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tv   FOX Carolina News Tonight  FOX  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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3 3 3 3 ' we do believe these people knew each other in some form of fashion' fashion' 3 and here's one more look at the scene...we're told there's no threat to the public at this time. 3 againwe'll of course bring you updates on air and online as we follow this developing story 3 now to you decide 2016 3 cnn is putting south carolina in the national spotlight this week...tonight ... there was a town hall in greenville at the
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all the issues ahead of saturday's primary. 3 and governor nikki haley announced who she's endorsing tonight. tonight.we have live team coverage ... fox carolina's derek dellinger is in the midlands to tell us why haley is supporting marco rubio. rubio.and fox carolina's sarah danik is in greenville's west end .. sarah, what did the candidates have to say to voters in our area?? 3 3 we're live outside the cigar warehouse where the town hall is wrapping upthis event is extremely important for the candidates.because as we're finding out from listening to those at the town hall - there are a lot of undecided voters out there.and with just days to go before the primaries -
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what the gop candidates have to say 3 tonight - cnn hosted the town hall...anderson cooper moderated. ben carson, marco rubio, and ted cruz all took part.tomorrow night - in columbia, we'll hear from donald trump, jeb bush and john kasich.the town hall style allowed the candidates to relax a bit - and to hammer home their points, since they had 45 minutes to an hour to was also nice to hear from local folks - those in the audience are from greenville.and these questions were very wide in range. military members, teachers, students - all got a chance to ask the candidates about issues important to them. everything from ...protecting religious freedom... to what's ahead for the gop party...and the upcoming battle for the open supreme court justice seat.and here's a listen to what the candidates had to say. 3 3 3
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..need president to stand up and protect ...every republican candidate says suggestion is don't listen to thjem - follow biblical test - know them by their 3fruits fruits 3 3 unify our party ... the american president has to love the american people even those who dont love you back back 3 3 talking about supreme courtit
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as a result everything that is done surrounding it; the pics, the confirmation hearings, deciding on whether to actually make the vote, all of it has become partisan in reaction to what is happening. does it mean that we're forever gone? no, i think it means that these are things start looking a athis is a look at some of the folks going inside the event earlier...all of them from the upstate. 3 another cnn hosted town hall will take place tomorrow in columbia. 3 sarah - how did those people inside the town hall get picked to take part ? ?we were told by a local doctor who was picked that he submitted a question to cnn online - and he was contacted and asked to ke part.he said he was happy to have the
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3 meantime frontrunner donald trump was campaigning in the lowcountry this afternoon.... making a stop in bluffton. where the business tycoon once again called cruz a liar--and told voters it's important to 3 3 3 "the main thing is you have to go and vote, but if you don't vote for me don't go and vote. you ever hear these politicians 'doesn't matter who you're voting for, but you must go out and vote.' just go out and vote if you're going to vote for me." me."and in recent days trump has been pretty tough on the former florida governor...jeb bush.just yesterday trump announced he bought the rights to jeb-bush-dot-com and today called him out for changing up his not wearing
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say about trump during his visit to beaufort. 3 3 3 "i love our philosophy, i believe in limited government, personal responsibility human freedom being the greatest concoction that will create prosperity for everybody and it bothers me that someone comes to highjack that cause. donald trump is not a conservative and he's not a steady hand that's for sure. and he's not a servant it's all about him and i'm the only guy going after him. i don't feel like he's intimidating, he's a bully i mean punch him back in the nose." 3 meantime ohio governor john kasich making headlines today after "the state" newspaper in columbia endorsed the g-o-p candidate.the state editorial board wrote today that palmetto state voters should "choose ohio governor kasich and his actual record of governments." 3 but it was florida senator marco rubio who got the big endorsement from governor nikki haley. carolina's derek
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chapin--where she campaigned with rubio tonight..derek--why did she throw her support rubio? 3 well--she says it came down to principles.and along the way, she made what can be interpreted as a bit of a slam at some of the more high-profile g-o-p candidates. more on that in a moment-- 3 --but this endorsement had been some time in coming.there was some question as to whether governor haley would even endorse at all because she's being seen as a potential vice presidential nominee.political experts we spoke with say that endorsements usually don't count for much--but this year is an unusual year--because of the unusual nature of the race--and every little bit counts.take a listen to what the governor had to say. 3 3 3 3 -i wanted somebody with fight, i wanted somebody with passion, i wanted somebody with conviction to do the right thing but i wanted somebody humble enough to remember that you work for all the people.--
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be stumping for rubio through the primary.and they're hoping it adds some fire to his campaign--because right now, place. 3 expect the senator to make stops--with senator tim scott and governor haley--they've tomorrow in both greenville and anderson.diana? 3 and derek--this endorsement was largely unexpected--but we had learned that who she was *not going to endorse in the last few days, right? right?3 she was quoted in an interview as basically saying she wouldn't support donald trump-- but no one was real sure as to who she would endorse--if at all--until today.diana and
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3 and we're just three days away from the republican primary elections we will of course bring you live coverage both on air and online...*this saturday. 3 and just one week later--the south carolina democratic party will have their primary on saturday february 27-th 3 now remember if you are going to vote-- bring a photo i-d. that means one of these:-a south carolina driver's license or an i-d card issued by the dmv.or a voter registration card with photo-or a federal military id-or a u-s passport 3 we're covering our counties tonight 3 the search is on for two men in anderson county after a clerk was shot during a gas station robbery this morning. morning.the suspects were caught on surveillance--and deputies are hoping you can help find them. them.the armed robbery happened just after 2 this morning at the hickory point b-p on highway 187.the sheriff's office says the clerk called 9-1-1 after being robbed and shot in the chest.
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in stable but critical condition at this time. 3 and here's a look at the surveillance can see their faces are covered with red bandanas.the sheriff's office says the suspect wearing camo jumped over the store counter and took cash from the register. deputies say the other suspect shot the clerk just before fleeing the scene.anyone with information on these two suspects or the incidentis asked to call crime stoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. 3 and in pickens county the highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash. crash.troopers say the head-on collision occurred on latham road near easley around 3 this afternoon.the coroner says one driver was pronounced dead on scene...meantime the other driver -- along with a passenger and an 8-year-old child were hurt in the crash and rushed to greenville memorial hospital.their conditions are unknown at this time.the victim's name has not been released by the coroner. 3 tonight 27 people are locked up...and a detention officer is off the job...following a
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3 the sheriff's office says they discovered up to 9-point-5-million-dollars worth of drugs in the hands of members and suppliers of horace mayfield's drug trafficking ring.agencies in south carolina...georgia and anderson county assisted in taking down the ring. ring.and tonight oconcee county detention officer joy hunter was arrested related to arrest warrants in georgia from the ongoing investigation. it is unclear the circumstances surrounding her termination.hunter worked at the jail for nearly six years. 3 happening now---- 3 if you live in pendleton listen remain under a boil water advisory. officials say pressure was lost due to water main breaks on lebanon road...micasa drive and west main street.residents are advised to vigorously boil water for at least a full minute before drinking or cooking--officials are waiting for test results before lifting the advisory. 3 a texas man arrested at his home--all over a student loan from 29-years ago.
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even knew the 15- hundred-dollar loan existed.... and tonight is looking for answers of his own. 3 plus--screaming and sounds of gunshots send cops swarming a montana residence...but you'll never guess what they found when they got there. 3 coming up we'll take a look at your seven-day forecast...and what you can expect as you morning.stay with us. 3
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3 and a story that has everyone talking tonight--a texas man was arrested for not paying a student loan worth 15-hundred- dollars...and get this--he says he didn't even know about it. it.he says on thursday u-s marshals surroundeed his home and took him into custody without him even knowing why. he says it was the ride to jail where he finally learned it was for an outstanding loan...he says he paid off two previous loans after graduating--but had no clue he
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rolled out a list of notices since 2006 but the man says he never received them. 3 3 3 "what? all those guys and all those guns for a student loan? how much? the judge will tell you, the judge wants to see you." you.""too much firepower, we can't miss this guy. we must take him down and when you get me you celebrate as if you've taken down el chapo, i'm el paul." 3 now the texas man says he was never offered a phone call or an attorney before agreeing to reimburse the government over 12-hundred-dollars for arresting him....and a payment plan of 200-dollars amonth to pay off the loan and accrued interest. 3 trending tonight 3 a bizarre story out of montana....where this week's midseason premiere of the hit show "the walking dead" was so
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police.police in great falls say they responded to a call that there were loud noises and gunshots coming from a nearby apartment.but when officers arrived....they realized quickly it was a false alarm--and it was just a group watching the t-v show with the windows open. 3 chief meteorologist kendra
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3 expect plenty of sunshine for the remainder of the work week with temperatures near normal for this time of year. some unseasonably warm air will enter for this weekend, then rain will follow.tonight temperatures will fall fast toward the freezing mark. thursday morning will start with clear skies and temperatures in the low 30s for the upstate and upper 20s in the mountains. sunshine will dominate with highs in the mid 50s for the upstate and around 50 in the mountains. friday will be sunny as well, with highs approaching 60 for the upstate and mid 50s in the mountains. saturday will continue the warming trend as highs reach the mid 60s in the upstate.sunday will be the warmest day of the next seven with highs around 70 for the upstate and mid 60s in the mountains. that is nearly 15 degrees above normal for this time of year. showers will push in sunday night, then rain will become heavier
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bringing us the rain will be a slow mover, so showers could linger into tuesday as well.expect plenty of sunshine for the remainder of the work week with temperatures near normal for this time of year. some unseasonably warm air will enter for this weekend, then rain will follow.tonight temperatures will fall fast toward the freezing mark. thursday morning will start with clear skies and temperatures in the low 30s for the upstate and upper 20s in the mountains. sunshine will dominate with highs in the mid 50s for the upstate and around 50 in the mountains. friday will be sunny as well, with highs approaching 60 for the upstate and mid 50s in the mountains. saturday will continue the warming trend as highs reach the mid 60s in the upstate.sunday will be the
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with highs around 70 for the upstate and mid 60s in the mountains. that is nearly 15 degrees above normal for this time of year. showers will push in sunday night, then rain will become heavier through monday. the system bringing us the rain will be a slow mover, so showers could
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3 plenty still to get to in sports... a panthers star scheduled to have surgery... 3 while a clemson wide receiver's decided to head out of tigertown... we'll tell you who and why... plus... plus...high school basketball playoffs in full swing... one and done for a ton of local teams... hoops highlights and
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3 tigers receiver germone hopper's leaving clemson for his final year of eligibility... the wide-out's had 71 receptions and about 800 yards over three years in tigertown... he'll finish up school and get his degree, then transfer for a final year on the field... hopper started three games last year, hauling in 21 catches for about 300 yards and a score... 3 hey there, i'm ac... no shortage of targets for
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but in the pros, and eye opener on the panthers roster... as all-pro linebacker labrum according to the charlotte observer... kuechly hurt it in the week 17 game against tampa bay... he played with a brace through the playoffs, and played really well... the three time pro bowler's expected back by july's training camps, but likely will miss other offseason workouts.. 3 to the track... we talked alot about chase elliott at 10... the rookie taking over the 24-car for the living legend jeff gordon... that full interview's online at fox- carolina-dot com... but another storyline heading into daytona's the guy who won the whole series last year... year...that's kyle busch... and remember what made the run to the cup so memorable for him... is last year at daytona, busch involved in this horrific wreck in the xfinity series race... breaking his right leg and fracturing his left foot... busch says winning the sprint cup's eased some of the
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3 "comign back from my injury and being able to go through the rehab, of learning more about physical strength than mental strength and things like that. then to get back in the racecar and the amount of people that kept equating me to a dale earnhardt senior or someone that's been successful in our sport, and saying he's got the potential he just needs to reach it. and to finally be able to do that and to have that on my resume, a sprint cup series championship is a huge weight off my shoulders." shoulders."the green flag drops on the daytona 500 sunday at one... right here on fox carolina... we'll have full coverage of the great american race sunday night... 3 to the hardwood... the tigers taking on boston college with a chance to match last season's win total... clemson downing georgia tech on saturday to snap a 2-game skid... but plenty of work to do to keep hopes of a tournament berth alive... 3 jaron blossomgame gets a commemorative ball before tip for getting a thousand points... - and j-b doesn't waste any time tacking on more... quick turn in the post.. and one... j-b a game high 23...-tigers firing from
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had a pair... three of his 17... then rope-fiasco... jordan roper... trey's true... nine triples on hte night for clemson...-just a 3-point game at the break though.. tigers running here... holmes.. to donte grantham... no.,. llandy nnoko says "i got you man"... 3 closer than the final shows... but the tigers get the *w*... 65-54... they head to nc state on saturday... 3 #20 duke at #5 north carolina for the 75th time as ranked opponents...time: 6-15item:early 1st half, unc up 1marcus paige (unc) misses the three form the wing, but bryce johnson (unc)cleans it up with the two-hand putback jam...score: unc up 3 15-26item:later in the 1st half, duke down 1blue devils out in transition..grayson allen (duke) over toluke kennard (duke) who gets free with a shot fake and knocks down themid-range jumper... score: 1st lead of the game for duke, up 1and they're up one in the final seconds... joel berry for the win... win...the blue devils rule tobacco road on this night... duke over unc 74-73
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basketball...first round in 4 a...j-l mann at byrnes the rebels dominating the paint... bouvier howard on the fast break lays it to put byrnes up 57-26...a little later howard again...gets the basket and draws the foul for a three point play...jack zemp comes up with the steal for the patriots and goes coast to coast but 3 too little too late as the rebels go on to win 64-43. 3 over at spartanburg the vikings hosting the ridge view blazers in the first round 4 buckets early on... lamondre corely knocks it in off the glass...blazers get out to an early lead....but quite a night for spartanburg's tavaris scott...carving up the defense...brings the vikings within 1 spartanburg also showing some range...keishawn brewton drains the three 3 this one would go into double overtime but the vikings edge out ridge view 76-73.
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selfie craze--including a sea lion in san diego...check out his trending video- next.
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more 3 we're back with the nightcap-- 3 one sea lion in san diego is trending tonight--thanks to his selfie! selfie!that's right diana--the san diego aquarium made an underwater selfie stick--and
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for a wild ride while going for a swim--and you can see the footage right here! here! 3 3 3 3 thanks for joining us, good night. night. 3 3
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oh, come on, chelsea. is this about money? 'cause i'd be happy to pay the lease on your apartment. it's not about money, you ass. i just think it's ridiculous that we're engaged and not living together. i'm just not comfortable with us living in sin. so you think we should stop having sex? no, no, no, it's not the sin i object to, it's the living in it. chelsea: there is no reason for me to renew the lease on my apartment charlie: and i love having you here every night... you going to eat your pickle? yes, i'm going to eat my pickle. but you're almost done with your sandwich, and your pickle's just sitting there. i like to eat it last.
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here's another pickle. shut up. oh, you are just so full of it! give me one good reason why i shouldn't be living here. i can give you several. this ought to be good. chelsea: go ahead. charlie: oh, you mean right now? dance, monkey, dance. okay. well, there's the safety issue. you should keep your apartment that airplanes are equipped with oxygen masks p.s., that was a very romantic movie. thanks for making me watch it again. he's still swinging. the kid's got heart. charlie: where are you going? chelsea: home! see? you just proved my point. where would you go right now


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