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tv   FOX Carolina News Tonight  FOX  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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3 we're back with a look at your forecast 3 and we're live in downtown greenville where you can see some wet weather is starting
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3 heavy rain is on 3 the way for early wednesday, along with a few t-storms. skies clear wednesday night with our next chance for rain/snow coming late sunday into monday.spotty showers, clouds and fog will linger into tonight with tempmpatures actually warming into the 60s during the overnight hours. heavy rain arrives wednesday morning in the mountains, mainly after 7 a.m. the line of heavy rain and embedded t- storms will push into the upstate and northeast georgia between 8 a.m. and noon. isolated strong storms are possible with damaging wind being the primary sure to check out for more on the forecast and interactive radar 3 and don't forget to wake up with thee morning news-- meteorologist nicole papay will have a check of the forecast and traffic reporter chris scott will have the latest road conditions on your way to work.that's from 5:00 to 9:00 on thee morning news.
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super bowl 50 3 and they're hoping to get their first title in franchise history!but it'll be a tough task as they go up against the broncos defense. defense.joining us live from outside levi's stadium in santa calra--is fox carolina sports director aaron cheslcok. and aaron, we already heard cam newton talk about peyton manning, he also brought up clemson quarterback deshaun watson right? 3 thanks diana and codyyeah, newton of course with a long standing relationship with the tigers signal caller... coincidently both come off the best seasons in their respective careers... 3 watson of course, coming off a historic career... the first quarterback in history to throw for more than 4-thousand yards and rush for over a thousand... heisman finalist... national title
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likely win the mvp award this weekend... and could claim carolinas first super bowl title in franchise history... newton says being able to go through such a special season, while watson had his breakout year on the collegiate level.. makes the success just that much sweeter." 3 3 "little deshaun man, he's special. and for me to see him at w young age in high school. and, for him to flourish the way he's flourished and he's still not done yet. he's kind of been a person that i've mentored. and an oval shaped pigskin has taken him a long way. and it's going to take them a longer way, if they respect the game and stay true to who they are." are."watson attended one of newtons 7-on-7 camps in georgia... the two georgia natives have remained close
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3 plenty more panthers to talk about coming up in sports... 3 including an update on star defenders thomas davis and jared allen... that's just minutes away in sports...diana and cody back to you. 3 and right here in the upstate spartanburg is going all out to show their support for the panthers that train there during the summer months. 3 fox carolina's rebecca atkins is live for us tonight in spartanburg to tell us more about where you can find blue and black across their area. rebecca? 3 well cody and diana, we are downtown right now, and as you can see the city has put out the panthers training camp
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here during the summer. 3 but that's not the only place you will find panthers items placed around the city. at city hall there are several panthers decals along the windows, they also have placed a sign inside 'the restaurant that says "spartanburg loves the carolina panthers. people are welcome to come in and sign the poster. one of the owners there says the sign will be brought to the super bowl and they will also be having a wing special on sunday night. wofford college is also taking a picture with faculty, staff and students outside the main building to send to the panthers. 3 3 3 "everyone is just beyond excited, we just really feel like they're a part of our family cause they are with us every summer. our food service folks are so excited to cause they get to know the playersrs really really well during training camp." camp." 3 "it's right here in spartanburg where you can get up close and personal to the panthers at training camp so i know everybody is really really excited and i know that all the downtown establishments all the places with big tvs are gonne be packed out on super bowl
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our panthers." 3 the city also encourages anyone who is interested to come out on thursday at 10 to take a group picture in your panthers gear. cody? 3 rebecca seems like they truly are celebrating for the panthers out there, have you seen anything else panthers related while you've been out there? there?definitely, these signs that the city brought back out are a big eye catcher, and there is also a tent set up on west main street where you can buy panther's gear. reporting live in spartanburg, rebecca atkins fox carolina news tonight. 3 as you decide 2016 3 republican presidential candidate ted cruz is celebrating today...after last night's victory in iowa.... with 28-percent of the vote in the caucus....putting him four points ahead of donald trump. 3 and the texas senator is showing no sign of slowing
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campaign stops... one of them here in the upstate tonight. can see cruz speaking to a full house at the t-d convention center in greenville...south carolina congressman jeff duncan also threw his support behind cruz this afternoon.cruz said he will repeal every word of obamacare if he becomes president, and pass a simple flat tax.he encouraged the crowd to pray for the country.. and cruz told them how important south carolina's vote will be on february 20th. 3 3 south carolina role historically , has been choosing presidents, and south carolina this yearis goig to insure that the nest republican nominee and the nest president of the united states is a true and proven conserertive." conservative."meantime hillary clinton won the vote over bernie sanders for the democratic ticket by what's being called "the closest in iowa democratic caucus history."sanders campaign says
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night's results in several counties--but clinton showed relief to not have a repeat in 2008. 3 3 3 "in that last week i had so many people come up to me and say they had decided to support me and it could not have been better, it was a great great night." 3 with the first caucus behind them - the presidential candidates are now gearing up for new hampshire.on the democratic side bernie sanders is way ahead in new hampshire - since he's from neighboring vermont.then it's on to the south carolina democratic primary on february 27th. 27th.on the republican ticket - trump, rubio, kasich, christie, are expected to split the libertarian vote - which leaves a lane for ted cruz to have a strong performance. the new hampshire primary takes place next tuesday. 3 and ahead of south carolina's primaries -the campaigns will be stumping the palmetto state this wee.donald trump will be at the florence civic center on friday.bill and chelsea clinton will also be campaigning for the former secretary of state. presidential candidates from both parties have been invited
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issues in south carolina at bob jones university on the 12th.the next day gop candidates will take part in a debate at the peace center. remember for all you need to know--head to fox carolina dot com under the "you decide" tab. 3 in tonight's most wanted 3 in the midlands--columbia police are looking for a suspect they believe may be connected to a sexual assault near the usc campus.'s a look at the man police want to talk to. police say the sexually attack took place between 3:15 and 3:30 saturday morning - on the 800 block of barnwell street, that's near the capstone dorm. officers say a man approachch a woman and said he had a weapon. if you recognize this man - or have any information - call crime stoppers at 1-888- crimesc. 3 happening now 3 tonight authorities are asking you to be on the lookout for a missing teen from georgia who's believed to be in georgia. georgia.take a look--ashley wayne was last seen at rabun county high school around noon
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to be traveling in a white four door sedan like the one you see on your screen....with a man named justin dixon. authorities say the two could be heading for atlanta....macon...or even florida...louisiana or texas. wayned does require medication....if you see her or have any 911 immediately 3 as we continue to cover our counties 3 in haywood county--the sheriff's office is investigating a home invasion...and need help identifying the suspect. happened on hickory hill lake junaluska. the sheriff's office says they were called out just after 9 p-m.... m....where they this person kicked in the door of a home. the homeowner confronted the suspect who dropped items he was trying to steal and then fled in this mercury s-u-v with temporary tags.if you know anything regarding this the haywood county sheriff's office at the number on your screen. 3 a greenville mother says she had a shocking discovery when she went to pick up her son from school on monday.
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she when she arrived to quest leadership academy monday afternoon--the principal informed her the driver forgot her son onboard the bus.greer says her son had fallen asleep on the way to school and when he woke up...he was all alone...his mom says this isn't the first time something like this has happened. 3 3 3 he had run to the back door of his class room to bang on the door and get out, its very unacceptable. he is four years old and this is not the first incident with him in the buses where they've left them at school when he was supposed to be on the bus home and just very irresposible. 3 we reached out to quest leadership for comment. their principal calandra davis says they contacted mrs. greer as soon as they investigated the incident.davis says they contract out their transportation services and the driver was disciplined.she says the school will be meeting with that transporation provider to review their policies and procedures.we've reached out to that company...but have not heard back.we will have the
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incident up on our website. 3 one upstate animal shelter needs your help! 3 coming u uwhy anderson county animal shelter is depending on you to help their furry friends 3 plus...the greenville zoo is welcoming it's newest calf to the family...we're catching up with zoo keepers to find out how mom and baby giraffe are doing! 3 and the countdown to super bowl 50 is on....we're taking you back out to california for another update on how the carolina panthersrslan to take on the denver broncos...this sunday! 3 coming up we'll take a look at your seven-day forecast...and what you can expect as you head out the door tomorrow morning.stay with us. 3 3
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3 some upstate animals could use your help tonight. tonight.p.a.w.s animal shelter in anderson is asking for help for their feline friends.the
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desperately low on canned cat food.they say the canned food is used for very young kittens or very elderly cats that can't chew well.director jessica cwyner says p.a.w.s relies heavily on the generosity of the community 3 3 "we have a very limited budget for these animals it covers basic vaccinations and basic food but it doesnt cover the cost if an animal has a special diet need so donations really help" help"over at paws... they say if you'd like to help there are a number of ways you can do can donate money... or bring cat food right to the shelter at 1320 highway 29 south.she says the shelter also has a wish list on amazon that you can click on... and buy items. 3 trending tonight 3 the greenville zoo is welcoming a new member to the family familyhere's a live look at the zoo's baby giraffe cam--
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well.autumn gave birth just after seven this morning.... and the newborn is already walking.the zoo director says the newborn calf is healthy and has already started nursing tonight we caught up with the zoo's director who says this a wonderful experience for all 3 3 3 3 "everything went great this time and it really ties the community to the zoo and to the animals when they're able to experience something like that." that."now this is the thrid calf for autumn and walter.... zookeepers will perform a physical exam to determine the sex of the calf this week.the greenville zoo foundation is offering people the chance to make a donation and suggest a name for the new giraffe!a winner will be picked...and a name will be announced along with the calf's gender on friday february 12-th...when the zoo re-opens after it's
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3 chief meteorologist kendra kent joins us now with a look at your forecast- 3 heavy rain is on the way for early wednesday, along with a few t-storms. skies clear wednesday night with our next chance for rain/snow coming late sunday into monday.spotty showers, clouds and fog will linger into tonight with temperatures actually warming into the 60s during the
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arrives wednesday morning in the mountains, mainly after 7 a.m. the line of heavy rain and embedded t-storms will push into the upstate and northeast georgia between 8 a.m. and noon. isolated strong storms are possible with damaging wind being the primary threat.skies will slowly clear during the afternoon with temperatures in the 60s and breezy winds. expect partly cloudy skies wednesday night with lows in the 30s and 40s.thursday and friday will be cooler with sunny skies. highs will only reach the 50s for the upstate and upper 40s in the mountains. another storm approaches for this weekend, but shouldn't impact our area until sunday night. it's a low pressure that will track to our south as it looks now. the track would bring rain for the upstate and snow in the mountains, but if that track or the intensity of the storm changes, we could be looking at a heightened threat for winter weather outside the mountains. we'll keep you posted on how the system
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3 and remember - 3 we'll have live coverage from san francisco for super bowl 50 all week long as our fox carolina crews head west. west.3 and on saturday february the 6th at 7-p-mbe sure to catch the panthers pursuit of the title - for one on one interviews and everything you need to know about the journey to the superbowl -in the hours before the big game. game.and joining us now in the studio with more on the shannon sommerville 3 thats right diana....we've got much more panthers coverage coming your way in sports....but super bowl isnt the only show we've got going
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3 college hoops...just over a month away from march madness....this kid knows it... the gamecocks in athens taking on the dawgs- could they knotch the road win?and the tigers coming off a loss at f-s-u could they rebound at wake forest? forest?and the biggest battle in college football not always won on the field...national signing day could have major implications for football programs across the country....a four star prospect commits early to the upstate...find out where he's heading coming up in sports.
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3 just five days away from super bowl that we're through the media day frenzy time to focus on football... football...aaron cheslock joins us from santa clara... thomas davis often called the heart and soul of this panthers team...any word on his ststus after undergoing surgery to repair a broken arm last week? 3 shannon thanks! yeah davis has
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before 3 super bowl 50....3 3 he participated in practice monday and says things are going good. thomas has the super bowl, recovered from but three acl earning his first 2015, the denver broncos should out there. 3 live in santa clara, california aaron cheslock fox carolina sports 3 switching gears now to college basketball...the gamecocks cracked the top 25 rankings after winning their last 2 home games....but they ran into some trouble on the road...dropping 2 of their previous 3 road gagas... how would frank martin and the gamecocks fare in athens taking on the dawgs? early in the game senior forward michael carrerra showing some range with the long three...he'd knotch his third straight double double. 12 points 10 rebounds.but later in the 2nd half georgia
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the arc. j-j frazier knocks down the almost the identical shot...and the bulldogs with a commanding 36-23 lead. the gamecocks trying to chip away...sindarious thornwell driving in baseline reverse layup...he'd have 18 pointsbut the road woes continue for south carolina. carolina.they fall by a final score of 69-56. 3 would the tigers have better luck on the road than the gamecocks?jaron blossomgame would get his 5th straight 20 point game against an acc opponent....but its avry holmes who puts up the floater early in the game...but the tigers would be down by 8 at halftime...but skip ahead to the 2nd half...holmes sinks the three...igniting a 13-1 run by the tigers to start the 2nd half....holmes feeling it tonight he'd rack up 17 points for the tigers....later in the half...jordan roper with the slam slamas the tigers win 76-62 they're now 7 and 3 in the
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3 a common phrase in the world of college football is "its not the x's and the o's but the jimmys and the joes." ...its a game of recruiting and it all culminates with national signing day tomorrow...high school athletes across and upstate officially sign their letters of intent. 3 fox carolina will have coverage from both clemson and south carolina...of course new head coach will muschamp making his recruiting debut with the of the main reasons he was hired recruiting top prospects. we'll see if he can land some big names tomorrow. and the tigers could have one of the best recruting classes in the country...with the top prospect in the country deciding between clemson and michigan...but they already got some good news on the eve of signing day... 3 4 star safety isaiah simmons from kansas tweeted his commitment to clemson tonight...just one of the playeye joining a 2016 recruiting class that could rank as one of the best in the nation....we'll have all your
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here on fox carolina and online at fox carolina dot com. 3 in nascar news...driver tony stewart hospitalized with a back injury after an a-t-v accident according to a spokeperson from stewart-haas racing team. he's reportedly awake, alert and able to move all extremities we'll keep you updated on his condition at fox carolina dot com. 3 let's get a last look of the
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kent he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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3 and we're back with a last look at your forecast 3 teorologist kendra kent joins us...and it's going to be a wet commute right? right?heavy rain is on the way for early wednesday, along with a few t-storms. skies clear wednesday night with our next chance for rain/snow coming late sunday into monday. spotty showers, clouds and fog will linger into tonight with temperatures actually warming into the 60s during the overnight hours. heavy rain arrives wednesday morning in the 3 be sure to wake 3 thanks for joining us, good night. night. 3 3
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i really appreciate you getting up so early
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