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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic fox carolina. and wake up with 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up- up-thanks kendra-we continue tonight-
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we're looking at some school closings and delays in the mountains.haywood county schools will open 2 hours late and jackson county schools will be on a 2 and a half hour delay. delay.madison mitchell and yancey county schools will all be closed. we'll bring you updates on air via the ticker at the bottom of your screen - as well as online at fox carolina dot com. 3 happening now 3 a scare at mary black hospitalm a fire inside a dumpster is under controlbut it sent flames and a lot of smoke shooting into the air at the skylin drive facility earlier this evening- the fire even forced the e-r to evacuate patients- 3 we know spartanburg city, cowpens, drayton, converse and whitney fire departments responded - along with spartanburg ems and police.'s a look at the scene a little earlier tonight -you can see the major flames and smoke on
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out in a dumpster right outside the hospital again the emergency room did have to be evacuated - fortunately no reported injuries at this time. 3 3 3 right now crews are making sure that all the smokes been removed from the hospital... hospital... 3 if youre going to discard any materials in your trash can...cigarettes, cigars, anything that's been lit - make sure it's been fully extinguished 3 as you can see things are still active out at mary black- it's unclear the amount of damage if any to the loading dock-firefighters say they're still trying to figure out how the fire started- 3 you'll want to stay us on air and online at fox carolina dot com for the latest updates. 3 a big day on the campaign trail- talking you decide 2016
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iowa and new hampshire are done-now the focus is on south carolina- today, donald trump and marco rubio made stops, tyring to sway voters- 3 this as two other republicans suspend their campaigns- talking about carly fiorina and chris cristie- 3 tonight, we're focusing on those candidates in the upstate-trump just wrapped a stop in pendleton- 3 fox carolina's derek dellinger is live tonight from garrison arena--and derek--we're told crowds were out there pretty early, weren't they? 3 yeah--as early as around 9:30 this morning, people started lining up--for a big chance to see the big 3 winner from new hampshire--one of several people hoping to have success here in south carolina. 3 3 in south carolina. 3 3 3 if the crowds and the cheers are any indication--the 2016
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to south carolina.fresh off his victory in new hampshire-- donald trump met thousands at garrison arena in pendleton tonight. tonight.and he was met with open arms. arms. 3 110506-clemson tigers, i was watching that year, all the way--110513a thrilled crowd--dealing with biting cold both inside and outside the arena.trump, victorious--and staying true to his message. message. 3 113911-common core, we're going gut. trade, we're going to make great. military, through the roof, we're going to make it so great--113918 tonight's rally is just the start of a push in the upstate. and he wasn't the only one here.marco rubio made an too. 3 rubio speech 110630-if they win, our military keeps getting gutted. if they win, dodd frank stays here forever. if they win, all the things that have happened--the second amendment, the judges they appoint--10642this is the big time for both candidates--they know that south carolina is a big win--and the upstate is the key for the conservative vote.rubio spent little time in making his appeal to them. 3 3 10130-when we declared our
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don't come from the government our rights come from god. and it's true.--10141the crowds for rubio were not as warm-- two men were outside the spartanburg marriott dressed as robots.trump, known for protests at his rallies-- didn't see anything like that tonight.this is not the first time trump and rubio have made their appeal to voters in the upstate--and it will not be the last.they are each making - 3 10947-we are living out our faith. we need a president, and you better hope we have a president that lives out the teachings of their faith.that they are the one to beat come november.115335-all of these characters are going to give it up, we're going to run the table, and we will make tell you, okay?--115342 3 and this is just the start of a 10 day push for the g-o-p. there are several events happening around the state tomorrow--of interest locally-- ben carson will be in gaffney-- and marco rubio will be in simpsonville.both of those events are happening tomorrow afternoon.diana?
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the debate on saturday.and that's going to mean a busy weekend for the candidates, right? right?yes--a lot of events are upstate-centered this weekend. there's the faith and family presidential forum on friday. the debate on saturday--and there are a lot of events centered around the upstate leading up the debate.diana and cody--back to you. 3 coming up a later in the newscast -there are several other candidates making their cases in parts of the palmetto state-iowa and new hampshire to much for some, the field down to seven- that's donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush, john kasich, ben carson and jim gilmore. a look at why the democrats aren't swarming south carolina just yet -their focus first on nevada - for the caucus there -and both hillary clinton and bernie sanders making big campaign shifts following tuesday's primary- 3 all those political events
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more traffic in greenville.but throw in valentine's day activities - and several sporting events on saturday at the well- and it all adds up to a jam packed few days! 3 and that brings us to *this question:have you even *made those valentine's day plans? plans?the pressure is on!we sent fox carolina's sarah danik out - to see what options you have ..and how the downtown community is planning for lots of extra people in the coming days. days.she's live for us downtown - sarah? 3 well you're not totally out of luck yet! there are a few hotel rooms left ...and restaurant reservations.but you have to act now - because you have some fierce competition, with extra people in town. 3 3 3 love is in the air in downtown greenville (sot) (sot)19:42:19 it's going to be busy in the city but we still plan on gonig out to a nice rest. at least - 19:42:22 19:42:36 (me) the big question is have you made your reservation yet? 3 "no - no ...19:42:39 the pressure is on as valentine's day approaches.and it's not
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food)restaurants have also been preparing for more guests. guests.19:46:02 "order a little extra food - all hands on deck carl sobocinski (soba- sin-ski)/ is the owner of table 301 - a restaurant group made up of several greenville food spots - including here at soby's.19:46:51 there's pressure bc you want peple to have a good time and part of what we do is making sure you have a good time and come back and he understands some of the pressure his diners are facing this weekend - so there's an unique option for them too. 19:47:24 we actually have some of our larger tables that accomadge 8-10 people that don't get reseved so we turn those into community tables for the night and some folks actually enjoy the ice breaker and if it's a first date not having to sit htere just with yoru date and be at a community table where there is other conversatiosn going on 19:47:42 ***and if the holiday of love isnt' for you...a night of politics is being dished up too.the republican presidential debate will take place saturday at the peace center. center.19:57:54 around the venue you will have a heightened sense of security bc it is a pres debate =- we
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down there and resources from the sheriff's office and other agencies coming into help 19:58:04captain browning says all it takes is a little pre- planning to make sure your weekend plans run smooth.and he says, law enforcement will be on hand to help.19:59:55 we have the resoruces and the people we are comfortable with it and can deal with it we look forward to having all the folks downtown 19:00:04 3 there is also a clemson basketball game and a swamp rabbits hockey game on saturday night- so be aware of that.the greenville trolley will be running over the weekend so that can save you some headaches when it comes to is a free service,we'll also have more information on fox-carolina-dot-com about the weekend road closures, and parking garage information. live in greenville, sd, fc the 10 news. 3 continuing to cover our counties 3 an anderson county teen is locked up tonight - accused of trying to kill his grandfather.
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driver was charged with attempted murder after investigators responded to a home on fant road in belton for an assault--where they found driver's grandfather - hit in the head with a metal baseball bat.driver had fled the scene before deputies arrived and was later taken into custody by west pelzer police.he remains behind bars tonight. 3 in greenville county-family members hope you can help them find their loved one who's been missing since monday- 3 there's been facebook posts asking people in the greenville, spartanburg areas to be on the lookout for adam worley-they say it's out of character for the 36-year-old to just vanish- if you see him call your local law enforcement agency- 3 an investigation is underway in spartanburg county-after spartanburg police say burglars targeted a local girl scout camp! camp!it happened at the camp on scout drive.. sometime between six o'clock monday night and seven tuesday morning.police say the thieves made off with several items - including a microwave, two-way
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three mountain bikes.police tell us they found several partial fingerprints at the scene-but so far, no suspects have been identified. 3 kendra is in the weather center for a look ahead at the forecast. forecast. 3 kendra: coming up i'll have your forecast including the chance for snow monday monday 3 and pickens county parents put up a fight!they're upset about a plan to close three schools... and jam their kids into bigger classes! classes!plus... city council drama...only on fox! simpsonville's mayor tosses a council member out of a meeting...and threatens to do it to another elected leader! and now she blames sour grapes over the last election!imagine hula hooping for 5 hours straight!an upstate girl did it... and now she and a classmate are getting a national honor!
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3 in a developing story 3 tears filled the eyes of parents, students and staff tonight in pickens county.they are fighting to keep three schools open, so their kids get a better, hands on education. 3 a.r. lewis, holly springs and ambler elementary are on the chopping block to save the district millions of dollars. but it's not sitting well with the families, who don't understand why this is suddently happening. 3 fox carolina's rebecca atkins was at the three meetings held tonight as parents and teachers asked the board questions and fought for their schools, she's live for us tonight in the studio. rebecca? 3 cody and diana i can't express enough how upset these families are. these flyers were passed out tonight. they
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children are being ripped out of a place where they feel safe and comfortable and thrown into a larger environment they don't know. and on top of all that....although the board is letting them express their concerns... they feel their minds are already made up. 3 3 3 3 "it's just a tight nit community, it's different." tears filled the eyes of shannon haskett, a parent and member of the ambler elemetary parent teacher association. as students sit by hoping their school will stay open, he stood up and questioned why this is happening... and why so quickly. quickly. 3 "i'm not asking you to vote no, cause i really feel like your minds made up.... i'm asking you to wait."and the fear of loosing the schools was written all over the children's faces. they held signs reading "keep our school open". open". 3 "i don't know where i'm going to end up, i don't know if i'm going to have the chance to continue to make sure that those kids who look to us specifically for that much love and that much affection.... i don't know
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school board members were split up at each school and they answered questions from those in the 3 "with no one were you looking at?"the board members who are on the committee backing this proposal that would consolodate some of the schools into haygood elementary, say the school closings will save the district 11.8 million dollars. dollars. 3 "our pledge is that, no matter the size of the school, large or small students can be successful."but some students will tell you they don't think that's the case. case. 3 "most of the kids, their grades could go down because it might get way too loud in the classrooms."the committee is proposing closing a.r. lewis, ambler and holly springs.... they say class sizes will increase to 21.5 students to every teacher. they plan to make the changes this fall. fall. 3 "they give us a week to get prepared to offer some alternative situations or proposals and it's not long enough!"and with such short notice, they are fighting a hard fight, to keep their smaller mountian schools. schools. 3 "we need to make some changes, but, i don't think shutting
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move, i don't think it's going to help." 3 the committee of board members who worked on this proposal say no teachers would lose their jobs. they say as part of their study, they found that census data shows the school-aged population in pickens is declining. cody and diana? 3 rebecca, all three schools had huge turnouts to express their concerns what is the next step? step?the board will be meeting again on monday and that is when they plan on voting on this proposal, and based on what i've seen so far, it will definitely be a full house to see what the board decides to do. cody and diana back to you. 3 kendra is in the weather center 3 3 3 another night of dangerous cold is on the way. lows will drop to near 20 for the upstate and mid teens in the mountains. bitter wind chills
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sunny skies will warm temperatures into the upper 30s to mid 40s area-wide on thursday, and friday will be a repeat, with slight warmer conditions. another blast of cold air arrives saturday night, bringing overnight lows back to the teens area-wide into valentine's day. a storm system will approach sunday night into can get the latest forecast at 3 3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 back to you.
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3 3 a violent armed robbery.. caught on surveillance! surveillance!two men hold up a spartanburg county convenience store.. armed with an assault rifle!and tonight.. deputies need your help tracking them down. weather.. means many of us are trying to stay warm!but that can lead to some hidden dangers..tonight - how firefighters say you can stay safe.. as the temperature drops. drops.
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3 in a fox carolina follow up 3 a search is underway in oconee county - for a missing western north carolina man after his abandoned - -and with dangerously cold
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are extremely worried about his safety. safety.scott turner was reported missing in haywood county after he went to work monday morning and never returned. returned.turner's family found his pickup truck along highway 107 in oconee county - leading search crews spent much of today combing the cherry hill and big bend area -dozens of searchers and canines - and even a search plane was dispatched to assist. assist.if you see turner- or have any information - you're asked to call the oconee or haywood county sheriff's offices. 3 happening now 3 it's a drive-thru where some say you can find deliverance deliverancethis is ashes on the go.. where christians.. drive- thru..and order up an ash blessing to the forehead in a parking lot off main street in travelers rest. reverend jonathan tompkins is the senior pastor at travelers rest united methodist church. he says it's a convenient option for those who are busy and can't make it to ash
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3 3 3 "ash wednesday is the beginning of the 40 days of the season of lent which leads us into easter." easter." 3 "the ashes are a work to again remind us that we are mortal- from dust you came to dust you shall return." return." 3 3 3 "the more things can be made available christianity wise, i think he better off we are." are."pastor tompkins says saving souls can't just be confined to church walls so it's important to meet people where they are. along with the blessing, he also hands out a confession prayer card that explains the significance behind ash wednesday. 3 controversy at a simpsonville city council meeting! meeting!the mayor kicks out a councilwoman.. and threatens to kick out another elected leader!tonight - only on fox - all three are speaking out.. about what they say is a much bigger issue. 3 plus..a final push.. to get your vote!with the primaries just weeks away.. presidential candidates are swarming to south carolina!coming up.. why the palmetto state could make or break their campaigns. campaigns.and chief meteorologist kendra kent is putting together your seven day forecastshe'll tell you
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week to come. come.
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3 now to video you'll see only on fox... 3 tonight, simpsonville city councilonce again making headlines---the mayor kicking out a councilwomanand threatening to kick out a councilman- all three are speaking out regarding what went down at last night's city council meeting- 3 this is only the **second** meeting led by simpsonville's new mayor janice curtis- she actually beat out the councilwoman she threw out last night--- 3 and it was all over a curb--- but one councilman says it's a bigger issue-- 3 he says in all his years on simpsonville city council, with all the controversy and bickering----no one has ever been silenced. 3 as we've learned--- you never know what might happen inside a simpsonville city council meeting--and tuesday night, was no exception! it started with councilman taylor graham wanting to make a comment not on the agenda-
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3 i want to say thank ya'll for picking up the ball and i know you aproached me a couple years ago. graham, mr. graham. 3 i'm making a comment 3 you're not. 3 i want to make it known i support this... this... stop it! 3 and glad i voted voted. and glad i voted in favor of it and thank you for bringing it forward 3 mr. graham graham you asked for discussion and i was giving my discussion. 3 you were speeaking to the audience. audience.thank you for keeping it going. i'm in favor of it. it. i have too...(unaudible) you will be escorted from this meeting. do you understand. do you understand? councilman graham was threatened to be escorted out following that exchange----things got even more testy when you hear mayor janice curtis ask other council members if they had any comments- 3 3 3 ms. hulehan do you have any comments? 3 no. 3 ms. braswell do you have any comments? comments? i do not. not.. now, how can they have comments when you just said... (unaudible) (unaudible)mr. cummings do you have any comments? 3 (unaudible) 3 okay. ms. lockaby? lockaby?yeah. i do. (unaudible) i would like to
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i can comment but mr. graham cannot. 3 he's already had his comments. 3 he didn't get finished. finished.he is finished. i ruled he's finished.that was councilwoman sylvia lockaby questioning mayor curtis---- keep in mind the two ran against each other for mayor in november---and it would be this next exchange that is overshadowing this council- it's over replacing a curb- 3 3 3 are we opening a can of worm? because if we fix this.. this..: who are you talking too? 3 i'm looking at mr. dyrhaug dyrhaug well you didn't identify anyone... anyone... excuse me mr. dyrhaug, i'm looking straight at you are we opening a can of worms when we do this? 3 3 i'm just asking a question 3 i don't have an answer for thatcity administrator david dyrahug goes on to explain why he doesn't have an answer-- then the moment no one saw coming-- 3 3 we have storm water issues
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3 yes, but i'm still speaking. 3 yes, but you're arguing the point. this is not a time for argument. you can ask questions but this is not a time for arguement 3 i'm not arguing. i'm stating a fact. we have storm water issues all over the city. is this opening a can of worms. 3 well, ask our attorney. attorney. i was asking mr. dyrhaug. i haven't even gotten to the attorney yet. 3 : ok, that's fine. mr. holmes could you... you... i'm not finished. 3 you are now. thank you. mr. holmes... holmes... no i'm not notyes you holmes could you... you... i don't think this is fair...we had to do...we do.. do.. order!*(unaudible) 3 order, order! 3 are you going to throw me out? out? order orderare you going to throw me out? out? 3 keep it up. you'll find out. out. i guess i will willokay okay i'll keep it up up mr. holmes will you please answer her question. thank you you i (unaudible) can answer her question. i haven't asked one. one. can i get the police officer from the back to enter the front please.
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out? i need her out." councilman graham thinks all of this is setting a bad tone. tone."in my opinon being set up as a dictatorship and tyring to silence those who have an opinon or voice opposite of that what she believes." councilman lockaby agrees-- 3 "she ran on unity, she ran on civility and ran on one simpsonville. and i don't see any of it." 3 we did try to get an interview mayor curtis but got a statement insteadit reads quote: 3 i am saddened that mrs. lockaby has not been able to accept me as mayor and the fact that she lost.she has demonstrated lack of respect for the entire community with the choice she made last night to not be called into community has been through such a sad, uncontrollable, unprofessional experience over the past few years. i was voted in office to bring order back and that began last night. 3 now all the audio clips we
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city's website.the entire meeting is available on their site. site.councilwoman lockaby says she reached out to appalachin council of goverments lockaby says they told her mayor curtis broke procdure in how she threw her out and says she'll be putting this matter on the agenda for the next council meeting. 3 as you decide 2016 3 after a major battle in new hampshire last night - as soon as the ballots were counted - all the focus turned to south carolina. carolina.five of the seven remaining gop candidates flocked to the palmetto state today and tonight - to reach voters ahead of their first-in
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20th.we heard from both donald trump and senator marco rubio during their visits to the upstate - but some of the other republican presidential hopefuls spent the day along the coast.including ted cruz - who hosted a campaign rally in myrtle beach. 3 3 3 "now south carolina is going to play the role its always played in presidential race, the historic role of choosing presidents. and the great thing about iowa and new hampshire is that its narrowed the field, it's given south carolina a clear choice. the men and women of south carolina i believe want a consistent conservative, somebody who is the same yesterday, today and totorrow." 3 and while cruz hoped to reach voters in myrtle beach -a bit farther south in mt. pleasant - last night's runner up - ohio governor john kasich is hoping to capitalize on momentum he had going in new hampshire. 3 kasich held a town hall with voters there - before heading to charleston to speak at a veterans job event in charleston -and he says he's not done yet. 3 3
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tomorrow. we were supposed to have 75 people. we now have 1,000. so you know, people are starting to pay attention. they're either going to like me or not and i'm not worried about what anybody else says. 3 moving over to bluffton now - where jeb bush began his day with a town hall as well. you'll recall bush does have the endorsement of south carolina senator lindsey graham. 3 and the two did appear together during campaign events today -and are expected to continue to stump together ahead of the primary.bush did take a moment to talk about the sudden resurgence of kasich - and why he says he would make a better nominee than the ohio governor. 3 3 what i like about john kasich, his heart. believes that we can solve problems, concerned about those left behind, so am i. i respect him, i am the most conservative reform minded governor running. running.he has been effective
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significantly more effective 3 the candidates will continue to campaign throughout the palmetto state -and we are keeping track of who will be where and when -for example - we know ben carson is expected in gaffney tomorrow afternoon - and marco rubio will make several stops in greenville county.for those details just head to fox carolina dot com. 3 of course all seven republican candidates - trump, cruz, rubio, kasich, bush, ben carson, and jim gilmore are being welcomed at bob jones university for the faith and family presidential forum at bob jones university on friday. the candidates will be at the debate at the peace center saturday night.ahead of the primary elections here on february 20-th. th.and just one week following that...democratic candidates hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and willie wilsonwill
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carolina primary election on february 27-th.clinton and sanders will also debate tomorrow night in milwaukee. 3 and we should point out that there's a reason we're seeing less movement on the democratic side of things.the nevada caucuses actualal fall the week before the south carolina democratic primary - because the elections are split here in south carolina and the democrats will vote a week later than the there's still one more hurdle before those candidates head south.what we do know - is hillary clinton's campaign is planning a far more aggressive approach against rival bernie sanders- on the heels of a decisive new hampshire victory for the vermont senator - who raised more than five million dollars in the 18 hours since those polls closed. clinton will be hosting a town hall in denmark south carolina on friday. 3 covering our counties 3 in henderson county- clean-up is underway after more than 160-thousand gallons of sewage spilled today. 3 hendersonville water and sewer says- the sewage came out of
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stations. the majority of the spill took place at mud creek from manholes on jonesborough street, spartanburg highway, and balfour road.sewage also drained into king creek. officials are reviewing the spill - one of several in the last few months. 3 in greenville county- police in greenville say tips from the public helped put two people away for robbing a night club. 3 officers arrested- reo hudson and melinda rosemond on monday. investigators say- tips began to pour into crime stoppers- after the media posted this story. 3 last month-authorities released- these surveillance photos taken from the outside of 'club 100' on byrdland drive. police say- rosmond and hudson stole a register from the club with a gun. the two suspects are being held without bond. 3 madison county deputies need your help tracking down an accused bank robber.'s a look at tony reems.authorities tell us he robbed the first citizens bank in marshall on thursday.reems was last seen driving a 2006
10:33 pm
with north carolina tag dmd- 1913.if you have any information - call the sheriff's office at the number on your screen. 3 the search is on.. after a violent armed robbery in spartanburg county! county!two men burst into a convenience store.. armed with an assault rifle!and tonight.. deputies need your help tracking them down. upstate kids.. getting fit!how local students are earning *national honors.. for hula hooping and running! running! the n-f-l season comes to an end.. what's in store for the panthers?tonight - what you can expect in the coming shakeup on the field! field!and i'll look ahead to a possible winter storm for monday monday3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 in a story you'll see only on fox 3 just take a look at her skills! some exceptional fitness news out of the upstate tonight - with a student ranking nationally for hula hooping non-stop for more than 5 hours. a fun exercise that could help decrease the state's health concerns for our children. 3 simpsonville elementary school in greenville county is taking that message to heart - literally. 3 one student there spent more than 5 hours non- stop on a mission to good health.another sprinted his way there. carolina's sharon johnson joins us live with how they made it into the record books.sharon... 3 the students made it into the record books by hula hooping and running - nonstop.they broke school records and are being recognized nationally. 3 3 3 round and round and round- with a 3 and-a half pound hula hoop. hoop.7:54:24 "they were like
10:35 pm
is your waist black and blue? i can't beleive you did it for like 5 hours, how'd you do it? i was like, i don't know." amanda armentrout hula hooped non-stop for 5 hoursa& specifically 5 hours and 5 minutes.breaking the school record and ranking 19th nationally.((amanda))7:52:54 "my waist was already hurting and i figured it would hurt worse if i stopped so i figured i would keep going to numb the pain.perhaps - the no pain- no gain mentality.but living a healthy lifestyle starts early here at simpsonville elementary school. student dominique cox is 9th in the nation for running a mile..his time, 6 minutes-26 seconds. seconds. 3 7:57:58 "we did the smile mile last year and i came in second place so i wanted to break the record and beat my time so i could be the top person in the school." p.e. teacher christine amond says - its never too early to teach a healthy lifestyle.the south carolina children's hospital collaborative estimates 25 percent of the state's children are obese. obese.
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here with our students - with a younger age. and at this age, their motor skills development, their mental capacity of receiving this information is at a greater level than it would be when we become adults." 7:42:03both students are now in the record books for project fit america - a national agency that works with local schools to help kids to be active, fit and healthy.((dominique))7:58:40 "i would jog and then on the third lap i started picking up the speed and started full sprinting."sprinting all the way - to the top spot at school. 3 teacher training and playground equipment -all part of a grant amond received through project fit america. iniatives like the hula hooping and running challenges help to increase childhood fitness. and decrease obesity related illnesses. 3 new tonight officially over... the panthers coming up just short in the super bowl... so what
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for the franchise? some big name players could be on their way out of the carolinas... so how do the panthers rebound and regroup to take another super bowl run next year? 3 sports director aaron cheslock joins us to talk a little more about this, and aaron what are the big stories moving forward? forward?3 it starts with a 3 couple of defenders in greenwood alum josh norman and defensive tackle kawann short... short...both of those guys are part of the panthers core group of standout defenders... josh norman will look for a long-term deal. but he could end up getting the franchise tag, which will keep him for another year... short should also get a look for a long- term deal after breaking out in 2015... remember,
10:38 pm
cam newton and luke kuechly.. they've extended greg olsen and thomas davis already.. ron rivera says in order to get back to the 'ship... just look at the guys who beat them on sunday.. 3 "you know right across the field is an example of a team that's gone through what we are right now. a couple years ago they lose in new york, to seattle. and this year they're back and they win. so we can learn from their example is what i told our guys. and that's kind of what i'm right now. again, denver came off a disappointing loss in the super bowl, then got knocked out the next year. and then a year later they're super bowl champions. so there is a lesson there for our guys to learn from and emulate." emulate."coming up at 11... we'll tell you who's on the chopping block for the panthers... and what it'll take to keep a guy like
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3 kendra's here 3 with a look at your forecast. forecast. 3 3 another night of dangerous cold is on the way. lows will drop to near 20 for the upstate and mid teens in the mountains. bitter wind chills will continue in the mountains. sunny skies will warm temperatures into the upper 30s to mid 40s area-wide on
10:40 pm
repeat, with slight warmer conditions. another blast of cold air arrives saturday night, bringing overnight lows back to the teens area-wide into valentine's day. a storm system will approach sunday night into monday.we continue to follow the latest developments in regards to monday's snow/sleet/rain threat. right now the models are not in very good agreement on an outcome, so my forecast confidence is pretty low at this point. i'll need to see some consistency and agreement before making an official forecast. here's what we know right now from our two main, long range computer models:gfs (american model): this one is biggest on the snow outcome. it has very cold air settling in sunday, then a developing low riding over our are
10:41 pm
snow midday monday, then transitioning to sleet and freezing rain monday night as the storm exits. right now ice accumulations look light and snow accumulations would be around 2 inches for the upstate, with more in the mountains. european model: this one delays the storm a bit to our west, then brings in very heavy precipitation into our area monday night. i think we'd see ight snow/sleet during the middle part of monday, then heavy rain by late monday evening by looking at temperature profiles. that heavy rain could become heavy freezing rain and sleet if the wedge can hold and temperatures stay at freezing at the surface. there is no indication of that right now though. essentially euro is a wetter solutiona&
10:42 pm
mixed in.right now i think there's an 80% chance of seeing some kind of winter weather in the upstate on monday, and about a 40% chance of it being a significant winter storm. i'll adjust as we get closer!be sure to check out www.foxcarolina .com/weather for more on the
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3 we're back with a look at your forecast 3 another night of dangerous cold is on the way. lows will drop to near 20 for the upstate and mid teens in the mountains. bitter wind chills will continue in the mountains. sunny skies will warm temperatures into the upper 30s to mid 40s area-wide on thursday, and friday will be a repeat, with slight warmer conditions. another blast of cold air arrives saturday night, bringing overnight lows back to the teens area-wide into valentine's day. a storm system will approach sunday night into sure to check out www.foxcarolina .com/weather for more on the
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