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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. . . . first a member of donald trump's cabinet has been chosen, but he hasn't accepted the job yet. >> they were against each other during the campaign, trump plans a policeman striking a woman during an altercation. >> the winter weather that has us excited. the lengths they will go for milk and cookies. and the eye popping sales prices for marlin monroe's infamous happy birthday mr. president dress. "early today" starts right now.
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mohyeldin. >> i'm frances rivera. >> mr. trump added michael flynn to hissed a min strag. no word on whether he accepted the offer. knew this morning, he is considering mitt romney for secretary of state. keep in mind the two men are scheduled to meet in what should be a very awkward greeting, following the dramatic backing between the >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> you can see how loyal he is. he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said, mitt, drop to your knees. he would have dropped to his knees. >> the bullying. the greed, the showing off, the mysogeney the third grade the at
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going around, ah, ah, he's a sad case. you know they still -- >> romney joins former u.n. ambassador bob colton, bob corker, former new york city rudy guiliani and south carolina governor nikki haley from a possible people for secretary of state. other other include governor rick scott, senator jeff sessions, henry kissinger and more. one removes himself, house speaker newt gingrich tells nbc news, he will not be a part of the trump cabinet. >> that and sinz abe is the first to meet wp mr. trump for what was described as a very candid discussion.
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the trump university case. trump's legal team asked for a delay until after the inauguration. justice correspondent pete williams confirms even president trump can be compelled to testify on this and other lawsuits pertaining to matters prior to his election. keep in mind, the trump university legal case was brought by former students who claimed they misrepresented what students will be taught t. federal judge in the case, the same judge who trump said during c because of his ethnic identity. now to a disturbing story out of arizona, where a police officer has been placed on leave after a video was posted on social media, showing him punching a woman in a face during a confrontation. >> that woman was subsequently investigated and an investigation is under way. nbc has more. >> reporter: cell phone video captured the confrontation if flag staff, arizona, when the officer threw the punch.
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>> you can't hit a girl like that. >> police were responding to an eviction notice. it is unclear who led to the police officer, and she was arrested and released. >> just let him arrest you. >> you dare see it. it's the people who are supposed to protect us and they did not protect us. they ended up hurting me. >> reporter: the plarld placed the officer on leave. the chief saying he is concerned by what is depicted. >> it is our intent to conduct a investigation into this matter. >> reporter: in his report, the officer said he was kicked and needed in the groin. the video shot behind a rail is not the only everyday. >> stop, police, stop, right now! >> reporter: in flag staff, police wear body vecameras like
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to reaction. >> to a teen pool party if texas. officers impact high profile incidents like these never face criminal charges. in arizona, police are asking for time and patience to determine if the whole story is on this shocking tape. miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> we also have video from a six-year-old boy pulled out ought rubble if syria. it four hours to rescue this shocked and bloody child in aleppo. sadly, his mother was killed in that airstrikes t. strikes are a part of a russian launch this week t. bombardment created a syrian crisis with the disruption of water and electricity supply to residents. >> more and more disturbing evidence of those children.
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others in canton, illinois. look at this under surveillance video from wednesday. it captures the very moment of impact. right there, officials say a contractor digging outside the 125-year-old opera house hit aen line. the cause of the explosion, though, is under investigation. it is the latest in a series of recent explosions rocking communities across the country. in the past 20 incidents have killed nearly 300 people in the united states, causing more than a billion dollars in property damage. 50 wildfires are burning and 20,000 acres across seven states and residents' house may be in danger. it's going 20 feet in the air, mack it difficult to breathe. >> if smrn to walk into an enclosed designated smoking
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the same type of smoke we are exposed to by the forest fires. >> authorities believe many of the fires were started by arsonists. the governor of north carolina amourn theed up to a $10,000 reward leading to an arrest. we have a new ipopping stat for you. the u.s. divorce rates have now dropped to a 40-year low. we are talking about 40 years here. it's based on new data by bowling green the divorce rate is 16.924 hourss for every thousand women across the country. marriage rates have increased to 32.2 marriages for every thousand women. >> i think because you know i was reading about this, it seems people are mature and marrying later in life. >> we figure ourselves out. all right, weather news, snow is headed to different parts of the country.
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taking in the snowflakes with what might be described as purevdorj happiness. >> i love it. >> he has no plays to worry about. >> it's called, please come back inside. >> there it is, living the life. bill cairns is here with that. >> i love the first snow. everybody likes to go out there. it's that third and fourth we don't leak so much. winter storm warnings continue from nebrasko the police ard conditions. the snow has broken out overnight. it is heavy overnight. the heaviest snow, that's going to be shing up into areas of south dakota and minnesota during the day today. that's where the worst will be. nebraska will see things improving slowly. we are looking at six to 12 inches of snow by the end of tonight. here's a closer look at your day ahead. >> well, also the other big
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cold air is moving all through the middle of the country. enjoy this warmth through the ohio valley. much colder conditions will arrive on saturday and sunday. >> whole talk about the weekend forecast coming up. there is more snow, too. >> we have holiday traffic coming up. >> thank you. just ahead, bayer "time" magazine iconic photos. plus, when is the best time boss doesn't get suspicious? >> they get suspicious every day, every day. >> we'll tell you when we come back. thanks for giving victor te energy to be the rowdiest fan. and joseph, the ability to see monsters. when you choose walgreens, you choose to make a difference... like how every vitamin and flu shot you get at walgreens helps give life-changing vitamins and vaccines... to children in need. so, really...
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more "doing chores for mom" per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. >> well, "time" imagination has composed their picks for the most influential images. here's a few that made the list. >> are you looking at the lock necessary monster. this is from world war ii, the iconic image over nagasaki japan
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american flag on iwo jima back in 1945. then there's this the historic 1965 man on the moon and while contell prepare snapshots made the list, ellen's selfie went viral in the oscars in 2014. >> incredible. some of those pictures bring back memory, especially that oscar one. very powerful. leading the news, violence erupted in athens, greece. hooded protester round of projectiles at the police, who responded with tear gas and grenade, littering the streets with riot and smoke. they broke out after the us a territory policy, which were demanded by the european union and international monetary fund in exchange for critical loans for that country. in the washington post, a fake news writer writes bluntly, quote, i think donald trump is
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t. article comes as social media sites like facebook and twitter are under a barrage of criticism of what say some is aiding and abetting the false information during the election. president obama is lending his voice to the fight as he comes out swing against this misinformation. >> there is so much active misinformation and it's pack and very well and it looks the same when you see it open a facebook page or you turn on your television. if everything seems to be the same and no distinctions are made, then we won't know what to protected. we won't know what to fight for. >> mark zuckerberg, himself, said fake news was not something that's swayed the election. if it's getting the president's attention, it is serious. mcdonald's will have customers now be able to order
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take a seat and have the dpliefrd to tear table. they are introducing it to all stores nationwide, people are happier to wait for food sitting down. it hopes to win commerce lost to competitors to shake shack, including me. >> we will see how that turns out. just ahead, how much did one marin monroe's iconic dress sell for? history. we will bring you those details next. and trim the tree with 50% off holiday d?cor. dress to impress for the school concert and keep warm with $16.99 hats and $49.99 boots. then hurry home to cozy up for a family movie night. at kohl's, friends and family save a little more with an extra 20% off. it's our way of saying thanks so you can give a little more this holiday. kohl's.
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>> fast forwarding, today, president obama marks obama's final foreign stop of his presidency. former senator ted cruz will different a speech alongside governor nikki haley. >> this weekend's box offic and where to find them opens nationwide. >> nocturnal animals, the psychological thriller starring amy adams and jake gyllenhaal. >> a drama with casey affleck and michelle williams a. lot of food movies to try to catch. >> ipopping headlines. you remember that famous skin tight dress worn by marlin
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auction. >> ? happy birthday ? ? mr. president ? ? happy birthday to you ? >> well, she was wearing that dress right there at that very moment when she sang to the president t. dress sold for a whopping $4. million t. buyer, ripley's believe it or not. believe it. >> it sold for 4.8. >> so y rendition of mr. president. the iconic pieces of mar len memorabilia. next, the biggest bust, the u.s. seized fake u.s. currency, the u.s. secret service was carrying out searches in lima when the huge stacks were discovered. peru is the largest manufacture of fake u.s. currency. 48 people were busted in the raid. six plants were shut down.
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announcement came out of peru. probably a coordinated secret service operation. >> maybe you can use a little me time, well, playing hookie from work will do the trek. now a new survey found the best time of day to call out people from work is at 6:38 a.m. on a tuesday. of course, that's within are you most likely to be believed. apparently, unlike calling out sick on a monday >> never worry. everyone always calls you out on it. >> the number one reason, apparently, stomach problems. you can't argue with that. >> tuesday if you call out sick with stomach problems. >> i may do that. here's the thing, when it comes to mental health, mental well inside, you know what, those are important. so, businesses, you know. >> everybody needs a break sometime. have you ever we heard about the grandma thanksgiving text story that has gone viral?
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and yell, trump is coming. >> yikes! trump is coming! aaaah! >> trump is coming! >> trumpl is coming! >> trumpl's coming! >> it's very simple. melania does the same thing when she hears him coming home at night. >> all right. it is something that happens to a lot of us, who send a text t for an arizona teen, it turned into a thanksgiving dinner. he said he received a text that read, in part, thanksgiving at my house and it was from grandma. he didn't recognize the number and wondered when did his grandmother start texting. he asked for a pic. shery employed with a picture and the text writing, shelves not his grandmother and can i still get a plate? she said, yes, and invited him
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dinner. >> that is such a nice story him some good news heading into the holiday season, we all love those random, i love getting invited to grandma's house. >> it's usually a wrong number. that's a great example of how it works out. here's a british man that took a giant leap. that's simon barry. he did it to just, because he was kind of hungry. he wanted milk and cookies, he set the world record bungy he jumped 240 feet. look at that perfection, to nail that cup of tea was pretty tricky. not only is he a world record holder. he officially did an amazing feat. congrats to him. pretty amazing. >> spot on. accuracy. >> this is "early today." little dakota's nose was quivering in fear. because it knew an ordinary tissue was near.
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>> this is 7news now. >> christa: good morning, everybody. it's finally friday. we're ready to go on "today in new england." >> kris: we get started in a few minutes. first up, breaking news, a man in custody after standoff in norton. police say he opened fire at officers while barricading himself inside a home. some of those bullets hit the situation did come to a peaceful condition collusion. we're live this morning with all the breaking details. >> christa: and a man will be facing a judge after a deadly shooting in dorchester where police say the suspect shot and killed the victim during an argument last night. >> kris: then three girls facing hate crime charges this morning after police say they harassed and assaulted a woman on the "t." according to investigators, the 15-year-old verbally abused and then punched a woman several times because they thought she was an immigrant. >> christa: and a little girl
4:58 am
special note thanking officers for checking their house after discovering the from the door ha been left wide open. really nice gesture there. >> kris: it really is. we need to know what the weather will be like, not just for today but also saturday and sunday. >> wren: today we're looking at a wonderful friday forecast. yesterday we saw a couple peeks of sunshine as we head into the afternoon, but it was cloudy during the morning today. mostly sunny skies throughout your day. more clouds over the cape. a bit breedsier there, asl. pad earn. that cloud cover thickens up. we do stay mild. mild temperatures today and tomorrow. by sunday we have a pretty significant cool down headed our way. satellite and radar showing clear skies. the high pressure still in command of our weather pattern, but again, we only have a couple days more of this before our next frontal system approaches. temperatures are varied. we're in the dealing with terribly light winds. we saw clear skies last night. bedford and low-lying areas as well as norwood. you're about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday at this
4:59 am
hyannis about 15 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. here's where we're sitting in terms of temperatures. 30 degrees in orange. a chilly 32 in bedford. 32 in nashua, as well. here in boston, we're in the mid to low 40s. still comfortable and unseasonably warm for us. we have cooler temperatures out here this morning some a cool start, an we have more cooler weather headed our way. so get outside and enjoy today's beautiful day. we're looking at temperatures near 60 degrees as we head into the afternoon. cooler as you head toward the cape. "today in new england" starts now. >> christa: now at 5:00 a.m., breaking news, a manholed up in a home in norton fires shots fired at police striking a vehicle in a standoff leaving a community on edge. >> kris: plus a teenager accused of an alarming attack is set to face a judge. police say he grabbed a 14-year-old girl while she was walking to her bus stop and started choking her.
5:00 am
police say his spelling helped her connect those crimes. >> sarah:>> kris: mitt romney so meet with president trump. the big position the former massachusetts governor is in contention for. >> this is 7news "today in new england." >> kris: it's friday, 5:00. thanks so much for making us part of your day. i'm kris anderson. >> christa: and i'm christa delcamp. look like it will be a nice day. wren clair has a check of your forecast. >> wren: clear skies this morning. temperatures are pretty varie mild day. get outside and enjoy some of this nice weather. we have more seasonable wealth headed our way shortly here. for today, temperatures starting out in the upper 30s in worcester. 32 in bedford. 33 in norwood. in boston we're more mild, in the mid to low 40s for many of us. comfortable start, cool for some. light jacket a great idea. as we head into the afternoon, temperatures again close to 60 degrees. you can expect slightly cooler temperatures across the coast and breezier conditions across the cape. into tonight, mostly clear skies.


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