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tv   FOX Carolina News Tonight  FOX  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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3 look at your forecast 3 some light rain will be possible in the upstate, while the mountains will see a rain snow mix, turning to all snow late night. some accumulations are expected along the tennessee border by wednesday morning. wednesday morning will bring temperatures in the mid 30s for the upstate and around 30 in the mountains. skies will clear for the day, leaving a sunny and mild wednesday afternoon. highs will reach 57 for the upstate and 49 in the mountains.the seasonably cool air will stick with us through the rest of the work week with lots of sunshine on the way. the weekend will be even warmer as highs climb to 67 in the upstate on saturday and 63 in the mountains. showers will be possible by late sure to check out for more on the forecast and interactive radar 3 and don't forget to wake up
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meteorologist nicole papay will have a check of the forecast and traffic reporter chris scott will have the latest road conditions on your way to work.that's from 5:00 to 9:00 on thee morning news. 3 back to you. 3 with snow expected near the tennessee border we're looking at a two hour delay for madison county schools -so far no other districts have announced any schedule changes -but check fox carolina dot com for the latest updates. 3 as you decide 2016 3 these candidates are swarming the state for your vote.donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich, jeb bush and ben carson are all in the race for the gop nomination for president.the primary is this saturday in south carolina. 3 and the candidates are spending their final days leading up to the election campaigning across the upstate- upstate-tonight cruz held a rally at the anderson civic center--where he was joined by
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stage.the texas senator says he's ready to take on whichever democratic candidate wins the nomination--and as for his fellow gop candidates-- he had this to say. 3 3 3 "one of the biggest differences between me and the other fine individuals on that debate stage is that i'm the only person on that stage who has spent his entire adult life fighting to defend the constitution and the bill of rights and i give you my word every justice i put on the court will be a principle constintuionalist who will defend our rights." 3 and retired neurosurgeon ben carson coming to ted cruz's defense today as he greeted diners at daddy joe's barbeque in gaffney.carson says donald trumps recent threats to sue cruz for allegedly lying--will only hurt the republican' party's presidential potential in the 2016 race. 3 3 3 "i dont see really how that does the cause any good. if the republicans are out there suing each other and trying to destroy each other, it seems to me that only makes it
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the general election. why would we do something like that?" that?"before his stop in gaffney...carson also stopped by spartan felt incorporated in roebuck. 3 meantime front runner donald trump surprised supporters at tommy's country ham house in greenville this morning.... encouraging people to get out and vote this saturday.but this wasn't his only stop on the campaign trail today--this afternoon trump stopped in north augusta...on his way to the coast--where again he called out ted cruz for his alleged lies. 3 3 3 "but you know, ted holds up the bible and then he lies about so many things. and i mean these are lies. these aren't like maybe he is. what he did to carson was a total lie. he said he didn't know about it but then he apologized. how about this? he apologized like an hour after the election. oh wonderful. wonderful." 3 and ohio governor john kasich was at the boiling springs fire district station 4 today-- in the latest polls...kasich falls behind
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but with his second place finish in new hampshire...he says he's gaining momentum here in south carolina and is feeling confident. 3 3 "i just want to tell you that i've been very, very pleased with what i've been seeing all over the country since we did so well in new hampshire. and, just so none of you are confused, i did beat donald trump in dixville notch by sixty percent (cheers)." 3 more candidates will be in the upstate every day this week, including bush and rubio. rubio.just head to our web site or look inside our app. we've got a special "you decide" tab that lets you keep tabs on where the candidates will be.all of their upstate stops will be streamed on our website, fox carolina dot com. 3 one week after the g-o-p primary, democrats will vote for their nominee in south carolina.hillary clinton, bernie sanders and willie wilson will be on the ballot. former president
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end community development center in greenville... outlining why he thinks his wife...hillary clinton is the best choice for president.he says hillary has spent her life taking on the toughest fights on behalf of families and children--and it's time for change in america. 3 3 3 3 "we've got a young and diverse work force from everywhere, we've got the best science and technology infrastructure, we've got the best system of higher education, don't run away from change embrace it." it." 3 "the reason hillary is running for president is to make sure the american dream is available to 100-percent of the american people (clapping)." 3 it's no surprise we're seeing so many of these political visits right now. now.the south carolina primaries are fast approaching! this saturday the gop primaries will take place. place.and then the democrats take their turn on saturday february 27th. carolina's sarah danik is live in greenville -
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3 cody and diana...i'm at greenville county square - where some absentee voters waited over an *hour just to vote today.but they say it's worth it!3 3 there are more than 150 precincts throughout greenville county...and some 300-thousand registered voters. i spoke with conway belangia - who is in charge of the voting and election office in the county.he says he expects at 22-24% turnout rate for the republican primary.and about 14-15% registered democrats to take part on the 27th for their primary.he wants to remind voters you don't have to be a registered member of a party to take part in the
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in both primaries.and you also need to make sure you pay attention to your ballot. 3 3 3 3 "we've got 12 people listed on the ballot for the republian party while 6 of them have dropped out they are still on the ballot - votes for them will not be reported to the state party hq .... we've got four people on the dem ballot and we understand that mr. omalley has withdrawan or suspended his campaign but that has not been delivered to the state election commission." 3 so that means if you cast your vote for a person who has withdrawn you are basically wasting your vote.another interesting thing to note - south carolina does not have write ins in primaries...and there are no write ins for the office of president in november.cody. 3 polls are open 7am until 7pm.
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the state has with lots of good information about the primaries and voting in the south carolina.we'll have e link to that on fox carolina dot com. 3 sarah - i know south carolina has a voter id law - so what is ok for people to bring? bring?cody, you can bring any of the following five items: items:a south carolina driver's license-an id card issued by the dmv.-a voter registration card with photo-a federal military id-or a u-s passportlive in greenville sd fc news 3 tonight.
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3 on a greer man who's been missing for a week. week.adam worley was last seen near his home on fisher road....and today his family along with members of the community joined in the search efforts to find him. him.worley's sister in law led the search in the area surrounding his home, where he lived with his girlfriend.the sheriff's office wouldn't confirm for us but his family says worley's shoes were found near the pond behind his home. tonight t s family says they're just trying to understand what happened 3 3 3 3 it's very very unlike adam, he was always the type to let someone know when he was going somewhere. somewhere.he was very keen to keep in contact with everybody in his family. 3 the sheriff's office says they've conducted three searches with cadaver dogs and bloodhounds since worley's disappearance but were not successful. successful.anyone with information is asked to call the greenville county sheriff's office. 3 new information tonight.. 3 on the number of officer involved shootings in south carolina.. carolina..a new report shows
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more officers and suspects are being carolina's jennifer phillips takes a closer look. 3 3 3 3 3 the report shows there were 48- officer-involvedshootings last year in south carolina. one officer was killed and so were 19 suspects.and investigators say each incident... may have required a different response.according to a new sled report south carolinahad 48- officer- involved shootings last year. it's the highest number since they've kept recordwhich started in 19-99.sled investigators say the report also shows more people pulled guns on officers which played a role in the officer-involved shootings.we talked to major art littlejohn with the spartanburg police department. he says police are in the life- saving business. he says they had one officer-involved shooting last year which involved a domestic situation. situation. 3 3 3 "when they got into the house there was a male sitting on top of a female stabbing her." her.""he stabbed her several
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her life." life.""our training is going to continue to be the same. we train to deal with whatever happens at the time."here's a break down of the number of officer-involved shootings in the upstate last year. these nunbers include city and county agencies.greenville county- had -4- officer involved shootings, spartanburg county 4- oconee county one.. and anderson county one. one. 3 spartanburg police follow what's called a response to resistencepolicy. depending on the situation...investigators are expected to go through a seriesof commands which include warnings, persuasion hand control or pepper spray before using deadly force jennifer phillips fox carolina news tonight. 3 an emotional return.. for a band with ties to our area. 3 three months after the paris attacks.. the eagles of death metal are returning to center stage.tonight - why the band vowed to finish the concert they never got to play. 3 plus..all eyes.. on baby "tatu!"the little giraffe..
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warmer weather!but he's not the only new member at the greenville zoo.more on that, next. 3 plus-- football season might be over..but clemsoso quarterback deshaun watson's still making headlines.we'll tell you why coming up in sports. 3 coming up we'll take a look at your seven-day forecast...and what you can expect as you head out the door tomorrow morning.stay with us.
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3 3 and just three months after the deadly attacks in paris.... the american rock band-- "eagles of death metal" are performing in paris tonight. november--the u-s band was on stage playing at the bataclan concert hall in paris when terrorists stormed the venue....killing 89 people in the crowd.since the deadly attack--the band vowed to return to the city and finish the concert they never got to
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earlier today...lead singer and greenville native jesse hughes said tonight would be a different show. 3 3 3 "this isn't going to be just a regular show for us tonight, you know, of course this is much more than just a show but at the same time it's just going to be a show." show."now the band did return in december...just one month following the horrific attack to sing with the band u-2 for a very emotional tribute to the city of lights.but say tonight's performance is the way they wanted to return to their tour. 3 trending tonight 3 we're getting our first look at the greenville zoo's newest addition--"tatu" the baby giraffe! giraffe!the calf made his first appearance this afternoon!"tatu" -- which means "third" in swahili--is the third calf born to the zoo's resident giraffe's autumn and walter.zoo officials say he's excited to enjoy the sunnier, warmer weather. 3 3 3 3 "its been so cold weve had him
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the doro but he hasnt really wanted to go out. hes stayed inside by the heaters so its been nice to see him out in the sunshine." sunshine."in addition to today being tatu's first day on exhibit--the greenvillllzoo is celebrating the arrival of yet another new member of the zoo angolan colobus monkey!animal care staff discovered the baby early this morning!the baby--whose gender is not yet known--is the offspring of valentino and nuru!the baby is now on exhibit! 3 chief meteorologist 3 kendra kent joins us now with
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3 some light rain will be possible in the upstate, while the mountains will see a rain snow mix, turning to all snow late night. some accumulations are expected along the tennessee border by wednesday morning. wednesday morning will bring temperatures in the mid 30s for the upstate and around 30 in the mountains. skies will clear for the day, leaving a sunny and mild wednesday afternoon. highs will reach 57 for the upstate and 49 in the mountains.the seasonably cool air will stick with us through the rest of the work week with lots of sunshine on the way. the weekend will be even warmer as highs climb to 67 in the upstate on saturday and 63 in the mountains. showers will be possible by late sunday.some light rain will be possible in the upstate, while the mountains will see a rain snow mix, turning to all snow late night. some accumulations are expected along the tennessee border by wednesday morning. wednesday morning will bring temperatures in the mid 30s for the upstate and around 30 in the mountains.skies will
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sunny and mild wednesday afternoon. highs will reach 57 for the upstate and 49 in the mountains.the seasonably cool air will stick with us through the rest of the work week with lots of sunshine on the way. the weekend will be even warmer as highs climb to 67 in the upstate on saturday and 63 in the mountains. showers will
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3 plenty to get to 3 in sports... the gamecocks look to get back in the win column as they head to missouri for a s-e-c rematch with the tigers... 3 and speaking of tigers... clemson q-b deshaun watson earning his stripes with another national honor as the top gunslinger in the country... we'll check in with number four...
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race starts the sprint cup season this sunday right here on fox carolina... we'll check in on media day down in daytona... that and more,
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3 more honors for watson... hey there, i'm ac... for clemson fans... the sting of the national title loss isn't quite over... but there's a really big reason for optimism going forward in tigertown... heisman finalist deshaun watson, coming back for likely one more run at a title...
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quarterback accepting his davey o'brien award for the nation's top quarterback in fort worth texas... watson's the first player in fbs history to toss for more than 4-thousand yards and rush for over a thousand in a season... the national title loss, the only one in watson's career as a starter.. 3 "just seeing, walking into the locker room, or the podium with all the former winners and seeing my jersey and my name with all those guys, it's been very humbling. all the hard work i've put in starting back in high school, just the great supporting cast around 3 me, it's a special moment." moment."watson's already considered a favorite to end up back in new york as a heisman finalist this year... 3 still have a while to go before football season however... but the sprint cup's about to get going in under a week... the daytona the 2016 season... day bringing out all the top stars of the
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pop culture icons like danica patrick, jimmie johnson and dale earnhardt junior stealing a lot of the spotlight... tons of storylines for a lot of the top-tier drivers heading into the season... but while getting to the chase is one everyone's minds... first thing's first.... they wall want to claim the checkered at daytona.. 3 "it's justa fun race. i've learned a lot which is cool, and i'd like to be there at the finish line of course, but anything you can carry into the 500 is important.""we're the only guy that can do that this year, so hopefully we can go out there and try to get two daytona 500's in a row. it's not going to be easy, what we did last year to win won't work this year, so we'll definitely need to keep moving forward and be ready to change." change.""my goals are the same as always. i want to win a race, and i want to make the chase." chase."another big storyline's chase elliott taking over for jeff gordon... sports anchor shannon sommerville goes 1-on-1 with the daytona pole- sitter tomorrow night, right here on fox carolina... 3 to the hardwood.... the gamecocks looking to rebound after that brutal blowout loss to kentucky over the
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bounce back, they'd need to go 2-for-2... against mizzou... mizzou...frank martin's bunch knocking off missouri by nine about a month ago... says it's more about a will to win, versus x's and o's this time around..-not showing it early... terrence phillips drains a three... then tramaine isabell sinks a jumper... mizzou up 18-5 about halfway through the first half...-gamecocks coming back towards the break... sindarius thornwell finds duane notice to cut it to eight... s-c trailing by that much at half...-early 2nd... duane notice three... carolina cuts it to three... then gives up a 7-0 run...-mid 2nd now... gamecocks get it to three again... and give up another 7-0 run... run...that's the story... s-c would actually get the lead late, but give it right back... gamecocks fall 72-67.. 5th loss overall, all in the sec... four of those five on the road... not a good one... 3 the tigers meanwhile taking on boston college tomorrow night with a chance to match last season's win total... clemson
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saturday to snap a 2-game skid... but plenty of work to do to keep hopes of a tournament berth alive... jaron blossomgame'll get a commemorative ball before tip for getting a thousand points... and jordan roper's just 50 back of that mark. 3 "its important to approach the game as if it were duke or north carolina i mean every acc game is important especially now""i think you need to address the situation in terms of you know where your team stands you know dont put you head in the sand and not talk about being on the bubble its not something we live by because we know at the end of the day we just do the best we can that day try to put ourselves in a position to be prepared for when its time to play and then go and try to play with a free mind." 3 quick hockey note... the swamp rabbits knock off the s-c stingrays in the low country 4-2... the two head back to the upstate for two tilts this weekend at the well... 3 they say two heads are better than one.. but how about 43?
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e nightcap-- 3 yesterday was president's day...and as many american's honored our past man in virginia is honoring the day with his unusual collection collectioncheck this out....he
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heads...sitting in his backyard the sculptures once belonged to the president's park in williamsburg but it closed six years ago.the man owns a concrete recycling company and was asked to destroy them--but says he just couldn't do instead he paid 50-thousand- dollars to have them moved to his own property.eventually he historical attraction. 3 3 let's get a last 3 look of the forecast with meteorologist kendra kent kent
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we've got all the local and national headlines you'll need to know...and traffic every morning news...from five 3 thanks for joining us, good night. night. 3 3
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