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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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upstate on saturday and 63 in the mountains. showers will be possible by late sunday. 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up- up-thanks kendra-we continue tonight- 3 with snow expected near the tennessee border -we're looking at a two hour delay for madison county schools -so far no other districts have announced any schedule changes -but just check for carolina dot com for the latest updates. 3 only on fox at ten 3 the family of 17-year-old lauryn agnew is speaking out tonight- lauryn was a senior at southside high school- 3 the teen died last night after losing control on the ice in greenville---troopers say her honda hit a tow truck head on along verdae boulevard-
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who died in upstate accidents related to icy conditions. 3 while the family still has so many questions about what happened-they say they know lauryn is in a better place- but will miss her infectious smile- 3 a young life taken too soon- 3 "she was intelligent you know an she had a lot going for her..."donald irby didn't even get the chance to tell his first grandaughter goodbye---- goodbye---- 3 "i love her dearly and going to miss her a whole lot."he's not the only one---lauryn agnew's aunt, who considered the teen as her own, says the loss is undescribable- 3 3 'that was my baby, i miss her..." investigators say lauryn was heading down verdae boulevard last night---during the winter storm---when she hit a slick spot causing her honda to cross over and hit a tow truck driver head on- she died a short time later at the hospital- 3 3 "there was never a moment that she was just not smiling...she loved her family and her friends."and likely one of if not lauryn's best friend---her
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always remember lauryn's strength- strength- 3 "she was always so strong and confident in herself."if there's one thing her family wanted us to take away----is the world gained an angel last night- 3 "we know she's in heaven.." 3 there were counselors on hand today at southside high school in greenville- we should also mention the tow truck driver involved in the accident is exexcted to make a full recovery- 3 and less than five miles away - last night's icy conditions claimed another life on villa man was killed and other three hurt - including a greenville police officer when a car hit his cruiser and two pedestrians on of them fell to their death onto villa road. 3 another deadly wreck on icy
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county...judy tilson of salem died this morning.her car crashed on highway 11 at lay mill bridge in seneca.the coroner says tilson was on her way to work just before 6 when slick conditions caused the crash - 3 and tonight dorethea drummond's husband says his wife also hit ice before crashing yesterday afternoon. afternoon.drummond was driving on state park road just before 4 p.m. when she hit the slick patch, lost control and crossed over the center line - hitting another suv head-on. shshwas taken to greenville memorial's truama center - but she died from her injuries this morning.we spoke with her husband tonight as he honored her memory. 3 i didn't meet her soon enough - we met later in life. she loved to laugh...she loved people...most of all she loved me - i was her boo.and she was my boo.she'd come in and say hey baby or hi honey - i'm gonna miss that.i'm gonna miss
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baby.the driver in the other vehicle was injured and treated. 3 as you decide 2016... 3 we've seen a lot of these six faces so far this week...and we'll be seeing a lot more of the presidential hopefuls ... as we get closer to the gop south carolina prmary on saturday. saturday.followed by the democratic primary the following saturday. 3 and already - voters are lining up in greenville - casting their absentee ballots - so they make sure their voices are heard! 3 there are 300-thousand registered voters in greenville county. county.and more than 150 it takes a lot of planning to make sure everything runs smoothly for the primaries. carolina's sarah danik is showing us what voters need to have in order - before casting their ballots. she's live in greenville
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3 cody and diana.i'm live at greenville county square ...where voters can come and cast their absentee ballots - either for the gop primary this saturday.or the democratic primary on saturday the was very busy today..up to an hour wait for some people!and the primaries are expected to be busy too - so you have to be prepared. 3 3 3 the line to vote absentee may be long.ut those here say - what's at stake this election year - is worth the wait. wait.20:42:39 i'm excited for this primary there's a lot of enthusiasism based on what's going on on tv and pretty ruckorus - i've never seen it this ruckus but i'm excited for it 3 3 21:08:31 our country is in such turmoil and so divided i think we need to get unified and get together it's just been terrible 21:08:39the south carolina primaries are generating excitement around the nation ... but county election officials are staying focused. focused.20:47:20 the last few weeks have been extremely busy
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two separate saturdays back to back my staff and i are worn thin and will probably stay worn thin til march the 1st. 20:47:34he says his poll last month or so ...and they are ready to go.but he wants to make sure voters are too. first- you need to know *where are you supposed to vote:go to in november even numbered good to go. 20:52:20 20:52:20and you will need an i-d with a photo - that includes a south carolina driver's license-and id card issued by the state department of motor vehicles-a south carolina voter registration card with photo-a federal military id-or a u-s passport whatever they use has to have a photo on it and must be current and valid 20:51:58and most importantly - remember that you can only vote in *one party's primary.20:54:19 we record people who vote on the 20th and if they show up on the 27th and try to vote again
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3 a few more things to keep in mind- -polls are open 7am until 7pm.-you must be registered to vote ..and if you haven't, it's too late to do so...that had to be done 30 days before the primary.cody. 3 sarah - south carolina has two primaries on two different saturdays.why is that? that?we spoke with matt moore - the chairman of the sc gop party.he says the presidential primary has been held on saturdays since 1980 - it keeps lines shorts and allows more people to vote.he says the primaries being held on different days is a quirk of state law and the national primary calendar. the republicans want south carolina before nevada, and
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opposite.he said he and the state democratic chairman jaime harrison tried to to hold the primaries on the same day but it didnt' work out. 3 happening now... 3 the entire town of pendleton water customers is under a boil water advisory tonight - after three major water main breaks.the alert was issued at 4:15 this afternoon and will last for at least 24 hours. city officials say water main breaks at lebanon road, micasa drive and west main street caused a major lapse in water pressure.homeowners should vigorously boil their water for one minute before drinking or cooking.we'll let you know when the advisory is ligfted - and you can check for andy updates at fox carolina dot com
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ahead at the forecast. forecast. 3 kendra: coming up i'll have your forecast including a big warmup toward the weekend weekend 3 hundreds of crashes...and long waits for help!that's what we saw last night in the upstate. coming up, fox carolina investigates just how long you should stick around...for minor wrecks! wrecks!and a decision to close three pickens county schools... delayed!what the district is planning to do... after push-back from parents! only on fox... an upstate doctor's office a-buzz... over who stole their honeybees!the theft of three hives...and their message to whoever took them!
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3 following breaking news out of greenville county- 3 that's where firefighters are on the scene of a fire at an started around nine o'clock tonight on bayne word on what started the blaze-but officials do tell us there are no injuries. 3 in a fox carolina investigation 3 when the weather got bad - this was the scene all across our area.wreck, after wreck, after many crashes - law enforcement just couldn't keep up.and that meant long wait times for many drivers in less serious accidents. 3 as expected the more serious car crashes get priority and immediate attention.last night - because of icy roads, we had many serious accidents, some
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deadly.that means - many people waited much longer than usual for help and a police report for your insurance company. carolina's sharon johnson joins us live along pelham road - just one of the icy roads last night.sharon - how important is waiting? 3 insurance agents say waiting for that police report is vital.i talked with 3 different agents today from different insurance companies. bottom line - you need to wait. hopefully not hours as some say they did last night. 3 3 3 this is just one example of the many a serious weather related crashes in the upstate from icy road conditions.traffic backed up and law enforcement on the scene to help and provide a report on what happened."never leave the scene of an
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county and city were swamped" from 7pm until 7 this morning - the highway patrol alone responded to 358 calls in the area... an average of 30 calls an hour.making for a busy morning for many insurance agents. agents.5:45:55 " anytime there is any weather, no matter who your carrier is, if you're in an accident, the first thing to do is call the police."but not all calls got answered so quickly...take a look at this post on fox carolina's facebook page.this driver saying - she was in a wreck around 10 pm. and then another post where she's indicating she waited at least 6 hours after the crash for help.5:48:56 "thats so hard and disappointing to hear that happened to people last night, i guess its really such a case by case scenario." facebook friends recommended she leave and go home... saying quote "i would get insurance information and go on your way."but she wrote she was afraid to leave.and according to insurance agents- you shouldn't leave.5:49:14 "and if you need to call 911 again, call them again and say
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out here." but the way we work is we really gotta have that police report to be able to help you and get you the claim that you need started."law enforcement confirmed that to her as well.she wrote - " keep telling us not to leave the scene or cant get a police report. have called 4 times." 3 and perhaps - it took many more calls before help finally arrived. agents say - if the accident scene is not safethey do recommend moving to the side - off the road but to not leave the scene. 3 sharon - is there any other report you can obtain if you do leave the scene. scene.agents say - at one time there were online forms to
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they say most companies no longer accept those because of fraud.3 3 and going in depth 3 captain richard campbell with the boiling springs fire department says last night's conditions made for major driver risk. 3 3 "its dark that adds more danger, the ice adds a whole different level of danger, people getting out of their car after an accident that can be another hazard" hazard"campbell says there are steps you can take to be safe after an accidentif you're on the interstate and your car will not move its better to stay in it - -because on the interstate there's limited safe places. places.and remember the move over law - slow down and move
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vehicle, police officer, or recovery vehicle vehicleand of course - start by being proactive -stay off the roads if emergency crews put out such alerts. 3 developing tonight 3 after intense pushback from the community - the pickens county school district is creating a long term plan to make a decision about the future of three elementary schools the board considered closing. closing.a-r lewis, holly springs and ambler elementaries may be shut down to save the district almost twelve million dollars- however, the school board is split on the move- the board had postponed the vote until february 22nd-but have decided to instead to schedule three workshop meetings to further research and discuss the propsal - and find other possible solutions to fix the budget issues facing the district. 3 those meetings are set for tuesday february 23rd, tuesday march 1st, and tuesday march 8th.the board will then meet
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14th with the intention of making a final recommendation based on public feedback.we will of course continue to update this developing story. 3 kendra is in the weather center 3 3 3 some light rain will be possible in the upstate, while the mountains will see a rain snow mix, turning to all snow late night. some accumulations are expected along the tennessee border by wednesday morning. wednesday morning will bring temperatures in the mid 30s for the upstate and around 30 in the mountains. skies will clear for the day, leaving a sunny and mild wednesday afternoon. highs will reach 57 for the upstate and 49 in the mountains.the seasonably stick with us through the rest of the work of sunshine on the way. the even warmer as in the upstate on saturday and 63 in the mountains. showers will be possible by late sunday. 3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 back to you. you.
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3 stick around... as we break-down the numbers on officer-involved shootings.'s been a hot button issue.we're looking at the impact on police and the public... in the past year. 3 plus... a scam alert warning from an upstate sheriff!he says people are falling victim to several scams... including those claiming to involve the military and the government! government!and a family's desperate search for a missing greer man.he hasn't been seen in days.tonight, their plea for answers!
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3 in a fox carolina follow up 3 another arrest in simpsonville after a string a vandalism by bb guns. guns.mark epperly is charged with eight counts of malicious damage to property after several cars, a home, and a church were struck last month. month.we've continued to bring you the latest updates on the additional charges and arrests in this case - after the rocky creek and calvary baptist churches were vandalized in simpsonville. simpsonville.robert grigsby was also charged in these incidents in the city.he also
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windows were shot out at bethelehem baptist church in fountain inn -police say neither epperly nor grigsby expressed any hatred for the baptist church. 3 meantime anderson police have id'd the man they believe is responsible for stabbing a store security guard.abe cowan is wanted for armed robbery and assault after the incident friday. friday.police say cowan tried to leave the dillards store at anderson mall with clothes he hadn't paid for.when a security officer stopped him - he pulled out a knife and cut the man's arm.cowan reportedly ran from the scene - and remains at large tonight.if you have any information - contact anderson police. 3 a teenager will spend at least
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pleading guilty to robbing a jareds jewlery store in asheville. 3 16 year old kimhish franklin of michigan was sentenced today on felony charges stemming from the theft of nearly a half million dollars in diamonds and jewels last november. november.prosecutors say on november 8th franklin and four others came into the store on tunnel road armed with sledge hammers before the smash and grab.later that day - buncombe county sheriff's office deputies chased their car - eventually using stop sticks to catch the suspects. the co-defendents in this case were also charged with a felony - and will also be prosecuted. 3 an emotional return.. for a band with ties to the upstate. upstate.three months after the paris attacks.. the eagles of death metal are returning to center stage.tonight - why the band vowed to finish the concert they never got to play. it's all the *buzz! beehives swiped.. from an upstate dentist's office. tonight - a reward is being offered.. as police search for the people responsible!
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meteorologist kendra kent is putting together your seven day forecastshe'll tell you what you can the come.
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something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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3 only on fox ... 3 stolen honeybees... swiped from a mauldin dentist's office.the staff planned to harvest their first batch of honey to give to patients this summer...but they'll have to start all over again. 3 it's the first case of hive theft we've ever heard about... and we learned about it today because a post about the unusual theft is going viral. carolina's rebecca atkins met the staff today and saw the empty space where the hives used to be.she's live tonight with more on that story. rebecca? 3 cody and diana, i'm standing outside julian thomas family and cosmetic denistry on east butler road.the doctor says he never intended on making a profit off of the honeybees, his staff just wanted to give
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gift, on their way out...and now they have to start from scrath. 3 3 3 3 walking through the grasson the side of this dentist office in mauldin sits a garden."normally we have squash and tomatoes and potatoes and onions, and all kinds of things out here."dr. julian thomas says just a few days ago there were also three bee hives, until they were stolen. 3 3 "i came in on saturday morning and sure enough the frames where the bees... beehives were standing.... were still here, but the bees were gone." this is a picture of what the hives looked like when they were on the property, each weighing 80 pounds and worth hundreds of dollars...this is what's there now. "i just can't imagine anybody doing this. it has to be somebody that knows bees, because, you gotta know what you're doing if you're gonna steal a beehive without getting stung." thomas says they have always put the vegetables from their garden at the front counter
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their way out, and as they started their beehives this time last year, they were excited to add honey to their selection. "you can't harvest honey the first year, so this was going to be our first year harvesting honey, and the whole idea was to supply the patients with honey, just small jars."thomas says they think the theives came in through this back path because they saw no activity on their security cameras. the staff posted this to their facebook page on saturday and say they've had over 30 thousand views, and a lot of people sad they won't be getting their honey this season. "we'll start again this spring and it's gonna take another year before we can start harvesting honey, but we'll keep that hive at a different location... not here obviously." 3 i did reach out to the mauldin police department, they do tell me they responded for a report of the stolen hives, but they say they don't have any new information in the
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3 rebecca, i'm sure they would love to have these hives and their honeybees back as quickly as possible, did the dentist say anything about the hives that people can look out for in case they may have seen anything? anything?he told me the hives are a bit unique, he says they have copper tops on them, and says they have a pointed roof instead of the typical flat roofs, they also say they got the hives from 'bee well honey' in pickens. they are also offering a thousand dollar reward to anyone who can provide them with information to where the hives may be. 3 continuing to cover our counties 3 a community rallied to searcrc for a missing greenville county man today....but so far.. he hasn't been found. found.36 year old adam worley was last seen a week ago today
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greer...his family says it's unlike him to just disappear... and they are worried for his well-being. today dozens of volunteers showed up to search around the area of the home... greenville county deputies tell us they've searched there three times, but have no leads as to where worley is. we spoke with his daughter today, who had this tearful message for her father. 3 3 3 "i love you, i miss you ...come home. 3" "anyone with information as to where worley is, call greenville county deputiesat 271 5210. searchers aren't sure whether they will continue their efforts tomorrow. 3 an asheville teen is in
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shootout at an apartment complex. happened around one o'clock this afternoon at deaverview apartments.police say there was an exchange of gunfire - and a 17-year-old was hit.the teen was taken to the hospital - and is listed in critical but stable condition.if you have any information-you're asked to call buncombe county crime stoppers. 3 a henderson county man is locked up-accused of breaking into a home - and then firing shots at the homeowner! homeowner!here's a look at joshua quisenberry.deputies say they were called to upward road friday night - after a homeowner returned to find quisenberry breaking into his home-and filling his up pickup with *thousands of dollars worth of property.deputies tell us quisenberry took the suspect's cell phone so he couldndn call 9-1-1-and then pointed a gun at the homeowner. reports state the victim then pulled out his concealed carry and fired at quisenberry. deputies say he fled the scene - but later returned and fired
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3 one of anderson county's most wanted suspects is now in custody. custody.alvin ellis was convicted of criminal sexual conduct, back in 19-97. deputies say he's required to register with the sheriff's office as a sex offender - but failed to do so in july 20-14. 20-14.a warrant was issued for his arrest-and for the past four months - he's been locked up in clayton county georgia - for failure to register as a sex offender in that area. area.deputies say he was transported back to anderson county on friday-and has since been released on bond. 3 in spartanburg county's most wanted... 3 when upstate deputies look for suspects...they might ask for your help...even the smallest tip can lead to an arrest! arrest!we spoke with spartanburg county sheriff chuck wright about one example that shows how big of a difference one call can make. 3 today we would like to stress importance of that tips. how did you receive your last tip? i was sitting at home about
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called my cell phone and told me that he saw something that appeared to be stolen off of facebook so we got the investigators involved. when they got involved they were able to uncover a chop shop in greenville and spartanburg and a meth dealer as well. did this lead to an arrest? yeah, it led to about five arrests and there may be more to come but we recovered over $125,000 worth of stolen property. there is no telling how many other items had been through that chop chop and we don't know about but i think we shut that one down pretty good. you know greenville spartanburg worked together, but tips are important. if you see something on facebook that seems too good to be true it probably is so go onto our facebook at the spartanburg county sheriffs office and give us a tip and let us follow up on it because it might be your neighbors. we had a freight liner that was robbed and there was a lot of stolen equipment that we got back and it's nice to give that stuff back so they don't
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3 as you decide 2016 3 with four days before the first of south carolina's republican primary...and the democratic primary a week after that... that...we can expect to be bombarded with campaign ads. ads.on the republican side, about three times as much is expected to be spent compared to the 2012 primaries. according to the television bureau of advertising, a whopping $24 million has already been spent on political ads, with four days to go before the primary.of that 24 million - almost half of it has came from jeb bush's super pac, right to rise usa. on the democratic side - not nearly as much spent in the battle over commercial time. the campaign media analysis group estimates just over half a million spent by hillary clinton's campaign. 3 here's a look at all the republican presidential hopefuls. well as those
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democratic side.remember you can always head to fox carolina dot com for the latests on each candidate - leading up to the 3 on the fox carolina money watch 3 relations between the u-s and cuba could be good news for business! business!that's especially true when it comes to air travel. travel.starting today, u-s airlines can apply for *more routes to the caribbean destination - with as many as 100 flights a day.that's a big jump from the current ten to fifteen daily charter flights from the u-s.airlines will have 15 days to submit proposals to the transportation department. officials say those flights could begin as early as fall. 3 and good news for those looking to make the trip - flying is now the *safest its been in the past five years. the international air transport association says there were four accidental airline crashes in 20-15 - with 136 deaths.that's a huge drop from the year 20-14 - 641 people died in airline accidents.the tally did *not include two major plane crashes that were caused
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were 68 *total accidents last year - compared to 77 the year before. 3 scrap the one hundred dollar bill - and make life touger for criminals. criminals.that's what former treasury secretary larry summers is suggesting. suggesting.he's citing a newly-published study from the harvard business school.the study argues eliminating larger denomination bills would have little downside for legitimate commerce-but could make life more difficult for people who are breaking the it's not just the u-s- the report also calls for an end to the u-k's 50 pound note, the one-thousand swiss franc note, and the 500 euro note. 3 breaking down 3 the numbers.. on a hot button issue! issue!officer involved shootings.. on the rise in
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taking a closer look.. on what that means for police and *you. * warning from an upstate sheriff!they say scammers are claiming to be government officials.. and taking your money!tonight - what you need to know.. so you're not the next target. target.and..warmer weather.. means baseball season is here! tonight - we have an inside look.. as the tigers prep for their season opener! opener!and we'll talk about the big warm up and track the rain/snow tonight tonight 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 at humana, we know when you have your health... ...great things are ahead of you like seeing old friends or making new ones,
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or showing off your skills and being free to keep on exploring. choose a humana medicare plan for the care you need... to help you have better health for everything that's ahead.
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3 groundkeepers working hard to get the field ready for opening day at doug kingsmore stadium...and the players working hard to ensure they're 'game ready' as they host maine friday night... 3 sports director aaron cheslock joins us now...aaron, this tigers squad head has a new head coach right? right?that's right...first year head coach monte lee replaced clemson's long time skipper, jack leggett...leggett coached clemson for 22 a big change for the tigers as they approach the season... clemson is picked to finish 5th in the a-c-c which is the worst projection they've ever gotten...but there's a lot of reasons to be optimistic...shannon sommerville joins us with more...shannon? 3 3 "thanks aaron here at doug kingsmore stadium in the brand new state of the art players facility the players saying they actually spend a good
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weekend opening weekend for the tigers so a lot of energy and excitement for the players its a chance to put it all together but also to face opponents that aren't their own teammates... teammates..."finally i don't have to face chris okey anymore i can face somebody else so i'm just excited to get rolling."lefty sophomore charlie barnes...the tigers friday night starter isn't the only one eagerly anticipating the start of the season...for senior clate schmidt who starts'll be the first time he's toed the rubber since beating leukemia ...."i've been excited and waiting for this moment to step back on the mound really since the summer and its gonna be an awesome feeling to be able to do that on saturday." clate schmidtits also a huge year for junior catcher chris okey... just named to the golden spikes award watch list...presented to the nation's best player at the end of the season... season..."we've got a lot of loose guys our coaches are loose and very confident as well we know what we've done throughout the fall and spring and we're prepared to take on the challenges throughout the year and we're excited." chris
10:43 pm
loose confidence is something that first year head coach monte lee is making a priority... priority..."its my job to keep them loose and relaxed and keep running them out there so that they can get comfortable. hopefully after week 1 we know more going into week 2 and after week 2 we know more going into week 3 and so on and so on."the tigers just excited to get things going this friday night they're going up against maine reporting from doug kingsmore stadium shannon sommerville fox carolina sports... 3 first pitch on friday scheduled for 4:00. 3 3 for 4:00. friday scheduled first pitch on 3 for 4:00. 3 more clemson coverage coming up at 11... with heisman finalist deshaun watson getting a national honor in texas... we'll hear from the tigers quarterback on what it means getting named the top signal caller in the country... 3 new tonight 3 the anderson county sheriff's office is warning about
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pop up time and again in our area. an alert sent out today - deputies say be on alert for scammers who claiai to be government officials requesting a wire transfer in exchange for grant money from the federal government. government.or scammers who claim to be in the u.s. military and ask you to send them money or prepaid phone cards. cards.they say dont fall for scammers offering to pay you for cashing checks on their behalf behalfor who contact you from a mock email adress requiring you send them money in order to secure alone. alone.sheriff skipper says his office sees the same types of crimes over and over again -so if you receive calls or emails that you expect to be fake - make sure to write down the number or email address and call local law enforcement
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3 kendra's here with a look at your forecast. 3 some light rain n will be possible in the upstate, while the mountains will see a rain snow mix, turning to all snow
10:46 pm
are expected along the tennessee border by wednesday morning. wednesday morning will bring temperatures in the mid 30s for the upstate and around 30 in the mountains. skies will clear for the day, leaving a sunny and mild wednesday afternoon. highs will reach 57 for the upstate and 49 in the mountains.the seasonably cool air will stick with us through the rest of the work week with lots of sunshine on the way. the weekend will be even warmer as highs climb to 67 in the upstate on saturday and 63 in the mountains. showers will be possible by late some light rain will be possible in the upstate, while the mountains will see a rain snow mix, turning to all snow late night. some accumulations are expected along the tennessee border by wednesday morning. wednesday morning will bring temperatures in the mid 30s for the upstate and around 30 in the mountains. skies will clear for the day, leaving a sunny and mild wednesday afternoon. highs will reach 57 for the upstate and 49 in the mountains.the seasonably cool air will stick with us through the rest of the work week with lots of
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weekend will be even warmer as highs climb to 67 in the upstate on saturday and 63 in the mountains. showers will be possible by late sunday.sure to check out www.foxcarolina .com/weather for more on the
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3 and wake up with 3 fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten
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3 and coming up this weekend - pony rides and exotic animals... fun stuff for kids, but with an important meaning. carolina's joe gagnon has the details on a benefit to wipe out the nation's number one killer. 3 it is going to be a huge saturday at the tractor supply here in mauldin because the ez riders club is trying to raise money for the american heart association..we are with elizabeth sisk.. how are you.. whata re you doing.. doing.. 3 we are raising money for the aha providing free pony rides we are with a licensed wildlife educator we will be here with exotic animals for kids to are raising money for something in
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and we go to myrtle beach and spend time on the beach for 20 miles..3 they've beend oing this for 34 years and they raise thousands of dollars for the heart association..make sure you are here from 10-3 at tractor supply in mauldin.. 3 new hope.. for those battling cancer! cancer!a new treatment is transforming white blood cells..tonight - why researchers are confident this could be the next step.. in finding a cure for the deadly disease! disease!plus..a big debut.. at the greenville zoo!baby giraffe "tatu" showing off for the crowd.. in the warmer weather!but he's not the only baby...tonight - the other
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3 information 3 a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer. cancer.that's what researchers in seattle are calling a new treatment based on "immuno-therapy." therapy."it helps a person's immune system fight off cancer cells in a way that's similar to fighting a virus.doctors take white blood cells called t-cells from cancer patients - and genetically modify them. the cells are then put back in the patient to multiply. researchers say the cells could protect the patient from cancerous, the research has not been published yet - nor reviewed
10:55 pm
study - the therapy eliminated all symptoms in 94 percent of participants with one type of leukemia. 3 caught on camera- 3 in wisconsin -a middle school basketball player is recovering-after a freak accident during a game. game.she fell and was impaled by a broken floorboard.and the whole incident was caught on surveillance video. can see the young girl slide on the court - and then not get up.players, coaches, and parents rush to her side-before emergency crews show up and ask everyone to leave the gym.the tournament organizer says the board had a split in the middle - and stuck into the young was an accident no one saw coming. 3 3 3 3 "kind of like a strike of lightning where you just don't think those things are going to happen. it was a complete fluke." fluke." 3 "we thought they were going to have to remove an entire board and take the board to the hospital." hospital."the teen spent the night at the hospital-but luckily, none of her internal organs were hit by the wood. she is expected to play again
10:56 pm
say they were especially surprised it happened here - because that floor is just 15 years old. 3 officer-involved 3 shootings.. on the rise.and that includes right here in south carolina. carolina.tonight - fox carolina investigates.a look at numbers for our area...and what's being done to keep police.. and *you safe! 3 plus.. you decide 20-16!with the primary just days away.. how the g-o-p candidates are trying to win your support in the upstate.we'll hear from them, coming up.
10:57 pm
while some candidates suck up to trump...or run away from him in fear... jeb bush isn't afraid. jeb bush: "that is downright wrong..." he stands up to trump for his liberal democratic positions. calls out trump for insulting women, attacking the disabled... even trashing a decorated war hero. trump: "i like peoplethat weren't captured..." jeb bush: "john mccain is an american hero..." jeb bush.
10:58 pm
the real conservative. a commander in chief. right to rise usa
10:59 pm
3 look at your forecast 3 some light rain will be possible in the upstate, while the mountains will see a rain snow mix, turning to all snow late night. some accumulations are expected along the tennessee border by wednesday morning. wednesday morning will bring temperatures in the mid 30s for the upstate and around 30 in the mountains. skies will clear for the day, leaving a sunny and mild wednesday afternoon. highs will reach 57 for the upstate and 49 in the mountains.the seasonably cool air will stick with us through the rest of the work week with lots of sunshine on the way. the weekend will be even warmer as highs climb to 67 in the upstate on saturday and 63 in the mountains. showers will be possible by late sure to check out for more on the forecast and interactive radar 3 and don't forget to wake up


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