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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  October 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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after police say she encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide. >> and an stream case of road rage. what sparked this violent confrontation? >> 7news at 5:30 starts now. >> breaking news up here at 5:3, a 68-year-old woman drove into spy pond in arlington. good samaritans swam out and brought her to the shore. she's been rushed to the hospitl with baby-sitter accused of sid napping and assaulting a toddler in hamilton. that's abigail hannah. she now admits breaking into a home last november, kidnapping a 2-year-old girl. the toddler was later found nakd on the side of the road with her head shaved several miles from her home. hannah had previously been a baby-sitter for up girl's famil. >> now to the latest on the officers shot in east boston.
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morse both undergoing surge today. the shooter was shot and killed by the police. investigators digging deeper ino his past. the community plans to come together tonight to show their support for thighs injured officers. >> 7's adam williams in the newsroom with more. >> officers pulling more evidene from the house where the violent shootout took place. richard cintolo and matt morse are still in critical condition and undergoing more surgery today. the officers were shot multiple about two roommates who were arguing over the thermostat. police went inside the home on gladstone street and that's when they say 33-year-old kurt figueroa, armed and wearing a bullet proof vest opened fire on this em. cintolo and morris were rescued by other officers and figueroa was shot and killed by police. investigators today as we were saying and as you can see right here brought out more evidence from managed the home, digging even deeper into figueroa's pas. patriots head coach bill belichick sending thoughts and
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today. >> i just want to send our -- express our appreciation and support for the boston police department, kind of what they've been going through the last couple days, the injured officers, their families. i know -- i can't imagine -- i can imagine, but i can't imagine the stress that that department challenges every day and the difficulty of the situation up they've been put in. so i want to let them know we're behind them. >> also wanted to pass long up a vigil in east boston for the injured officers and in support of bpd is expected to start soo. we'll have up covered for you tonight. in our newsroom, i'm adam williams, 7news. >> adam, thank you. stay with 7news for the latest n the boston police officers who were shot and the investigation
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mobile and tablet apps. >> also today a woman who police say encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide back in court. michelle carter's boyfriend died at the age of 18. police say she texted him and called him, encouraging him to kill himself. >> today the teenager's attorney argued up some of the statements she made to investigators after he died should be thrown out of court. 7's jonathan hall live in tauntn with the latest on this case. kim, this was back in 2014, before michelle carter was arrested. she agreed to talk to gave up the pass codes to her phone and to her laptop. up led to a treasure trove of evidence, including some very disturbing text messages. well, today's hearing was about whether the judge will allow the jury to hear up evidence at trial. >> michelle carter is not talkig about her high profile case, one up tests the limits of the law. can a person commit manslaughter by helping someone commit suicide? her lawyer says no. >> this is a young man who wantd
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his own life. >> in 2014, carter was 17, a hih school student speaking to her boyfriend, con irade roy. he aborted the attempt, leaving the truck, but she told him, quote, get back in. >> carter posted these loving photos owes on facebook but became a suspect in roy's suicide. in 2014 this fairhaven police detective interviewed carter. she said tried suicide before to get hel. >> carter's attorney argued his client was a suspect during up interview and should have been read her rights. prosecutors insist police acted appropriately because she had want been arrested. >> she was free to walk at any
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>> the judge ruled carter may have access to records regarding a 2014 domestic violence incidet involving conrad roy and his father. it got physical, the defense suggests that's one reason roy wanted to kill himself. >> dad sent him to the hospital with a concussion. we have those documents. i mean, it's sad. >> he said he's not going to put the roys on trial. he's just trying to defend his client. the next hearing december 1 and by then the judge will rule on of the evidence. >> jonathan hall, 7news. >> did you hear the noises befoe the horn? up viking star cruise ship clipping the buzzard railroad bridge. crews determined the bridge did not sustain any damage and they're now inspecting other bridges in the area to make sure though too are in good shape.
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in newport, rhode island. officials say the man was unable to move after he fell yesterday. firefighters climbed down the rocks to reach up man. after about 45 minutes they were able to pull the man up the clif and air lift him to the hospita. >> 31-year-old david emerson now under arrest for drug possession with a child in the back seat. police say the new hampshire man left a 4-year-old in the car while going into a suspected drg house. police pulled him over and found crack cocaine and a pipe in up emerson faces drug and child endangerment charges. the child is now with the mothe. >> we are following more news here today. a vermont man accused of driving the wrong way on the highway killing five teenagers physicias a judge. he was wheeled into the courtrom due to his injuries from up crash. he pleaded not guilty to five counts of second degree murder. police say he crashed into the teens' car and then stole the police cruiser before crashing p into at least 7 other vehicles n october 8th. he was facing foreclosure and ws
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around domestic and child custoy issues according to documents that were filed in courts. people in one ohio neighborhood say a home explosion felt like t shook the entire city. the fire spread to two other homes. the sheriff's office says two people were in the home at the time of the explosion. both were taken to the hospital. >> caught on camera, a beauty salon blow out. a woman goes on a rampage at a hair salon, knocking down merchandise and attacking the salon owner too and it seems it was all over >> one look at surveillance vido and it's easy to see why. an angry customer losing control after not getting a cash refund she had been asking for. >> she pushed and punched and i was knocked down on cement. >> the owner didn't want to go n camera fearing another outburst by someone, claiming the store would have gladly exchange the $12 in merchandise.
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cases causing all sorts of damage. photos show some of the aftermah from her rampage. the owner says she was also attacked and beat up. outside the woman was tried to e controlled by one man when she grabs it is owner with her arm, tossing her down. >> i'm scared. i'm in the -- here over 20 years and i never have anything like up. >> police have contacted up angy customer, but it's not clear ths evening whether she'll face any charges. >> it is a successful surgery twins attached at the head. surgeons at new york hospital, the procedure ended before dawn. this morning even though one mie must undergo a reconstruction surge it, doctors are very optimistic. >> the idea is to have both children come out with any neurological issues. you cannot separate two without the potential risk of going happening.
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hospital officials say it is twins both have a long road of recovery ahead of them. >> question, is the presidential election stressful? a new study found up more than 50 percent of surveyed adults believe the election is in facta significant source of stress. the study researchers say it didn't matter whether it came to the both. both republicans and democrats feeling it. >> starting november up youan u.s. passport picture. the state department announced today, passport and visa applicants will be banned from wearing glasses in their application photos. the change will help eliminate glares that can cause delays in issuing the documents. there are some exceptions to the rules with those with medical needs. >> ahead on 7news at 5:30, a man and woman go head to head on the street. the video now causing serious online debate. >> then at 6:00, two people arrested in connection with up
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crime. >> we are following breaking news. the two officers shot in boston undergoing more surgery today. we'll have the update all coming
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house. tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken. only at longhorn steakhouse. >> a violent road rage incident caught on camera. two drivers duke it out at a red light in las vegas.
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a heated discussion online. >> thousands of people are now weighing in on what could have started the clash. here's 7's nancy chen. >> the showdown viewed more than a million times. it's a fight at a red light between a man and a woman. the punches, the weapons and up flip. >> online, thousands of shares and comments. people debating wicked have sparked this level of brutality. right here you see the woman tie iron in hand smash the guy's window. here's a look at her car. you ca also broken, inside there's shattered glass and up tire iro. the woman told witnesses this ws the end of a clash up started 3 miles away. she claims the man honked at he, followed her and unleashed racil scattered slurs. police are investigating to see who was the primary aggressor. >> the man got back into her car and drove off. it's unclear if either driver will be facing charges.
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reroster. we'll help you out with our fantasy fixer. and we will take a look at your patriots forecast as well. >> then at 6:00, a surgeon removes a kidney from the wrong patient. >> and a woman drives into an arlington pond. these pulled from up vehicle tht was going under the water. it's all caught on camera.
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tooth, get ready to indulge because it's national dessert day. nobody has claimed responsibiliy for starting this holiday, but p doesn't stop us from celebrating with some candy, pie, doughnuts. i saw some in the newsroom, so people are indid you going. >> the happiest place on earth about to make some couples happier. this summer they will allow you
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this is the up time ceremonies will be allowed in front of the castle after the park is closed to the public. how much do you think it costs for up fairytale wedding? i'm here to tell you, at least $180,000. >> when i up saw that, i thought that's wild, weddings are expensive, but that's really expensive. >> i want to get married at disney. >> anyway, a jarring flash to my fantastic fall weekend and sunshine both tomorrow and again on sunday. a dry pattern. there may be a couple sprinkles or isolated showers after mid night sunday night into monday morning, but overall it's dry ad we warm it up next week. 50s right now. the city at 55. worcester, 55. hyannis at 53. the numbers cooling off and that will happen quickly now that the sun is about to go down. the temperatures will be in the fourth.
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be careful, though, you know the drought. >> patchy frost after midnight tonight. temps between 30 and 43. the city around 39 tomorrow morning, bedford at 30, orange t 28. jaffrey, 29. even out on to the cape and the islands the numbers down into te 30s to the low 40s, although nantucket one of the warmer spos surrounded by all up ocean wate, near 50 degrees. >> high pressure is with us, and again there's a batch of clouds to our south up won't bother us and another batch of cloud new england tomorrow. i think sunday might offer a few more clouds in the afternoon, bt overall a mostly sunny weekend with temps tomorrow, certainly chilly tomorrow morning and a little milder tomorrow afternoon and sunday is the milder of the two days. here comes a warm front heading for new england on monday. so temps on monday in the low 70s and i think tuesday and wednesday the temps will be up near 80-degree. outstanding for tomorrow. lots of sunshine. nice fall day with temps between
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coming out of the 30s and the 40s and then for sunday, lots of sunshine, a few clouds around on sunday afternoon, but it's milder than compared to tomorro. here are tomorrow's numbers. boston around 59. generally the numbers are about 10 degrees warmer on sunday. norwood, 71. bedford, 70 degrees. nashua, boston at 69. picking apples for the weekend. if you're in the orchards tomorrow, lots of sun. temperatures in the upper 40s 50s. patriots game on sunday will feature mostly sunny skies, mild with numbers in the low 60s during tailgate and heading for the upper 60s to around 70. if you're getting out of dodge and heading up north. the foliage is peaking in the worcester hills. there are pockets up have peaked around southern new england.
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>> i don't know, apple picking r football. >> as we approach weeks six of football season, tom brady takig on the bengals with the pats ths weekend. here's jadiann thompson and trey daerr to help you get your fantasy roster. >> hey there, pats fans welcome to fixer. i'm here with the legendary trey daerr. you gained some cool socks >> let's talk about the patriot. i mentioned a little set back in week four, came back strong and now it's brady's day. you have to be on this team, right. >> we saw brady back, afc player of the week. he was about as good as good gets. we have to keep an eye on rob groncowski. only six catches on the year, bt the big thing here, the snap count. 25 percent his up game back. we saw about 75 percent maybe even more against cleveland.
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he's going to be his over, home game against it is bengals this week. rob groncowski, no chance of sitting him down starting this week. >> i agree with you on up one. >> let's talk about cincinnati, the bengals had some good playmakers on offense. are there my matchups up maybe we're over looking. the patriots defense putting up some pretty decent numbers. they're giving up some bad ones to quarterbacks andy dalton. two big time targets in the red zone. >> the collin kaepernick for the week. what do you think is going to happen? >> kap in the news a lot, maybe the head coach is in some trouble. 49ers defense, the quarterback is not going to save them. they're really bad against the run. the quarterback for the bills this week going up up defense. he can run it and. >> next here on 7news at 5:30, celebrity chef sandra lee has
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here on top of some breaking nes out of arlington. a woman trapped in her sinking suv rescued by strangers right before the car goes under water. plus, the two officers shot in east boston undergo more surgery today as investigators pull new evidence from the home where the shootout happened. then an update to a story you sw up on 7 and some new details on how a local surgeon removed a kidney from the wrong patient. and jeremy, we'll hav our beautiful weekend forecast.
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she's showing off her baking skills. bri eggers stepped into the kitchen with her and here it is. what's cooking. >> when celebrity chef sandra le was in town to show off her famd cooking in. >> can you pipe? >> i would love to. >> and pipe something sweet. >> yes. yes. yes. >> if i get approval from you, you know up my week is made. >> sandra recently toured ameria celebrating mastercard priceless cities. >> boston we all know is a priceless city and it's the last city on my tour so i'm really thrilled to be here. you always finish last and the strongest and that's boston. >> sandra and i whipped up a chocolate chip pumpkin spice
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something packaged and turning t into something fabulous. you're cooking, sister. >> i'm going to put a little bit of this in the mixer. so you're going to put water in there. i would put some apple cider in there, but we're going to use water today. >> then add three eggs and oil. >> and then just let it start going slowly. otherwise you're going to have pumpkin spice bundt cake all ovr your kitchen. and then add the combined to speed it up. >> once fully combined, a greased bundt pan. >> a good trick is once you grease your pan use a little bit of the baking powder milwaukee o go around the edges instead of flour. up way it bakes in and you don't get up white crust.
5:58 pm
bundt is bound to please. >> it's better with pumpkin spie and chocolate. >> your party will be the talk f the town with any of sandra lees treats. that's what's cooking. i'm bri eggers. >> the time of year that you wat it. >> another 30 minutes ahead. 7news at 6:00 starts now. >> now at 6:00, breaking news. saved by sge >> a woman trapped in a sinking car pulled to safety in arlingtn . surgeries for two boston police officers as investigators search the home of the man who shot them. >> cold tonight and a nice weekend on tap. >> happy to be home. tom brady and the patriots expecting a boost from the foxborough faithful. >> 7news at 6:00 starts now. >> up at 6:00, breaking news in arlington, a dramatic rescue
5:59 pm
witnesses captured the moment when a stranger pulls a woman from the sinking vehicle. right now crews are trying to gt the car out of the pond. >> 7's alex diprato has been talking to rescue crews there ad joins us live in arlington with the latest. >> kim, this woman drove down linwood street and went right into the pond when she pressed the wrong pedals bystanders screamed and good samaritans jumped into save this woman. >> dramatic moments in arlington after a woman accidentally drivs her ford suv into spy pond. >> three good samaritans jumped in. one opened the door, another pulled the 68-year-old woman frm the vehicle. >> they absolutely opened up the car and assisted the woman out f the car.
6:00 pm
helping save the woman's life. >> the woman was brought to shore. police and fire officials were n scene moments later. they took the woman to the hospital with mild hypothermia. >> before she was transported, maybe some driver error, may hae made a mistake between the brake and the gas and what-have-you. >> dozens lined the area to wath the divers and grateful for the efforts of the good samaritans. >> i was very happy also up a bystander jumped in. obviously that's what we should do as people is other, but it's nice to see. >> the woman's suv still remains here in the pond. as you can see, dive crews and police are still here. they will eventually hook up up car to a tow truck and get it ot of here. up 68-year-old woman remain in the hospital -- remain in the hospital tonight. again, with some mild hypothermia. >> live in arlington, i'm alex diprato, 7news. >> and more breaking news we're following at 6:00.


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