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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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near the carolina border in henderson county.right now more than 13 hundred people are without power there -and earlier today we saw snow accumulating along the roadway. 3 and take a look at the snow coming down in pickens -our first *real taste of winter here in the upstate.this is a look on shady grove road near highway 183.the flakes were even sticking for a bit near downtown! 3 and even in fountain inn -we saw some brief flurries - though in greenville county we saw more sleet this afternoon - 3 taking a live look out there tonight - we're looking at much more of the white stuff, roads covered and icicles in downtown mars hilland it's causing some major issues on the secondary roads up there - highway patrol tells us they've gotten more than 300 calls just today.the vast majority of thoses were
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percent were stranded drivers, so just another reminder to stay prepared and safe. safe.let's send it over to chief meteorologist kendra kent to break all this down. and look ahead to what's coming up in less than 48 hours. 3 slick roads could develop overnight with snow on the ground in the mountains. thursday will be partly cloudy with highs in the mid 40s for the upstate and low 40s in the mountains, thursday night rain will move in as our next big storm system approaches. it will begin as rain, then transition to freezing rain and sleet in western nc. some
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the upstate for friday morning colder air pushes in from the northeast.therefore, a mix of rain, sleet and freezing rain is possible early friday, and that could make driving treacherous. there is time of things to change, but right now i do think we could see some ice slick roads could develop overnight with snow on the ground in the mountains. thursday will be partly cloudy with highs in the mid 40s for the upstate and low 40s in the mountains, thursday night rain will move in as our next big storm system approaches. it will begin as rain, then transition to freezing rain and sleet in western nc. some of that may drift south into the upstate for friday morning colder air pushes in from the northeast.therefore, a mix of rain, sleet and freezing rain is possible early friday, and that could make driving
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things to change, but right now i do think we could see some ice 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up- up-thanks kendra-we continue toninit- 3 and we're always monitoring the latest school closings across the carolinas -here's a look at what we've gotten in so far -rutherford and transylvania county schools will be on a two hour delay haywood county will have a teacher work dayjackson county schools will be closed - both the blue ridge and smoky
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swain countyyancey county mitchell countymacon county madison countyand graham county.remember for the latest updated informatiti - just head to fox carolina dot com. 3 and make sure as we prepare for another winter weather system - that you've got our fox carolina weather can get the latest weather information on the go, as well as alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23-765 to download! 3 and that nasty black ice could be popping up on upstate and mountain roads due to this winter weather. it's a road condition that driving instructors say can be deadly. 3 tonight, we spoke with the bmw performance driving school about what you can do if you find yourself on roads with black ice, and how to handle your vehicle. 3 fox carolina's rebecca atkins spoke with a driving instructor today.rebecca you were actually *in the car with him to experience what driving on black ice is like?how did
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3 absolutely, we were on what they call their skid pad, and the instructor actually made the car drift on the track as if the vehicle was sliding on ice. he showed me how you can correct it so you don't end up off the road or in a dangerous accident. 3 3 3 3 car reving engine its the sound you never want to hear.... hear.... 3 of skiddingbut with winter weather in the forecast slidding, and skidding off the road is something you may encounter.... encounter.... 3 "ice just really gives you no grip to work with to be able to control the car." car." 3 car starting mike renner is a driving instructor with the bmw performance driving school. he says he teaches drivers how to handle a car on icy roads."if the rear of the car is coming around this way, you counter steer into the slide..."he says then you must keep your eyes focused on the direction you want to go, instead of where your car is heading... "for every correction you put in... you wanna bring it back.and although some drivers think if they go slow on an icy road they won't lose contntl of the car, renner says that's not
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better than going fast... but you know once you hit ice, the car will just travel and travel for a long time so it's very very deadly." deadly." 3 cars and highway patrol also has concerns and tips for drivers heading into the upcoming days. days. 3 "if there's snow on the ground, stay at home, enjoy it from home, unless you absolutely have to be on the roadway, don't be out."but he says of course, there are drivers that will have to be on the roads, so he has some tips he recommends you follow. "make sure you call somebody, let them know when you're leaving, where you're going, you're anticipated time of arrival and the route that you're going to take."corporal rhyne says that way, if you don't get to your location they have a place to start to looking. 3 corporal rhyne says when there is weather like this s the area they are actively driving up and down roadways looking for any stranded drivers who may have gone off the road from ice, or who's cars have broken down due the cold
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3 rebecca, when it comes to driving on ice, those tips the driving instructor gave can really come in handy, are there any other recommendations he gave if drivers come across ice on the roads? roads?well above all he says be aware of your surroundings, and try not to panick. he says a lot of times when a car starts drifting he says the drivers immediate instinct is to correct the wheel in the opposite direction but again he says go with the wheel then correct it once it starts to straighten out, he also says drivers can take classes with them if they want to learn more about driving in those conditions. 3 and happening now 3 as the precipitation changes from snow to sleet to rain - life continues as normal in downtown greenville.but with the possibility of things freezing up later in the week - that could all change. change.duke energy crews are
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causes any power problems from iced over trees and downed power lines. carolina's sharon johnson joins us - with what to expect from duke energy -- and what you should do.sharon 3 duke energy crews are waiting to hear from their own team of meteorologists - who are monitoring the weather just as the fox carolina weather team is doing now.duke energy covers several states...but the focus over the next couple of days - is on the carolinas. 3 3 3 weather in the carolinas can be tricky -((sot - preparing for storm))5:01:39 "south carolina should be prepared for that, it doesn't matter what kind of weather, as long as their prepared for ice and snow."snowing in the mountains of north carolina and parts of different counties in south carolina.then - raining in other can be even worse. 5:01:49 breaking off, start falling off.fewer problems with buried power lines like part of main street in downtown greenville.the opposite end of main still has above ground lines -duke energy is focusing on both north and south carolina -
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system.4:43:33 "we have our line technicians and other team mates and crew maters who are getting ready. they're making sure they have the gear they need if they have to spend several nights in the field and making sure they have whatever they need to respond to whatever mother nature throws their way." an ice storm could knock out power and cause frozen over trees limbs to get heavy and break like this storm a few years ago.many lived through it. it.5:04:24 "sat around in a blanket, you know, went out to the movies, went to visit friends -- anyplace i could find that was warm."duke energy recommends having a plan if power goes out. 4:46:080n "have water and shelf stable food that you might need for several days." mosier says prepare with alternate heat sources or generators to keep warm - but stresses following directions when using them. 3 also remember - to have a battery operated radio or tv to stay informed about the
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flashlights available.if you power goes out and you use your car to stay warm.make sure you don't do so in a garage.last check- duke energy is reporting there are roughly 1 thousand customers without power already.the exhaust fumes could make you sick or worse - kill in greenville- sharon johnson - fox carolina- the 10 o'clock news. 3 we're following a developing story tonight at ten 3 out of hart county georgia - where there's been an officer involved shooting. happened in hartwell on old reed creek road - right around six this evening - the good news here - we know *all the law enforcement officers involved *are okay -but we're still working to get information on what led up to this shooting. shooting.we do know that the georgia bureau of investigation is taking lead
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sheriff's office will be issuing a statement in the 3 morning 3 3 you'll want to stay with us on air and online at fox carolina dot com-as we work to get more details - we do have a crew headed there now. 3 kendra is in the weather center for a look ahead at the forecast. forecast. 3 kendra: coming up i'll have your forecast forecast 3 a big welcome home.. for deputy dave dempsey!41 days after being shot in the head while on duty.. he's been released from the greenville hospital.tonight - more on his road to recovery.. and what he has to say to those thinking of becoming cops. deadly fire in the upstate.a 65-year-old man killed.. after his home burst into flames.tonight -
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out about staying warm and safe.. as the investigation continues.and a live look in western north carolina.. where they saw snow accumulating earlier today.but what's in store for the rest of the
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3 weather our big story tonight 3 our first real sight of snow in the upstate this afternoon - you can see the big flakes coming down in pickens county. 3 and check out this shot from clemson - we had reported flurries in that area - and throughout the upstate -- and
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3 kendra is in the weather center 3 3 3 taking a live look 3 3 3 mars hill tonight this is downtown carolina -in western north taking a live look taking a live look carolina - this is downtown mars hill
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3 slick roads 3 could develop overnight with snow on the ground in the mountains. thursday will be partly cloudy with highs in the mid 40s for the upstate and low 40s in the mountains, thursday night rain will move in as our next big storm system approaches. it will begin as rain, then transition to freezing rain and sleet in western nc. some of that may drift south into the upstate for friday morning colder air pushes in from the northeast. therefore, a mix of rain, sleet and freezing rain is possible early friday, and that could make driving treacherous. there is time of things to change, but right now i do think we could see some ice you can get the latest forecast at 3 for weather 24 3 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 back to you. you.
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3 in a fox carolina 3 follow up 3 firefighters are keeping a close eye on a home where a deadly fire broke out yesterday afternoon.this morning...the fire at that home rekindled. rekindled.we first brought you word of the deadly fire as breaking news *yesterday. around 4 this morning...firefighters were called *back to the home on ann street --- after flames were seen *shooting from the house.sled does not believe the cause of the original fire was suspicious - but they - along with the coroner's office - are still investigating.still no word yet on the cause of the fire - or the name of the victim inside. 3 and today - another house fire claimed a life in union county. this is a look at the scene on goldville road in whitmire.the coroner says 65-year-old alfonzo boyd was killed in the blaze - his autopsy will be conducted tomorrow.several
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out the flames - we spoke to neighbors on scene 3 3 3 3 3 "everybody here knows everybody when someone pass away is a tragedy no matter who it is if you known him or not even if you hear about it no matter how long ago it was." was."still no word yet on what caused that fire. 3 in a developing story 3 greenville county deputy dave dempsey is finally home home41 days after being shot in the head while on dutya&.dempsey left the greenville hospital system today - and dozens of fellow officers where there to wish him well 3 it's a story we've been following closely - as the deputy's condition improved. improved.and we were there today -- for this next step on his road to carolina's adrian acosta has the story. 3 "earlier today officers from across the upstatea&along with family and friendsa&and
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give this local heroe a well deserved send off"this was the scene 41 days agoa&officers rushing by the dozens to the aid of greenville deputy dave dempseya&after calls went out that he'd been shot while responding to a burglary call ""nats""after a major surgery to repair damage caused by a gunshot wound to the heada&and weeks of grueling rehaba&.dempsey was ready to go home""nats""dempsey thanked the first responders that helped him, and the doctors and staff at ghsa& ghsa&"ive worked hard to try and come to this day quick with help from the physcial therapists"he also thanked the community for their supporta&for him and his family"i appreciated everybody's prayers and visits it was great"dempsey's wife
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answered"im very joyful, my heart is happy and full and content we are ready to go home"""nats""and dozens of dempseys brothers in blue were ready to see him return home too""nats""more deputies were waiting at dempsey's homea& once inside dempsey made his way to his favorite chaira&.and when asked what words he had for other officers still on duty or for those thinking of becoming cops..he had this to say"if that's what you want to do then do ita&if your heart says you want to be in law enforcement do ita&and enjoy going to work everydaya&on occasion things like this happena&it could have been worse"doctors say dempsey will need more of that determination he's shown for the long road of outpatient rehab aheadif you'd like to keep up with deputy dempseys progress and maybe donate financially to help with some of the costs he will have in
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find a link to a gofundme account set up for him on our website foxcarolina.comin greenville adrian acosta foxcarolina news tonight 3 new developments over syrian refugees... refugees...tonight the senate said tighter screenings..up next, what this means for all refugees coming into the country... - as we start to see the dangerous side to winter weather -we want to remind you to check on your neighbors!we're taking a closer look at the services that kick in, when the snow begins to fall. fall. 3
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3 we've got a big winter weather system coming our way 3 and we want to address some of the questions you are asking about what to do -- with this cold and wet weather. of course we're turning it over to kendra to answer them. 3 starting with this one from stacey who asked will the roads be slick in the morning in the upstate? 3 3 3 i don't expect much in the way of upstate black ice since we didn't see snow accumulate and we had some time to dry out before the freezing
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3 another facebook user wanted to know:what do you think the 3 3 on friday evening and overnight i think the chances are really good! 1-2 inches now 3 and tonya asked the question we've all been wondering...kend you want to build a snowman? 3 yes! and i'm a huge fan of the movie frozen. so... i wanna build a snowman, cmon let's go and play i never see it anymore, so come out the door, it's like it went away!
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3 of course we'll have a lot more details about what we're in for on friday coming up in the full forecast - 3 and we're talking more about how to keep safe on the roads - 3 more from dot officials in north carolina as we prepare for another winter weather system. two new cases of the zika ( virus has hit the u-s. find out what new travel guidelines the c-d-c is trying to put into place. place.before we head to break- we want to share a few pictures you sent to us on facebook and to our newsroom of the winter weather. be sure to send your photos to us at foxcarolinanews@foxcarolina- dot-comand on facebook...and twitter.
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3 snow in the carolinas!another winter weather system is headed our way - and we'll likely see more snow on top of
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accumulating in our area.this is a live look tonight in mars hill.secondary roads are bad right now.the highway patrol has been busy all day with accidents and stranded motorists. 3 of course the mountains seeing the brunt of this winter weather system - -and we know the dot crews in buncombe county were out in full force -- to keep things under carolina's andrew reeser has the details on what they're doing, so drivers stay safe. safe. 3 highway patrol says 53 accidents on buncombe county roads within a ten minute period. snow and slick conditions contributed to that...the snow melted off pretty 3 quickly after that initial dusting...but road crews are bracing for more. d-o-t crews were out in full force in buncombe county this morning to try and catch up after the snowfall came a little sooner than they were expecting. road crews were out laying down
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the roads a little safer. throughout the day we saw light accumulations in this area...also earlier this afternoon some flurries. nothing too bad to write home about...tonight officials expect more snowfall...and one worry crews have tonight is the potential rain coming tomorrow...that could wash away the work they've done today...and they say they will have to go out and retreat for a potential freezing rain event friday. 3 3 3 "if conditions worsen by the end of the week like they have might be a good idea to if you have to travel, plan for a safety kit in your car...and make sure you have plenty of gas." gas."highway patrol saying reminding everyone to take it slow.\again 53 accidents this morning on buncombe county roads...most of them weather related. in buncombe county
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3 we should also mention that sc dot crews began preparations yesterday - crews were out pre treating roads - mainly the interstates and primary roadways.they tell us they're taking things day by day - and watching the forecasts.their advice to drivers of course - be cautious, and give yourself more time and more space on the road. 3 while there are plenty of warnings for those out on the roads in *inclement weather. there are also concerns about those who can't leave their homes in the snow.or even worse - don't have access to *food - or *heat. *heat.tonight- we found out how much planning is in place - to make sure there's help - no matter what. 3 3 3 the snow may be pretty to look at but it's a reminder- winter *is here.and during this season - some in the communty are in need of extra help. help.these are loaded up in our uniform patrol cars to go out tonight )deputy michael douglas of the greenville county sheriff's office tells us there is a real need right now. now.16:12:36 not everyone has heat and when our deputies work the same beat area over and over they get to know the people in their beat areas that's part of community
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to folks and kind of know where the at risk population is.)and getting to know the community, means deputies also know when a welfare check - or even a warm coat is necessary. december we began our coats and cops initiative which puts warm winter coats in the trunk of our uniform patrol cars and they're able to meet the needs in teh cold weather when they see those out on patrol in their beat areas. a few miles away - another organization is following the forecast too. 16:23:16 we watch the wx pretty closely meals on wheels has been planning *months in advance, for winter weather. weather. 3 16:20:40 way back in ct or nov we send out an emergency meal kit that has some shelf stable items that can stay in their pantry until the weather hits it also has an emergency blakent a whistle just some basic emergency things that will help them if we're not able to get to them 16:20:56 the rule in the winter is that meals on wheels does not deliver if greenville county schools cancel classes - but their clients are still taken care of.16:21:05 we will make
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frozen meals if we know the threat of wx is coming 16:21:08 and employees will spend their snow day calling the 1500 clients served in greenville - to make sure everyone's all right. 3 the sheriff's office also said if you are worried about someone, you can call the sheriff's office for a welfare check.that number is 864-271-5210.we also spoke with the red cross - who said they're monitoring the weather - and are urging peole to take precautions, especially when heating their homes. 3 and as this winter weather really gets underway - we see an increased fire risk - because of heating sources that aren't working properly. in anderson county- the red cross and fire officials are coming together to teach people how to escape, in case of a fire. the group will be going door to door with smoke alarms-in the abney mill and homeland park neighborhoods on saturday.this event is one of the ten smoke alarm blitz's planned across the state. 3 we are covering the carolinas tonightht.. 3 tonight marked governor nikki haley's state of the state address - -her speech follows a historic
quote quote
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showed pride - acknowledging the way south carolina responded following the officer involved shooting of walter scott -- with justice, instead of violence.she recognized the loss of senator clementa pinckney - and the other victims of the tragic shooting at mother emanuel church in charleston - while honoring the survivors who were there in columbia tonight. 3 3 for reasons only god knows, we lost nine amazing souls that night.... i ask that you join my family as we pray for mrs. felicia sanders, for her eleven year-old granddaughter, and for mrs. polly sheppard, as they continue to live with that memory. memory.the governor also focused what's being done to end what she calls the "domestic violence epidemic plaguing south carolina - as well as - on business growth and job creation in the state. immediately following governor haley's address - representative mandy power norrells from lancaster county issued the democratic response - and she touched on another issue that south carolinians are passionate about. 3 3
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3 speaking of safe roadways - why haven't we passed a bill to improve our roads and bridges? ... lately, you've heard governor haley call for unity. i agree. we need to start working together to get things done. done.we have more coverage on our website - at fox carolina dot com. 3 in a developing story 3 a major move on capitol hilla& the senate voted *down an effort to advance a controversial would significantly limit iraqi and syrian refugees from entering the united states.'s a vote that weighs heavy- both on national security and the 20-16 campaign-as the country grapples with how to handle the growing humanitarian crisis this bill would have required every single person from syria or iraq- and even those refugees who have visited those countries in the past five years-to be verified by the f-b-i, homeland security and director of national intelligence. 3 3 it's difficult to effectively vet immigrants from a war-torn country where records may
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3 this bill is just another step in the absolute wrong direction -- the direction of don trump. democrats are committed to opposing the hateful views of trump and his republican neighbors. 3 the bill had previously passed the house in november with so much bipartisan support, that even a promised veto by president obama could be overridden.some democratic leaders hope to force republican senators to take a stand on trump's controversial plan to ban muslims from immigrating to the u.s. 3 new developments from the c-d-c about the dangers of the zika virus - two new cases have been confirmed in the states. states.the illinois department of health-say two pregnant women tested positive for the virus on tuesday. health officials say the women came in contact with the virus while traveling abroad. 3 the c-d-c is working to impose new travel guidelines for-women heading to places where the zika ( virus is present - specifically in the carribbean and latin america.
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be born with abnormally small heads - leading to developmental issues and sometimes death. there have also been reported cases in hawaii and texas -right now- there is no vaccine to block the zika virus -- and no medicine to treat it. 3 continuing to cover our counties at ten 3 after turning himself into deputies last night -the man accused of shooting his girlfriend's estranged husband, faced a judge today in anderson county. county.clint moore is charged with attempted murder.our cameras were rolling as moore received a 75-thousand dollar bond - accused of shooting his girlfriend's estranged husband outside a bar back in november. 3 this is a look at the scene outside the l-a pour house bar &; grill - where moore reportedly shot the victim - justin pritchett - at pointblank range. pritchett told fox carolina he and his ex were in a bitter custody battle. battle.that woman - katlyn "gottbeheat" is facing an accessory charge.deputies say
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him from the scene.she turned herself in last week...and has since bonded out of jail. 3 a greenville man is locked up in union county --after deputies say he busted out a patrol car window --- and jumped from the *moving vehicle! vehicle!deputies say *corwin hemingway was arrested for public intoxication monday night.on the way to the jail...deputies say he got one hand free...and hit the back passenger window with the cuffs--shattering it.hemingway then jumped out of the window -- and deputies had to chase him down.he's now also charged with malicious damage and attempted escape. 3 in oconee county-clemson police are issuing a warning the elderly. elderly.over the last week...police were notified of four incidients.during the call...police say one suspect will claim to be a family member and say they have been arrested for a serious offense. the fake officer says the victim's loved one will be released...if they're paid a certain amount of money. money.police say if you get one of these not send any money...and contact your local law enforcement
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3 new tonight...winter weather this weekend could effect your travel plans up and down the east coast. coast.see what tips g-s-p is offering to make sure you have a smooth flight.and what you should do before you arrive at the airport. 3 plus.. we travel to charlotte...where the panthers ... getting ready for the n-f-c championship.up next...hear from cam newton and ron rivera... rivera...more on our snow chances next! next!3 and we're live in hart county - after an officer involved shooting in hartwell 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 happening now 3 we've been talking about snow in our area all night long - but take a look at this - flakes even falling at bank of america stadium!but it's going to take a whole lot more than some flurries to keep the panthers from clinching the nfc title in charlotte this weekend. 3 and sports anchor shannon sommerville joins us now as we get set for that n-f-c championship game...carolina really dominated the first half of last week's game but the seahawks rallied in the second half and made it a lot closer than panthers fans mightve liked. so what's their mentality going into sundays game against arizona? arizona?i think that the approach is to learn from that game and move on. their only focus right now is on the cardinals. and they know win number 17 is not going to be easy. sports director aaron cheslock has more from bank of
10:38 pm
3 a rematch of lasts years wild card game here at bank of america stadium... one that the panthers won... but the panthers say this is two completely different teams... with much higher stakes... but ron rivera's not talking super bowl... in fact, he won't even say it..."this is about the game. it doesn't do any good for me to talk about the next game if we don't get there and we're going to focus on the next game and that's probably the most important thing, is we understand that this game's a big game, we understand it's an opportunity for us to move forward, but we've got to win first. so that's what we've got to focus on is this game." "it's seizing the moment as well. you know for us, we know what we have in front of us and if we don't maximize our opportunity then we're going to be looking at it like dang, we left something that's so close slip away through our
10:39 pm
in this year's cardinals team sits behind center.. the panthers playing a 3rd string signal caller last year... carson palmer a huge step up from that.. but of course carolina's got their own former heisman winner on their side.. in the mvp front runner cam newton... more from the panthers quarterback as we continue our coverage from charlotte coming up at 11... till then, tag out.. out.. 3 and as the panthers inch closer to a superbowl bid - we're taking a closer look at the journey to get there.join us this sunday for panthers' pursuit of a title -sports director aaron cheslock and i will have all the coverage from charlotte -again that's this sunday at 5:30. 3 and fox carolina is the place to be this sunday.pre-game coverage starts at 6pm.kickoff is 6:40pm.tune in this sunday for the nfc championship. 3 kendra's here with a look at
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3 this is a look from earlier this afternoon - at the snow near our very own joe and summer gagnon's house!their cat got a kick out of the flakes as you can see.
10:41 pm
3 slick roads 3 slick roads could develop overnight with snow on the ground in the mountains. thursday will be partly cloudy with highs in the mid 40s for the upstate and low 40s in the mountains, thursday night rain will move in as our next big storm system approaches. it will begin as rain, then transition to freezing rain and sleet in western nc. some of that may drift south into the upstate for friday morning colder air pushes in from the northeast.therefore, a mix of rain, sleet and freezing rain is possible early friday, and that could make driving treacherous. there is time of things to change, but right now i do think we could see some ice accumulations in the far northern upstate near the nc border and all across western nc. a wintry mix will continue through the day, with periods of cold rain in the upstate. the bulk of the moisture leaves on friday evening, then we could see some light to moderate snow on the back edge of the system late friday night. 1-2 inches of snow will be possible in the upstate with 4-6 inches possible near the tn border in the mountains.skies will clear slowly on saturday, but the mountains could still get snow through midday. expect sun to
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50s on sure to check out www.foxcarolina .com/weather for more on the
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3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 and we're always monitoring the latest school closings across the carolinas -here's a look at what we've gotten in so far -these schools will be closed.jackson, swain, yancey, mitchell, macon, madison, graham and haywood. are some delays. rutherford and transylvania county schools will be on a two hour delaywe have a lot of other closings running at the bottom of your screen.and you can also check our app. 3 and the carolina panthers are getting ready to host the cardinals this weekend! weekend!and as fans get excited for the n-f-c championship...we're hearing from police on how to spot ticket scammers. scammers.we're taking a live look out atmars hill tonight - more winter weather coverage
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it's the final round of auditions on american idol 3 hard to believe we're in the fifteenth season of idol tonight, the judges were in in san francisco and philadelphia- take a listen to this guy- 3 3 3 3
10:45 pm
3 that's mckenzie bourg from lafayette, louisianathe twenty three year old actually performed a medleyincluding keith urban's stupid boy, me and j-lo's love don't cost a thing-the judges loved it and he got a golden ticket- tomorrow night the judges will hand out their last golden ticket-the judges will be in atlanta, back in philly and san fran- 3 new tonight 3 here's something that may shock a lot of people.a new survey found that nearly ten percent of college students believe "judge judy" *serves on the supreme court. court.that's according to a poll by the american council of trustees and alumni .the of a thousand people found college graduates are quote "alarmingly ignorant of america's history and heritage" end quote.but some say the study is misleading - claiming judith sheindlin was listed on the multiple choice question by her lesser-known
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3 and this weekend--a big winter storm is expected to hit the northeast and mid-atlantic... causing a headache for travlers already alreadycoming up--we're heading over the greenville- spartanburg international aipport to see what airlines are doing already--in anticipation of the storms. 3 and we're live in hart county georgia...where an officer involved shooting is under investigation at this hour... after officials say a man confronted them with a machete. more on what happened--
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in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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3 we're tracking our first
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