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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  November 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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>> kris: now at noon, take a look at this radar. it shows the rain moving in. a live it's already wet and rainy out. and we are just at the beginning stages of this front that is moving through. we are expected to get hit with a whole lot of rain. >> anchor: that is going to make for a messy evening commute. wren clair. this is going to continue really through the afternoon and definitely through the evening commute as well. this morning, our main concern was that freezing rain which we are still seeing some of that in new hampshire. southern new hampshire. that is wrapping up for us. you can see our main concern are these showers.
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a quick look at precipitation rates. .15 per hour. we will continue to see rates like. this with some pockets of heavy rain as well. that will add up for us. as we continue to see the widespread rain throughout the day into the evening hours. you can see that pink largely out of here. greenfield having seen a couple of slippery spots this morning. we have reduced vizabilities as we are seeing this rain. we also have the chance for some patchy fog as well through this afternoon and evening. that is going to make for reduced visibility for the ut worcester down to three miles of visibility. nothing terribly dense. a little bit pesky here. as we head into the afternoon, too, winds are going to rev up for us. especially across the cape and the islands. wind gusts between 30, 40, even 50 miles per hour. we do have a wind advisory. that is in effect at 5:00 this early evening through midnight tonight. we will be breezy throughout the boston metro as well. back to you guys. >> anchor: breaking now at noon, the new hampshire attorney general announcing an investigation into an apparent homicide in manchester.
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responded to thornton street for reports of shots fired. when police arrived, they found the man living there dead. officers will continue to investigate exactly what happened. >> kris: more breaking news as well. the suspect involved in a police-involved shooting earlier this morning in lynn has died. 7's steve cooper is following this story for us. he is live from lynn. steve, what is the latest you are hearing? >> reporter: well, first of all, the lynnway here which was closed for so many hours has now reopened. but investigators are here processing the scene and they have now come an gone at this point. but officials are now trying to determine if this officer-involved shooting was justified that claimed the life of the suspects. >> this is crazy. i mean, it is this world today. >> reporter: the officer-involved shooting happened here in lynn just before 4:00 this morning. after police say the suspect who claimed to have a gun held up the clerk at this gulf gas station at the corner of the lynnway and commercial street.
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firearm. attempted to rob the store. a violent struggle ensued with the clerk of the store. >> reporter: the chief says short time later, officers confronted the suspect here on the sidewalk. >> the individual had his hands in his pockets. the officers ordered him to show his hands. refused to do so. continued to come at the officers. they moved back, tried to create distance. eventually, one of the officers fired his weapon. >> reporter: the suspect pronounced dead several hours later after being transported to mass. general, leaving resien >> it was shobing. completely shocking. i come here every morning. when i got here, they actually were turning me away. >> reporter: the district attorney and state police are investigating, to determine if the shooting was justified. residents, meantime, were just anxious for answers. >> if you do something wrong, you have to know that something wrong happens to you. >> it is sad that it happens. it is sad that not everything gets taken the way it is supposed to be. i guess we only see certain
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>> reporter: the suspect who was shot and killed by police, his name has not been released yet. and it is unclear whether or not he was, in fact, armed with a gun. that is all part of the investigation but ultimately, it is the essex county district attorney who will determine whether or not this officer-involved shooting here was, in fact, justified. we are live from lynn this afternoon, steve cooper, 7 news. >> reporter: also breaking a, a brockton man who turned in connection with a deadly hit-and-run was arrested this morning. he is being arraigned in brockton district court right now. he is facing charges in connection with the death of a 25-year-old man. that man was hit outside of a brockton bar on friday. he died of his injuries yesterday. >> kris: breaking news at noon. a sixth survivor has been found under the wreckage of a plane that crashed in colombia. it was carrying members of a brazilian soccer team. at least 75 350e78 who were onboard that plane have been
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outside of the city. >> reporter: tragedy for a brazilian soccer team. after a plane carrying the team went down in a rural area amidst inclement weather in colombia. the charter jet had declared an emergency before it went down. local officials were stunned by the crash. >> it is regrettable situation. and we can confirm the accident of the plane that was carrying the players. aboard were from a team from the top flight of brazilian soccer. they were traveling to face a colombian team for a continental tournament. compounding the tragedy, the team is lesser known in soccer brazil but had just started to find success and a greater following. officials are vowing to do everything they can for the crash survivors. >> they are our solidarity. so do their families, their friends, their countries. it is sad and regrettable. report t twitter feed showed
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have begun to pour in. >> anchor: terrifying wildfires fueled by a drought and high winds scorched a resort in tennessee. the national guard has been called in to help fight the fires and to get people to safety. so far, nearly 1,400 people have been evacuated in gatlinburg alone. no one has been injured so far. people who live there have been evacuated. >> we finally drove down road. we had to turn around. we couldn't see to get back up the mountain. report a strong system has worked its way across much of the affected area by the fires. experts say the rain is not enough to help end the drought or the fire conditions. >> kris: also on 7 news, police are investigating a deadly crash that happened in east boston. investigators say it was on mcclelland highway late last night. a driver was killed when his car rolled over on route one. crews closed off that road for several hours while they were working that scene. the cause of the crash is
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and a fight for 15. demonstrators in cambridge, part of the nationwide effort to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. the demonstration this morning, ended in 34 arrests. fast food, airport, home care, and other workers are joining thousands across the country, demanding the minimum wage hike. >> anchor: salem state university will address a painting problem. the school will talk about whether a controversial exhibit connected to the presidential election should remain closed. it was shut down last week after people complained. parents of... administrators at the boston renaissance school held a meeting last night. parents expressed outrage after a facebook post accused a six-year-old boy of molesting children on a school bus. many are still demanding answers about how the situation was handled. >> we got no answers from these people here.
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my child is not safe here. no one's child is safe here. >> they need to let these parents know what's going on with this kid. what they are going to do moving forward. the parents want to know why we weren't notified. >> kris: new details on the frightening attack at ohio state university in columbus. students at ohio state university are back in class today. but investigators are still working to pin down a motive, and they have not ruled out terrorism in this case. this, as we are learning more about the alleged attacker who caused chaos on the campus. 18-year-old abdul artan transferred to ohio state this fall. he came from pakistan to the united states in 2014. a lawful permanent resident. artan allegedly wrote on his facebook page, saying "attacks on muslims around the world led to a boiling point. i can't take it anymore." police say artan launched fast deliberate attack against his classmates.
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pedestrians. there were some injuries that resulted from that. the suspect then got out of the vehicle with a knife and began cutting individuals in the area. >> kris: artan was fatally shot by a campus police officer. 11 faculty, students, and staff members were injured in the attack. overnight police searched artan's last known address. that investigation is only just beginning. >> anchor: the driver in the tennessee school bus crash that killed six children last week app he faces five counts of vehicular homicide as well as charges of reckless endangerment and reckless driving. his attorney, though, says he will likely plead not guilty if the grand jury indicts him. parents, students, and school leaders had expressed concerns about him speeding in the weeks before the crash. this was the second time in two months that he was involved in an accident while driving a bus. >> kris: the latest now this noon in president-elect donald
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benchmark day. those benchmarks already beginning. georgia representative tom price has been nominated for secretary of health and human services. price is an orthopedic surgeon who was also known for being a very outspoken critic of obamacare. if approved by the senate, he is expected to dismantle the affordable care act and help republicans implement their own blueprint for health care reform. president-elect also meeting with mitt romney again today for the second time. the former massachusetts governor is a contender for position. this, though, comes as the president-elect's team is reportedly trying to keep mitt romney out of the cabinet. after romney's sharp criticism of donald trump on the campaign trail. donald trump tweeted out a message this morning. "nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do, there must be consequences. perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail." >> anchor: students at the harvard kennedy school say
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of members of the president-elect's team this week. the "globe" reports they will attend a conference on the school's campus. expected to be there, president-elect trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway and chief strategist, steve bannon. people have protested bannon for his anti-semitic rhetoric. and jill stein asking for a recount in another battleground state. the former green party candidate has filed for a recount of votes in pennsylvania. this comes after wisconsin says it will also begin a recount of votes late they are week. >> kris: heroes are being honored today in boston. governor charlie baker presents the 27th annual firefighters of the year awards. john cuoco is live at the special ceremony in worcester. with all the details. john? >> reporter: well, kris, in the face of danger, those honored here today not only ran towards it but literally ran into it. firefighters from across massachusetts were honored tuesday in worcester at the 27th firefighter of the year awards.
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their work in 2015's deadliest fire at a house where more than 20 people lived, saving two women, four people were killed. all under 40 years old. including a pregnant woman. members of the watertown fire department were also honored for their work in december of 2016, saving an elderly woman trapped underneath a car at a construction site. but all these honorees in one way or another, were called into action, laying their lives on the line for others. >> these are not stories unfamiliar with. i mean, i live here. i remember them. i remember seeing them on the news. and sometimes in the midst of all that, i think we forget about the fact that a whole bunch of people are making some really difficult decisions that put them at terrible risk. they do it anyway. reporth so for a th year, 48 people have lost their lives in fires. a reminder of why firefighters like those honored here today
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john cuoco, 7 news. >> kris: coming up at noon, we are continuing to follow the breaking story here as the driver accused of killing a man in a hit-and-run is now in court. >> anchor: a house robbery caught on camera. why this is the most popular time of year for break-ins. >> reporter: we definitely need some drought relief. how much we can expect in terms of rainfall totals. that answer coming up. >> kris: if you ever see breaking news or have a story from you.
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>> anchor: take a look at this wildfire in broke out monday night in colorado. it is now 90% contained. the fire on green mountain forced some to evacuate from their homes. officials estimate the fire burned about 300 acres.
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injuries. we are been talking about drought conditions. we have a little rain now. >> kris: yeah. what they are dealing with in gatlinburg as well. they were hoping the rain would help them out there. they need some of the rain we have here. >> reporter: they did see some rain. it didn't help that much. they need consistent water on those fires. we have some drought relief in southern new england. actually, throughout the south as well. we are looking at some moderate to heavy rainfall. and it is widespread showers that will continue to see into precipitation rates of about .15 per hour here. that is going to add up as we head into the afternoon. and evening hours. i think by later tonight, a lot of us could have close to an inch of rain. to our north, southern new hampshire, seeing still a little bit of freezing rain which has made for a couple of slippery spots. you can see greenfield. this is winding down here. we are switching over to all rain. we will keep it that way as we head into the afternoon. we are not talking about snow.
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about 10 to even 20 inches of snow. nope. we are not talking about that. as we head into today, temperatures are going to trend botch our average highs. we have the chance for the showers throughout the afternoon. you can see this yellow and orange that is indicating that we could see some more moderate rainfall. even pockets of heavy rainfall. that continues into the afternoon. through your evening commute. and that is gng in addition to this rain, we also have the chance for some windy conditions and actually, the chance for some fog as well. reduced visibility with the fog. and these showers almost a certainty as we head into the evening commutes. a lot of this heavier rainfall is most likely going to stay south of the mass. pike. you can see a lot of that setting up in connecticut, rhode island as well. into the evening hours, we start to see that taper off later tonight. we will briefly dry out. still keeping that cloud cover, seeing some fog. and definitely seeing some
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especially aly across the cape and the islands. until midnight tonight. we have a wind advisory in effect. more in a moment. into tomorrow morning, we keep that cloud cover as well. we are still predominantly dry. we do have the chance for showers into the morning hours. it looks to be more late morning. then we definitely see another round of rain moving into the afternoon and into wednesday evening. here is a look at rainfall totals. by tonight, i they lot of us grabbing around half an inch of rain, up to around an inch of rain. then we could grab another inch of rain as we head into thursday morning. that is when thll these are approximate values. this isn't exactly what fitchburg is going to see. they could see klolser to two inches of rain. that is more likely scenario. an inch and a half to two inches by thursday morning. the chance of rain looking goods for us here through the next couple of days. as we head into tonight, we have a wind advisory in effect for the cape and the islands. that starts at 5:00 tonight. and wraps up at midnight. our highs today are going to be in the mid-50's. we are going to see these temperatures, closer to 8:00
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here sa look at temperatures as we fast forward ahead. by 8:00, that is really when we will see those highs. then we fall back into the upper 40's for tomorrow morning. still dealing with some patchy fog. back to you guys. >> kris: all right, wren. thank you so much. still ahead on 7 news, the big question. who did it better? we will have the results. they are in. we will tell you who handles the heats in the kitschen the best. and who had to get out during
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>> kris: okay. we get to find out who did it better. >> anchor: so in this week's challenge. i was so jealous. bri got to take on troy brown. they went head-to-head in a restaurant server challenge. they headed to burton's grill in hingham. they each checked tickets to see if the food matched the order. bri missed four. it was close. here are the results. troy takes home another title. he got 5% of the vote. bri finished with 47%. >> kris: wow. bri is taking on dominic moore. they will be loading up holiday meal kits for the salvation army. you will then have a chance to decide who the winner is. i learned something new. troy brown is your favorite patriot of all time. >> anchor: he is. >> kris: which explains how he
12:23 pm
>> anchor: up next on 7 news, the search for this group of teens who stormed this convenience store in a flash mob robbery. >> kris: we will update you on that. then how a child's birthday party went from fun to
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>> kris: caught on camera: take a look at. this two thieves ransacking a house. the owner of the house was out of the country at the time. says there have been several break-ins in the area over the past few months. the holidays are one of the busiest times of the year for home break-ins. and connecticut police searching for a group of teens caught on camera. they were robbing a convenience ste. investigators say these teens burst into the store, took some candy and whatever they could get their hands on. right now, police are looking at the surveillance video trying to identify those suspects. >> anchor: okay.
12:26 pm
houston. she actually jumped out of the emergency exit just after the plane landed yesterday afternoon. that woman then ran on the tarmac. officers eventually took her into custody. we discussed, you know, sometimes you wait a while to get. to get off. >> kris: pretty wild to see something like that. coming up at noon, we are continuing to follow the breaking news out of brockton where the suspect hit-and-run is now in court. >> anchor: i'll get you ready for the evening commute which does look to have some obstacles. more ahead. wildfires rip through a popular resort area in tennessee. >> kris: cuba continuing to mourn the loss of its leader
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>> anchor: okay. a live look at boston right
12:29 pm
there on the camera lens. >> kris: you see the windshield wiper. right? wren can climb up there with a squeegee. >> reporter: i'll pass on that one. we will be looking at these showers through the afternoon. a soggy lunch hour. a more difficult commute home from work as well. you can see we have some pockets of more moderate to even heavy rainfall. you see those yellows and oranges. that will continue to deliver its widespread rain showers here in southern new england. a closer look at what we have seen. precipitation if hour. not terribly heavy rainfall. it is going to be consistent here. again, we are some pockets of more moderate to heavy rainfall. to our north, we have even seen some mixed precipitation as well as predominantly freezing rain. that had largely come to an end. you can see right now it is mainly just showers. in north central massachusetts. temperature-wise, we are in the... we also have a mixed bag, actually. mid-40's here in boston. mid-0's to our northwest. we are looking at temperatures right around average.
12:30 pm
winds are going to start to kick up for us. we have a wind advisory starting at 5:00 this evening. wrapping up at midnight for the cape and the islands. get ready for a breezy and cool day. it is not going to feel terribly mild. even though our temperatures are. >> anchor: turning to breaking news at 12:30. a brockton man who turned himself in to police custody in connection with a deadly hit-and-run was arrested this morning. nilton goncalves just went before a judge in brockton district court. he is facing charges in 25-year-old man. that man, sergio lincona was hit outside of a brockton bar on friday. he died of his injuries yesterday. >> kris: we are following another breaking story here. the suspect in the police-involved shooting earlier this morning that we have been following for you all day long has died. we are also told it started as an armed robbery and end with those shots fired. >> anchor: they had to shut down some lanes on the lynnway as police were investigating. 7's steve cooper has the
12:31 pm
police say the suspect who claimed to have a gun held up the clerk at this gulf gas station at the corner of the lynnway and commercial street. report tt individual went in there, claiming he was armed with a firearm. attempted to rob the store. violent struggle ensued with the clerk of the store. >> the chief says a short time later, officers confronted the suspect here on the sidewalk. >> individual had his hand in his pockets. the officer show his hands he refused to do so. he continued to come at the officers and they tried to create distance. >> reporter: residents around here are in shock. >> completely shocking. i come here every morning. when i got here, they actually were turning me away. >> reporter: now the essex county district attorney and state police are investigating to determine if the shooting
12:32 pm
>> if you are going to do something wrong, you have to know that something wrong can happen to you. >> it is sad that it happens. it is sad that not everything gets taken the way it is supposed to be. i guess we only see certain parts of the story. >> reporter: well, this investigation continues. ultimately, it will be the district attorney here in essex county who will determine whether or not this shooting was justified by police. in lynn, steve cooper, 7 news. national breaking news. wildfires continue to rip through parts of tennessee. firefighters say extreme drought conditions along with the high winds created the perfect storm. and now thousands in gatlinburg are being forced to evacuate. >> reporter: wildfires threatening popular resort towns in east tennessee. >> all of this... the previous fires i have been part of could not have prepared me for what we have experienced over
12:33 pm
>> reporter: at least 14 fires near the smoky mountains national park forcing mass evacuations. >> we covered our face with wet towels. and then we finally got in the car. we drove down the mountain on the way. we ran into a tree over the road. we had to turn around. we couldn't see to get back up the mountain. >> reporter: endangers homes and businesses. at one point, 30 buildings engulfed in the fires. including this 16-story hilton hotel. this amateur video posted on social media shows the raging fires windows. guests anxiously watching from inside. the fire now at the edge of doggiwood theme park. park not yet damaged but portions of the resort i advantage waited. >> we had multiple trees now falling with embers startsing additional fires throughout the area. >> reporter: wind gusts topping 70 miles per hour. combined with the worst drought in the region in nearly a decade fanning these flames.
12:34 pm
forecast for today and tomorrow in the gatlinburg area. fire officials are hoping this wet weather will help them defuse some of the flames. >> anchor: breaking news at noon. it is believed at least six people have survived that plane crash that killed more than 70 others. many of them members of a brazilian soccer team. the agency says at least three players, two plane crew members, and one journalist survived monday's crash. the soccer world pausing to remember those killed. posted "my deepest condolences to family, friends, and supporters of the association." the president of brazil also expressed his condolences, saying the incident is extremely sad. he had declared three days of national mourning in brazil. and a nation in mourning as thousands of people throughout cuba leave flowers and pay tribute to fidel castro who died over the weekend.
12:35 pm
over the island nation for nearly 50 years. on the streets of havan marks the cubans are mourning their former leader fidel castro. they stand in line for hours in revolution plaza to. leave flowers and pay tribute to the man who led the nation for nearly 50 years. and places like venezuela, there are tributes as well. people there stood in line to sign a book of condolences and add to the memorial at the a striking contrast to the scene in miami. cuban exiles celebrated the death of a man they called a dictator. fidel castro died at the age of 90. after a lifetime spent thumbing his nose at western powers. more recently, relations between the u.s. and cuba had thawed. evidence of that seen monday with the first commercial flight from miami to havana. passengers wondered how cast fro's death would impact their
12:36 pm
>> i'm a tourist. i would like to go to cuba, to havana, to enjoy the music and the bars and the jazz clubs. and as far as i know, everything is closed now. >> anchor: in havan marks the that won't change until after december 4, castro's funeral. >> i haven't been able to go. i have been working. but in the next few hours, i will go. fidel castro is not here right now. i'm emotional right now. he is an all-cuban. our island became big because of him. >> anchor: the white house announced yesterday that president obama and vit president joe bide will not attend fidel castro's funeral. >> kris: a controversial work of art at salem state
12:37 pm
the exhibit was shut down last week after some people complained about a painting depicting members of the ku klux klan. >> anchor: also on 7 news: parents at a boston charter school speaking out after allegations of sexual abuse on a school bus. administrators at the boston renaissance school holding a meeting last night. parents expressed their outrage after a facebook post accused a six-year-old boy of molesting children on a school bus. many are still demanding answers about how the situation was handled. >> we got no answer from these people here. okay? s no one's child is safe here. >> they need to let these parents know what is going on with this kid. the parents want to know, why wasn't we notified? >> kris: the new hampshire mother caught on camera passed out from a dangerous dose of drugs, the video of the mother passed out in a dollar general store back in september went viral on-line. you see her young child trying
12:38 pm
well on monday, this 36-year-old was arraigned on child endangerment charges. her attorney says his client is clean now and is currently in a treatment facility. >> she is 67 days into that program: to now hold her on $10,000 cash bail at a jail which is clearly not going to be able to post that, all of the progress that she has made will be pushed aside. >> kris: she was released. her attorney says she is choosing not to see her daughter until treatment is >> anchor: well, a jewish teen's birthday party went from fun to offensive after two people that were attending decided to decorate their cupcakes with swastikas. the photograph was posted on social media by the parent who threw the party. the mother posted the pictures, hoping to turn this horrible mistake into a teachable moment. according to the post, the two girls who decorated the cupcakes with this symbol said they did so because they thought it was funny. >> make no mistake, the
12:39 pm
they had a plan to exterminate jews and others. a symbol such as the swastika, you begin to normalize it and make it casual within society if you joke about it. >> kris: a police officer rushing to save man trapped in a burning car. the car burst into flames when that driver suffered a medical emergency and then crashed into another car. man out of that burning vehicle before it was too late. the man says he is grateful to the officer who arrived just in time. >> something he didn't have to do. he put this individual first. >> kris: the city plans to honor that office we are a life-saving award for bravery. take a look at this video. lay's potato chip truck going up in flames. and it was all caught on camera. officials say the truck was
12:40 pm
florida. the chips were on their way to store shelves. not anymore. they were destroyed in the fire. because the truck was literally burned to a crisp. no one was injured. fortunately. >> anchor: i was going to say. >> kris: no one was hurt. that is the good part. >> anchor: safe from the snow: how one couple's day trip ends in a rescue mission. >> kris: why this family's newest member is causing some
12:41 pm
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>> anchor: well, that is sweet story. a russian family has turned an injured baby deer into a pet. a woman found the young female deer in a forest and rescued it. the four-month-old deer named mila has now recovered from injuries and dehydration. the woman actually fed her baby formula for several months. russian law states that wild habitats. and in this case, authorities made an exception. >> kris: there is no heater in the wild. >> anchor: i know. look at that kind of life he was living. >> reporter: you will want to grab an umbrella. hopefully, you brought one to work with you. plenty of rainfall. widespread showers in southern new england. we will see that all afternoon
12:44 pm
of more moderate to heavy rainfall. where you are seeing those oranges, those yellows. particularly, south of the mass. pike. that trend will continue actually, into the day. right here in boston, some moderate rainfall. precipitation rates of .15 per hour. we will continuously see. this it is going to add up. it will make a dent in our drought situation. last week we saw really just drizzle. southern new hampshire, some slippery spots up that way. beware of. that be weary of that. that is coming to an end here. we are transitioning over to all showers. we are not talking about snow. temperatures are continuing to be above our average highs. mid-40's currently in boston. still cooler in southern new hampshire. mid to low 0's. 38 in orange. 50 degrees across the cape and the islands. quite the varied temperature situation here.
12:45 pm
degrees later this evening. across the cape and the islands. but to our northwest, temperatures will stay in the mid-40's. quite the set-up here as a warm front brings us a lot of moisture and some warm air too: as that continues to push into our neck of the woods here. looking ahead, into the afternoon, we are talking about widespread showers. pockets of moderate to heavy rainfall certainly possible. we have the potential for some fog. redeuced vizabilities definitfo this sticks around into the evening hours. rain dies down late tonight. we will start to dry out briefly. our fog stays with us, actually. we will continue to see reduced visibility into tomorrow morning. morning commute, dealing with some more fog. a second round of rain does greet us into the later morning hours and the afternoon. so for today, by the later evening hours, a lot of us grabbing around half an inch
12:46 pm
looks to be closer to that half inch mark. then as we head into tomorrow, we pretty much have that situation again. by thursday morning, when it is all said and done here, a lot of us walk away with around an inch and a half of rain. up to two inches of rain. locally, more. while we are looking at mild temperatures, winds are going to wrap up today. we have a wind advisory in effect from 5:00 p.m. tonight until midnight. patchy fog possible. temperatures notice mid-50's. it is not going to be this afternoon. temperatures in the mid-40's this afternoon. then we se actually, into southeastern massachusetts. bringing temperatures to mid-50's as we head past dinnertime, actually. temperatures fall for us here into tomorrow morning. you can see we are looking at patchy fog into tomorrow. that continues really actually through the next couple of days. expect reduced visibility on the roads. temperatures staying mild through thursday. we are well above average as we head into december. >> kris: wren, thanks so much.
12:47 pm
several days. now finally reuniting with their loved ones. about 6:45 on a cold november night, a search and rescue vehicle pulled up to the fire station. out first, rory, tired after two days of being stuck in the snow. >> i'm fine. >> kris: he looked for family members who had been waiting and worrying. his sister-in-law getting whim a huge hug. then r reunited with her son who had also been anxiously awaiting news from base camp. >> so glad to see you. >> reporter: rory and susan ventured out saturday morning into the backwoods. they were just out for a scenic driving adventure. their wheels got stuck in some deep snow on a remote forest road. rory hiked to where he could
12:48 pm
on saturday and sent a text message with their approximate location. he then stayed with his wife waiting for help. dozens of rescuers conducted a thorough search. they found the couple just before the monday sunset. you know, we weren't planning on being stuck. we had sleeping bags. we had water. we had food. so yeah, you know, we did fairly well. i started to pan ache little bit today. tomorrow was going to be burn the tire day. they showed up. i just want to shower. >> we are ecstatic. this is great. it couldn't have been a better outcome. the fact that they are doing so well. >> we are just overjoyed. they are not going back four-wheeling again. that is for sure. >> glad to be back. >> anchor: maybe they will find a new hobby. still still to come on 7 news, a man saved from a sink hole. trapped and trembling.
12:49 pm
saved his life. >> kris: love to hear her sing. fast local singer looking to advance to the next round after another stunning performance on "the voice." dhomeowners policies don't cover the cost of unexpected home repairs. it's up to you, the homeowner, to pay for them. you can avoid the expense of certain home repair bills before they happen with plans from homeserve usa. you pay a low monthly fee for the plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical systems you want to protect in and around your home. you can choose from a wide range of plans
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>> anchor: a heroic rescue after a man is found trapped in a northern california. firefighters say he was stranded for quite some time before anyone noticed him. >> kris: i can't imagine that happening. a nearby fishing area may have actually helped saved this man's life. >> christa: the 911 call came in sunday morning. >> no one is around. he is screaming. >> christa: volunteers with the fire department showed up at the scene to find a man trapped and trembling at the
12:52 pm
>> he had been very cold for a long period of time. was shaking uncontrollably. you know, we couldn't... he kept saying he was okay and he wasn't hurt. >> christa: firefighters climbed into the hoerl and lowered a backboard and basket. >> we placed it on top of the ladder. tied in. tied the patient. in you take a rope and slide him up. maybe he was screaming or something. for help. and somebody heard it or what. whoever basically heard himmo >> christa: the victim taken to the hospital with some undisclosed injuries. for now, the road remains roped off. >> kris: up next on 7 news, one local singer wowing the crowd last night on "the voice." was it enough to move her along to the next round? >> reporter: we are experiencing mild temperatures. it is going to be wet, windy, and cool. a final look at your tuesday
12:53 pm
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>> kris: another performance on "the voice." you recognize that song? well, that was courtney harrell taking to the stage to perform cher's hit "if i could turn back time" with a twist. she is hoping to advance to the top eight. results will be revealed tonight. >> anchor: and we wish her luck. >> kris: absolutely.
12:56 pm
>> kris: bud light is offering fans a chance to win a trip to the super bowl. entear competition to score super bowl tickets for life. another top prize, six winners will be chosen every week to get a pair of season tickets to their favorite team. >> anchor: i'm sure that will make a lot of football fans happy. >> kris: if you don't like chocte reportart little bit of a soggy day here. widespread showers here in southern new england. we will continue to see this through the afternoon and the evening commute. forecast boston metro, definitely seeing. this some pockets of heavy rainfall and moderate rainfall in yellow. most of us looking at showers,
12:57 pm
the day, we will trend mild into the temperature department. varied temperatures today. close to 50 degrees across the cape and the islands. they are going to warm up even further, actually, the mid to upper 50's. you can see temperatures still in the mid-0's to our northwest. as we head into the rest of the day, winds are going to pick up. they have been calm, mild, light winds so far. we are going to look at breezy weather as we head into the afternoon. we will also see some fog. a number of obstacles. count on reduced visibility, for sure, on your way home from work. >> anchor: that will do it for 7 news at noon. i'm nicole oliverio.
12:58 pm
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that damn cranberry concoction is because sonny likes it, and he doesn't even show up. >> maggie: his mother is facing a major life decision. and depending on said decision, his parents might reconcile, so he decided to stay with them instead of his grumpy great-uncle. the lout. justin and lucas is not an earth-changing decision. 's a no-brainer. it's like trying to choose between beirut and the bahamas for a fun weekend. >> maggie: victor just loves thanksgiving. it always brings out the best in him. >> philip: it's easier to be mad at sonny than scared about brady. >> victor: oh, don't try and analyze me. >> maggie: even if he's right? i'm worried too. >> victor: he should be with his family. he's grieving.


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