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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 and in the upstate - freezing rain and sleet are likely to cause issues on the roads - here's a look in spartanburg - at the d-o-t maintence center - where trucks are heading out 3 the winter storms arrives tonight for our area, and we will feel the effects through saturday. snow, ice, sleet and rain will be possible throughout the event, and here's how the timeline goes. in will move in through thursday evening, then turn to a wintry mix in the mountains by midnight. expect sleet and rain, turning to freezing rain and snow through the overnight in western north carolina. the upstate will see rain turn to freezing rain and sleet slowly through the overnight, mainly from greenville to the northeast toward spartanburg and gaffney. the winter storms arrives tonight for our area, and we will feel the effects through saturday. snow, ice,
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possible throughout the event, and here's how the timeline goes.rain will move in through thursday evening, then turn to a wintry mix in the mountains by midnight. expect sleet and rain, turning to freezing rain and snow through the overnight in western north carolina. the upstate will see rain turn to freezing rain and sleet slowly through the overnight, mainly from greenville to the northeast toward spartanburg
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3 and wakup with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes starting at **four am!nicole papay will have the latest on this system until nine. 3 i'll have much more,coming up- up-thanks kendra-we continue tonight- 3 of course we 3 have lots of school closings for tomorrow.starting in the upstate:greenville county pickens countyoconee county spartanburg county - all
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countyanderson county - dist. 1.anderson districts two through five will decide tomorrow. tomorrow.and in the mountains buncombe countyasheville city transylvania county haywood countyhenderson countypolk countyrutherford county countyalong with ...mcdowell countymadison countymitchell countyyancey county jackson countymacon countyswain county 3 schools in hart county and franklin county georgia will also be closed. closed.many colleges are also closed, so keep checking the ticker at the bottom of your screen. 3 and for all of the business and government closings...make sure you have the fox carolina weather app. we've got radar, live cams, weather alerts .. event flight information on the app.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download!
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the closings at the bottom of your screen. our ticker will be running all night and all day tomorrow. 3 and this winter weather... is expected to cause some dangerous conditions on our roads.s-c-d-o-t says they are prepared...and have already pre treated interstates and other major roads. 3 but the roads are only one part of the storm preps. emergency management departments across south carolina... are working overtime, getting ready fofo the storm. carolina's rebecca atkins is live tonight at the s-c-d-o-t facility in spartanburg county.rebecca what's it looking like right now? 3 3 as early as 4:30 today these plow trucks were lined up and ready to go as soon as that winter weather starts to hit the area. at the moment they aren't currently plowing the roads but scdot says the main roads have been treated. 3 scdot's assistant maintance
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continue to pre-treat the roads until the precipitation starts to accumulate. he says the trucks have been spraying a salt brine solution, that way to prevent the snow and ice from bonding to the roadways. he says although the weather is slated to start out as rain they want to be prepared if it changes to snow. and with the potential for bad roads, power outages and other issues... spartanburg emergency management has been on high alert. they say ice presents a whole other set of issues that they handle differently from a snow event. the emergency management director says they had a conference call with the state emergency management division as well as the national weather service to get everyone updated with the latest conditions. 3 3 3 "we've contacted all of our partners, utilities, public works, schools hospitals, any of our first responders and then just making sure we are all on the same page. we've all have practiced these plans many times, it seems like several times, every winter
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weather so we're prepared for it." it." 3 3 "as the winter weather approaches the guys are out there doing everything they can to make the roads as safe as they can, please give yourself extra time and give yourself extra room to make stops." stops." 3 he says also to please give the drivers of the trucks room to treat the roads if you will be out on the roadways, and he says above all just be safe. 3 and both scdot as well as emergency management ask that if you don't have to get on the roads don't. they advise staying home until the weather passes and once the roads are in good shape. reporting live in spartanburg, rebecca atkins fox caroli the 10 o'clock news. 3 the freezing rain in the forecast does pose a risk for ice on power lines -so we want you to be prepared in case of outages - 3 here's a look at the numbers to call - for all the major utility companies in our area. and in case you do lose power - we do have all this information both on our website and inside our news
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3 ice is going to be a major concern in the mountains. secondary roads will be treacherous.--but in asheville tonight---it's the calm before the storm.and emergency the worst. carolina's derek dellinger is live tonight in asheville--and derek--the temperatures have gone down-- but is there any sign yet of anything wintry? 3 ((ad lib current conditions, will call for video)) 3 we did see police and fire departments out on calls tonight--but largely, it's been business as usual in asheville all day--and into the thing that has changed, though, was the emergency status of the city-- and of the county.emergency officials say they are in very much a 'watch mode' for whatever might happen overnight--and when and if it
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3 132951-we're getting personnel ready, equipment lined up and maybe it's the calm before the storm, but we're having the time to prepare, having the time to educate, notify and prepare what we need to do for this storm--133002 133002and that is the good news so far in all this--the salt is out--and right now, again, it's a big wait and see. 3 back out here live--officials we talked with say preparation is the big thing--and that's why many mountain school districts have called off school for tomorrow.cody? 3 and this isn't just affecting the schools and the roads-- this has led to some cancellations with hospitals there, right? right?yes--at least with mission hospital.we got word just within the last two hours that they've canceled all elective procedures for tomorrow morning--and that
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closed--but that depends on how the weather is.cody and diana--back to you. 3 the salvation my is asking the salvation army is asking for your help tonight - -the facility need donations to keep people warm.they need electric heaters, blankets, and warm clothes - all items that can help your neighbors in need - and can be dropped off at your local salvation army location either before or after this weather system hits your area.the facility in spartanburg says they've already seen a lot of demand as the temperatures have dropped. 3 trt: 17donnieiearvels spartanburg salvation army commanding officer"if there's a person, if there's someone in need and we can support coat, or a food item, or helping them pay their bills, that's a thing we want to do because this community really loves the salvation army, you know, and the support that we
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3 for all the details on how you can help out, as well as the latest on shelter services in north and south carolina.just head t t fox carolina dot com. and click on the shelter link on the home page.we have the hours and locations for the cold weather shelters like miracle hill and salvation army. 3 kekera is in the weather center for a look ahead at the forecast. forecast. 3 kendra: coming up i'll have your forecast including ice and snow snow 3 state troopers 3 are telling all of us to stay off the roads tomorrow...but if you head out and need help, who do you call?meet one man who says he'll be working
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stranded! ted adlib3 and here's a live look in spartanburgthe calm before the storm. stay with fox carolina for the latest tonight... and tomorrow on the morning news, starting extra early at 4 a-m!
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it.
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he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. 3 we're continuing to monitor the winter weather headed our
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3 kendra is in the weather center 3
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3 the winter storms arrives tonight for our area, and we will feel the effects through saturday. snow, ice, sleet and throughout the event, and here's how the timeline goes. thursday evening, then turn to a wintry mix in the mountains by midnight. expect sleet and rain, turning to freezing rain and snow through the overnight in western north carolina. the upstate will see rain turn to freezing rain and sleet slowly through the overnight, mainly from greenville to the northeast toward spartanburg and gaffney. you can get the 3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 now let's send it out to meteorologist ted phaeton to talk about what you the important things to have in your home during severe winter weather weather
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management division has sent out some tips for homeowners - in case of power outages, problems with pipes, and very dangerous driving conditions. 3 they say to keep extra blankets on hand...along with warm clothing--coats, gloves, hats, boots...and extra baby items.they also recommend putting together a disaster kit-- containing first aid supplies and medications, a battery-powered radio, flashlights, and extra's importnat to have canned and other non- perishable food and plenty of bottled water stocked sure to charge cell phones ahead of time and store dry firewood.if you have a portable generator...the red cross warns to keep it *outside and a safe distance from the house. 3 3 3 make sure they're away from windows and vents. do not put them in garages or any enclosed space whatsever.
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see death every year from improper generator use. 3 of course for the latest weather information and safety tips you can always head to fox carolina dot com - and monitor the weather blogand download our fox carolina weather app. 3 cody, diana back to you. 3 in a storm like this can expect to see lots of troopers on the road...and plenty of tow trucks too!what are they doing... to get ready to help stranded drivers? 3 right now, it's business as usual...but they expect that to change if people venture out....and find themselves in trouble. carolina's sharon johnson has more with an upstate tow truck operator... and what he says about
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3 tow truck drivers see a lot on the road - much of what they say can be prevented if drivers listen.if not - that's when they get the calls. 3 ((nats off top))if you have trouble on the roads during this winter storm - hawkins towing will be out there too - ready to help.((sot john)) 22:28:42 "all of our drivers are on call and ready to go. we put extra chains on the trucks."today helping yellow cab - and unrelated to the storm. storm.22:29:36 "they average every 15 to 20 minutes coming in and then when it snows and especially when the ice hits, the calls just come in on top of each other - just as fast as we can answer them."3 but when the ice or snow hits - calls come in so fast - john hawkins says one tow service just can't handle them all. instead - john hawkins says towing companies work together making sure drivers are not stranded any longer than they have to be.((sot, john hawkins))22:30:38 "extreme
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have to lose a call to a competitor, we'll do that to get the customer took care of." like long time customers who *still* plan to hit the roads regardless of storm predictions. predictions.22:37:56 "if i get in a ditch, john hawkins will come and he'll pull me out." knowing - he's got hawkins towing on speed dial. 3 shep - the state dot towing service is also available and it's free.but only during daytime advice may be- to heed the advice and stay home if the roads are hard to tr, sharon
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3 stick around for more on the winter storm.including what an upstate hospital system is doing to get ready! ready!if you need medical g-h-s is preparing everything from their their staff! staff!and those doctors and nurses... have to get to work somehow!check out the ride they could get... thanks to one upstate police department! department!here's a live look in asheville! asheville! 3
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in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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3 counties across our area are preparing for winter weather 3 we spoke with the director of greenville county emergency management about their plan for the next couple of days. days.preparations are in place to account for the call load that know they'll get during the brunt of this winter weather system - much more than usual.over the next few days they anticipate four or five hundred more calls than normal - as road conditions
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for accidents. officials are asking to call 911 strictly for emergencies only. 3 3 3 "when there's weather, rain or ice is even worse, we just ask people to stay off the roads they can, that causes a delay in response to emergencies for stranded vehicles that are on the roadway but also it puts the occupancies at risk." risk."officials are reminding folks to get any supplies or medication they may need *ahead of the weather - to avoid getting ont he roads.the county is prepared with tock piles of de-icer and road salt -police, ems, and animal control services willb e fully equipped to best serve the community during this time. 3 and we also want to focus on how hospitals keep running smoothly during this type of winter weather threat. threat.the folks at ghs are taking steps to make sure their facilities stay safe and efficient - especially when we're dealing with dangerous the recent days - staff have been training with
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address winter storms.the facilities and parking lots are prepped to keep the grounds safe for visitors - overall officials say safety is the top priority. 3 3 3 "we're open 24/7 and our goal is to make sure we're taking care of our community and taking care of the patients that we have here. so that's one of our big things, that we're not only taking care of our staff, but patients as well." well."officials say the hosptial will be fully staffed - and can house as many as as three thousand employees if need be.and an important reminder to keep emergency room visits strictly for emergency situations because the hospital is expecting to be busy over the next few
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3 this storm will 3 impact the roads...but it's also grounding flights at g-s-p airport! airport!if you're headed out of town tomorrow or expecting someone to fly in, what you need to know about delays and cancelations! cancelations!plus.... 3 milk: check... bread: check... wine: check, check, check! cody's winter weather shopping spree coming up! up!and you're looking live in t-r! r! 3
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3 how would you like to ride in this to work?this hum-v is used during big winter weather events like this in travelers help get emergency workers to their jobs safely!
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travelers rest police department...and fox carolina's andrew reeser has the story. 3 as crews behind me get ready for this big winter freeze here in greenville county... there's a police department here locally that's also getting ready...but for a very different reason...take a look...this hum-v used commonly by the travelers rest high school resource officer... comes in handy during winter weather events like the one we expect tonight.if you work at a hospital...emergency room... can actually request a ride from travelers rest p-d if the roads are too icy to drive on...and they'll come and pick you up!they say the hummmer has come in very handy the past few winters...and has transported dozens of emergency workers safely to their they in turn can help us. 3 3 3 3 3 "people are able to get to work, people are able to service the community so that professionals that are in the community service allows them to
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jobs...t-r police also say they've been buying all wheel drive vehicles like the hum-v for the past few years... specifically for weather events like this...those vehicles are also used to pick up emergenen workers if needed. and as we've seen in past these road crews go out to service the community...they do their best to make sure nobody has any emergencies on the roads...but if they do...those emergency workers are on standby to help. live in greenville county andrew reeser the four o clock news. 3 in pickens county - the sheriff's office is working overtime to make sure the community stays safe as conditions worsen. worsen.aside from the three p's - checking your pets, pipes, and plants -sheriff rick clark is advising people to take ice serious. he says if your car has four wheel drive-it doesn't mean your car able to drive on ice. northern pickens county is expected to see some of that freezing rain
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sheriff says they're ready to handle it. 3 trt: 16 16 3 a lot of our newer vehicles are all-wheel-drive so we will be able to respond appropriately without changing out vehicles. emergency management just had a conference call at 4:30 with all of the local emergency and hospitals so we are all set up for that and we are ready to respond no matter what happens. :17 :17the sheriff says if you don't have to go out-stay at home. he says you're not only putting your life in danger but first responders as well. 3 and while anderson county is expecting more rain than ice and snow -emergency management officials there aren't sitting back.the emergency communications center is asking the community to call them for emergencies only. they say-if you have a power outage to call your power company, not 911. 3 3 3 3 "don't call us for power issues, for power line issues. that's the power companies. all that information is on our website, on our social media
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poweron, depending on where the customer is. we only want to know about it if there is a life safety issue. 3 we do have a list of all utility numbers on our website in case you need to report an outage.emergency management officals are also asking people to stay at home-and not to go out- if you don't need to. 3 happening now 3 another reminder to keep slow and safe on the roads if you need to be out. out.highway patrol troopers responded to a deadly motorcycle wreck in spartanburg county earlier tonight -this is a look at the scene on howell road near highway word yet on what led up to the crash around 8 this evening -but with conditions worsening on the roads - it's important to stay in if you can. 3 duke energy is preparing for all the ice.if that ice hits power lines or trees, it can knock out power to homes in
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spartanburg fairgrounds tonight, where you can see all their trucks staging, so they're ready to move out as needed. 3 and as you might imagine - this impending winter storm seriously impacting air travel. we know flights between atlanta and charlotte to gsp have been cancelled for the time being. being.we headed to gsp to find out just how badly things were getting for flights.since we're not the only ones anticipating serious winter weather - cancellations across the east coast are expected heading into tomorrow.we did see a few cancellations and delays as early as this afternoon - but is up to the airlines to decide whether they'll take to the sky. we spoke with airport officials about how to best prepare if you need to travel. 3 3 our facilities team has been working for the last couple of days preparing those items, preparing that machinery so that if in fact the bad weather comes, we are then equipped to deal with it so
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open on and functional and operational so that if airlines wish to fly they can do that. :21 :21and in preparation for the snow headed toward the northeast and mid-atlantic - major airlines like american, southwest, and delta are among those already issuing travel waivers to customers. 3 while many of us won't be going anywhere tomorrow-a lot of you spent your night stocking up on grocery's! we heard a lot of places had bare shelves in the bread and milk sections- 3 however, not everyone is stuck on the winter storm tradition- cody made his way outside-he's in front of the station--- cody, you did a rare thing and hit the supermarket this evening to catch up with shoppers right? 3 yes, it's a rare thing to catch me in a supermarket-- unless they have a hot bar...
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foods has one-i alos found out not everyone is all about the well you know... 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 "i've got to get the bread and milk. i've got to get the bread and milk. the said snow! i got to get the bread and milk."welcome to the south--- south---"oh my god. everything falls apart."silvia fischback is just one of many across the upstate, making a final run to the supermarket- 3 "i'm just getting some comfort food. something that makes your feel warm. soup, greens things that make you stay healthy. oranges and stuff like that."wait, what?she didn't say milk and bread!!!! bread!!!!"why do you need to have milk?good question silvia---and i don't have the answer- good thing she didn't either- either-'i have no idea it's like a thing here in south carolina."especially when snow, ice and freezing rain is on the way--
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about it."nope, i'm sure they'll be feeling pretty good by the time the storm passes through- 3 "we're getting beer for the night. we're about to get iced in, might as well get beer to go with it."while those dudes are stocking up on booze-- there are those who are getting the good ole' milk and bread----and we can't forget about the eggs and those non perishable items- items-i've got to get the bread and milk....'but not everyone is losing their minds over the storm- 3 "we're getting grocieries before we get snowed in." child: yeah! child: snow dayyyy cody: are you excited about a snow daychild: yeah, i want to play in it."an ice storm means most schools are closed- 10 02 10"the idea of no classes is appealing to a lot of students."and you can enjoy that.... that....guy eating milk and bread on the ground bread and milk- 3 head to my page or the fox carolina news pageand show us what you stocked up on to prepare for this stormi'd show you mine but's
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i'd do without those pizza joints 3 cody, those pizza places do save a lot of people but what happens if they're all closed. 3 diana, i hope you stocked up because i'll be crashing with you! 3 and more on this winter storm coming up!in north carolina... the governor's already declared a state of emergency! emergency!and they've also declared one... just in buncombe county... with more than a foot of snow predicted! how the d-o-t is prepping the roads! roads!plus...the icy weather comes... as the panthers get ready for sunday's huge game! what the players... the coaches... and even the grounds crews are doing ahead of the storm! storm! 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 "we have declared a state of emergency, allowing me to deploy essential assets for storm response. 3 the tarheel state is preparing for the brunt of snow and ice coming our way. 3 buncombe county has declared a state of emergency specifically for that area- and state d-o-t crews have been out in full force today doing their best to get ahead of this system. carolina's adrian acosta has more on how they're working to keep the roads safe. 3 "the dot says it will be all hands on deck here in western north carolinaa&so that there will be plenty of manpower and equipment ready to hit the roadsa&when the bad weather
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that sand with truck load after truck load of salta&and that will be used to help keep the roads clear when the wintery weather beginsand they had to spend a lot of the day replenishing some of the supply they used yesterday when snow feel here for some of the afternoonncdot engineer justin rice says crews spent the afternoon making sure all of the road clearing equipment is ready and set to go and loading up things like chainsaws to cut trees if they fallwe asked rice what the plan of attack was when the wintery weather begins begins"once the interstates and primaries are cleara&that means all of the snow and ice is removed from those systems then we make the determination to move to the major secondary and collector routes and from their the other secondaries" and rice says while his crews are ready for whatever fallsa&.ice certainly presents a bigger challenge "ice is more difficult because a lot of times motorist don't see it and it causes accidents and that clogs up the roadways and we have to move those vehicles and its more challenging to break loose
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put material on there, allow it to work then come back through and scrape it off"and rice says he recommends anyone who plans on getting out on the roads tommorow carry some supplies like water, blankets and flashlights in case they get stucka&.and he recommends filling up the gas tank toobut most of all he recommends staying off the roads if possible 3 looking at that 3 scene in north carolina - a big question now is how this might impact the nfc championship in charlotte. charlotte.sports anchor
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now...and shannon - we know all eyes on the airport there - but what is the team saying? saying?3 head coach ron rivera says he's going to try to keep his team practicing outside...even if that means braving freezing rain and snow. he wants his team to be ready for the conditions they could face on gameday. but could the weather actually help the panthers?sports director aaron cheslock has more from bank of america stadium... 3 "we're here at bank of america stadium, the field crews are trying to get this place ready for sunday's nfc championship game. obviously, the weather playing a role here. and when you think about the arizona cardinals coming in, this is a team that plays in a dome stadium. it's about 72-degrees the whole time, and they've played there their last three times. so not only are they coming to the east coast, they're going to have to play in the elements. that's just one of the many things ron rivera says gives the panthers an edge.""it's an eye opener. i mean it really is. for the
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be the same for both teams. it's going to be cold and if it's going to be raining, it's raining. and if it's going to be snowing, it's snowing. i actually had to get a little more bundled up than i wanted to. but one thing iwas trying to get the guys to understand is this is what we're going to play in. get used to it, let's get used to having the football. let's get used to catching the football, let's get used to running around. it was you know probably what it's going to be like. it was brisk.""of course the weather, the elements, the stadium, it's only going to play into it so much. we're talking about the number one and number two teams in the nfc, arguably in the nfl going head to head for a shot at the super bowl. it's probably going to be a few plays here or there that decides it. and it just might come down to who wants it more. more panthers coverage coming throughout the week here on fox carolina.. tag out."3 3 and as the panthers inch closer to a superbowl bid - we're taking a closer look at the journey to get there.join us this sunday for panthers' pursuit of a title -sports
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will have all the coverage from charlotte -again that's this sunday at 5:30. 3 and fox carolina is the place to be this sunday.pre-game coverage starts at 6pm.kickoff is 6:40pm.tune in this sunday for the nfc championship. 3 charlotte may be in for some snow - but we could see all sorts of wet weather across different parts of our area. area.yeah - depending 3 on where you live, you may be seeing some freezing rain, or sleet mixed in with snow.we want to send it out to meteorologist ted phaeton to
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3 we all find winter weather a little confusing at times. let take a look at the graphic 3 freezing rain and 3 sleet are often mixed up! freezing rain is liquid rain that falls as normal rain then freezes on contact with a frozen surface. sleet falls as ice pellets. they are actually snowflakes that melt and
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3 so we hope to see more sleet than freezing rain, since freezing rain causes power outages more often. studio! 3 the winter storms arrives tonight for our area, and we will feel the effects through saturday. snow, ice, sleet and throughout the event, and here's how the timeline goes.
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thursday evening, then turn to a wintry mix in the mountains by midnight. expect sleet and rain, turning to freezing rain and snow through the overnight in western north carolina. the upstate will see rain turn to freezing rain and sleet slowly through the overnight, mainly from greenville to the northeast toward spartanburg and gaffney. areas in northern greenville, cherokee and spartanburg counties could see accumulating ice and sleet by early friday morning.friday will bring rain for areas south of i85, while a wintry mix of freezing rain, sleet and rain will fall along i85 and north. snow will develop along the east facing slopes of the mountains, from asheville eastward.we could see over a quarter inch of ice in the northern part of the upstate and nc piedmont. this could cause power outages and treacherous roads.snow will take over for the entire area by late friday night, bringing some modest accumulations to the upstate (1-3 inches on average), while the mountains could see over a foot near mt. mitchell. asheville could see 6-8 inches.snow will wrap up through saturday morning, leaving icy roads until temps can warm up during the afternoon. because of all
10:46 pm
is out for the northern upstate counties and mountains through sunday morning. be sure to check out for more on the forecast and
10:47 pm
3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather
10:48 pm
starting at four am. 3 as this winter 3 storm moves into our area-- officials at ghs are reminding you to stay warm! warm!one upstate nurse will explain the signs of hypothermia - to make sure you stay out of danger dangerand here's another live look --this time in powdersville more winter weather coverage next
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i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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3 new tonight 3 tonight, the last golden ticket was handed out tonight on american idol- the fifteenth and final season of idol. 3 today, i stopped by the hawk n- tom show at the b ninety three point seven studios- we talked of course about the weatherbut also american idol they played their infamous milk and bread rap which we all agreed wouldn't get a golden ticket- but, we did agree this is probably the best season in quite a while for idol-next week, on wednesday hollywood week kicks off next wednesday- 3 tonight....coming up with a plan to stay safe...ahead of the storm! storm!what you need to have at home ahead of winter weather arriving!the supplies officials say you should be stocking up on now!
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3 we're back with a look at your forecast 3 the winter storms arrives
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