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tv   FOX Carolina News Tonight  FOX  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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3 showers are back in the forecast for tuesday night and wednesday as a cold front moves in. temperatures will cool down as the showers move out midday on wednesday.expect off and on light rain through the overnight hours and into wednesday morning, with around a tenth to a quarter of an inch of rain sure to check out www.foxcarolina .com/weather for more on the
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3 to wake up with thee morning meteorologist have a check of you head out the and traffic reporter chris scott will have the latest road conditions on your way to work.that's from 5:00 to 9:00 on thee 3 back to you. 3 we've still got delays and closings to talk about - henderson and transylvania county schools are closed for tomorrow -mitchell and yancey counties will be on a three hour delay delaywhile asheville city schools, along with jackson, madison, and mcdowell, buncombend rutherford counties will be on a two hour delay.we should mention greenville county schools will be on a regular schedule - but buses will not drive on icy roads.again greenville county is on a regular schedule tomorrow. 3 we're following two developing stories at this hour 3 in oregon-- one person was killed while authorities ararested a group of people involved with the armed occupation of a federal wildlife site...but before we get to that we turn to the
11:02 pm frontrunner donald trump announced tonight he's skipping thursday's debate. debate.trump says he won't be attending the fox news debate in des moines - due to what he sees as moderator megyn kelly's bias against him. trump's campaign says the businessman will instead host an event in iowa thursday to raise money for veterans and wounded warriors.this debate is the last before the iowa caucuses. caucuses.the other 11 candidates in the race for the gop nomination will debate. 3 also-- developing out of person was killed as authorities arrested ammon bundy....the leader of a group of protesters occupying a feder wildlife refuge.up to eight of bundy's followers were also's unclear who fired shots'll remember the group of armed protesters has occupied the wildlife refuge since january second to protest federal land policies. we'll of course continue to follow both these stories online at fox carolina dot com.
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teacher's at your kids school being armed?well if a newly proposed bill could be a reality as soon as this coming fall 3 its called the "school protection officer act"...and it would allow designated teachers to be armed armedfox carolina's adrian acosta joins us now with the details...adrian? 3 3 3 3 3 "its called the school officer protection act....and its a long way from becoming law but its already stirred up a lot of debate""we continue to have terrible issues at public schools and it generally happens in 'no shoot' zones." the bill would allow specially trained teachers to carry a gun...the teacher would be selected by the school board...and among other things recieve training fro the south carolina criminal justice academy"there are teachers that are military trained, there are former police officers that work in the schools..they are readily available to respond to a threat to my kids and garnd kids"the bill also sets out
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of bullets can be in the gun and how and when it will be carried...and how it will be stored"the downside to it is you're dealing with kids and they are going to be curious" michael lau owns the south carolina gun school...specializing in cwp and tactical f fearms training 3 "as long as the people are willing to step up and take the training that is needed i think it will be a great thing" lau says he likes that the bill requires an extensive background check and requires a cwp permit for the armed teacher...but says he would make a couple of changes"as long as they are willing to take the time in the school or a class to teach a safety class and 2 i think this person needs to be mobile in the school."pitts agrees3 "it will be tweaked as it goes through the system" system" 3 the bill was just introduced last thursday so it has only just started the process to becoming of last check it is currently sitting with the committe on education
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3 as we continue 3 to cover our counties 3 a henderson county couple charged in the accidental shooting death of a two-year- old girl have been sentenced following a plea deal. deal.heather and james stepp both pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor crime of storing a firearm in a manner accessible to a minor.they were sentenced to a 45 day jail sentence - which was suspended to one year of unsupervised probation, along with a 200 dollar fine each. each.abagail newman was killed in october while staying at the stepp's home.heather stepp told 9-1-1 dispatchers her husband had left out his loaded shotgun, and it went off.the district attorney says this was quote - a horrible tragedy for everyone involved - and the best resolution was the quickest one - to help everyone involved to move on with their lives. 3 a greenwood county man is locked up tonight after police say he tried to stab his roommate during an argument! argument!police say they responded to a home on spring street on friday after the victim called 9-1-1 saying he was cut on the neck by his
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victim told police he heard his wife and lark arguing and went to break it up--and that's when he says lark pulled a knife and began swinging it at him...cutting his neck and head.the victim was taken to the hospital but is expected to be ok.lark is charged with assault. 3 just months after resolving a debate over a massive transmission line -duke energy is once again at the center of a controversial proposal... this time it's centered in buncombe county. county.several area environmental groups are questioning the planned natural gas facility at lake julian.state utilty regulators held a public hearing tonight. those opposed are questioning the need for a peaking unit - it's a piece of equipment only used when energy consumption is extremely high. 3 3 3 "i am to stand why they are proposing it it is simple and easy for them it doesn't require any change or innovation but we need change we need innovation to solve our energy demand for the 21st century. century. 3 "we are excited to talk to
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their informed decisions it is certainly fine everyone has an opinion we like it when we can work with people when they can make informed decisions.". decisions.".duke says the natural gas facility itself is a step toward greener practices - since it would be replacing the exisiting coal- fired plant.but those in buncombe county are asking utility commmissioners to investigate the costs and impacts of the whole facility plan. 3 two parents in union county are behind bars...after the sheriff's office says their two small children tested positive for meth. meth.deputies say ethan smith tested positive for the same two drugs found in his ten-month-old baby...and two-year-old child.smith lives with his children and their mother alaina hines at their home on fairview church road. tonight both parents are charged with two counts of exposing a child to meth. 3 a spartanburg county man is facing charges--accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend, drdring her around at gunpoint, and hitting her. her.the sheriff's office says "terry waddell" forced the victim into hihicar at gunpoint after they both got
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lanford street last friday.the victim says waddell told her he would kill her...and hit her repeatedly.the woman told deputies waddell eventually took her to her car...but then chased her and blocked her on asheville highway...where she says he continued to try to assault her until a firefighter pulled up.waddell ran...but was arrested on monday. 3 fox carolina investigates 3 a growing health the cdc announced the harmful zika virus has made it to the continental u-s...after someone tested positive in arkansas for it and now there's a new case out of virginia.officials say the disease is active in at least 23 countries, mostly central and south america and the caribbean. 3 it's spread by mosquito bites and is prompting worldwide concern because it can cause birth defects and developmental issues in babies. carolina's rebecca atkins has been looking into this virus, she's live here in the studio and rebecca you found out a lot of information today right?
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an upstate doctor as well as a physician with dehec, she tells me the virus poses no threat to future pregnancies if you contract it before you become pregnant. 3 but she says a study out of brazil sparked the cdc to release a travel alert because it links the virus to a condition called microsephaly. the upstate doctor i spoke with at emergency md in greenville says the condition causes babies to be born with small heads. he says for people not pregnant the virus generally poses no threat and they can experience symptoms such as a fever, pink eye and a rash. the doctor with dhec says it's recommended that if you do have the virus, to stay indoors, to prevent yourself from getting bit by another mosquito and spreading the virus that way. 3 3 3 "typically after you've been exposed to a virus of this shield your body will develop antibodies and that will protect you against accute illness, whether there's a chronic form of zika virus or a chronic transmition concern that's not been diced out in the literature, but it's probably a low probability."
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recommends that if you are pregnant and plan on traveling to any of the countries where this virus has been found that you discuss preventative measures with your doctor before you leave. 3 the cdc just recently announced that the u-s virgin islands and the dominican republic are also now on the list of countries and territories where zika virus transmission is present.the c-d-c is also asking doctors to screen infants whose mothers visited zika-infected areas while pregnant. diana? 3 rebecca, i know we currently aren't in the season for mosquitos in our area, but did you speak with anyone about how to maybe keep them away from you and your home? home?i spoke with upstate exterminator today and he told me there are applications that pest control providers can put around your home, he says it helps to also not have standing water around your house, and he says anything that contains deet deters the
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cody back to you.3 3 it's time for another look at your forecast 3 chief meteorologist kendra kent joins us now in the weather center-- center--kendra how's it looking? 3 coming up we'll take a look at your seven-day forecast...and what you can expect as you head out the door tomorrow morning.stay with us. 3 and after all our snow days, there's a push from some parents to divide the district based on location... tonight...what the school board has to say about it- next. 3 and the carolina panthers are heading to the super bowland they're going to look good doing it!we're catching up with a local dry cleaner...that's been keeping their style in check...for 20- years. 3 plus, we're getting a look through "clemson's eye of the tiger"see how clemson univseristy's former mascots are sharing their stories and the history of the school... coming up next! 3
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3 3 the greenville county school district has it brought to their attention every year. whether or not to divide the county into weather zones. of now, if one part of town is too icey...nobdy in the district will go to school. some parents say because parts of the county experience different weather patterns, schools should divide. you left a lot of comments about this on our facebook page. but...the district says there are other factors to consider. 15 percent of students cross county lines to get to their school.and as the board chariman told us, there is no direct feeder patterns for schools to feed into one other. 3 3 3 "where is the break line, because we don't have clear feeder patterns, our elementary schools don't feed to a specific middle and then a specific high school. so when you start looking at how do you make that breaka&it becomes very
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who shouldn't go?" go?"oby lyles, the director of communication says the school districts' first concern is the safety of its staff and students. many people travel across county lines and he says it would be difficult to find subs if one school opens and others don't. 3 now to a story we want to clarify...last night we told you a union county man is hoping someone will return his chicken who was stolen from his property. property.he says he found the chicken coop door open on thursday and his "cuchin" chicken was missing from his home on riley road.the bird is very valuable to him because it previously belonged to a close friend. he says the bird is also worth 500- dollars...we reported an incorrect amount last night. 3 new at 11 3 we're getting a look at "clemson through the eyes of the tiger" tonight...and catching up with one author who captured the history of clemson through it's mascots over the years. years.that's right tonight the author of the book....john
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former tiger mascots all came out to the book signing at the anderson county museum.he tells us two years ago he was at a reunion with 35 former mascots....and they asked him to write a book filled with their that's what he did!he says he talked to as many former tigers...and tiger cubs as he could to gather everyone's tales...and tonight says it's something for every generation to read! 3 3 3 3 you can take it to a tailgate party, you can take it to a dinner table and talk about different games throughout clemsons history from the 50's all the way up to this years national championship game. if you'd like to check out the can get your own at the anderson county museum. 3 chief meteorologist kendra kent joins us now with a look
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3 showers are back in the forecast for tuesday night and wednesday as a cold front moves in. temperatures will cool down as the showers move out midday on wednesday.expect off and on light rain through the overnight hours and into wednesday morning, with around a tenth to a quarter of an inch of rain possible. overnight lows will drop to 35
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upstate, so no icy issues are expected from the system.rain will move out through wednesday morning, leaving afternoon sunshine. highs will warm to 51 in the upstate and 45 in the mountains. cooler air will take hold for thursday with highs in the 40s and lows at freezing or below area-wide. then some warmer air will filter in for the weekend, bring temps to near 60 on saturday and sunday. showers are back in the forecast for tuesday night and wednesday as a cold front moves in. temperatures will cool down as the showers move out midday on wednesday.expect off and on light rain through the overnight hours and into wednesday morning, with around a tenth to a quarter of an inch of rain possible. overnight lows will drop to 35 in the mountains and 42 in the upstate, so no icy issues are expected from the system.rain will move out through wednesday morning, leaving afternoon sunshine. highs will warm to 51 in the upstate and 45 in the mountains. cooler air will take hold for thursday with highs in the 40s and lows at freezing or below area-wide. then some warmer air will filter in for the
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60 on saturday and sunday. 3 following breaking news out of seattle- 3 that's where police are responding to a reported shooting.reports right now say that as many as five people may have been shot.details are limited - but seattle reporters are being told to
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3 we have plenty still to get to 3 following breaking news out of seattle- 3 that's where police confirm at least five people have been shot near a homeless mp. details are limited right now - but police say at least two
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3 3 the least two - but police say limited right now details are camp.near a homeless have been shot near a homeless camp.details are limited right now - but police say at least two suspects are on the loose.3 3 we have plenty still to get to coming up in sports--see how the carolina panthers are getting prepped for super bowl 50. 3 plus--see the carolina gamecocks are hitting the hardwood tonight as they take on mississippi state....and
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season...can 3 we are just two days removed from what can only be described as a mauling of the arizona cardinalsa&by the panthersa&but head coach ron rivera knows the next quarterback he is about to face all to wella&and says it will be a tough test. test. 3 it was really no contest on sunday between the cardinals and panthers.carolina took an early lead and dominated the cardinals on both sides of the ball on the way to a 49-15 win. but lets go back to super bowl 41a&panthers coach ron rivera
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defensive coordinator thena&and his opponent none other than peyton manning a&who put up 29 points on the way to a victory.rivera says even though manning is nine years older now he is not to be underestimated. 3 "he is very speciala&he is one of those guys that will have a storied career and end up in the hall of fame..everything he does is about winning..its going to be a great matchup and a heck of a battle."manning and the broncos punched their ticket to the big game with a 20-18 win over the patriots.this will be peyton manning's 4th super bowl appearance and cam newton's 1st. 1st. 3 there's still snow on the ground in much of the upstatea&so here's some news to warm you is just around the coronerand today the greenville drive held their annual hotstove event to talk about the upcoming got to see some of the teams new geer at the event in downtown
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besides some free food and drink they got to talk with boston red sox general manager hazen 3 "we have a great coaching staff here, owner and city, these guys love playing here difference to them." them." 3 and looking even further into the future the acc released clemson's footbal schedule for the upcoming season.the tigers will have plenty of tough road tests with games at auburn, florida state and georgia tech. syracuse, pitt and louisville are among those visiting death valleyand the thanksgiving weekend matchup against the gamecocks will be played in clemson.for fox carolina sports i'm adrian acosta. 3 adrian thanks...and we're hitting the hardwood tonight in gamecock nation...where the men's team took on mississippi state. state.carolina forward michael carrera coming up big.. he finishes with a double-double.. 34 points and 15 rebounds.thornwell will tack on 15..
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win..84 to 74 your final.they season. 3 tomorrow the night the clemson tigers will take on pittsburgh at the well...and clemson's q-b will be there too.deshaun watson will be awarded during tomorrow night's halftime show. tip off is at 7 don't miss out! 3 again the carolina panthers are getting ready to head to the super bowl--and they're going in style thanks to a local cleaner! cleaner!the fowler brothers cleaners and laundry is getting the panthers uniforms cleaned upand they have been since 19-95!the laundry mat in spratanburg--located on north church street--says this year is no different and their work will be displayed at levi's stadium for super bowl 50!we caught up with the owner who says he's never cleaned football uniforms until the panthers approached him. 3 3 3 they asked me did i want to do did i want to clean their uniforms and i said i never had but i'd liked to yeah i mean how many cleaners are doing uniforms for professional football teams i get a kisck out of it i always have havefowler brothers also stitches up the uniforms after
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he told one woman the panthers would be the top team this year because he uses magic thread. 3 still to come--one upstate toddler is counting her blessings instead of sheep-- catch her adorable bed-time
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3 3 we're back with the nightcap-- 3 a seneca family says they didn't know what was coming from their baby monitor--after putting their little girl to
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was saying a prayer--and it was all caught on camera. camera. 3 "mommy and thank you for my daddy, and i want to thank you...and santa claus." claus."3 you heard two-year-old sutton praying for more than one person...including of course mommy and daddy.her mom says they heard noises coming from the baby monitor and had to turn the volume up to figure out what was happening.once they realized their little one was saying her prayers...they it!
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an, i need to talk to you.
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