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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 5, 2016 12:38am-1:38am EDT

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you stand next to trump, people think, "i can't wait to vote for hillary." when you stand next to michelle, they think, "you're blocking our view of michelle." [ laughter and applause ] that's right. [ applause ] michelle obama joined hillary clinton on the campaign trail today. said michelle, "fine, i'll go, but i'm not wearing the necklace." [ laughter and applause ] russian president vladimir putin praised donald trump today and job of energizing american voters tired of the elites. what's more amazing is he said it at a trump rally. [ laughter and applause ] putin dismissed the notion that russia's attempting to influence our election, saying, quote, "is america some sort of banana republic?" no, i'd say we're more like a t.j. maxx the day after black friday. [ laughter and applause ] i'd say that's where we're at right now.
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he laid out his new deal for black america. when asked what black america was, he said, "haven't decided, but probably off the coast somewhere." [ laughter and applause ] [ audience ohs ] "i said i haven't decided. why are you groaning?" [ laughter ] yesterday was hillary clinton's 69th birthday, which means she probably spent today going through her facebook wall to read all of the birthday messages from friends and family. let's check it out. birthday, hillary." janet posted, "you rock, hills." let's see who else wished her a happy birthday. let's see clinton aide huma abedin posted, "happy b-day. don't tell my husband about this website." [ laughter ] president barack obama posted, "party at my place, and don't try to move any of your stuff in this time." [ laughter and applause ] vice president joe briden posted, "somebody's got a birthday shoulder rub coming their way!"
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republican nominee donald trump posted, "if it's your birthday, the calendar is obviously rigged." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] trump campaign manager, kellyanne conway posted, "happy birthday. let me know if you're hiring. lol, jk, jk. but also, for real, let me know." [ laughter and applause ] first lady michelle obama posted, "happy birthday from me and barack." melania trump posted, "happy birthday from me and barack." [ laughter ] hillary's pantsuit posted, "have a sensible birthday." [ laughter ] and finally, senator bernie sanders posted, "look at all these birthday messages. there must be over 30,000. better not delete them all. lol." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] a new report has found that the word "memes" has now overtaken "jesus" in terms of number of google searches.
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[ laughter and applause ] and finally, officials in indonesia have launched a new extermination program where they will pay residents $1.50 for each rat they kill. so, ladies and gentlemen, meet indonesia's newest billionaire, pip. [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he is one of the stars of the new film "loving," joel edgerton isac [ cheers and applause ] fantastic guy and wonderful actor. also, she is the star of hbo's fantastic new show, "westworld," evan rachel wood is joining us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and -- this is a big deal, you guys. she's the beloved food network host who is going to show me how to do a cheese platter right. her 10th book, "cooking for jeffrey," is out now. ina garten is here. how about that? [ cheers and applause ] very excited about that, and i
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but, before we do, whether donald trump wins or loses the election, one thing is clear, his candidacy has caused a full on crack-up of one of our two major political parties. and long after this campaign is over, republicans will be dealing with an identity crisis that could cripple the party for years to come. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: we're in a pretty stunning place in our politics right now. less than two weeks away from a presidential election, one o openly antagonizing the single biggest constituency in america, women. and instead of running way from his reputation as a groper, trump is actually leaning into it. just look at how handsy he got at an event on monday night with the american flag. [ laughter ] that image pretty much sums up the current state of the trump campaign, clumsy, fake patriotism and unwanted physical contact. [ laughter and applause ]
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before that flag is giving a press conference with gloria allred. [ laughter ] "he told me i had beautiful stars, and then he squeezed my stripes. [ laughter ] i did not like it." now, trump's alleged history of sexual predation has plunged the gop into chaos, but it also reveals a lot about the party and the people who run it. yesterday, for example, we told you about trump supporter newt gingrich and his attack on fox news host megyn kelly regarding kelly's cove o misconduct. >> if trump is a sexual predator, that is -- >> he's not a sexual predator. >> okay, that's your opinion. >> you can't say that! >> i'm not taking a position on it. >> you could not defend that statement. you want to go back to the tapes of your shows recently? you are fascinated with sex, and you don't care about public policy. >> we're gonna have to leave it at that, and you can take your anger issues and spend some time working on them, mr. speaker. [ audience oohs ] >> seth: so great. so great. telling someone to go work on their anger issues is such a good burn because it's only going to make them angrier.
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i always look like a testicle after an allergic reaction!" [ laughter and applause ] the problem is republicans have nominated someone who embodies the very ideas of toxic masculinity and male entitlement. for trump and the people around him, the problem in these situations isn't the behavior of the men, it's women who can't deal with that behavior. just look at how trump responded when he was asked what he would tell his own daughter to do if she were the target of sexual harassment in the workplace. >> donald trump is receiving backlash after implying that women who are sexually harassed at work should just quit their jobs. in an interview with usa today, trump said if his eldest daughter, ivanka, was ever sexually harassed at work, he, quote, "would like to think she would find another career or find another company." >> seth: oh, come on. if ivanka changed careers after every instance of sexual harassment, she would have had to get out of the family business because of comments like this. >> ivanka, what's the favorite thing have you in common with
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>> donald, with your daughter? >> well, i was going to say sex, but i can't relate that to her. [ audience ohs ] >> seth: he's so cocky, he is stuck with sex even after ivanka gave him two perfectly good answers in real estate and golf. he's like the dad in "family feud" who ignores everyone's way better answers. [ laughter ] "one answer on the board, something you do in a park!" "play frisbee!" "picnic!" "walk dogs." "i'm gonna go with 'grab a strangers' breasts.'" [ or how about this comment from trump's son, donald trump, jr., on how he thinks women should respond to workplace sexual harassment. >> if you can't handle some of the basic stuff that's become a problem in the workforce now -- >> right, right. >> like, you don't belong in the workforce. >> yeah. >> like, you should go, you know, maybe, you know, teach kindergarten. i think it's a respectable, you know, position. [ crowd ohs ] >> seth: yeah, it's definitely more respectable than your job, "law and order: svu" suspect.
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now, this alienation of large numbers of female voters has caused many republicans to sway back and forth in their endorsements of trump. earlier this week, trump's running mate, mike pence, had a message for those waffling republicans. >> it's time to reach out to all of our republican and conservative friends and say with one voice, "it's time to come home!" >> seth: pence sounds like a stern dad from indiana who came to new york city to drag his runaway teenage son back home. [ laughter ] broadway dancer! now, get back to the farm!" [ laughter and applause ] "you look bad to your mother!" [ applause ] but, here -- here's the crucial question republicans will have to ask if they want to fix their party. how did this happen? one culprit they might want to look at is the right wing media bubble that fed their audience a mix of conspiracy theories and racial resentment and discredited all mainstream news sources as untrustworthy. they even claim opinion polls are rigged against them.
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trump tweeted, quote, "major story that the dems are making up phony polls in order to suppress the trump. we are going to win." oh, no, is he referring to himself as "the trump" now? [ light laughter ] was there some confusion about which trump is "the" trump? because when you say, "trump," no one is thinking, "oh, do you mean eric?" [ laughter ] in fact, trump has encouraged his followers to ignore the mainstream media altogether and rely on a different source for their news. >> forget the s. read the internet. study other things. don't go for the mainstream media. i do get a lot of honesty over the internet. >> seth: yes, the internet is the place to go for honesty. that's why everyone looks exactly like their tinder picture. [ laughter ] and, we all love hiking. so -- [ laughter and applause ] if trump supporters were to only read the internet this week, what stories would they have been exposed to that the mainstream media ignored?
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on right-wing websites like the drudge report this week, and it came from "the national enquirer." the story was titled, "hillary hitman tells all," and claimed among other things that hillary clinton is a secret sex freak who paid fixers to set up illicit romps with men and women. [ laughter ] illicit romps with men and women? no wonder her numbers with millennials are back up. [ laughter ] it's like an episode of "girls." now, the guy who claims he's hillary's hitman in this story, of a tabloid, which to be fair, has brought us some pretty air-tight hillary scoops in the past. >> rovin is a former editor of the now-defunct weekly world news, which brought us both the story of hillary's clinton's alien baby adoption and her steamy nights with another alien in the ufo love nest, complete with photographic evidence. >> seth: and it was so hard for hillary when her alien baby ran for president as a republican. [ audience ohs ]
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okay, now, i know what you're thinking. this is just crazy tabloid stuff. nobody actually takes any of this seriously, right? >> and this is a fox news alert. a bombshell new report by the national enquirer details how bill and hillary clinton allegedly utilized the services for a political fixer for over a decade. >> would you think the national enquirer allegation of a guy saying that he has procured women for hillary would ever make its way? well, of course not. but if the story was about trump, it would. >> seth: we wouldn't need a national enquirer story to tell us that trump was a sex freak. just leave him alone with old glory and watch him go to town. [ laughter ] but hannity and limbaugh aren't the only right-wing media personalities trump has courted. there's also radio host and conspiracy theorist alex jones, who has interviewed trump on his show, and who this week offered a fascinating new theory for how the tape of trump bragging about sexual assault with billy bush in 2005 came into existence.
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which the bush nephew admitted he goaded him into over an hour conversation. and it's snipped together into three minutes, goading him and goading him, and, "tell me sex stories. tell me sex stories." it was all set up, folks. him losing his job and all that is just a foiled to defer. that guy is cia just like the sun came up this morning. >> seth: that's right. he thinks billy bush is a cia agent who goaded trump into bragging about sexual assault in 2005, knowing would he run for president 11 years later in the talkin' dirty." [ laughter and applause ] but this kind of paranoid thinking is becoming all too common in the right-wing media, and now they're trying to paint hillary clinton as an election-rigging, criminal sex freak in order to make her look illegitimate from day one, just like they tried to make president obama look illegitimate. some right-wing groups are already talking about impeaching her. and then there's former gop congressman and current radio host joe walsh, who tweeted yesterday, quote, "on november 8th, i'm voting for trump. on november 9th, if trump loses,
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he's gonna grab it? sounds like gloria allred just got herself a new client. [ laughter ] this has been "a closer look." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: we'll be right back with joel edgerton. [ cheers and applause ] ? remember 2007? smartphones? o m g ten years later, nothing's really changed. it's time to snap out of it. hello moto. snap on a jbl speaker. a projector. a camera that actually zooms. it's a phone you can change again and again and again. hello moto. get excited world. moto is here. the new moto z with motomods. buy one moto z droid, get one free.
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? ? ?
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. please give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] also wrapping up another great week with our band, she's an incredible musician from new york whose drumming tips can be found over at, give it up for allison miller, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much for spending the week with us. >> thank you. >> seth: you know our first guest from films like la his new movie "loving" opens in select theatres on november 4th. let's take a look. >> is there anything you would like me to say to them? and by them i mean the supreme court justices of the united states? >> yeah.
12:56 am
tell the judge i love my wife. >> seth: please welcome back to the show, joel edgerton. ? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> i'm very good, thank you. >> seth: it's wonderful to have you back here. >> i know. i was waiting for the next one. wa >> seth: well this is twice. >> yeah. >> seth: that's a good sign. we're making progress. as host and guest. you could become one of those guests who just comes on a lot. >> a lot like four times, three times? >> seth: well, i mean, like, what's weird? >> every night. >> seth: twice a year? one -- twice a year i feel is good. >> yeah, there are some things you only want to do like once a year, like i think ten pin bowling. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] i would like to be -- >> mini golf. >> seth: i would like to mean more to you than ten pin bowling. [ laughter ] >> you are. you're a twice-a-year event, i
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buddy. what's twice a year for you? what is that? >> twice a year. >> seth: do you golf? >> no, i golfed this year. it took me -- about seven hours to play nine holes. that's good. >> seth: nine? [ laughter ] i hope there wasn't a group behind you. >> yeah. i have a handicap and that's just the way i play golf. >> seth: oh. [ light laughter ] so a lot of people for a handicap is the number of strokes. for you it's, like, minutes. >> i didn't even know what the handicap thing is, that's how handicapped i am at golf. [ laughter ] >> seth: i gotcha. >> i know you gotta get it in >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] well this has been some real insightful talk about golf. >> thank you. [ laughter ] just glad to be here. >> seth: thank you so much. we'll see you in a -- well, i think we're going to do it once every two years. so, congratulations on this film. >> thank you. >> seth: this is about a landmark civil rights case -- >> yes. >> seth: -- that i don't think many people know about. i certainly didn't. explain real quick what loving versus virginia was. >> loving versus virginia -- well, richard and mildred loving -- and that was his last name, which makes me think they were fated to be in this situation.
12:58 am
a hollywood producer said, "make their last name loving 'cause it'll make it better." but it was their names. >> well, so they married in 1958 in richmond, virginia, and as a result of that they were thrown in prison. and the reason they were thrown in prison was because it was illegal for anybody to marry interracially. mildred was african american and rappahannock native american, and he was a white guy, who, as one of the lawyers pointed out in the case, he looked more like the kind of guy who would be opposed to this kind of marriage, as you saw in the clip. >> you know -- anyway, it took them nine years to be recognized finally as man and wife. their case went to the supreme court, and they opened the gates of change to what is now i think over two million plus interracial couples in america. so, but they were the kind of revolutionaries who weren't kind of grabbing the microphone and kicking down doors. they were two very shy people who just wanted to live a private lifem who weren't allowed to do that.
12:59 am
to get this note, but i heard you were told to make yourself even harder to understand accent-wise in this film. [ laughter ] i mean, you couldn't quite tell from the clip but you have a thick southern accent. >> well, we worked -- you know, we had a documentary, a beautiful documentary, made by nancy buirski about the couple and we had tons of archival footage. and i went up to jeff -- 'cause we'd studied them and the way they moved and worked. he wanted to really pay respect to them and strive for accuracy and authenticity across the board. 'cause, you know, i'm not from america, and i wanted to do a good job. >> seth: get out. [ laughter ] >> i'm reversing my next role as an australian, i'm just trying it out. >> seth: oh, it's very good. >> yeah. and i said "what are you -- you know, am i doing anything wrong?" he said, "i just want to understand you less." i was like, "i can do that." [ laughter ] i'm going to actually -- he asked me to do that on the show, too. so from now on -- >> seth: okay. are you gonna be a little bit quieter? >> [ mumbling ] [ laughter ] >> seth: you -- you mentioned
1:00 am
obviously, you know, this is this -- you know, it's a courtroom drama, except it's not, because it's about the supreme court case but it seems to be a decision was made to make it more about the couple. >> yeah, jeff nichols, who made the film, who's an amazing guy who made "mud," made "midnight special," which also came out this year. he -- you know, he very accurately pointed out that quite often, you know, these big changes that are kind of argued in rooms by lawyers and politicians, you know, they don't have anything do with the people at the actual core of -- you know, the people whose lives are being decided upon. and he wanted to center on the people at the center of this and stay inside the house with richard and mildred. >> seth: this was your hairstyle for the film. and obviously this is a very serious film and a very moving film. yet when you had this haircut on sets of your other movies, you got -- like people made fun of you. >> well, talking about the film --
1:01 am
were judged in otherness, and i experienced hairism. >> seth: oh, you had hairism. [ light laughter ] >> yeah, like my brother took a photo of me and did a comparison photo with a tennis ball. [ laughter ] we were promoting "black mass" at the time, and johnny depp kept introducing me as a guy starring in the paul bettany story. >> seth: oh, that's good. >> and i thought i looked like a polar bear. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> but this is what richard looked like, and this is what i'm talking about -- the fact that they were fated, their last name. special image for everybody. and you know, we strive to do that. and it meant i was a blond for a while. and i can't necessarily say that they have more fun. >> seth: you did not have more fun. [ light laughter ] well, i als -- he was -- in real life, he was a brick layer. >> yeah. >> seth: and do you -- is this something you often do for your roles? 'cause you learned how to lay brick. >> well, after doing a movie -- we shot a movie years ago called "warrior," and i realized that there were some things you just
1:02 am
>> you got to go and do the research and put the hours in. >> seth: that was like a ufc fighting, right? >> yeah, yeah. yeah, you got to put the shorts on. and have no shirt and have the -- so to me, i also -- to not waste time on set, 'cause there's tons of bricklaying scenes, i thought i'd better go and study that. also richard's posture was, you know, i think ca -- he was carved from his job, as many people are. our jobs are the shape, you know, what we look like and how we work. i went and did bricklaying classes in a school in virginia. you know, like four or five, >> seth: are you good at it now? >> i'm good at it in a straight line. >> seth: oh, okay. [ light laughter ] is there a lot of brick laying work that is only in a straight line? >> well, i know this is obviously very real, this set. [ light laughter ] >> seth: be very careful here. there's a real -- people at home think we are very high up outside this window. [ laughter ] >> don't make me -- i go around and look at buildings and i'm like, "oh, this probably took like about three weeks with a team of
1:03 am
like, i start to add it up. >> seth: oh, you're a brick guy now? >> yeah, but i couldn't build anything this ornate. even if it's -- >> seth: that must be fun for your friends now, that you get to be the one as you walk by buildings, you're like, "you know, i could fill you guys in on how long i thought this took." >> yeah. [ light laughter ] and everybody's like, "oh, can you build me something?" and i'm like, "well, i could build you a straight line of bricks." [ light laughter ] years ago my nan, bless her soul, she taught me to -- my brother to knit, and i got really good at that, but again i could only do that in a straight line. [ light laughter ] i couldn't make you, like, a little sweater or anything. not that you would need it. >> seth: i would be fine with a scarf. next time you're here, i will happily take a scarf. >> all right. >> seth: thank you so much. and by the way, if trump wins, a straight-line wall, might be -- you could be in business. [ laughter ] [ applause ] it's pretty -- i'm pretty sure that border -- >> i'll do the bottom layer. 'cause i'm scared of heights. >> seth: so this is daily mail that took this photo? you got paparazzi'd. >> yeah.
1:04 am
like, for outfit wise, i have a hundred questions as to what you are doing. here you are on a phone -- [ light laughter ] -- glasses, so you're very erudite. this is intellectual. but then those are shin guards. >> you know those drawings you do where someone draws the head and someone draws the body? that's kind of a real life version of that. >> seth: this is three different days of you got together at once. [ light laughter ] >> i think i'm yelling at somebody on the phone because i'm sort of scowling. these are shin guards. we were doing training for this thinat but you know -- i think it's important when you're in echo park in l.a., that you gotta be aware that at any time anybody might come up and, like, kick you in the shins. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, this is -- oh, so this is cautionary? >> they're all hipsters, you know. >> seth: yeah, and hipsters go right for the shins. [ laughter ] >> hipsters kick low. >> seth: that's a classic -- and you aren't wearing shoes either. >> i gotta point out about the daily mail, it is my chance to throw them under a bus i think,
1:05 am
me when i get out of the ocean. and it's like the perfect diet for an actor. because you look at a photo and you go, "all right, i gotta to stop eating now." >> seth: yeah. >> but they do this, and then they print it, and then the article is like, "here's joel, and he is wearing a black adidas jacket." and they go about describing -- >> seth: yeah, there's no news. >> -- what you're wearing. there's nothing. there is no art behind it whatsoever. >> seth: i will say though, if all you're gonna do is write about what someone is wearing, this photo is a jackpot. [ laughter ] this was -- they called in and they're like, "i need the front page, you're not going to believe this." no shoes, blue shorts, shin guards, glasses. >> but if they would have stuck around two minutes they would have seen a hipster kick me in the shin. it would have been so much better. >> seth: that would be impressive. welcome back. it's so great having you. congrats on the film. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you. >> seth: joel edgerton, everybody. "loving" opens in select theatres on november 4th. we'll be right back with evan rachel wood. [ cheers and applause ] ? i thought i was managing
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is a talented actress who you know from films like "across the universe" and "the ides of march." she is currently starring in the hit new show called "westworld," which airs sunday nights on hbo. let's take a look. >> whoever you were before doesn't matter here. there's no rules or restrictions. you can change the story of your life, you can become someone else. no on will judge you, no one in the real world will only thing holding you back is yourself. >> what do you mean by that? you said no one in the real world will know. >> i thought you weren't supposed to notice things like that. >> why wouldn't i? >> seth: please welcome to the show, evan rachel wood. ?
1:11 am
>> seth: i'm so happy to have you here. >> i'm so happy to be here. >> seth: and you look like a million dollars. that is a fantastic outfit. >> thank you very much. i -- you know, it's just a little echo of dolores' blue dress. >> seth: yes, you're right. you're echoing your character. congratulations on the show. >> thank you. >> seth: so, for those who haven't watched it -- i didn't realize how hard a job you have it. because you are -- you're playing someone who is programmed. you are -- >> yes. >> seth: what is the term that we would call you? >> well, technically they're robots but we like to call them hosts. >> seth: hosts. >> yes. >> seth: that hurts my feelings. [ light laughter >> yes, robot is politically incorrect. i'm a host. >> seth: and i am just robotic. [ laughter ] but you refer to the role you play as this host, as this robotic person, to be the acting olympics. >> yes. >> seth: which made perfect sense once i heard it but explain what you mean. >> well, because in the show we are kind of called upon to do these shifts of energy very quickly, because we operate off of voice commands. so i'll be in a full panic attack and then someone will go,
1:12 am
[ gasping ] and then like back into character mode and back to half character, half analysis mode. and like, sometimes i have an accent and sometimes i don't. and so -- and sometimes i have to be completely deadpan, but in the script once it said, "no facial expressions but crying through the eyes." >> seth: oh, man. >> and i thought -- [ laughter ] >> seth: that is when -- and you have fantastic writers on your show -- but that's when writers are assholes -- [ laughter ] like that. >> it's kind of true. >> seth: and then they say, "how do you think that'll work?" and they say, "oh, you can figure it out." >> yeah, she's got it, she's got it. >> seth: she's got it. >> i'm actually a robot. that's the twist. >> seth: this blew my mind, because i would have assumed the cgi -- the flies. there's flies. they play a role. these were not cgi. you worked with real flies. >> there are such things as fly wranglers, and i didn't know this. [ laughter ] that's someone's job. >> seth: i can't believe this. >> i know! and basically what they do is they -- i guess capture flies, and freeze them in these little
1:13 am
>> seth: freeze them 'til they're dead? >> no, they are still alive. >> seth: okay, okay. >> and then they take -- they would take the fly out. and they would stick it onto my face and we would wait for it to thaw. and then they -- it would thaw to the point where it couldn't fly, but it was still alive and then it would just start to crawl and they would roll the camera. and i would just sit there naked with a fly crawling across my face because that's my job. [ laughter ] >> seth: however bad it is for you, it's better than the flies' job. [ laughter ] >> it's true, it's very true. and evno playing dead in there and the second they would open the jar, he'd go zoom. [ laughter ] that's a smart fly. >> seth: and does the fly wrangler go, "gary! gary, come back!" >> he starts crying and running after him. >> seth: "i've been working with gary for years!" >> stop! yeah. [ light laughter ] >> seth: and you also get to work with some incredible actors in the show. >> oh, yes. yes. >> seth: which makes it, i would imagine, all the more harder to go through these acrobatics that you have to go through with people like jeffrey wright and then of course, anthony hopkins. >> yes. >> seth: what was it like to work with anthony hopkins?
1:14 am
breathtaking. i mean seeing him up close, you know he is one of the greatest actors of our time, but really seeing it and all the little subtleties he does just blew my mind. but the first scene i ever had with him, i was completely naked and he was about five inches away from my face. and the first line he says to me is, "hello, dolores." and all i could hear was, "hello, clarice." >> seth: right, yeah. [ laughter ] >> and i freaked out. and i thought, "man, i had the craziest dream last night. i was do and like i think i was a robot and it was like in the future." but that was, again, my job that day. >> seth: that was happening. that was happening. >> and i used to mess with people and they were like, "dude, how'd the first scene with anthony go?" and i was like, "man, after we were done, he took me aside and he goes, 'you remind me so much of jody.'" [ laughter ] and they go, "are you serious?" i'm like, "no, dude, that didn't happen, but that'd be pretty awesome." >> seth: it would be pretty awesome. [ laughter ] >> but you can just mess with people. >> seth: so this is already, you know, a show that there is a great amount of secrecy.
1:15 am
>> seth: because the plot is so important to it. >> many twists and turns. >> seth: many twists and turns. and a lot of people are already developing their theories as to what's happening. are you -- as someone who is in it, are you finding out week by week what's happening? >> i -- well, we found out when we were filming it, episode by episode. we had no idea what was going to happen or what our character arcs were so every time we got a script it was like, "oh, what's happening?" and so we had tons of theories, and maybe about three of mine were right. >> seth: three out of how many? >> so far my favorite theory is i am actually a robot.e evan rachel wood is a robot. beyond the scope of the show. >> beyond, yes. >> seth: this is like a life theory that you have been programmed to play a robot on hbo. >> exactly, and i did question that at times during the show because it's so meta. but i think our favorite --yeah. it's like, "am i robot?" our favorite theories on set, i think at one point, everyone thought they were anthony hopkins. and that was the running joke, it was like, "guys, i think i'm anthony hopkins. [ light laughter ] i think that's the twist." "no, you're not anthony hopkins, i'm anthony hopkins." like, so -- >> seth: i'm anthony hopkins and i think evan rachel wood reminds me of jodie foster.
1:16 am
you're also a singer and you have a band that's -- >> i do. >> seth: -- putting out a second album, "rebel and the basket case?" >> yeah. "rebel and the basket case." abd we're named after "breakfast club" characters. because we met doing a john hughes cabaret. >> seth: oh, wow. >> yeah. we just released our second ep, our full album is coming out hopefully in a couple of weeks, and we have a couple videos out now. >> seth: where do you record your album? >> well a lot of the album was written in my old karaoke lounge, which was in my basement, which also doubled as a tiki bar. [ light laughter ] >> seth: so where -- what -- i'm [ laughter ] so you -- when you -- was it already there when you moved in? or did you -- >> no, it was not. >> seth: you installed a karaoke lounge in your home? >> actually, the funny thing is, i used to invite the castmates from "westworld" over. and i used to just have like a string of lights and a karaoke machine and ben barnes who plays logan, went like, "yeah, but there's no chairs down here, it's not comfortable." and i went, "oh." andso the next time he came over, it was like decked out, with like disco balls and a proper tiki bar. so he ate his words. [ laughter ] >> seth: i don't know if he ate his words.
1:17 am
[ laughter ] >> dammit. yes, most of it was written down there. but it was great because we would lay down a melody and we would just get on the karaoke machine and start making up lyrics. >> seth: that's fantastic. >> so it worked out. >> seth: well, we figured out backstage that -- we had not met before but i had seen you karaoke. you were at an "snl" after party that was at a karaoke bar and you were very -- it's very not dolores the way you karaoke because you were very -- fully into it. >> yes, i think at one point justin timberlake and i were drinking beer right out of the pitchers. >> so not quite like -- >> seth: it was pretty kick ass. >> it was pretty awesome, yeah. >> seth: it was one of those nights where you definitely -- i can't sing. i can't carry a tune. i can get drunk enough to do karaoke. but when you see you're on after evan rachel wood and timberlake, you're like, "i'm going to skip, i'm good." [ laughter ] i don't know if i'm going to follow those two. thank you so much for being here and congratulations on the show. >> thanks for having me, thank you so much. >> seth: evan rachel wood, everybody. new episodes of "westworld" air sunday nights on hbo. we'll be right back with ina garten. [ cheers and applause ]
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1:22 am
? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. we're here with food network host and best-selling author, ina garten, everyone. [ cheers and applause ] welcome to the show! so happy you're here. now this is your tenth cook book, "cooking for jeffrey," it's in stores now. jeffrey of course is your husband. >> yeah. >> seth: and these are all the recipes you cook for him? i am insanely jealous of jeffrey.
1:23 am
>> seth: well i -- he is on the cover of a book for being cooked for. [ laughter ] all he did was get a piece of cake and he got to be on the cover. >> and he said "this is the best cake i ever had." >> seth: oh, that's so wonderful. so do you enjoy cooking for him? >> i love cooking for him. it is kind of like somebody once said to me, "it is like sex. i don't want to do it for somebody i don't love a lot." [ laughter ] >> seth: well. well, thank you for doing it with me today, i appreciate that. [ laughter and applause ] so you're going to help -- which i think is very good for dinner parties, i think, a cheese plate. >> it's always nice to know how to do it but i think first we need a cocktail. >> seth: i would love a cocktail. >> yeah, come with me. so, we're going -- >> seth: because it's what i always say about sex, "why do it if you don't have a drink first?" [ laughter ] >> okay, so we're going to make aperol spritzers. >> seth: okay. >> so are you in charge of opening -- >> seth: yes, i am. >> the prosecco? >> seth: great,. is this a cork that pops? >> yeah, it's like champagne but it's italian. >> seth: ooh. >> ooh, it's even better than champagne, right?
1:24 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> oh, well done! >> seth: all right, how much? >> two thirds in each glass. >> seth: okay, two thirds of the prosecco. >> and then aperol is kind of a little bitter but it's delicious. and i'm going to put just a splash, couple of tablespoons in each glass. and then a spl -- you are doing very well. >> seth: thank you. >> you're very cocktail meister. >> seth: very, and then a little of this -- >> and a splash of pellegrino. >> seth: pellegrino. >> yeah. >> seth: i like that you said that. 'cause obviously we had to cover the label. [ laughter ] >> it's a little splash of something italian, any brand. >> seth: it's >> any brand. [ laughter ] and a slice of orange. >> seth: slice of orange. >> and how's that for a cocktail? >> seth: that is fantastic. >> cheers. >> seth: cheers. a wonderful color. [ cheers and applause ] oh, wonderful. >> isn't that good? >> seth: taste great. very refreshing. >> so next thing is we're going to make something that goes on the cheese plate. >> seth: okay, great. >> which is spiced pecans. how are you with a whisk? >> seth: i'm very good with a whisk. >> you are? okay, choose your weapon. >> seth: this is my whisk. so what's in there now? >> one egg white.
1:25 am
>> want to whisk that up? and while you're whisking that -- [ laughter ] he does it so well in a suit. >> seth: well, i just like -- i can look a lot of different -- i don't have to look right at it. >> okay, i'm going to put in brown sugar. >> seth: brown sugar, that's what i'm talking about. >> you're doing an excellent job. >> seth: thank you. i know. >> little vanilla. >> seth: little vanilla. >> okay. and lots of spices. we have cinnamon. >> seth: cinnamon. >> we're going to get this all over us. i know. >> seth: i know. oh, no, i'm never going to get it on you. >> little ginger. >> seth: okay. >> it's really spicy, chile powder. >> seth: oh, that's -- i love >> little heat. >> seth: okay. >> cloves. >> seth: cloves. >> little dark thing. salt and pepper. >> seth: now i'm doing more than jeffrey's ever done, right? [ laughter ] >> ever. that's right. >> seth: i've seen jeffrey. >> he pours water in the coffee maker. that's it. >> seth: that's right, he makes coffee. he makes good coffee. is coffee an important part of your day? >> very important. can't start the day without it. >> seth: all right, great. >> okay, and then two cups of pecans go right in. >> seth: okay, and then do i keep whisking? no, the whisk goes away. >> no, you kind of toss them together this way. okay, the whisk goes right in the middle of that cheese
1:26 am
[ laughter ] that's what jeffrey does with things he doesn't like. >> seth: exactly. >> okay, and that goes on a sheet pan. >> seth: okay. >> and we're going to bake these. [ laughter ] we have this -- >> seth: okay, great. >> you can tell he is a very good cook. >> seth: uh-huh, yeah. all right, there we go. >> okay. then take this and we put it in our magic oven, right under here. >> seth: right, magic oven, oh my god. >> it's just fabulous. >> seth: ooh! hot, hot, hot, hot, hot! [ laughter ] >> so hot. [ applause ] and you get spiced pecans out. >> seth: oh, so wonderful. >> isn't that good? okay, so we're going to have a cheese platter competition. et right in the middle of yours. [ laughter ] >> seth: i know, i'm sorry. it's very crowded up here. >> very good. >> seth: now, i feel intimidated when i go into a cheese shop to pick cheese. i feel like it's a little bit like wine. how do you go about picking your cheeses? >> i ask the cheesemonger. i love that word, cheesemonger. >> seth: cheesemonger, okay. >> cheesemonger, if i can taste things. i like something sort of a little spicy, a little kind of full bodied but not too sharp. >> seth: see, i'm guessing though, ina garten, everybody's going to say, "sure, you can taste whatever you want." >> i think they're gonna say, "seth meyers, you can taste whatever you want," too. >> seth: okay, great, all right. [ light laughter ]
1:27 am
down free samples. [ laughter ] okay, so -- >> so i start with fig leaves. >> seth: oh, these are fig leaves. >> these are fig leaves. just if you have a fig tree in the backyard. >> seth: yeah, of course, i do, yeah. [ light laughter ] >> i know you have them for all kinds of purposes. >> seth: yeah, of course, you just need a fig tree. [ laughter ] >> but you can use hydrangea leaves or lemon leaves. >> seth: so you put them out like this? >> put them on the tray, just like that. >> seth: okay, great. >> nicely done. big bunch of grapes right in the middle. >> seth: okay. ooh, i like this. >> yeah. and then you put the cheeses all the way around. yours is good. >> seth: i know, we're just going to take these cheeses -- competition. just put them around. right in the m -- mine looks like a pile of grapes. >> seth: are you okay? [ laughter ] are you okay? i feel like you're off your game. are you throwing this to make me feel better? do we just pick up the cheese? >> pick up the cheese and just put it around. right like that. >> seth: so what kind of cheeses do we have? >> so we have brie, i have bleu cheese. >> seth: okay. >> we have truffle pecorino, my particular favorite. >> seth: ooh, all right. >> and brillat-savarin. >> seth: okay, brillat-savarin. >> yours is looking good. yours is good, yeah. >> seth: thank you. >> so take some figs, fresh figs, and you put them around.
1:28 am
i thought we could share the apricot. >> seth: well i think that's only fair. [ laughter ] >> put them right -- [ laughter ] that's not so good on camera. >> seth: yeah, you had plenty. now what's this stuff? >> this is fig jam. >> seth: okay, so where do you put your fig jam? >> right in there. fresh fig jam that i made, and then crackers. >> seth: all right. >> and you know what? that's a nice looking cheese plate. >> seth: all right, now -- >> we have to have somebody judge this, don't we? >> seth: this was not intimidating. i feel like a lot of your food is simple. of food that people can't make at home. >> i hate fancy food. >> seth: what do you think of places that like have foams? >> i hate foam. >> seth: you don't like foams? >> it just looks like spit to me, i'm sorry. >> seth: it looks like spit to you? [ laughter ] >> it has no flavor. >> seth: you know, it didn't look like spit to me until now, but it's always going to. [ laughter ] it's always going to. >> there's no possibility that it's not going to look like spit. >> seth: thank you very much for being here. i feel like it's a draw, right? we could say this was a draw. >> it's a draw, yeah. i think we both did great. >> seth: give it up for both of
1:29 am
ina garten, everybody. "cooking for jeffrey" is in stores now. we'll be right back. thank you. ? [ cheers and applause ] ? ? ? ? ? the easiest decision you'll make all week is to shop kohl's this weekend because kohl's will give you tax break savings with an extra 10 percent off and an extra 10 dollars off your purchase of 25 dollars or more! everyone gets kohl's cash too! kohl's.
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? >> announcer: for more "late night" go to follow us on instagram and twitter @latenightseth and be sure to check us out on facebook and tumblr. [ cheers and applause ]
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1:37 am
? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to joel edgerton, evan rachel wood, ina garten, everybody! allison miller. [ cheers and applause ] 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." see you tomorrow! [ cheers and applause ] ? ? >> carson: i'm carson daly, this is "last call." tonight, we're back at 230 fifth in new york city, one of our favorite spots.
1:38 am
for starters, we're out in los angeles for the fyf fest. we'll do music from banks & steelz, which is cool. and the oscar nominated writer lucy alibar will be in our last call spotlight a little bit later on. but first, stage star, screen sensation and living legend alan cumming is here with his new memoir, "you gotta get bigger dreams." have a look. ? >> i love that, when photographers say, "do your face." >> what does that mean? >> i don't know. i think i us you know, when i was younger i got away with things i did that. and i think in a good way, it's my eyebrow. like sometimes people say to me, well you just raise your eyebrow. and i just go -- and they go, thanks so much. because i just did basically eyebrow acting for seven seasons. eyebrow acting and walking into rooms going, alicia what the hell is going on? ? i'm alan cumming, i'm a human being, and i've written a book of photographs and stories called "you gotta get bigger dreams." i sort of think of it as like


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