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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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themand how local drivers are reacting- 3 good evening i'm cody alcorn- the rain is out, but there is more changing weather to talk about this weekend weekendlet's pitch it to kendra for an update on this snow chance for sunday, anything new? 3 expect clearing skies tonight after over an inch of rain for much of our area. overnight lows will drop to 37 in the upstate and 32 in the mountains.saturday will be very pleasant with temperatures a couple of degrees above normal with sunshine! highs will warm to 59 in the upstate and 51 in the mountains. clouds will increase late day as our next weather-maker approaches. sunday morning will bring a slight chance for flurries and light rain for the upstate, while the mountains will see
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3 and wake up with 3 fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up- up-thanks kendra-we continue tonight- 3 happening now 3 things looking a bit better at this hour - but interstate 85 has been slowed down all night long - causing major delays in spartanburg county - this is a live look now near mile marker
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southbound3 this wreck happened around two thirty this afternoon - this a look at the scene from earlier in the day - but as you saw - it's had traffic backed up for hours. hours.there were more than a dozen crashes in spartanburg county along the interstate as of about 8:30 tonight - so make sure you're being careful and allowing yourself some extra time. 3 caught on camera- 3 crazy video-showing a riverside high school throwing trophies--and check it out-he even taking a floor buffer for spin-but police say that's not all this teen did--- 3 the senior high student has been identifiedas james bravakis--and he's since been suspended-
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got us that surviellance video- she's outside riverside high- shale that video is pretty crazy 3 cody - police say james bravakis caused quite a bit of damage at riverside high school.he is charged with public drunkenness, first degree burglary, malicious damage and possession of a tool of criminal activity. the greenville county school districts says it recommends 3 3 3 this is the scene police found on surveillance footage early friday morning. lt. jim holcombe says james bravakis was throwing trophies into cases - destroying school property. 3 "upon our arrival, the security person for greenville county school systems had the person held at gunpoint. and we took over and placed him under arrest."police says the high school senior gained access to the school by throwing a rock into a library window."we noticed some computers that were damaged
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pretty expensive that were damaged. it's up, in my estimation, over ten thousand dollars."he says security cameras also caught bravakis riding a floor buffer.going in and out of one main area - riding around for several minutes.a riverside middle parent says she's upset to hear the news. 3 "i think it's sad, it's just going to cause chaos and extra and extra money to fix everything that the school doesn't have."police say they believe bravakis is connected to auto break ins at woodland elementary late thursday evening "he is fitting the description of what we had earlier that evening. we had about eight vehicles were looking at."lieutenant holcombe says police and security provided a great response to the school after an alarm went off around 2:30 this morning."we set a perimeter up, notified greenville county. they assisted as well with their k-9 to sweep the building to make sure there was only one person and i appreciate
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3 i reached out to bravakis' family but they did not feel comfortable with an interview. i spoke with his grandmother for a few minutes off camera and she says she is stunned by the news. she says she knows her grandson to be a good student and well behaved. cody? 3 shale, was there any other damage we didn't already see on that surveillance footage? footage?police say they found fire extinguishers damaged and some florescent lights shattered and a water fountain damaged leaking water. reporting live in greer, sr, fc, ttocn 3 developing at ten- 3 in anderson county-a former honea path police officer has been arrested- 3 robert shaw is charged with misconduct in office-he's accused of lying in his statements regarding an incident that led to an excessive force complaint against him- 3 only on fox-video of robert shaw in bond court- he and fellow officer john bell were
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november of 2014-police say b-j hatcher got out of his car with what appeared to be a knife- 3 both officers disarmed hatcher- during that he suffered numerous injuries- and was in critical condition at a local hospital- we talked to lawyers on both sides of this case earlier today- 3 3 apparently there are body cams and um he turned his on in particular for this - went with guns drawn when they finally got the guy pulled over - it turned out he wouldn't cooperate he had a knife and there was a struggle and your honor apparently a year plus later they decided to call him and tell him to turn himself in. in. 3 i know the fbi were looking at the facts and circumstances of this - and it took them a while to examine that but you know, its certainly befitting based on the atrocious conduct of these officers.
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filed a civil lawsuit against the town of honea path and the police department- no word yet on if or when the other officer involved - john bell- will be charged. 3 a pair of accused equipment theives have been capturedin henderson county-but tonight, the sheriff's office is still asking for the publc's help on the case- 3 the sheriff's office says lewis landreth and stephanie glenn are behind at least some of the thefts across our entire viewing area- investigators say they're trying to track down some of the stolen equopement, we're talking several hundred thousand dollars worth--- including kubota and john deere tractors, along with lawn mowers-if you've bought anything from this pair call the henderson county sheriff's office- 3 talking you decide 2016 3 senator ted cruz is in the upstate tonight-trying to win over voters ahead of the primary- he was at north greenville university- this visit on the heels of last night's debate, and it's been a tough 24 hours for the presidential hopeful- 3 fox carolina's derek dellinger is live at north greenville- so, what was cruz focusing on
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3 well the attention has been on him for various reasons--(ad didn't to the press about all that controversy stuff) 3 3 this event brought in a lot of people tonight. this really shows the interest that is now for the south carolina primary now--cruz stayed on message while on stage tonight.he talked about his policies and what we would do on his first day as president if he was the nominee and was elected. he did not talk about that lawsuit during his speech--but he did talk about one thing last night that many experts say did trip him up in last night's debate--his comments about 'new york values'--where it might have appeared to apologize--but it was anything but... 3 3 3 124248-i apologize to the
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been abandoned by their politicians--124853 politicians--124853and as you can tell, that was one of the big ovation highlights of tonight's speech.we spoke with some here tonight and many are on the fence about who they wanted to vote for--but cruz did speak to a highly sympathetic crowd tonight. tonight. 3 cruz was supposed to make himself available to media, but his press people told us that due to the rain, it led to a big backup in travel time...he is due to be crossing the state once more tomorrow. 3 kendra has a look at the weekend forecast forecaststill a slight chance
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it.and the 3 governor says roads are one of her top priorities for the coming year -but this recent rain is making the conditions even worse!we're taking a look at the state of our roadways - and how much it could cost to fix them. - a family's plea for help solving the murder of their loved one!anderson police say someone knows who pulled the trigger on that december night- and they've released a sketch of the possible killer-and nearly one hundred people in south carolina - accused of abusing the state's food stamp program. and the attorney general is sounding off about how the crime hurts taxpayers - and those who really need the help.
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3 new tonight 3 south carolina attorney general alan wilson says nearly 100 people will pay up after pleading guilty to food stamp fraud. fraud.the convictions came as a result of an investigation into the snap program.the program enables the d-s-s to investigate abuse cases and for the a-g's office to prosecute them.wilson said since the program launched one year ago - 99 people have pleaded guilty.the offense is a felony - punishable by five years in prison and fines up to 500 bucks.the guilty parties owe more than 300- thousand dollars. 3 attorney general wilson said in part quote - "when food stamp fraud occurs, criminals steal from both rightful snap benefit recipients and the citizens of south carolina whose taxes support this working together,
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criminals who abuse the snap program for their personal benefit." 3 kendra has the forecast forecast 3 expect clearing 3 skies tonight after over an inch of rain for much of our area. overnight lows will drop to 37 in the upstate and 32 in the mountains.saturday will be very pleasant with temperatures a couple of degrees above normal with sunshine! highs will warm to 59 in the upstate and 51 in the mountains. clouds will increase late day as our next weather-maker approaches. sunday morning will bring a slight chance for flurries and light rain for the upstate, while the mountains will see some snow showersyou can get
10:13 pm 3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 cody back to you you 3 developing tonight 3 governor nikki haley has unveiled a one billion dollar budget plan for the coming year - 3 we were at the statehouse as she proposed spending 350 million dollars for road repairs across the palmetto state...and another 300
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nearly 165 million in flood would also put 113 million to local governments-- and would cut income taxes by 131 million.governor haley hopes her budget will be supported in the house... saying roads and education are the top priorities- 3 3 "this whole budget takes into account what we said last year, which is: doing the ten cents gas tax increase and the two percentage income tax reduction. we wanted to show that it can be done. we wanted to show the general assembly how it can be done. and we hope they'll go with that." that."as part of haley's budget proposal to repair roads...the governor included 49 million dollars coming from a phased-in gas tax increase. lawmakers will look at the governor's proposal as they work on the state budget.once approved, the house budget takes effect on july first. 3 and with all the rain we've had in the past couple of months, even today with downpours up until 5 o'clock... road engineers say it does a
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3 the spartanburg county roads engineer tells us the constant rain can seep into the asphalt causing a lot of issues. 3 fox carolina's rebecca atkins spoke with him today as well as drivers to see what they have to say about road conditions, -she's live off eye-85 and rebecca the roads are already bad as it is, but rain on top of that makes it even worse! 3 that's right cody, especially in greenville i noticed while i was driving, lots of standing water on the roads, to the point where the ground is so saturated the water has no where else to go. 3 3 3 3 3 rain on roadrain.. rain.. 3rain rain 3 and more rain. it seems like it's in the forecast a lot, and the spartanburg county road engineer says it doesn't help the already bad conditions of many roads. 3 3 "you can't see and especially when the potholes fill up with water, you definetly don't even know that they're there." there." 3 3 3 "a lot of water be standing on the roads, we need some more... you know drainage on the side, cause a lot of wrecks be happening."and clearly drivers are frustrated, so i talked with the roads engineer about what rain can do to the roads.
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3 "water gets up underneath the asphalt and when the ground gets saturated, trucks come over it... compress it, and makes it flex, and it will start breaking apart."ron kirby says you may notice the cracking...he says that's a structural failure when the water gets under the cracks in the road."spartanburg county is and scdot is using a crack seel program now... you'll see it, it looks terrible, but it really is affective."and although drivers are frustrated with the conditions... some, say they understand there are setbacks. 3 3 "it takes a lot of man power to do stuff like that so it would just depend on you know how many people they can get together and with the weather the way it is now, it's hard for them to really do anything with the roads." roads." 3 "good asphalt has the bigger rocks on the bottom."kirby says the biggest complaint... potholes ... but he says those aren't caused by water damage ... he says potholes just come up over time with the lifespan of the road.but when it comes to cracks... he says rather than repaving them.... the
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inexpensive."pennies on the dollar. a much better fix, now it's not permenant, it only lasts a few years, but it keeps water from getting under the pavement and will extend the life." 3 kirby tells me that roads generally haha a lifespan of about 15-20 years, but he says because the upstate has not as severe weather as other parts of the country, the roads here last about 23 years. cody? 3 rebecca did he say if he knows yet wether or not the money for roads in governor hayley's proposed budget will help roads in this area? area?he did say that last year the state approved a budget of 216 million dollars and he says 9.7 was given to spartanburg county to be spent on state roads, and says they are currently in the process of getting contracts for four different roads using that funding. 3 could this be the end for two
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locations?the mega-retailer is closing stores worldwide - potentially putting thousands out of work -we'll explain how the move is impacting the upstate. upstate.and a bill aimed to tighten the rules of the road for moped drivers...passes in the house!but not everyone is happy it's moving forward! we'll show you the debate on both sides...and who will be most affected by this major change! change!plus - after several highly publicized incidents involving uber drivers and riders - the company says its loosening restrictions for new drivers - opening the applicant pool to non violent criminal offenders. offenders.and you are looking live out in spartanburg county - where traffic has been slow all night long after more than a dozen accidents on eye-85. 85.
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3 new tonight 3 ride-sharing service uber is opening the door for more even more drivers to get jobs with the popular company with
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background check. check.a california non profit is partnering with the company to help low-income job seekers find employment - and in order to comply with california's proposition 47 - uber will allow applicants with non-violent and non-sexual criminal backgrounds to apply for a job if they can get their felony conviction dropped down to a misdemeanor through the courts. 3 3 "when someone comes out of prison as a society we expect them to become contributing members of society and get back on the straight and arrow and become self sufficient, but how can you do that if you can't get a job," 3 uber said crimes like check fraud and petty theft wouldn't be flagged on its background check system, but anyone who has a driver related offense like dui won't be eligible.the new reform has elicited mixed reactions from current drivers and riders - 3 let us know what you think - remember you can email us anytime at the fox fuss at fox carolina dot com.or find
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carolina news. 3 or you can go to our website, fox carolina dot com.scroll down on the left side of the homepage, and click on the fox fuss link.just fill out the form, and we'll share your comments.. comments. 3 3 new details could help catch a killer in anderson county
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-this sketch could be the answer to figuring out who shot and killed a father of two! two!plus.... is your cell phone company overcharging you? one in five cell phone customers say they've been hit with overage charges.a look at the numbers and how you can save money - coming up. up. 3
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3 anderson police need your help finding a killer.releasing this sketch of the person they believe gunned down a man inside a barber shop last month. month.officers say michael mcgee's niece found him dead after hearing gunshotsadrian acosta joins us now with new details in the murder of the
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3 "michael mcgee was gunned 3 down just two days before christmasa&but months before he'd already expressed concerns about violence in his neighborhood in an interview with fox carolina" carolina" 3 "its really terrible and it seems to happen a lot lately..they've life ahead of them"that was michael mcgee talking about a pair of shootings that happened near his home in marchand just a few months latera&mcgee himself would be gunned down according to policedetectives say mcgee's niece found him in a barbershop he operated behind his home on eye street the victim's sister-in-law sister-in-law 3 "he was a good person, he went to church, he loved his family, he loved his community, he even cut hair down at the church for free" free" 3 "his niece called ina&she was in the house and was about to take him a plate of food and prior to that she had heard gun shots"detective carla roberson is now 3 asking for help identifying the man in this sketch who police believe may be involved in mcgee's death"we are at the point where we don't have any leads, no one is coming forward, we don't know if they are scared or they just don't
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caresa&and so do her brother-in-laws two young childrena&who will grow up without a father"it was such a shock..we was heartbroken, we loved him very much and we still miss him and we just want justice for him"and call the department or 3 as you decide 2016 3 hundreds pack an auditorium tonight in a rally for republican presidential candidate--and texas senator-- ted're looking at the event tonight--which we streamed live on foxcarolina-dot-com. 3 it's been a whirlwind 24 hours for the candidate--coming off the heels of last night's debate--and also a lawsuit that's been filed, challenging his status as a natural-born citizen. carolina's derek dellinger is live at north greenville university tonight-- and derek--did cruz touch on any of that tonight? 3 he did not. in fact the only thing he referenced during his speech about the last 24 hours were his comments about 'new
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more of a 'sorry not sorry', turning it into a kind of campaign one liner.3 3 this stop here is part of a larger statewide tour for cruz--and that comes on the heels of some interesting comments between govvnor nikki haley and one of cruz's rivals, donald trump--and haley's possible vice presidential colleague sarah danik spoke with donald trump about that last night. take a listen. 3 trt: 13(trump): i am a friend of nikki. i supported her, and i think she's a teriffic woman, frankly.(sarah): would she ever be a possible vice presidential candidate with you?(trump): certainly. i mean she's a fantastic woman. it's too early to think about that, but she would certainly qualify. she's done a great job. job.two things not mentioned tonight at his rally were donald trump or nikki haley. we wanted to talk to cruz about that tonight but he did not make himself available for
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3 cruz is on his way to other parts of the state--there are also a number of other candidates here in the state this weekend--also making their case, too. 3 after dropping out of the 20-16 presidential race last month...south carolina senator lindsey graham is throwing his support behind one of the other republican candidates... candidates... 3 3 "i have concluded, without any hesitation, without any doubt, that jeb bush is ready on day one to be a commander in chief worthy of the sacrifices of the one percent that have been fighting this war." war."graham announced he's backing the former florida governor for the g-o-p presidential nomination.while graham ended his own campaign after failing to pick up much support...his endorsement is notable head of the early south carolina primary- 3 but not according to donald trump.the gop frontrunner took
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quote - sen. lindsey graham embarrassed himself with his failed run for president and now further embarrasses himself with endorsement of bush. 3 new tonight 3 the buncombe county sheriff's office says they took two teens into custody today after leading deputies on a chase - while on a moped! moped!the pursuit began around a quarter to one this afternoon - when a school resource officer attempted a vehicle stop. the asheville police department and the fletcher police department joined the pursuit which ended at approximately 30 minutes later at the corner of old airport road and hendersonville road. the two were taken into custody after a foot word on precisely what charges the teens are facing. 3 they're a popular way to get around...and for those without a drivers license..they're an affordable solution.but now mopeds are the subject of a big debate at the state house...and one upstate moped seller says new
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out of business. 3 bill 34-40...also known as the 'moped bill' is now in hands of the senate transportation carolina's andrew reeser has more on the potential changes. 3 if this bill passes as is... which lawmakers say is unlikely...all moped riders would have to register their vehicle...get insurance...and get a license to drive it. nat phone ringingfor easley business owner lewis young... "upstate scooter"scooters and mopeds are his livelihood. 20:05:03"i've done well. i sell probably 50 to 75 a year." at between 785 and 895 dollars a pop...nat cranking...these vehicles provide reliable transportation for many people...who don't have a license. 3 3 3 20:05:25"99 percent of the scooters i sell are to people who do not have a license."nat crankbut that could soon change..nat housethe south carolina house passed a comprehensive 'moped bill' thursday...that would place strong regulations on the
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moped drivers to register the vehicle with the it...and get a moped license... all things not currently required by state law. nat martinpickens county senator larry martin supports the bill. 3 3 3 19:50:12"even if they don't have a quote drivers license...they still have to have some sort of financial responsibility for the operation of that vehicle because they do cause accidents...on occasion, i've seen people lying in the road deceased after being struck on a moped."lawmakers say the slow moving vehicles can pose a danger to their well as other motorists on the road...but for people without a drivers license...having a moped ---no license or insurance required...has been a cheap and easy solution. nat lewis young says these new regulations...if the bill passes...would be bad for him. 20:06:25"it will destroy my business, i would have to close."but lawmakers who support the bill say they're looking out for taxpayers who they say are footing the bill
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unlicensed vehicles. 20:02:13 "they're out here really getting a free ride."andrew on cam at least one upstate lawmaker, representative doug brannon is against this bill.. saying these regulations will lead to more unemployment... because moped riders who can't afford insurance won't have a way to get to work. in greenville county ar the ten o clock news 3 continuing to cover our counties 3 in buncombe county-an asheville man is behind bars after police say he stabbed another man in the face! face!kameion tanner is charged with assault with a deadly weapon.he's accused of stabbing the victim in the cheek in an alley behind a building on college street around 8 last night.tanner is being held on a 25-thousand dollar bond. 3 investigators are looking to pinpoint what caused a fire at an apartment complex leasing office in spartanburg county. county.firefighters responded to the "autumn park" apartments on turning leaf circle in boiling springs around 5 this morning.flames were shooting through the roof of the building when they
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hurt in the blaze...and no apartments were damaged.still no word on how that fire started. 3 a new shopping center could be coming to simpsonville... land is slated to be developed off harrison bridge road at fairview road.windsor aughtry company confirms it's working with the family who owns the land to develop the space. right now, they say there are no retail tenants or specific plans in place.they are currently in discussion with city of simpsonville officials about infrastructure, annexation, and rezoning. the real estate company says although the land is not currently in city could be in the future. 3 on the fox carolina money watch 3 a stomach churning session at the new york stock exchange. the day ended with the dow falling some 391 points... leaving it down an incredible 14-hundred points in just the first two weeks of the year. the fall of oil prices and concerns over china's economic standing are fueling the stock market's decline.'s a look at the closing numbersthe dow now
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-and the nasdaq also down tonight - more than 126 points down to 4,488 3 amazon is 3 offering a huge discount for its prime membership this weekend. weekend.the subscription fee will drop from 99 to 73- dollars.the promotion starts friday night at nine-pacific time... and ends sunday at noon.only new customers can take advantage of the deal.the online retailer says it's celebrating the two golden globe wins for one of its original shows "mozart in the jungle."the first two seasons of the show will be free to anyone who wants to watch this weekend, even if you don't
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3 just when you thought cell phone companies were becoming more customer-friendly, they keep finding ways hit you in the wallet! 3 a new survey found overage charges are up yet again. according to a survey conducted by cowen &; company, nearly one in five cell phone customers reported paying overages during the past six months.but at&;t continued to lead all of its rivals -- with 28 percent of customers saying they were charged for overages. for the others -- it was 20 percent of verizon customers, 12 percent of t-mobile customers and five percent of sprint customers.that's up across the board from cowen's survey in october. 3 america's largest retailer is shutting down hundreds of stores across the world... putting thousands of people out of work.and that includes two stores in our area - we have the details as the locations prepare to close their doors.'ve been talking tigers for quite some time - but the panthers are headed to the playoffs!details on the matchup between the seahawks and cam newton and company!
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at your weekend forecast coming up! up!and you are 3 looking live out in spartanburg county - where traffic has been slow all night long after more than a dozen accidents on eye-85. 85. 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 caught on camera 3 the head of u-s central command says the u.s.-led
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where it hurts: the pocketbook. the coalition released this declassified video from its aircraft bombing of an isis cash depot in iraq monday.the video begins moments before a pair of large bombs strike the building.according to the coalition, that highlighted fluttering you see is a whole lot of cash.the head of central command says they've hit several other cash storage sites in recent months, and will continue to go after the enemy's finances. 3 happening this weekend 3 its been called a matchup worthy of the super bowl...the panthers meeting a familiar foe in the playoffs this sunday...the seattle seahawks...and remember you can catch all the action right here on fox carolina...kickoff is at 1:05... 3 kicking off our panthers overage tonight is sports anchor shannon sommerville ...and shannon it seems like these two teams have developed quite a huge rivalry over the
10:38 pm
3 that's'll actually be the 6th meeting between the panthers and seahawks in 4 years. its also the second year in a row they're meeting in the playoffs. and four out of five games decided by less than five points... points... 3 but even though the panthers won earlier this year in seattle....that doesn't mean a whole lot in this divisional round...carolina's got the number one scoring offense....but seattle's got the top scoring defense...they've also got a pretty good playoff pedigree. afterall they're looking for their third straight super bowl berth...but head coach ron rivera says seattle's not the only team with experience in the postseason.... 3 "you know we've had three playoff games that we've had to go through we've had different situations, circumstances for all of them. we played two home games. we played a big game on the road. and i think we've learned how to handle situations, circumstances. again this is a whole new year. whole new season. and we'll see how it goes. i think we've gained experience of what to expect. to anticipate. i think a
10:39 pm
learned a valuable lesson in terms of keeping compsure. so i think there's been a lot of things we've grown through in the past 2 seasons in terms of being in the playoffs. 3 3 we'll have continuing coverage of the panthers this weekend. sports director aaron cheslock will be reporting live from bank of america stadium tomorrow night...
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3 expect clearing skies tonight after over an inch of rain for much of our area. overnight lows will drop to 37 in the upstate and 32 in the mountains.saturday will be very pleasant with temperatures a couple of degrees above normal with sunshine! highs will warm to 59 in the upstate and 51 in the mountains. clouds will increase late day as our next weather-maker approaches. sunday morning will bring a slight chance for flurries and
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while the mountains will see some snow showers. the best chance to spot a flake in the upstate will be between 7am and 10am. temps will be above freezing, so no issues are expected outside the mountains. the sun will emerge for the afternoon, but temperatures will only warm into the 40s. monday and tuesday will be very cold with highs only getting into the 30s to low 40s area-wide, and overnight lows in the teens! our next chance for rain and possible winter weather will come middle of next week, and we'll keep you posted on how that evolves.
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3 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 new tonight 3 martin luther king jr day is this coming monday--but in downtown greenville there was celebration tonight.the annual celebration of doctor king's life was put on by the rainbow push coalition--and you can see hundreds came out to greenville's hyatt regency including rainbow push founder .. the reverend jesse jackson. we caught up with organizers at the event who tell us why it's so important each year. 3 3 3 3 dr. kings elequence at the end of that march, the i have a dream speech resonated not just in america but all across the world. and so we come tonight to celebrate this great work and dr. kings work led to the passage of the civil rights bill and later to the voting rights act that we all benefit from today. :19 3 there will be m-l-k events happening all weekend long through out the upstate...
10:43 pm
king at the poplar springs baptist church...and an hbcu college fair for students in our area.there will also be a stem career summit and blood drive at the phillis wheatley center.for full details just head to fox carolina dot com. 3 more women are waiting to have children then ever before - according the cdc. cdc.but what are doctors saying about this trend? details next. next.and animal lovers you'll want to stick around for this! tomorrow only...greenville county animal care is waiving their adoption fees for cats
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now to new information 3 new data shows women are waiting longer to become mothers.and the c-d-c says its been rising for the last 15-years. 15-years.the average age of women having their first child has risen to 26.back in 2000, it was just under 25-years- old...researchers say this is partly because there are fewer mothers under the age of fact, the teen birth rate has hit an all-time low.economic factors also play a role... with an increased number of women putting off motherhood for higher education or a career.this also has ramifications for the u-s population.having children later in life means fewer child-bearing years, and therefore, fewer area of concern, doctors say older women having children increases a mothers risk of complications... like gestational diabetes, and
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3 new tonight 3 a case of life imitating art - after a man was arrested for making meth to support his family. family.just like something out of "breaking bad" police in arkansas say lemuel lewis admitted to making the drug to sell so his ex-wife would have cash when she went to rehab. police found scales, gloves, and syringes at the home - which lewis "voluntarily claimed - saying nobody knew he had them."lewis remains behind bars charged with possession. 3 tonight..a third man is now facing murder charges in the death of an indianapolis woman with upstate ties tiescoming up-we're getting a look at the suspect in court-- and also hearing from the prosecution on his new charges. 3 plus--over 150 walmart stores will soon close their doors across the u-s...including two right here in the upstate! we'll tell you where you'll no longer be able to shop coming
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