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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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upstate and 22 in the mountains.saturday and sunday will be mostly sunny and cold, then a system will approach for monday morning. right now it looks like light snow will develop early monday morning and linger, off and on, through late morning. 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather we've got traffic fox carolina. 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up-
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tonight- 3 some school delays to mention - madison, mitchell, and yancey county schools will all start two hours late tomorrow. remember you can always check fox carolina dot com for the latest delay and closing information. 3 new tonight 3 this woman is accused of the unthinkable... shooting a man originally from spartanburg outside her home in texas.and leaving him to die- 3 tonight, michelle chase is behind bars in a san antonio jail. 3 police say william farr, who is from spartanburg, was found where he was shot.and that chase had returned to the
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put a note beside his body saying- "sorry". 3 it is an unusual case questions remain about the suspect's relationship to farr. and why the shooting happened. happened.farr was deaf and attended the south carolina school for the deaf and blind in spartanburg. carolina's sharon johnson has been working on this case.she joins us live in the newsroom with the latest. 3 william farr went to school in spartanburg before travelling the country.his last stop - san antonio texas.that's where authorities say - a woman is charged with shooting and killing him.then leaving behind a note saying -"sorry". 3 3 3 ((start with mugshot))michelle chase is the woman charged wyth shooting and killing william eugene farr in san antonio, texas.4:07:28 "we're still trying to understand why, why eugene."i spoke to his sister in greenville and the other via skype in
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william often communicated through facebook. facebook.3:39 "on january 28th, he posted that he had a job, a new job working at a car wash. and i called him 3:47 and i said are you doing ok, he said yes cause he can call through tdd, the deaf thing. 3:51 "he said he was staying with a friend. i said, is you safe there, he said yes.farr is from spartanburg but spent much of his life travelling the country.his family didn't know texas would be his final destination. destination.(first)3:59:39 "my sister and my niece found out on last night that our brother, william eugene farr, had been killed out in texas, a facebook posting was up on facebook and my niece horrible way to learn about their brother's death... and 3 days after the killing.but there's more.according to the bexar (bay-ar) county sheriff's office in san antonio... officers found william farr's body laying
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apartment.officers say michelle chase admitted to shooting farr - then leaving the apartment.they say - chase returned the following day and left a note next to farr's body that read- quote "sorry".his family is devastated.((sot meredith)) 4:06:45 "i pray thatatgod reveals all, because at the end of the day she's going to have to live with this- knowing that she took this man away from his family, his children."3 the autopsy found farr had been shot once with a small caliber weapon.after searching michelle chase's apartment - officers say they found the weapon used to kill farr.((sot -sister michellelekype))7:56 "he was a good person that didn't harm anyone and he was just trying to make it in a real world living as a deaf person." 3 a gofundme page has been set up to transport william farr back to spartanburg and help
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not have life insurance. 3 so sharon, what is the motive in this? this?at this time we don't know. the family never heard of a michelle chase.a neighbor in san antonio said farr was not a stranger to the apartment complex where he was killed.she said he'd shown up once at her house with stab wounds to his face.back to you. 3 covering our counties at ten 3 in spartanburg county, specifically the city of spartanburg-police hope you can help them track down a theif caught on camera- 3 police say the person you see here broke through the glass door of the m and m tax building- the building is off east blackstock road- the robber got away with cash- if you know anything about this
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3 in greenville county-mauldin police have made another arrest in the deadly shooting outside a bojangles.a 16-year-old girl now locked up--charged with murder. murder.police say the teen had an active role in planning and carrying out an attempted armed robbery at the restaurant on east butler road back on january 30th... 30th...which led to the shooting death of 19-year-old savon allen.investigators believe the shooting was drug-related. drug-related.three other teens are also facing charges ni this incident.19-year-olds trevonte watts and william newton... and a 15-year-old girl, who is not pictured, were also charged with murder. 3 a yellow dye discovered in the reedy river has renewable water resources investigating. investigating.but rewa says there's no threat to the public or the environment in greenville county. county.the dye was found in water collected at the mauldin road water resource recovery facility- they believe the source is likely a colorant manufacturer. we're told the dye is no longer showing up in
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of the river by sunday- 3 as you decide 2016 3 hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off tonight in milwaukee.on the same stage tonight - for their first face-to-face meeting since tables turned in the democratic primary fight. 3 both are trying to gain momentum into the next big contests - nevada and south carolina.and with the momentum swinging in the vermont senator's favor - the former secretary of state is changing her strategy heading into these next battleground states. states.the sanders-clinton contest is now playing out to a far more diverse electorate. and the battle of endorsements playing a role in that today. clinton winning key support from the political arm of the congressional black south carolina, 55 percent of democratic voters in 2008 were african-american. 3 the south carolina democratic primary is set for february 27th. 27th.the republican primary is one week
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there - we'll of course be covering both primaries on air and online. 3 we'll have much more on the g-o-p candidates coming later in the newscast. marco rubio and ben carson in the upstate, and even more stumping across the state ahead of ththgop debate at the peace center this saturday. 3 kendra is in the weather center for a look ahead at the forecast. forecast. 3 kendra: coming 3 up i'll have your forecast forecastno more zeroes for greenville county middle schoolers!why the district says they can't get any grades
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one!a big break in an upstate church that was shot up... could the arrest of a teen... help solve other cases in the area?and high-tech help for depression... or even suicidal thoughts.the app that gives young people a way to text for help!
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3 following breaking news right now- 3 out of spartanburg county where a car has driven into a house -this is a look at the scene on anita street in greer - the call came in just before
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us a medical condition caused the crashthe driver of the car was taken to the person was inside at the time but they weren't hurt.- 3 you'll want to 3 stay with us on air and online for updates on this develoing story 3 a developing story we first broke at four- 3 a teen is accused of vandalizing a chruch in southern greenville county- it was one of three church's hit by b-b recent weeks- 3 in this particular case-the teen is charged for the vandalism at the bethlehem baptist church. church.but could this arrest... lead to breaks in other vandalism cases at churches and nearby homes? homes?fox carolina's derek dellinger is live at bethlehem
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they have to be relieved about the arrest... 3 they are.the church here got word about the arrest earlier today--the suspect is robert grigsby, junior--just 18 years old.we are still working to get his mugshot tonight.he's accused of shooting out two of the windows here at the church--and they only got them fixed within the last week. 3 3 3 in some places at bethlehem baptist--you can still see the remnants--signs that-- up until recently, the mess was still there. there. 3 3 we had security cameras but it was late at night, in the dark, and it was more of a drive-by, so they didn't get to see anythingthe church was the victim of vandalism last month--windows shot out with what was likely a b-b gun. of three that authorities say was hit in the dead of night.picked, many believe, because they were close to main roads. neighborhoods were hit, too. too. 3 3 we were frustrated and upset and confused on whythat was then.this is now--things seems to be in better shape at the
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arrest has brightened spirits and calmed nerves--especially when police arrived this morning to tell them the news. news. 3 3 just wanted to let you guys know that we caught him. we said we were going to get him, we got him. and we said who? and he said 'the guy that shot out the window, and we were like 'no way'but there is still that burning question, one they don't have an answer for just yet. 3 why would you attack a church? that's the thing about it. why would you attack a church when a church is here to help peopleit's one they hope to get, sooner or later.the church says they're willing to forgive--but not forget. forget. 3 3 it breaks your heart. you know, we're not mad at him 3 because kids sometimes do stupid stuff. but you know, we don't want them to attack us, and we just want jesus in their heart 3 as we mentioned--there are those other church vandalism cases--along with the vandalism cases in neighborhoods in this area. fountain inn police say the only charge grigby is facing with them is for bethlehem baptist.we are right now in touch with simpsonville police and the greenville county
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the status of their respective cases.cody? 3 did fountain inn police give any word on a motive? motive?not at this time, no. and we put that question to the church here.they say they don't think the person who shot out the windows had any bad their words-- they say whoever shot up the church--whether it was the suspect or someone else-- likely got a b-b gun for christmas--and decided to go joy-riding.cody and diana-- back to you. 3 happening now 3 greenville county middle schoolers who skimp on their homework...won't be getting zeroes anymore...that's because of a proposal slated to go into effect next fall.. 3 educators say zeroes are too destructive to pre-teens...but the change has raised eyebrows among parents. carolina's andrew reeser has more from the
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district office 3 this new no-zero grading practice is being implemented in a few means students must get at least a 61--a failing grade---for incomplete work...cheating on tests...and plagiarism. school officials say the policy will be in place at all greenville county middle schools this fall...but one school is already doing it. principal karen kapp at sevier middle says students who were getting zeroes are responding positively to getting 61s for work not turned takes 3 100's to bring a zero up to just a d--so the new practice, school officials hope...will show students they can redeem themselves from work not turned in... in... 3 3 3 "the idea that we're not putting zeroes in the gradebook or not putting grades below 61 has been really a positive thing for children who might struggle with or without a lot of
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home."3 3 "sometimes grades are hooked to behavior and we don't want that, we want authentic assessment of what the student knows."many parents we spoke with say they don't think students who skimp on work...should be rewarded with a 61...they say students should be held accountable... school board members say a 61 is much easier to come back from than a zero...cheating and plagiarism will still require disciplinary action.. but students still won't receive zeros for that either. in greenville county andrew reeser the ten o clock news. 3 kendra is in the weather center 3
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3 mostly clear skies on the way for tonight with overnight lows down to 29 in the upstate and 21 in the mountains. clouds will build in friday morning, and snow will fall near the tennessee border. a few flurries will be possible across the upstate friday morning, but anything outside the mountains would be brief and light.highs will reach 46 in the upstate and 38 in the
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continued snow showers near the tennessee border. snow will lessen into friday night with lows down to 29 for the upstate and 22 in the mountains.saturday and sunday will be mostly sunny and cold, then a system will approach for right now it snow will develop early and linger, off late m mning. latest forecast weather 3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 3 to download! 3 3 3 upstate officers helping a dog hurt... in the middle of a busy road. was caught on camera in a video viewed thousands of times!what the police did ... and how the dog is doing now! now!plus - protests at the nfl headquarters!and a social media boycott against beyonce's performance at super bowl 50!why some people are so
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do.and two upstate soccer players report a strange man approaching them after practice...tonight fox carolina investigates what happened. happened.
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3 new tonight 3 also developing -a controversial proposal to dump coal ash in liberty -and it led to a packed meeting in pickens county. county.tonight we're learning this debate has sparked new legislation. legislation.residents are asking dhec to reject a proposal by "mmr pickens llc" to dump thousands of tons of coal ash into a dump -a plan many feel does not meet the county's solid waste disposal plan.people don't want it and county council agreed.council says the project would quote - "bring into pickens county a waste that is not generated herereand has broad environmental concerns for all of our citizens,"a house bill passed today that would limit coal ash disposal to specific landfills that are specially welled and vented.senator larry martin has introduced a similar bill in the senate - he says what happens in pickens could set a precedent throughout the state 3 3 3 "every county in this state has a class two landfill, that
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and coal ash can be disposed of in a big way." way." 3 "coal ash going into a unregulated level 2 landfill is dangerous." dangerous."as these bills make it through state legislature - we will continue to follow this developing story and bring you any updates on air and online. 3 happening now 3 beyonca supporters and opponents will hold competing rallies - as controversy builds surrounding her super bowl halftime show. show.the hashtag, "boycott beyonca," has gathered steam, following the super bowl halftime show.many supporters of that movement say the singer's new song "formation" is "anti-cop."a posting on event-brite even called her performance a "race-baiting stunt."the posting calls people to gather for a protest at the n-f-l's headquarters in new york city on february 16. that, of course, has sparked calls for beyonca supporters to hold a counter-protest. 3 the president of the national fraternal orr of police is
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performance and potential protests saying in part quote - 3 the 330 -thousand members of the fraternal order of police are aware of the anti-police symbolism and language used during portions of the halftime show at super bowl 50. we would invite the performer who voiced those words to join us in trying to bring communities together rather than trying to further divide them....the fop stands with all americans who wish to rights. 3 nationwide law enforcement also stepping up for their brothers in blue tonight - -after five police officers were killed in the line of duty this week -the national sheriff's association is
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...what they want you to do tomorrow... tomorrow...chief meteorologist kendra kent is putting together your seven day forecastshe'e' tell you what you can the week to come. come.3 and some upstate teens are looking for their big break! their band out of spartanburg is about to release a new album - with the hopes of becoming the next big thing!
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3 "nats of band playing/singing" playing/singing" 3 3 many musicians use shows like american idol as a launching pad for their career...but this group right out of spartanburg, never planned on making it big, that way. 3 the lead singer of the abbey elmore band is only 16 and she and her group have already recorded their first album. 3 fox carolina's rebecca atkins caught up with the band
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3 well cody and diana, i got to hear three of their songs tonight and they are very talented. they play shows across the upstate and recorded their album in asheville. they tell me in an industry that sometimes seems like the odds are against them, they've used their music to push them to keep reaching for their dreams. 3 3 3 3 musicabbey elmore is just 16 years old. she's the lead singer of the abbey elmore band, which started in spartanburg. she says she's been writing songs and performing since she was just 12 years old. 3 3 "i can't get enough of music, honestly, as i write it just kind of flows out."nats: drums and it was music that brought abbey and her bandmates together, at a local music store in lyman. lyman. 3 "i was working in that store, when i met them just teaching lessons mostly."and now they have already written a whole
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nats: singingtwo of three 3 members of the band that i met with tonight say their life would be very different if music was not a part of it."it would be so crazy!" "stressfull, very stressfull." the group says they have dreams for their futures like most musicians, to hit the road and tour, play shows across the country... and as they are working to beat the odds in a challenging industry to break through they have advice for those who feel like they can't make it big."i say who cares play if you want to, play if you like it.and they encourage others to play music because of the impact it's had on them."even if you're a beginner... it's very enjoyable and relaxing."and for a group that doesn't plan on haulting their dreams any time soon, they say they're thankful for the music that brought them together and that continues to be with them on their journey through life. nats: music 3 the abbey elmore band will be releasing the first single
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it's called 'love you freely'. cody and diana back to you. 3 continuing to cover our counties 3 a sigh of relief for some upstate parents - after an unnerving alert was sent out about an incident at a soccer facility in greenville county. county.officials with cesa: carolina elite soccer academy alerted parents that two young children were waiting at the fields at the mesa soccer complex when they were approached by a man in a car, he asked if they wanted to get in the car to stay warm - they said no and the man drove away. when cesa officials learned about it - they notified parents.a father immediately called - saying the man in question was him! he explained he'd been waiting to pickup his daughter and saw the boys looked cold -so he offered to help.good news that nothing bad was those at cesa see it as a wake-up call... for children and their parents to talk... about being approached by someone they don't know. 3 "we have spoken with our coaches... hey make sure every kid is accounted for and the
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parents educating their kids not just for soccer, but for school and for any other activities they have about what to do and how to do it." it."pearse tormey the co-executive director of cesa says the coaches have been asked to make sure all the kids are picked up, and to know who is supposed to be picking them up and who is not. 3 the search for a madison county bank robbery suspect is over law enforcement tracked him down more than 15-hundred miles away from the crime scene. scene.deputies say "tony reems" was found at a north dakota hotel this morning. morning.we told you him last night - reems is accused of robbing the first citizens bank in marshall.they also released a picture of the car witnesses saw him flee the scene in.there's no word on when he'll be returned to madison county to face charges. 3 in anderson county...williamst on police are on the lookout for an armed robbery suspect. suspect.take a look at this sketch - police say this suspect robbed a victim at cash time check cashing on greenville drive last month. witnesses s y he drove off in
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pick up truck with another man. if you have any information on the suspect or the crime - contact williamston police. 3 in a fox carolina follow up 3 in greenville county- the family of a missing greer man- is turning to social media for answers. answers.deputies are searching for adam worley. his family says- worley hasn't been seen since monday in greer.they say he normally let's people know where he is headed. 3 his loved ones- are asking people online in the greenville and spartanburg area who may have seen him to come forward. fox-carolina spoke with worley's family- they say they're are praying for his safe return. 3 "he was never the tyoe to wander off, if he had to go somewhere for awhile he would tell someone where he was going, he has never been quite about telling someone where he was going." going."anyone who may have seen worley- or may know where he is- should call the greenville county sheriff's office. 3 an update for commuters who travel through greer!a portion
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expected to re-open tomorrow at 8 am - the road was closed off f is morning to allow c-s-x crews to replace the railroad tracks at the intersection and for new asphalt to be officials say the tracks needed a considerable amount of work and that bitter cold conditions were slowing down the process.but again - repairs are expected to be completed by 8 a.m. 3 as you decide 2016... 3 another day closer to the south carolina primaries - mean another busy of campaigning for our 2016 presidential candidates.four of the seven republican hopefuls stumped through the palmetto state -including here in our area. 3 starting in simpsonville - at southside christian school- where senator marco rubio was joined by his wife and children for tonight's town hall.he says this primary process so far has been unpredictable -rubio coming in third in iowa, and an admittedly more disappointing performance in new hampshire. but he says he's ready to fight for the voters of south carolina. 3 you are scared and you are
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you have every right to be. and thats why this election is no ordinary election, this elections a turning point. history will write that 2016 is a turning point for america. what kind of turning point is what we must now decide 3 meantime in gaffney -dr. ben carson answered questions with "americans for peace, prosperity and security" at the visitors center.the retired neurosurgeon looking to increase his momentum - rececely lagging behind in iowa and new hampshire -he says he shares a certain set of values that sets him apart in the palmetto state. 3 3 "i think that most of the people here in south carolina, at least a lot of the people that i've met share the same values that i have, about the exceptionalism of our country, about our responsibility to those who are coming behind us and why we have to be fiscally responsible and about the values and principles that made this into a great nation,
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3 remember - as the presidential hopefuls descend on south carolina in the coming days - we have all the information on where they'll be and when up on our website.just head to fox carolina dot com for details. 3 there's seven candidates on the gop ticket -aside from rubio and carson, donald trump, ted cruz, jeb bush, john kasich and jim gilmore are expected in greenville for the debate at the peace center on saturday night. night.and three names on the democratic ballot -hillary clinton, bernie sanders and willie wilson - 3 on the fox carolina money watch 3 turns out travelers are shelling out less money on airline tickets these days. days.the transportation department says domestic airfares have dropped to a six- year low.airline ticket prices fell by more than six-percent in the third quarter of 20-15. the average price is now about 372-dollars.expansion of low-
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fuel costs are big drivers of the change. 3 speaking of lower airfare prices, more space on planes could also be happening soon- if a tennessee congressman proposal is passed. representative steve cohen wants a new law to establish minimum standards -- limiting how small and how close together seats can be.cohen says it's not about comfort.he says it's about safety.the tennessee democrat also says it's not clear whether especially-crowded planes can be evacuated effectively.some argue more seats on airplanes help lower fares.others argue more seats just means higher airline profit margins. 3 tonight...a new way to target mental illness in upstate teens 3 find out- how counselors are reaching out with a simple text 3 plus..upstate officers coming to the aid of an injured pup- laying in the middle of a busy road. find out- what they did- to save its life---and it's all caught on camera. 3 and-clemson and gamecock players arargearing up for the n-f-l combine. see which
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try-outs and which players are predicted to be first round picks. 3 and i'll talk friday flurries and our next big storm 3 3 3 3 3
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our presidents day sale is happening now. from classic to contemporary, havertys. 3 new tonight 3 teenagers like to talk on their cell phones, but when many of them are suffering with suicidal thoughts- they get silent.. 3 but counselors say when they talk with their thumbs.. through text messages.. they open up. carolina's jennifer phillips has more on a crisis line.. for thosewho need help. 3 counselors say parents of young people suffering from
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signs of depressionbut they say don't under-reactand now teenagers can anonymously text a teenline.. teenline.. 3 there's now a suicide text teenline in the upstateto help those suffering from depression or thinking about suicide.those who work with mental health america greenville county say counselors get text messgaes on the 24- hour crisis line from middle .. high schooland college students.they say reaserach shows teenagers are more detailed about how they're feeling through text messages than talking on a phone.we talked to a volunteer with mental health america.. she says her brotherkilled himself and she tried to kill herself too-- twice. twice. 3 3 3 3 "when people say things like- 'oh i have a test today and use this motion- you know it's become socially acceptable." acceptable." 3 "it wasn't until i tried to kill myself two times that i was able to beat depressiona nd say you're wrong and i am worthy of being here." here."
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3 3 "suicide is the third leading cause of death between ages 15 to 24 24"we've had a couple now and we know it 3 some signs of depression are a change in sleeping habits..and withdrawl from family or school activities.ariel blackwood is now helping others and started the alex blackwood foundation for hope. she's also a furman student.. and miss- lyman. and will compete in the miss south carolina pageant in june. june.mental health is treatable...if you know anyone who needs help..text-- text me- or 839-863jennifer phillips fox carolina the ten oclock news. 3 happening now 3 even though football season is over...its just the beginning for some n-f-l hopefuls...players from across the country will take part in the prestigious n-f-l combine...a week long showcase where college football players perform both physical and mental tests in front of n-f-l coaches, general managers and scouts... 3 the combine takes place february 23rd to the 29th in indianapolis...but joining us now in the studio with more is sports anchor shannon sommerville...shannon, what's
10:43 pm
being invited to the combmbe? combine?3 well its basically a tryout...and players have the chance to raise their "draft stock" if they're able to impress the scouts...but it is by invitation only...around 300 propects got the invite...among them a lot of tigers and the gamecocks.... gamecocks....for clemson...a program record eight players invited to indianapolis...cor nerback mackensie alexander, defensive end keving dodd, linebacker b-j goodson, safeties t-j green and jayron kearse, defensive end shaq lawson, dorman high school's wide receiver charone peake and defensive tackle d-j reader. and a lot of mock drafts have alexander, lawson and dodd going in the first round. the tigers have never had three first round picks int eh same year. but clemson has a great track record in the nfl...last year the tigers had 38 former player on n-f-l
10:44 pm
season in n-f-l history. 3 meanwhile the gamecocks will have four players present. wide receiver pharoh cooper, tight end jerell adams, offensive tackle brandon shell and running back brandon wilds. copper's been projected to go as high as the second round. the n-f-l draft kicks off april 28th in chicago. 3 new additions- in the works at flour field....and one is promising to make baseball games a bit more vivid. a brand new- hi- definition video board is being installed to give fans a better view close to the action. and that's not all - there's also a brand new sound system -plus a new roof for the 500 club area to protect from whether. as for that new video board? - organizers hope to have it installed just in time for the first pitch invitational next friday. 3 kendra's here with a look at your forecast. forecast.
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3 plus another cold night ahead -here's a live look outside in greenville county 3 mostly clear 3 skies on the way for tonight with overnight lows down to 29 in the upstate and 21 in the mountains. clouds will build in friday morning, and snow will fall near the tennessee border. a few flurries will be possible across the upstate friday morning, but anything outside the mountains would be brief and light.highs will reach 46 in the upstate and 38
10:46 pm
with continued snow showers near the tennessee border. snow will lessen into friday night with lows down to 29 for the upstate and 22 in the mountains.saturday and sunday will be mostly sunny and cold, then a system will approach for monday morning. right now it looks like light snow will develop early monday morning and linger, off and on, through late morning. then temperatures will warm above freezing during the afternoon as heavy rain pushes in. heavy rain is likely for monday night into tuesday morning. only light accumulations of snow are expected before the rain takes over. we could see a few rain/snow showers early tuesday before the system leaves. a lot can change with this forecast, so be sure to stay tuned! for now it looks like a primarily rain event, but any change in the low track could create a wintry mix of heavy snow!be sure to check out www.foxcarolina .com/weather for more on the
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3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 time for fox's four legged friends 3 for fox's four legged friends this week i chose lady! she is a 6 year old long haired dachshund mix with abby's angels.i chose her because her owner was put into hospice care, and was no longer able to take care of lady. i want lady to find a great home with lots of love for the rest of her days.she is housetrained and loves other dogs, kids and cats. she's a total lapdog and would love to couch this winter! 3 for more info head to our
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3 oscar nominees are known to take home an extravagant gift bag full of expensive goodies. 3 but some of the items in this year's bag may surprise you. how about a roll of toilet paper - for 300 bucks! more on the swag for the hollywood xt.the greenville county sheriff's office is encouraging *you to support law enforcement...and those who were killed or hurt in the line of duty tomorrow!we'll
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america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa
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we're narrowing it down to the
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3 a lot on the line tonight- for 12-american idol contestants. 3 to add to the pressure- each of them are were paired with previous american idol winners. check it out. 3 3 3 'let the sky fall, let the 3sky' sky'that was asheville's own- caleb johnson- the winner of season 13 of american idol. caleb performed 'let the sky fall' by adele with contestant soniko. at first- the pair were concerned about their different genre styles- but they were able to rock it out and impress the judges. 3 you know some singers have been i think didnt do as good last night so some of the favorites maybe out of there thereand it's a big couple of weeks on idol...with the 24 going down to 14.and we talked about it this morning on the hawk and tom show.i stopped by... and we talked about the duets planned for tonight...
10:55 pm
other 12 who perform next week. catch the hawk and tom show weekday mornings on b-93- point-7. 3 new tonight 3 the oscars are known to provide nominees with lavish- gift bags- 3 but it's a couple of gift this year- that may leave some guest surprised. surprised.each gift bag is valued at 200-thousand dollars. what's in the bag- you might about- a 10-day first class trip to israelunlimited audi car rentals. but two of the most interesting items include- a vampire breast lift- which produces rounder cleavage without implants.and one a little stranger- toilet paper. yes, 2-hundred and 75 dollar toilet paper. the gift is said to be the most soothing and absorbing on
10:56 pm
3 a violent armed robbery caught on camera at a spartanburg convenience store
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
3 we're back with a look at your forecast 3 and we're taking a live look on pelham road in greenville... where you can see the temperature has dropped to 33- degrees. 3 mostly clear skies on the way for tonight with overnight lows down to 29 in the upstate and 21 in the mountains. clouds will build in friday morning, and snow will fall near the tennessee border. a few flurries will be possible
10:59 pm
morning, but anything outside the mountains would be brief and light.highs will reach 46 in the upstate and 38 in the mountains on friday with continued snow showers near the tennessee border. snow will lessen into friday night with lows down to 29 for the upstate and 22 in the mountains.saturday and sunday will be mostly sunny and cold, then a system will approach for monday morning. right now it looks like light snow will develop early monday morning and linger, off and on, through late morning. be sure to check out www.foxcarolina .com/weather for more on the forecast and interactive radar 3 and don't forget to wake up with thee morning news-- meteorologist nicole papay will have a check of the forecast and traffic reporter chris scott will have the latest road conditions on your way to work.that's from 5:00 to 9:00 on thee morning news.


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