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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 caught on cam!3 greenville county cops say this man... in this truck is a suspect in a string of home break-ins!how social media... helped i-d the guy..who is wanted tonight. 3 and what if you ccld load up on groceries...without ever going to the store?the new trend in deliveries... that's coming to greenville this week! 3 and so many of us are glued to our cell phones!we check them, thinking they're vibrating, even when they're not!fox carolina investigates a new high-tech syndrome... that may have happened to you! 3 good evening i'm cody alcorn alcornand i'm diana watson.if you thought it was tough to brave the cold this morning, just wait a few hours! we're in for a figid night! night!let's send it over to kendra now for a look at what
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3 expect temperatures in the low 20s for the upstate and mid teens in the mountains on wednesday morning under clear skies. sunshine will dominate much of the day, with only a few afternoon clouds. highs will get into the low to mid 40s, which is still colder than normal for this time of year.thursday will bring mostly cloudy skies, but temperatures will be a bit milder. highs will actually get over 50 degrees in thth upstate and the mountains will see upper 40s. rain moves in thursday night.expect light rain showers for friday morning, then the wet weather afternoon. 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am.
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up-thanks kendra-we continue tonight- 3 developing tonight at ten 3 in greenville county, one person is recovering after being shot. 3 deputies on scene say the guy was hit in the upper thigh inside a home on old buncombe road- investigators were called out to interview a couple of witnesses- it's unclear if anyone has been charged at this hour-a neighbor told us the people living here had just moved into the house. as we get more information we'll update you on air and online- 3 now to a fox carolina investigation... 3 greenville county deputies are asking for your help toight. they say this man is wanted for several home burglaries! his name is corey tucker. tucker.they say he's the guy caught in these surveillance photos outside one house that was hit.tonight... deputies are looking for tucker and his pick-up truck. 3 but just wait until you hear... what helped identify
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media!and it means extra eyes are looking for corey tucker tonight...after four homes were hit across greenville county. county.tonight... fox carolina's rebecca atkins investigates tucker's background... how facebook played a role... and what to rebecca. 3 cody and diana, i spoke with a recently retired former captain with the pickens county sheriff's office and he says he are now in a video age. he says video surveillance and images can be extremely helpful when it comes to solving cases like these spree of burglaries. 3 3 3 images taken right from a home surveillance system.the homeowner posted them to social media when his home was broken into, in hopes of catching the person responsible. responsible. 3 5:30:06"video doesn't lie, and when you're investigating a case, nine times out of 10 the most important thing you want to do is identify who stole the property or who broke into the home."keith galloway is a rmer captain with the pickens county sheriff's office, he says pictures like these are exactly what
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investigating.4:49:27"with those images, and with that video it makes it a whole lot easier cause it cuts the work down on the detectives." reports show 4 different homes were burglarized in greenville county. on mechalhaney road in taylors, 9 electronics were stolen from a home as well as a handgun. and on bromsgrove drive in the state park road area...over 15 hunderd dollars in jewelery were e stolen from another home--deputies believe this is the man responsible. 5:01:16"a lot of times they know these folks they're able to identify these folks and get tips and leads back to the investigators on actually who they are."reports also show that at north main street and e stone avenue, deputies tried to approach tuck in a car on the first, they say he fled from the scene.galloway says without these images...4:35:01 "you relly on forensics, fingegerints things of that nature and you really don't know who commited the crime, who these individuals are."he says a homeowner can give those to investigators right on the spot. and he says watching out for your neighbors is a great way to keep the whole neighborhood a little more safe.2:15:11"it
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and to be watchful and to be mindful of things, we live in a society, in a world today that you have to do that, you have to do that to be safe, you have to be watching, you have to be aware." 3 the greenville county sheriff's office also says corey tucker is known to drive this black pick-up truck and they say the license plate should display this tag number... ltw 305.cody? 3 rebecca, did the captain you spoke with say @hat home surveillance has become more common in homes? is it more often than not that a home owner has invested in a camera system? system?ya we talked about that, and he says it really has become more common because he says now, home surveillance systems are a lot cheaper then they used to be so it's a lot more accessible for many homeowners to have them around their homes. reporting live in greenville, rebecca atkins fox carolina the 10 o'clock news. 3 covering our counties tonight at ten 3 listen to this--a spartanburg
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trying to overdose her daughter---then telling police she planned to stab her to death after she passed out- out-tonight, we've also learned her daughter has down syndrome and can't even talk- talk-officers say they responded to a report of an overdose at the heritage court apartments last month- on scene, they noticed the victim with an orange drink with a powdery substance inside it. 3 investigators say her mother, pamela contreras, admitted to grinding up pills and feeding thth to her daughter-she also stated she planned to stab her daughter to death once she passed out from the medication--crews on scene said contreras told them she was worried that no one would take care of her daugther once she died- 3 in greenville county...police are looking for a 25 year old woman last seen early sunday morning in greenville. greenville.suzanne babb was last seen around 2 o clock sunday morning in the s outh main and augusta street area. police say babb is on medications that she takes regularly and will need.she
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may be on foot. anyone with information is asked to call greenville police at the number on your screen. 3 greenville county deputies are investigating a holdup at pizza hut. hut.late last night--two masked men stole money from the pizza hut on augusta road and one of them had a gun!they were able to get away with some cash- k-9's were brought in to search--but the men were not found.anyone with information should call crimestoppers at 23-crime. 3 in anderson county - one suspect is locked up and another is on the run following a chase. chase.shaqwon geer was taken into custody after deputies saw a suspicious vehicle. vehicle.the blue altima - which turned out to be stolen - was stopped at a stop sign near george albert lake road this morning.the deputy initially continued through the intersection but turned and followed the car, which quickly drove off - violating several traffic laws in the the chase
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apartments, the suspects veered into a concrete barrier -then ran off. off.the pursuing deputy was able to locate geer in the apartment complex. a canine uut responded to the scene but the second suspect could not be located.anyone with information is asked to contact the anderson county sheriff's office -the case is still under ininestigation. 3 happening now 3 clemson's road to the national championship continues...the tigers hard at work today as they get ready to face alabama in less than a week... 3 sports anchor shannon sommerville joins us in studio...shannon, you were down in clemson for media day today? what was the atmosphere like? like?well it was a lot 3 more crowded than it usually is on tuesday media days that's for sure...but thats what happens when you're the number one team in the country title...youre get a little more facetime.
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just one win away from being the only team in f-b-s college football history to ever finish a season 15 and oh. but they've gotta go through alabama...a team that may be ranked number 2 but actually favored by the vegas oddsmaker..but to head coach be the best you've gotta play the best... 3 "his isishat it's all about. they represent the best, and there's really no way you can argue with that. this is their fourth national championship appearance in seven years, and i think this is -- they've won 15 already. we've got a lonely trophy sitting down there in that case. they've got a family of trophies in tuscaloosa" tuscaloosa"we will have 3 continuing coverage of the tigers road to arizona...right here on fox carolina... carolina...later in the show we'll hear from coach swinney and what he thinks about the loophole that allows alabama
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about it last night but dabo's response might rprise you... 3 and dont forget - monday at 7 tune in for our special report undefeated: clemson's return to the championship.we'll be going in depth on the tigers first shot at the national title since 1981. 3 kendra is in the weather center for a look ahead at the forecast. forecast. 3 kendra: coming up i'll have your forecast including a warm-up up 3 president obama in tears! standing next to the wife of a murdered south carolina pastor...what he wants changed... to cut back on gun violence! violence!no grocery carts... or standing in line!shipt... is coming to the upstate!and it could change how you shop for food!o-k... admit it... it's happened to you.that
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in your pocket!tonight... fox carolina takes a look at this
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syndrome!3 developing tonight 3 strong reaction tonight - after president obama confirmed a series of executive actions designed to reduce gun violence, including expanding background checks for buyers. 3 president obama is now encouraging states to report people who shouldn't be able to get guns and expanding background checks for some private sales.obama's proposals to ramp up mental health care and add hundreds of f-b-i and a-t-f agents to
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and focus on background checks, will all require millions in funding-- which must be secured by congress. and surrounded by families and victims from mass shootings, the president made an emotional plea... 3 and from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun....every time i think 3 about those kids it gets me mad. mad.republicans on the campaign trail have railed against the president's plan. calling it an abuse of power - 3 that was a sentiment echoed by south carolina attorney general alan a statement issued this part quote - -"too often, this president
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pen instead of working with the legislative branch. under our system of government, presidents do not have the power to trump the rule of law with a signature on a piece of paper. kings may have that power. presidents do not. 3 happening now 3 a new concept hits grocery shopping in greenville in just two days.its called shipt and for a fee - offers customers the convenience of grocery shopping for them.sounds like a good idea especially on a cold night like tonight.but expect to pay more for the convenience. 3 so, we set out to check out the shipt delivery service and all it offers.first - shipt is only using one grocery store in south carolina.that's publix - but publix has nothing to do with the delivery company. carolina's sharon johnson is live outside of publix on pelham road.sharon - what are customers saying
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3 it sounds simple enoughyou order - the company shoppers shop- then they deliver.and of course - you pay for the groceries and the service.and you pay more than if you did it yourself. 3 3 3 publix customers are bundled up and out buying groceries. after all... publix is the place that promotes "where shopping is a pleasure"but one company is planning to take *you* out of the shopping equation *if* you'd's called shipt -17:19:31 "i just heard about it and i probably will sign up for it."shipt is an on-demand grocery delivery service that uses a mobile app to offer the convenience of ordering- paying and receiving food items without stepping foot in the store.17:21:07 "ah no, i think its lazy" lazy" 3 17:28:53 "its probably more expensive than going to the store by myself.and she's right.membership is about 100 dollars - discounted at 50
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10 dollar gift is free for members on orders more than 35 dollars. if not, you pay a 7 dollar delivery fee. fee.17:27:00 "i think its a great idea. i used to work at a retirement community called the cascades and sometimes i would pick up their groceries. saves them the time in cold weather, rain. i think its a great service to offer"and on that average 35 dollar order - you can expect to pay about 5 dollars more - for the grocery items. items. 3 17:19:17 "just a convenience thing, if you're running late, you don't have to make an extra stop. if its raining, its nice not to have to get out and get wet. just have it brought to your door."and brought only from publix grocery stores.even though publix is not teaming up with them - shipt chose publix as
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3 days and delivery hours are currently - 7 days a week- 8 am until 10 pm.and keep in mind - certain items like alcohol and cigarettes can *not* be delivered through the shipt service. 3 so - if i bought a membership, could i send groceries to someone else?and whatabout couponing? couponing?according to the long list of facts on shipt's website - yes, you can send groceries to someone else.but no couponing.the company says they are growing quickly and some aspects may change with
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3 kendra is in the 3 weather center 3 3 3 expect temperatures in the low 20s for the upstate and mid teens in the mountains on wednesday morning under clear skies. sunshine will dominate much of the day, with only a few afternoon clouds. highs will get into the low to mid 40s, which is still colder than normal for this time of year.thursday will bring mostly cloudy skies, but temperatures will be a bit milder. highs will actually get over 50 degrees in the upstate and the see upper 40s. rain moves in expect light rain friday morning, weather will you can get the latest forecast 3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com
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3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 back to you. you. 3 3 out of jail!the north charleston police officer accused of murdering walter scott... is at home tonight. tonight.a day after getting bond... reaction from civil rights groups...who say he should be sitting in a cell! cell!and dodging potholes! we're seeing them all over upstate roads.this woman says one trashed her carolina investigates what you can do if this, happens to you! you!plus what a moment!the south carolina family who walked away from the orange bowl with the best prize ever! and just wait until you hear who helped them get this game ball! ball!
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3 new tonight 3 a huge announcement today coming from the nation's republican party -governor
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response to the president's final state of the union address next week. week.governor haley was in the upstate today - in liberty with representative neal collins for a fundraising event.while she didn't talk about the honor - she did recognize others who will also be representing south carolina in the coming days - the clemson tigers! 3 "i love being this close to clemson, i actually said can i go to the stadium and kiss the ground and them go home, so you may see pictures of us doing that." that."at age 43 - governor haley is currently the nation's youngest governor - and the only minority to ever hold that position in south carolina.we talked to greenville political strategist chip felkel about what governor haley's response means for the state, and potentially for the 2016 presidential election. 3 3 3 3 "speaks very well of how she is viewed nationally certainly by the party and this is a state that has history of strong conservative state red state, but we also have
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up that it just raises the statue of the state and certainly it raises the statue of the governor." governor."house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell called haley quote - one of the most popular governors in america. 3 more good news.. for a greenville county deputy shot in the line of duty. duty.his little girl... by his side as he's getting stronger! tonight - an update on deputy dempsey's r rd to recovery. it's not just you!many of us have felt our cell phone vibrating.. when in fact it wasn't at all.tonight - fox carolina investigates the growing trend.. and why it may be happening to certain people! people!and chief meteorologist kendra kent is putting together your seven day forecastshe'll tell you what you can the week to come. come.
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i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous garden party for her birthday. so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster, and a bill of up to $13,000. but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic
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3 if you own a cell phone, it's probably happened to you feel your phone vibrate in your purse, or your pocket.and you grab it - to find, it wasn't vibrating at all.sometimes - it isn't even *in your purse or pocket! 3 don't worry - we are here to tell you, you are *not alone in that! that!in fact - it seems to be happening to more people - more often.and there is a real name for this phenomenon. phenomenon.tonight, fox carolina's sarah danik investigates...she's live for us in greenville..sarah - what is this called?! 3 cody and diana - the name for this is "phantom vibration syndrome"i know it's happened to me - and i'm sure to many of you as - what's causing this to happen to so many of us?here's what i found out. 3 3
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probably experienced this hear your phone vibrate.and when you check it in your purse or pocket - no one was calling ... or it's not even there! there!12:57:06 yes i've caught myself more than once to answer my phone and it's not there 3 12:52:53 it's happened too many times to countpaul phoenix works at verizon wireless - and experiences this a lot -especially since he's around phones all day. 12:53:15 i'll reach for it and it's not in my desk or not there at all it's in the back - it's pretty wild 12:53:18 *** there's a name for what's going on."phantom vibration syndrome"12:57:52 i'm glad i'm not crazy - i didn't tell nobody until you just asked me that 12:57:56(nats "whwh is phantom vibration syndrome)dr. robert rosenberger is an associate professor at georgia tech - and studies this phenomenon. phenomenon.2:54 lots of people seem to think theyr'e the only ones that this happens to - and they are actually sort of relieved to find there is so much data showing lots of people are experiencing this
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what's happening, is a hallucination .but adds what's really interesting - is that people don't seem bothered by it. it. 3 it's something that's happening to lots and lots of people but it's not bothering people and it becomes this question-can we study it can we theorize about it and figure what is going on)he tells us there are several theories about why it's is that our brains are changing with the technology, and another, is that *anxiety related to our phones is leading to the phantom vibrations..dr. rosenberger has his own theory. 6:21- we're developing habits with regard to our technology and experiencing the phone as something that's vibrating when it's not can be somethihg more liike a bad habit.6:30 3 dr. rosenberger says while many of us don't ally get bothered by "phantom vibration syndrome" - what we should be concerned about is
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general - and that as a possible side effect of this technology, we are feeling these phantom vibrations. 33 sarah - does this seem to happen more to certain people? people?what dr. rosenberger told me is that a recent study is showing some stress relation to if you are someone who gets pretty stressed out, you might have this happen more often.he said that's something you can test out on yourself - and watch for. 3 on the fox 3 carolina follow up 3 a civil rights group is
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officer charged with murdering walter scott be returned to jail. jail.we told you last night - michael slager was released from jail in north charleston after posting the 500-thousand- dollar bond.the case drew national attention last year after a video of the incident shows scott being shot to death by slager as scott runs away.a bystander recorded the video, which sparked outrage and reignited a national conversation around race and policing.the national action network spoke out today saying - he should be back behind bars. 3 3 3 it's a very sad day in charleston, we want slager back in jail, we want him back in jail, we demand him being back in jail. (yes.) we have a 48 hours that the solicitor could appeal this decision, we want her (scarlett wilson) to appeal this decision. (yes) we want him back in jail. jail.slager, who was fired
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officer in north charleston, was arrested in april and had been in custody since.the judge set october 31st as slager's trial date. 3 for the first time since a greenville county deputy was shot in the head in the line of duty..his youngest daughter is seeing him out of bed... and walking. walking.this picture was posted on the family's go fund me page shows deputy dave dempsey sitting with his daughter allison.the post says the little girl would hold her father's cup of water.. until he would take a break.. and she would hand it back to him. they family says she was very excited to see him working towards recovery. recovery.deputy dempsey was shot while responding to a burglary in taylors on december is believed that the man who shot him - charles roseman senior - thought the officers were the robbers returning.roseman was killed when another deputy returned fire. fire.tivarius henderson and deandre norris have been charged with that robbery. deputies tell us the investigation is ongoing.
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3 one of three stabbing suspects remains at large tonight in haywood county. county.stephanie bauer is on the run after the incident in early december.the victim told investigators he was attacked by three people--with a bladed weapon at the apartments on forest drive near clyde. clyde.christopher hester was arrested the day after the incdent - and christopher arwood was picked up by waynesville police last night. theyve been charged with assault and a deadly weapon with intent to kill. 3 again deputies are still searching for stephanie bauer. anyone with information should call the haywood county sheriff's office. 3 a suspect at large for over a now locked up for a deadly shooting in greenville county. county."marqual griffin" is charged with murder in the december 27th shooting of "nathan crouch" crouch"deputies say crouch was gunned down in the roadway outside his home on perry road. the two had allegedly gotten into a fight before crouch was shot in the chest.griffin is
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3 in buncombe county-an asheville man is locked up - accused of exposing himself on a college campus.and school officials say he's *not a first time offender.'s a look at michael officials tell us he was arrested on the a-b tech campus this morning - they say he was found naked from the waist down. down.according to news reports, murphy has faced similar charges in the past. school officials sent us articles that say in 20-13, murphy was accused of exposing himself at the children's activity center monkey joe's in raleigh.and last april - the asheville citizen times reported he was accused of exposing hiimself on the u-n-c asheville murphy was charged with indecent exposure, d-w-i and resisting officers.officials say he's now banned from the a-b tech campus. 3 deputies are looking for a mcdowell county man - they say walked away from an assisted living facility. facility.take a close look at walter davis.deputies tell us he walked away from the lake
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yesterday.davis was last seen wearing an orthopedic boot and a light brown carhart jacket. if you have any information on his whereabouts - you're asked to call the sheriff's office. 3 as you decide 2016 3 republican presidential frontrunner donald trump has opened up a campaign office in downtown greenville.'s a look at it - on main street, formerly where the marble slab used to be.trump has shown a commanding lead in south carolina polls in recent months.the real estate and business mogul is anticipated to make an appearance on the tonight show before the iowa caucuses - just a few weeks away. away.and as it stands -trump remains the leader of the gop field of 12. marco rubio and ted cruz are close behind depending on the poll. poll.and just four candidates in the race for the democratic nomination -of course you can find all your political headlines at fox carolina dot com. 3 new tonight 3 some spartanburg county fifth graders will soon be experiencing the ocean first hand!
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interstate fair! fair!the fair donated 11 *thousand dollars to cleveland academy tonight - at the district seven board meeting. the funds will pay for students to go to barrier island - which is just outside of charleston. cleveland academy is located in the center of a high poverty neighborhood-and although many schools in the area offer the trip - kids that can't afford it miss out. the group says this is the perfect way to give back to the community. 3 3 "these kids will see things that they've never seen before and if you can see i've seen their faces of kids who are witnessing the ocean of the first time and it's something that you never forget." forget."organizers say seeing the ocean is like a whole new world has been revealed to the students. 3 martin luther king jr. day is coming up next weekend - and there are several events going on in our area to honor his legacy. legacy.the annual celebration of dr. king's life is being put on by the rainbow push coalition - rev. jesse
10:34 pm
rights organization.starting friday, january 15th - with the king legacy gala - at greenville's hyatt regency. tickets are 50 dollars - -nd tickets must be purchased by the 13th!the next day - there is an hbcu college fair at the peace center - highlighting the importance of higher education - and the unique opportunities provided by historically black colleges and universities. 3 3 3 3 "we are featuring colleges that have special programs in science, technology, engineering and mathmetics. there are so many of the hbu's that have wonderful stem departments." departments."3 and here's a look at more of the details -including a service honoring king at the poplar springs baptist church. well as a stem career summit and blood drive at the phillis wheatley center. all these details can be found on our website - at fox carolina dot com. 3 major problems.. on upstate roads! roads!this woman says she hit a pothole so deep in cherokee county .. it nearlycaused her
10:35 pm
investigates - what's being done to get roads repaired.. and why the cold weather isn't helping. trip to the orange bowl.. turns extra special for one family!a game ball from deshaun watson.. and an autograph from dabo swinney! tonight - why the family says it was a *group effort.. to make dreams come true. true.and we'll talk about our next chance for rain soon! soon! 3 3 3 3 3
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3 happening now 3 the tigers are working to perfect their gameplan for alabama...they hit the practice field today 3 sports anchor shannon and speaking of practice...last night we talked about an n-c-a-a loophole that allows alabama
10:37 pm
understand dabo weighed in on that today? today?that's right...the rule we are talking about is this: when classes start football teams are limited to 20 hours of countable athletic activites.... activites....that includes practices, weightlifting, and any film sessions or meeting required by coaches. it also includes the game itself. and because clemson's classes start tomorrow they'll have to follow those limitations....but alabama's semester doesn't start until january 13th. meaning they can have unlimited practices. but to head coach dabo swinney less is more... 3 "i wouldn't make a big deal out of that. if they beat us, it's not going to be because they had two extra meetings or an extra walk-through on wednesday and thursday, it's going to be because they just beat us. coach swinney obviously not worried about it....he also says this week of practice is similar type schedule to one during the regular season. and this season they were undefeated. so obviously preparation isnt something theyve had an issue
10:38 pm
3 and for those lucky clemson fans who will be headed to the national championship game soon--g-s-p is helping make sure your flight ggs smoothly smoothlyand thats going to be extremely helpful with all the fans lining up to fly to arizona. prepare for 3 everyone in the upstate who is taking to the sky--g-s-p has increased the number of chartered flights departing from january 9-th t tthe 11-th. to make sure your flight is problem free--gsp asks that you remember the "3...2...1's" 3 3 3 "one of the things that people should observe this weekend is the 3,2,1 rule. arrive at the ticket counter 3 hours prior to departure. be in line at the security screening checkpoint 2 hours prior to departure to ensure that you are at the gate area 1 hour prior to departure. if you allow this much time then it tends to help ensure that you get through the process with
10:39 pm
possible."g-s-p also 3 suggests that tech savy flyers check in and pay for their luggage online.they also ask flyers to keep parking in mind--and you can reserve a parking space on their website 3 of course we'll be covering every angle leading up to the national championship game next monday-we'll have live reports from arizona with aaron and shannon starting on thursday- 3 and check this out - two miami dade police officers helped make a special moment happen for one south carolina family during the orange bowl. bowl.the younghans family from camden are proud clemson alums - and brought their kids to
10:40 pm
took on might recall this play - when qb deshuan watson threw the ball into the stands as the clock began to run down, sealing the victory for the tigers. 9 year old avery younghans was the lucky girl who caught it... she's on the back right with the tiger ears!however, in the excitement of the moment, avery accidentally dropped the ball back onto the field. thankfully the kindness of a stadium security worker got the attention of two miami dade police officers who then returned the ball back to avery. but they didn't stop there. the two police officers called dabo swinney over to sign the ball for her. avery's mother tells us the nine year old said the ball and the whole experience was the best christmas present ever! 3 kendra's here with a look at
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3 sunny skies have only warmed temperatures into the 30s and 40s area-wide today, and it's goininto get bitterly cold tonight. expect temperatures in the low 20s for the upstate and mid teens in the mountains on wednesday morning under clear skies. sunshine will dominate much of the day, with only a few afternoon clouds. highs will get into the low to mid 40s, which is still colder than normal for this time of year.thursday will bring mostly cloudy skies, but
10:42 pm
milder. highs will actually get over 50 degrees in the upstate and the mountains will see upper 40s. rain moves in thursday night.expect light rain showers for friday morning, then the wet weather will taper off during the afternoon. that will leave friday night and saturday dry and mild, but another round of rain arrives saturday night into sunday. both round of rain look fairly light, so flooding shouldn't be a concern this time around.very cold air settles back in next week, but there is no sign of winter precipitation to go along with it. highs will be back in the 30s and 40s by next sure to check out www.foxcarolina .com/weather for more on the forecast and interactive radar 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather
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3 now may be the time to test your luck! luck!another big powerball prize is up for grabs..tonight - why officials say the jackpot has surged to the sixth largest in u-s history! 3 as chick fil a gets ready to cast off their infamous food fans are eager to see what's taking it's place...stick around for
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in a developing story 3 bibi cosby's wife has succeeded in delaying her testimony at a deposition scheduled for tomorrow. 3 a federal judge had denied a request from camille cosby that she not be subpoenaed in the defamation suit filed by seven women.those women are accusing bill cosby of sexually assaulting them years ago - and are now suing him for defamation.camille cosby-- business partner-- tried to claim that she didn't have any information that would be relevant to the se.. but a judge ruled against that her lawyers sucessfully delayed the deposition - which does not have a future date scheduled. 3 if you use twitter - you're going to want to listen to this! this!your messages may be getting a lot longer! longer!the company is reportedly extending the length permitted in a tweet. but here's where it gets interesting - reports state the character limit could grow to ten *thousand.that's
10:45 pm
140-character limit.reports state that change could take effect early this year. 3 on the fox carolina money watch 3 a rececl has been issued for more than 89 *thousand beef patties-over concerns that they may contain *wood pieces. pieces.the food and safety inspection service says sam's choice black angus vidalia onion patties may contain wood materials.officials say the contaminant came in with an ingredient - and was discovered during production. all of the products effected were produced between november 19th and december 9th of last far - officials say there are *no reports of illness related to the meat. we've got all information you need to know on our website fox carolina dot com. 3 speaking of burgers - burger king is raising the stakes in the fast food deal war! war!the chain says it will begin selling a *five-item meal for four dollars on tuesday.that's of course in competition with the recently- launched mcdonald's mcpick two
10:46 pm
deals.the new burger king promotion includes a bacon cheeseburger, small french fries, small drink, 4 piece chicken nuggets and a warm chocolate chip cookie. no word on how how long their promotion will much for eating healthy in the new year! 3 another big powerball prize is up for grabs. grabs.wednesday night's drawing will be for an estimated 450-million dollar was initially set for 4-hundred-million dollars... but lottery officials say the surge in ticket sales caused the increase.the jackpot's cash value is now 275-point-4 million dollars.this is the sixth largest jackpot of any u.s. lottery game on record and the fourth largest powerball jackpot.remember you can watch that drawing right before the top of the hour - 11 o clock pm tomorrow - here
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3 gas station smash and grab caught on camera! camera!coming up--we're taking a look at the surveillance video.simpsonville police say they're trying to track the man who's behind it all. 3 and fox carolina investigates south carolina roads...after one upstate woman says potholes nearly caused her to
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