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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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going to get? 3 the coldest air of the season is moving in, and that will lead to mountains snow and bitter cold air for the upstate later this week. tonight expect scattered snow showers in the mountains and blustery conditions. the upstate could see a few snowflakes north of i85, but no accumulations is expected. it will stay windy overnight with overnight lows dropping to 28 for the upstate and 22 in the mountains.tuesday will be cold and windy, as highs only warm to 38 in the upstate
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3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up- up-3 thanks kendra-we continue tonight- 3 the mountain snow has some schools closed -madison mitchell and yancey county will all be off tomorrow. remember for the latest school closing information - just head to fox carolina dot com - the link is right on our home page. 3 only on fox at ten 3 an upstate lawmaker wants to get rid of cwps ... so everyone in south carolina can carry a concealed gun without
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3 senator lee bright's proposed bill is sparking a lot of debate. 3 fox carolina's shale remien joins us live in the newsroom with what this means for gun owners. 3 diana -this bill was proposed about a year ago and was amended several times, but never passed. senator bright says he's trying again because he thinks it will help people better protect themselves. but others are saying it might do more harm than good. 3 3 3 3 tons of people come in and out of sharp shooters every day for target practice. practice.some of them holding cwps.but through a proposed bill, senator lee bright wants to do away with the requirements to the concealed carry law. law."many people including myself believe that the fact that you have to go to government to ask for a permit to defend yourself, is not what the founders intended." senator bright says his bill has passed the house... now it's in a senate subcommittee. sharp shooters in greenville says the idea of no required cwps is a scary thought.
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someone to drive car without training, would you want to go to a doctor that's not licensed? all of the different aspects in life right now, require some type of certificate."right now, cwps require a 6 to 8 hour class with a test.the proposed bill would no longer require training courses of any kind. "i think people will still take the classes, it is encouraged, but i think it's not something that we should demand."debby edwards with mom's demand action says current training courses just hit the surface of what gunholders need to know. know."i think there's a difference between knowing how to shoot and knowing whether to shoot or when to shoot.""we do have a right to bear arms, but at the same token there should be some training aspect to go along with that to teach people the legalities of what they're stepping into."sharp shooters would be difficult to carry in other states without a "we can carry right now in fl, nc, tn, kt, va, all of those states we have reciprocity with. if we do away with the south carolina conceal and carry permit,
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reason to have reciprocity with it."edwards says mom's demand action views this as a public safety concern. "if you want to have gun near our children and our families, ourselves then we want to know that you've had training, and that you've had your background checked." 3 senator bright says the concepts of the proposed bill have been implemented in places like phoniex and tucson. he says there have been little to no increase in gun violence since.diana? 3 now to a fox carolina investigation 3 just take a look at these pictures.its the mess left behind after someone broke into homes in southern greenville county- stealing and vandalizing properties - six homes hit in two days. 3 violated - angry- and scared. those are just some of the emotions victims of the break-ins arefeelings tonight.
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similarities in the burglaries and they're trying to find whoever is doing this. 3 fox carolina's sharon johnson joins us live tonight.sharon - any leads? 3 there are a few leads tonight but no arrests.victims say - in some of the break-ins there were witnesses and finger prints from some of the break-ins.but in all cases - the families in southern greenville county say they have never seen their community targeted like this. 3 3 3 the pictures tell the story... drawers, and everything - everywhere.3:02:27 (kimberly black)"ransacked the whole house, empied drawers, turned them over, openedcabinets, the mattresses, slid them off the backsprings, pulledeverything from under the bed, the closets, literally everything offthe shelves onto the floor." 3:02:44stealing valuable and irriplaceble items in this honea path home. from family jewely to an ar-15 assault rifle her husband got
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3 3:02:52 "they opened the safe, and that's where they removed 16 guns that my husband had. some were my father's who has passed away. some were my husbands grandfathers."now - those guns are somewhere on the streets possibly in the hands of criminals.the break-in also took away the security of being in her home. so she's added cameras.but security failed this family - the handys are also victims of the break-in spree.((kelvin handy and troylene handy)) 3:22:56 "i can't stay here by myself, it's a wake-up call. um-hmm"motion detectors with their security system didn't alarm when someonethrew horseshoes - smashing through this window. window. 3 9:29:15 (troylene only) "i had to leave my mom in the hospial and come home deal with this. you know, after getting the news that my mom had lung cancer - i come home to this." she found out someone had broken into their home, tore through their belongs and taken their stuff.... a tv,gun and jewelry.3:25:13 "i want my stuff back especially my
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replaced.stealing the calm of this rural community in at least 7 homes within about 15 miles of each other - 6 of the break-ins in just one week. week.12:13:09 "the level of meanness and viciousness in these break-ins is very disturbing moreso than we've seen most 3 anywhere else." they are joining together to fight these crimes...((handys)) 3:27:41 "we always look out for each other, like hey we noticed yourgarage door is up or is that you over there? we're always looking outfor each other."in their case, no one saw anything but fingerprints were left behind. 9:28:28 (kelvin only) "i would love for whoever did these break ins tobe caught." 3 ashmore says - greenville county council has approved giving the sheriff's office additional funds to hire more deputies.he says - two of the new hires would patrol southern greenville county. diana?
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this inevestigation - what are deputies looking for? for?fingerprints and eye witnesses may help deputies find whoever isbreaking into these homes.they're also on the look out to see where the stolen items turn up. 3 covering our counties at ten 3 the spartanburg county sheriff's office is asking for your help to locate a missing endangered adult. jimmy bunn was last seen leaving his house on goldmine road around 9:30 this morning. morning.his family said bunn was headed to the chesnee flee market - but never returned. bunn was also recently diagnosed with alzheimer's - -he was driving a teal green 1994 ford f250 pickup - with tag number fm59405.if you see him or have any information, you're asked to call 911 - or
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3 the greenville county sheriff's office is investigating shooting at a night club. club.around 2 this morning - witnesses say two men were arguing with a security guard outside club la roka on south pleasantburg drive.emergency responders found one person had been shot -no word on that victim's condition -so far no charges have been filed. 3 and this incident has a local activist speaking up about gun violence in the county -jack logan with "put down the guns young people" headed to the club earlier this evening - in hopes of standing up against crime he sees as senseless - and that is hurting the community. 3 this all can be prevented if we take the first step - in taking every violent crime serious - we don't need another case like this 3 anyone with information on the shooting is asked to contact the greenville county sheriff's office. 3 a northeast georgia student is facing charges after allegedly posting a terror threat on social media.
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sheriff's office says they received information the threat was directed at the high school during mid-day activites. deputies, school administrators and a school resource officer collected digital evidence of the threats and identified a single suspect.officials said the high school had received a report of the threat posted via the kik app.the student was arrested and charged with terroristic threats and acts 3 kendra has the forecast forecast3 we'll see snow in the mountains and bitter cold in the upstate. i'll have details details3 tonight, a fox carolina investigation.this greenville man was badly burned... when his e-cigarette blew up in his pocket!hear his warning... and what the e-cig industry is saying about safety. - as one brother is buried - another heads to court, accused of causing the
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tonight only on fox - we hear from their mother, at the center of this tragic case. plus - a proposed overhaul to the pickens county school distrcit -as budget woes weigh heavily on the school board - tonight they're looking to shut down three schools. .
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america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing.
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and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. 3 new tonight 3 a greenville county man is behind bars without bond ... accused of stabbing and killing his brother.ryan mcbride's charge was upgraded to murder tonight after facing a judge less than one hour ago- ago-this - after his brother sean mcbride died friday from the injuries sustained during
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3 now the upstate mother at the center of this terrible tragedy is speaking out only on fox -pattie burroughs talked with adrian acosta - and she says she was there when it all happened. 3 "pattie burroughs says her son fought for a month but finally died from injuries he suffered in an attack by his own brother...and burroughs says she saw the entire thing happen"if you ask pattie burroughs about her son sean can see her swell up with pride pride 3 "his smile, his laugh, his goofy personality, he ws so tender hearted, he was my heart he really was"sean is the middle child of three brothersback on january 4th burroughs says the youngest of the mcbride brothers, ryan, came knocking at burroughs home "it was awful, i was already on the phone with 911, to get ryan out of here, he was in a rage, high on something" burroughs says ryan came asking for money...she thinks to likely feed his drug habit "sean confronted and told him we are not giving you money we
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started hitting on sean, and he saw me in the living room calling 911""he headed towards me, and sean saved my life because he pulled ryan down" "the next thing i knew he was 3 stabbing sean right there in the living room and i was screaming to 911 to please get out here"sean suffered multiple stab wounds to his legs and back...and hung on to life for nearly a month before passing this fridaywith one son in jail and the other about to be buried...burroughs says she relies heavily on her faith to copeand as for forgiving her son ryan she says "at some point there will be but not right now"in greenville adrian acosta fox carolina news tonight 3 now to a fox carolina follow up 3 an upstate community is mourning the loss of two gaffney high school students
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in york county. county.the coroner says dominick galosi died friday in a single car crash...along with 18-year-old shemar byers. byers.troopers say rhett boheler ... who was driving the car ... and brooke blanton ... who was a backseat passenger...were both airlifted to the hospital. hospital.we told you about the crash friday night - after troopers say the suv the four teens were in ran off the right side of highway 211... striking a tree and then a officials say grief counselors and ministers were made available to students today - dealing with the loss. 3 3 there's no doubt been some kids who are really upset today of course just given the situation and the gravity of the situation having a hard time dealing with the loss of their former classmates. classmates.a funeral for galosi is set for tomorrow. arrangements for byers have not been announced. the collision remains under investigation by highway patrol. 3 developing tonight... 3 a shake up in pickens county...
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about closing these three elementary schools to save millions of dollars:a-r lewis holly springs and ambler. 3 and you can imagine the parents who have kids at those schools... have something to say about it. things got heated at tonight's pickens county school board meeting.a room filled to capacity...and an outcome... that not many people there were excited about:closing some schools... and combining others. carolinas rebecca atkins was there tonight.she spoke with parents and students about the possible change. rebecca? 3 diana, i combed the crowded room tonight at the administrative office and not one person i spoke with was for the proposed plan to close the schools and make class sizes even bigger.but although the facilities committee that met tonight includes four school board members...two of them say they are against it. 3 3 3 so many people showed up at tonight's pickens county school board meeting... they filled the room and the hallway outside.this crowd
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open.nats: clappingcheers were heard for board members opposed to shutting down a-r lewis, holly springs, and ambler elementaries. nats:"the majority of the input i've received was we're just ready for a decision, we're tired of reading about it."but after the motion passed 3-1 to send the plan to the full school board, the crowd got vocal. vocal. 3 "i'm absolutely shocked, outraged upset, there's so many different emotions going through right now." 3 "i am very disappointed in the school district that they would be even thinking about doing this."the plan would close or consolidate schools. kids from a-r lewis, holly springs, and hagood elementaries would go to school together from kindergarten to 2nd grade. students who go to ambler elementary would go to dacusville. dacusville. 3 "as the board looked at all the ways they could cut costs they realized there was no way to cut costs of millions and millions of dollars over several years without looking at school consolidation."the
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would save the district 11.8 million over five years. board member alex siatta disagrees. disagrees. 3 "we just spent over the last few years nearly 10 million dollars on those three schools to totally renovate them add classrooms to them now to actually turn around and close them would be a complete waste of money."he says he'll keep voting against it. parent rebecca newman, say this process has moved too quickly. "they're wanting to close these schools and create a primary and an intermediate school by this fall."but after spending 9 months on this plan, the committee has a different view."larger schools perform extremely well, so we're not asking for the pickens community anything that the rest of the disrtrict already has already enjoys in the larger schools and the opportunities they provide." 3 they say if the proposal goes through, no teachers will lose their jobs. this wednesday, there will be public meetings at the three schools...and next monday... a vote by the
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3 rebecca, three schools closing all at once, that's a lot of empty buildings... is there any plan for what will happen to them? them?the spokesperson for the district told me that has not yet be decided, so at this time they dont know what will be done with them. but if the board does vote to go forward with this proposal they say they want to have teachers, faculty and students placed in their new schools by march 3rd. reporting live in pickens rebecca atkins fox carolina the 10 o'clock news. 3 kendra is in the weather center 3 3 3 3 the coldest air of the season is moving in, and that will lead to mountains snow and bitter cold air for the upstate later this week. tonight expect scattered snow showers in the mountains and blustery conditions. the upstate could see a few snowflakes north of i85, but
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it will stay windy overnight with overnight lows dropping to 28 for the upstate and 22 in the mountains.tuesday will be cold and windy, as highs only warm to 38 in the upstate with a mix of clouds and sun 3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 back to you. you. 3 3 cam newton may have won the nfl mvp award - but that's not why he's getting national attention today - 3 it's his behavior after a tough super bowl loss that has some critics speaking up, and other panther fans jumping to his defense your fox fusses are coming up! up!plus - u.s. health officials say a vaccine for the threatening zika virus is in the works -plus president obama now asking congress for more than a billion dollars to
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emergency.and don't miss our fox carolina investigation... into e upstate man says his exploded... leaving him burned!tonight... hear his story only on fox...and find out how the e-cig industry is responding.
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3 a widespread vaccine against the zika virus is likely a few years away.but u.s. health officials says vaccine development is underway. underway.the national institute of allergy and infectious disease says the process is in its early stages - phase one trials to determine if the vaccine is safe are expected sometime this summer.meantime health officials expect another 4 million cases of zika to develop by the end of the year - and the president is asking congress for 1-point-8- billion-dollars to help combat the global health emergency. scientists are still trying to determine exactly how the virus spreads - after a sexually transmitted case was confirmed in texas - but mosquitoes still prove to be the primary, and most dangerous way that one can become infected. 3 3 3 "the mosquito that spreads zika virus is an aggressive daytime fighter. it lives outside and inside the home
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it."the administration wants the money for emergency response in the u.s. and overseas.and to provide assistance to the cdc for more far 50 americans have returned to the u.s. infected with zika. the mosquito borne virus is linked to birth defects and has already spread to 29-countries across south and central america. 3 up next...a fox carolina investigation!a greenville man is still recovering... after his e-cigarette left his hand and leg burned! burned!he's showing us his injuries...and warning others. but the e-cig industry says there's more to it! it!plus.... putting driver safety in the spotlight!the upstate city that's posting the number of seatbelt related deaths on their hopes it makes others buckle up! up!and chief meteorologist kendra kent is putting together your seven day forecastshe'll tell you what you can the week to come. come.
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3 tonight fox carolina investigates a& 3 e cigarettes are growing in popularity.a poll last year... found 10-percent of americans said they vape.from eagle pens
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mods... there are lots of options in an industry that's growing and could soon be more heavily regulated by the f-d-a. health questions about vaping have been widely reported.. 3 but you don't hear much about e-cigs exploding.tonight...we talk to one upstate user says he was badly hurt when his exploded in his pocket... and tonight he's sharing his story, only on fox. fox.and we go in-depth on the battery-powered vaporizers that simulate the feeling of smoking.we do want to warn you... some of the images may be disturbing. 3 17 53 48 cubicle"hey carrie... it's brandon with fox. how are you doing this afternoon?" brandon yabrough is an account executive here at fox carolina. and up until december of last year... he used an electronic cigarette.18 07 08i was vaping because i thought it was you know fun, cool and something to do. i definitely regret it now. i'll tell you that." brandon says he was actually trying to kick the vaping habit...which he's since
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he had hoped.18 08 35"i'll tell you this much. nothing like having it explode in your pocket is a good way to encourage you to stop."brandon was with a few other fox carolina employees...having lunch at a nearby restaurant. 18 02 29"i think we were talking about just work stuff like we normally do."brandon says his e-cig was in his pants pocket... when it just exploded.18 02 37"there was a lot of sparks and metal shooting out."18 02 40"i immediately stood up and grabbed it at which point that's when i got burns on my hand. threw it down. it was just yellow, hot, the actual battery and what not."brandon was rushed to g-h-s, then sent to the augusta burn center. these pictures show the extent of the burns to his thigh and hand.he suffered second and third degree burns.18 04 15 "i knew i was in the most pain of my entire life."doctor shawn fagan is a surgeon at augusta... the largest burn center in the u-s.18:33 59 "the injuries that do occur are significant and affect
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and functional areas like our hands."he didn't treat brandon... but says he has seen others hurt by e- cigarettes.18 29 13"part of our job is to educate the public so if you're going to use these devices, certainly it appears it's not as regulated as other products on the market."but those who work with the e-cigarette industry say there's more to it.this is the nicvape store on woodruff road in greenville.nats of vaping--andrew mulvihill is the manager... and showed us several types of e-cigs:eagle pins... apv's and mech mods.he explains safety falls not only on manufacturers and sellers... but those who use the devices.19:48:52"it is important to take a qtip and just kind of run it up in there to clean everything out." using the right charger for the unit's battery... is essential.(19:47:25)"you're going to plug it into your charger."and he says it's important to check the battery to make sure it's in good shape.(19:40:38)"there's nothing torn on the sleeve of
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know visually this looks like a safe battery to use."and to unattended. 3 3 (19:27:25)"you've got to think of electronic devices all over the place. cell phones, laptops, some are using the exact same batteries we are. so, there's a hazard no matter where you look at the angle from, but it's not a hazard as long as you use the safety protocals."articles like these... all from the past month... could have you thinking differently... exploding e cigarette battery severely burns new hampshire man: (jan 26, 2016)police: e cigarette blows us, causing semi driver to run off eye 65 in indiana (jan 6, 2016)man loses teeth, jaw wired together after e-cig explodes... (jan 21, 2016)and teen burns leg after e- cigarette explodes in pant pocket. (jan 4, 2016)but when you add up the numbers... here's what a government study on e-cigarettes found.the federal emergency management agency says it is aware of at least 25 explosions between
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hurt.the agency did warn in a 2014 report that the quote... shape and construction of e-cigarettes can make them more likely than other products with lithium-ion batteries to behave like flaming rockets when a battery fails.17 53 56 cubicle"i'm sure you're wondering why you hadn't heard from me in a little while."no matter what the statistics show...brandon yarbrough says he knows the impact of an too well.he's seeking legal help... and can't tell us what type of e cig or battery he was using.18 11 52"this pinky took a big chunk of it. this area took a lot of it right here since that's where i grabbed it. it was like a steak, it instantly seared my hand."but says he just wants others... to be aware of what happened to him. 18 10 33"it just went off. no warning. nothing." 3 there are several vaping and e-cigarette trade associations and other groups.we reached out to some of them... to get their take on fires like the one involving brandon.while they said they couldn't respond to his specific
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incidents like his seriously. they passed along safety guidelines... some of the same ones we heard at the nic vape store. from a reputable vendor... vendor...don't over-tighten the charger into the battery. battery.don't leave batteries unattended. unattended.don't use a damaged battery. battery.don't leave batteries in the car... because of extreme hot or cold. cold.use a charger that matches the battery. battery.and check that the contact points for the battery are clean. clean.and the smoke-free alternatives trade association added quote:while we take these reports very seriously, millions of former smokers across the united states and overseas continue to use these products as intended and have found vaping to be a significant alternative to combustible cigarettes. electronic cigarettes are an electronic device and do not combust. they should be thought the same as other rechargable electrical equipment such as laptops and cell phones, in terms of being battery powered.
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this statement and the full statements from other ecig groups who replied to us. us.log on to fox carolina dot com for more information. 3 now to a fox carolina follow up 3 out of greenville county - where deputies say they've arrested the man responsivle for a shooting inside a pharmacy. 3 we told you friday night about the shooting at the parker road drug store -investigators believe an argument broke out before a woman was shot...she was taken to g-h-s with non life threatening injuries. injuries.a store employee - mark wansley now faces several charges including attempted murder.he is being held without bond 3 also in greenville county - we're learning more about a fire at an apartment complex that displaced more than two dozen people over the weekend. fire marshals say the fire appears to be accidental - thought the exact cause of the fire still has yet to be determined.we do know the fire broke out in on the deck of an upstairs unit.restorations
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reppairs to the 15 apartments affected.8 of those units were a total loss, others were damaged by smoke and water.the red cross is helping out the residents affected. 3 continuing to cover our counties 3 clemson university police have arrested an anderson county man accused of stealing from students at the library on campus. campus.richard garrison was charged with five felony counts of financial transaction card theft and five counts of petit larceny after reportedly taking items from backpacks left unattended at the r.m. cooper library.a purse, wallets with bank and id cards and cash, an iphone and other personal items were reportedly taken on february 1st and second.some of the bank cards were used at area stores.garrison is being held on a more than 35-thousand dollar bond. 3 the trial is underway for a man that deputies say took the life of an infant.opening statements began today in the case of - tarran edwardshe's
10:34 pm
abuse - after the coroner says an 11-week-old baby in his care died from head trauma in november of 2013.we will of course continue to follow the trial - and update you when a verdict comes down on air and online. 3 troopers and policeare always trying to get drivers to slow down.. and fasten their seat belts. belts.but now police in greer.. are trying to get your attention in a different way. fox carolina's jennifer phillips has moreon a sign they may have caught your eye. 3 3 this is a busy two-lane road in greer and this electronic signgives a startling stat..that is getting the attention of drivers. drivers. 3 it sits near a greer park.. and just off suber road.police say it's part of a safety initiative to getpeople to think.. slow down.. and buckle up.the sign gives a deadly wreck statistic.and the last time we checked..police told us..right now there are more than 25 deadly wrecks.. directly relatedto not wearing
10:35 pm
so far this year.we talked to a man who lives off suber road.. he says the sign got his attention. attention. 3 3 "it does make me feel a little more aware- of course and i hope it does everyone else." else." 3 3 3 "we want to get people's awareness now while we can and hopefully carry them into the summer with good habits." police officers say right now this sign is purposely posted at this park.. and near riverside high school.. but it willalso move to other parts of the city.they say they want to catch the eyes of as many drivers as possible. possible. 3 traffic officers say the sign alsoflashes information about events goingon around the city. jennifer phillips fox carolina ...ttocn 3 happening now 3 the carolina panthers are back at in charlotte tonight -they arrived this evening after a tough loss to the denver broncos in super bowl 50 last night.but fans were out in
10:36 pm
and welcome them home. 3 and panther fans still have a lot to celebrate - after a stellar overall season. carolina lost only one game in both the regular season and post season -plus head coach ron rivera got the coach of the year nod, and q-b cam newton snagged the league's mvp award. award.and this was posted to the team's twitter account - you can see the crowds of fans decked out in blue and black - the message is simple - panther nation, we can't thank you enough.and of course - keep pounding.and that's what many expect the panthers to do heading into next season. 3 but is cam newton a sore loser? loser?that's what some critics are saying after he walked out of a post-super bowl press conference.but others say theres more to the story - your fox fusses are next.armed robbers caught on camera! camera!plus...armed robbery
10:37 pm
greenville!this shocking video shows suspects pointing their guns at a restaurant employee's head -more on the investigation - and how you can help bring the perpetrators to justice! justice!and i'll talk about our big cold snow ahead! ahead! 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 the denver broncos defense seemed to be the proverbial kryptonite that took down the m-v-p quarterback known as
10:39 pm
season high 13 times - sacked 6 times. and the 10 overthrown passes by the panthers signal caller ties for the most in super bowl history... 3 sports anchor shannon sommerville joins us now...and shannon its not cam newton's stats that's got everyone upset today... today...that's right newton had a bad game as did the rest of the panthers cam's certainly no stranger to criticism...he's one of the most polarizing players in the n-f-l... l...but he definitely didn't win anyone over last night at his postgame press conference....his monosyllabic sometimes barely audible responses didn't sit well with the media. even former players spoke out. like hall of fame cornerback deion sanders who said "i understand the emotions of losing but you can't do that." but take a listen here... 3 trt:38they just played better
10:40 pm
want me to say. they made more plays than us and that's what it comes down to. i mean we had our opportunities, it wasn't nothing special that they did, we dropped balls, we turned the ball over, gave up sacks, t tew errant passes, that's it, they scored more points than us. (after a long pause, cam 3 walks off the stage) stage)cam also facing a lot of criticism from the sports media world for a perceived lack of effort like on this play where he doesnt dive for the ball after one of his fumbles...take a look he sort of pulls up as opposed to dive to recover the ball. now as for the press conference some have suggested the reason he left was that he could hear broncos players nearby... but still didn't sit well with
10:41 pm
3 we made this the topic of tonight's fox fuss 3 a lot of you had something to say about newton's actions on and off the field - -including brian who said - classless! when he doesn't get his way he is the biggest sore loser in the nfl! but when he wins he doesn't shut up! he needs to take notes from luke kuechly on how to conduct yourself after a loss. 3 but katherine said - lay off him already. wouldn't you be upset if you lost the super bowl? people are constantly bad-mouthing him. if he wins and celebrates, he's too arrogant. if he loses and gets upset, he's a crybaby. he's a human being with emotions. get over it! 3 and iosaidi was like that too when they made that last touchdown! my heart just matter who plays for the team, i'll always be a carolina panthers fan! 3 remember you can email us anytime at the fox fuss at fox carolina dot com.or find us on facebook under fox
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forecast3 3 taking a live look now in asasville 3 the coldest air 3 of the season is moving in, and that will lead to mountains snow and bitter cold air for the upstate later this week.tonight expect scattered snow showers in the mountains and blustery conditioio. the upstate could see a few snowflakes north of i85, but no accumulations is expected. it will stay windy overnight with overnight lows dropping to 28 for the upstate and 22 in the mountains.tuesday will be cold and windy, as highs only warm to 38 in the upstate with a mix of clouds and sun. snow will continue to fall, mainly along the tennessee
10:43 pm
highs only reaching the 30 degree mark in the mountains. tuesday night lows will drop to 15 in the mountains and 20 in the upstate.wednesday will be very cold but less windy. highs will reach 35 with sunshine for the upstate and 25 in the mountains. any lingering snow showers should be winding down by late wednesday in the mountains. the coldest night arrives wednesday night as lows drop to 18 for the upstate and 10 in the mountains. make sure to look out for the elderly and your pets as well. make sure everyone can get warm on such
10:44 pm
night.3 of the season is moving in, and that will lead to mountains snow and bitter cold air for the upstate later this week.tonight expect scattered snow showers in the mountains and blustery conditions. the upstate could see a few snowflakes north of i85, but no accumulations is expected. it will stay windy overnight with overnight lows dropping to 28 for the upstate and 22 in the mountains.tuesday will be cold and windy, as highs only warm to 38 in the upstate with a mix of clouds and sun. snow will continue to fall, mainly along the tennessee border, through the day with highs only reaching the 30 degree mark in the mountains. tuesday night lows will drop to 15 in the mountains and 20 in the upstate.wednesday will be very cold but less windy. highs 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 and as these temperatures drop -hillcrest baptist church in willimaston is opening their
10:45 pm
opened tonight at 6 p.m. - and will remain open through wednesday night.of course for more information on places to stay warm - just head to fox carolina dot com. 3 an armed robbery at an upstate pizza joint - captured by surveillence cameras camerasan employee was rushed at gunpoint while trying to close the store -more details on the investigation - coming up. young upstate boxers.. burst into the national spotlight!they now have the silver gloves title.. tonight - how they hope to inspire others.. to follow
10:46 pm
the first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country.
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he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush.
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new tonight 3 quicken loans' super bowl ad didn't sit well with some viewers. viewers.the online lender promoted 'rocket mortgage,' last night during the big game. it's a new tool that allows consumers to get a mortgage completely online.according to quicken loans president jay farner...the goal was to promote the convenience of the app.but some viewers on twitter said it was promoting a lending environment similar to the years leading up to the housing crash and the great recession.quicken loans' twitter handle was active sunday night responding to both negative and positive feedback. 3 but some other companies were big winners during last night's game -pizza hut says it broke its all time digital sale record by half-time during super bowl fifty.the pizza chain reporting it raked in nearly 12 million dollars in digital sales by the end of the night - the previous record was less than ten million dollars.more than 60 percent of the orders were
10:49 pm
putting orders placed on desktop computers in second for the first time. 3 better protection.. or badd idea?an upstate lawmaker wants to get rid of c-w-ps. would allow *everyone in south carolina to carry a concealed gun.. *without training or a permit. tonight - we hear from both sides of the new controversial bill. 3 upstate pizza joint.. targeted by robbers.. and it's all caught on camera! three men storm the store.. armed with guns.tonight - how the employee was able to get help. 3
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3 we're back with a look at your forecast 3 this is a live look in
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