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tv   FOX Carolina News Tonight  FOX  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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look at your forecast 3 and temperatures are dropping quickly across the upstate-- here's a look in greenville countywhere you can see it's 22-degreeswe hope you're staying warm tonight. 3 the coldest night of the season so far is upon us tonight. overnight lows wilil plummet into the upper teens in the upstate (17-20) and around 10 degrees in the mountains (8-11). this will not break records, but is much warmer than normal for this time of year.tuesday will be sunny and cold! highs will only reach the upper 30s in the upstate and upper 20s in the mountains. tuesday night will be very chilly as well, but not as cold as monday night. lows will drop to 16 in the mountains and 22 for the
11:01 pm for more on the forecast and interactive radar 3 and don't forget totoake up with thee morning news-- meteorologist nicole papay will have a check of the forecast as you head out the door--and traffic reporter chris scott will have the latest road conditions on your way to work.that's from 5:00 to 9:00 on thee morning news. 3 back to you. 3 and with the cold weather... one upstate boarding facility says don't forget about your pets! pets!today we headed over to astro kennels located in simpsonville...where they offer cold weather boarding for your dogs.they say if your pet is typically outdoors and you don't want to bring them can bring them here. included in their price...your pet will get their own kennel with heated flooring...four walks a day and more! 3 3
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way too cold for dogs to be outside so if it's too cold for us, it's probably too cold for our best friend so we just want to encourage people and bring awareness to the situation to just bring them inside and if you can't that's fine. bring them here." here."now if you want to give your pet a more luxurious experience...there are other services that can be added to your can find out more at our websiteand we also looked into ways to keep your pets safe during the winter months... m-d suggests providing coats...booties and maybe even a hat for your furry friends...especially if they stay outside. outside.they say booties also help with the salty solutions put on sidewalks to get rid of the ice. ice.also keep an eye on your pets diet.if you have indoor animals...they could actually gain weight in the winter time because they won't stay as active. active.and be careful when turning on your cars in the winter!cats and other animals are typically attracted to your cars heat and will curl up under the motor.officials say to double check before you
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3 now to a developing story 3 out of anderson county--where the search for a missing man has come to a tragic the coroner determined that gary burton's remains were found in the woods yesterday. carolina's shale remien joins us live outside greenville health system.and shale, this is the last place burton was seen alive correct? 3 that's right cody -i spoke with burton's wife today off camera and she says burton was having a defibulator installed in may. they were separated, but when she hadn't heard from him and no one had seen him in weeks, she knew something was wrong. 3 investigators say they found 46 year old gary burton's remains two miles away from home in a wooded area. investigators were on scene today and the coroner says extra help was needed from the spartanburg county coroner. gary burton had ongoing heart
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his defibrillator helped them positively identify the remains. 3 3 3 "during that processing time, we found an external defibrillator and it has serial number and we were able to trace it back to greenville hospital system and to our victim mr. burton." burton."the anderson county coroner says they also found white tennis shoes, jeans and an alabama shirt on the scene. 3 the anderson couuy coroner say within the next two days they will be able to determine what burton's cause of death was. 3 shale - you sat down one on one with burton's wife today. she did say what gary burton was liked or how the rest of his family is dealing with the loss? loss? 3 she says most of his family lives in alabama but is heartbroken and shocked to hear the news. she says gary burton was a veteran and served in the air force in his
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3 3 3 as we continue to cover our counties 3 we keep it in anderson county-- where for the first time tonight we're hearing from the father of an iva man who was killed in a car crash over the weekend. weekend.the coroner says billy mccurry was driving to his father's house on saturday when his car ran off the side of pollard road...and struck a tree.he died from neck and chest trauma.and tonight the 24-year-old's dad wants people to know just what kind of person his son was. 3 3 "the test, the test is are you going to help that person." person.""so try to help somebody out, do like i did and share a mt dew" dew"he says in this video his son shared on facebook back in july, his son describes sharing a mountain dew with a homeless man and is calling others to have a giving spirit... he says that's the type of person his son was-- someone with a big heart...and a willingness to help others...
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for the first time the day after his sons death... 3 3 "it took everything out of me just watching it and it made me feel so proud and i'm hoping that people can see that and really feel the same way and be encouraged by it and do good deeds for people." people."now just in the last two days this video has already gotten over 10-thousand hits.mccury said he hopes people will be inspired to help out those in need in their community-- because of billy and his story. 3 now to greenville county-- where two accused robbers tried to get away... but got busted at the waffle house. house.police say these two men--david dozier and deveon hall--were both wearing masks and hoodieswhen they entered the b-p gas station on laurens road early this morning. 3 officers say they pulled out a gun, stole cash, cigagattes, and the clerk's cell phone before fleeing in a black sedan.but they didn't get far. police say they crashed into a tractor trailer at ridge road and fairforest way.they say the duo fled again--this time
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pair nearby at the waffle house.they're now facing charges of armed robbery and kidnapping. 3 in spartanburg county--two stickups on two different days..and the victims were both delivering food. food.friday night...spartanbu rg police say a marco's pizza delivery woman was robbed at kensington manor.the said the guy had a gun and not only took her money but the pizzas too. on saturday night, police say guy delivering chinese food was robbed at the prince hall apartments-again, the robbery was armed with a gun and took money and the food- right now it's unclear if the two are connected- 3 asheville police are investigating after the vance monument was vandalized--it was discovered just before midnight last night. on the base of the statue was spray painted "black lives matter" and what appeared to be a noose.right now there is no word on any suspects--but this isn't the first time the vance monument has been vandalized. last year--the same words were painted at the base of the statue.the vance monument is dedicated to civil war
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carolina governor, congressman and senator --zebulon vance. 3 across the upstate people are celebrating martin luther king junior 3 including right here in greenville...where unity sports hosted its 22-nd annual m-l-k breakfast and program at the historic sterling community center 3 the theme for this year's program is "love and non-violence conquer hate and violence: a tribute to mother emanuel a-m-e church."the message was centered around the the june 17th shooting inside the historic downtown charleston church...and featured guest speaker "mrs. eunice coakley-guyton" - whose sister, reverend myra thompson, was killed. killed.thompson was one of nine victims gunned down when 21-year-old accused shooter "dylann roof" opened fire during a prayer this morning's program...her sister stressed the importance of remembering martin luther king's legacy. 3 3 3 "he spent time telling us and explaing to us what nonviolence is all about. and based on what he taught us i knew it had to be true because
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taught."guguon isn't the only family member of an emanuel a-m-e victim who's working to spread a message of love--not hate--this martin luther king junior gaffney today we also heard from the daughter of ethel lance-- 3 you can see hundreds gathered today to hear lance's daughter-- reverend sharon risher speak about her experience in gaffney...she tells us how doctor martin luther kinghelped her with forgiveness, love--and overcoming an unthinkable tragedy. 3 3 3 "i guess you have to love, because if you don't you'u' find yourself in a place of anger, grief, and pain that would be hard to get out of. so the only choice is to love. it's the only choice you have." have."3 reverend risher says that she and her mother got to hear doctor martin luther king speak in charleston--when she was just eight years oldand he has inspired her ever since. 3 time now for fox carolina
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3 and the temperatures are quickly dropping outside outsideand joining us now with another look at your forecast is chief meteorologist kendra kent. 3 coming up we'll take a look at your seven-day forecast...and what you can expect as you head out the door tomorrow morning.stay with us. 3 only on fox-we're hearing from an upstate father of one of 12 marines gone missing-- following a helicopter crash off the coast of hawaii.more on the search to find them...coming up. 3 plus-s-the president has declared a state of emergency in flint, michigan...after high levels of lead was found in their drinking water.the latest on the crisis...and what officials are doing about it- next! 3 and the popular ice cream-- bluebell is back--after last year's listeria outbreak...and you can find it again across stores in the southeast...the details coming up.
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3 only on fox tonight we're hearing from the father of a marine....who is one of eleven missing at sea after a helicopter crash on thursday., his community in woodruff gathered to pray for comfort and answers during a difficult time. 22 year old sgt. jeffrey sempler and 11 of his comrades disappeared after two helicopters collided off the coast of oahu. several agencies have been searching for the marines and continued their search today...finding three of the four life rafts from the two choppers...all empty.but the coast guard says they are still hopeful they will find survivors.sempler's s father says his son has a generous sprit and is very smart...and tonight is trying to wrap his head around the incident. 3 3 3 "just really super smart . i mean he had scholarships, could have gone to college and he wanted to do the marines first. that was his primary
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college later, i want to be a marine and that was the pride of his life. being a marine and making his way up to the ranks." 3 sempler's family says he was a graduate of woodruff high school in 2011--when he enlisted in the marines.he says throughout this difficult time...both the marine corp and e community have been extremely supportive. 3 now to a developing story 3 out of flint michigan...where 70 more troops with the national guard are expected to arrive amid an ongoing water crisis in the area. area.on sunday alone--troops visited five thousand homes to provide free bottled water and filters for families...after the e president declared a state of emergency within the town on saturday.the city has been grappling with toxic lead contamination in its drinking water, following a cost-saving measure by the local governrnnt that involved switching the water supply
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river.resdients began complaining about the water two years ago but state officials repeatedly said there was nothing to worry about...until august--when researchers discovered the river water was 19 times more corrosive than the water in lake huron.41-percent of the population is below the poverty level 3 happening now 3 blue bell ice cream is back on the shelves across stores in the southeast--after last year's listeria outbreak. outbreak.starting today...the company says its products will be delivered to parts of alabama... georgia... kentucky... tennessee... virginia... and the carolinas. and more cities will be added later this month. during the listeria outbreak... blue bell laid off some employees while furloughing others.he company says it now plans for all of its furloughed employees to return to work. 3 chief meteorologist kendra kent joins us now with a look
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3 the coldest night of the season so far is upon us tonight. overnight lows will plummet into the upper teens in the upstate (17-20) and around 10 degrees in the mountains (8-11). this will not break records, but is much warmer than normal for this time of year.tuesday will be sunny and cold! highs will only reach the upper 30s in the upstate and upper 20s in the mountains. tuesday night will be very chilly as well, but not as cold as monday night. lows will drop to 16 in the mountains and 22 for the upstate.a fast moving system approaches on wednesday. it has the potential to bring a quick, light snow in the mountains and a brief shower
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upstate late afternoon. temperature profiles support mostly rain for the upstate, and very little of it.our next storm system arrives thursday night into friday. it will come from the gulf of mexico, and is the kind of low that could bring a major snow if the cold air was in place. for now, there doesn't look to be air cold enough for anything but rain in the upstate, while the mountains will see a rain/snow mix then a quick burst of snow friday evening. if the low on friday tracks much farther south we could be talking about a winter weather scenario outside the mountains, but for not it looks like a chilly rain! sunny skies will dominate the weekend with highs back to the
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3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 happening this weekend--as the panthers inch closer to a superbowl bidwe're taking a closer look at the journey to get there.join us this sunday for panthers' pursuit of a title -aaron and shannon will have all the coverage from charlotte -again that's this sunday at 5:30. 3 and fox carolina is the place to be this sunday.pre-game coverage starts at 6pm.kickoff is 6:40pm.tune in this sunday for the nfc championship. championship.and joining us now in the studio is fox carolina sports director aaron cheslock with a look at what's coming up in sports--aaron?
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sports... the panthers starting their preps for the nfc title game... and we'll see a lot of familiar faces on the cardinals this sunday... 3 meanwhile the tigers get some good news on the football front... another huge piece of the defense decides to take one more crack at a title with clemson... clemson...and while the big story's still football... the tigers and gamecocks both turning heads on the hardwood... with big-time matchups tomorrow night... a preview and more, straight ahead in sports... 3 and one little lamb is trying to run with a new crowd on the family farm...find out more...coming up in the nightcap 3 3 3 3 3
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3 big news for the tigers... they get another playmaker back as corner cordrea tankersley announces he'll return for the 2016 season... tankersley led the tigers with five interceptions last season.. and stands as the only returning starter in the secondary... that experience and ability could pay off if clemson wants a return trip to the college football playoff... 3 hey there, i'm ac... so that puts the final touches on who the tigers get back for next season... it's been a whirlwind since the title game... so here's your refresher... refresher...leaving for nfl returning for 2016 seasondb jayron kearse rb wayne gallmandb mackensie alexander dt carlos watkinsdb t.j. green te jordan leggettde kevin dodd db cordrea tankersley
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travis blanks3 3 to the pros... where the panthers survived a 2nd half scare in charlotte on sunday... a 31-0 lead at half quickly disappeared when seattle scored 24-unanswered after the break... but the panthers get the win.. and the super bowl hopes stay alive... of the biggest matchups'll be on the outside... with greenwood native josh norman looking to shut down another top-tier wide receiver in arizona's larry fitzgerald... fitzgerald, likely a future hall-of-famer.. went off against green bay to send the cards to the title game... and ron rivera knows they'll look to get him going again.. 3 "coach arians will have a plan to attack us in a way he thinks is best. and that plan, he'll put into play, he'll look for matchups, stuff like that. so these are all things
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have to look at and try to determine how he's going to attack us with larry." 3 a bunch of local ties on the cardinals... first, the tigers all-time points leader and christ church alum chandler catanzaro... then former clemson stars andre ellington, jaron brown and chris clemons... there's a gamecock on there too in hard-hitting safety d-j swearinger... and of all places.. even a presbyterian blue hose player in justin bethel... all coming back to the carolinas this sunday... 3 another nfl note... the philadelphia eagles hiring kansas city offensive coordinator doug pederson as their new head coach... pederson's been with the chiefs for three years after spending four seasons in philly from 2009-2012.. he helped move k-c into the top-10 in scoring offense this year.. 3 to the hardwood where the tigers just keep shocking the conference.. and really everyone in college basketball.. three straight wins over ranked opponents for the first time ever.. now
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night...the tigers heading to charlottesville on tuesday to take on number 13 virginia... clemson's knocked off five straight conference foes.. that hasn't happened in almost two decades... won't be easy though... the tigers haven't beated a ranked team on the road since 2007.. and haven't beaten uva in the past three tries.. 3 meanwhile frank martin's bunch looks to keep their red-hot season going at ole miss on tuesday night... s-c getting back on track after falling to alabama... they topped mizzou by nine on saturday bringing their record to 16-1... 3-1 in conference... the rebels come in with a 12-5 mark... martin says michael carrera and mindaugus kacinas have become leaders of this talented team.. 3 "who we are as a basketball team right now, how we play. it's a direct correlation between mindaugas and michael. those two guys have become the staple of who we are as we
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enthusiasm and mindaugus's courage." courage."we'll have highlights of both the gamecocks and tigers tomorrow night... 3 3 3 nascar great 3 tony stewart getting heckled by a fan on friday at the river spirit expo center in oklahoma... an off-duty corporal named kyle hess continued to taunt stewart... until, stewart went into the stands.. the two exchanged words face-to-face and things escalated to hess pushing stewart. an expo official says hess was under the influence of alcohol and was escorted off the premises. no charges expected to be filed.. 3 one little lamb is looking to join a new pack on the farm-- more on this viral videoeop
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3 3 we're back with the nightcap-- 3 and a confused little lamb in ireland really believes she's actually a dog--take a look at this video. video.this is "dorrit"--she's an orphaned lamb who now lives on a farm in ireland--her owners says her best friend, "bear" the dog has been an inspiration on "how to dog" for little dorrit since day one.the two can often be seen
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them for a drink....or even getting stuck in a big bag of food.her owner says she is "more dog in her responses than lamb" lamb" 3 3
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