollars of disposable income decline. it's never happened in a recovery. to create high growth, we'll create rising income and the way you do that is to dramatically reform the tax code, reform how we regulate, embrace the energy revolution and deal with the fiscal dysfunction in washington, dc. if we do those 4 things, we could grow at a faster rate and you'd have hundreds of billions of dollars being invested in the real economy,
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assets, but the real economy, which is ultimately where the jobs that create higher wages occur. getting rid of obamacare is a good example of reforming our regulatory system. (:22:58) 3 up next on the subject of the economy, dr. ben carson. carson.our ben hill was granted several minutes backstage with dr. carson 3 3 3 07:27:25 - a lot of conservatives, a lot of republicans talk about wanting to expand the military, to cut taxes, and a lot of the american taxpayers are wondering how can we do that and still keep a strong economy? what's your best plan to keep our economy moving forward if you propose those things?07:27:47 - well, recognize that we have the most economic powerful engine the world has ever known. it's just that we've crippled it by entangling it with all kinds of regulations. and, uh, that dampens innovation and it dampens the entrepreneurial spirit, the
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invest capital, so we need to get rid of the excessive ones, not the critical ones, there are some that are very important. uh, we also need to reform the tax structure. the highest corporate tax rates in the developed world. why are we surprised that people are going out rather than coming in. we need to create the right environment and that's going to make a big difference. but we also need to spend in an intelligent way. we have a government that is incredibly bloated, we have 4.1 million federal employees, uh and wehn you look at the agencies and the subagencies of the government, it comes out to 645. that's a ridiculous number of people. i
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all of those agencies and subagencies at the very beginning of my administration and i would say, "i want you to cut your budget by 3-4% this year and if you can't do that, you may as well give me your resignation right now." anybody that tells me that there isn't 3-4% fat in their agency is blowing smoke. we also need to apply some of the same techniques that we use in business. a lot of the people are not aware of the fact that i have an extensive business history with 18 yeras on the kellogg board, 16 years on the costco board, chairman of board of a biotech, started a national non-profit, which is an award-winning non-profitt. i have a lot of business experience. and you know, run the government like a business, lean six sigma
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enormous amount of money. you 3 know i want to get the best bang for our buck for the money americans are working so hard to obtain and we shouldn't just be throwing it away willy nilly. (07:30:21) 3 during that same campaign event, ben hill also spoke backstage to texas senator ted cruz. 3 here's how cruz answered ben's question on the economy. 3 3 3 07:40:35 conservative principles usually deal with wanting to expand our m mitary presence, cut taxes. so, a lot of the american people who perhaps are liberals would say well there's no way you can do that and still reduce the deficit. what would be your economic plan to still bolster our economy while perhaps sticking to those conservative principles?07:40:57 my number 1 priority, both in the senate and if i'm elected president, is economic growth because economic growth is foundational to everything else. if you want to turn around unemployment, if you want to tackle the deficit and the debt, if you want to rebuild our military or if you
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preserve social security and medicare, you have to have growth. with growth, you can do all of that. without growth, you can't do any of it. you know, you look back over the decades, clear principles of cause and effect. every time the government goes down the path we're going on right now - of out of control spending, taxes and regulation - the end result is economic stagnation and misery and malaise and it just doesn't work. we've got right now the lowest percentage of americans working since 1978. on the other hand, every time the federal government has pursued tax reform and regulatory reform - every time we reduce the burdens of washington on small businesses that create jobs, the result has been incredible economic growth. that was true in the 1920s under calvin coolidge. it was true in the 1960s under jfk and it was true in the 1980s under ronald reagan. you know, in 1980, ronald reagan came in
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like this one. the same sort of miserable stagnation under jimmy carter that we see under barack obama and ronald reagan fought for tax reform and regulatory reform. he lessened the burden on small businesses and the economy exploded. millions of jobs. and you look at young people. no one has been hurt more than young people by the obama economy. young people come out of school with student loans up to their eyeballs. they're scared. they don't know if they'll get a job. and if they do get a job, they don't have any confidence they'll get the skills to build toward a career. if we get back to the principles that work: unchaining small businesses, letting the economy boom, young people will come out of school with 2,3,4,5 job opportunities, that's how you turn this country around and that's what i'll do as president. (07:43:00) 3 next up on the economy: ohio governor john kasich. 3 we understand that the candidates are all busy on the campaign trail, so we had to quickly fit in a few questions during a stop that kasich made in clemson this week. wewesked him about his plan for
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3 trt: 18economy10:51:56 well, we need to make sure we have common sense regulations. we cut taxes for both business individuals and have a fiscal plan to balance the budget. i did this in washington, when i was chairman of the budget committee, i did it in ohio and i want to go back and that's the formula for economic growth for job creation. 10:52:18 3 florida senator marco rubio was not able to grant us an interview because of his busy schedule. however, we did attend every stop he has made in the upstate during this campaign season. 3 and while speaking at an event this week, he used south carolina's job growth plan as an example of how to create jobs on a bigger scale. scale. 3 trt: 37rubio on economy(bite can also be found in interplay as rubio economy)14:01:30"why are all those companies moving to south carolina? why in a country that is losing manufactoring, do we have a state that is gaining manufactoring? why? it's because you have low taxes, it's because you have limited regulations, it's because you have a state government that's
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saying we want you to create jobs, not a government that's saying take your jobs somewhere else. when i'm president of the united states, we are going to make america the best place in the world to start a business, to grow a business, and to create jobs that pay more." 14:02:07:24 3 and now to our final candidate on the subject of the economy: donald trump. 3 fox carolina's ben hill conducted a one-on-one interview with trump backstage at a campaign event this week. here's their exchange on economic growth. 3 3 trt: 33economy10:47:13 there's a reason you're so successful at business. how can you use that talent to spur the economy? 10:47:19 we're going to do it. we're going to bring back trade and bring back our jobs. you know, the trade in china, the trade with mexico, the trade with anybody you're talking about, japan, vietnam is theheew one, a disaster. they're taking our money, they're taking our jobs. it's going to be turned around. we're bringing our jobs back. and we're going to start making the money and we're going to take care of social security. we're going to take care of our border. we're going to take care of things we've never taken care of in, for years. we used to win all the time. we don't win
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3 and there you have it: all six gop candidates speaking on the economy. 3 we have three more topics to go...after the break, we'll look ask each of the candidates their plans to fight isis. 3 3 you're watching you decide 2016: the south carolina
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3 you're watching you decide 2016: the south carolina republican primary. 3 welcome back. tonight, we are pre-empting our newscast to bring you this special on the eve of the republican primary in south carolina. carolina.we asked five of the six candidates questions on the same topics and will present you their answers in their entirety.we did not place time limits on the interviews - and because we understand their schedules are busy - each was able to dedicate only so much time to the questions, which is why the answers vary in length. 3 in the last segment, we brought you their answers to our question about how they would grow the economy...and we presented them in
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fairest. in this segment, we'll look at their plans to fight isis...and we'll go in reverse order...starting with donald trump, who spoke one-on-one with fox carolina's ben hill. 3 trt: 33isis10:46:40 mr. trump, you say you want to "knock the hell out of isis". how do you plan on doing that? 10:46:45 well, what we have to smart. we're going to be so smart. we're going to be so surgical and we're going to go in there and you know, the military is going to be at a much different level than it is right now because it's been so totally depleted. we're building up the military and we're going to go in and one thing i have to say: we have to be a little bit unpredictable, so when you ask that question and you say "how are you going to do it?", we know how we're going to do it and we're going to do it very strongly. we have no choice. they're cutting off heads. they're chopping off heads. we're going to get 'em out of there and we're going to get them out fast." (10:47:13) 3 next, we'll go to florida senator marco rubio. 3 he was not able to grant us an interview.however, he spoke about fighting isis during a campaign event that we attended in the upstate this week. 3 3 trt: 28on fighting isis(bite can also be found in interplay as rubio fighting isis)14:06:50 "they have to be defeated. they have to be confronted and
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growing, until they find themselves at the doorstep of our lives. they're inspiring people here that live in this country. the killers that live in san bernadino, the guy was a us citizen, born and raised in this country. and the guy left behind his job as a health inspector and an infant child in an effort to kill, he wanted to kill hundred of people with pipe bombs. this is the threat we are facing. we need a real war on terror." 14:07:18 3 now to ohio governor john kasich. we were given a few minutes to sneak in some quick questions at a campaign event this week.'s how he responded to our question about isis. 3 trt: 21isis10:53:24 would you put us troops on the ground in iraq and syria to defeat isis? 10:53:28 i would, i would be both in the air and on the ground, with a coalition of both our muslim arab friends and our friends in europe, all of us go together and destroy isis. have it settle down and then we come home and let the folks over there deal with the ultimate makeup of the region. (10:53:46) 3 texas senator ted cruz spoke with fox carolina's ben hill
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3 ben asked him how he plans to fight's the response: 3 trt: 1:4907:49:22 you know if you step back and look at the last 6.5 years at what has happend under the obama- clinton foreign policies, leading from behind doesn't work. it is a manifest disaster. every region of the world has gotten worse and we've seen the rise of radical islamic terrorism. the president dismissed isis as the junior varsity. he's twice publicly admitted he has no strategy whatsoever of dealing with isis and it shows. if i'm elected president, we will have a commander-in-chief who will say from the beginning our strategy - to borrow from ronald reagan and the cold war - is "we win. they lose." we will have a commander-in-chief who stands up and says "we will defeat radical islamic terrorism." president obama is unwilling to even utter the words "radical islamic terrorism". how do we defeat isis? we begin with a commander-in-chief setting out
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use overwhelming airpower and we should be arming the kurds. the kurds are our boots on the ground. they're fighting isis right now. isis is using u.s. military equipment they've seized from iraq. the obama administration refuses to arm the kurds. we should let the kurds defeat isis on the ground, aided by overwhelming american airpower. that's what will happen if i'm president. if i'm elected president, every militant on the face of the earth will know, "if you go and join isis. if you take up arms and wage jihad in attempt to murder innocent american men and women, you are signing your death warrant." i believe in peace through strength. that's who america is and 6.5 years of weakness and appeasement has profoundly endangered this country. the american people are ready to get back to a strong america. 07:51:12 3 at that very same event, dr. ben carson also spoke for a few minutes with ben hill.
10:47 pm
his plan to fight isis. 3 trt: 1:0907:37:17 what would them? would you put troops on the ground?07:37:20 well, first of all, i would get people to understand that what happened in 2003 in iraq is very different than what's going on now. what's going on now is an existential threat to us and as the global jihadists grow, they become more of a threat to us. and we have two choices: we can let them continue to grow while our military is weakened and while the morale is decreased, which will eventually guarantee their victory...or we can use every resource known to us, secret and overt, as well as special forces, as well as economic systems and boots on teh ground if necessary. whatever it takes to destroy them before they destroy us and we have to be
10:48 pm
it can be done quickly, i believe, if we allow our very extensive and talented military to do what they can do without tying their hands behind their backs. (07:38:26) 3 and our final candidate on the issue of fighting isis: former florida governor jeb bush. carolina's ben hill was invited to board bush's campaign bus for a little while this week and was able to ask the former governor a few questions. 3 trt: 40jeb bush log 15:18:55 your plan to defeat isis differs from others in this race. what would the roll of american ground troops play if you're commander-in-chief? 15:19:04my strategy is grounded in the reality of getting advice from 40 generals and admirals and people like lindsey graham. it would require a more robust effort than what barack obama has provided, which is 30 or 40 special operators in syria. it requires more than that, but it requires *more than that* it requires american leadership to create a coalition of arab countries that right now are providing support to disparate groups.
10:49 pm
and um, the ultimate goal is stability in syria with a sized depature in isis' defeat. 15:19:36 3 the road to the white house has been hard fought so far-- here's where it all stands going into tomorrow's south carolina republican primary.... primary....first looking back at the results of the iowa caucuses on february first-- the race was close on both the republican and democratic sides.texas senator ted cruz upset frontrunner donald trump. and hillary clinton edged out senator bernie sanders in a nearly too-close-to-call race. 3 but the new hampshire primary on february 10-th saw a reversal of winners--for the republicans, donald trump solidly beat out ohio governor john kasich and senator ted cruz--meanwhile, for the democrats, senator bernie sanders defeated hillary clinton by more than 20 percent. 3 and what's at stake for the winner of tomorrow's republican presidential primary?south carolina has a total of 50 republican delegates available--29 of those delegates will go to the declared overall winner
10:50 pm
21 delegates will be divided up, three at a time, depending on who finishes first in each of the state's 7 congressional districts--the 50 delegates will help determine the republican nominee during the national party convention-- that's set for jy 18-th through the order to win the nomination--a candidate must earn 12-hundred- 36 delegates throughout the primary season.this week, we caught up with furman university political science professor doctor brent nelsen on the role south carolina will play in picking either party's nominee. 3 3 i think both parties could actualal choose their nominees here in south carolina and we would all pretty much know that the nominees were chosen. if trump wins big i think thats going to be very important as he goes forward. every body is going to be focused on trump as the presumptive nominee. and the same thing goes for hillary clinton. 3 3 if either one of those candidates falters then south carolian will just show the
10:51 pm
party has actually decided the race yet. 3 we have two topics down...and two more to go.they are illegal immigration and healthcare., we'll take a look at what you need to know before you head to the polls. 3 you're watching you decide
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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3 you're watching you decide 2016: the south carolina republican primary. 3 welcome back...we've seen a lot of these six faces so far this week...and in south carolina, it all comes down to
10:55 pm
ted cruz, john kasich, marco rubio and donald trump are all vying for the republican nomination. nomination.the democrats will have their turn next saturday because we have split primaries in south carolina. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and willie wilson are all still in that race. 3 there are 300-thousand registered voters in greenville county. county.and more than 150 it takes a lot of planning to make sure everything runs smoothly for the carolina's sarah danik shows us what you need to have in order - before casting your ballots. 3 3 3 the line to vote absentee may be long.but those here say - what's at stake this election year - is worth the wait. wait.20:42:39 i'm excited for this primary there's a lot of enthusiasism based on what's ing on on tv and pretty ruckorus - i've never seen it this ruckus but i'm excited for it 3 3 21:08:31 our country is in such turmoil and so divided i think we need to get unified and get together it's just been terrible 21:08:39the south carolina primaries are generating excitement around the nation ... but county
10:56 pm
focused.20:47:20 the last few weeks have been extremely busy preparing for two elections on two separate saturdays back to back my staff and i are worn thin and will probably stay worn thin til march the 1st. 20:47:34he says his poll workers have been training the last month or so ...and they are ready to go.but he wants to make sure voters are too. first- you need to know *where are you supposed to vote:go to the precinct you normally vote in november even numbered elections and you should be good to go. 20:52:20 20:52:20and you will need an i-d with a photo - that includes a south carolina driver's license-and id card issued by the state department of motor vehicles-a south carolina voter registration card with photo-a federal military id-or a u-s passport whatever they use has to have a photo on it and must be current and valid 20:51:58and most importantly - remember that you can only vote in *one party's primary.20:54:19 we record people who vote on the 20th and if they show up on
10:57 pm
they will not be allowed to. 3 a few more things to keep in mind- -polls are open 7am until 7pm.-you must be registered to vote ..and if you haven't, it's too late to do so...that had to be done 30 days before the primary. however, you do not have to be registered as a republican or democrat *but* you can only vote in one of the primaries: either tomorrow's gop primary or next saturday's democratic primary. 3 and one other thing you may wonder about is why we do the republican and democratic primaries separately...and why on saturdays. we spoke with matt moore - the chairman of the sc gop party.he says the presidential primary has been held on saturdays since 1980 - it keeps lines shorts and allows more people to vote. vote.and he says the primaries being held on different days is a quirk of state law and the national primary calendar. the republicans want south carolina before nevada, and the democrats want the opposite.he said he and the state democratic chairman jaime harrison tried to to hold the primaries on the same
10:58 pm
3 don't go anywhere...we have much more to get to on the candidates tonight. tonight.still ahead: we get answers from the six republican candidates on two more issues: illegal
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
we'll be right back. 3 carolina presents "you south carolina 3 good evening, i'm diana watson. watson.and i'm cody alcorn. tonight, we are pre-empting our normal newscast to bring you this special - on the eve of the south carolina republican primary. polls will


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