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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 night ahead! 3 an active pattern is setting up from now until the end of this week. we'll see two opportunities for snow in the mountains, while the upstate could see brief snowfall on wednesday then mostly heavy rain on friday. here's the set- upa&tonight will be very cold, with overnight lows dropping to 24 in the upstate and 17 in the mountains. clouds will move in toward wednesday morning as the first of the two systems approaches. this first storm has only a small amount of moisture. that said, it will still bring some light snow accumulations to
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3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up-
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3 3 this is not weather related- but there will be no school for students in greenwood district fifty two on wednesday- the town of ninety six had a water main break today-it's since been fixed but officials say tests on the water won't be back until tomorrow afternoon-again, greenwood district fifty two out of school tomorrow- 3 we start with breaking news--- 3 it's not how the family of an upstate marine or his community wanted the search to end-but just moments ago, the coast guard suspended the search for the 12 marines off the coast of hawaii- hawaii-the family of sgt. jeffrey sempler says the marine from woodruff was just shy of his 23rd birthday.they also say upstate congressman trey gowdy called them to express his sympathy- 3 the search for the 12 marines lasted five days-all four rafts were found but there's been no sign of survivors- the coast guard announcing tonight, the mission will now turn into a recoery and salvage operation.
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3 "we have not found the survivors, and this has a significant scope and impact.. stopping our search efforts. i know i speak for the entire coast guard when i say our thoughts and prayers are with marine corp helicopter squadron 463 and in particular the families and loved ones of those missing."more than 60 marines were involved in the search-the marine corp now has full control of any search effort moving forward. forward. as you can imagine it's a difficult time for sgt. sempler's family-while they didn't want the search to end, they told us in earlier interviews they were preparing for the worse-the community of woodruff even coming together for a prayer vigil- tonight, we're told a memorial is planned for friday on the millitary base there in hawaii so far there's been no announcement for a local memorial, but if that happens we'll let you know. 3 covering our counties at ten 3 a deadly house fire is under investigation in pickens county. - 3 we heard from a lot of you
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anne street this afternoon in pickens- witnesses tell us the woman who died shared the home with her son- sled, pickens police and fire are investigating- police are asking people to avoid the area, due to ice forming from all the water used to put out the fire- as of this hour, the coroner hasn't identified the victim- 3 tonight, one of anderson county's most wanted is locked up-the sheriff's office says the man who tried to kill his girlfriend's estranged husband turned himself in- 3 clint moore has been on the run since november-he was wanted on an attempted murder warrant- he's expected in court in the morning- 3 deputies say he shot the victim outside the l-a pour house- we talked to the victim - justin pritchett -days later who said the shooting stemmed from a bitter custody battle with his wife- 3 she has been arrested and already released-katylyn gott be heat turned herlself in last week-she's charged with accessory after the fact- 3 in cherokee county-the coroner says an autopsy should tell them how an elderly man died who was found this morning in a park-
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was found in mccluney park in gaffney around five thirty a-m he says talley was next to his car on the pavement- investigators believe he'd been there overnightbut say it appears a medical event led to talley's death-again, an autopsy scheduled for tomorrow is expected to answer how talley died- 3 as you decide 2016 3 the highest profile backing for a g-o-p candidate so far happeend tonight-former alaska governor sarah palin is endorsing front runner donald trump in iowa- 3 trump issued a statement ahead of tonight's announcement- "i am greatly honored to receive sarah's endorsement.she is a friend, and a high quality person whom i have great respect for.i am proud to have her support."palin, who was the 2008 republican vice presidential candidate, says she's "proud to endorse" trump. 3 3 this election is more than just your basic abc's - anybody but clinton - it's
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aroundthings are gonna change under president trump! trump!this is a woman that from day one i said i have to do this i have to get her support - she feels it she understands it better than anybody - and sarah on behalf of myself and my family and the country - i want to thank you very much. much.we talked to a furman political science professor to see if this endorsement changes anything 3 3 3 3 "endorsements in this case will matter for people who are trying to decide between donald trump and ted cruz. with gov. palin being as strong a person in south carolina with as positive of a reputation as she has, she may swing some voters to trump." trump."there have been other endorsements in our area--- senator graham backing jeb bush and congressman gowdy going with marco rubio-we should mention trump and palin will be together in tulsa, oklahoma
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3 we want to know what you think about palin's endorsement of trump-bruce wrote inif i was trump i'd decline the endorsement. the woman was an embarrassment to mccain. 3 jean said - birds of a feather flock together..maybe she's hoping for another chance to have her name in the hat for vp! 3 and when asked if the endorsement would help the trump campaign - keith wrote absolutely not. trump will only get elected if there are some cross-over democrats who will vote for him. these cross- overs do not see palin in a good way. 3 so, you can see not alot of positive feed back at least from our viewers- let us know what you thinkemail us at the fox fuss at fox carolina dot com.or find us on facebook 3 trump of course leading the g-o-p pack when it comes to polling- 3 and just four democratic candidates battling for that nomination.we have much more on them at our wesbite 3 and don't forget-you have to be registered by tomorrow if
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february twentieth republican primaryif you want to vote in the democratic primary on the twenty seventh-you have until next wednesday to register, that's the twenty seventh 3 in a fox carolina investigation 3 today is the first day to file your taxes...however, it comes with a warning... watch out for i-r-s scams.these crimes are on the rise. 3 the better business bureau in greenville says i-r-s scams were the top scam reported to them in 2015...and they expect more this year. 3 fox carolina's shale remien gathered the latest tips on how to avoid these crooks- she's live in our newsroom. 3 cody - in two years... there have been five thousand phone scam victims.tonight i talked to an upstate woman who got one of those calls... but instead of falling for the scam, she reported it right away. 3 3 3 3 we see it every year...scammers calling to take your money...all through
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scam."as far as the upstate goes, there was a burst on how many were reported to us in already this year, with the scam tracker, from january 1st until now, we have already 238 scams reported."two hundred and thirty eight scams reported nationwide, just at the beginning of 2016. the better business buraeu says irs scams were the top scam reported last year. "if the irs calls that's your first sign, the irs rarely ever calls and if they do call, you've received a bill first. they'll never threaten with anything, they'll never insist on a payment method."gloria williams didn't fall prey after she got a call back in december. 3 "i knew they wouldn't call you and then the number, it has egypt on it, it had an out of the country number, that alone was a red flag."but some people might not be so lucky with an international number- most people receive a call with "i-r-s" in the caller id. "always asking, can call back
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know is legitimate. because another things scammers can do, is they can spoof the caller id. it will be a 202 number and it can say irs above it."scammers can get aggressive - threatening and yelling at people."avoid callers that demand payment, that ask for specific type of payment or ask for debit card/credit card, or threaten law enforcement." "i didn't want anyone else to fall prey to being a victim." 3 the better business buraeu says if a scammer calls and they already have information about you, don't fall for it. the web is filled with information they can use.they say hang up and report it by calling the federal trade commission. cody? 3 shale, i saw the department of revenue is making more of an effort to protect taxpayers from refund fraud as well. you reached out to them today, did
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was?when i spoke to them today they say they are collaborating with the i-r-s, a new analytics team, and patterning with the tax industry to hopefully decrease the number of cases this see per year. live in the newsroom, sr, fc, ttocn 3 kendra has the forecast forecast3 we have snow to track, along with some heavy rain for friday! friday!plus an incredible update - from dave dempsey's family after the greenville county deputy was shot in the line of duty -he's expected to be released from the hospital in the morning - the latest details on his road to recovery. recovery.and another former policeman- behind bars in anderson county-it all stems from an excessive force complaint in honea path -and tonight we're hearing from the police chief on his former - as the
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patrol troopers want to make sure you're prepared.we've got the tips you need to know in case you are stranded in your car in the dangerous cold.
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3 we're back with a fox carolina follow up 3 another former honea path police officer is locked up-- charged with misconduct in office following an excessive force complaint. complaint.sled arrested john bell just days after his former colleague robert shaw was arrested-both men, accused of lying during the investigation into the excessive force complaint- 3 it goes back to a chase in november 2014- the officers
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to stop, he got out with what appeared to be a knife-the officers used force to disarm him-during the ordeal, his family says he was assualted and put in critical condition hatchers family has filed a lawsuit against the city of honea path and the police department- 3 the police chief released a statement on the pair -which seems to respond to the question of how these two became officers in the first place. reads in part quote - nothing that would have prevented the hiring of either one of these officers...was reported to south carolina criminal justice academy. this agency accurately reports all incidents that could affect an officer's career. i feel that any negative information concerning previous behavior should have been reported...and also provided to us by the other agencies when they were contacted during our background investigation. 3 some pretty amazing news for the greenville county sheriff's office today. today.deputy dave dempsey is expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow - after
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line of duty. duty.deputy dempsey was shot in the head on december 10th while responding to a robbery call in taylors.the family of the man who shot him says they believe charles rosemond thought robbers were returning to his home and opened fire on the deputies.rosemond was shot and killed by a deputy who returned fire.dempsey will keep up his rehab routine once he gets home.according to the go fund me page, he still has quite a lot of work to get back to 100 percent. percent.we will be there for depty dempsey's release from ghs tomorrow morning - and have that coverage for you on air and online at fox carolina dot com. 3 happening now 3 cold weather has troopers urging us to stock up our cars with non perishable items and things to keep us warm, they also want anyone to call them if we see a stranded driver. 3 fox carolina's rebecca atkins
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more on what they say can save you if you're stranded. 3 cody, usually you would think of snow on the roads to be a big concern for state troopers, but cold temperatures are just as important to them to notify drivers to be prepared. a highway patrol state trooper tweeted today that with bitterly cold temps during your commute, dial hp for assistance and report stranded drivers, he also said to keep your phone fully charged. i spoke with corporal bill rhyne today and he says, not everyone has a cell phone to call for help. he says cars can break down or because of the cold, sometimes the engine won't start. he says people can easily get stranded and may not have a way to get help. 3 3 3 "we've had a very mild winter up until this point, you don't know if there car is actually running, or of they could have a flat tire or something like that and the last thing that we want to happen, is for somebody to sit out there on the side of the interstate, especially or be out on any road with these types of temperatures." temperatures." 3 corporal rhyne says you should
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has been serviced, he says he already jumped a car this morning because someone's car wouldn't start due to the cold. cold. 3 and he says you can call star-hp if you are stranded or for someone else, and these are a few items he recommended keeping in your car... some non perishable items, a flashlight, and a blanket and he says always keep your phone charged and keep a full tank of gas. reporting in greenville, rebecca atkins fox carolina the 10 o'clock news. 3 kendra has the forecast forecast 3 starting tomorrow skywatchers will get a special treat -- they'll be able to see five planets together in the sky just before dawn.mercury, venus, saturn, mars and jupiter will all be visible
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sunrise.experts say it's the first time in more than ten years that all five of the planets have appeared together in the pre-dawn sky.the show will last through february 20-th. 3 an active pattern 3 is setting up from now until the end of this week. we'll see two opportunities for snow in the mountains, while the upstate could see brief snowfall on wednesday then mostly heavy rain on friday. here's the set-upa&tonight will be very cold, with overnight lows dropping to 24 in the upstate and 17 in the mountains. clouds will move in toward wednesday morning as the first of the two systems approaches. this first storm has only a small amount of
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still bring some light snow accumulations to north carolina. you can get the latest forecast at 3 for weather 24 hours a day, and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 cody back to you you 3 we first broke the news about the cheesecake factory coming to greenville, back in october - -but tonight haywood mall has made the announcement official in the new year!the details on when we can expect the highly anticipated restaurant to open. - a new bill proposed in the south carolina legislature would leave journalists vulnerable to
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violate certain rules -some are calling a violation of the first amendment - we have the full story. story.and a spartanburg woman - being hailed a hero tonight - after she followed what she thought was smoke in the distance.her brave actions - likely saved a life - her story next. next.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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3 in tonight's most wanted 3 a woman is on the run and a guy is in custody after a theft in oconee county. county.the sheriff's office says justin kirby of anderson county was arrested this weekend on the outstanding grand larceny warrant - accused of stealing a trailer back in july.the 55-hundred dollar trailer was taken from a construction site in seneca investigators also believe johelen derrick was involved in the theft - she is still wanted tonight.if you see her or have any information - contact the oconee county sheriff's office or call crime stoppers at 1-888-crime sc. 3 in greenville county--police are now on the search for two robbery suspects - who stole thousands in jewlery. jewlery.police responded to
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following the thefts friday - these two men were caught on surveillance wearing hats, glasses, and a scarves. as one of the men distracted the employee.....the other stole two gold bracelet was worth three thousand five hundred dollars- - and the other three thousand one hundred dollars. greenville police are now asking for any one with information to call crime stoppers at 23-crime. 3 greenville police are looking for a suspect accused in several auto breakins. breakins.this suspect allegedly stole debit and credit cards from the cars at the swamp rabbit crossfit on peden street.this person of interest reportedly used one of the stolen cards at the c-v-s on laurens road.she is wanted for financial transaction card fraud if you have any information on this case you are asked to call 23- crime. 3 an upstate woman.. being hailed a hero! hero!she spotted smoke on her way to work..and instead of turning away.. she went
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emergency officials say her quick thinking.. may have just saved a life! life!plus...national agencies are stepping in - to help find a missing two year old boy. they say noah chamberlain has been lost out in the woods for five days - tonight - the latest details in the effort to find him. him.and chief meteorologist kendra kent is putting together your seven day forecastshe'll tell you what you can the week to come. come.
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3 call it a woman's intuition or just curiosity.... regardless of the title, one man is alive
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lady. 3 fox carolina's sharon johnson is live from downtown spartanburg with the good samaritan's efforts. sharon 3 some might call her a good samaritan or even a guardian angel. she is definitely a person working for the good of others. 3 3 3 by day, shevelle porter helps others as a victim's specialist spartanburg city police. and when not on the job - she's apparently still helping. 3 21:19:22"it seem like quite a bit of smoke but i don't think that i heard a fire trucka& let me check it and see."last friday, she noticed a plume of smoke while driving down john b white sr boulevard. and sprung into action...21:19:10 "it just seemed like quite a bit of smoke"she found 2 cars on fire - burning very close to a home.porter is now being hailed a hero. firefighters say if she had not been there,
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fire. the elderly man inside never even knew the cars were on fire and his life in danger. ((sot))21:20:00"being a first responder and being an advocate when we see help or when i see someone needs help i need to help them that's kind of what i'm thinking all the time."shevelle porter isn't sure whether training from work or her personal belief to always help others is what led her to investigate the smoke. but she instilling those same values at home. 21:20:10"i don't know if there's a separation between work and home and work in business life. you know when someone needs help you help them." 3 porter says you don't have to investigate on your own like she did. but you should call 9-1-1 which she also did. and got help to the scene. live in spartanburg- sharon johnson - fox carolina the 10 o'clock news.
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3 sheriff's deputies in memphis are revealing more details in the search for a missing two year old. old.we've been following the search and rescue operation to find noah chamberlain - since he went missing last thurday. today coordinators continued to stress they believe noah can be found and rescued. chamberlain's grandmother said she was caring for the two year old and his sister when he disappeared.the sheriff has repeatedly said there's no reason to doubt her story - tonight the national center for missing and exploited children has also gotten involved in this case - posting a poster for noah's photo and information on their website.the fbi and state bureau of investigation are assisting in the search - that has spanned more than one thousand acres so far. officials are still searching the woods near the home - speculating that he could have fallen into the numerous sink holes in the area.we will of course continue to bring you any updates in this case.
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accused of calling in a bomb threat to a greenwood county women's shelter.'s a look at rahim abdullah.he's charged with conveying a bomb threat and stalking-in connection to a 20-15 incident at meg's house shelter for abused women and children.police say a woman staying there told them harassing her.they say she had recorded voicemails to prove it-and abdullah was using an app to disguise his phone number.police say he also called the facility and claimed to be a sled agent. 3 tonight a pickens county man is accused of paying a 16 year old for sexual favors. favors.the sheriff's office began investigating 63- year-old daniel barlet last month- after learning of the allegations from back in june. during that initial investigation - authorities say activity involving a second child under the age of 11 was also discovered. investigators say at least two incidents of sexual misconduct occured with that child at barlet's home between 2008 and 2012.barlet now faces several coutns of criminal sexual conduct - and remains behind
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3 it's been just short of one year since 16-year-old cobey smith was shot and killed -and tonight one upstate activist is pushing for justice. justice.smith lost his life last january on the sliding rock creek trail - near the swamp rabbit trail in the nicholtown charges have been filed - and tonight the killer remains unknown. unknown.tonight - community members came together to honor cobey's memory - and revealed a banner aimed at drawing attention to the crime. volunteers with put down the guns young people knocked on doors to try and generate any new information on what they feel was a senseless crime. 3 cobey was stalked the entire day on january the 25th at 2:15. then coney was bated to come to that swamp rabbit trail. then he was shot once, then he was shot again, murdered. nothing has been done about this and i want this person or these people
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3 the family tells us there have been no new leads in the case - and the investigation is ongoing. anyone with information into cobey smith's death should contact greenville police. 3 in a developing story 3 one upstate lawmaker says it's time to *register journalists in south, representative michael pitts filed at bill called the "south carolina responsible journalism registry law." law."the proposal would establish a registry - with requirements for people wanting to work as a journalist for any media would also authorize "fines and criminal penalties" for violating the law.the bill states that a person is not competent to be a journalist if within three years before registering, they were found guilty of libel, slander or invasion of privacy...or committed a felony performing their job as a journalist or showed reckless disregard of the basic principals of
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already facing a lot of pushback. 3 3 3 "it's a ridiculous bill. it's totally unconstitutional." unconstitutional." 3 "journalists are journalists. you can't force them to register with the government unless you live in cuba or north korea." korea."we reached out to pitts for more information on his bill, but we were not able to interview him tonight. tonight.we have the full language of his bill on our web site, fox carolina dot com. 3 new tonight 3 clemson university is honoring martin luther king junior-with words from a woman who is working to transform her family's tragedy into social change. may remember the story of trayvon martin.he was gunned down by neighborhood watch volunteer - george zimmerman - back in 20-12. 20-12.tonight, his mother - sybrina fulton - addressed the crowd at the brooks center for the performing arts.just like martin luther king - she says she's now focused on preventing violence and building safer communities. 3
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violence message with dr. kings message and i have a dream and let our young people know they still have a vision, they still have a dream." dream."clemson says they chose fulton as the keynote speaker for a variety of reasons-one being recent concerns about diversity and race relations...brought forward by the student body-and through demonstrations over violence across the nation. 3 on the fox carolina money watch 3 haywood mall has made it official tonight - the cheesecake factory will open its doors - to become the first of the franchise in south carolina. carolina.we first discovered the highly anticipated arrival back in october -after city leaders told us the owner of the cheesecake factory franchise acquired a building permit at haywood mall.the mall nor the cheesecake factory would confirm the restaurant will actually be there - saying they couldn't do so without a signed lease. but months later - the mall now confirming the 85-hundred
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this summer next to macy's located. 3 construction is now underway on a carbon fiber plant that's expexted to bring hundreds of new jobs to spartanburg county! county!this morning...governor nikki haley attended the groundbreaking ceremony at the toray carbon fibers america plant in moore.the tokyo-based manufacturer announced in february of 20-14 that it had selected property along highway 290 to build a new, high-performance carbon fiber production facility that will be a major supplier to the aerospace is making a one-billion dollar investment in the plant...which is expected to create 500 new jobs! 3 this is a great time in south carolina we've got one of the fastest growing economies in the country we're the number one forain export in south
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and we're proud to say that there's alot more accolades coming and we want the people of south carolina to be a part of it ittoray is the world's largest producer of carbon fiber...which is used in products from golf clubs, to aircraft, to natural gas pressure vessels.the new plant is expected to begin producing yarn by may of 20-17...and is expected to procude carbon fiber for 20-19. 3 delicious.. or disturbing? mcdonald's is rolling out new chocolate-covered french fries. fries.check it out.3 it's called the mcchoco potato. and you can have your fries with two types of chocolate sauces - chocolate with cacao flavor or white milk chocolate. right now, it's only being tested in japan-but the company says they hope to give customers a sweet and salty taste.this comes
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- like the mcpick 2 - a combo option for 2 dollars - as well as mozzerella sticks 3 keeping warm.. in colder temperatures! temperatures!officials say there have already been several fires across the upstate.. caused by space and kerosene heaters.tonight - what you need to know.. to keep you and your family safe. warning for women
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doctors may want you screened for a mosquito-borne virus.. before you get pregnant. details next. next.and..a special bond.. between two carolina athletes. clemson's deshaun watson.. and panthers quarterback cam newton.. spotted in charlotte once again.coming up - why the n-f-l star says watson's success so far.. is well deserved. deserved.and we're talking winter weather twice this week! up next! next! 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 new tonight 3 the carolina panthers sit just one win away from getting to the super bowl... the team now beginning to make preparations for the nfc championship game... you'll catch it right here on fox carolina sunday at 6:40... plenty of storylines to talk about leading up to
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3 so we'll bring in sports director ac... and aaron a couple local quarterbacks in charlotte last sunday, right? right?yeah, a storyline we've covered before.. but the bond between panthers quarterback cam newton and clemson q-b deshaun watson on display once again... again...the tigers gunslinger at bank of america stadium for the divisional win over seattle... the history between these two is well publicized... watson first met newton at one of his 7-on-7 tournaments.. both come from georgia... and both establishing themselves as top-tier quarterbacks at the collegiate and pro levels respectively... watson of course leading his tigers to the title game, something newton hopes to do with a win on sunday...the panthers signal caller says all that watson's achieved thus far's well deserved.. 3 "he is who he is, i am who i am. to see what he's getting, all the accolades that he's getting, all the hype. you know he deserves it. he's a person that's very intuitive of who he is and what he can
10:41 pm
does represent now. and when we talk, we could talk for a lifetime. i pick his brain on some things, he picks my brain on some things, and he's a smart young man that deserves every single thing and more that he's going to get." get."carolina's main focus is still arizona however... and the panthers could be down a defender for the nfc title game... we'll tell you who, and how bad it is coming up in sports at 11... 3 and as the panthers inch closer to a superbowl bid - we're taking a closer look at the journey to get there.join us this sunday for panthers' pursuit of a title -sports anchor shannon sommerville and i will have all the coverage from charlotte -again that's this sunday at 5:30. 3 and fox carolina is the place to be this sunday.pre-game coverage starts at 6pm.kickoff is 6:40pm.tune in this sunday for the nfc championship. 3 now to some new information
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*stolen passwords is out-and the top two spots aren't all that surprising. surprising.a security applications company named splashdata reviewed millions of stolen passwords made public over the year.and "one-two-three-four-five-six" was once again in the top spot. "password" also remained the number two password that was, those are certainly things you want to avoid! sports passwords also climbed the ranks.the word "football" was number seven and "baseball," number 10. anticipation for the new "star wars" movie led to "star wars" at 25.
10:43 pm
spend online - it appears researchers may have figured out the secret to successful online dating. turns out your screen name may be just as important as your photo - according to the london school of medicine.the study authors said choosing a screen name that starts with a letter in the first half of the alphabet is important because several measures of success -- such as education and income -- are associated with names that begin with letters that appear earlier in the alphabet. there's also the fact that search engines sort names alphabetically- putting the early letters, at the top.and overall - the study suggests you remain truthful - and keep
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3 an active pattern is setting up from now until the end of this week. we'll see two opportunities for snow in the mountains, while the upstate could see brief snowfall on wednesday then mostly heavy rain on friday. here's the set- upa&tonight will be very cold, with overnight lows dropping to 24 in the upstate and 17 in the mountains. clouds will move in toward wednesday morning as the first of the two systems approaches. this first storm has only a small amount of moisture. that said, it will still bring some light snow accumulations to north carolina. expect some light snow to develop in the mountains for wednesday morning, but the main event will push in for the afternoon. heavier snow will set up between 2-5pm for the mountains, while the upstate
10:45 pm
mix, potentially with some light snow showers mixed in. the best chance for upstate snow will be along i85 and north, and would happen between about 3-6pm. the moisture completely dries up by the evening, leaving just clouds. i don't expect any accumulations in the upstate, but the far north upstate mountains could see a dusting of snow.the next system will bring some light showers by late thursday, then heavy rain by friday to the upstate. we could see between 1 and 3 inches of rainfall, while the mountains would get rain and a mix through the day, the moisture would turn to snow friday evening in western nc. there could be several inches of snow into late friday night and early saturday morning. the rain will end in the upstate during friday evening, but some light moisture will remain that could produce some light snow showers as the cold air moves in. once again, no accumulations are expected at this time, but there is potential for some flakes flying friday night.skies will clear out by mid-morning on the weekend
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3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 a 9-1-1 dispatcher.. under fire! fire!officials say she *ignored an emergency call.. to place a pizza order.tonight - those on the other line who needed help.. are speaking out. health warning.. for pregnant woman!the c-d-c says a mosquito-borne virus..
10:47 pm
birth defect.what you need to
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3 now to some new information 3 the c-d-c is now recommending pregnant women get screened for the zika virus. virus.officials say the mosquito-borne virus may be linked to a serious birth defect. defect.researchers say babies are being born with underdeveloped heads and brains - when the virus is present - and so far there's
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fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes.the c-d-c says women who recently traveled to areas where the virus is active - like latin america , the caribbean, and puerto rico - should be tested. 3 new tonight 3 a florida 9-1-1 dispatcher is in hot water-after officials say she ignored an emergency call - to place a pizza order. order. 3 3 "okay. what can i get for you?" you?""let me have one slice of cheese pizza." pizza.""all right." right.""let me have a lunch special, the pizza lunch special-- two cheese pizzas and a coke." coke."back in september, a patient at a doctor's office had a seizure in one of their exam rooms - so they called 9-1-1.except no one answered - they say the phone continued to ring for what felt like several minutes. 3 3 3 3 "first they called from their office, no answer. i called from my cellphone. again, no answer. other people in the store tried calling, and nobody picked up from the other end." end." 3 "if i call 911, someone should pick up that phone. it would
10:50 pm
better."the local sheriff's office says the call taker admitted her mistake - and was issued a written reprimand. 3 and as the temperatures continue to drop--many are reaching for ways to stay warm warmbut tonight fire officials are talking to us about ways to stay safe this winter...and keep your home from catching fire. 3 plus--greenville is going to be showcased on national t-v .. we'll tell you when the city will get some very big
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