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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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degrees area-wide, which is a little cooler than thursday. skies will remain mostly cloudy friday night into saturday morning 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up- up-thanks kendra-we continue tonight- 3 let's get to breaking newsin
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3 swat and the bomb squad along with numerous deputiesare at a home along hawthorne drive--- that's right there off whitehall roadwe understand crisis negotiators are on scene as well- 3 let's take you live to the scene-this is as close as we can get right now-here's what we know---there is a man inside refusing to come out--- he's indicated to deputies he has a bomb. a few homes nearby have been evacuated- we talked
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neighbors we talked to 3 neighbors n nrby about what's going on. 3 as we get new updates from the scenewe'll pass them along right here on air and at fox carolina dot com 3 alright, lets head out west- in less than twenty four hours the tigers will be in arizona- 3 it's an expensive trip but you can bet thousands of die hard clemson fans are heading out to hopefully watch their tigers bring home the national title- 3 it might be a little early for a lot ofofans--but our crew is out there looking for orange- shannon sommerville standing by live in phoenix- shannon have you spotted any fans yet? 3 we're at the site of the phoenix convention center right tomorrow it will be
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central3 3 tomorrow at 3 with appearance from the school bands, cheerleaders, games, special guest appearances and just generally a celebration of college football.right now the city is kind of quiet. sort of the calm before the storm. but we talked to two locals and asked them for their advice for travelers coming to see they say beware and travel time... 3 when this takes over the city are you going to stay home? no we cardinals on tv 3 more clemson coming up - including more travel tips as this area gets ooded with fans all headed to the same places! 3 cody back to you. 3 and a quick update here- earlier this week shannon broke down the fact that clemson would be getting less time on the practice field compared to alabam due to n-c- double a rules- it's in regards to when school starts
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today, the n-c- double granted the tigers a waiver as they prep for the national title- however, coach swinney didn't seem as if the waiver would change much on their end- 3 3 nah it hasn't affected us really...maybe it would affect other people a little bit more but its appreciated i think thats probably a smart thing for future games and stuff, but really not that big of a deal for us. us.clemson's athletic director did release a statement today saying he's appreciative for the n-c-double a in working with them as they keep their commitment to student-athlete welfare- 3 as a reminder the tigers are flying out tomorrow----they'll leave from the westzone around twelve thirty to catch their flight-if you want to send them off be out there by eleve forty five- the team is expected in phoenix later in the afternoon. 3 the tigers aren't the only ones hitting the road-a lot of fans from across the state and country will be making their
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3 tonight we spoke with a phoenix based company about what fans can do in the area - besides the game of course. 3 fox carolina's rebecca atkins is live in the studio-rebecca i'm sure businesses in particular arereexcited about the huge boost in business they're about to see- 3 that's right cody, phoenix locals have been and continue to prepare for the large amount of fans that are already in phoenix and those yet to arrive. i spoke with the director r media relations with 'visit phoenix' and he says this is a great time to make the most out of your trip with plenty to do outside of the big game. 3 3 3 "looking forward to arizona, just might have to fly out there!"and like that fan, many clemson die hearts are either en route to see the tigers take on alabama or are already there. and those who live and breathe phoenix everyday say it's a great place to explore. explore. 3 3 "there are some folkes in phoenix that were a little worried like okay, clemson made this game... it's a long way away."but scott dunn the senior director of marketing and communications for visit phoenix says he used to live in south carolina and he knows the mentality of a clemson fan. fan.
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phoenix friends, clemson will not only travel they'll bring a big orange army."dunn says although phoenix hosts a lot of big sports events, he says there's plenty to do outside the stadium. 3 3 "they'll probably want to spend at least one day and maybe everyday in downtown phoenix, that's where the championship campus is." is." 3 in video provided by visit phoenix you can get a glance at what the city has to offer. and on the outskirts of town, you can also take a jeep tour as well as desert mountain biking tours. 3 3 "there's free concerts friday, saturday and sunday, followed by fireworks each night." 3 3 and if you're interested in what the food scene is like, in the city known as 'the valley of the sun'... espn reporter samantha ponder, a phoenix native tweeted some of her favorite places to go and one of them was little miss barbeque. barbeque. 3 "we're expecting a much bigger pick up i think tomorrow and saturday so i think we're cooking about 40 percent more than we normally do, just for people coming in from the game."scott holmes the owner of little miss barbeque in
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of town customers he's already seen are thanks to ponder's recommendations, and he says he's hoping to see many more clemson fans in the upcoming days. 3 scott dunn with visit phoenix also says at that championship campus there will be a clemson pep ralley, with the band, the cheerleaders and the mascot and he says that's definitely an event you'll want to check out. cody? 3 rebecca, phoenix is a big city- how's the hotel availability look out there? there?actually, like he mentioned, phoenix is a city that has hosted three superbowls and many other sporting events so he says they are well equipt to handle the number of people traveling there and he says there are at least 62 thousand hotel rooms iithe city so he says, all hope is not lost for accommodations. cody back to you. 3 we'll have continuing coverage of the tigers road to the national title- aaron and shannon wilillive coverage throughout our newscasts- tomorrow morning, nicole papay will bring you your forecast
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3 dont forget - monday at 7our special reportundefeated: clemson's return to the chaaionship.we'll have in depth analysis on the tigers first shot at the national title since 1981. 3 kendra has the forecast forecasti'll show you how rain will affect the weekend! weekend!one of the worst cases of child abuse one police cases of child abuse one police chief says he's seen during his three-decades of service!as baby girl fights for her life...while her mother, and the accused abuser sit behind bars.and an anderson county woman - rushes to an urgent care center with what she thought was a broken arm -and leaves the facility only to find a nasty note - and more than a thousand dollars worth of damages to her carthe story you'll see only on fox! fox!and we're just getting started with our live coverage from arizona!much more to come as the clemson tigers head west!
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days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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3 cover our counties 3 in oconee county- as a 7-week old baby girl fights for her life...her mother sits in jail along with her live-in boyfriend.he's being held without bond for abuse- 3 when questioned at the hospital tuesday -the baby's mother told police her daughter had been in the care of her boyfriend-- leroy morris -- before she noticed swelling on her daughter's head and a black eye.police say morris admitted to hurting
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- sometimes while being high and drunk.morris is charged with inflicting great bodily injury upon a child. child.the baby's mother -- whitney barnwell -- is \charged with unlawful conduct towards a child.our cameras were rolling in court when morris and barnwell faced a judge.the police chief described the case today as one of the worst cases of abuse he's seen in his nearly three decades in law enforcement. 3 3 3 it's difficult not to take it home, especially when it involves a child i mean for me personally, my career spans across three decades - and this tops the list. list.prosecutors say the baby is suffering from brain hemmorages and swelling. police say she remains at g-h-s in critical condition. the infant's mother is being held on 75-thousand dollar bond. 3 a greenville motel is operating as normal once again - after being condemned by the county last month. might remember this
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were left homeless at savannah suites.the county cited several issues at the facility on wade hampton boulevard - including unsanitary nditions, a defunct elevator, roof leaks and other problems. a county spokesman explained that inspectors revisited the facility in the following week - and found significant improvements -good news for the former tenants. 3 hey have been really 3 wonderful to us. welcoming back with open arms and they have been very selective of who they are letting back so that was for me a good thing cause you know there are us good ones here that have been here for a while and you know, have become like family, and they welcomed us back like family. 3 county officials say the fire alarm and sprinkler systems were repaired - and individual rooms were found to have been cleaned and exterminated. savannah suites did choose to keep some rooms closed - but operations. 3 three people are in anderson county custody tonight after a chase that ended in a crash. crash.the sheriff's office says police began chasing a
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morning -deputies and troopers assisted - until the car rear- ended a pickup.the driver tried to run...but deputies were able to take both the driver and two passengers into custody. the sheriff's office should be sending us the names of those suspects and their charges at any moment..we'll have them for you on our website, fox carolina dot com. 3 developing tonight 3 vice president joe biden is going to the public with his support of president obama's gun policy. policy.the president on tuesday announced new gun restrictions and gun purchase regulations that he will put in place by executive actions. a recent cnn poll shows 67 percent of americans support the plan.but critics attacked the move ... saying president obama is going after law-biding citizens and is trying to make new laws without congress.biden disagrees... saying no *new laws will be put in place. place. 3 3 "all we're talking about now is enabling the laws that are
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overwhelming support, including nra support of background checks before, enable them to work, have enough personnel to enforce the law, as well as make sure that the people who shouldn't have guns under the existing law, no new law, aren't able to get them." them."some critics do not believe the white house's plan will stop convicted felons...or the mentally ill from getting guns.but biden says the new background checks are effective - and in fact, they would have stopped the charleston church shooting carried out by dylan roof. 3 gun control also expected d be a major talking point in president obama's final state of the union address. the address is scheduled for tuesday at 9 p.m.governor haley will issue the republican response immediately following the president. 3 and governor haley also making a major announcement today - implementing the first set of statewide reforms to address domestic violence. violence. less than a year after the task force presented her with recommendations,
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10 of those recommendations have been addressed through a combination of executive orders -first - the governor's executive budget will fund new prosecutors, judges, and public defenders to end the practice of law enforcement officers prosecuting domestic violence crimes in the courtroom. 3 last january we hit this point where we said enough is enough. south carolina had hit the top of the list and had stayed at the top of the list and that was too many acts of violence from domestic violence. and so we said 'lets do something about it' the legislature certainty got into action they passed a bill that i was proud to sign but the one thing that we needed to know about domestic violence, i think this is true for any crisis we go through in south carolina, is you have to fix it from the ground up, 3 the governor's task force has received commitments from nine professional boards to include domestic violence training in their continuing education - including doctors, nurses, counselors and therapists -
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materials for those professionals to distribute throughout the state. 3 kendra has a look at the forecast forecast 3 showers will push in late tonight into friday morning. rain won't be heavy and many areas will miss out on it completely! expect morning temps in the mid 30s to around 40. friday afternoon will bring some clearing, but clouds will be around. highs will only warm to around 50 degrees area-wide, which is a little cooler than thursday. skies will remain mostly cloudy friday night into
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3 for weather 24 3 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 cody back to you. you. 3 an iconic building 3 on clemson's campus...hit by vandals once again! again!it's been at the center of controversy for the past year in the wake of race-relation discussions!the vandals latest message! message!in the wake of last year's historic u-s supreme court ruling...two upstate lawmakers are working to ban same-sex marriage in south carolina.we're talking with those on both sides of the
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upstat3 follow up 3 in pickens county-clemson
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investigating *another vandalism at tillman hall... hall...the campus building has been at the center of controversy for the past year. many have called for it to be re-named because of it's's named after former governor "ben tillman" -- who was a known white this latest vandalism incident...a message was spray painted on two walls of the building.they read "stop honoring tillman"...and on the adjacent wall..."rename tillman hall."maintenance workers have since covered up the graffiti while they work to remove it. 3 3 3 3 there's a better way to get your message out than defacing state property it is a crime 3 3 3 i dont think that was necessary i think there are better ways to show that agree with something someone has to clean that up and thats kind of a burdan on the school to do that so i think there are better ways to solve problume than that thatinitially, clemson's board of trustees said the name would not be changed...but the school eventually launched a task force to look at the university's history and
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change of tillman and other buildings on campus.that task force has yet to come to a decision on what comes next. next.officials say the vandalism happened sometime overnight or early this remains under investigation. 3 following a u-s supreme court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage...two upstate lawmakers are working to ban the practice in south carolina. carolina.representatives bill chumley and mike burns have pre-filed a bill that aims to ammend the state's marriage code to quote "defend natural marriage as between one m and one woman."the bill would invalidate court decisions that go against that definition - and protect government officials from arrest or penalty for not complying with such orders.we caught up with burns today about why he is backing this bill...and we talked to the campaign for southern equality who say it's not only an idea that will violate federal law...but goes against the progress made here in south carolina. 3 3 3 i feel like it's pretty clear the supreme court has already ruled on this that same sex couples have a fundamental right to marry in all 50 states - this is really just a
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stunt. 3 3 "i believe that most, overwhelmingly, most south carolinians hold this view, and i believe they appreciate the pushback. you know, rights right, no matter how you coat it and i believe we're right on this issue. i believe there's a place for states rights." rights."the pre-filed bill still has a ways to go before it could be passed into first has to face a judiciary committee before making its way to the state house floor. 3 imagine parking your car outside an urgent care center...and coming back to find a nasty note on your windshield and your car keyed! keyed!it happened to one woman in powdersville!we've got the story...only on fox!-plus we've talked a lot about the comings and goings of clemson group of tigers who were in miami, and who will be headed talking about clemson life - and we'll have their story - next. next.and chief meteorologist kendra kent is putting together your seven day forecastshe'll tell you what you can the week to come. come.youre looking live in
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monitoring a reported bomb threat... threat...
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3 the clemson tigers are preparing for the national championship 3 the bags are packed and the countdown continues for so many clemson students, alumni and fans.we've been talking with coach swinney - the players - former players and of course students. 3 tonight - we caught up with a special duo heading to arizona saturday. 3 fox carolina's sharon johnson joins us live from the clemson stadium with their journey. sharon - 3 their journey is a unique one - and not just the road to cheer their team on to the national championship. from the beginning, the banks team
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making theieisuccesses sooooo much sweeeter. 3 3 3 ohhhh how they cheered when clemson clinched the orange bowl -((sot hope banks))"i'm like the best tiger ever, it's the best"both davis and hope banks are clemson students. you might say their blood really does run orange. "it goes way back to my granddad on my mom side, charlie busey. he was the 3 quarterback for the football team back in 1955 and actually played in the orange bowl ." davis says their granddad recruited hope to clemson.n.rst..she''s a senior in the clemson life program for special needs adults.davis is traditional junior and they're both third generation tigers. 1:04. (davis)"so our ties go way back and he had three daughters and all of them went to clemson. boboh love the team - this winning year - and how their entire
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clemson familyand realizing personal and teams dreams at the same time. 3 2:29:03 " the orange bowl was awesome, we stayed up so late and it was a lot of fun."hope will graduate this may- but not sure which is bigger. the graduation or all the wins. either way, the banks are winning and have special luck on their side. 3:32:14 ((davis))"my granddad actually passed away last spring. so, it's been so special to be here knowing he's in heaven and he's got his hand on this team we're going to arizona confident and its going to be a good outcome." 3 the banks say this is a great opportunity - going to college togetherone that his family never thouht possible until these special rograms began.
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same time- when you're team is winning everything. reporting live in clemson, sharon johnson, fox carolina the ten o'clock news. 3 so, this is truly a family tradition for them right - going to college and the football games? games?it is and one they didnt think would happen until the clemson life program began a few years ago. 3 continuing to cover our counties 3 in greenville county- vandals are striking again...and authorities need your help finding whoever is responsible. we first brought you this story last night on thee 10 o' clock news. deputies say on monday and tuesday they received 20 reports of windows being destroyed at several homes in simpsonville....churches were hit too. 3 now that damage happened throughout the county.
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places highlighted on this map. investigators say the damage has similar characteristics to vandalism at three churches also in at rocky creek missionary...bethlehem baptist and calvary baptist church. authorities say people work hard for their belongings and shouldn't have to deal with vandalism. 3 3 3 "we do know people work hard for what they have..we do know many of our churches operate on a tight budget and we do know people's property should protected. 3 authorities say a b-b- or pellet gun was used in the incidents. anyone who has any information is asked to call the greenville county sheriff's office. 3 an upstate lawmaker is being remembered today for his longtime service to the state. state.state senator billy o'dell served as since 19-89... the coroner confirming today that the 77 year old state
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issues.o'dell represented parts of abbeville, anderson and greenwood counties.fellow senator harvey peeler acknowledged o'dell during a legislative panel earlier today -with a moment of silence. 3 governor nikki haley releasing the following statement on his passing..."for more than 25 years, senator billy o'dell worked tirelessly for the people of his district and the state, and we are forever grateful for his service. michael and i ask that you lift up senator o'dell's wife, gail, and his family, friends and constituents during this difficult time. he made south carolina a better place." 3 two upstate families are receiving help from the american red cross after their homeswere damaged by fires. of the fires happened on boyd road in laurens county. and the second fire happened on haynes morrow road in campobello. the red cross is providing help for-- 4-adults and 4-children. the red cross is also reminding people to check their smoke alarms--and to make sure your family has an escape plan in case of a fire.
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now to a story thats got a lot of you talking on anderson county woman says she got this nasty note and a lot more - after someone thought she did a bad job parking her car at the md- 360 clinic in powedersville. the woman filed a report with the anderson county sheriff's office after the incident - fox carolina's adrian acosta has her story. 3 mandy reeves townes says she left this md360 clinic behind me not only with medical bills but thousands of dollars in car damage after sombody didn like the way she parkedlast saturday started off pretty bad for mandy reeves townes townes"i tripped over a door andndell and i thought maybe my arm was broken"townes drove herself to this md360 in powdersville to get help"i parked a little crooked, still in the lines but a little crooked"she got good news from the doctorbut outside bad news was waiting"i came out and saw
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said 'it was impossible for me to get in my car 3 you parked too close, learn to drive"townes says the note wasnt so bad"its not just trying to say hey you're a bad parker..its a punishment for doing something we are all guilty of doing"but the note isnt all townes found"then i noticed scratched marks down the side, they went around both sides and scratched all four doors the estimate i got was about one thousand dollars" townes filed a report with anderson county sheriffs office who is investigating it as a malicious injury to property case...the health system also released a statement saying they regret the incident happened and have turned over surveillance video to police"thats my point...its damaging my personal property" townes is hoping by t tling her story the person responsible will be caught and made to pay or at least others
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something like this"im sorry that i parked crooked but there are so many big problems in the world we need totolet this small stuff in powwrsville adrian acosta fox carolina news tonight 3 anderson deputies are asking anyone who was around that md360 saturday evening and saw anything suspicious to give them a call or call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc.we'll also have surveillance video of that vehicle being keyed tomorrow... when the sheriff's office releases it to us...we'll put it online at foxcarolina dot com. 3 spartanburg county officials look to revamp a dangerous and deadly boiling springs road! road!how they're hoping to avoid another the one that killed four u-s-c upstate students athletes. upstate baby girl - in need of a heart transplant.her story of survival - and a plea from little callie's father. father.and i'll show you how
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next3 and more clemson coverage - straight ahead -we are live in arizona as the tigers prepare to take on the crimson tide from alabama. alabama. 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 we're following breaking news- 3 it's out clinton. that's where clinton police say they're
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happened on north broad street. very little is known right now. but police say one victim was shot in the ankle. authorities say another victim took off running and jumped over a fence when officers arrived. 3 as we get more information, we'll bring it to you online at fox-carolina dot-comand on thee morning news. 3 now to a story 3 morning news.and on thee com carolina dot-you online at fox- we'll bring it to information, as we get more 3 as we get more information, we'll bring it to you online at fox-carolina dot-comand on thee morning news. 3 now to a story you'll see only on fox 3 one family is saying a few
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asking the community for their thoughts as month old, callie, a simponsville infant needs a heart transplant. 3 baby callie is currently being taken care of at m-u-s-c. carolina's shale remien is live in our newsroom to tell us more about the family and their challenging journey so far. 3 cody-this family welcomed callie into the world about a month ago.but learned soon callie is in need of a heart transplant. her dad, joshua, passed bracelets out like this today, to raise awareness and remind people to think of callie, and other babies like her, during a challenging time. 3 3 3 joshua kilinski passes out bracelets outside of walmart today - reminding the community to never give up hope. "there's power in numbers, especially in numbers of prayer"for him, hope means remaining optomistic after learning his new born daughter needs a heart transplant. 3 "just trying to raise awareness for what's going on with her. main thing i'm just trying to get some prayers out there and let the community
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tough stuff."he's letting the community know through bracelets saying "prayers for callie."it all started 36 hours after callie was born. "she had an episode where she stopped getting oxygen to her organs and body. which it actually came out as was hlhs hyboplastic heart syndrome, where the left side of her heart is undersized." undersized and unable to function on its own. "her lungs were getting the amount of oxygen that they needed but her feet weren't and the rest of her body wasn't. she is considered a single ventrical baby."she would be transferred to charleston for heart sugery. "the surgery went well but the valve wasn't fixed, which has caused her to get a couple of infections and down the line they don't think her own heart will be able to support her body."with this news, callie was added to the donor list for heart transplants."we haven't been able to hold her for a month now. and it probably won't be for several more months until she's off the ventilator."if callie gets a heart, joshua
10:37 pm
her body will reject it. "obviously any organ that takes in that's not theirs. your immune system wants to fight that off."despite all of this, joshua and his family are very optomist and thankful to the community."now that we have seen the general public step up and all of the churches that are praying for us, it gives us drive, it feels like the more prayers we get the better."callie's aunt set up a go fund me page for traveling expenses to charleston. "i strongly believe that god has a plan for her, and no matter what we do, or what the doctors do, he has an agenda and we hope that everyone keeps her in their prayers and gives her the strength to get through this." 3 joshua says his family says they are nornally very private but believes strength is in numbers during such a hard time. he has set up a facebook page for "prayers for callie"
10:38 pm
the go fund me page, visit our website at fox carolina dot com. 3 the national championship is just days away 3 and the most dedicated of clemson fans made the quick turnaround after the orange bowl victory to miami - to head to the opposite side of the country - for clemson's first shot at a national title since 1981. let's send it out to phoenix now - where sports anchor shannon sommerville is standing by -how's it going out there? 3 we're here outside the convention center downtown
10:39 pm
going on. 3 right now it's mostly preparations a lot of workers getting things ready for the big game.right now not a lot of people around but it certainly be packed this weekend.we talked to one local from the area who have his advice for travelers.... 3 oc: theres 3 endless things to do out here 3 a lot more clemson coverage still to come -including a one on one with shaq lawson -stick around for that!
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3 kendra has the forecast forecast 3 showers will push in late tonight into friday morning. rain won't be heavy and many areas will miss out on it completely! expect morning temps in the mid 30s to around 40. friday afternoon will bring some clearing, but clouds will be around. highs will only warm to around 50 degrees area-wide, which is a little cooler than thursday. skies will remain mostly
10:41 pm
saturday morning, then more rain pushes in saturday evening. some of it could be moderate to heavy, but it won't last very long. therefore, we aren't too concerned about flooding issues. so, after friday morning's rain and saturday's late day showers, we'll see some clearing on sunday. it will become breezy and highs will reach the 50s. colder air will slide in for sunday night and monday.monday and tuesday will bring highs back in the 40s and lows in the 20's area-wide with sunshine. as of now, the computer forecast models are keeping conditions dry, so any chance of snow or sleet has gone down to less than 10% now. showers will push in late tonight into friday morning. rain won't be heavy and many areas will miss out on it completely! expect morning temps in the mid 30s to around 40. friday afternoon will bring some clearing, but clouds will be around. highs will only warm to around 50 degrees area-wide, which is a little cooler than thursday. skies will remain mostly cloudy friday night into saturday morning, then more rain pushes in saturday evening. some of it could be moderate to heavy, but it won't last very long.
10:42 pm
issues. so, after friday morning's rain and saturday's late day showers, we'll see some clearing on sunday. it will become breezy and highs will reach the 50s. colder air will slide in for sunday night and monday.monday and tuesday will bring highs back in the 40s and lows in the 20's area-wide with sunshine. as of now, the computer forecast models are keeping conditions dry, so any chance of snow or sleet has gone down to less than 10% now. 3 3
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we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 time for fox's four legged friends 3 for fox's four legged friends this week i chose 5 little pups from abby's angels and they are all sisters!comet, cupid, vixen, dancer and rudy are all little girls! 8 weeks old and lab/beagle mixes. ready for their forever homes, they will be at the abby's animal angels adoption event this sunday (january 10th) at petco on woodruff rd from 11 am to 4 pm. their mom will also be available in about 2-3 more weeks. 3 if you want to adopt one of them you can head to and click the
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legged friends section 3 a woman makes multiple calls to 9-1-1...before leading deputies on a chase! ... ...and we're told she did it...while driving a car with only three wheels!the bizarre behavior and circumstances that landed a laurens county woman in custody! custody!you're looking live in arizona -where the clemson tigers will be in less than 24 hours!more from the site of the college football national
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on the fox carolina money watch 3 china's main stock markets plunged again -- forcing trading to be suspended for the second time in a week. adding to that -- measures authorities put in to tame fears -- so called circuit breakers - appear to be having the opposite effect.they were brought into effect at the start of the year in a bid to prevent the wild swings seen in the country's stock markets last summer.meanwhile -- china's woes are worrying u-s investors as well - with the dow dropping nearly 400 points. 3 and it's not too late to buy a ticket for the **massive powerball jackpot! jackpot!the jackpot is now up to a whopping 700 million dollars!it's the largest in powerball one won last night's drawing...rolling the lottery prize
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buy tickets.if you win you could take home 413 million dollar cash payout...though the odds you have to overcome are one in 293 million. you can watch the drawing live only right here on fox carolina during the ten o'clock news. 3 another night of auditions to kickoff the final season of american idol 3 singers throughout the country are making sure their voices are in tune--in hopes of reaching stardom. 3 take a listen at some of the auditions. auditions. 3 'you wondering why you cant get free, he is like a curse' curse' 3 'why don't you come closer to me baby' 3 00;21;48;19-00;21;53;58 'through the...i can't breath' 3 tonight's episode- was full of amusement. from talented
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needed a little bit more practice. but everyone has 1-goal in mind--receiving a golden ticket! be sure to check the final season of american idol here on fox- carolina to see who makes it to the finals. 3 tonight--spartanburg county officials look to revamp a dangerous and deadly boiling springs road! road!coming up-how they're hoping to avoid another the one that killed four r s-c upstate students athletes! 3 and we're taking you live to arizona for post game coverage--as the clemson tigers get ready to take on alabama for the national title...more coverage straight
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3 we're back with a look at your forecast 3 showers will push in late tonight into friday morning. rain won't be heavy and many areas will miss out on it
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temps in the mid 30s to around
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