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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 extremely cold air is pushing into the carolinas and georgia, and with it comes some flurries for the upstate and snow in the mountains. tonight temperatures will drop fast, with dangerous wind chills in the mountains.expect lows to plummet to around 20 in the upstate and 15 in the mountains by wednesday morning. wind chills will be near 0 to minus 10 in the mountains, while the upstate will feel like the teens.with ample sunshine in the upstate, highs will struggle to reach the mid-30's on wednesday during the afternoon 3 and wake up with 3 fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up- up-thanks kendra-we continue
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3 winter weather is forcing a few of our mountain schools to close on wednesday-including, madison, mitchell, macon and yancey counties-if we get any more in we'll update you on-air - via the ticker at the bottom of your screenand online at our school closings tab on fox carolina dot com- 3 as you decide 2016 3 donald trump and bernie sanders... win new hampshire! the first primary of the presidential campaign ends with decisive victories for them...but what do the results mean... heading into south carolina? carolina?the outcome was expected.but just as important in the republican field-who's rounding out the top four-john kasich, followed by ted ted cruz and jeb bush - you'll remember cruz won the iowa caucuses- 3 tonight, trump and sanders are the ones celebrating-this is a
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3 trump continues to double down on his stance that voters in new hampshire believe an outsider will make a better president- on the democratic side-bernie sanders was expected to win, he was a favorite considering the proximity to his home state of vermont- here's what he had to say to the voters in the granite state tonight. 3 3 together we have sent the message that will echo from wall street to washington - from maine to californiaand that is that the 3 government of our great country belongs to all of the people 3 there are a lot of things at play here- an upstate political science professor says while this primary was
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comes next in nevada and south carolina could dictate the momentum of voters tionwide when it comes to him and hillary clinton- 3 3 3 "hillary clinton is not expected to win new hampshire and south carolina is going to be her firewall. if she comes and does well that may knock sanders back a bit and make it a little bit easier road for clinton going forward. if she comes to south carolina and doesn't do well then she's going to have a very long road ahead of her as sanders gains momentum." momentum." 3 and following tonight's results in new hampshire - winners will try to advance their momentum here in the palmetto sate - several the presidential candidates will descend on south carolina - for the first in the south primary. 3 here's a look at the schedule for tomorrow so far... but we're expecting to hear more. senator marco rubio will be stumping at spartanburg marriott beginning at noon
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3 and senator ted cruz will address voters at the summit point convention center in spartanburg at 4 p-m.. p-m.and republican front runner donald trump will also be in town...rallying at clemson university at 7 tomorrow nightwe'll bring you live coverage of those events on our website fox carolina dot com. 3 the nine republican candidates are preparing for their south carolina debate at the peace center in greenville *this saturday...ahead of the primary elections here on february 20-th. th.and just one week following that...the democratic candidates will face off in their own south carolina primary election on february 27-th.remember for information on all the candidates--head to fox carolina dot com. 3 the republican candidates will be in greenville on saturday- preps already underway for the debate at the peace center- it's set for nine p-mof course we'll have continuing coverage on air and online- 3 let's take you back live to new hamphsire- ted cruz preparing to speak again,
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primary-but a lot of people keeping an eye at least on the republican side who ends up in the second and third slots- we're still waiting to hear from runner up john kasich stay with us for continuing coverage. 3 happening now 3 greenville water is warning customers of a phone scam-- scam--they say the scammers call and tell customers they're late on payments...and
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risk having their service disconnected. disconnected.the company says they will never ask for personal or financial information over the phone. phone.and sometimes the scammers call on weekends. greenville water says they'll never call on weekends. weekends.if you receive a call like law enforcement and greenville water. 3 we've seen the phone scams- and tonight, we're trying to keep you safe- investigating how your number might just end up in the hands of a con artist- plus, how to avoid it. 3 the minute you answer your phone--you can start protecting yourself- make sure you're listening- 3 stop before you give out personal information...and experts say if money is involved... there's a good chance it's a scam! scam!fox carolina's rebecca atkins spoke with deputies and the b-b-b, she's live for us outside the law enforcement center with how to avoid falling victim.rebecca? 3 well diana, i also spoke with greenville police, they say greenville water notified them of two cases where their customers were called by a scammer claiming to be the
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depending on the time of year, utilities scams start popping up more frequently when the weather starts to change. 3 3 3 3 telephone ringinganswering a telephone call is something most people do at least several times a day.... day.... 3 hello?but when you get a call from someone claiming to be a company that provides you with some type of service... it's not always easy to tell if they're legitimate or not. not. 3 "saying that they owe a bill, or something with the utility company, and basically the other one, the scammers are using scare tactics."vee daniel is the president and ceo of the greenville better business bureau, she says if you owe a bill you would have already been notified through a letter in the mail. "they're not gonna call you, and start high pressure, and ask for money over the phone."daniel says it's good to ask the caller questions, she advices asking them their name."what company and then, and you know basicaly your'e phone number, and then say you know, i'll be happy to call you back, and then actually call the utility company and call their customer service."and
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been affected by scams. scams. 3 keyboardon duke energy's website, customers are immediately notified of a 'fraud alert' as soon as they log into their account. account. 3 greenville county deputies say if you ever get a call on your phone you should immediately call the company they claim that they are and ask them if legitimate." 3 "it's hard to actually track down the suspect responsible for this because either a, they're using some kind of internet google phone number or a track phone that's hard to track."drew pinciaro is the public information officer for the greenville county sheriff's office, he says never give out personal information. he says there are legitamate businesses that allow you to request being on a do not call list. 3 both the sheriff's office and the bbb says there are many different ways that scammers get phone numbers. pinciaro says in 2015 they had 14 reported phone scams, but says not all scams are reported. greenville police say they have been notified of 2
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water', they are waiting to speak with one of the victims, but they do say the number is diana? 3 rebecca, although it doesn't seem likely to get your number out of the hands of scammers, what does law enforcement advise you do once you've been targeted? targeted?the sheriff's office says to contact their white collar investigators, pinciaro says that's the division that investigates scams, he says if you save it... you can give them the number that called you, and file a report. reporting live in greenville, rebecca atkins fox carolina the 10 o'clock news. 3 kendra is in the weather center for a look ahead at the forecast. forecast. 3 kendra: coming up i'll have your forecast including more bitter cold coldonly on fox- a horrible
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gaffney teen.days after he and his friend were killed in a car crash... she's sharing her family's story. - a third dog found shot in anderson county -no one knows who did it or why... the latest on the investigation...and annie's road to cam newton responds to the critics calling him a sore loser...turns out he agrees! we'll hear from number one for the first time since walking out of the super bowl post game press conference.
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3 donald trump 3 and bernie sanders delcared winners in new hampshire's primary- the split seems to be among established politicians and outsiders---tonight's results weren't surprising but many say nevada and south carolina, which are the next two primaries could set the tone of country-tonight we're hearing from the runners - up - including ohio governor john and here's what hillary clinton had to say after conceding this evening 3 3 3 eveninghad to say after hillary clinton and here's what kasich.governor john including ohio runners - up - hearing from the tonight we're country-the rest of the set the tone of primaries could are the next two carolina, which and south many say nevada surprising but weren't outsiders---established the split seems primary- the split seems established outsiders--- politicians and established the split seems hampshire's delcared and bernie donald trump donald trump and bernie sanders and bernie donald trump and bernie sanders delcared winners in new hampshire's primary- the split seems to be among established
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surprising but many say nevada and south carolina, which are the next two primaries could set the tone of the rest of the country-tonight we're hearing from the 3 runners - up - including ohio governor john kasich.and here's what hillary clinton had to say after conceding this evening 3 3 3 and here's what we're gonna do now we're gonna take this campaign to the entire country, we're gonna fight for every vote in every state -and we're gonna fight for real solutions that make real
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3 and a live look now at ohio
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3 now to an 3 interview you'll see only on fox 3 two families are in mourning after a car accident took the lives of two friends who attended gaffney high school. this is a look at seniors shemar buyers and dominick galoski.they lost their lives... lives...two other students - the driver rhett boheler -and brooke blanton - a backseat passenger survived, but had to be airlifted from the scene and are recovering tonight. 3 tonight shemar buyers mom is speaking out only to fox carolina - about the kind of person her son was - and the help she needs for his funeral arrangements. carolinas shale remien sat down with her one on one - she joins us live outside gaffney high school with that interview - shale? 3 diana,shemars family says they miss their brother, son &; friend more than anything.
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accident. when i was over at the home tonight, shemars basketball team was visiting the family. none of them wanting to talk because of the painful. his mother saying he had an impact on so many. 3 3 3 "it felt like i was in my worst nightmare."dyetta's says she is living her worst nightmare.her son shemar buyers kissed her on the cheek friday morning.she had no idea that would be the last memory she would have with her son."i saw the coroner's jeep and i knew."her son shemar buyers was killed in a car accdient. along with dominick galoski. "and he said, i'm sorry for your loss, your son has been killed in an accident, and i said no, that's not my son.....i just broke down...a piece of my heart just left." shock is still 3 weighing heavyily on the family tonight."every time i hear a knock on my door... i still say shemar."dyyetta set up a go fund me page for funeral arrangment costs. she says with the sudden news,
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means of giving him a proper funeral."my goal is 7000 and that's for the funeral home, burial plot. and everyone has been working with us because this came out of no where." dyetta says it feels like a part of her left the day her son was killed in the accident. "that was my best friend, and everyone said he would never go anywhere and leave his mamma and he never did leave his mama."shemar's best friend dominick was also a big loss to the family."my heart goes out to dominck's mom, because he was just like my child too because he was his best friend, if you saw one, they were together."the family says shemar had a big perosnality that will leave an impact on everyone."he had so many friends, he was just
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3 the funeral will take place here in gaffney and buffalo baptist church at 1pm on saturday . .shemar's mom says she really appreciated the school has conselors and ministers at school on monday to help the students cope with such a tragic loss. 3 kendra is in the weather center 3 3 3 extremely cold air is pushing into the carolinas and georgia, and with it comes some flurries for the upstate and snow in the mountains. tonight temperatures will drop fast, with dangerous wind chills in the mountains.expect lows to plummet to around 20 in the upstate and 15 in e mountains by wednesday morning. wind chills will be near 0 to minus 10 in the mountains, while the upstate will feel like the teens.with ample sunshine in the upstate, highs will struggle to reach the mid-30's on wednesday during the afternoonlatest forecast at weather
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log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 back to you. you. 3 3 you could soon be able to buy beer and wine on sundays throughout the city of spartanburg 3 but city council members are working to gather more information before expanding the policy - for the first time in more than a decade. - reverend franklin graham is asking for voters to pray before heading to their polling places -he's kicking off a tour around the country - to make sure our democracy stems from a moral foundation. foundation.and why he walked off!everyone talking about this moment after a tough carolina loss -tonight we're hearing from panther quarterback cam newton about his behavior during the super bowl post game. game.
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3 developing tonight 3 two more confirmed cases of the zika virus in the united states in indiana and one in eastern tennesse - but so far the threat has not reached the carolinas. carolinas.dhec officials say
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in the palmetto state. several tests have been sent to the cdc - but four have come back negative.another five are pending.we spoke with a doctor today who says symptoms may or may not show up - it's a case by case basis. but there is one blanket rule doctors want you to follow. 3 3 3 "if you have been in the area where where the zika virus have being present you may get symptoms of fever rash join pain general fatigue you should consult with your ob- gyn physician." 3 the mosquito bourne virus is dangerous due to the potential birth defect it can cause - zika can also be sexually transmitted.a vaccine is in the works - but still likely years out.and new tonight - concerns about the virus' risk has kenya looking to potentially pull out of this summer's olympic games in rio. brazilian authorities insist there will be no risk to athletes or spectators when
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3 a dog found shot in anderson county is recovering tonight -starting a long road of rehabilitation rehabilitationofficials say they don't know who shot her or why - more of annie's story - straight ahead aheadplus...unofficial results show donald trump and bernie sanders clinched new hampshire -now the candidates set their
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carolina!3 only on fox... 3 take a look at annie... she's the third dog to be shot in anderson county in the past few weeks.two have survived and one has one has been arrested in these cases... and it appears they're not related. 3 we are happy to be able to say tonight that annie is doing okay...but is still recovering after emergency surgery. carolina's sharon johnson joins us live.sharon - do we know who shot her? 3 no, animal advocates do not know who shot her.surprisingly - annie is doing well.she had surgery today and already up trying to walk on her leg.but it will be weeks before she is
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3 someone shot this beautiful and gentle dog - then left it to fend for itself or die.but she didn't...((sot kim)) 1:05:28 "the leg is so- so mangled, candidly it was so mangled and we were concerned we would not be able to do that surgery."with that surgery- annie has been given a second chance. chance.1:05:03 "when she came in, she ws visibly limping. at the time, we didn't know. we saw the gunshot wound, but we didn't know if she had also been hit by a car. the surgeons confirmed yesterday that in fact, that horrible limp, just not even being able to use the leg came from a really wicked gunshot wound. 1:05:20anderson county paws found the 2 year old dog roaming around with a shattered leg.they pleaded with the greenville humane society to take her because - her time was up at the shelter and she was scheduled to be euthenized.they thought her leg would need amputating. pyrenees- collie mix, a larger dog. that's not a good idea in terms of amputating a front leg. its really hard for them to get around and really painful."annie's elbow
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dollars and was a success.the humane society has raised 6-hundred of that to pay upstate veterinary specialists. annie now needs 12 weeks of physical therapy. dr. wheat will foster... and provide that rehab. rehab. 3 1:15:54 "what we call pasive range of motion. so, i will be moving her elbow up and down and back n forth and its done several times a day. she will get that leg iced just like an athlete would before we do those motions just to give her a little more comfort."we may never know who shot annie - but there is comfort in knowing a dog with such a sweet and gentle personality - will make adoption much easier. 3 now annie and another dog named amara were both found shot about the same time, but in different parts of anderson county.animal rescuers don't think the shootings are related.and the other dog who was shot and killed was believed to have been the victims of burglars who were looking to steal from a
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3 coming up later in this newscast...more on amara -the other pup found shot and wandering in anderson county ... left blinded and badly hurt -tonight the sheriff's office told us they know who shot amara... and we'll explain why that person will not face charges.the story new at 11. 3 as you decide 2016 3 donald trump and bernie sanders have won in new hampshire. hampshire.looking live now at campaign headquarters -we're also live streaming this at fox carolina dot com -we'll continue to update the final delegate counts as these numbers come in.let's listen in -
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3 a couple 3 interesting storylines -the lack of support for nearby new jersey govenor chris christie. the sudden surge of votes for ohio 3 governor john kasich -pundits have noted the ohio governor's focus on new hampshire since the beginning of his campaign, staging more than 100 town halls. 3 all focus now turns to south carolina - ahead of the first in the south primaries.the candidates will of course be here in greenville this saturday for a debate at the peace center. center.a democratic debate is scheduled for thursday - put on by pbs and cnn at the
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milwaukee. 3 and as these candidates start stumping through south carolina - in a last effort to reach voters before the primaries -make sure to check out fox carolina dot com.we've got a list of all the events and rallies taking place throughout our area -as well as all your political headlines. 3 and as the palmetto state's primary fast approaches - franklin graham held a prayer rally at south carolina's state house today - to kick off his "decision america 2016 tour," the son of famed evangelist billy graham is traveling to all 50 states as the presidential nomination process heats up, leading to the november election.franklin graham is calling for restoration of biblical principles at all political levels. 3 3 3 you see the moral and political walls of our nation are crumbling. walls are meant for protection, is to keep bad
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opened and when the threats come, gates can be closed, our moral walls and gates are down. 3 again - south carolina's republican primary is set for saturday february 20th.the democratic primary is the following saturday - on the 27th. 3 happening now 3 the city of spartanburg is considering expanding sunday alcohol sales salescity council members are in the process of gathering more information on the possibility of allowing grocery and convenient stores to sell beer and wine on sundays.sunday sales are still banned statewide - though the policy has been overturned by voters in individual counties and cities. in spartanburg - a 2003 referendum allowed restaurants and bars to serve. tonight we talked with city council member erica brown. 3 3 3 we have about 70 perspective vendors that would qualify to apply if is passed. to me it's all about business. i think
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the city as a whole by basically saying we want you to spend your money here and shoo local but yet in sunday's we want you to go and spend your money elsewhere. :23 :23any change to the city's sunday alcohol sales policy would require a petition with enough signatures validated by the city of spartanburg election commission before a referendum could be put on an upcoming ballot.we'll be sure to keep you updated. 3 continuing to cover our counties 3 haywood county deputies are looking for a missing canton man - last heard from on monday morning.the family of jeffrey scott turner says he was at work at 10 a.m. that day - but no one has been able to reach him since.turner may be driving a black 1987 toyota pickup truck similar to the one you see here -with north carolina tag number zsl-1573. anyone who has any information is asked to contact either the haywood county sheriff's office.
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step in the ongoing legal battle surrounding the police shooting of seneca teen zachary hammond. hammond.a hearing is scheduled for tomorrow in federal court- it's to determine if the city of seneca should release communication between thememand their hired p-r firm in the wake of the shooting- this stems from the july 26th incident where lt. mark tiller shot and killed hammond in the hardee's parking lot- hammond's parents say lt. regarding this hearing, the city says their communications with complete p-r is privileged information- however, hammond's attorneys say the family was given false information, and the communications would prove it- we'll be at the hearing and let you know what happens- 3 in greenville county - three men were arrested after a manhunt forced several schools to go on lockdown. lockdown.shortly after noon today thomas e-kerns elementary...southside high and m-t anderson support center were put on lockdown.. authorities were looking for burglars who broke into a home on oak hill drive.
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sheriff's office says a witness saw three men take off in a b-m-w s-u-v.deputies set up a perimeter... and brought out their k-9's.the three men were located - and the lockdowns were lifted around one this of the suspects was taken to the hospital... and two were interviewed by investigators. so far no word on any charges being filed - the investigation is ongoing. 3 tonight fox carolina investigates some close calls! calls!with more drones in the air... there are more near collisions with even happened in our area!we're taking a look at the issue! issue!plus..simpsonville police are doing their best to make it valentine day special for every child...thanks to a generous donation of valentines cards..and a special delivery at a local elementary school. the winter chill is upon us this week -and it turns out the cold dry air could increase our chances of getting sick.we've got tips to stay warm and healthy - straight ahead.
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staying power of the cold air! air! 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 in a fox carolina investigation -drones are becoming more and more common and so are mid-air encounters between drones and airplanes. according to the f-a-a..there have recently been 17 close encounters between high flying drones and airplanes. 3 one of those incidents
10:34 pm carolina's adrian acosta looked into what the f-a-a doing in light of all of these near misses 3 3 3 i am here at the studios of pro bros productions where they have a fleet of drones..including the one you see behind mea&and d they tell me its all about safety when it comes to flying these things and the f.a.a agrees ""nats""at pro bros productions in greenvillea&they are all about getting the shot..."we are a full blown production company"and co-owner sergio loaiza says sometimes they use a drone to do it"it brings a new dynamic to a marketing event"but loaiza says when it comes to flying his safety 3 " one person always mans the drone and the other person controls the camera its just a lot safer"the f.a.a also believes when it comes to can never be to safea&.that's why they launched a campaign called "know before you fly"a&that provides information for new drone pilotsthe f.a.a even has an app that will let drone
10:35 pm
fly at their location""nats"" from august 2014 to august of 2015 pilots reported 17 mid-air encounters with drones to the faa..including 1 in greenville county where a plane flying more than 7000 feet upa&came within 200 feet of a dronethe faa says the maximum height a drone is allowed to go up is 400 feeta&and it must stay within eyesight eyesight 3 "a drone strike can be very serious just like a bird strike can be serious to an aircraft"darwin simpson is the director of spartanburgs downtown airport"if a drone penetrates a jet engine, it could destabilize a jet that's coming in or taking off" simpson says luckily there have been no close calls at his airporta&and he'd like to keep it that way"we would not want a drone responsible for an aircraft crash and we remind people they are strictly prohibited from
10:36 pm
the airport"some high end drones like the one you are seeing now come preprogrammed with software that wont even let them take off near prohibited airspacea&but until all drones have that safety feature..the guys here a pro bros recommend lots of practice, working with a spottera&they even offer classes here for new drone pilotsa&we are also going to put some of those resources i talked about from the faa on the as seen on section of live in greenville adrian acosta fcnt 3 new tonight 3 two days later and it's still what everyone in the carolina's is talking about... quarterback cam newton walking out of his postgame press conference after the panthers lost super bowl 50 sunday night... newton's been ridiculed ever since... experts and analysts calling the q-b "selfish" and a "sore loser"... 3 sports director ac joins us... and aaron, newton spoke to the media earlier, and says he *is
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right?3 yeah we'll play that for you in just a minute... no question newton probably wishes he handled the loss with a little more grace... grace...the panthers getting back to bank of america stadium to clean out their lockers tuesday morning... at almost the same time while denver celebrated the super bowl with their victory parade... newton's actions after the super bowl loss, continue to burn up sports talk radio and t-v shows... part of it is how popular the signal caller's become.. newton says while he does aim to set an example with his actions... he's fine with being labled a sore loser... 3 "i've been on record to say i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose? you show me a good loser and i'm going to show you a loser. it's not a popularity contest. i'm here to win football games. i had a lot of time to go back and play everything back. i'm human. i never once said that i was perfect. i never
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but at the end of the day, people pick'' pick''more from newton on his effort level towards the end of the game coming up at 11.. as well as a look at greenwood alum josh norman.. slated for free agency.. will the panthers look to bring the talented cornerback...back? 3 kendra's here with a look at your forecast. forecast.
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3 extremely cold air is pushing into the carolinas and georgia, and with it comes some flurries for the upstate and snow in the mountains. tonight temperatures will drop fast, with dangerous wind chills in the mountains.expect ws to plummet to around 20 in the upstate and 15 in the mountains by wednesday morning. wind chills will be near 0 to minus 10 in the mountains, while the upstate will feel like the teens.with ample sunshine in the upstate, highs will struggle to reach the mid-30's on wednesday during the afternoon. the mountains will keep some clouds around with isolated snow and highs only hitting the mid 20s.the coldest night of the week will be wednesday night with a low of 18 in the upstate and 10 in the mountains, but the wind will be much lighter. thursday will be sunny with highs in the mid 30s for the mountains and low 40s in the upstate.dry and chilly weather will stretch
10:40 pm
push of cold air by valentine's day. monday will bring a slight chance for snow in the upstate with higher amounts in the sure to check out for more on the forecast and
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3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 dry winter air may not only be annoying when you deal with dry skin and static -it can also play a role in how often clinic says cold air holds less moisture -which many of us combat with humidfiers -but
10:42 pm
mold and dust mites - which may lele to respiratory issues. there are simple things you can do to help fight the dryness of the season. like increasing your fluids or taking take omega-3 supplements - as well as shortening your showers. 3 you may recall a historic number of shark encounters along the carolina coast this summer summerwell it turns out - we broke records - not only here in the u.s. - but worldwide! what experts say caused the uptick in shark attacks in 2015. carolina is following up..after a dog found shot in the head.. and blinded in anderson county. tonight - why deputies say *no
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3 new tonight 3 last year was not a good year to go into the water - 2015 set a new record for unprovoked shark attacks the florididmuseum of natural history says there were 59 shark attacks in the u-s last year.that beats the record set in 2012 .the report also found there were 98 attacks globally... beating the 88- record.experts say more swimmers, surfers and divers in the water contributed to those incidents. 3 and we saw our fair share of shark k encounters here in the carolinas -over the summer months - we saw more than a dozen reported shark bites in places like murrells inlet, surf city, isle of palms, and oak island.researchers also determined more sharks were in southeastern waters - more than 25-hundred sharks were
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to north carolinain april and may alone. 3 new details.. after a dog is found shot in the head in anderson county. county.left alone.. and starving on the side of the road.tonight - what deputies
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