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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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situation, talk about rubio canceling, call 3 for video)) 3 all the candidates here met with a very sympathetic crowd tonight.they're all conservative voters who wanted to hear what the candidates had to say--and they were quite vocal.we saw many people here that were ted cruz supporters--and that's where most of the support was tonight.but that's not to say that ben carson was alone out there.take a listen to what they had to say. 3 3 i have no desire to remove the safety nets for people who
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desire to do is to provide a ladder of opportunity so that people can climb out of dependency and become part of america. america. 3 we love our god and we are fed up with the damage and destruction coming from washington. washington.3 the other candidates were not here in greenville tonight-- trump, kasich, and bush are in columbia for a town hall.we'll have details on that in a moment-- moment-- 3 in the meantime--as for where the candidates will be tomorrow---most of them will be not be in the upstate--with the exception of one.marco rubio will be scouring the state--starting in columbia-- going to the lowcountry-- before ending in clemson tomorrow night.diana? 3 and we're hearing details on the primary night parties, right?
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still being finalized tonight. we know ben carson and donald trump will be watching from the upstate.bush, cruz and rubio will be in columbia.john kasich's people say he plans to continue on the campaign trail--in massachusetts--on saturday.diana and cody--back to you. 3 and although senator marco rubio missed tonight's event at the well -he was in greenville this morning - and had some choice words about his potential democratic opponent hillary clinton. clinton. 3 3 "she did it because she thinks she's above the law. they've always thought they're above the law." law.""let's talk about benghazi, because i think that disqualifies her to be commander in chief." (cheers) 3 meantime three other gop hopefuls - donald trump, jeb bush, and john kasich - have taken to the stage in columbia tonight.for the second of two town halls ahead of saturday's primary. 3 ryan nobles is in columbiaa& ryan, how is this format helping the candidatesa& and
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primary? 3 3 question 1: john kaisch talked about an emotional moment on the campaign trail... what did
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its impact on his campaign? 3 sot: "we need to slow down, and then we've got to carry out our god-given destinies, and potentials, and gifts. and yeah, it's definitely changed me 'cuz it's slowing me down, and you know i've learned so much-listen, everyone here, you gotta celebrate other people's wins, and sometimes
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3 question 2: there 3 has been a lot of talk about this potentially being jeb bush's last attempt at making headway in the race, he even has his older brother and his mom campaigning with him-has bush battled back at all tonight?
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stops in south carolina.from campaigning with his mother and brother...3 to spending millions on campaign ads.and yet - c-n-n's latest poll of polls - has the former florida governor in fourth place -- at 10-percent.3 "i don't know who i would pick... i know would pick..someone from the bench."
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3 and while we haven't heard from trump yet in columbia -he was here in gaffney earlier this evening -he didn't address the conflict that's been blowing up social media- after the pope said trump wasn't a real christianinstead - trump opted to tout his bold stance on the war with isis. 3 (32:21) these people are disgusting, i said they are chopping heads, doing the worst things i have ever seen, i think waterboarding it exellent but you have to go much further than waterboarding... waterboarding... 3 the republican primary is set for this saturday - polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p-m. you must bring a photo id and you must have been registered to vote. 3 the democratic primary is the following saturday. saturday.state polls have hillary clinton with a commanding lead -which may be bolstered after an endorsement by representative jim clyburn- he is expected to make the announcement tomorrow.on sunday, bernie sanders is scheduled to be in greenville for a rally at the well.dr.
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for the nomination. 3 only on fox at ten 3 the family of man shot during an armed robberyat a seven-eleven is speaking out- it happened wednesday morning in anderson county and tonight, the two men you see in this surveillance video are still on the run- 3 robby warden's family says he was shot in the stomach-- and remains in critical condition at anmed- 3 wardens' family says this is the third time the 24-year-old has been robbed at gunpointat this same gas station in pendelton- 3 tonight, the family met me outside anmed where robby is being treated--they told me if robby pulls through, he'll never go back to that seven eleven- 3 3 3 3 this was the scene wednesday morning at the seven eleven near pendleton- it's where robby warden was working, alone, as he often did over the last three years- 3 "he does his job. you know he does what he has to do to survive."warden's mom, patricia warden, says he's a great guy,
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warden was working to save up for college- but on wednesday, he found himself fighting to stay a live- 3 "nobody ever thinks it's going to be you."warden told his mom these two men walked in--- in---"they came in pretty jumped right over the counter..."the whole thing caught on camera- patricia says the men told her son to open the register- 3 "and he did...he's been robbed twice before so he knew the drill."she says that's when her son stepped back---put his hands in his pocket-and let the guys have what they came to get---but, this time--- robby warden found himself shotgun- 3 "as they were leaving they walked around the counter turned around as an after thought i guess and shot him." him.""there was no reason, robby was very compliant." patricia says the senseless act was over less than a hundred bucks- 3 3 "so he was shot over just a few dollars? dollars? "sixty two dollars, sixty two dollars."patricia says something has to change-- change--"it's not safe to work
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highway in this area by yourself on third shift." shift."if anyone knows it's her son---she believes he narrowly escaped with his life the last time he was robbed- it made national news-- february first of last year, inside the same gas station- a guy pulled out a sawed off shotgun--but never pulled the trigger- however, it would be days later, investigators tied him to a string of armed robberies, in several states- plus the murder of an elderly couple in ohio- 3 "everything is getting out of hand in this really's sad and it needs to stop." 3 that guy was eventually captured---and is awaiting trial on a slew of charges- however, the two men who investigators say robbed warden on wednesday morning are still on the run - -his family and the sheriff's office are asking anyone with information to call crime
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3 kendra is in the weather center for a look ahead at the forecast including a big warm up up 3 kendra: coming 3 up i'll have your forecast forecasta wild chase... ends in a deadly crash! investigators say a man trying to get away from upstate deputies... slammed into a truck, killing the driver. we'll have the latest on the investigation - -a 17 year old shot and killed outside an easley bowling alley...and four people are charged with the crime.wait til you see what they said to our camera in the courtroom. many businesses and schools rely on *sled* checks on potential hire's criminal background... but are they 100% accurate?tonight fox
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3 developing tonight... 3 the deadly police chase that started in greenville county - and ended tragically in anderson county is affecting many lives.of course - the family of the innocent man who was killed ... is hurting from his death.along with those in the powdersville community where it happened. 3 the greenville county sheriff's office says deputies tried to serve warrants on a man. 3 they say - that man - dexter reeves- sped away in his truck. they pursued him. him.deputies say the chase ended with reeves crashing into and killing another driver.... that driver - stephen burnett of easley - had nothing to do with the chase. carolina's sharon
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with burnett's family tonight, right? 3 i did speak with the was an emotional conversation that ended in tears.his fiance' says - his death is a shock and its hard to accept that he's really gone. 3 3 3 a man on his way to work - killed in this crash at the intersection of highways 153 and 81 in powdersville, as greenville county deputies chased another driver. neighbors say - breaking the quiet of the early morning. morning."it's fairly quiet at 4:30 in the morning. fairly quiet. early people going to work and coming home from work."one of those early people was -stephen alan burnett.he was 62 and engaged to his fiance would have been an ordinary work day - as burnett drove early this morning heading to work in mauldin, where they both worked.but he never made it.((sot- kay))"1:01:00-:07 "my heart always drops when i hear of an accident here." stopped and killed in this wreck.according to the greenville county sheriff's
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sped away after deputies tried to serve warrants for his arrest -domestic violence and child neglect.deputies followed and that chase ended here.those in the community as a whole are saddened to hear about it.((sot - kay))"i was with the fire department for 37 years and we witnessed many wrecks here, worked many wrecks here."according to the coroner, burnett died from multiple internal injuries.his death is being ruled a homicide...the driver who deputies say began this deadly chase- dexter reeves is still in the hospital with injuries. 3 i also talked with a local business owner at river road storage.they say - there is some video of the chase. they've turned it over to the state highway patrol to investigate.also tonight - the mother of dexter reaves- extends her codolences to the victim's family. 3 in a fox carolina follow up..
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when they saw our news camera...this is what they had to say. say. 3 "oh the news media?! what's up y'all? follow me on twitter, follow me on instagram... on snapchat." snapchat."3 these three are locked up, along with a 15-year-old who is being charged as a juvenile...they're all accused of killing 17 year old kejuan brown. and they didn't seem shy as our camera rolled. carolina's jennifer phillips talked to the victim's family and has more on the investigation into why a teenager lost his life. 3 investigators we talked to call the situation disheartening. and three of the four suspects went before a judge for a bond hearing.... but another judge will have to make that decision because of the severity of the charges.
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family members are asking why investigators with the easley police department got a 911 that someone got shot at the tri- city lanes bowling alley. police say when they got there they found 17 year old kejuan brown lying dead in the parking lot.witnesses gave a description of a car involved in the shooting and investigators found the toyota and four suspects at the spinx gas station on highway 183.we talked to kejuan's step great- grandfather who says he cooked dinner for kejuan and thought he went to his bedroom. but, 30 minutes later he got a call. police say they're looking for a possible motive in the case. 3 3 somebody said kejuan got shot. i said 'what?' 'what?' 3 "qiuet, he didn't say too much- smart guy." guy.""i thought he was still here." here." 3 18-year-old jamari fair, 19- year-old dennis gibbs and 22-year-old albert taylor all
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3 investigators say the suspets and kejuan brown knew each other and had a war of words on social media. so they're still trying to determine a motive in the case.witnesses who didn't want to go on camera said they never went inside the bowling alley.. but were hanging out and stopped there to use the easley jennifer phillips fox carolina the ten oclock news. 3 what would you do if one of your co-workers seemed a little off...and in pain?? pain??tonight some upstate workers are being called heroes for spotting the signs of a heart attack and getting help for their friend..the incredible story - coming up. - botox users are getting younger..but do people in their 20's need it??tonight we talk to a patient and local doctors ... to see how soon you should start getting injections to fight aging. aging.and just how accurate
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in south carolina?schools and businesses use them in hiring.. tonight fox carolina to the source, and ask the former sled director if those checks tell the whole story
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3 kendra is in the weather center 3 3 3 beautiful 3 weather will round out the work week and should stretch through most of the weekend. rain will push in sunday night and linger through middle of next weektonight will be chilly in the low 30s for the upstate and upper 20s in the mountains under clear skies. expect plenty of sunshine on friday with highs in the mid 50s for the upstate and low 50s in the mountains. temperatures will become unseasonably mild for saturday and sunday and highs jump into the 60s. we'll see a few clouds through the weekend as moisture increases, then rain will begin sunday night. expect off and wednesday! mild, showery day, then bring a persistent cold wrap up through the day wednesday, with a chance for 3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get
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for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 back to you. you. 3 3 tonight fox carolina investigates - criminal background checks in south carolina. carolina.many schools and businesses use them before hiring employees......butdo they give us a complete picture of someone's past? 3 plus.... they saved the life of their upstate co-worker... he was having a heart attack...but didn't know it until his friends spotted the signs...tonight the incredible story ... and their message for everyone who's watching.. watching..
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3 in a fox carolina investigation 3 on november 27- 2015... this man... robert dear... was accused of killing three people at planned parenthood in colorado springs... a search of the state law enforcement division systems indicates he's no stranger to the law-- his rap sheet shows arrests and convictions in counties *throughout* south carolina... but not all of his *arrests* show up on his rap sheet.
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many businesses and schools rely on *sled* checks to check a potential hire's criminal background... but are they 100% accurate? accurate?do they tell the whole story behind a person's past? fox carolina's ashley minelli reached out to the state agency and spoke with a former *sled* director 3 3 3 with just a few key pieces of information... *you* can gain access to a person's criminal history in south carolina... 3 3 sled is sort of the repository for criminal information.the state law enforcement division's "citizens access to criminal histories" system... also know as "catch"... is an online background check that allows you to see arrests... convictions... and case outcomes.but there's another *catch* associated with the system as well. 3 3 a search of a database is only as good as the information in a database.reggie lloyd- an attorney out of camden... and *a* former director of sled- says each local jurisdiction: courts, sheriffs and police departments are all responsible for inputting
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with the case. *but* getting that information... isn't as simple as knowing a person's name and birthday. birthday. 3 there are very often times when the information that you're seeking is not neatly packed in an arrest, conviction, and disposition on that sentence...that's what *we* ran into during a search of robert dear... the man accused of killing three people at a colorado springs planned parent hood back in november 2015... sled provided us with dear's background check. it shows three things. in charleston- a conviction for unlawfully carrying a weapon. in colleton county a non-conviction for ill-treatment of animals, and in beaufort county- a conviction for driving an uninsured vehicle.*but* during a public records search in colleton county- we also found an arrest... and dismissal for a "peeping tom" accusation against dear in 2002. and in north charleston-- this
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shows dear was charged with criminal sexual assault. 3 3 - paper/typingwe reached to both colleton county court's to find out *what* happened in these colleton county- the criminal court tells us they have *no* record of any cases we mentioned against dear- the civil division tells us they have record of a *restraining order* filed against him in 2002 that a judge *did* grant... in charleston county- the court system did not have *any* record of this assault charge... which dear *was* arrested and charged with formally back on december 31, 1992... according to *this* booking sheet. sheet. 3 so why don't those arrests show up on dear's sled check? the court clerks i spoke with did not have a definitive information goes missing there are two likely scenarios:the charges could have been expunged... or it could fall back on the local authorities and courts for *not* inputting the data correctly... 3
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process when you run into some of these types of jurisdictional issues or problems with these sheets that come back.when we reached out to sled... the agency's public information officer- thom berry- had a similar response for the discrepancies in *anyone*'s background check saying quote: "information in background checks begins with reporting from local law enforcement agencies to sled. we compile then share that data with our federal partners... we work closely with the local law enforcement agencies to ensure timeliness and accuracy. should there be a concern about any information reported to sled, our staff works with the local agency to ensure the information is correct and complete."regarding the accuracy of a check in its system, berry, added:"there is an expungement process available for clearing a charge through solicitor's offices or the prosecuting agency. any background check system is as accurate as the information, the people involved and the technology can provide."
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3 school so where does that leave employers... or school districts? can they rely *solely* on a sled check to get the most clear picture of a person's past? superintendent thomas wilson says a *sled catch* check-- is just one piece of the process in anderson district 5. 3 3 we owe it to these children and to the parents to ensure folks that who we're putting working with our chilren- that there's nothing in their background that's harmful or going to pose a threat. anderson 5 -- while not recquired to-- re-runs sled checks on teachers every 5 years.state law requires *every* school district to check the national sex offender registry... as well as run an fbi finger print check at the time of hire. hire. 3 it's a lot of responsiblity on school officials to dig as deeply as you can.lloyd agrees... but as the former director of sled... he believes there's a big problem with the background check system... it's outdated... and *too* simple. simple.
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systems up to speed so that anybody making an inquiry is seeing a lot more information than we've traditionally made available in that process. lloyd wants: incident reports, arrest warrants, phone numbers, nick names... any sort of details available about a person at the searcher's fingertips when they run a sled check... something *he* believes may have prevented the accused charleston church shooter dylan roof from buying a gun. 3 3 it was literally just an entry error....the director of the f-b-i, jim comey, says an f- b-i examiner who looked at roof's rap sheet never saw an arrest report in which roof *admitted* to posessing drugs because his arresting agency was listed *incorrectly* on his record. 3 3 had they been able to see the incident reports themselves, it would show dylann roof had admitted to possessing and using illegal drugs and they would have been able to
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firearm. by law- the transaction went through after 3 days because comey noted the examiner didn't have enough information to *authorize or deny it*... in response, comey said quote "we are all sick that this has happened. we wish we could turn back time, because from this vantage point everything seems obvious, but we can't. what we can do is make sure that we learn from it, get better, and work to ensure that we catch everything."so does lloyd think the *correct* information could have changed history? 3 3 unfortunately i think with the ability of someone who is really intent on doing harm to illegally procure a gun is something that you can never prevent. but lloyd does believe... something can be done... to *better* protect and inform the public. 3 3 how do we better utilize technology so if there is an instance of human error... we can better cross check that or that there's some additional mobility to reach out and grab
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can overcompensate for that human error. error. 3 the technology exits, it's just the will to move forward with camden- ashley minelli- the ten o clock news. 3 lloyd says he has not heard of any pending upgrades to the sled "catch" system in the coming years.he predicts it would cost at least *10 million* to upgrade the system completely. completely.we also reached out to senator larry martin-- he too says he has *not* heard of any plans to put money toward upgrading the catch system during this upcoming session. 3 and another important note...when you run a check, it's *your* responsibility to enter in the correct name and birthdate. you can see side by side examples of checks we ran on one of our colleagues with the correct and incorrect birthdates you can see the response sled posts is exactly the same. this means if you're looking someone up and enter the incorrect birthday, you'll think there is no
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that person may actually have a criminal history. history.adlib 3 a rising trend to start a younger age!
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anti-aging measure - but is it safe?we're talking to the experts.'re hours away from opening day!the gamecocks are set to start a make or break baseball season -and we've got your preview...coming up. up.and we are talking about a warmer weekend next next 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 only on fox 3 botox in your 20s? it wasn't always the trend, but one upstate plastic surgeon says now it is. and it's called "preventative botox", to help with lines and wrinkles down the road. 3 fox carolina's rebecca atkins spoke with that doctor, a patient, as well as
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the growing trend, and rebecca what did you find out? 3 cody and diana, the patient i spoke with says she wanted to get botox at a young age to improve her skin as well as help prevent it from getting wrinkles in the future. the dermatologist i spoke with says he isn't surprised that young people are getting it, but he says most people that age don't need it. 3 3 3 at advanced cosmetic surgery in greenville, a growing trend with younger patients is catching on, and it's called preventative botox. botox. 3 "i got into this industry because i had really bad skin, really sensitive skin, really acne prone skin."leslie haas got her first botox treatment at just 25 years old, to help with acne and to decrease signs of aging."it's so much easier to keep damage from happening then to reverse it." she says in weeks, the wrinkles were gone. now at 30, she maintains injections in her forehead, middle brow, and the sides of her eyes only 2 times a year. "it's a little adictive but then it's also it's a great feeling, because what else can you do for your
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five minutes but lasts for several months?"dr. thomas mcfadden, is the plastic surgeon and owner of the practice. he says the younger patients get botox to maintain their skin and not let wrinkles get too bad. 3 3 "minimize the formation of deep wrinkles over time over a period of years, there have actually been many studies of people who have botox for 15 or more years, and actually the wrinkles get better."i also spoke with an upstate dermatologist, dr. john humeniuk to weigh in on the new trend. trend. 3 "i'm not surprised, i think the old story of we're in a quote, youth environment and you want to be as young as you can and so i think you have to be realistic with the patient, most people don't need it at that point."humeniuk calls botox a "marvelous inovation". "we also use it for people with migrains, helps control migrain attacks. it's also used for hyper sweating problems."he recommends to his patients the best way to avoid wrinkles, is to protect
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3 doctor mcfadden says they only give patients as much as they need, and says they treat most people with less than the recommended doses, and although he says cosmetic botox for non medical purposes is not covered by insurance, he says the botox at their office doesn't cost too much. 3 happening now 3 big day in the sports world tomorrow afternoon as both clemson and south carolina open their baseball seasons at home... the gamecocks with high expectations heading into the year... some projecting them to get all the way to omaha... 3 sports director aaron cheslock joins us now... and aaron, a lot of folks saying it's a make-or-break year for the gamecocks right? right?without question... a team that's been in the hunt for a national championship decade.. but it's been a while since they've put it all together in the postseason... sports anchor shannon sommerville joins us now for a first look at s-c... 3 3 "it was just five years ago
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won back to back national south carolina coming off a season that can only be described as disappointing...for a program with such high standards, a 32-25 showing without a n-c-double a tournament berth is a letdown...but as the gamecocks embark on the 20-16 season with a clean slate...there's plenty of optimism...""it's an exciting time here for our players. they're excited, our coaches are excited. from what i hear, our fans are excited."one of those reasons is experience. south carolina returns 5 position players and 13 pitchers. that along with the fact that head coach chad holbrook's bringing in the 2nd best recruiting class in the nation...make the gamecocks a tough opponent..."i'm going to learn a lot this weekend. i've been around these guys since august, and i feel like i've learned a lot up to this point. but when a new team walks in and the games are being played and the lights get turned on, you learn something else. i'm going to learn a lot about my team. what i hope to learn is these players are as good as i think they are."but in the s-e-c everyone's a tough
10:44 pm
7 teams in the u-s-a today top 25....three of those are in the top 5...and this season the gamecocks face all three of those top 5 teams. "i have a feeling that people are going to be playing their best baseball against us. and likewise there's a sense of urgency that our players have that we need to go out and play our best baseball and get back to doing what we do."so the road back to omaha's certainly not an easy one...but it'll be one game at a series at a time for the gamecocks...and it all begins friday against albany. we'll have full coverage of both the gamecocks and the tigers.reporting from the studio, shannon sommerville fox carolina sports. 3 shannon thanks... both the tigers and gamecocks with 4 pm first pitches tomorrow... we'll take another look at both of them coming up at 11... 3 as well as some basketball to get to... some high school, some college.. and a few local teams in the hunt for the ncaa tournament including the
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brad brownell on how they can get there 3 kendra's here with a look at forecast.
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3 beautiful weather will round out the work week and should stretch through most of the weekend. rain will push in sunday night and linger through middle of next week tonight will be chilly in the low 30s for the upstate and upper 20s in the mountains under clear skies. expect plenty of sunshine on friday with highs in the mid 50s for the upstate and low 50s in the mountains.temperatures will become unseasonably mild for saturday and sunday and highs jump into the 60s. we'll see a few clouds through the weekend as moisture increases, then rain will begin sunday night. expect off and on rain through wednesday! monday will be a mild, showery day, then tuesday will bring a persistent cold rain. it should wrap up through the day wednesday, with a chance for
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beautiful weather will round out the work week and should stretch through most of the weekend. rain will push in sunday night and linger through middle of next week tonight will be chilly in the low 30s for the upstate and upper 20s in the mountains under clear skies. expect plenty of sunshine on friday with highs in the mid 50s for the upstate and low 50s in the mountains.temperatures will become unseasonably mild for saturday and sunday and highs jump into the 60s. we'll see a few clouds through the weekend as moisture increases, then rain will begin sunday night. expect off and on rain through wednesday! monday will be a mild, showery day, then tuesday will bring a persistent cold rain. it should wrap up through the day wednesday, with a chance for
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check out www.foxcarolina .com/weather for more on the forecast and interactive radar 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am.
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3 taura came to greenville county animal care in october as a stray from spartanburg county. she is a wise lady with many years of people pleasing under her belt! she is quiet &; calm inside, and her lighthearted nature comes to life outside in the sunshine! she loves to play with tennis balls but hasn't quite mastered the "return back to human" part of the game. she is great with other dogs and enjoys playing tag. she is crate-would be great a companion. she is around 8 years old, and it a bull pounds, so fairly petite. if interested in adopting her, to our website 3 tonight... a warning for that appear drunk! drunk!it's a sign of a bigger
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and your pets!we'll tell you which local counties are at risk. risk.and one upstate man says he's thankful for some observant coworkers tonight-- who saw he wasn't feeling too well and recognized he was actually having a heart attack!
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happening now 3 an unusual alert from the hendersonville police department after they say they've gotten calls about sick raccoons in the last few days. days.biologists confirm distemper has moved from buncombe county into henderson
10:54 pm
raccoons appear drunk and wobbly.they may even seem friendly - but homeowners should not touch or feed these animals.they also suggest making sure your pets are up to date on all vaccines.if you encounter one of these raccoons in your yard - call 9-1-1. 3 another week of impressive duets on american idol 3 seven-contestants are moving forward- in hopes of becomming the next american idol star. 3 12-contestant got their chance to rock the stage-with one of 6-previous american idol stars. check it out! out! 3 3 'get it all yea, well i'm going home to the place where i belong ' 3 the carolinas own- lee jean and season five contestant chris daughtry hit the stage to perform 'home' tonight.both artist brought to the stage their originality- with a little southern flavor. this helped them impress the judges and move to the next round. 3 "the favorites were in the second group but really they
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gruop did i think a couple of them had standout proformances but it really towards the end of the show that it seemed like its sort of picked uo a little bit.." bit.."and i got the chance to talk about last night's american idol this morning on the hawk and tom show.the judges... especially harry... seemed a little frustrated with some of last night's performances...but the singers really turned it around with the duets tonight.we had a great time on the radio this morning... talking about idol... and some presidential politics too!catch the hawk and tom show... weekday mornings on b-93-point-7. 3 an upstate man is back on the week after having a heart attack attackhe says if it wasn't for his coworkers recognizing the signs...and pushing him to get help...he wouldn't be here today.hear from all of
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3 a bmw employee killed on the a plant in spartanburg...and coming up the coroner explains what happened.
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3 3 as you decide 2016 3 it's a hot race for the gop presidential nomination.the candidates are criss-crossing south carolina..just two days ahead of saturday's primary. 3 this is a live look outside the university of south carolina law school in columbia...where donald trump....ohio governor john kasich and jeb bush spoke during a town hall event on c-n-n. 3 and in downtown greenville...ben carson, and senator ted cruz talked to voters at the bon secours wellness arena. 3 senator marco rubio was supposed to show up--but last minute. minute.he and gov. nikki haley did an interview with megyn kelly on fox news channel instead. instead.3 fox carolina's derek dellinger is live at the well--where crews are disassembling the
11:00 pm
derek--do we know why rubio had to cancel? 3 we don't have a 3 clear indication on why--but from what we were told, there was some scheduling issues that came up--and we're told he canceled ten minutes before he was supposed to arrive. moving around ((adlib about right now, call for video)) 3 the big people of the night, though, were the voters that were here.cononrvative voters, to be exact.the candidates that did show up---ted cruz and ben carson--each made their case to a sympathetic crowd.there was definitely a sense that people here liked carson--but they also liked cruz, fact, many cruz supporters applauded a lot of what carson had to say.and here's a look at what the candidates said tonight. 3 3 3 we have got to get everybody to understand that when you don't vote, you've voted, because you voted for them. and we can't afford to do that.


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