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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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that'll make for a messy morning commute! 3 heavy rain is on the way for early wednesday, along with a few t-storms. skies clear wednesday night with our next chance for rain/snow coming late sunday into monday.spotty showers, clouds and fog will linger into tonight with temperatures actually warming into the 60s during the overnight hours. heavy rain arrives wednesday morning in the mountains, mainly after 7 a.m. the line of heavy rain and embedded t-storms will push into the upstate and northeast georgia between 8 a.m. and noon. isolated strong storms are possible with damaging wind being the
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3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up- up-thanks kendra-we continue 3 tonight- 3 super bowl 50 is just days away! 3 as the carolina panthers prepare to take on the denver broncos on the biggest national stage - some of our own crew is getting ready to head west. 3 some of course are already there... including sports director aaron cheslock... live at levi's stadium.. he joins us now and aaron - the quarterbacks were a big topic of conversation earlier today, right? 3 without question, and they'll be the big story all week... cam newton, likely getting crowned the mvp in a couple
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manning, a future hall of famer... and the panthers know exactly what they're up against... in fact, cam's even learned a thing or two from number 18..3 3 3 3 3 3 "it's a lot of things that peyton has done that is doing that i wish i could mimic, but i can't do it like peyton can or like how he can do it. but i try to translate not only the thing so learn from him, but other quarterbacks in this league. and i try to apply it to my own."no one's comparing cam newtons style to peyton manning... but the soon-to-mvp's one of a long list of qb's who've learned from watching the hall of famer.. 18-years in the league for the former number 1 pick... more yards and touchdowns than anyone in history.. while torturing defenders for almost two decades... including some panthers... panthers... 3 3 "peyton you know, your entire career you're never worried about hit running away from
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so quickly you might not get there. peyton is i mean his numbers, his career it speaks for itself. it's a challenge, it's been a challenge for the 12 years i've been on the league playing against him so, i don't see it, until he decides to stop o don't see it not being a challenge." challenge." 3 3 "it's very special. he's going to go down easily as one of the greatest to ever play. he's a guy who has been there, done that. you name it, he's done it. he's peyton manning. when someone says peyton and everyone will be like, manning? you know he's big. but we have to make sure we leave the legacy at the door when we step out in the field. " " 3 3 "peyton's a great quarterback. but we're not going to treat him any different than anybody else. we're going to go out there and play our brand of football. manning could very well be playing his final game on sunday... as he passes his boss john elway as the oldest signal caller to ever start the super bowl... many around the country will root for him to win.. but don't count carolina fans in the group.. or the panthers...
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future hall of famer. it means a lot because i've played against him before, but at the same time, i don't want him to win. hats off to him, nothing but respect for the guy, the way he's fought for the last 18-plus years to be in the position he's in now. to be able to go to multiple super bowls and win one, it's a tremendous feat for him. but i, don't want him to win. if he retires, he retires. but hopefully he retires on a sour note." 3 manning reportedly told bill belichick that this was his quote "last rodeo" after the broncos beat the patriots in the afc title game... but hasn't confirmed it publicly.. 3 we'll hear from the denver qb coming up a little later in
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to you. 3 the rest of our california crews -including myself will be heading to san francisco to meet up with aaron in the morning. morning.we'll have live reports every day leading up to the big game on sunday - so make sure to stay tuned. 3 and dont' forget - on saturday february 6th atat-p-mbe sure to catch "the panthers pursuit of the title" - for one on one interviews and everything you need to know about the journey to the superbowl -in the hours before the big game. 3 now to a story you'll see only on fox! 3 an anderson county bus driver saved this boy's life!!! brayden burn's mom says her son is safe tonight... because his bus driver protected him from being hit by a speeding minivan. 3 brayden's mom is so thankful...she reached out to us... carolina's shale remien is live near spearman elementary in anderson district one.shale, the mom
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real hero. 3 cody and diana - elizabeth burns almost had a parent't' worst nightmare.she watched her second grader hop off the bus, wait to cross and then nearly get run over. she says if it weren't for the bus driver's quick thinking, she might not have her child today. the bus driver saying...she was just doing her job. 3 3 3 3 "i'm just standing their watching. i hear a motor, look down toward the bridge, "are you going to stop?" is what's running through my head."she says a mini-van was speeding down old river road in pelzer monday afternoon.right where 8 year-old brayden burns gets dropped off. 3 "i was getting off the bus, i was about to take a step in front and the car flew past at 72 miles an hour!" 3 the family says the minivan never stopped...rolling through stop signs and
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bus."i was holding bryaden on the right and grandma was waiting for him. and the car just didn't stop and if he h h been in the process of going across he would have been hit." bus driver sacajawea blassingame, known as "ms. tweet" to her kids... used her training to "hold off" brayden from crossing within seconds of the mini van flying by. "she laid on her horn and went "beep, beep!" "my heart was about to get ripped out of my chesta&. pure terror and then anger hit."ms. tweet says too many drivers don't take being near a school bus seriously. "either they're running late, or they're on the cell phone." brayden's mom believes her child is alive today because of ms.s.weet's quick thinking. but ms. tweet says she doesn't think of herself as a hero. "it's my job, but it's my job as a transportation specialist, that the child is my number one safety." "i'm juju happy i have a caring bus driver."burns says this split second will have a forever impact on her and her son. "thank you because you kept me sane, and you kept my heart
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3 ms. tweet told me if a car speeds near a school bus, it is in her training to look at the make and model of the vehicle.and try to get a tag number. she says the chrystler mini van was going so fast, she couldn't get a tag number in time. 3 shale, i know you spoke to the superintendent today, what did he have to say about the incident? incident?he says ms. tweet is a veteran bus driver. she's been with anderson county for about 20 years.he says they are lucky to have someone like her and will continue to implement training as time goes on. reporting live in anderson county, shale remien, fox carolina, ttocn 3 new tonight 3 as the family of woodruff native sergeant jeffrey sempler mourns his loss tonight the marine corps says the remains of some of the 12 marines - killed in a helicopter crash of the coast of hawaii have been recovered - -the u.s. marines confirming
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their efforts to salvage the two downed helicopters.a specialized ship has arrived at the wreckage site to help with the recovery effort.the marines, however, could not confirm how many individuals' remains were found.about 80 military personnel are continuing to work on recovering the choppers - that collided back on january 14th - the search for the missing rines was called off 5 days later. 3 a sad day for a former clemson tiger - after announcing his fiance - another clemson grad, has lost her battle with cancer. cancer.tony steward, a former linebacker for clemson - who now plays with the buffalo bills was engaged to brittany burns.the two met at clemson and had been together for 4 years.he proposed to her just over a month ago, in december. around that same time... brittany was didinosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer... that claimed her life last night.she and steward recently launched a campaign - called fight like a girl - to help
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3 steward took to social media with a touching post written to brittany burns that said in part quote "you have the biggest heart i have ever seen in my entire life and i promise you that it will live on in me, our family and every single soul you have touched. you are the strongest and most loving soul to step foot in this world. we will all honor everything you stand for in life. i will continue to be bring out in me." 3 kendra is in the 3 weather center for a look ahead at the forecast. forecast. 3 kendra: coming up i'll have your forecast including a
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3 support for the panthers in their home away from home! spartanburg rolls out the blue carpet...celebrating the team that trains there! there!and a small simpsonville start-up company... getting complaints!why the better business bureau has the camping supplier in its sights... and what the owner's telling us!plus... as the zika virus spreads...a new warning tonight about sexual transmission.
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3 panther fans are pulling out all the stops for super bowl 50
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the city of spartanburg is going all out to support the team they welcome every year at training camp. 3 from giant panthers stickers along city hall, to a massive poster for people to sign inside the beacon, the people of spartanburg say they are beyond excited and proud of the panthers. 3 fox carolina's rebecca atkins spoke with fans today - she's live for us tonight, with more on where you can find blue and black around the city, rebecca? 3 cody and diana, you don't have to travel far from one location to another in spartanburg before you'll run into something panther related. whether it's these decals along city hall to a poster you can sign inside 'the beacon'...the support in spartanburg is loud and proud. 3 3 3 3 fryersamong the fryers and burger patties... 3 3 burgers sizzlingsits a sign inside the beacon drive in, in spartanburg that isn't there every day. 3
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super bowl we're actually going to hang it up for mr. richardson to see."people young and old are leaving messages on the sign for their favorite nfl team, wishing them luck this sunday. 3 3 "i am excited, been so long, and now we're there and we're going all the way."the owner of the restaurant says they will also have a wing special on sunday and they encourage fans to watch the game with them."the guys they keep it very loud in here, about who's gonna win the super bowl, so it gets pretty exciting sometimes."and not far away at city hall, the front of the building is decked out in panthers decals and signs. 3 3 "we wanted to just make sure that the panthers don't forget that we love them, we are their summer home so we've dressed up city hall here a little bit with some of the panther decals."mandy merck the special events manager for the city of spartanburg says they are also inviting the public to come out on thursday at 10 am to take a group photo in their panthers gear. "we're their summer home, and it's right here in spartanburg where you can get up close and
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training camp so i know everyone is really excited." and down the road at wofford college where the team practices in the summer and where the owner and the president of the team are alumni, they are preparing an event as well. well. 3 "show our love and appreciation for the panthers by getting all of the wofford students, faculty staff and alums together in their blue and black and take a picture for the panthers that we can send to them and hopefully cheer them on to success." 3 and the city events manager is asking that if anyone in spartanburg posts anything to social media congratulating the panthers to use their two hashtags, 'onecarolina' as well as 'keeppounding' they say they'll be using those when theheshare their big picture on thursday. cody? 3 rebecca seems like they truly are celebrating for the panthers out there, have you seen anything else panthers
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there?definitely, the city also brought back out their spring training banners and they are hanging on the lamp posts downtown, and there is also a tent set up on west main street where you can buy panther's gear. reporting live in spartanburg, rebecca atkins fox carolina the 10 o'clock news. 3 continuing to cover our counties 3 clemson university police have arrested an anderson woman accused of stealing monday and electronics from two university buildings. buildings.shawanna wright faces three counts of financial transaction card theft, six larceny counts as well as trespassing. trespassing.police said debit and credit cards, cash, an iphone, an ipad mini and external computer hard drive were taken from strode tower and rhodes hall back on december 10th.wright is not a clemson student or employee. employee.her bond has been set at nearly 30-thousand dollars, she now remains in anderson
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3 an update out of haywood county - where the sheriff's office says a 17 month old - died from blunt force trauma 3 preliminary autopsy findings were released today - after deputies were dispatched to underwood road near canton early sunday morning. attempts by responders to revive the child were unsuccessful, and the toddler was pronounced dead at the scene. word yet if charges will be filed - the investigation is ongoing. 3 developing tonight 3 the mosquito-bourne zika virus has now been deemed a global emergency. emergency.but new tonight - the cdc has confirmed the first case of the virus to be sexually transmitted. transmitted.dallas county health and human services say the patient was infected with the virus after having sexual contact with an ill individual who returned from a country where zika was present. the hope is this information will help to educate the public about protecting themselves and others. the zika virus a a its suspected link to a neurological birth defect -
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into the mosquitoes carrying it. 3 3 3 "with modern transport, which is very efficient, very fast, one person can be here today, get bitten by a mosquito and start getting sick after he has travelled thousands of miles." miles."researchers say back in 1947 scientists discovered the zika virus by accident while studying yellow fevera&but zika infected mostly monkeysa&and human symptoms were mild, it fell off the map. now a potential key mutation and an increasingly connected world has sparked an outbreak. so scientists are playing catch upa&and they say not nearly enough is being done to research viruses before they spark a global health emergency. 3 kendra is in the weather center 3 3
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3 kendra is in the 3 weather center 3 3 3 heavy rain is on the way for early wednesday, along with a few t-storms. skies clear wednesday night with our next chance for rain/snow coming late sunday into monday.spotty showers, clouds and fog will linger into tonight with temperatures actually warming into the 60s during the overnight hours. heavy rain arrives wednesday morning in the mountains, mainly after 7 a.m. the line of heavy rain and embedded t-storms will push into the upstate and northeast georgia between 8 a.m. and noon. isolated strong storms are possible with damaging wind being the primary can get the latest forecast at
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3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 back to you. you. 3 3 new developments.. on the tucker hipps lawsuits. lawsuits.more than a year after the clemson student's death..two lawsuits have been consolidated.tonight - what that means for the trial.. as for answers.
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speaking out.. after her young son was left alone on the school bus.she says it's not the first time it's happened.. tonight - what the school has to say about the mistake. mistake.and..exciting news at the greenville zoo!after months of anticipation.. autumn the giraffe has given birth!more on the newest addition, coming up. up.
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3 developing 3 two lawsuits filed by the family of tucker hipps have been consolidated...meaning they'll be decided - in *one trial. trial.while oconee count deputies investigate the death of the 19-year-old clemson student..his parents have filed two lawsuits for wrongful death and survival action.each lawsuit sought up to 25-million in damages for the family's loss.the order to consolidate the lawsuits was signed last week. week.those lawsuits allege hipps was forced to walk along a narrow bridge railing by members of sigma alpha epsilon fraternitybefore his body was found in lake hartwell back in september of 20-14.the suits were filed against ithe local chapter of the fraternity, which has since disbanded;
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as well as the national sig ep chapter; and clemson university. can read the entired combine lawsuit on our trial is expected to last at least two weeks...and include testimony from 10 experts and at least 50 witnesses. 3 unwanted attention.. for an upstate business! business!tonight - fox carolina investigates..why the better business bureau has now issued an alert about the "campbox company" - and what the owner says he's doing to resolve issues with his customers. search is on for a man accused in a sexual assault.. near u-s-c's campus.tonight - the latest on the investigation..and why police need your help.. tracking him down. down.and chief meteorologist kendra kent is putting together your seven day forecastshe'll tell you what you can the week to come. come.
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not fofohis promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. 3 in a fox carolina investigation 3 an online business based in simpsonville is getting some unwanted attention.nine complaints have been filed with the better business bureau against "campbox
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say they never got what they paid for, or there were problems with the product. 3 the better business bureau has been trying to get in touch with the owner of the company - to resolve the complaints. 3 but they haven't heard back from him.and there are wondering what to do. carolina's sarah danik is looking into the issue. the owner, right? 3 yes we were.demo bailey is the owner of "campbox company". customers are *supposed to receive camping and hiking gear each month in a box. but there have been problems.the bbb tells us only two of the nine complaints have been we asked bailey - what was going on. 3 3 3 on their website, the campbox company promises outdoor gear you can trust -all packed up in a box and delivered to your door.but the better business bureau says - not everyone has received what they ordered. ordered.15:04:17 consumers have been charged and they haven't received a box or haven't received any type of
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us there have been nine individual complaints filed with the bbb - 2 have been resolved so far.(15:05:17 "once we have five at the bbb we issue a pattern of complaints we do have businesses that work with us to try and address that pattern but this business is not answering our calls emails or postal mail 15:05:34 )fox carolina went to the simpsonville address where the company is based.owner demo bailey did nototwant to go on camera with us, but he did give us a statement.saying in part.(fs)"over the holidays we had an influx of a lot of customers, which is actually a good thing, and since the business is run by primarily me, we have been behind and we are working really hard to get our customers taken care of." bailey has also posted a note to customers on the campbox company's facebook page - saying:(fs)"your winterbox will be shipped this week, feb 1st through feb 7th."we checked in with jason premas - the co-director of the the founder institute which serves as a sort of boot camp for
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own businesses.he says - it's not unusual for small start ups to run into problems. (18:25:31 "it happens most of the time, statistics show it. so there are a lot of people with wonderful ideas, revolutionary ideas, but it takes more than an idea to run a company18:25:41)premo says, when you start your own company - you have to have mentors -and a plan for managing growth)(18:26:25 "we don't know what we don't know so it's important to ask for help and there are a lot of resources available for entreuprenuers in this area. 18:26:32 ) 3 premo also tells us that many people think you should protect your idea - but he says you really need to share your idea with others to get feedback and help from those who have been there before. e'll have more information on our website about some of the resources out there for entrepreneurs. 3 sarah - did the campbox owner say anything about responding to the bbb complaints? complaints?yes- he said he has until feb 9th to respond to their "pattern of complaint"
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planning to reach out to them...and to the customers who have been contacting him as well. 3 as you decide 2016 3 fresh off a caucus win in iowa - senator ted cruz spent part of his evening in greenville tonight 3 cruz held a rally at the td convention center - where supporters came out to celebrate the victory.and new tonight - third district congressman jeff duncan is throwing his support behind the gop frontrunner.cruz told the upstate crowd that if he's elected - he plans to repeal president obama's executive actions - end what he sees as the persecution of religious liberty - and went as far as to say he'd abolish the irs.he says last night's win in iowa was just the beginning of that process. 3 "last night the people of the great state of iowa sent notice to the counrty." counrty.""the next president of the united states is going to be chose these most
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people, the grassroots"trt 00:15 00:15not mentioned tonight - cruz's campaign under fire - after dr. ben carson says cruz staffers swayed caucus-goers - lying that the retired neurosurgeon would be dropping out of the race!carson's camp said cruz has since apologized for the quote - dirty tricks. tricks.carson took a distant fourth in last night's caucus - the major frontrunners remain ted cruz, donald trump, and marco rubio -but at this hour - still 11 candidates heading into new hampshires for the first-in-the-nation primary on tuesday. 3 meantime hillary clinton also came out on top in iowa - narrowly edging out bernie sanders.sanders is expected to sweep new hamspshire - since he's from neighboring vermont - but here's what clinton had to see about her midwest victory. victory.
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3 "well, as you recall, my luck was not that good last time around (laughs) and it was wonderful to win the caucus and to have that experience of all the hard work, the grassroots organizing pay off the way it did." 3 some of you are still trying to make up yourmind on a candidate. candidate.and the results from last night may have some of you taking another look at all of the candidates. 3 fox carolina's jennifer phillips has more on what the iowa outcome could mean for south carolina voters. 3 we talked to a political analyst and he says.. iowa is importantbecause it determines momentum. momentum. 3 brent nelsen is a political science professor at furman university-he says the iowa caucuses act as a filter..and either candidates gain momentum or they lose it. hillary clinton won for the democrats in what some calleda dead heat with bernie sanders.
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trump..who is still leading in national polls.and even though we know the winners in iowa.. those winners don't necessarily become the fact.. nelsen says iowa is important because voters from othersstates .. have a chance to re-evaluate candidates before they make a decision. decision. 3 3 3 "attention is going to start focusing on those top individuals who got the tickets coming out of iowa." iowa.""so, now people in south carolina can say- what do i think about cruz? what do i thinkg about trump? what do i think about rubio? nelsen says that's how voters feel about the democrats too. who do we choose- clinton.. or sanders? and he says it's important that those top candidates can prove they can win in the south.. and throughout the country. country.we will continue to follow these candidates as they head to new hampshire and then south carolina.jennifer phillips fox carolina the ten oclock news. 3 continuing to cover our
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3 simpsonville police are asking for your help to track down a credit card fraud suspect. suspect.take a look - the victim says his card was used at the walmart on grandview drive last monday - the prime suspect is this woman - captured on surveillance video police say the suspect charged 116-dolalrs to the victim's card.if you recognize this suspect - you're asked to contact simpsonville police. 3 oconee county deputies are looking for a couple-accused of stealing *hundreds of dollars worth of laundry detergent. detergent.take a look.the sheriff's office says this pair pushed a cart full of detergent out of the seneca walmart thursday - without paying.deputies tell us the merchandise totaled nearly 500 bucks. bucks.deputies say they took off in this white four door saturn with a white paper tag with red lettering.if you have any information - you're asked to call the number on your screen 3 troopers are investigating a deadly crash in greenville county.
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one o'clock this afternoon on mckittrick road in pelzer. highway patrol says the driver of a trash truck ran off the side of the road, struck a tree and overturned.the coroner has identified that victim as 60-year-old alvin toney.he says toney was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the accident. 3 happening now 3 baby giraffe watch 20-16 has come to an end!this is a live look via earth cam at the greenville zoo - 3 autumn the giraffe gave birth just before 6:30 morning - as people from all over the world tuned in live! 3 this calf is the 3 third for autumn and father, walter.more than one million people watched in 20-12 as autumn carried her first calf, kiko.sadly, her second calf was stillborn in 20-14.zoo officials say this newborn appears healthy and is already nursing,.they will soon
10:34 pm
determine its sex.the zoo tells us the news is exciting for the entire greenville community. 3 "it's always great to have a baby animal and something like this where we can share it with the community and i don't he brings attention to greenville zoo but greenville as a whole, the city of greenville is on the map and a lot of places because of this baby giraffe." giraffe."now, just like kiko - you have a chance to suggest a name for this new baby giraffe. we've got all the details on our website - and the name will be announced next week. the greenville zoo is currently closed through february 12th for annual word on when the newborn will make its big debut. 3 and going in depth 3 the greenville zoo tells us the calf's father - walter - will remain separated for the next few weeks to allow time for mother-baby bonding . .also - if you're watching the
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isn't letting the baby nurse enough - there may be a reason why.officials say young giraffes in the wild nurse for about 20 seconds at at time. that's because they have to be ready to respond if a predator arrives. arrives.the baby will nurse for six to eight months - before turning to solid food. and looking further down the road- road-the zoo says a steering committee will meet within the next year to match up male and female giraffes for breeding. that will determine where the baby eventually ends up. 3 a greenville mom.. searching for answers. answers.she's says her young son was left on the bus.. unattended. unattended.tonight - how he got left behind..and why she
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something like this has happened. happened.i've got your forecast - wet weather is on the way! way!3 live in santa clara at levi stadium - more super bowl 50 coverage straight ahead ahead 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 back to our continuing live coverage of super bowl 50... the panthers set to take on the denver broncos coming up this sunday... sunday...let's bring back in sports director aaron cheslock from santa clara, and aaron, you talked to the panthers about facing peyton manning, but manning talked today too right? 3 yeah, the panthers defense without question facing one of the all-time greats in peyton manning... but he's definitely not the same quarterback he was 10-years ago... and you could argue its manning with the challenge of having to deal with the panthers defense.. 3 a unit that's faced a bunch of top quarterbacks all season... like green bay's aaron rodgers, and back to back playoff games against seattle's russell wilson and arizona's carson palmer... they've beaten all three...
10:38 pm
arguably the best at the linebacker and cornerback positions... and denver's quarterback knows it... 3 3 3 "it's a very active secondary, they do a lot of different things. play a lot of different coverages, blitz, all the parts of the blitz packages as well. they play their man-to-man well. they play zone well. you can tell they're well coached and communicate very well. you see them talking out there and all those things are very evident on the game field." field."manning did face the panthers a few years back, and beat them handily.. but again this is a different qb against a much improved carolina defense... 3 speaking of top quarterbacks... coming up at 11 we hear from can newton on clemson's quarterback deshaun watson 3 ... till then, cody and diana
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3 and remember - 3 we'll have live coverage san francisco for super bowl 50 all week long as our fox carolina crews head west. west.3 and on saturday february the 6th at 7-p-mbe sure to catch the panthers pursuit of the title - for one on one interviews and everything you need to know about the journey to the superbowl -in the hours before the big game. 3 we're also taking a look at some of the highly publicized ads ahead of the big game!this one is from heinz' features a group of wiener dogs running across a field to reach a family of heinz condiments.and snickers is teasing its super bowl ad as
10:40 pm
marilyn monroe serenading the super bowl on its 50th birthday - but things don't go as expected.snickers says the ad will feature a funny surprise!c-b-s is charging about five *million dollars for a 30-second spot in this year's super bowl. 3 happening now 3 the eyes of the country were on the groundhog punxzutawny phill and his yearly prediction for this groundhog day..but the staff at chimney rock state park say they have a more accurate groundhog.. groundhog..this is grady the groundhog..and today - like phil - he didn't see his there is a chance spring may be closer than we think...this is the 7th year he's made his prediction for the end of winter..but we should point out - he's 50/50 for his track rercord. 3 kendra's here with a look at your forecast.
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heavy rain is on 3 heavy rain is on the way for early wednesday, along with a few t-storms. skies clear wednesday night with our next chance for rain/snow coming late sunday into monday.spotty showers, clouds and fog will linger into tonight with temperatures actually warming into the 60s during the overnight hours. heavy rain arrives wednesday morning in
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a.m. the line of heavy rain and embedded t-storms will push into the upstate and northeast georgia between 8 a.m. and noon. isolated strong storms are possible with damaging wind being the primary threat.skies will slowly clear during the afternoon with temperatures in the 60s and breezyzyinds. expect partly cloudy skies wednesday night with lows in the 30s and 40s.thursday and friday will be cooler with sunny skies. highs will only reach the 50s for the upstate and upper 40s in the mountains. another storm approaches for this weekend, but shouldn't impact our area until sunday night. it's a low pressure that will track to our south as it looks now. the track would bring rain for the upstate and snow in the mountains, but if that track or the intensity of the storm changes, we could be looking at a heightened threat for winter weather outside the mountains. we'll keep you posted on how the system sure to check out
10:43 pm
3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 a dramatic rescue.. caught on camera! camera!a teenager lucky to be alive.. after falling through an icy pond.tonight - how crews were able to pull him out..and why witnesses say it should serve as a teaching moment.. for all parents. 3 and speaking of rescues..a plea for help.. from an upstate animal shelter!why anderson county paws needs cat
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in a developing story 3 comedian bill cosby is asking a judge to dismiss a criminal charge -alleging he drugged and sexually assaulted a woman at his home. home.cosby says the encounter with ex-temple university employee andrea constand was consensual, back in 2004.but during the civil suit - cosby says he made a promise with the former district attorney- saying if he testified fully in the deposition - it would never be used against him. prosecutors say there is no such evidence of such an agreement.cosby has yet to have his preliminary hearing in the case. 3 caught on camera 3 a missouri teen is lucky to be alive - after falling through an icy pond. pond.take a look.
10:45 pm
through thin ice on sunday-and at first, came close to getting out on his own.but when that didn't happen - rescue crews were called in to help.first - a police officer tried to reach him with a branch-but then firefighters with the right equipment arrived and took over.they were finally able to pull him to shore-and witnesses say it happened just in time. 3 3 3 "i am absolutely certain if these rescue teams hadn't responded when they did, this young man would not have had much time in which he could endure the frozen icy waters out there." there."witnesses say they hope this video can serve as a teaching moment - to show kids just how dangerous ice can be. that teen did suffer from hypothermia - but is expected to make a full recovery. 3 in greenville county--a four year old child left on a school bus! bus!the child's mother says this isn't the only time something like this happened... how the school is reacting- next.
10:46 pm
search is on for this man... who campus police at u-s-c believe is connected to a violent sexual assault.more on the investigation next.
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