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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> it's can a.m. an officer involved shooting. police are on the scene. the suspect now in custody. another breaking story wildfires raging across east tennessee, forcing people to evacuate, dozens of homes damaged or destroyed. and president-elect d his administration. will mitt romney be next? good morning. 9:00 on this tuesday. thanks so much for waking up with us. if you are waking up at 5:00. we're jealous if you are. >> it's been a busy day of news. first ren claire is here with the forecast. it's all about location where you are today. >> things are shaping to the west. we do still have the freezing
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freezing spot in southern n 1/2 and north central massachusetts. here in boston we're fine. some slippery spots out there way which made for slower commute. otherwise we change over to the rain here as we head into the rest of your forecast. you can see that pushing in from our west. and that is headed our way. it's going to stay with us throughout the day. closer look at who is still looking at some of the freezing rain. winds in milford. definitely seeing that. again not everybody that is rain on satellite is actually seeing the slippery conditions on the roadway. mid 30s throughout much of the massachusetts. we're a little bit warmer in boston. and we are going to warm up to above average temperatures. >> all right. time for fast track traffic. let's get a look at the roadways. daniel, any issues popping up? >> it's a busy morning. let's go to the maps. the lynnway closed for much of the morning. good news it's now open
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between commercial street and shepherd street. something to keep in mind this morning. and then in east boston we have a new crash we're watching. this is route 1-5 northbound at bent n beninton street. northbound on the expressway. 32 minutes this morning. your typical stop and go traffic. 95 slow and go from 495 all the way up to 128 this morning. we're watching two crashes on the pike. both eastbound, one at route 30 and one there at route 9. let's take aoo tout out the door. 22 minutes from 128. 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge. half an hour this morning. both the t and commuter rail running on schedule. back to you guys >> let's get to several breaking news story this morning. first here at home investigators are on the scene after a police involved shooting in lynn. you heard daniel mention the road closure on the lynnway. we're also told that this started as an armed robbery.
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following the story since early this morning. what's the latest information you are hearing? >> i can tell you the suspect is in police custody. but undergoing surgery after getting shot. take a live look. this is a very active scene. officers are still on the scene here trying to piece together exactly how this happened. >> gunshot in lynn after police come face to face with a suspect after a violent armed robbery at a gas station. the pocket. he was allowed to show the hand. he refused to do so. he continued to come at the officers. eventually the officers fired their weapon. the two lynn officers are okay. it's just before 4:00 in the morning. the clerk inside this gas station on the lynnway called 911 saying there was just an armed robbery. >> an individual went in there
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attempted to rob the store. violent struggle ensued with the clerk of the store. he was shaken up. lynn police shutting the lynn way down. parking evidence and gathering surveillance video. lynn's chief said the district attorney's office is part of investigating exactly what led to this officer opening fire. . >> it's still an open investigation. very active investigation. take a live look right now. a little bit of good new for commuter impacted by t they opened up one northbound travel lane. so some traffic will get through this area. the southbound lane opened about 15 minutes ago. this investigation continues. no update on how that suspect is doing last we were told he was undergoing surgery. those two officers again were not hurt. they did, though go to the hospital to get checked out. that's just something that is standard in a police officer involved shooting. live in lynn. victoria warren 7 news "today in
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a brazilian soccer team among the dozens of people onboard. >> in tennessee look that video here. a resort town ungulfed by flames. several wildfires raging now and officials say more than 100 homes have been damaged or destroyed. as those flames keep on burning. a lot of log cabins in that area. nicole oliverio joining us now with the latest on both these stories. >> that video out of tennessee just incredible. national guard troops are sent intoli areas. as you mention flames have been tearing through the tourist town known for skiing all morning long. it's believed 100 homes have caught fire there and a popular hotel in church near the great mountain national park were also hit by fire. now this is video from inside park view inn. the hotel that sits on the edge dolliwood. you can see flames just outside the windows there. and now shortly after this video was taken everyone inside was
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road leading up to the wooded areas. making things worse the strong wind gust some of those hitting 80 miles per hour. that's causing those flames to spread even faster. >> nothing that we've experienced in the 24 hours has prepared us for what we experienced here in the last 24 hours. it's been just an unbelievable what we've experienced here. >> immediate evacuations were declared overnight in gatlinberg as well as pigeonforge. right now ,0 el continue to work to contain the flame. rain just began to fall over the area. also breaking this morning a plane crashes in columbia with a brazilian soccer team onboard. the plane on its way to international airport in columbia. it had left bolivia around 6:00. 72 passengers and 9 crewmembers were onboard. officials just confirmed that five people managed to survive the crash. the other 76 people onboard were killed.
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treated at area hospitals. it's not clear yet what caused plane to go down. but officials say they are looking at a possible electrical problem but a female flight attendant said the plane ran out of fuel. charter planes carrying member of brazilian soccer team. they released a statement saying it was still evaluate evaluating the extent of the crash. the team was scheduled to play for form for the first leg of the south american cup finals. we'll have more on both of these breaking stories throughout the back to you. another breaking story police investigated a deadly crash that happened on mcclellan highway in east boston. investigators say a driver was killed when his car rolled over on route 1 late last night. crew closed off that road for several hours while they worked that scene. and a demonstration in cambridge has ended with 34 people being arrested. the people part of a nationwide fight for 15. and today is being billed as a day of disruption.
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many others across the country to demand $15 per hour for minimum wage. also happening right now. there was a bunch of people with a knife taking down people. >> we learn more about the suspect responsible for so much chaos and violence on campus at ohio state university yesterday in a man used his car and a xhief -- knife to now attack people. here's john the attack at ohio state started before 10:00 a.m. monday. students faculty blocked doorways and hid. we barricaded ourselves like what we taught. turned off the lights. the suspect 18-year-old was somali citizen who lived in the area and illegal permanent police in federal agents searching the apart wrment they
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investigator can't rule out terror at this point. >> we have to consider that it is. that possibility >> law enforcement officials say shortly before the attack this rant was posted to what appears to be his facebook page. saying that the attackings on muslims around the world quote led to a boiling point. i can't take it anymore. police say he drove over the curb. rammed the car into a group of pedestrians he then continued to attack. suspect came out with the only gunfired by a police officer. he shot and killed the suspect. the officer being right place at the right time. he was able to see this whole thing happen and take immediate action. campus police say they are confidence the suspect carried out the attack by himself. now they are investigating if anyone else helped him plan it. in the control room john cocoa. 7news "today in new england." the latest now in president-elect trump's transition today expected to be a benchmark day.
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georgia representative tom price has been nominate ford secretary of health and human service. price is an orthopedic surgeon who is known for being a very outspoken critic of obama care. if approved by the senate he is expected to dismantle the affordable care act. president-elect also meeting with mitt romney again today for the second such meeting. the former massachusetts governor is a contender for the secretary of state position this comes as the keep mitt romney out of the cabinet after romney sharp critisism after romney sharp critisism of trump during the campaign. >> there's report that campaign manager and chief strategy will attend the conference there on the school's campus. and jill stein is asking for recount in another battleground state. the former green party candidate
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pennsylvania this time. and this comes after wisconsin said it will also begin a recount of its votes later this week. >> happening today. salem state university will hold meeting to talk about controversial art exhibit. they will talk about whether an exhibit about the fears connected to the presidential election should remain closed. it was shutdown last week after people complained about a painting depicting members of the ku klux klan. >> cuba preparing for a special tribute toor castro. tens out of this sanneds expected to attend. schools and government offices will be closed. castro ashes will begin a three-day journey across the country. cuban officials honoring those ashes yesterday they held a moment of silence before leaving white roses in tokes yurn. the ashes will be entered after a public funeral set for sunday. still ahead on "today in new
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renaissance school. why they feel they are being left in the dark concerning allegation of sexual abuse onboard a school bus. stranded in a sinkhole. a man in north carolina stuck for hours in this scary situation. and we have a parade of wet weather headed our way through the next couple of days. i'll have the details and i want to go really big with my appetizers. r budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays.
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too! everything for the holidays.
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>> all right it's 9:15. and the rain i know has been falling in some parts. i don't think we see it in the city yet. it depends on where you are. which makes it i'm sure challenging to forecast here. it's not too bad. we look at widespread showers. that's pushing in from the west. right now temperatures are actually warming up nicely. the reason why i'm show thing right now is because that has been a concern especially to our
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this point. as we head into the rest of the day you can see we have freezing rain advisory in effect with areas in pink until 10:00 this morning. but, again, temperature already warming up nicely for us. couple of slippery spot reported this morning. i would watch out for that if you travel to northwest especially southern new hampshire seeing that activity right now. you can see on satellite and radar where the pinks are that's where we could have slippery spots. this is already starting to lighten up. in its place we look at rain showers from the west a of moisture headed our way. the areas in pink seeing slippery spot. lemonster seeing that right now. as we see those showers push in we're really looking at some lighter rain this morning. but that is going to pick up the pace as we head into the afternoon. a look ahead at futurecast. you can see by noon i think we're going to see more rain that what futurecast is showing. as we h body the afternoon. this is more accurate here. widespread showers, pocket of yellows showing where we could see more moderate to heavy
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up with your commute home from work and particularly actually the better chance for heavier rain looks to be south of the mass pike. pocket of heavy rainfall into the evening hours here. which will be very beneficial by dinner time or shortly there after a lot look half an intomorrow inch of rainfall. and then this tapers a up into the late overnight hours. we keep the cloud cover and a little bit of fog. so fog is going to be an uch you for us this afternoon. really through tomorrow. we'll have some patchy fog o by tomorrow morning mostly cloudy sky. we get a quick break from the rain. then we see the chance for showers again. by the late morning hours a better chance as we head into tomorrow afternoon. keeping that chance through the evening hours. pretty much a mirror image of what we see today. and we have that chance for moisture into thursday morning. the best chance for rain looks to be today. and then wednesday afternoon and evening. we could have a couple of inch on the ground. >> locally more like 3 inof of rain for some spot.
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afternoon. by the afternoon most of us in up thor 40s. and then as we head into the evening hours we actually warm up a little bit further. we talk temperature mid twists dropping back into the mid to low 40s and i think upper 40ings for us here in boston by tomorrow morning. your 7 on 7 forecast showing temperature trend above average through thursday. and it's going to be breezy but we'll see sunshine as we head into thursday afternoon. >> also on 7 a snow scare for couple in california. they are driving in the and get stuck in this snow. but we are happy to report this story has a happy ending. . >> very fortunate people there. they spent the night huddled in hair truck freezing cold. crews eventually found the couple both in their 60s and again they are safe. at about 6:45 on cold november night a search-and-rescue vehicle pulled up to the fire station. out first rory holliter tired
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>> he look ford his family members who had been waiting and worrying. his sister-in-law getting him with a huge hug. then rory wife reunited with her son anxiously awaiting news from base camp. >> i'm slow glad you are here. you already. >> rory and susan holiter ven cheed out saturday into the back wood driving adventure when their wheels got stuck in some deep snow on remote forest road. rory hiked to where he could get cell service around noon on saturday and send a text message with their problems maybe location. he then stayed with his wife in the truck waiting for help. dozens of rescuer conducted a thorough search and they found the couple just before the monday sunset. >> we weren't planning on being
9:19 am
so yeah, we did fairly well. tomorrow was going to be burn the tire day. they show up. and we were so glad to be out of there. i just want to shower. we're ecstatic. it couldn't have been a better outcome. and the fact they are doing so wall. we're overjoyed. i'm telling them they are not going out four-wheeling again. that's for sure. >> big relief. they both sayhe careful before driving in the snow the next time. >> and just ahead on # news. another story of survival. hunter in florida talking about frightening encounter with an alligator. up next grounded. we'll tell you how this passenger rant onboard an airplane got him banned for
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>> that's right. this man knows what's up. this passenger onboard a delta flight. now banned for life from the airline after launching into a rant about the president-elect. the airline took action after the supporter of trump went on tirade. the other people onboard the plane were recording this entire or deal. nicole oliverio is here now with
9:23 am
passenger after the airline faced pretty harsh critisism for allowing him to remain on the flight after the rants over. donald trump, baby. that's right this man knows what's up. a passenger recorded a donald trump support spewing profanity and yelling ability the president elect. >> he gets up in aisle and start clapping his hand. how many people -- no one going to say [beep] on the >> you can't hear me. trump baby. and insulting hillary clinton supporter. we got to hillary clinton [beep] supporters here. come on, baby. the man is banned for life from the airline. but some passengers don't think that's enough. >> he went off the plane for like 15 minutes delaying our flight. came back on and said this is what you get for being a patriot. and then sat down. i don't know what they can coto make up for.
9:24 am
delta has not reached out to her. hey, baby. trump is your president. [beep] every one of you. if you don't like it too bad. delta said it's offering a full refund to all the other passengers who were on the flight. back to you guys. coming up in the next half hour of 7news "today in new england" another incident involving a plane a woman who obviously had plans that couldn't wait. jumping off the plane before it wassen at the gate. better. bri or former pat's great troy
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chip. this is a barba qued potato truck. it's on fire after it burst into flames. as we head into the rest of your work week here. we are looking at some wet weather. will we be looking at white weather. an officer involved shooting in
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>> breaking news. police opening fire on armed robbery suspect. officers were not injured. that suspect is now in custody. fierce flames down in tennessee. wildfires raging through part of the state destroying dozens of homes and creating some dangerous conditions >> members of soccer team from brazil among the dozen killed
9:31 am
columbia. >> good morning. 9:30 and welcome back to 7news "today in new england." i'm christa delcamp. i'm chris anderson. thanks for spending time with us. not a bad start to day. there's changes in the way in the form of rain. >> let's get to ren. in time forren thing commute? >> absolutely. we've seen some slippery spot wrapping up. and a closer look at what we see in terms of moisture. you can see most has transitioned over to rain. but we did see some freezing massachusetts as well as western mass earlier here today. most is in southern new hampshire at the moment. closer look who is see thing. windsor, milford and keen seeing that. it just wrapping up and it's very, very light in terms of the moisture that we seen whether freezing rain or rain. temperatures are currently in the mid 30s to north west. we're in the mid 40s here. we will be above average temperatures again today. it will be breezier. i doubt you will know or feel like more mild day.
9:32 am
during thenning hours. we're following big breaking story this morning. first here at home investigators responding to the scene after a police involved shooting in lynn. we're told it started as an armed robbery and ended with shots fired. let's go to victoria warren at the scene and has the latest. vicki? >> lynn police telling that this suspect was walking toward officers. his hands in his pockets and he would not take his hands outf that's when they opened fire. we have an active scene out here as investigators try to piece together exactly how this happened. >> gunshot in lynn after police come face tofation with a suspect after a violent armed robber. >> the officer allowed him to show his hand. refused to do. continued to come at the officers. and they moved back. tried to create distance. one of the officer fired his
9:33 am
rushed to surgery at mass general. the two lynn officers are both okay. it was just before 4:00 in the morning the clerk inside this gas station on the lynnway called 911 saying there was just an armed robbery. >> an individual went in there claimed he was armed with firearm. attempted to rob the store. violent struggle ensued with the clerk of the store. he's okay. he's shaken up. lynn police shutting the lynnway down during the busy rush hour video. lynn's chief said the district attorney's office is part of investigating exactly what led to this officer opening fire. still an open investigation. an active investigation. some good news at this hour. for commuter we have two southbound lanes now open on the lynnway. all northbound lanes open as well. as for the suspect the last update we have the that his was in surgicalingry.
9:34 am
in. two officers went to hospital to get checked out. they are okay. that's standard we're told in an officer involved shooting. live in morning in lynn. victoria warren 7news "today in new england." also break thing morning. a plane crashing in columbia bra israelian soccer team onboard. the plane on way to the international airport in columbia. and it had left bolivia around 6:00 last night. the officials say 76 people onboard were all killed and five managed to survive. they hospital. not clear what caused plane the go down. but officials investigate a possible electrical problem. also breaking officials in tennessee now say that more than 100 homes have either been damaged or destroyed as this wildfire continues tearing through part of that state. national guard troops now being sent to the town of gatlinburg and surrounding areas. fire has been tearing through the tourist town known for its skiing all morning long. a popular hotel and a church
9:35 am
destroyed by the flames >> also this morning. paren parents meeting with school leader after allegation that a student was sexually assaulted onboard a school bus. and parents are not happy with the way officials handled this situation. let's go to nicolols with more on this. >> many parent left last night's meeting with more questions than answers after voicing their frustration about a 6-year-old boy who allegedly molested children on a school bus. this women took to expose what she said was getting swept under the rug. if it wasn't for my post none of the parent would know anything. they claim a 6-year-old boy sexually molested her friend's son and several other children while on the school bus to renaissance charter public school. last night the school held a meeting to answer questions. but that alleged victim's mother who asked not to show her face said they are still in the dark. >> we didn't get too many answer. seemed like the school was
9:36 am
i didn't feel like there was in protection for my child. many people agreed saying parents were arguing. some even walked out. >> we got no answered from these people here. okay. my child is not safe here. no one child is safe here. >> they need to let the parents kow what is going on with this kid. what they will do moving forward. the parents want to know why wasn't we notified. because of privacy issue they can't talk about the 6-year-old suspect status. and they have taken other steps to safeguard all other information the second we want it. doesn't mean things aren't being handled. for the moment with the child hurt in incident. it's still not enough. i feel like my child was left behind. school leader say they have added a monitor to bus where the alleged incident happened. any yoel. thank you. police in brockton question a driver who allegedly just took off after running down a man
9:37 am
turned himself in yesterday morning. shortly after 25-year-old sergio laconia died at the hospital. video shows the scene outside the nightclub. the man driving the jaguar was not the owner of that vehicle in the owner of the nightclub said he's making changes after this all happened. we will be doing some sort of crossing duty as >> is family that one that grieve. the victim from honduras leaves behind a wife and three children. >> 7news now turning to a fiery rescue in new jersey. police officer rushing to save a man from burning car. that car burst into flames when the driver suffered an apparent l medical emergency and crashed into other vehicle. that officer pulled the man out of the car before it was too late. look at the flames on that vehicle. the man said he is grateful this
9:38 am
something el didn't have to do. he put this individual first. >> very lucky man the city plans to honor the officer with lifesaving award for his bravery. >> a man in north carolina is recovering after he gets stranded in this sinkhole. he was stuck there 12 feet deep for several hours. but finally someone heard him screaming for help and crews were able >> the 911 call came in before 8:00 sunday morning. no one is around. just uncontrolled shaking. fire department showed up at the scene to find a man trapped and drumabling at the bottom of a sinkhole. >> he was obviously was very cold for a long period of time. he was shaking uncontrollably. and you know couldn't really
9:39 am
firefighter climbed into the hole and lowered a backboard and basket. we lay him in that. and place it on top of the ladder. tied in. tie the patient in and take a rope and slide him up. maybe he was screaming for help. but whoever basically heard him most likely saved his life. the victim taken to the hospital with some undisclosed injured. for now the road is roped off. they are saying this developed this hurricane matthew moved through. also on 7 now the florida man who attacked by an alligator day after thanksgiving has been released from the hospital. he's recovering at home. now he talked about this attack. he said he and friend were out duck hunting waste deep in water when he felt the alligator
9:40 am
i saw his mouth coming toward. me buddy shows the kayak in between the alligator and me. i think if he hadn't of done that. he would have put me again. >> lucky for him the firefighter were also hunting nearby. one of those firefighters tied a tourniquet around his leg until rescuer arrived. . >> a lay yeses potato chip go up in flame. the chip were on their store selves but obviously destroyed here. the truck literally just burned up. no one luckily injured in that fire. and a women undergoing medical evaluation now after officials say she was pull -- she pulled open the emergency exit door of a plane. and jump out. shortly after landing you can see the video here. the women running from the plane toward the terminal. this was in houston. the plane was waiting to arrive when the women jumped out. they didn't realize what had
9:41 am
there was no alarm. there was no indication that, that door had even been opened. wow. unclear why the women jumped from the plane. good way to get yourself in some trouble. >> not the smartest thing to do. you can wait in line. >> still ahead here on 7news "today in new england." brad stevens and the c's hoping to beat the heat down in miami. we got highlights from the hartwood coming up in 7 sport. police officer in louisville called on to make a special roadside delivery when we talk about moisture headed our way. what can you expect in terms of rainfall totals.
9:42 am
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9:44 am
>> okay so the rain that we've been talking about for couple of day is on its way. and i guess today is the day that it arrives. timing is everything. sounds like the evening commute could be a little bit tricky here. >> it could be more difficult than the morning commute. pe morning commute not bad at all. the rain took its time getting here but to northwest they've had a couple of slippery spot. greenfield seeing that. temperature wise we're above freezing. we're not as concerned about the freezing rain here. you can see much warmer across the cape and island. that will continue in terms of highs. we'll look at temperature above average. here's a quick look at the freezing rain advisory. that's wrapping up shortly. we see the activity wrap up for north central massachusetts but
9:45 am
freezing rain and southern new hampshire. a lot of this hasn't been reaching the ground. we will look at the intensity of the rain picking up the pace. more moderate to heavy rainfall possible as we head into the afternoon. but it will be pockets of heavy rainfall. closer look at who sees the rain. concorde and milford and kean seeing that. again this has been very, very light. so just a couple of slippery spots out there. that's wrapping up as well. a look ahead and you can see we continue to increase that southwest to northeast. and this trend continues into the afternoon. by the time you're headed home from work or starting to wrap things up at work we do have really widespread rainfall throughout southern new england. and where you see the yellows and oranges that's where you see pocket of rainfall as well. after dinner time this wraps up later into tonight. i think we look at dry periods as we head into the late overnight hours even into tomorrow morning. your morning commute doesn't look to be a soaker.
9:46 am
tomorrow as well as the afternoon we have another round of rain and another system that pulls through bringing the potential for more perform yeahable rainfall. rainfall total by this evening count be close to an inch. i think more saw around half an inch to three quarters of an inup. we could grab another inch of rain into wednesday afternoon through wednesday night. the likely chance for showers today that wraps up late tonight. and we chance for showers tomorrow especially by the afternoon through the evening and we could see some showers into thursday morning. pretty quickly for us. allowing for even sunshine into your thursday afternoon. but for today rain is likely temperatures in the mid 50s but it's not going to feel that mild for us. we do have a breezier day. wind gut up to 25. take a look what our temperatures are this afternoon. mid-to-upper 40s for many of us. warmer air to southeast. but it takes a while for that to reach us. as we into the evening hours.
9:47 am
see the 50-degree mark. that doesn't make it into north central mark. still mid 40s in kean. to low mid-to-upper 40s. by tomorrow morning areas of fog too. that could make things slower too as well. we stay above average for your first day of december, temperatures in the mid 50s. well above our average highs really through there work week. so louisville police officer going above and beyond after what started as a pretty typical day it quickly become anything but. she was driving in her cruiser. that's when someone flagged her down. the person had a friend that needed one to deliver some immediate attention. pretty immediate. nicole oliverio joining us now with the details. well, chris not just immediate attention but this officer was needed to help deliver a baby. the officer said there wasn't
9:48 am
didn't want to wait. started off as a normal patrol shift for officer elicia thompson. >> never did anything like this before. it. >> turned out to be her most memorable day on the job so far. a driver flagged her down. >> the lady started flashing high beams. she pulled up to me. sheets delivering a baby. >> there was no time to think only to react. >> i pull side of opened the car door and there's a partial head the sticking out. and we just went from there. push and there came the joy of life. >> thompson said she called for ems but the baby girl wouldn't wait. >> it's already coming. i've got to do something. put some gloves on. cradled the head. >> one the officers arrived they wrapped the baby in the sheet. ems rushed the baby and mom to hospital.
9:49 am
than 14 minutes from her flagging me down child coming out and ems leaving the scene. >> and even though she had just helped welcome a new life in the world she continued to work her shift. i won't to my next run. she did manage to make a quick phone call in between. >> i called my mom. i told her to watch the new. a first for someson who delivering on her oath to serve and protect. mom and baby are well. >> well, officer thompson said as far as she knows both mom and baby are doing well. story like this scare me right about now. >> your wife is going to have a baby in how many weeks? >> december 23rd is estimated date. i don't want to have name my son after the road that he was born on. >> let's hope not. i'm crossing my fingers for you. and yur wife. >> coming up on "today in new england" football fan's dream come true. find out how to win super bowl
9:50 am
>> tom brady's son stealing the tb 12's weekly radio interview. we'll hear what little benjamin
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> without al moreford excused after the birth of his second child. they didn't need him. the celtics rollover miami for the fourth straight win on the road. isiah thomas and company built a 17-point lead by half time. anden though the heat got within nine late thomas too strong down the stretch. he goes for 25 including a perfect nine for nine at the line celtics beat the heat 112 of the 104. it's anybody's guess when
9:53 am
grownkowski back. the tight end leeing in the first quarter of sunday's game with a back injury. one reportedly not too serious. but the team plans on playing it safe with gronc already dealing with a chest injury. and the bruins travelling a little bit light to philadelphia for tonight. skate with the fliers. i'm joe amorosino, that's sports. have a great day. so tom brady's son benny made a surprise appearance during all his dad's radio interview. he talked about brady's performance against the jets and few other things. take a listen. >> he was playing against the green guys. i don't know what they are called. but they are very good. >> how did you think you dad did yesterday? >> great. flipped his chest. and he tripped too. >> he sure did. he got tripped a few time. and he gotten more hit. >> more hurt. >> wow maybe you will tell us
9:54 am
his like a donkey. . what way? >> in a crazy way. >> crazy donkey. >> he's been called the goat. the greatest of all time. >> now only benny can get away with that one. i'm sure. so cute. >> it's our donkey quarterback. >> i'm sure they do eventually after this one. >> up next here on 7. the word of the year and worldwide events that led to it
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> dictionary doltcom revealed it's word of the year and the word is zenophobia the fear of hey dred of foreigners.
9:57 am
the company said that zenophobia become the most searched word in the united kindom after they voted to leave the european union. also spiked after trump cause called for temporary ban on muslim entering the country. a chance to win the golden ticket in the super bowl. they can enter competition to score s life. six winner will be chosen to for season tickets their favorite team. >> i assume everyone would pick here. patriots. >> would willy wonka approve? >> he would. >> beer and chocolate go well together >> especially on a rainy day. as we head into today we've seen drizzle and light rain. now we look at more moderate to heavy rain from the west. that's a soggy forecast throughout the day.
9:58 am
>> today show coming your way next. thanks for watching. i'm christa delcamp.
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tedhealthcare. this morning on "today's take" -- "gilmore girls" and guys gather around. lauren graham is our celebrity co-host. then, could she be the next adele? she'll blow your mind. plus "rolling stone" reveals the number one album of the year coming up >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to a tuesday morning, little on the damp side here in new york city. november 29th, 2016. i'm al, along with tamron. our special guest co-host, actress, writer, producer, gilmore girl lauren graham. this is so exciting! >> so exciting for me, too. >> can i fan girl over everything about you right now.


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