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tv   FOX Carolina News Tonight  FOX  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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3 we're following breaking news at this hour 3 out of greenville county where a death investigation is underway after a hunter found a body in taylors. 3 the sheriff's office says the body was discovered in a field on burrell road--around 5:30 this evening - but the coroner was dispatched to the scene just before 8:30. 8:30. 3 so far no word on the victim's identity or cause of death - but again the coroner is on scene as the death investigation continues...if you have any information
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crimestoppers at 23-crime. 3 we'll of course continue to follow this investigation. remember for updates wherever you the fox carolina news app--just text the number on your screen. 3 new at 11 3 this time last week we were in the middle of a snowstorm..and that bitter cold winter has one local town worried that pets are being overlooked. 3 in polk county, columbus city council is looking into a plan that would require people to take their pets inside when extreme weather hits. 3 fox carolina's shale was in columbus today and she has the latest details on the proposal and the community's reaction. shale? 3 cody and diana -the town manager says the proposed ordinance is in the very early stages.some city council members are concerned pets are left out in extreme condition. it suggests it be required by law to take your pet inside. 3 3 3 columbus is considering an ordinance that would require
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inside when extreme weather hits. ashley pobanz says she's seen several animals come into foothills humane society frostbiten. frostbiten. 3 "his entire ears were frostbitten. he had no hair on them, they were like leather. so he definitely had been stuck out in the weather for quite awhile. it never really goes away, it scars their ears."or "their ears are the first lot with ears. they do get damaged, they do just as if you would be out in the cold for too tim burke the town manager says the proposed ordinance is in the early phases of discussion. discussion. 3 "we're just trying to make sure animals are treated humanely. that's all were after. we think animals deserve to have a safe, warm, dry place to be."for animal services, the town relies on polk county animal control. their policy is that animals must be treated "humanely". but burke says that's too vague to enforce."what is humane to one person, is not humane to another person. so we need to better define what humane means." pet owner eric mack doesn't like to see pets being left out in the cold. 3
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maybe not a fine right away, fine. it gets cold at night, it's common sense that they would want to be someplace warn, even if it is a garage." "it is important to care for your pets, they do have feelings, they suffer just like you would suffer."because the proposed ordinance is in beginning phases, the town hasn't discussed what 3 fines would be attached."our goal is just to have pets treated humanely without having to write tickets to people that would be great." 3 the town manager says council plans to discuss the proposed ordinance at its next budget meeting at the end of febrary. 3 so shale, you mentioned this is in the early phases of proposal.was the town manager the one to propose this? this?no diana.he told me today that the idea was brought up briefly at the end of their meeting last thursday by a councilwoman. and the police
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the ordinance would be enforced if it does pass. 3 as we continue to cover our counties 3 3 a union county--accused of using his son as part of a fundraising scam--is facing *dozens of additional charges after more people came forward to file reports. reports.deputies now say *72 people have come forward-- claiming they were victims of jeffery henderson.henderson says he would bring his son and claim that he was raising money for coupon books for cub scouts. scouts.we're told some of the victims gave him as much as 40-dollars--and never got anything in all, deputies say he got over a thousand dollars total from the victim told us she's floored that so many people were taken for their money. 3 3 3 3 -hearing 72 blows my mind...i don't understand how someone could go around with their child-- 3 deputies tell us there are
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came forward--but they did not want to prosecute. 3 a greenville county man is accused of touching children... and deputies say one case dates back to 1989. 1989.the sheriff's office says arthur lehr may have engaged in sexual acts with other kids. they are encouraging anyone with information to contact crime stoppers at 23-crime. tonight lehr is charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor....and one count of engaging a child for sexual performance.he was given a 30-thousand-dollar bond. 3 a pickens county man is charged with attempted murder...after deputies say a man was found stabbed in the throat! throat!the sheriff's office says the victim got into an argument with this man-- charles black--leading up to the stabbing. stabbing.they say the men were in a moving truck and had pulled into the parking lot of the "hot spot" station on calhoun memorial highway just after midnight...when the stabbing happened.the victim was rushed to the hospital and is expected to
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3 the henderson county sheriff's office are looking for suspects tonight--after an attempted armed robbery and home invasion prompted a lockdown at a nearby school. school.deputies say they were called to hope creek lane just after 7 this reports that two suspects tried to break into a of them armed.right behind the neighborhood where it happened...the mountain community school was placed on a precautionary lockdown while a search got underway.the lockdown was later lifted.but residents are still on alert. so far no suspects have been named in this case.if you have any information on the case caseyou're asked to call the henderson county sheriff's office or crime stoppers at the number on your screen. 3 spartanburg county deputies say a woman wanted by *asheville police for making fraudulent purcheses on a cloned credit also suspected of a similar crime in spartanburg! spartanburg!take a look at these surveillance pictures-- that were captured at a store in asheville...where police say the woman racked up more than 11-thousand dollars using
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business.deputies say after seeing our story...a worker at a spartanburg business--who fell victim to a similar incident alerted investigators...who determined she was linked to both cases. in the spartanburg county...the sheriff's office says the business owner never lost the card...but it was somehow cloned and used to make nearly 10-thousand dollars worth of purches at local walmart stores in just two days!if you have any information you're asked to call crime stoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. 3 happening now 3 a catchy ad campaign has popped up in greenville. it's backed by a committee of doctors asking ghs among other hospitals across the country to get rid of chic-fil-a restaurants inside their facilities. facilities.the group is called the "physicians committee for responsible medicine".this is one of their ads that sits directly across from ghs. it says "eat more chick peas" which sounds similar to chic-fil-a's well known slogan. they say it's irresponsible for hospitals to promote fried chicken and other unhealthy food. ghs responded saying "while we
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hospital food report conducted by the physicians committee for responsible medicine, we believe the report's approach is flawed. for example, the report does not take into account that food generated by franchises like chick-fil-a is not part of the patient menu." we spoke with an upstate doctor to see if you can make healthy choices at fast food chains. 3 3 3 "if you can get something grilled, at least you're removing a lot of the fats that applied when they fry those meals, the breads are usually coated with butter, if you can ask them to make them without heavily coated butter or a lot of the condiments or the dressing that they put on these meals it's going to provide you a more healthy option." option."the committee is also asking hospitals in states like georgia and north carolina to remove fast food chains as well. ghs says they've worked to make healthy eating options with a "smart selection" of meals no more than 500 calories and they removed sugary drinks including sodas. this year they also plan to remove deep fryers.
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weekend forecast! 3 chief meteorologist kendra kent joins us now in the weather center-- center--and kendra things are looking brighter this weekend...what can you tell us? 3 coming up we'll take a look at your seven-day forecast...and what you can expect as you head out the door tomorrow morning.stay with us. 3 just three days before the iowa caucuses...the state department declares *22 emails on hillary clinton's account...were *top secret!the details straight ahead! 3 plus--ethan crouch-- the infamous "affluenza" teen-- is back on u-s soil--after fleeing to mexico to escape prison time.but tonight many are pushing for him to be tried as an adult...see if the judge agreed- next. 3 and the carolina panthers are just days away from taking off for the west coast--see how fans are sending them off to the super bowl-- coming up! 3 and we're following breaking news along white horse road.a wreck has closed part of white
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the scene and two cars were towed information yet on what happened or injuries... remember for updates wherever 3
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3 we have new details tonight from the state department regarding the emails clinton kept on a private server during her time as secretary of state. state.officials confirmed today clinton's home server contained 22 emails that were considered "top secret" and say they won't be releasing's unclear if clinton herself sent the addition...the state department announced 18-emails between clinton and president obama will also be witheld from the quote "protect the presiden'ts ability to receive unvarnished advice and counsel."clinton has been under fire for using a private email server during her time as secretary of state.
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3 whre teen "ethan couch" -- who was made famous for his "affluenza" defense against a deadly drunk driving charge.. is back in the u-s--and will remain in juvenile detention for now. now.couch was deported from mexico on thursday--and just today a texas judge ruled the 18-year-old will *stay in the juvenile detention facility until his february 19-th determine if he will be tried as an adult. couch was charged with killing 4 people in a drunk driving crash in 2013 and fled to mexico with his mom last month after he was accused of violating probation.tonight many are upset over today's ruling. 3 3 3 "unfortunately with juvenile cases, and adult cases, they can get just a slap on the wrist. so we've come to this one and are following it so closely, so that we can bring attention again to the country on the complacency of drunk driving and it's got to stop." stop." 3 "if you've lost a family
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that is. and yes, he is remorseful. just because he hasn't come out and given a public statement to y'all doesn't mean he's not remorseful." remorseful."now even if couch's case is moved to adult court in texas...and he is found guilty....the punishment for violating his probation is only 120-days in jail.then he would finish serving the rest of his 10-year probation sentence. 3 caught on camera 3 a kansas police chief is being hailed a hero tonight after dash cam surfaced of him saving a man from a burning car. car.take a look at the video-- you can see the chief immediately run over to the car engulfed in flames....and finds the owner laying right beside it...he works quickly to move the man others come to help. firefighters say ammunition inisde the car was exploding as paramedics worked to revive
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without the police chief's help...the man might not have survived. 3 chief meteorologist kendra kent joins us now with a look at your forecast- 3 mostly clear skies on the way tonight! saturday morning will start with chilly temperatures in the low 30s for the upstate
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mountains. sunny skies will dominate through the day, with highs warming to above normal levels! saturday afternoon will be in the low 60s for the upstate and upper 50s in the mountains.sunday will bring more mild and pleasant weather! highs will reach 65 in the upstate and 61 in the mountains under sunshine. things will start to change early next week as clouds roll in and rain chances go up! there will be a slight chance of showers monday, but the best chance comes late tuesday into wednesday morning. we could see a few strong storms late tuesday night. temperatures will take a big drop for wednesday and thursday as highs get back
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3 for weather 24 3 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and download the new fox carolina weather app. you can get weather info on the go, along with alerts on watches and warnings in your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 the panthers are pounding and the fans keep thousands came out this afternoon to give them a propper send off to for the super bowl. filled romare bearden park in charlotte this chants for the panthers following their super bowl bid and nfc championship win. several players also showed up
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caught up with one fan who says despite all the bad things happening in the world's great to rally 3 3 3 "there's a lot of problems in whether it's jobs or racism. charlotte's never had that problem and hopefully it never will. if you look at everybody around you, nobody is out here with an agenda. the only agenda we have is to get the panthers to the super bowl and watch them come home with a trophy." trophy."and the carolina panthers are west coast bound this sunday 3 and our live coverage from super bowl 50--begins on carolina sports director aaron cheslock will be joining us live in san francisco starting on thee ten o'clock be sure to tune in! 3 and coming up on february sixth--fox carolina sports director aaron cheslock and sports anchor shannon sommerville are taking a look back at the "panthers pursuit of a title"...and what it took to get to super bowl 50.again
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3 and speaking of the panthers... they're strapping up for their final practice before taking off for the west coast...hear from head coach ron rivera next! 3 plus....the clemson tigers are hitting the diamond for their first practice of the season... and we're hearing from their head coach on how they want to start the 2016 season 3 and olympic medalist michael phelps is diving into the spotlight to help one basketball team take home the win....we'll explain this video...coming up in the nightcap!
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3 we are inching ever closer to super bowl fact today the carolina panthers had their last practice of the season in charlottethe panthers strapped on the pads for the last time in the carolinasa&as they get set to take on payton manning and the broncosand it looks like they are leaving the tarheel state just a little healthiercenter ryan kalil was back on the field for the first time this weeka&he'd been nursing a knee issuehead coach ron rivera says the team worked on implementing their game plan but as usual he said his team had fun doing it it 3 "i think they are in a good spota&i like their personalitya&you saw their personality during warm upsa&its who they area&and the biggest and best thing is that once they show their personality and flare they focus back in and i was really happy with what i saw in
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are set to leave charlotte and head for their super bowl site san jose on sunday sunday 3 is it spring alreadya&.not just yeta&but it sure felt like in clemsona&the tiger baseball team held their first practice of the seasonand the first in a longtime that wasn't headed up by coach jack leggettleggett was let go by the university after 22 seasons at the helmmonte lee is now calling the shots in clemsona&and he says one of his biggest challenges will be sorting out a very young roster roster 3 "we've gotten all of our fundamental work out of the way, the ground balls the bp, catching bullpens, throwing bullpens, now its time to compete against each other and solidify some jobs"clemson opens their season february 19tha&at home against maine maine 3 the gamecocks also kicked off their baseball seasona&with a triple-header of scrimmages open to the public in columbia the preseason usa today top 25 teama&.is returning talent
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brought in a highly touted recruiting classhead coach chad holbrooka&says today was about getting the team to bond and get ready for a long season season 3 "excited about our players and what've they've done in the fall accomplished acadmically, what they've done in the community but now its time to strap it on and play baseball and im excited about the team we are going to put on the field"the gamecocks open their season february 19th at home against albany albany 3 when you think about a big game between clemson and florida state on a saturdaya&you're probably thinking footballbut this weekends matchup will be on the hardwood 3 and will feature a hot clemson teama&..that's beaten four ranked opponents this yearboth teams come into the game 13-7 but clemson is 6-2 in acc play clemson beat fsu at the well
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head coach brad brownell says the seminoles have improved a lot since the last game game 3 "they have some great guards, wings are exceptional, it will be a difficult matchup for us we have to find a way to bring some defense and hopefully we will continue to shoot well" tipoff for the tigers and seminoles is at noonfor foxcarolina sports im adrian acosta 3 it's not everyday an olympian agrees to join in on a school's elaborate stunt...but that's just what michael phelps did at one universities basketball gameyou won't want to miss it-- up next! next!and we're back with one
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3 3 we're back with the nightcap-- 3 and we're talking about last night's basketball game between arizona state and oregon state--and olympic medalist michael phelps decided to drop in-- in--take a look--phelps helped arizona state's student joining in their "curtain of distraction" to distract free-throw shooters from making can see he's wearing nothing but some
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his speedo!apparently it worked....the shooter missed both shots! shots! 3 3 let's get a last look of the forecast with meteorologist kendra kent
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way tonight! saturday morning will start with chilly temperatures in the low 30s for the upstate and upper 20s in the mountains. sunny skies will dominate through the day, with highs warming to above normal levels! saturday afternoon will be in the low 60s 3 thanks for joining us, good night. night. 3 3
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good morning. (mumbling): top of the morning to you, sir. oh, god. did you have a stroke? oh, no, no stroke. i'm bleaching my teeth. what? sorry. i'm bleaching my teeth. oh. nothing. just reading the news.
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