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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 colder temperatures settle in overnight as lows fall into the low 30s across the upstate and mid-20s in western north carolina. monday will be well below normal, peaking in the mid-40s in the upstate and mid-30s in western north carolina. 3 be sure to wake up bright and
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we've got all the local and national headlines you'll need to weather and traffic every ten's on thee morning news...from five to nine. 3 back to you 3 new tonight 3 over the past 48-hours-the red cross has assisted five families in the upstate after a string of fires.we'll tell you more about how the agency is helping in a moment.but first we have an update to a story we brought you last night. night.the coroner says a woman died after a fire at her home in greenville county. authorities say 51-year-old barbara kern was found unresponsive when the fire broke out last night. 3 she died at the hospital--the cause of that fire is still under investigation.and it is one of several fires this weekend across the area. carolina's shale remien spoke with several neighbors of kern tonight. shale, what did neighbors have to say about her--and what happened? 3 the neighbors i spoke to today feel terrible for the family.
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is a very tight knit place.but many said the family was quiet and remained private.they are all concerned for barbara's father, who also lives in the home. 3 3 3 a dark and empty house sits on aberdare court tonight after a fire inside took the life of a resident. 51- year- old barbara kern passed away saturday evening at the hospital.neighbors say they are hurting for the family. "you feel kind of helpless, very helpess. i mean something like that is happening right down the road from you."ada wallace and her daughter watched the scene unfold last night. 3 "this is when the first fire truck had gotten there, and there was one window on the second level and you could see smoke, um black smoke coming out of that." that.""two fire trucks, two everywhere and there were three men in there trying to get in there with hoses."the assistant fire chief says the fire's cause is still under investigation. cigarettes at the bed and we also found a lot of electrical plugs by the bed. so at this time, the fire marshall came by today and were still the process of investigating."the fire department says the majority of the fire damage
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were to ride by the house, you wouldn't even know it's burnt, but the inside is burnrt pretty bad."wallance wanted to show her daughter how to see the good in a community even through a tragic situation. " i wanted her to see, look at all the help we have, how our community cares, sort or for me, how great our county is. we have all these trucks and all these people trying to help this woman and help these people."bbbara kerns' father also stayed at the home. "we talked with mr. kern's newphew today and mr. kern is staying with family. it's just a lot for him to be dealing with right now."neighbors say they want to be supportive during a sad time for the family."when i rode my bike down to my friends house today, on there mailbox there was a card and a flower sticking out." 3 barbara kern's autopsy is scheduled for soon
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sarah and derek--back to you 3 and that wasn't the *only fire this weekend.the red cross is helping several families impacted by a series of fires in the upstate. spartanburg county---the red cross says they are helping two adults and one child.the fire broke out here on charlie mae *campbell lane around midnight. 3 and in anderson county- the red cross is helping four adults after two early morning happened here on east franklin street. another - took place on gray drive in williamston. cross is offering - to help keep loved ones and property, *safe.they say to check electrical appliances before you leave home. not leave food cooking on the stove. 3 blow out candles.and put out fires before going to bed. not overload outletsand use space heaters with care. 3 developing tonight 3 in oregon- a group of armed protesters--some of whom have been called 'militia men'-- have taken over an unoccupied federal wildlife refuge building. building. 3 the group is accusing officials of punishing
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their land.this comes after a rally supporting two ranchers-- who were convicted of arson after a controlled burn got out of hand.*but - *prosecutors say the men started the fire to cover up poaching.they were sentenced to five years in prison.after the march yesterday, the armed protesters broke into the federal building -- and are refusing to leave. 3 "it is the people's facility, owned by the people, and it has been provided for us to be able to come together and united and making a hard stand against this -- this overreach. this taking of the people's land and resources." resources."federal officials say they are aware of the situation - and are monitoring it. 3 fox carolina is covering our counties tonight-- 3 in pickens county-a man is recovering after deputies say he was stabbed by his wife. wife.a domestic dispute happened at a home near pendleton on highway-88 this afternoon.deputies say the husband was cut on the lower back.he was airlifted to the
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looking into what exactly happened. 3 in spartanburg county- deputies need your help finding two people accused of robbing a gas station. the robbery happened at the el diamante on asheville highway last night.deputies say two men walked into the store with guns--and left with cash. if you have any information-- you're asked to call the spartanburg county sheriff's office. 3 a greenville county council member is recovering tonight --- after suffering from a stroke. 3 council chairman bob taylor tell us--councilwoman lottie gibson was hospitalized today. she is being treated at g-h-s. her condition is unknown. taylor tells us that, right now--gibson will not be in attendance at this tuesday's council meeting.we'll pass along any new information as we get it. 3 happening right now-- 3 the countdown is on for the tigers. tigers. 3 fox carolina sports director aaron cheslock is here tonight--aaron--we're just *eight days away from the tigers going to the national championship, right? right? 3 yeah, and despite being the number one team in the country for months... and standing at 14-0... all the experts still picking against the tigers... tigers...but that might not be
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pretty comfortable with being the underdog in postseason play... in fact.. their last four bowl games... against lsu, ohio state, and both times against oklahoma... the tigers were the underdog... and went 4-0... we'll get a better idea on the status of guys like shaq lawson for the title game tomorrow... that's the next time dabo swinney's expected to address the media... and we'll continue our clemson previews all throughout this week... 3 starting here in the upstate before we ship out to the west coast... to glendale arizona for the national title game... one week from tomorrow... clemson hoping to win their first national championship in 34-years... the tigers and crimson tide squaring off to win the top prize in all of college football... complete coverage right here on fox carolina.. 3 after the college season, it's all about the panthers... -carolina hoping to clinch home field advantage through the playoffs...-2nd quarter... panthers down 3-0...2nd &; goal on the 1... and newton fakes the handoff and rolls out into the endzone for the td run... panthers up, 7-0 still in the 2nd... panthers
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snap and he finds jericho cotchery for the 31-yard strike... great throw by newton... newton...newton puts a final stamp on his mvp resume with over 300-total yards and four touchdowns... leading carolina to the 38-10 win... the road to the super bowl goes through bank of america stadium in thehe nfc.. 3 "this is very satisfying it got a lot of work to do. all we've done is guarantee that we can play two games here before we see what happens after that. but we've got to take care of our business, you know we've got a week coming up where we can take a look at us. correct a lot of the mistakes and fix a lot of things." things."plenty more to talk about with both the tigers and the panthers in the playoffs... we'll wrap it up a little later in sports..ted. 3 3 we started the new year with cooler temperatures but this is just the beginning. it will be cold these next few days. find out how cold we get in your forecast coming up. 3 a carolina pastor is thanking his lucky stars tonight--after he--and his congregation--came face to face with a gunman. 3 plus - a special pup named after a really popular
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introduce you to 'dabo the dog' 3 and video you have to see--a man quite literally goes out on a limb--to rescue a deer. those stories and more--when the ten o'clock news returns.
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3 new tonight-- 3 a political giant who made a name defending president bill clinton during his impeachment
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remembered.dale bumpers was a former u-s senator and governor of arkansas.he served as governor of that state e om 1971 to 1975--but after that, served in the senate until 1999.his family says bumpers suffered from alzheimer's and a broken hip -- and died on friday.he was 90 years old. 3 in news across the carolinas tonight-- 3 in chapel hill-hundreds of people packed a church this weekend ... to honor a one year old, who was shot and killed while she was playing outsidid outside.we brought you this story last weekend.1-year old *ma-leah williamswas shot outside her apartment complex on christmas day.three days later...the little girl died at the hospital.she was laid to rest yesterday.peopop in the community say this is a wake up call. 3 3 "nobody deserves to lose their life to some crazy gun violence. it makes it worse, because it's a baby." baby."right now-three men are facing murder charges in her death. 3 a pastor in fayetteville is holding his bible a little closer tonight--after saving the lives of his congregation-- when he confronted a gunman
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violence.pastor larry wright is his name---on new year's eve--wright was talking to his small flock about shooting deaths in his community.that's when a man walked into the church--carrying a rifle-- and a magazine of ammunition.the guman walked up to wright and asked the pastor to pray for him.wright took the rifle and gave it to a deacon--then hugged the man and prayed with him.the man with the gun said he wanted to hurt someone--but he felt compelled to seek help within the church.police arrived and took the gunman into custody--he was voluntarily committed ot a mental health facility. 3 out near greensboro--this man is facing charges--accused of driving drunk and killing a 7- year-old kid girl--who was also a member of his own family.the crash happened friday night.authorities say he could face more charges. we're told he also has three previous convictions for driving while impaired. 3 in florence--authorities say they found the body of a 71-year-old man in a river. river.the d-n-r says the body of the man was found after a
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partially submerged.the man was found near the boat. there's no word though, on *how he died. 3 turning now to weather 3 flooding woes continue for those in the midwest. hundreds of homes in illinois are under water....after levee shields broke. broke.state police released this video...showing the breach. it happened saturday the mississippi river.the levee shields were protecting three towns in southwestern illinois. 3 and this is video of homes surrounded by water near the levee can see roads completely submerged in olive branch, illinois. officials say the mississippi river is expected to crest tomorrow. 3 an amazing story caught on camera! a daring driver in minnesota--receiving lots of recognition online for saving a deer stuck in a frozen river. 3 check this out! steven peterson was driving home... when he spotted a deer bobbing up and down.what peterson did next may be shocking to some. he says he debated calling 9- 1-1...but since he is deaf--he feared that there would be communication pushed a log out towards the
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it.once he finally reached the deer...he put a trailer strap around it and pulled it to safety.this is what he had to say through a sign language interpeter about the experience. 3 after i felt that this deer was ok and no longer in a near death situation, i said my farewell to the deer and made my way back to my truck truckbut before peterson parted ways with the deer...he decided to give it a name....miss ice river.
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3 temperatures will plummet overnight, falling into the low 30s in the upstate and mid- 20s in western north carolina. monday will be cold, only climbing into the mid-40s across the upstate while western north carolina tops out in the mid-30s.winds will be breezy, which will make conditions feel much colder. expect winds mainly out of the north between 10 and 15 miles per hour. gusts will have the potential of reaching as fast
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3 rememeer for the latest on the weather any time, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather section. there you can check out any watches or warnings in our area... view current temperatures and check out our r ather blog. 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download!
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3 coming up at 11-graham former football all-star vince young. preview. 3 3 hey, this week we're in austin texas and just spent the day football all-star opens up about his tough childhood, infamous financial downfall and why he wants nothing to do with the nfl.young: you do everything you're supposed to do and then the last day of cut day your name gets called, like 'what?'bensinger: vince also invites us to check out his new role at his alma mater and to his restaurant to spend some time with his family. all of that's coming up nexta& 3 3 in depth is coming up, again, at 11--in the meantime, we've got a whole lot more news to get to. this!caught on camera--
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their *kids as lookouts--while they commit crimes. 3 and we're going in-depth on those armed anti-government protestors in oregon--and the reason they came to that state, in the first place. 3 here's a look at your winning lottery numbers.. 3 3
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3 there is a developing story tonight out of oregon-- 3 that is where a group of anti- government protestors are holed up in a federal building--they are armed--and *refusing to leave. leave.we told you about this earlier in the show--and you might be wondering--what brought them to the area in the first place?it's over an arson case that goes back more than a decade. 3 3 3 burns, oregon is usually a quiet town--but today--it's anything but"we're here to support the hammond family and the community."people gathered to protest yesterday--"we 're not used to this kind of thing."militia groups supporting two men--father and son--accused of arson.a case that goes back to 2001--where a simple prescribed burn got out of hand--burning 127 acres acres 3 "i'm going to prison for five years for 127? seems like a bit of an overkill to me." federal prosecutors say the blaze was a cover-up of poaching.father and son
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now the federal government sentenced them to finish their five-year terms.the hammonds are turning themselves in tomorrow. tomorrow. 3 "it isn't my decision obviously. it's a sentence." it's a sentence that some see as wrong-- wrong-- 3 "we've had the same problems in utah and nevada."flags and signs in hand--marching down streets===throwing pennies in front of the door of the sheriff's office office 3 "do your job!""this whole process has been unjust from start to finish."while most people in town support the hammond family... family... 3 "we don't like the militia's methods." methods." 3 "it's sort of frightening when there are people making threats and people touting guns." guns." 3 "people are afraid."militia organizers insist insist 3 "we're here for a peaceful rally" rally" 3 "as long as it goes the way they intended it to go."bit what would these groups be prepared to do if it doesn't? doesn't? 3 "if the hammond's decided not to go to prison and stand up for their rights, we would stand right by their side. what would entail after that i don't know."the marchers reach the house of the hammonds... they go up one by one and hug dwight hammond
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3 "to think that there is this many people (cries) showing up" it doesn't change the outcome. outcome. 3 "hope to see you in five years." 3 dwight hammond is set to go to prison on monday--a number of those protestors--as we mentioned--are now holed up at a wildlife refuge building.we will keep you up to date on the events happening in oregon. 3 3 have you ever wanted to get that filmmaking experience in-- and hollywood is just a little too expensive? expensive?a film school is opening in our area--and we'll take you to the grand opening. 3 he's a pup in training.and the work he is doing - and his *name - are catching the attention of a very famous football coach. 3 we started the new year with cooler temperatures but this is just the beginning. it will be cold these next few days. find out how cold we get in
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3 3 an investigation is underway in california tonight--after a
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*cemetery.police say the gunman opened fire yesterday afternoon....killing two family members - before turning the gun on himself. police say the man had been waiting at the cemetery in his car--and approached his relatives as they were walking to a grave site.officers have not yet determined a motive. 3 firefighters are investigating a blaze in connecticut - that left a toddler dead. dead.crews were called to a condo complex early this morning.there they found smoke coming from the windows. firefighters say six people were inside - and all made it out -- *except for an 18-month old little girl.her body was found in her bedroom. 3 3 3 "a ladder company crew ventilated the window on the front side here and made entry over a portable ladder. conducted a primary search and they found a young female occupant unconscious on the second floor." floor."two children and three adults were hospitalized for smoke inhalation. the cause of that fire remains under investigation--but officials say the smoke alarms were *disconnected.
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shooting rampage--that left 14 people dead and several others injured--is set to reopen tomorrow. tomorrow.officials say there will be tighter security--as the inland regional center's six hundred employees return to work.the center has been closed since december second-- when syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik started their shooting rampage. 3 both were killed later in a shootout with police.farook was an inspector for the county's department of public health.police say he worked with many of the victims--who were at the center for a training session and holiday party. 3 caught on camera- 3 in georgia--police say surveillance video shows two women using *children as lookouts - so the adults could commit a crime.and investigators believe it wasn't the first time they pulled this off. off.take a look.a woman and a child peek to make sure a store clerk is distracted.and just seconds later - the woman sneaks behind the counter to look for the clerk's wallet.she takes it and stuffs it down her pants -
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as a lookout.police say the move is so smooth --that it shows them it's happened before. 3 3 3 "it's sad because that is thief school for the children and they're teaching them how to steal." steal." 3 "she's got a parent or a guardian there telling her to do this, in her mind it is right because her parent is telling her to do this." this."police say just an an hour later - the stolen credit cards were used to buy gift cards at a nearby walmart.the women face felony theft and identity theft well as possible child cruelty and abuse charges. 3 recording star chris brown is back in the news again--and it's--again--not for a good reason. reason.a woman claims singer hit her--and took her phone-- when she tried to take a photo of him.police in las vegas say they are looking into the case--but have so far not gotten in touch with brown to get his side on what happened. and so far---the singer's spokesperson is not commenting on what happened. 3 fox carolina is continuing to cover our counties-- 3 in buncombe county--filmmakers are bringing in the new year in a special way!check it out.
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film held a grand opening tonight.potential students and the local film community got the chance to meet the co- owners--as well as some guest instructors.the school will offer several classes and seminars in 20-16--for things like screenwriting and film history.organizers say its a great way to kick off your career -- or even pick up a new hobby. 3 3 3 "this is really great to do this is asheville where i live umm because i think that asheville is a wonderful community filled with a lot of really talented people in alot of ways but i think that there needs to be kinda of a you know whole essence of people working together in asheville because asheville could really be a center for film making and visual arts that it hasnt been for a while." while."the school tells us students will get real-world knowledge of filmmaking--all while using high-tech industry equipment. 3 new tonight- 3 you've heard plenty about dabo the *coach.but - there's also
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*dog.and like his namesake - clemson football coach dabo swinney - *this dog is woring hard - and doing his *own type of training, to help those with type 1 diabetes. 3 3 3 3 3 'it has a reservoir of insulin built in and it works like an iv"callie baldwin has had type 1 diabetes for nearly three decades.and it hasn't been an easy ride. ride. 3 3 3 i'd say my diabetes has never really been stable - it's never been anything i've done - it's just always been a struggle for me her body doesn't make insulin - a hormone that's needed to keep your blood sugar in check. baldwin wears an insulin pump to keep her alive ...but she's had difficulties *feeling when her blood sugar goes too high - or too low.- something that can be deadly for a diabetic. diabetic. 3 the lows can kill you almost immediately if you don't get to them - and the highs can do long term damage so we were figuring out a way to prevent all that enter - dabo the dog. dog.
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entertain himselfhe is a chocolate lab - just over a year old. old.and the pup is in training as a diabetic alert dog -- to help baldwin keep her blood sugar in fact, he can *smell her highs, and lows. lows. 3 dabo the dog and i are togehther 24/7 - he never leaves my side dabo the dog's work is getting noticed in the upstate.he has more than one thousand instagram followers.. and he has the attention of *another very famous dabo. ---dabo the clemson coach.the coach was very interested in what dabo did - he had some dogs named after him before he said but never one that saved lives so they were fast friends in fact - she said the meeting between the dabos - lasted nearly an hour! hour! 3 coach dabo - we have to be very specific - played with dabo the dog the entire time we thing coach dabo might not like to hear - is that dabo the dog - currently lives in alabama with his main trainer.but baldwin says that won't stop him from cheering
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3 you may be wondering how much the diabetic alert dogs cost- callie told me insurance usually won't cover the expense.and the trained dogs can be anywhere from 8 to 15 thousand dollars.callie has a go fund me page for dabo - and she says some of the money will be put *back into the training program, to help dogs.we'll have more information about 'dabo the dog' and his work - on fox carolina dot com. 3 we decided to make this the topic of tonight's fox fuss- 3 and there were a lot of great when we posted it on our facebook page. page.evelyn says-"yes this is awesome and thank god for the training of these dogs if it will help save lives!!" 3 lindsey says-"awesome! way to go for both dabo's!!! and a huge 'yay' for chocolate labs! i'm a chocolate lab mama myself!" 3 and nancy shared a similar story saying-"my son is type 1 diabetic. he crashed recently and my puppy came and woke me up!!" 3 remember you can email us anytime at "the fox fuss"at fox carolina dot com.or find us on facebook ---
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3 trending tonight- 3 in california--two self- proclaimed "nuns" are fighting to keep their marijuana-based business up and running.
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this.sister kate--and her apprentice sister darcey--call themselves the "sisters of the valley".they say they use marijuana to treat a number of illnesses -- ranging from seizures to migraines.they say the pot they grow and cultivate is free of t-h-c -- the substance that gives you a high.but now they're worried that a proposed marijuana ban in the california city they're based out of--may shut them down.the sisters don't belong to a religious order-- but instead, consider their work to be a spiritual endeavor. 3 3 3 "we make cbd oil which takes away seizures and a million other things. and we make a salve that's a multi purpose salve... but we found out it cures migraines, hangovers, earaches, diaper rash." rash." 3 3 "yes, it's frustrating to me because there are all of these people with negative attitudes about something that is truly god's gift." gift."they plan to go before the council next week--asking the city to let them continue their mission growing
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3 3 in the middle east tonight-- there is fighting--and riots over a series of executions. executions. 3 coming up--we have late- breaking developments on what's happening there--and why. 3 and the panthers with a chance to keep their path to the playoffs in charlotte.find out if carolina could close out the win coming up in sports. ted? 3 we started the new year with cooler temperatures but this is just the beginning. it will be cold these next few days. find out how cold we get in
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anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible
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3 there are some significant developments tonight in the middle east--saudi arabia says they have severed diplomatic relations with iran. iran. 3 all this comes after some major backlash in saudi arabia over the execution of dozens of people there over the weekend--including a muslim cleric who was seen as an enemy by the saudi government and opposed the saudi royal family.that led many in iran to storm the saudi embassy-- ransacking it--this is video of that.some 40 people were arrested there. 3 there are also demonstrations happening in saudi arabia're looking at video of women in traditional muslim clothing on the streets of a city there.the u-s has also criticized the executions-- saying that saudi arabia needs to respect human rights ...and allow peaceful objections the government. 3 now, in response to all this-- the supreme leader of iran has made his opinions known-- saying that the executions will lead to divine retribution.he also compared saudi arabia to isis--saying
10:35 pm
military spent part of this weekend launching military operations *against the terrorist group. group.the operations were conducted overnight near some isis strongholds in syria. french officials say they successfully destroyed their targets--which included a rocket manufacturing plant-- and a weapons warehouse. 3 new tonight-- 3 in india-things are getting back to normal after an earthquake monday morning. the quake happened in the city of imphal that's in the northeastern part of india. a 6-point-7 magnitude quake hit the india-myanmar border region.the quake struck a depth of about *ten miles. there are not any reports of damage or injuries just yet.
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3 temperatures will plummet overnight, falling into the low 30s in the upstate and mid- 20s in western north carolina. monday will be cold, only climbing into the mid-40s across the upstate while western north carolina tops out in the mid-30s.winds will be breezy, which will make conditions feel much colder. expect winds mainly out of the north between 10 and 15 miles per hour. gusts will have the potential of reaching as fast as 25 miles per hour at times. monday night will become frigid, falling into the mid-20s and upper teens! expect another day with temperatures well below normal
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stick around.rain chances return last thursday into friday as temperatures get
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3 be sure to wake up bright and early with thee morning news. we've got all the local and national headlines you'll need to weather and traffic every ten's on thee morning news...from five to nine. 3 turning now to sports- 3 sports director aaron cheslock joins us now.and it's the last
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season--but there's a lot fans talking about what's happening *off the field. field.yeah.. lots of questions surrounding embattled browns q-b johnny manziel.. one of which.. where in the world is he? he?just a few hours after word that cleveland was cleaning house.. a strange report from u-s-a today.. laiming manziel was spotted "dining and gambling" in las vegas.. manziel is out with a concussion.. but here's where things get interesting.. manziel posted a photo of himself and his dog to instagram with the hashtag #saturdaynights.a geotag was later added.. placing him in avon, ohio.. where he lives during the season.the team would not confirm if manziel was in cleveland or not.. so where is he? 3 3 we'll talk some more nfl... as the panthers look to clinch homefield advantage through the nfc playoffs... while the
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disapapinting season on a high note... note...can't call clemson's season disappointing... the tigers counting down the days to the national championship... it's at eight by the way... 3 and if we're talking undefeated... can't overlook s- c hoops... both gamecocks teams coming in unbeaten... but could the women keep it that way? that answer and
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3 "i knew that we would be here. it was just a matter of when. and uh when you win our league, you got a chance to play for it all, so here we are." are."just eight days till the national championship... the tigers coming in as about a touchdown underdog to alabama... we'll have full previews throughout the week... starting in the carolinas, before we ship out to arizona... kkp it here on fox carolina for your complete coverage of the tigers chase of a championship.. 3 hey there, i'm ac... the panthers meanwhile with some
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they hoped to wrap up home- field advantage through the nfc playoffs... newton and company with the number one seed on the line with tampa bay at bank of america stadium...2nd quarter... panthers down 3-0...d &; goal on the 1... and newton fakes the handoff and rolls out into the endzone for the td run... panthers up, 7-0 3 later in the 2nd... panthers up 10-3...cacaron artis-payne takes the handoff... and he goes 12 yards for the touchdown... panthers up 17- 3...still in the 2nd... panthers dominating... newton takes the snap and he finds jericho cotchery for the 31-yard strike... great throw by newton...panthers up, 24-3 3rd quarter... same score... newton strikes again... this time with the qb sneak... 31-3...3 -defense stepping up too... doug martin takes the pitch.. no where to go.. jared allen wrapping up the tailback... for a loss... -then in the
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funchess for the final nail in the coffin... four total t-d's for the mvp frontrunner... frontrunner...and the panthers start celebrating early again... to the left... to the front... then of course... the obligatory dab... carolina cruises to the number one seed... getting a bye next week...they lock up home-field through the nfc playoffs... 3 "it was extremely big for us to get back on track. you know to get the positive energy flowing again. you know we know what we're capable of, and we can't let that happen no more. it's irrelevant about our record now. going into the playoffs, because we've got to be focused in and honed in and we've got to be fast starters." 3 atlanta looking to avoid a season-sweep against its division rival...2nd quarter... tony moeaki catches the pass from matt ryan and races down the sideline for the 42 yard touchdown...falcons lead 10- 7...just before half...ryan throws to devonta freeman for
10:44 pm
lead at the break..4th quarter...under 2 minutes left jamarca sanford picks off matt ryan to set up the saints in great field position... position...that would lead to...kai forbath nails the game winning field goal... saints win 20-17... the falcons season comes to an end at 8-8... they'll pick at number 17 in the nfl draft... 3 and before all the firings around the league start tomorrow... the 49ers and browns get a jump start... san fran axing head coach jim tomsula after just one season... browns firing mike pettine and g-m ray farmer after their loss to pittsburgh sunday... more expected on monday... 3 to the hardwood where the two gamecocks teams get the chance to do something really impressive... with a win on sunday the men's'snd women's teams would start 26-0... setting an sec record... record...dawn staley and company have to get past arkansas first though...tied at 9 afteteone and tina roy would catch fire in the 2nd... knocks down the triple there and that's got the bench fired
10:45 pm
roy... finds khadijah sessions who gives it right back to 23 and she buries another one... one...roy goes for a career high 7-3 ptrs for 21 pts to lead the gamecocks and they run away from the hogs in the 2nd half 85-32... 3 swamp rabbits battle b bk with two goals late in the third they down the monarchs 3-2 in a shootout 3 and finally.. bills kicker dan carpenter misses an extra point against the jets.. but it's what happened after the play that has everyone talking.. carpenter slamming his helmet down on the ground.. only for it to bounce back and hit him right in the face.. certainly not how he
10:46 pm
3 *ad-liblet's take one more look at the forecast. forecast.colder temperatures settle in overnight as lows fall into the low 30s across the upstate and mid-20s in western north carolina. mondayay will be well below normal, peaking in the mid-40s in the upstate and mid-30s in western north carolina. 3 3
10:47 pm
of all the publicized incidents, you know whether on the field or off, what, if anything, looking back would you do differently? >> i wisis i would have just shut up and played football. vince young, former nfl quarterback, inarguably one of the top players in college football history, with an unforgettable championship at the university of texas. >> everybody's like why aren't you doing this?
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