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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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rain on way for tomorrow and wednesday. >> man left for dead after collision in brockton the police say man behind the wheel has turned himself in. frustrated parents demand answers. my child is not safe here. no one's child is safe here. after an accusation that six-year-old sexually ammo lessed other students on a school bus. bitter battle reportedly brewing when president-elect trump camp as he argues election is rigged even though he won. >> a man ground after rant runway. >> donald trump is your president every one of you. a donald trump supporter banned for life. she must have been in a hurry. a passenger takes side door popping open an emergency exit after landing. seven news at 11 starts now. first at 11, rain is headed our way. it's going to stick around for the next two days. and with temperatures dropping heads up because some of could see patchy, freezing drizzle. let's get right over to joer me
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norwood 23. the city ad 39. and we're at that time of year when you talk about a storm coming into new england if there's any left over cold air, then, there may be a little bit of freezing drizzle for some of you. again it's not a major winter storm for us. a rain maker. some beneficial rain at that. overnight tonight clouds will increase. temperatures will slowly start to rise as those clouds come into new england. but for some of you they are still maybe left over cold air morning commute pocke o in these locations here pink shading there may be patchy freezing drizzle out ur route two corden surgeon new hampshire for couple of hours tomorrow morning then for all of us it's on to rain. which will arrive around noon tomorrow. we will have a rainy evening commute. temperatures tomorrow in upper 40s to around 50. that's just day one. wednesday, more rain. we'll talk more about that i'll show you how much rain is on the way. thanks jr you can track rain in your neighborhood while you're on go check weather on or 7 news
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now from the night team, chaos confusion university locked down use butcher knife to start cutting a deadly end to one student's violent campus crime new video tonight of suspect's car being tow wood more than 12 hours after police say he plowed into stabbing people. tonight, the ohio state freshman's motive is still mystery. but investigators say he may have been radicalized by a terror group. jadiann thompson joins with us latest information. >> well kim, of 11 people injured here all are expected to be okay. now police are searching scene of an address associated with the ohio state university suspect. trying to find a motive. >> police say the attack at ohio state university started just
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doorways and hid. it was really scary we barricaded our certainlies in our rooms like we were taught. turned off our lights. um, just hunkered down. federal law enforcement official saying suspect 18-year-old abdul artan was a somali citizen that lived in area a u.s. official says he was legal permanent resident. and investigators say they can't rule out terror at this point. >> we have to consider that it is that possibility. you know we had an attac earlier this year with man with a knife causing multiple injuries. so we're always aware that that's the potential. and we're going to continue to look at that. that's why our federal partners are here and helping. police say the attacker deliberately jumped curb with a car and rammed into a group of pedestrians. that car registered to a family member. he then continued to attack slashing people with a knife. >> he exited the vehicle and used a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians.
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osu's president says that officer shot and killed artan within roughly one minute when he failed to follow orders to put down his weapon. >> he engaged the suspect. he eliminated the threat. suspect is doa. minutes after the attack a campus wide alert went out saying active shooter on campus. run, hide, fight. >> a federal law enforcement official says the gunshots reported may have been of the police officer shooting the attacker. >> ohio governor john kasich saying today tomorrow. he went on to say people are getting their confident back in ohio state will be stronger having gone through this. live in newsroom jadiann thompson seven news. tonight we're learning more about student suspect through online activity specifically chilly post to his facebook page. >> police and federal agents tonight are searching the apartment where they say the attacker abdul artan livered. they are going through his social media and interviewing family and friends looking for are a motive. law enforcement officials say shortly before artan plowed into
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to be his facebook page saying that attacks on muslims around world "let to boiling point. i can't take it any more. authorities say artan was born in somalia. fled with his family to pakistan in 2007. and came to u.s. through jfk airport in 2014. he was lawful permanent u.s. resident. investigators are looking whether artan was inspired by overseas propaganda isis and al qaeda urge follower to carry out attack tax. two months an for knife attack had hurt nine people minnesota shopping mall. and french police say a truck attack in july that quilled 84 people in nice was inspire by isis campus ploy is a they are confident came to campus alone to carry out the attack by now they are investigating if anyone helped plan that attack following a develop are story at 11 elderly man in tewksbury rescued from his burning home. neighbors rushing in when they noticed the flames.
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brandon. kim an older man lucky that a neighbor and two police officers were first on scene. because they pulled him from house and started tearing off his clothes while he's still on fire. take look you can actually see one firefighters on the roof right now still checking and monitoring for for hot spots. >> a fire ripped through back of this home with an elderly father and his daughter inside. a neighbor rushed in to save the 84-year-old man. >> so he ran outside and um, daughter was at the drw and her father was on fire. so ran over. and pulled him out of the house. neighbor and two police officers brought man to this grassy patch in the middle cul-de-sac and started tearing his clothes off. his shirt was on had to cut his shirt off and chest and back was on fire. pretty bad. still stolering this video you can see at man being air lifted to mass general hospital for what we're told are severe burns. >> half crew to take the patient
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and other half. you know, made pretty strong effort to contain the fire and fight the fire. firefighters had to vent roof to fight the flames. it happened on south street in tewksbury just after seven this evening. the deputy chief said daughter who also lived in home was taken to local hospital for smoke inhalation but should be okay. we believe so. up she was up and walking around and talking fine. but she did take in some smoke. neighbors concerned for older man who they say very active and good shape for hope he's okay. the fire started in back of the house. the cause is still under investigation. live in tewksbury brandon gunnoe. brockton police combe questioning a driver linked to this crash in rach man was hit by a car and left behind. investigators say driver turned himself in this morning. shortly after the victim died at the hospital. alexis live in brockton tonight. ryan that man had just
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club to cross north main street. that is when he was hit the driver kept going but apparently his conscious got best of him. he's turned himself in. >> after stepping out of spot night club on to north main street the 25-year-old man is hit. we stopped the video right before impact. the driver of the jaguar sped away. the owner of the night club says he wants to make changes. >> i i need to folk ounce my security making sure patrons can come in and out of here a well doing our security duties, we're going to doing some sort of crossing guard duties as well with flashlights sergio was rushed to hospital but he died monday morning. la i don't know ya had come to united states from honduras. >> oh too bad. too sad. somebody just. you can't hit and run. you tell them, all my fault. you don't just run. over weekend detectives located jaguar and able to determine the
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turned themselves in and has been questioned. by police. to leave somebody, that's bad. >> you should be put away for a long time. >> the victim sergio leaves behind three children. his wife is in honduras. it's terrible. especially around this time of year. to have something like that happen to you. or to the family. to the family is one that's going to grieve now. >> state police is now handling the driver's name has not been released. >> wooir live in brockton alex, 7 news, night team. >> and police say an elderly pedestrian was hit by a car in westwood today and flown to hospital. happened some afternoon on weather bee drive. police say pedestrian is in her 90s. she was walking when the car or person driving that car lost control and hit her. they say that driver is also elderly. and perhaps medical issue could have contributed to the crash.
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when police say car t boned a logan express bus slamming right into fuel tank. car as you can see burst into flames. all four people got out safely. three were taken to the hospital. with minor injuries. the crash left fuel gushing on to the street and right into storm drains. crews spent hours on scene there and were able to pump all gasoline out of the storm drains. the night team now turning to boston parents voicing their frustration tonight after disturbing encounters on a school bus. one parent says a six-ye students. tonight parents got chance to grill school leaders about how they've handled the situation. kimberly bookman is live in hyde park. kim, tonight there was meeting here at the school to answer parents questions. but many say they left with little information. if it wasn't for my post, none parents would know anything. this woman took to facebook to exposed what she says was getting swept under rug claiming
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efrl others while on 62s bull to renaissance charter public school. tonight a week after that post sparked outrage from parents, school held meeting to answer questions. >> but that victim's mom who asked not to show her face said they are still in the dark. we didn't get too many answers. seems like school is protected. child i understand. which but appeal like there was any protection for my child. many people agreed saying parents arguing some even walked out. >> we got no answers from the these ppl okay. my child is not safe here. no one's child is safe here. >> they need to let these parents know what's going on with this kid what they going to do moving forward. parents want to know. why wasn't we notified due to privacy issues they can't talk about six-year-old suspect status taken steps to safeguard all other students. >> they also address the handling of the situation saying in a statement the families of affected children were contacted immediately. and decision to notify only those families was made to protect the privacy and well
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children. just because we can't get the information the second we want it, doesn't mean things aren't being handled. for mom with child hurt in this incident, it's still not enough. >> i am disappointed. i feel like my child was left behind. >> now school officials say since this incident happened they have ad ad bus monitor on to that same bus. where these incidents have happened. they have also offered counselling to any and all students. >> reporting live in from hyde night team. mother in court on child endangerment charges of a passing out from dangerous dose. this video of salem new hampshire woman pass theed out out in lawrence massachusetts family dollar store went viral back in september. today 36-year-old woman was in lawrence courtroom arraigned on charges of child endangerment. her attorneys asked for her to be released saying she's currently in a treatment facility. she enter ad program. she's 67 days into that program. to not hold her on $10,000 cash
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and have that all set back. and all of the progress that you've made push ood side. mandy how is your daughter doing? excuse me. she was released her turn says she's choosing not to see her daughter until treatment is over. trump transition. reporting hitting rough patch. sources tell nbc news tonight there is growing disagreement about cabinet hoiments giving mitt romney a top post. tonight we learned president-elect has filled a administration. tim caputo is in our control room now. kim late word today georgia representative tom pricey has selected to be secretary of health and human services. price has been a vocal critic of obamacare. but one cabinet position is still up in hair trump top aides wage very public fight over who should be chosen for secretary of state. >> a busy day at trump tower and a promise more cabinet positions will be filled soon. >> being back at first thing in
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announcements tomorrow necco contender of secretary an of state. david petition met with president-elect at trump tower today >> meeting went very well. was with him for about an hour. he basically walked us around the world. showed great grasp of variety of challenges that are out there. and some of the opportunities as well. petraeus is now being considered folly a very heated internal battle among trump's transition team on whether mitt romney should be selected. some are still upset romney's personal attacks against trump during the campaign i'm all pore party unity i'm not sure we have to secretary of state position i am no the sure if mitt romney voted tore donald trump. one thing trump loyalist recount spearhead id by jill stein is waste of time. president-elect tweeted sunday in addition to winning electoral college in landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct millions of people who voted illegally. trump presented no evidence of
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forward in wisconsin officials there are offended president-elect casting doubts about election process. >> personally i like to him to come down trump tower and spend time with the folks on the ground that are counting these votes to say people are counting illegal votes is an insult to the people that run our election. romney is scheduled to meet with trump again tomorrow. and president-elect will also sit down with senator bob corker who is chairman of the senate foreign relations committee and today bbt bank. he's candidate for treasury secretary live in control room tim caputo cabin pressure builds after runway rant. donald trump baby. that's right. this man knows what's up tonight that passenger's controversial comments landing him in trouble with the the airline. plus high anxiety another flight when passengers makes a great
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on here? come on, baby. trump. >> a supporter of president-elect donald trump goes on tirade grounding him for life. at least with delta airlines. pilot was just about to take off when this passenger goes on a runway rant he seemed to ignore him d and clear. donald trump, baby. that's right. this man know's what up a donald trump supporter caught on cam rap cause hakdz delta airlines flight a spew fro president obama fants yelling about president-elect. he gets up in aisle. really. you can't hear me?
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even insuling hillary clinton supporters. we've got hillary clinton supporters on here. come on, baby. trump. delta says man banned for life from airline. but some passengers think he went off he went off on plane 15 minutes delaying our flight came back on and said this is what you get for alaska patriot. loudly for the whole flight to hear then sat down. i don't know what they can do to make up forpassenger says got hateful messages for post video online delta has not reached out to >> hey, baby. donald trump is your president every one of you. if you don't don't like it, too bad. delta says it is offer full refunds to passengers on that flight. we're following more news tonight a woman makes an early exit from her flight in houston. see than emergency exit door. yes its open. and individual capture her hopping out of that exit shortly of a plane landed. and then, she runs away on the tarmac. houston police eventually caught
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jumped off that plane. >> now, 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> all right. next couple of days unsettled rain tomorrow. again on wednesday. i think rain each day more so in the afternoon. in evening commute the morning hours will just be just patchy drizzle cool raw temperatures tomorrow. again on wednesday. chilly right now. norwood 23. orange, 23. worcester at 34. city at 39. clouds are beginning move into midnight, those temperatures will actually slowly start to rise after midnight. upper 20s now. and then heading for low and mid 30s early tomorrow morning. here is our storm system. the center of storm has parked itself over minnesota tonight. snow showers are across dakotas on front side of storm showers and thunderstorms. even a couple of severe thunderstorms earl why today in iowa. tornadoes. not heading this way but storm system is in a couple pieces.
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again, primarily lunch time through the mid evening hours. then a break tomorrow night. wednesday wednesday morning and then a second area of low pressure off the main over here. comes at us on wednesday afternoon. and wednesday night. and then by thursday, we are into the sunshine. first day of december will be relatively mild. here you go tomorrow morning patchy drizzle temperatures in low 30s. 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. rainy. cool, raw. mid 40s. oddly enough warm is part day tomorrow during evening hours near 50 degrees. now there will be left over cold pockets of air across the worcester hills, southern new hampshire. and again i don't want to boy that cried drizzle but there could a little bit of patchy freezing drizzle in worcester hills route two corridor off southern new hampshire for few hours early tomorrow morning not widespread. not significant. but, you know, first bout of winter precipitation that we've had in a while. and you know kind of like training camp. got to work your way into
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hours tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon you will need rain gear much same on wednesday mid and upper 40s. here's your time line. evening commute tomorrow could a little bit dizzy with downpours. i think wednesday evening's commute similar to tomorrow, will feature showers and downpours. good news is that this is beneficial rain for that darn drought. it will will take several months rain storms like this go long wie most cities and towns between one and two inches of rain. imagine if that two feet of snow. but not this go around. your time is coming not this week thursday morning clouds. sun afternoon breezy mild temperatures on thursday mid 50s. have a good night. way to bring us down and bring us up. we won't shoveling two feet of snow. all right joes celtics had fun down in miami. a lot of down there these days. because miami heat are not what they used to be. isaiah thomas and celtics ran it up on them tonight.
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and now, time for seven sports with joe amorosino. celtics in mime would al for horde who was excused of a birth
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depleted heat team they didn't need hem celtics rollover for fourth straight. by two have an an. turned up in second avery bradley take full advantage nonexistent beating everyone baseline. celtics out score heat 27-12 in quarter. i so i a thomas hooks up jay crowder off steal for tough lay in celtics led by 17 at the half. we go to a third quarter. crossing up. je high over window over white side he got his too. fourth quarter, he'll spin around kelly olynyk and coup 62 scoop it home a guam high 27. he got within 9 but thomas was too strong down the stretch he goes for 25. including a perfect 9 for 9 at the free throw line. celtics beat the heat 112-104. it took them a little while to really start looking like himself, but all's well that ends well for tom brady.
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patriots quarterback says says his injure right knee progressing even when he's doing something out of his element. it's better that's last monday. i'm very happy about that. its hard to really show toughness. other than being out there every play. i mean you guys saw what happened when. so, you don't know what to do i'm looking around it's like really a fish out of water when i'm out there i try to be out there for my teammates every week. and you know, you can count on me to do that anybody guess when brady will have rob gronkowski back. big tight end leaving first quarter of yesterday's game. with a back injury. one that's reportedly not too serious. but team plans on playing it safe with gronk who already dealing with that chest injury. play of the day brought to you by capital 1. >> number one kentucky showing off in against arizona state.
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degree el reverse flush always love to see fast break ball never hits the floor this something elts cats having fun on run four our play of the day. and bruins traveling agents light to fulfill for tomorrow night's skate with the fliers.
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all right we're out time tonight show is next i'm ryan schulteis in for adam williams. thank you so much for joining seven news continues a 5:00 a.m. with today new england. you might wto ugly days ahead of us but have a
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