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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 roper st. francis hospital in charleston confirming tonight they're waiting on blood test results from two patients to determine whether the women were exposed to zika during a recent trip- 3 so far one case has come back negative - but the other results could take the cdc as long as two weeks to test.zika can cause birth defects if the disease is contracted by a pregnant woman.more than four- thousand babies in brazil alone have been born with microcephaly, a condition resulting in abnormally small heads that can cause brain damage, and long-term developmental problems.the world health organization now says the virus has the potential of three to four million cases in the next 12 months - and the "level of concern is high." 3 3 3 so this virus has been on the move for some time, so a lot of people have been exposed to this virus already in those areas, but it will continue to move, would be the expectation. expectation.there is no treatment for the zika virus
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been around for decades but only arrived in the americas last year -- spreading to 24 countries and 31 cases in the continental u.s., all of them brought from abroad. abroad.the w-h-o will hold an emergency meeting next week. dhec will hold a press conference with the latest information tomorrow - 3 we will be there - if you have questions - you can send them to us via email or on facebook. we also have more information on our website at fox carolina dot com.we'll continue to monitor the latest developments from health officials on air and online. 3 now to a fox carolina investigation... 3 a dangerous bridge... just today a semi was wedged under it and it took hours to get it's the second time in a couple of months.and it's the same place where a spartanburg county woman lost her life in octobershe drowned in her car... stuck in the underpass by who's going to fix it? it?fox carolina's rebecca atkins is live near the bridge.
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answers... rebecca what have you found out? 3 3 just before 7 o'clock tonight the dot trucks were still out here working on this area, hours after the accident. drivers say they feel like the height of the bridge is clearly marked, but feel another issue, is that a one lane tunnel, on a two lane road, is dangerous. 3 3 3 natsthis one lane tunnel on new cut road and howard street has drivers on edge. the norfololosouthern railway runs on top... and now several truckers have been stuck, and a woman even died while driving under the bridge. 3 3 "i drive a smaller vehicle and i never have a problem, but the truckers are apparently not paying attention to the height of it."today wasn't the first time a truck got stuck... in october, a tractor trailer was trapped as well, luckily there were no injuries. 3 "we've seen many instances like this where trucks get stopped and people have wrecks
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situation."roger nutt is the vice chairman on spartanburg this road isn't in his jurisdiction... it's d-o-t operated, he says he wants to help however he can."one thing we can do as representatives is make those phonecalls." councilman nutt plans on reaching out to the railroad as well as dot, to see what can be done. he says trucks getting stuck isn't the only concern."it's not only short, it's very narrow... i went through there today and got ready to go through and there was another vehicle coming so i stopped, we both stopped, let each one go by, it's just very dangerous, if you're not paying attention something's going to happen and has happened."there have also been complaints about flooding under the bridge. silvia arteaga died in october in her car in the tunnel after a heavy rain. her family is now filing a lawsuit against norfolk southern and the dot, claiming that if the railraod and the dot would have better maintained the vegetation and outflow drains around their
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and storm drain covers, arteaga might still be alive. 3 i reached out to the dot but was not able to get in touch with the department that would handle any changes. i also reached out to the city and have not heard back. a representative for norfolk southern says they aren't responsible for the bridge structure. diana? 3 rebecca, this is seems like a very dangerous situation and one that has a lot of people talking about what can be done to fix the problem... do you know if anyone else has ever filed a complaint with either the railroad or the dot about this bridge and roadway? roadway?according to documents we obtained from the dot, a complaint was filed in 2012, it was a comment from a citizen who said she was quote, "afraid when the next bad rain comes the underpass will flood, and someone could easily drown". and there is a suit now involving the women who died under the bridge last motions the railroad says they should be removed from the suit because they don't own railroad bridges. reporting live in spartanburg,
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the 10 o'clock news. 3 the chill is on tonight, with some mountain snow possible possiblebut some big changes arrive this weekend, and it might just feel like spring! let's go to kendra for the latest 3 mostly clear skies on the way tonight in the upstate, while the mountains will have clouds and a few snow showers near the tennessee border. only light accumulations are expected, with gusty winds out of the north in the mountains. friday morning will bring a few stray snow showers in the mountains, otherwise mostly clear skies across our area. temperatures will start in the upper 20s to low 30s, then rebound into the mid 50s for the upstate under sunshine 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up- up-thanks kendra-we continue
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3 and while we're looking at milder temperatures in the upstate -theres still some winter weather cleanup happening in the mountains - and because of that - we know mitchell transylvania and yancey county schools will all be on a two hour delay tomorrow.remember for the latest updates on delays and closings - just head to fox carolina dot com. 3 as you decide 2016... 3 seven republican presidential candidates... in the main debate tonight in iowa!of course the other major headline tonight-donald trump was a no show- but the others took center stage to reach the voters of iowa four days before their caucuses. caucuses.the debate in des moines... is hosted by fox news and google.and it came with plenty of drama leading up to the event, when trumpmp backed out because he thought one of the moderators, megyn kelly was biased against him. tonight... the other candidates said they wanted to focus on the issues... and they believed the absence of the front-runner would give them all more chance the reach
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mentioned so much at the start... it almost seemed like he was there! 3 3 3 "if donald engages in insults or anybody else, i dont intend to reciprocate. i have not insulted donald personally and i don't intend to. i am glad donald is running. i'm glad he's produced enormous enthusiasm and to every donald trump voter and potential voter, i hope to earn your support." i know supporter, i hope to earn portion of the way." way." "it's not about donald trump... he's an entertaining guy... he's the greatest show on earth. this campaign is about the greatest country in the world and a president who has systematically destroyed many of things that have made america special." special.""i kind of miss donald trump, he was a little teddy bear to me. we always have such a loving relationship in these debates and in between in tweets, kind of miss him, wish he was here. everyone else was in witness protection when i went after him on behalf of what the republican cause should be: conservative principles, believing in limited government. accountability." accountability.""we can not
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border, balancing the budget, getting wages to grow faster unless we lead as conservatives but we also invite people in from the other party. we have to come together as a country and we have to stop all of the division." 3 as we mentioned...donald trump wasn't at the debate.instead - he's hosting a fundraising event just a few miles away in des moines benefitting veterans organizations - this is a live look at that event right an interview before the rally - trump said his foundation had already raised five million dollars - and said he's putting up one million dollars of his own money.speaking to the crowd tonight - he talked about why this cause is more important than politics. 3 3 3 'my whole theme is make america great again, and that's what we're going to do. and we wouldn't have been here, if it wasn't for our vets. and out vets are being
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are treated better cases than our vets, and it's not going to happen anymore. 3 fellow presidential candidates mike huckabee and rick santorum echoed the appreciation for our servicemen and women -they were in attendance, and even took the stage at trump's event - after taking part in the undercard debate earlier this evening with 3 carly fiorina and former virginia governor jim gilmore. we have the trump event streaming on our web site right now, fox carolina dot com. 3 we'll have more from some of the other g-o-p candidates coming up at 11. 11.and new tonight - hillary clinton has agreed to more debates after bernie sanders accused the former secretary
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the dnc rules.clinton has said hopes to add debates to the campaign schedule this spring. for more on that - and all your political headlines - just head to fox carolina dot com. 3 kendra is in the weather center for a look ahead at the forecast. forecast.3 kendra: coming up i'll have your forecast including a big warm up upand a spartanburg county husband accused of shooting his wife and leaving her for dead -we were there as he faced a judge - attempted murder in the brutal attack. attack.and whats the plan to fix the smell?that's the
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county homeowners - living near a landfill they say is stinking up the area!tonight - they got answers from the county.after years of criticism for creating unrealistic expectations for girls...barbie is getting a new look!you are fox fussing
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3 we're back with a developing story-- 3 a husband accused of shooting his wife and leaving her for dead--faced a judge tonight. this is video of johnathan batchelor in court.deputies say he claimed that he found his wife, shot along the side of a road near their home in moore.but deputies say he was
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trigger.stephanie batchelor survived the shooting--and we're told she's making remarkable progress--and could make a full recovery. 3 deputies say stephanie batchelor was able to pinpoint her husband as the shooter-- after she woke up from a medically-induced coma. coma.and they say if it hadn't been for her--her husband would likely still be out on the street. carolina's derek dellinger is live at the spartanburg county jail tonight--where johnathan batchelor is tonight--and derek--the wife here was the clincher in this case, right? 3 yes, she was.she was not here for the bond hearing tonight--- but the lawyer representing her says she is no doubt happy that johnathan batchelor is now in jail. 3 3 3 johnathan batchelor walked into bond court this evening-- his arms crossed--his head's been a long month for him--one that has ended with him charged with attempted murder of his wife. wife. 3 3 she's had several surgeries.
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least.that shooting goes back to january the time-- deputies claimed johnathan batchelor told them that his wife was shot on the way home-- her husband was the one that had discovered her along highway 290 and reidville road but deputies now say that was a lie.and they know that *now, thanks to the victim herself. herself. 3 3 if this was a plan on her way home from work, he did not execute it well.batchelor survived the shooting--but up until recently had been in a medically-induced coma.once she woke up and was able-- deputies say she started talking. talking. 3 3 she shared with us information that allowed us to go back out to the house on a search warrantand they tell us that's how they cornered johnathan batchelor. batchelor. 3 3 (she does remember what happened, right?) she does remember what happenedwe're told the news of the arrest-- was unexpected from many in the family. 3 it's a shock. it has been to everyone...of course to her, more than anyonea representative for the family says stephanie batchelor is expected to recover--and they say it's nothing short of
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she deserves a lot of the credit in helping them crack the case. 3 had she not improved enough to where we could interview her, i don't know where would be right now 3 johnathan batchelor was given no bond.he has another hearing set for march.cody? 3 derek--had there been any sign that the couple had any issues? issues?we asked that question to the attorney for stephanie batchelor.the short answer here is no--there were no large signs that there were any issues--and authorities haven't given any large sign yet of any motive for the shooting.cody and diana---back to you. 3 in a fox carolina follow up 3 local and state leaders are addressing concerns about a nauseating odor plaguing part of southern greenville county. county.d-hec says it's coming
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landfill and tonight- they led a meeting at columbia baptist church to talk with residents about the issue. people living in the area describe the stench as *horrendous..and believe the landfill is contributing to respiratory issues some in the area are experiencing.officials say there's a plan in place - set to begin next month - to capture the gas and burn it for was a plan already scheduled for july - but due to the high level of gas generated at the landfill - they're moving forward earlier than scheduled. 3 trt: 33greenville county understands that we have a problem, but we have beeen proactive in dealing with the problem. as i said this plan was in place more than a year ago, but we've moved it up and want to implement it now to address the issue. issue.they got into the jibber 3 jabber of how the landfill works and that was not our concern and all that, and that was no our concern, that's their concern, all we wanted
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to address our problems, like the smell. smell.there's also concerns about property value and environmental damage.local leaders say they are working to solve all the problems that have arisen - and will discuss it at county council.there's another meeting scheduled on this topic in march.we'll of course follow the progress being made to do so - so stick with us on air and online for the latest. 3 covering our counties at ten 3 an accused purse snatcher now faces a long list of charges-- including attempted on a two-county chase in a stolen car! car!easley police say "joseph pfeiffer" stole a woman's purse at the academy sports store on highway 123 - and caught the attention of officers in the parking lot. when they went to investigate...they say pfeiffer drove off in a stolen car. car.greenville county deputies were called in to help after the chase entered their jurisdiction.authorities say pfeiffer slammed on his brakes at one point...causing a deputy to crash before
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officers and a helicopter were called in to search...and pfieffer was found nearby.he's now facing numerous charges in both greenville and pickens county. 3 buncombe county deputies say they're looking for an armed and dangerous suspect who tried to rob a convenience store - -here's a look from george's deli on old county home road in leicester around 10 this morning.they say the suspect tried to rob the store - before driving away in a white two door suv - possibly an 80 or 90's model chevrolet blazer or gmc jimmy - with extensive front-end damage. again the suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous. if you recognize the man or the car- contact the sheriff's office. 3 just a heads up tonight-some of you messaged me about in anderson county- county-dispatch told me they got several calls into their center as well-they tell me the f-a-a confirmed it's training and routine maneuvers out of donaldson center in
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aircraft might be flying low, but again we're told this is routine training done quite often out of the donaldson center- 3 kendra is in the weather center 3 3 3 mostly clear skies on the way tonight in the upstate, while the mountains will have clouds and a few snow 3 showers near the tennessee border. only light accumulations are expected, with gusty winds out of the north in the mountains. friday morning will bring a few stray snow showers in the mountains, otherwise mostly clear skies across our area. temperatures will start in the upper 20s to low 30s, then rebound into the mid 50s for the upstate under sunshineyou can get the latest forecast at weather 3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 back to you. you.
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3 lip balm maker eos standing by their products tonight -after a class action suit was filed saying their popular lip products were doing more harm than good - 3 but if you were looking to cash in - you're out of luck - the lawsuit has been settled. we'll explain the update, in a fox carolina follow up. up.and protecting those who protect and serve -a new set of vests will help keep k-9 officers safe in spartanburg - we're talking to the woman who helped make it happen! happen!plus - we are 10 days away from watching the carolina panthers take on the denver broncos in superbowl 50 -one of the major points of that matchup - the head to head between two of the leagues best quarterbacks - tonight coach rivera tells us what he thinks about cam vs. peyton. peyton.and we want to clarify - these are the school delays for tomorrow - friday the 29th. mitchell transylvania and
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be on a two hour delay tomorrow.remember for the latest updates on delays and closings - just head to fox carolina dot com.
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3 in a fox carolina 3 a class action lawsuit against lip balm manufacturer "eos" has been resolved - after causing a stir on social media. media.earlier this month - we told you about one woman who filed suit after she says the product meant to make your lips smoother.... did anything but.she posted pictures showing cracked lips and a rash breaking out around her mouth.the company defended their all natural product - and reached a settlement.a statement from eos says in part quote 3 "our products are safe - and this settlement confirms that. our lip balms meet or exceed all safety and quality standards set by our industry and are validated by rigorous safety testing conducted by independent labs. we love our customers and their enjoyment of our products is our top priority."the lawyer representing the woman who filed suit says the resolution is a testament to eos being responsive to the concerns of
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3 barbie's getting a makeover... a brand new, more realistic body! body!the details on the shift - and when you can find her on store shelves! shelves!and the generosity of an upstate woman...will protect the lives of four spartanburg k-9's!what she helped buy them... and why she says she's not done yet! yet!and chief meteorologist kendra kent is putting together your seven day forecastshe'll tell you what you can the week to come. come.
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3 3 they're knights in brand new armor...k9 officers in equipped with stab-proof and bulletproof vests...all courtesy of a kind citizen. 3 the vests come after several
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nation...including one in anderson county..have tragically died in the line of duty. 3 fox carolina's andrew reeser has the story fromo the spartanburg police department 3 not only are these k9's much safer now...they're giving their handlers much needed peace of mind when they head into dangerous...and potentially deadly situations. natthis is don...he's one of spartanburg's 4 legged finest...playful when he wants to be....nat growling...and mean when he has to be. be. 3 3 23:57:23"building search, tactical situations...perimeter security...wanted subjects..." officer shane morrow is don's handler...recent k9 casualties like hyco in anderson county... weigh heavy on morrow's mind. 23:5829"there's no use in taking it out on an animal..we send them in to do a job....that's what they're supposed to do."but this new heavy duty vest...donated to spartanburg k9 officers...aims to reduce the amount of k9 deaths. 3 3 3 00:14:50this vest that don is wearing is a threat level 2
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stabs and bullets...just think enough to resist penetration." natthis is the woman behind the donations...spartanburg resident karon ratke... ratke... 3 00:18:08that's something i can do for my community to give back."she worked with the company vested interest in k9s incorporated...a nonprofit that works with community members around the country... to get these dogs the sheilds they need and deserve. 00:19:57 "once the fundraising has completed the funds go to vested interest...and they're able to get the vests, which are about $1,050 dollars at a discount price."she says seeing dogs like hyco and others killed in the line of shameful...and she wanted ttdo something about it. nat23:56:56"guy with a gun or someone we know that is a known threat..then we can put the vest on and send them in." and officer morrow can sleep a little easier...these vests offering a better chance for his partner and family member...goes home with him. natspartanburg police have
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their k9s...and karon ratke says she's not done...through vested interest she's also helped greer and duncan police get these stab proof vests... in spartanburg andrew reeser the ten o clock news. 3 continuing to cover our counties 3 henderson county deputies are looking for a gunman tonight - who forced three schools to go on lockdown. lockdown.the man fired shots from a car along lamplighter lane during an argument - fortunately no one was hit but as a precaution..."east henderson high," "flat rock middle," and "hillandale elementary" were placed on lockdown.the schools are just a few block from where the shooting happened.those lockdowns went into effect at 11:45- and were lifted just after one this afteroon. deputies say the gunman fled in an older model, dark colored lincoln town car. anyone with info is asked to call the sheriff's office. 3 a spartanburg man will spend the next 10 years behind bars after pleading guilty to abusing his baby.
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sentenced yesterday for felony child abuse.last year his 4- month-old daughter was taken to the hospital with breathing problems and a high fever. x-rays revealed she also had multiple rib fractures. thompson later admitted to roughly snatching the baby out of a bouncy seat and squeezed her.the baby was placed in d-s-s custody and is now living in a foster home. prosecutors say she's healthy and developing normally. unlawful conduct toward a child charge is still pending against the baby's mother--"kelsey gates." 3 in buncombe county-asheville police are asking for your help identifying a woman accused of racking up more than 11-thousand dollars on a cloned credit card! card!police say this woman used the cloned card at local businesses - and all the charges occurred over a two-day time span.they believed she's driving a black s-u-v ...but the make and model are unknown.if you have any information on who this woman is...your asked to call crime stoppers at the number on your screen. 3 in pickens county-clemson r-o-t-c cadets are learning if
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placed in a hostile environment. the combat water survival test-took place at the fike gym today. cadets tested their stamina in the water-while being loaded down with equipment.the challenging part of the exam--is the 5-meter drop.cadets are blindfolded- and guided off a diving board while carrying a rifle. those taking the test say-they feel rewarded after they complete the task. 3 3 3 for most people the most mentally challenging one is the drop because you get to the edge and it starts to look a lot higher then you're used to but once you do it you feel good about it itthe test is designed to make sure each cadet is able to survive- if placed in a hostile environment where there is water. 3 new tonight 3 an upstate radio station... is showing its love for some local kids!they are asking for homemade valentines cards to give to young patients at g-h-s children's hospital! hospital!here's a look at the studio for magic 98-point-9. you can see an assortment of valentine's cards... all
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paper hearts...and photos of birds and squirrels.all have a valentine's message for a's the second year for the cards for kids campaign... and organizers say it's heart- warming to see the reaction of the boys and girls who get them! 3 "so we make them a bag of valentines to take and make their day more special because just seeing their faces light up and they want you to stay and talk and play and its just a bliessing to be part of that." that."a couple of things about the cards...they should say happy valentines day... be homemade... and be uplifting! and because of different medical histories of the kids... they're asking that you avoid writing things like get well or hope you feel better.and also not to use glitter, candy, or loose can be mailed or dropped off by february 10th to magic 98-point-9 on garlington road near woodruff road in greenville. 3 moving can be a tough process whether it's across the street
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moving to an entirely new country? country?there's a greenville organization hoping to help out those who come to the upstate from around the globe - and fox carolina's joe gagnon has more on the changes they're making to reach even more people. 3 hey you guys it was a huge day for what was once called the international center of the upstate - it is now upstate international and dozens of people headed right here to celebrate this center, which helps to bring people from out of the country - have a soft landing pad when they move here -so they've got a brand new logo a brand new name of upstate international and a brand new website as well and the folks here at this organization could not be more thrilled with the new logo"you know give somebody a taste of something new, get them to step out and feel and see and taste and experience the world - right here"this organization has been around for 18 years and they hope that this brand new identity will bring more folks into their doors so they can get some help if they're from out of the country - we'll send it back to you guys. 3 happening now
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makeover..the evolution of barbie campaign-aims to add diversity-- to the doll's look..along with the classic barbie-the dolls will also be available in three different body types..and have various hair, eye and skin colors.two upstate moms tell us what they think of the new concept.. 3 3 3 "its very important for girls to know that any shape, color or size is beautiful and everyone should accept themselves being beautiful and i think it helps promote that healthy lifestyle." lifestyle." 3 3 "i think body is what you tell your child so just be positive about it. if your child has long legs tell them you're going to be a great runner. you know, inspire your child to accept their body versus having your child compare themselves to what they see." 3 online sales for the new barbie started today.but they won't be hitting store shelves until march 1st.
10:33 pm
3 we asked on facebook whether you thought the new dolls were a good idea - -joseph wrote i'd like to see a realistic boost of ethnic barbie dolls created. i'd love the dolls to reflect realistic images and not 'stereotypical' appearances 3 heyward said - i don't care. any child considering a doll as a role model should get psychiatric help. just saying. 3 remember you can email us anytime at the fox fuss at fox carolina dot com.or find us on facebook under fox
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3 if you thought 3 potholes were bad before... just think about the impact of last week's winter storm! storm!tonight - what the department of transportation is fix these bumps in the road! road!plus..a quarterback showdown!ahead of superbowl 50 - we're breaking down the battle between cam newton and peyton manning. manning.and i'll look ahead to a warmer weekend and our next chance for storms storms 3 3 3
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3 happening now 3 the countdown continues to the super bowl... just ten days until the big game... the panthers making final preparations in the charlotte before heading out west... it's only the second time carolina's been in the title game.. 3 sports director aaron cheslock joins us now... and we're all making our preparations to head out west too.. two big-time quarterbacks going head-to-head right?
10:36 pm
sure-fire hall of famer in peyton manning for denver, and the frontrunner for the mvp in carolina's cam newton... old versus new blood squaring off for the trophy... sports anchor shannon sommerville has more from bank of america stadium on the matchup... 3 another practice in the books for the carolina panthers as we get closer and closer to superbowl 50. this week is all about game planning and installs at practice. next week it'll be all about refinement in california. now one of the biggest storylines going into this game is going to be the quarterbacks. youve got one quarterback on the rise in cam newton and on the other end of the spectrum you've got peyton manning and this could be his final game. head coach ron rivera talked about the challenges that both quarterbacks present in gameplanning. gameplanning. 3 3 3 "i think they both pose their own problems. with cam its as much what hes going to put us
10:37 pm
it. if its play action run or play action pass. and by play action i mean the zone read stuff. so youve gotta be aware of that because he really is a triple threat. but when you look at peyton. peyton is a cerebral guy. he will study and he will know you. you have to be prepared in terms of what your look is. what are you trying to give him. because if you show your hand way too soon with him. he will exploit it."coming up at 11 we'll have a little more on peyton manning and what the defenders have to say about going up against him. a lots been made about his arm strength and whether or not he's really 100 percent. we'll have a little more on that but for right now from bank of america stadium i'm shannon sommerville fox carolina sports. 3 as the panthers prepare to head west carolina will have live coverage from san francisco for super bowl 50
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10-p-m.and on saturday february the 6th at 7-p-mbe sure to catch the panthers pursuit of the title - for one on one interviews and everything panthers in the hours before the big game. 3 no talking 3 another night in hollywood- american idol contestants hoping to make it big in the sunshine state. state.but first they must learn how to work together. check it out. 3 3 3 'give me your attention baby, i got to tell you something about yourself' 3 tonight was group night. you just heard team blue eyes performing- treasure by bruno mars. the contestants broke out in groups of three or four. the task caused- pressure-and stress, but for others it worked in their favor--helping them to advance into the next round. be sure to tune into american idol on wednesday night right here on fox carolina. 3 i think everybody is just sort of rooting for the show this
10:39 pm
going but i have a feeling its going to be it 3 talking about the future of american idol on the hawk and tom show this morning!still hard to believe this is the show's final season!some fans have suggested that season 15 might be successful enough to keep the show going, but so far no word on that!but we can keep hoping!meantime... it's a great start to the season... and we'll be talking about it each week on the hawk and tom show!catch them weekday mornings on b 93-point-7! 3 kendra's here with a look at your forecast.
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3 mostly clear skies on the way tonight in the upstate, while the mountains will have clouds and a few snow showers near the tennessee border. only light accumulations are expected, with gusty winds out of the north in the mountains. friday morning will bring a few stray snow showers in the mountains, otherwise mostly clear skies across our area. temperatures will start in the upper 20s to low 30s, then rebound into the mid 50s for the upstate under sunshine. the mountains will keep clouds around through midday with highs in the mid 40s.friday night will be the coldest
10:41 pm
with lows down to 31 in the upstate and 26 in the mountains. saturday will bring sunshine area-wide with highs in the low 60s for the upstate and upper 50s in the mountains. the pleasant weather stretches into sunday as the afternoon will be even milder. highs will reach the low to mid 60s area-wide. our next chance for rain comes late tuesday into wedneday, and some areas could see t-storms. we'll keep you posted as that system evolves. be sure to check out
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3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to
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3 time for fox's four legged friends 3 achilles is a standout pup at greenville county animal care! he is about 8 months old and it a retriever mix. he loves to play all day long, and gets along great with other dogs. he is very active, so he could be well with a family that enjoys hikes, lots of playtime and enjoying the outdoors.if you are interested in adopting him, you can head to 328 furman hall rd. in greenville to meet him in person! 3 and remember - for all these details you can carolina dot com community tab! 3 paris on edge tonight - as authorities investigate two suspicious people armed with guns - at the disney theme park! park!one is in custody - but another is on the run tonight - - just months after the deadly terror attacks in the same city. waking up to your cell phone's alarm
10:44 pm
to the day?well one article suggests just that!what you
10:45 pm
new tonight 3 there major security concerns- at disneyland paris after a man brought guns to the park. park.authorities say the paris man tried to get through security at disney's hotel new york, located near the amusement park.police say the man was carrying luggage containing two firearms and ammunition, asaswell as a quran. the man reportedly told police he had the guns for his own protection.authorities are also looking for a woman he was travelling is
10:46 pm
year's terror attack that killed more than 140 people. 3 some drivers-in washington- d- c are having to pay up big time- after violating a parking ban during last friday's snowstorm snowstormthe city enacted the ban so snow plows could get through the streets.since then, the city has handed out more than one-million-dollars in fines.the city also towed nearly 700 vehicles.not counting the towing fees, the fines total just over one-point-three-million- dollars. 3 in a developing story 3 as hoverboard popularity grows- so does the u-s customs warehouse. 3 the agency says they have seized more than 40-thousand counterfeit hoverboards at o'hare. o'hare.boxes are stacked to the ceiling at the customs warehouse in chicago.each box contains a counterfeit hoverboard- shipped from china. the knock-off boards have labeling that says samsung, but the labeling is false. officials say the boards are dangerous and can cause a fire..if the battery overheats. 3 3
10:47 pm
to take advantage of the desire that us consumers have to purchase these hoverboards. so corners were cut, safety was sacrificed." sacrificed."e federal government says hoverboards have caused 28-fires in 19-states this year. 3 the united nations- is recommending that rechargeable lithium batteries be banned from airlines. the u-n says the batteries can create fires- capable of destroying planes. the f-a-a says the batteries have released explosive gases that when ignited- have blown the doors off cargo containers and sent boxes of batteries hurtling through the air before becoming engulfed in flames. at least three cargo planes have been destroyed by lithium battery fires since 20-06.four pilots have died in those accidents. regulators are also calling for- new packaging to be developed. 3
10:48 pm
3 a giant pothole problem in the upstate! 3 they're big...they're dangerous...and they can be costly!'ll show you how the latest round of ice and snow opened up tons of potholes!who pays for it... if one damages your car! 3 plus--greenville county residents are coming out in numbers tonight--to find out what's being done to stop a foul odor in the area...thanks to a landfill.hear from health fficials-- up next.
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3 we're back with a look at your forecast
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