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tv   FOX Carolina News Tonight  FOX  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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morning, but anything outside the mountains would be brief and light.highs will reach 46 in the upstate and 38 in the mountains on friday with continued snow showers near the tennessee border. snow will lessen into friday night with lows down to 29 for the upstate and 22 in the mountains.saturday and sunday will be mostly sunny and cold, then a system will approach for monday morning. right now it looks like light snow will develop early monday morning and linger, off and on, through late morning. be sure to check out www.foxcarolina .com/weather for more on the forecast and interactive radar 3 and don't forget to wake up with thee morning news-- meteorologist nicole papay will have a check of the forecast and traffic reporter chris scott will have the latest road conditions on your way to work.that's from 5:00 to 9:00 on thee morning news.
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3 and we have some school delays to tell you aboutmadison, mitchell, and yancey county schools will all start two hours late tomorrow.remember you can always check fox carolina dot com for the latest delay and closing information. 3 caught on camera 3 a greenwood woman's cell phone video of a police officer in action is going clark says she was caught in a traffic jam on reynolds avenuea&and began filming once she realized why police had the road blocked off. 3 the video has now been viewed 10's of thousands of times. carolina's adrian acosta has the story you'll see only on fox. 3 3 3 3 3 kim clark says she posted her cell phone video because she thinks people are thirsty for a good story like this this 3 "came around the coroner and saw police lights and you could tell from a couple of blocks back what was going on" clarks says officers had both sides of reynolds avenue blockeda&and once she realized why she began recording"there was a dog that
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so i stopped for a minute in traffic and started watching" clark says she walked up to the officer to offer help"he was making eye contact with the officer..he was shakinga&the fear was palpable and that's when the officer got down on his kneesa&and was eye to eye keeping him calm"clark says greenwood deputies also arrived on scene and kept cars back until help arrived for the doga&she says neighbors also pitched in with blankets for the dog"i felt like i was in the town that i grew up in and loved back when things were so simple and sweet"clark posted the video on facebook and since then it has been viewed and shared 10s of thousands of timesa&.the reason for that she says is very simple"what made me cry was the tenderness of it..seeing that man in uniform kneeling down in the middle of the streeta&and thinking if he'd do it for a dog he'd do it for a child, he'd do it for you and me"
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3 greenwood police have identified the officer that helped out as wes walker...they say they are proud of officer walker and they are also thankful for all of the positive comments posted on clarks videoas for the dog i'm told he was treated at the animal shelter and has been released back to his ownerin greenwood adrian acosta fox carolina news tonight. 3 as we continue to cover our counties 3 in greenville county-mauldin police arrested a fourth suspect in a deadly shooting outside a bojangles.a 16-year-old girl is now charged with murder. murder.police say the teen had an active role in planning and carrying out an attempted armed robbery at the restaurant on east butler road back on january 30th... 30th...which led to the shooting death of 19-year-old savon allen.investigators believe the shooting was drug-related. drug-related.three other teens are also facing charges ni this incident.19-year-olds trevonte watts and william newton... and a 15-year-old girl, who is not pictured, were also charged with murder. 3 in spartanburg man is in custody...and another is
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violent armed robbery robberytake a look at this surveillance video from the scotchman convenience store on north balckstock road--you can see two suspects enter the store wearing masks and armed with an assault rifle.. rifle..tonight deputies say zavion anderson is in custody and has admitted to the crime-- crime--they say he also identified his accomplice as matthew hemphill--who is wanted.he's believed to be driving a 1997 or 2007 burgundy b-m-w sedan...if you see him or have any information call crime stoppers at 1-888-crime-s-c. 3 staying in spartanburg--a woman is facing charges...accused of trying to burn a deputy with a cigarette and then threatened to kill deputies. deputies.deputies were speaking with the 41-year-old suspect at her home on crestline circle early this morning...when she began complaining about deputies who were there at another time. time.deputies say selina corn then started shouting obscenities at a deputy as he was leaving...and even tried
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deputy trying to calm her down. deputies say corn then shouted she was going to quote "kill of you."tonight she is facing several charges including resisting arrest and threatening the life of a public official. 3 new at 11 3 in honor of officers killed and hurt in the line of duty-- all across the nation tomorrow law enforcement is encouraging everyone to wear blue in support and join in a moment of silence. silence.this day of rememberance comes after five law enforcement officers were killed just this week-- including one in georgia. officer greg barney was shot while trying to serve a warrant earlier today. 3 meantime--two deputies were killed in a shootout at a crowded restaurant in maryland yesterday afternoon... 3 and in north dakota...a police officer was shot dead while responding to a domestic dispute wednesday night... 3 and a colorado deputy was taken off life support today after he was critially wounded while confronting an armed teen.and tonight the
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it's so important to show support for those who serve country. 3 3 3 "across the nation there is an increase of officers being hurt, being killed and it's just something that we encourage the general public to comply with that and if they don't mind to wear blue just to honor as i said the their lives." lives."now again if you want to show your support for law enforcement-- wear your blue tomorrow...there will also be a moment of silence across the nation at one p-m eastern time. 3 developing tonight--- 3 a big break in a series of church vandalism cases that has had investigators scouring for clues for the last month. month.tonight--a *teenager is facing charges for one of the vandalism cases--but investigators say more charges could come. carolina's derek dellinger is live from bethlehem baptist church-- that's one of the churches that was hit.and derek--tell
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3 his name is robert grigsby, junior.he's 18, from simpsonville--and we're still working to get his mugshot tonight.but police say he was the one that shot up this church early last month. 3 bethlehem baptist was one of three churches that were hit in a very short time frame in very much the same area.the churches had their windows shot up with what appeared to be a b-b gun.and vandals also hit a nearby neighborhoods, too.that led to a big investigation between fountain inn and simpsonville police, the sheriff's office and sled. robert grigsby junior is only facing charges so far for that one case here at bethlehem baptist--and church officials here say are happy about the 3 3 3 3 it breaks your heart. you know, we're not mad at him because kids sometimes do stupid stuff. but you know, we don't want them to attack us, and we just want jesus in
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heartbethlehem baptist had two of their windows shot out-- they tell us they only got them replaced within the last week. 3 and as we mentioned--there are all those other vandalism cases at other churches and neighborhoods.we're checking with simpsonville police and the greenville county sheriff's office on the status of those cases.diana? 3 and he's still in jail tonight, right? right?-yes-charges3 -bond3 3 the south carolina primaries are almost here, but do you know who you're voting for??? 3 tonight...the democratic candidates go head to head ...
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president. 3 plus...we're talking puppy love...if you want to surprise someone special this valentine's day then greenville animal care has you covered!when you can adopt a dog for free! 3 and see how this 8-year-old north carolina is trying to cheer up cam newton...after his disappointing loss to the broncos in the super bowl. 3 coming up we'll take a look at your seven-day forecast...and what you can expect as you head out the door tomorrow morning.stay with us.
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3 as you decide 2016 3 the stakes were high tonight as hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders faced off in wisconsin for the pbs democratic debate.'s their first meeting since sanders win in new hampshire.both are trying to gain momentum into the next big contests in nevada and south carolina.clinton, working to shut down sander's momentum. 3 3 3
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knock down all the barriers that are holding americans back and to rebuild the latters of opportunity to give every american a chance to advance especially those who have been left out and left behind." behind." 3 3 "the american people are tired of establishment politics, tired of establishment economics they want a political revolution in which millions of americans stand up, come together not let the trumps of the worlds divide us and say you know what in this great country we need a government that represents all of us not just a campaign of wealthy contributors." 3 south carolina's democratic primary is february 27-th. 27-th.the g-o-p primary is one week earlier, february 20th. and this saturday...the candidates will debate at the peace center in greenville. 3 returning to the upstate to
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rubio.this is a look at his town hall event at southside christian school in simpsonville.marco rubio addressed the crowd--talking about everything from foreign terrorism... saying if elected president military. 3 3 when i am president of the us states we're not cutting our military we're rebuilding our military because the world is a much more peaceful place when america is strong. itl mean having a 3 president who cares about our veterans. we thank our vets. 3 and in cherokee county... fellow gop hopeful ben carson stopped by the gaffney visitor's center.the neurosurgeon spoke with voters during a q-and-a session with "americans for peace, prosperity and security." carson said he's confident he'll resonate with south carolina voters in the he talked in
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home and abroad...and said it's important citizens know how to use guns. 3 3 "the obama administration's ideal of taking care of this is to deprive the people of guns. i think it's really just the opposite. the government should be offering the people free courses in how to utilize guns in order to protect themselves." themselves."while carson and rubio are the only two candidates making upstate campaign stops today...several candidates are touring the state--john kasich stopped in the lowcountry...while jeb bush hit the pee dee region this afternoon.remember for all you need to know on the candidates...head to fox carolina dot com. 3 trending tonight-- 3 valentine's day is just three days away and if you're looking for a sweet gift to give a loved one--then greenville county animal care has you covered! covered!this saturday only.... the shelter is giving away all dogs for free!yes you heard me correctly....all adoption fees will be waived...and every dog will be spayed or
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ated...microchipped and tested...we headed over to the shelter today to find out more about this special offer. 3 3 3 "we have some awesome dogs here so it's a good opportunity for people to come in and get a pet maybe if they have been on the fence about it it's just raising awareness getting people in the door. so again, you know we do encourage people to think about what they're getting into. consider the cost and routine care of an animal." animal."so if you'd like to adopt a furry friend at no cost...remember to head to greenvile county animal care *this saturday. 3 chief meteorologist kendra
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3 mostly clear skies on the way for tonight with overnight lows down to 29 in the upstate and 21 in the mountains. clouds will build in friday
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near the tennessee border. a few flurries will be possible across the upstate friday morning, but anything outside the mountains would be brief and light.highs will reach 46 in the upstate and 38 in the mountains on friday with continued snow showers near the tennessee border. snow will lessen into friday night with lows down to 29 for the upstate and 22 in the mountains.saturday and sunday will be mostly sunny and cold, then a system will approach for monday morning. right now it looks like light snow will develop early monday morning and linger, off and on, through late morning. then temperatures will warm above freezing during the afternoon as heavy rain pushes in. heavy rain is likely for monday night into tuesday morning. only light accumulations of
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rain takes over. we could see a few rain/snow showers early tuesday before the system leaves. a lot can change with this forecast, so be sure to stay tuned! for now it looks like a primarily rain event, but any change in the low track could create a wintry
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3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 fox carolina sports anchor shannon sommerville joins us now--and shannon we're talking about cam newton again and his reaction to the panthers loss to the denver broncos in super bowl 50-- 3 that's right guys and one little fan says he deserves a trophy anyways. anyways.check it out.... 8-year-old stephen graham wrote a letter to the q-b.... and inside included a paper version of a lombardi trophy...
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newton, i'm sorry you lost, but here is a papr trophy. when a friend falls down, the other friend always picks him up."what a sweet tribute! 3 a lot of n-f-l stars like cam newton...and guys like sammy watkins once showcased their talent at the n-f-l combine...find out who will be representing the tigers and the gamecocks this year in indianapolis in this exclusive invite only event... 3 and on the hardwood the women's team coming off a tough loss to uconn on monday...could they rebound against the gators in an s-e-c showdown? 3 3 3 3 3
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3 the tigers aren't done setting records....even if it is the offseason...eight players were invited to the n-f-l combine this year...the most in program history...clemson's become quite the pipeline to the n-f-l...just this past year the tigers had 38 former players on n-f-l rosters...that's the most in one season in n-f-l history... history...but that's history...the future is the eight players heading to indianapolis...cornerback mackensice alexander, kevin dodd, b-j goodson, t-j green jayron kearse, shaq lawson, charone peake, and dj reader. but the tigers aren't the only representatives from the palmetto state. 4 gamecocks also got the invite: pharoh cooper, jerell adams, brandon snell, and brandon wilds. the combine begins february 23rd. 3 elsewhere at south carolina, the women's basketball team
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the season to number one ranked u-conn. not only looking to rebound tonight but in the process try to knotch a school record tying 10th win against a ranked opponent this season. 3 the 16th ranked florida gators haven't beaten the gamecocks since 2011...head coach dawn staley and south carolina looking to keep it that way... doniyah cliney...doesn't get the roll but aja wilson there for the putback...she'd post 13 on the night to go along with 9 rebounds...oh yeah and four blocks...stuffing the gators...and the gamecocks with the quick mitchell feeds it up to cliney for the layup... layup... 3 tiffany mitchell scoring 22 points in this one....alaina coates with her 13th double double this season as south carolina bounced back with a 86-71 win over 16th ranked florida 3 they dont take losing well but at the same time we put things in perspective. and we move on.
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gamecocks...a trip to knoxville to take on tennessee.... 3 to the men...the paladins hosting citadel tonight looking for their ninth straight home win. do it they'd have to go up against their the bulldogs leading the southern conference in scoring offense but paladins senior stephen croone ranks 4th in the conference in scoring....he'd rack up 16 points in the this one...close game early in the first half...connor schroder powers it in down low to give the bulldogs an early lead. he'd post a team high 17.a little later quinton marshall showing some range knocking down the three from the top of the key. but paladins freshman forward matt rafferty would have a career night with 21 points and 10 rebounds. 3 that combined with furman holding citadel to just 75 points helped the paladins knotch that ninth straight home win. 3 over at ben johnson arena in spartanburg, the terriers in a crucial conference game against mercer...the two teams tied for fourth...hoping to carry some momentum from the
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miss from 3 point range...the last time wofford and mercer met in spartanburg justin gordon hit the game winning 3 in the final minute and once again gordon proving clutch. posting a career high 25 points.fletcher magee added 21 3 leading the terrier to a 79-70 win at home. their third straight win. 3 3 so taking a look at how things are shaping up in the socon...chattanooga sits atop the conference on a 9 game win streak. followed by east tennessee state, the paladads are third. with the win tonight wofford jumps mercer for fourth place. 3 well from college to the pros...the charlotte hornets dealt a huge blow last night... night...michael kidd-gilchrist had just returned from a torn labrum in his shoulder within the past few weeks....he dislocated it last night a re- tore the labrum. this puts m-k-g out for the remainder of the season with another surgery likely. the hornets currently sitting in 3rd in the southeast division. 8th in the eastern conference, 3 baseball season is right around the corner....last
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annual upstate diamond classic at the hyatt regency in greenville...the event featured guest speaker brett butler...who spent 16 years in the bigs.... 3 to be able to come here and support furman baseball and be a part of it know the coaches taylor hartman who played with me for a couple of years in was very special for me. 3 and we'll be back with a last
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3 we're back with a last look at the forecast 3 and chief meteorologist kendra kent joins us...and kendra it's going to be chilly weekend weekend3 mostly clear skies on the way for tonight with overnight lows down to 29 in the upstate and 21 in the mountains. clouds will build in friday morning, and snow will fall near the tennessee border. a few flurries will be possible across the upstate friday morning, but anything outside the mountains would be brief and light.highs will reach 46 in the upstate and 38 in the mountains on friday with continued snow showers near the tennessee border. snow will lessen into friday night with 3 3 thanks for joining us, good night. night. 3 3
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