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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  October 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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hundreds of power outages. the investigating the caution of the crash. brandon gunnoe, 7 news. >> ryan: also on 7 we're learning more about the suspect arrested in connection with a violent crime in orange. they are accused of murdering a 95-year-old man and leaving his wife seriously injured. one of the suspects allegedly stole her great grandmother's car days before the crime. >> kim: tonight the great grandmother is talking to 7 news, steve coop ser live in memorial here at the crime scene continues to grow tonight, the great grandmother of one of the murder suspects is talking about the chilling crime. >> i'm so sorry. i'm sorry, why, why? >> reporter: rita is shaken to the core after finding out her great granddaughter britney smith and submit's boyfriend joshua hart are accused killers. >> i never dreamed she would do it.
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what looks like a random home invasion smith and hart murdered 95-year-old thomas hardy and severely injured wife last week. the pair were captured over the weeks in virginia. >> why, why, why, why? everybody loved you. why? >> reporter: according to court documents smith and hart stole her great grandmother's car three days before the grisly attack. the family members say s problem and is addicted to heroin. what would your message be to britney? >> britney, i love you. i'm so sorry that you did this. i don't understand it. >> reporter: family members of the victims declined comment. >> i love you. >> reporter: smith's heart broken great grandmother is speaking out over the alarming allegations.
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should no better. >> reporter: as it stands the suspects are due in a virginia courtroom tomorrow to appear as fugitives. then according to the police here they will be brought back here by the end of the week to face those murder charges. live in orange tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> kim: there is more news today. a weymouth neighborhood on edge after new concerns surrounding this registered sex offender recently released from prison. police paid a home after learning he was at a quincy library without authorization. byron barnett is live in brimm -- weymouth. >> reporter: neighbors here are angry and upset this man is in their neighborhood. he is registered to live here at his parents' home in women out and now there -- womeneth and there is concern about him showing up in other places where he is
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a weymouth neighborhood in an uproof after a level 3 sex offender moves in. >> there are more laws protecting him than our kids. >> reporter: richard gardner was convicted of kidnapping and raping children in the 1980s. after nearly 30 years in prison he was released on probation last week and allowed to move in with his parents. >> kids play manhunt. not one kid out in this weekend. >> reporter: police went to the home to check if gardner was living where he was police told gardner to leave when he showed up here saturday evening. earlier that day police say gardner was cited for entering the crane library in quincy where an employee says gardner was spotted using a library computer. in the weymouth neighborhood amanda and others have posted warning flyers, she also started an on-line petition calling for gardner and others like him to be out fitted with gps tracking devices. >> at least on a gps if we
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neighborhood which i understand he has rights and as parents we have rights, too. >> reporter: police are investigating a report of a rock thrown through the window of gardner's parents home. >> i'm not surprised. people do a lot of things when they're scared. >> reporter: what do you think halloween is going to be like? >> i don't think there will be a halloween which will stange bus that is a great neighborhood for trick-or-treating. >> reporter: >> reporter: are investigating reports of gardner over someone's fence in the -- peering over someone's fence in the neighborhood. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> ryan: a man accused of attempted murder. offices say the man had to be physically removed to a holding area during his arraignment. he is facing several charges including attempted murder and sexual assault. prosecutors say he was involved in a shooting at a c.v.s.last month. police have arrested two
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involved. the victim was seriously injured. he will be held on $250,000 bail. >> kim: counting down and 28 days until the presidential election. donald trump losing support among republicans and the still behind in the polls following that access hollywood videotape released last need. a new poll shows trump 9 points behind hillary clinton. ? donald trump letting loose after pennsylvania. it's hard to do well when paul ryan and others give zero support. >> it's a troubling situation, i'm serious, it is. >> reporter: said he will stop defending trump. john mick kaine said he won't vote for his party's nominee berubio said he will and trump supporters picketed y.headquarters. the republican party in crisis. >> everyone wants to pile a lot of stuff on trump. you can i guess but these
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ourselves before trump showed up. >> reporter: trump got a little vindication after -- trump slipped 11 points behind hillary clinton nationally combined with the gap today is 9 in the nbc news "wall street journal" poll. trump tweeted the shackles have been taken off. he put up a new ad. >> hillary clinton doesn't have the fortitude, strength or stamina. >> reporter: clinton campaigned with al gore in florida. >> i'm who denies science. >> reporter: she leads in this battleground state. one thing about which trump can be encouraged. the polling gap between him and clinton is about where it was one month ago. thursday night at 11:00 we'll have the results of our own pool. 7 news teaming up with umass lowell. we'll give you those results thursday night at 11:00.
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farrell will be returnings to the team. the team made the announcement after some questioned whether farrell would be back in 2017. all of this one day after the team and fans gavin a final farewell to iconic slugger david ortiz. >> reporter: some sax fans wanted heads to roll after that debalkle that was the play-offs but john farrell is going to keep his job for 2017. he got the word after a news conference today so he was unable to react t he left the news conference, saw his boss and what is more he is going to get to keep his coach, too. >> everybody is welcome back. i think they did a fine job for us. just talked to him when he walked out the door. >> reporter: the sox failed miserably but the regular season was a success. the team's president wants john farrell back as his manager. >> it's important that everybody knows he is our leader going forward, and he is very well respected an it gives him the clear mind
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>> reporter: farrell is trying to focus on the positive, 93 wins. >> you know it's just a very proud moment to see what our guys came through this year. how they played. how they came together as a team. how they had one another's back. >> reporter: but not everyone is thrilled here on yawkey way. farrell is staying yeah? >> i'm going to give it are it a no to farrell. >> the bar has been set high since 2004 here in boston. i think farrell handles it well. the media, the fan, the personalities in the locker room. he does a nice job. >> reporter: the last game an emotional one for david ortiz, retiring at age 40. as his team mates packed up to he had home he felt his presence and they will for a long time. >> i would would love to
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david has been awesome. >> reporter: so david ortiz will not be walking through that door for spring training. however he says he looks forward to 2017. not in uniform though. he will be watching. live in fenway park, jonathan hall. >> kim: coming up on news at 6:00 we know he has moves on the football field, but what about with a microphone on a stage of sorts? devin mccordy taking part in a lip synch battle but why? >> announcer: tonight, what do you really know about your child's daycare? >> when parents are left in the dark, where does that leave the children? >> announcer: could your child's daycare have a hidden history? >> i was completely in the dark. >> announcer: why can't parents get answers? hank investigates tonight at hank investigates tonight at 11:00. in new hampshire, hank investigates tonight at 11:00. maggie hassan cut taxes for small businesses, protected education...
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voted to cut college grants, cut medicare. but kelly ayotte voted to protect tax breaks for millionaires and big oil. that's what the koch brothers and big corporate interests wanted. they're spending millions supporting ayotte. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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>> kim: a local l sometime off the field visiting boston children's hospital today. mccourty is helping to raise money for children with sickle cell anina. >> ryan: he showed off some of his skills on the microphone. ? devin mccourty letting go with patients at boston children's hospital. he took part in a lip synch battle with the kids to dram up support for his mission
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disease and growing up seeing her battle the things she went through and not many people know about the disease, it's not very popular disease, but if you get the disease it affects your life. >> reporter: the patients who took on mccourty say his visit brightened their day. >> he is really good. i mean, i -- i don't do it as often as probably he does, but yeah,. >> reporter: do you think you won the battle? is. >> i don't that is up to someone else besides me. >> reporter: mccourty says several of his teammates will join him for his casino night fund-raiser later this morning. >> it has been great for myself to get to know some kids and see what their life is like, help be a part of their life any way i can help and you know it's cool to see them come out. meet a bunch of players, get autographs then seeing
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the locker room, a winner with or without a live mike. he gets into that. his next tackle is october 24. it benefits boston's childrens hospital and next step. >> reporter: adele would be impressed. forecast for tomorrow also looking good. that's up next. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. dear fellow citizen, time spent with my son really makes me appreciate "the now".
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>> announcer: now 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: what a day, a nice fall day, this is from one of our twitter friends. twitter handle banetown brawler. he is a great guy not looking to pick a fight. this was down in hull looking back west to hingham bay. a beautiful sunset. couple of clouds coming into western new england. thank you, sir, as always, appreciate your pick. cold this morning, the city down at 44. norwood a low of worcester 38. now that is at the airport which is up on a hill. you know chilly air likes to find a low spots so i'm sure a lot of the neighborhoods were probably closer to 30 or 31. our coldest morning since the middle of may for boston and worcester. hill or no hill. it was chilly out there. 56 in town right now. bedford at 57. water temperature in hingham bay about 60 degrees, here are the high thin clouds.
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there is more of them. they don't have any precipitation but what they will do is act like a bit of a blanket as you get chilly tonight. you pull this blanket over you. not as cold. so that is why we not forecasting temperatures as cold as we were this morning. but with that said you will still need a jacket or sweater tomorrow morning. upper 30s to the middle 40s, these will be the temperatures about the time you are heading out the front door about 7:00, 7:30, if you are going out the front door at 6:00 or 5:30 but not quite as coals. orange at 34. provincetown at 50 degrees, tomorrow seasonallable. a nice one. temperatures between 64-68. the city around 63 with an onshore wind. lakeville at 68. north of town mid and upper 60s in the worcester hills. fitchburg at 68 and on the cape and the islands lots of sunshine, mashpee 62. edgartown at 60 degrees, thursday this is our lone
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cloudy skies. some pockets of drizzle. then we will see a few isolated showers as the cool front race ace krog new york and pennsylvania. but as it's racing east it'll fizzle out. it won't have any tropical moisture like big brother did on sunday to tap moisture into new england from matthew. so as this front comes through i don't think there will be as much rain on thursday. i think it's a couple of spits and sprinkles that bess it. drizzle early in possibility of a little bit of late-day shower activity after 5:00 or 6:00. friday lots of sun. upper 50s to around 60. the upcoming weekend looking good. partly to mostly sunny. upper 50s on saturday. low to mid 60s on sunday. see you at 7:00. >> so i just spoke to john and john farrell will be our
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and his whole staff will be invited back. we're anticipated that they will be back. >> reporter: dave dom browsery announcing perhaps his biggest decision this offstanding committing to bring back john farrell for a 5th season. he locked in for 2017. dombroski is not ready to picking up farrell's option for 2018 not without discussing that with ownership. but for next year he be right man for the job. >> for me john has done a fine job this year. i've been happy with working with him myself. i think he has the respect of the clubhouse, we played hard. we had a good season. we won the division title. we communicate well with. i think it's important that everybody knows hey is our leader. he is going forward. he is very well spent and it gives him the clear mind he needs along with the staff
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browse ski and baseball operations start their heavy lifting preparing for 2017, sox players lugging their gear out of fenway park cleaning out their lockers after being swept away by the indians. hoping to use this year's disappoint to fuel next year's fire. >> motivation will be one of the keys. a lot of the guys -- >> i know everybody in the clubhouse thinks we should be still be playing right but i'll be prepared for 2017. i'm, i'm going to make the fans love me. i've six more years to do it. i'm excited for it. >> reporter: the business of baseball rolls on without day of the ortiz who bit a farewell to the fenway faithful last night. and while the curtain has fallen on the big papi era he believes brighter days are ahead for this team on
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going from last place to winning the division. that is a good sign. that's a good sign i know dave dombroski and the rest of the squad is going to get the pieces to compete and do bert at this stage. and we got that on david. he knows how to figure things out at that level. so i want to come around and have fun next year. looking tat from the other side. >> reporter:wo of their season opener the bruins getting back to work at warrier ice arena, no kevin miller and adam mcquaid. no matter who is out there, thursday in columbus the b.'s are excited to start their road to redemption. >> everybody wants to do well and wants to prove that we're good team and you know, we want ting where we belong. >> guys are starting to come together.
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forming figuring out what personals fit where. we're a mote grated group hungry to get back where we feel we should be. >> reporter: the b.'s unable to sneak seth giveth through waivers. he is headed to toronto after being claimed by the
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
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>> ryan: a local singer will battle on "the voice." she worked as a music teacher before moving to los angeles to become a professional song writer. she wowed the judges during her blind audition singing "let it go." she advances to the battle ground. then the new breakout hit this is us at chicago foyer at 10:00 and stick around for all the headlines. good luck to cortney is. >> i'm ryan schulteis. >> kim: i'm kim khazei. by hope you have a great evening. nightly news is next, we'll be back for 7 news at 7:00 and again 7 news at 11:00, we invite you to join us then. enjoy your evening, everybody.
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in new hampshire, maggie hassan cut taxes for small businesses, protected education... created jobs. in washington, what's kelly ayotte done? voted to cut college grants, cut medicare. but kelly ayotte voted to protect tax breaks for millionaires and big oil. that's what the koch brothers and big corporate interests wanted. they're spending millions supporting ayotte. kelly ayotte's not working for us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. ? at blue cross blue shield of massachusetts, we offer a variety of medicare plans to fit your budget and your lifestyle. with plans starting as low as $0, you'll have zero things stopping you from really doing what you love. so call now to learn more about our plans that offer everything from annual wellness visits to routine hearing and vision exams, and prescription drugs.
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tonight it's war. donald trump declares the shackles are off, unleashing a furious tirade on the highest ranking republican, speaker paul ryan, and on senator john mccain. while his campaign trains its focus on hillary clinton, trump trains his fire on his own party. race against time for the desperately trying to reach families cut off, trapped by flood waters after hurricane matthew. tonight, new dramatic rescues and a jaw-dropping view from the air. crisis mode. a major announcement amid new fears about exploding smartphones, as the company now clashes with apple. and breaking health news tonight. an alert for millions of americans who take


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