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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 31, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 clouds will build overnight as a front approaches the western carolinas on monday. lows will likely fall into the mid to upper 40s area wide. monday will start the week with a mix of sun and clouds and highs peaking in the low to mid-50s
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3 be sure to wake up bright and early with thee morning news. we've got all the local and national headlines you'll need to weather and traffic every ten's on thee morning news...from five to nine. 3 back to you 3 developing tonight 3 we have new details on a story that we brought you as breaking news last - three teens are charged with murder - including the two you see on your screen. screen.the charges follow the death of 19 year old savon allen, of greenville. greenville.this scene unfolded saturday night, in the parking lot of a bojangles restaurant in mauldin.two others were also injured. 3 the mauldin police department says the shooting was drug related. related.the deadly shooting has family and friends in mouring over the death of allen ...and a community
10:02 pm carolina's shalal ramien has been following this story for us.shale - you spoke to a friend of the victim- how is he handling all of this? 3 3 sarah and derek -the friend of the victim, says he believes things will not be the same for those close to savon allen - after such a tragic shooting here at bojangles.i spoke with a community activist today who is frustrated by the continued gun violence. 3 3 3 mauldin police, firefighters and e-m-s, all on scene late saturday evening after a fatal shooting happened at bojangles. two 19 year olds and a 15 year old are now charged with attempted murder after savon allen was killed. shamar sullivan went to school with savon allen and says everyone he knows is in shock. shock."it's painful, he doesn't get to see his family, they still will."sullivan told
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football, that's what he did." community activist jack logan is frustrated gun violence continues to impact so many lives in the upstate. 3 "they robbed this man, they killed this man and it was senseless."logan says he thinks there is still hope for the 15 year old and the 19 year olds should be tried differently. "these two 19 year olds, in my book they're men. and i want them held accountable."sullivan says savon is a friend who will be missed. he thinks savon was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. "he was caring....anything anyone ever needed, he would give it." police say the inicident was drug related. and logan says because of the situation, loved ones, of both victim and criminal, will never be the same. "this man has a mother, she can only go and look down at the grave. these other mothers can go to a local jail or the corrections facilty and
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3 i did speak to several local businesses around this area and they say they are very surprised something like this happened so close to their work place. they say it's an unusual situation for the area. 3 in anderson county-we now know more details about an alleged drug deal- that left one person dead- and another injured. 3 this was the sceneon the 2000-block of old williamston road last night.deputies say they originally responded-to a gas station about a victim that had been shot. the victim told deputies- he had been shot at a nearby home. when authorities arrived there-they say a car was backing out of the driveway. once the deputy approached the car- the passenger took off inside the home. a k-9 team cleared the home for entry. once inside- deputies say they found the passenger, a 17-year-old dead from a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head.the victim who was shot at the gas station- was taken to the hospital with no life threatening injuries. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow for the teen. 3 remember for all the latest information on this story- wake up with thee morning news.
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facebook- and on twitter. 3 in you decide 20-16 3 tomorrow is the big day--the iowa caucus is tomorrow--and that's the first big test for presidential contenders--on both sides of the aisle. aisle.the caucuses will take place tomorrow at 8 pm eastern time.a representative from each republican campaign will make their final pitch to voters at each caucus site before they vote.voters use either a printed ballot paper *or write the candidate' name on the scrap piece of paper. votes are tallied by local party officials and then sent on to iowa g-o-p headquarters. 3 but when it comes to the democrats, things work a little differently at the iowa caucuses.caucus goers divide up into different groups based on the candidates.and if a candidate group does not have enough people to be considered "viable" - then they can join another candidate's group.the group with the most people will get a certain number of delegates - and the candidate with the most delegates - wins. results from the more than 16-
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reported to the iowa democratic party through a new mobile app. 3 and while decisions are being made-the democratic presidential candidates will make closing arguments to new hampshire voters on wednesday in a town hall event.that's less than a week before votes are cast in that state's first- in-the-nation *primary.former secretary of state hillary clinton, vermont senator bernie sanders and former maryland governor martin o'malley will each field questions from town hall participants.the latest polling shows a tight race between clinton and sanders. 3 right now- there are four- democratic we mentioned - hillary is leading the pack-- but bernie sanders is not too far behind. behind.there are also 12- candidates fighting for the republican nomination. donald trump is in the lead. remember you can see all the candidates profiles at fox- carolina-dot-com 3 it is the *biggest football event of the year! 3 and the carolina panthers-are on their way to san francisco for super bowl 50.the game
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3 fans cheered on the panthers- at the bank of america stadium this afternoon as the team loaded on the buses. fans held posters- waved flags and chanted "keep pounding"some of the fans even showed off their dab. fox carolina was in charlotte this afternoon-- and fans. 3 3 3 "it's very exciting i can't believe it, i was hoping that it was gonna happened yes." yes." 3 3 "it's been a great fun, is good to see the community come together." together." 3 3 "it is packed with people outside all across street is packed with people wanted to see a glimse of the super bowl champions will be super bown champions i love it the fan supporters are these this guys they feed of that." that."the panthers will take on the denver broncos- next sunday. fox carolina has a crew that just landed in san francisco--and we'll have coverage all week. 3 fans aren't just in *charlotte today to cheer on the players. one upstate church is honoring the panthers in a pretty unique way.with a gospel celebration! celebration!take a listen. listen.
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singing'those were some of the sounds from the pre super bowl gospel celebrationat shady oak baptist church. folks heard from gospel artist j-j hairston -- youthful praise and others. church members- celebrated the panthers steller season- and their spot in the super bowl. 3 ted let's get another look at the forecast 3 3 wet weather is back in the forecast. we'll take a look at when it arrives and how long it sticks around with your 7-day forecast coming up in just a bit. 3 a college town in shock - after the kidnapping and murder of a 13 year old girl. and two promising college students are under arrest- in connection with the crime.
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her long-time dream of being an *author, come true.what her book is all about. 3 and a truck bursts into flames--it's caught on camera-- and we'll tell you how the driver made it out alive-- that, and more ahead on the ten o'clock news on fox carolina.
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3 two virginia tech students-are locked up- charged in the death of a 13-year-old girl. girl.18-year old david eisenhauer is accused--- along with 19-year old natalie keepers. 3 authorities sayeisenhauer abducted 13-year-old nicole lovell--and then killed her. investigators say keepers then dumped the teen's body.this is video of crews searching a campus lake.the teen's body- was later found along the north carolina-virginia border. 3 3 'we were able to determine an approximate area where she might be found. virginia state police were dispatched to the general area at approximately 4:00 this afternoon, and she was located just inside the north carolina border on route 89 in surrey county." county."authorities say eisenhauer and the victim did know each other.but they didn't not go into specifics. 3 in georgia-three people are dead after a small plane crash. 3 the plane went down and caught on fire after takeoff yesterday in albany--that's in
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state. three people were on board. investigators are not sure yet what caused the crash. 3 3 "we are waiting for the faa and the ntsb. they have been notified and they will take over the investigation and once they've taken over the investigation, additional information will be available. available.among the three killed in the crash--a retired state trooper--along with a teacher--and a father of two. 3 fox carolina is covering our counties 3 in buncombe county- a man will spend at least seven years in prison- after pleading guilty to robbery. 3 take a look at michael benoy. authorities say he attempted to rob a clerk at wal-mart in weaverville -- using a pellet gun. he was later taken into custody near the store. investigators say he also robbed a bank of america the day before. benoy gave the teller a note- demanding money. he got away with 600-dollars. 3 in greenville county- deputies are still trying to figure out who killed a man--whose body was found in a field.the body of jamie howard was found along burrell road in taylors on friday.authorities say he was stabbed in the chest.
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active investigation tonight. we will let you know of any new developments in the case. 3 in tonight's most wanted 3 greenville police need your help identifying two people accused of holding up a nightclub. nightclub.take a look at these surveillance photos.they were taken outside of "club 100" on byrdland drive on friday. police say a man and a woman stole a cash register from the club at gun point--and then took off in a car. 3 police in greenville also need help solving another crime. they're trying to find the man that they say robbed an arby's employee on friday happened outside the restaurant on verdae boulevard. authorities say the victim was walking to her car with a deposit bag, when she was assaulted.another employee apparently tried to help her-- but the man drove off with the cash.the victim's mother told us her daughter was hit in the face--and has a broken nose. crimestoppers on this case or the club robbery if you have any information. that number is 23-crime. 3 and remember for the latest on the news anytime--be sure to download the fox carolina news app--just text the number on
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on how to download the app to your iphone or android 3 happening now-- 3 it's been a labor of love for an upstate teacher.and now, eight years after her idea for a children's book took shape - pamela bowers will soon get to see her story on *store shelves. shelves.bowers has been teaching more than three decades - and says her idea for the book was born on the beaches of charleston.her children's book tells the tale of "al b tross" - a seabird who learns an important life lesson - that there is no place like home.bowers says the process also taught *her an important lesson. 3 3 ) ("i just think if you really love to write, you need to follow through on it, because like i said everyone is a writer if you really think you'd like to do this i think you should - i think everyone should follow your dream because anything is possible if you try" 3 what's also special about this book - is that the illustrations were done by a student at bowers' school. elizabeth vera was in 8th grade at the time - and is now
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book officially comes out on tuesdaywe have more information about the book -on fox carolina dot com. 3 3 here is a look outside over pelham road where we saw beautiful conditions all day long and highs peaking in the 60s. clouds will build overnight and showers will push into the mountains but we were lucky enough to see a wonderful sunset just outside
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3 look to see clouds increase overnight into monday as temperatures dip in the upper 40s across the upstate and mid- 40s in western north carolina. monday will see a mix of sun and clouds as highs climb into the mid60s in the upstate and low 60s across the mountains. look to see a weak cold front cross the carolinas, bringing a slight chance of showers mainly to western north carolina. a stray shower of two making its wat into the upstate cannot be rules out. rain will likely be light to moderate and relatively short
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3 remember for the latest on the weather any time, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather section. there you can check out any watches or warnings in our area... view current temperatures and check out our weather blog. 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 back to you 3 in news across the carolinas 3 he escaped from a prison--and now, authorities say he's armed and dangerous. dangerous.take a good look-- this is zachery reaves.the department of corrections says
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catawba pre-release center monday night in rock hill.and just hours later--authorities sayhe broke into a school, where a gun was word on why the gun was in the building--but reaves was in prison for a second-degree burglary charge.and they are looking for him right now. 3 in aiken--police there are looking for two men accused in a shooting that happened yesterday afternoon.this is christopher johnson and davashea rhodes.they're facing attempted murder charges after police say they took part in the shooting there.the victim was shot in the're asked to call crimestoppers if you've seen them. 3 3 still ahead - can you imagine, humans on mars - in just nine years. man says it can be done.what *you have to say about the "out of this world" tonight's "fox fuss" 3 and - one person's donation - will help protect a very important part of the law enforcement team.that story - coming up on "thee 10 o'clock news." 3 here's a look at your winning lottery numbers.. 3 3
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3 new tonight-- 3 you may have dreamed of traveling to another country-- but what about another *planet?
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soon become a says they plan on sending people to mars by 20-25. 20-25.c-e-o elon musk says getting humankind to the red planet is a priority.he says space exploration is important--and if life as we know it is *multi-planetary - humans will be around for longer.not only that--he says the journey to mars would be an incredible adventure - and inspiring for so many. decided to make this the topic of tonight's fox fuss- 3 we wanted to know what you thought of sending people to mars within the next decade. decade.lindy says-"if the earth gets anymore crowded, we're going to need to do something. also running out of open land and forest. mankind is killing the earth with unnecessary development." 3 and billy says-"the thought of it seems great, but no one will like the way life will be on mars." 3 and patricia had this to add- "i know a lot of people i would like to send there.l-o-l" 3 remember you can email us anytime at the fox fuss at fox carolina dot com.or find us on facebook under fox
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3 or you can go to our website, fox carolina dot com.scroll down on the left side of the homepage, and click on the fox fuss link.just fill out the form, and we'll share your comments. comments. 3
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3 police in florida have a very strange case on their hands. hands.they found a woman dead. along with an incoherent man. we'll tell you what else was discovered in the hotel room. 3 plus - a truck *bursts into flames.luckily - the driver walked away.what may have caused the explosive situation that was caught on camera.ted? 3 wet weather is back in the forecast. we'll take a look at when it arrives and how long it sticks around with your
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3 developing tonight 3 a fatal shooting at a mauldin bojangles left one dead and two injured late saturday night. and now - three teens have been charged with murder. the two you see here, and a 15 year old girl. girl.they're charged in the death of 19-year old savon allen. he was a passenger inside a car, when he was shot and killed killedtonight,a community activist and a friend of the victim are speaking out. 3 fox carolina's shale remien has been following this story since last night.she has the
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3 derek and sarah -a very differnt scene here tonight compared to late last night.on satruday - dozens of police cars and firetrucks lined the parking lot -- after a shooting left 19 year old savon allen dead. 3 police say two 19 year olds and a 15 year old are charged with murder, attempted murder, attempted armed robbery.the two 19 year olds are also charged wtih possession of a weapon for criminal use. community activist jack logan says he continues to be frustrated that gun violence impacts so many upstate families. 3 3 3 "and this man has a mother, she can only to a cemetary to go and look down at a grave. these other mothers can go to a local jail or the south carolina correctional facilty." facilty."when i spoke to police today, they say they are continuing to investigate this case.and are looking into
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several businesses around the area told me off camera that they are shocked a situation like this unfolded in mauldin. 3 i also spoke to the victim's friend and he says savon allen was an athlete, and that he loved football. he said allen was a very caring individual. he says eveyone he knows is still in shock by what unfolded here late last night. reporting live in mauldin, shale remien, fox carolina, the ten oclock news. 3 we'll continue to follow the very latest on this developing story--both on air and online-- as well as facebook and twitter. 3 new tonight-- 3 an investigation is underway in florida--after a toddler was killed in a drive-by shooting. shooting.and police say it was likely *gang-related. happened friday night--police say the car 22-month-old aiden mcclendon was riding in was hit by gunfire.authorities say aiden was hit in his shoulder and torso--and later died at the hospital.police believe other shootings in the area may be related--and that's something that doesn't sit well with those who livehere 3
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when i heard that it may be gang related. i am pretty sure that is some of the activities that go on with gangs. okay, we can't get you.. we'll get your momma, get your sister, get your child. child.police say aiden's mother and grandmother--who were also in the car--were *not hit.a 20-thousand dollar reward is now being offered an arrest. 3 a young boy was killed in new jersey--after falling out of an apartment window. investigators say it happened yesterday afternoon--when the four-year-old somehow fell out--plunging five stories-- into a parking lot. neighbors say the window was broken--and the tragedy likely could have been prevented. they say safety bars need to be placed on the windows--to keep kids who live there safe. 3 police in florida say a woman was found dead in a hotel room- along with two live *monkeys. *monkeys.the body of 59- year-old linda smith -- and the animals -- were discovered friday.police say there were no obvious signs of trauma-- and the monkeys were contained in a crate.but police say an incoherent man was also in the room.he received medical
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3 caught on camera-- 3 one florida man is very lucky to walk away from his burst into flames--and it may have all been because of bad brakes. brakes.take a look.this truck crashed into a power pole-- flipped--and then caught fire. the driver says his brakes went out--as he was getting off an exit his car started flaming up--he says he only had one thing on his mind. 3 3 "just get out. i undid my seatbelt. the passenger window was gone. so i just crawled out that hole right there." there." 3 "i'm just glad i didn't hit anybody. i'm glad i'm ok and i didn't hurt anybody else." else."the driver says he was on his way to a gas station at the time.he says he feels lucky he didn't make it there-- because this fire could've been a whole lot worse if he had a full tank. 3 on the fox carolina money watch-- 3 ride-sharing app uber is slashing its prices. prices.the company says ride requests are down during the they're cutting prices--right now, it's in effect in new york and about
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will make it cheaper than a normal taxi ride in new york but there's a catch -- the minimum fare is seven bucks. 3 the big movie at the box office this weekend was about a big ol' panda. panda.'kung fu panda 3' took in around 41-million dollars over the weekend to take the top spot at the box office. thing is--even though it is number one---it is the lowestr opening yet for the 'kung fu panda' series. 3 'the revenant' took in 12-point-4 million dollars this weekend.the movie is still riding high since it was nominated for 12's has been out for over a month now--and has so far taken in over 130-million dollars. 3 and 'star wars: the force awakens' is still holding took it about 11 million dollars this far--the movie has taken in 900-million dollars at the box office here in the u-s. 3 trending tonight-- 3 animal rights group "peta" may soon own a piece of horror movie history. history.they're looking to buy the house used in "silence of the lambs"--and turn it into an *empathy house--for abused animals.
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belonged to psychotic killer 'buffalo bill' in the movie-- is up for sale in pennsylvania. but in real life--it belongs to scott and barbara lloyd. peta says it wants to buy the home--and turn it into a museum for animals that have been abused and killed.but the lloyds say they're not exactly on board with the idea. 3 3 3 "at this point, i don't see any merit in it at all, it looks like a publicity stunt to me." me." 3 "there's a lot of hunters and people would not be thrilled here. probably not peta says the museum would allow visitors to wear the skin of dead and abused animals. according to peta--the goal is to raise compassion and awareness to the problem of animal cruelty. 3 the south carolina primaries are just weeks away-and there's a unique way you can show your support for one republican candidate. candidate.but it's not exactly what you may think.take a look. look.a massachusetts tattoo shop is offering *free donald trump can be anything related to the presidential hopeful-- including his face--or his popular campaign slogan --
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owner says his shop is already booked up for does trump think about the idea? 3 3 "so he's a trump fan. well maybe i'll have to have a my life. maybe not though." though."the shop even got a call from florida about the craze.the owner says they plan to drive up soon -- to get their free trump tattoos.
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3 some extra protection is being added to some k-9 officers in spartanburg. spartanburg.we'll see who's making it all possible.coming up. 3 and - talk about a fashion statement!the panthers q-b is making sure no one misses him on his way to super bowl 50. why cam newton's *pants are the talk of the town. 3 wet weather is back in the forecast. we'll take a look at when it arrives and how long it sticks around with your 7-day forecast coming up in
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3 they're knights in brand new armor...k9 officers in equipped with stab-proof and bulletproof vests...all courtesy of a kind citizen. 3 the vests come after several k9 officers throughout the nation...including one in anderson county..have tragically died in the line of duty. 3 3 and as fox carolina's andrew reeser found out--those vests are giving their handlers much needed peace of mind. 3 3 3 natthis is don...he's one of spartanburg's 4 legged finest...playful when he wants to be....nat growling...and mean when he has to be. be. 3 3 23:57:23"building search, tactical situations...perimeter security...wanted subjects..." officer shane morrow is don's handler...recent k9 casualties like hyco in anderson county... weigh heavy on morrow's mind. 23:5829"there's no use in taking it out on an animal..we send them in to do a job....that's what they're supposed to do."but this new heavy duty vest...donated to spartanburg k9 officers...aims
10:33 pm
3 3 3 00:14:50this vest that don is wearing is a threat level 2's built to resist stabs and bullets...just think enough to resist penetration." natthis is the woman behind the donations...spartanburg resident karon ratke... ratke... 3 00:18:08that's something i can do for my community to give back."she worked with the company vested interest in k9s incorporated...a nonprofit that works with community members around the country... to get these dogs the sheilds they need and deserve. 00:19:57 "once the fundraising has completed the funds go to vested interest...and they're able to get the vests, which are about $1,050 dollars at a discount price."she says seeing dogs like hyco and others killed in the line of shameful...and she wanted to do something about it. nat23:56:56"guy with a gun or someone we know that is a known threat..then we can put the vest on and send them in." and officer morrow can sleep a little easier...these vests offering a better chance for
10:34 pm
member...goes home with him. nat 3 that was andrew reeser reporting.spartanbgurg police have four vests for each one of their k-9s--and karon ratke--who you heard from in that story--has also helped greer and duncan police get stab-proof vests as well. 3 happening now-- 3 in the middle east-- authorities there say three separate explosions have killed 45 people--and injured around 40 others--in syria. syria.they all happened near the country's capital earlier of the explosions was a car bomb that went off near a bus station.the other explosions were suicide attacks targeting on-lookers to the *first explosion.the attacks come as leaders are trying to engage in talks to end the country's civil war. 3 speaking of those syrian peace talks--they continue in switzerland.the talks are aimed at both sides calling a cease-fire--and ultimately a new government.negotiators say they want the bombing to stop-- all food and aid to get through--and prisoners to be released. 3 3 "these issues are very important to us, i believe
10:35 pm
it they can do it." it."the talks involve the government and opposition groups--but not the terrorist group 'isis'. 3 a manhunt is on in africa tonight--after poachers killed a helicopter pilot that was trying to track them down. down.the attack happened friday night on a game reserve in the country of tanzania. authorities say the pilot, who is from the u-k--was hit while the chopper was in the air.the pilot was able to land helicopter safely--but died before any help could arrive. 3 new tonight-- 3 in oklahoma - zookeepers are mourning the sudden death of a beloved asian elephant. elephant.37-year-old chai was moved from from a zoo in seattle to oklahoma city last may.animal rights groups tried to stop the transfer - insisting a california sanctuary would be a better alternative to the city's cold winter weather.chai was found dead in the elephant yard saturday morning.those who work there say they're in shock. 3 3 "this is a surprise. and a shock. she was normal behaving
10:36 pm
for us. we think of these animals as part of our family." family."veterinary staff will perform a *necropsy this week. chai is the second elephant to die at the zoo over the past four months.a viral infection killed a four-year-old elephant in october.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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3 look to see clouds increase overnight into monday as temperatures dip in the upper 40s across the upstate and mid- 40s in western north carolina. monday will see a mix of sun and clouds as highs climb into the mid60s in the upstate and low 60s across the mountains. look to see a weak cold front cross the carolinas, bringing a slight chance of showers mainly to western north carolina. a stray shower of two making its wat into the upstate cannot be rules out. rain will likely be light to moderate and relatively short lived.winds will mainly be out of the south and west between five and ten miles per hour area-wideclouds linger late monday into tuesday with lows falling to near 50s in the upstate while western north carolina bottoms out in the
10:38 pm
with temperatures in the low to mid-60s. showers and potential storms approach late tuesday and stick around for much of monday.expect cooler temperatures to cool a bit for
10:39 pm
away. 3 and as the panthers headed out west today- all eyes were on cam newton! newton!yeah, but not for reasons you may think..check it out. out.the panthers q-b rocking gold and zebra print pants while boarding the bus to the airport..catching the attention of fans - who came
10:40 pm
pants are reportedly made by versace - and have since sold out online.newton of course no stranger to making a statement - he's often recognized for his post-game press conference attire. 3 as the panthers prepare to head west carolina will have live coverage from san francisco for super bowl 50 starting tomorrow at 10-p-m. p-m.and on saturday february the 6th at 7-p-mbe sure to catch the panthers pursuit of the title - for one on one interviews and everything you need to know about the journey to the superbowl -in the hours before the big game. 3 3 plenty more to get to in sports...we've got a a panthers one on one interview youll only see right here on fox carolina.... carolina....and the gamecocks women's basketball team putting their unbeaten streak to the test today. could they
10:41 pm
the aggies? 3 the panthers may have headed west for the superbowl....but some other lucky players headed west to hawaii for the pro bowl. including nuk hopkins...we've got that and more coming up in sports stick around.
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you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low prices, saving money while keeping the pantry full... that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. greenville, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $27.40 on this week's groceries - that's 19%. so head to walmart and see what you
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3 tonight a new champion will be crowned...while the offense might get most of the attention in this contest...this game could hinge on how well the panthers defense is able to pressure peyton manning. 3 while the offense might get most of the attention in this contest...this game could hinge on how well the panthers defense is able to pressure peyton manning. carolina was
10:44 pm
led the league in total takeaways, interceptions, and opponent passer rating. our own aaron cheslock got a chance to catch up with the defensive tackle who ron rivera said stepped up at the right time. 3 3 panthers defense firing on all cylinders certainly after last week. an unbelieveable performance by the arizona cardinals dwan edwards one of the stalwarts on that front four talk about what this defense has gone through...youre kind of getting progressively better and to have things all come together... together..."yeah definitely we felt we were going to be strong all year. just something you've gotta keep improving every week and getting better and accepting the challenges that are in front of us. we've had injuries and guys stepping up and its just been a great team effort by the defense. it all came together last week and we put on a great performance. forcing 7 turnovers. and we're trying to carry that to the
10:45 pm
a focused group and i'm just looking forward to having fun with my teammates enjoying the experience. trying to get a ring. facing peyton manning obviously one of the best of all time what goes into that and is this the peyton manning from 10 years ago or can you even think like that do you have to plan like this is the guy that can make the throws? yeah i think we've gotta prepare for peyton manning. one of the greatest quarterbacks to play to game. i don't think anyone is going to look past peyton. you hear a lot of stuff about him not being the same guy but he's still peyton manning. he's still one of the best to ever do it. we're going to have our hands full. we'll have a great week of preparation trying to get ready for him. when i say carolina panthers super bowl champions has that even crossed your mind. can you let yourself go that far?"it hink we can now that we're there. we're a confident bunch we believe in the process. our preparation we do every week. we're going to try to simulate that. get in the same mode. and try to have the same that
10:46 pm
so much. alright dwan edwards one of the many members of this panthers defense that needs to step up against a tough denver offense. 3 that's right the panthers defense will certainly have their hands full with peyton manning. we'll have more panthers coverage all week. aaron'll be reporting from santa clara starting tomorrow. but for right now we've got some reporting to do from college station,texas.... station,texas....that's where the gamecocks womens basketball team taking on texas a&;m....south carolina one of 2 undefeated teams in the country at 20 and oh. ranked 2nd in the country. the aggies rank 10th....early in the game....gamecocks out to a quick start...forcing the turnover as sydney mitchell takes it in gets it to roll in s-c up 16-10.skipping ahead to the 4th quarter...the aggies down by 1 and jordan jones buries the three up top and gives a&;m the leadbut not for mitchell with the pull up jumpergamecocks back in front for the 9th lead change of the game3:30 to
10:47 pm
knocking down the three 3 as south carolina not taking their foot off the gas pedal from there. they win it 70 to 63...remember they face the other unbeaten squad uconn on february 8th.... 3 3 well the panthers not the only football players out west this week...some of the n-f-l's best in hawaii for the annual pro bowl.... bowl....including former tigers star wide receiver deandre hopkins who had a 61 yard reception from russell wilson...almost a touchdown... later in the 4th quarter jameis winston hits hopkins over the middle for the 7 yard touchdown. that puts michael ivrin's team up 49-21. they'd win it 49-27. 3 and maybe some unlucky news for some fantasy football owners...lions star receiver calvin johnson better known as megatron is likely retiring after nine seasons. reports indicated he told lions staff of his plans earlier today
10:48 pm
least i can say that tried, to tell you i'm 3 sorry for breaking your heart.' heart.'many people-have attempted to cover adele's hits single 'hello', but this 11-year-old is knocking it out of the park. this video surfaced on facebook, and has had 20-million views and counting. 3 *ad-lib3 let's take one more look at the forecast. forecast.3 clouds will build overnight as a front approaches the western
10:49 pm
likely fall into the mid to upper 40s area wide. monday will start the week with a mix of sun and clouds and highs peaking in the low to mid-50s throughout the day.
10:50 pm
open to the show. >> let's do it. >> over the top is always better. >> here we are [ bleep ] doing some narly [ bleep ]. >> i'm graham. >> this is alex. >> did you see that? >> and you're watching "in depth." >> alex honnold one of the world's top rock climbers asending some of the most dangerous and magnificent walls in the world. >> when i got to the stop i was jacked.
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>> what sets him apart from
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