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tv   Today  NBC  July 29, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. history. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> hillary clinton becomes the first woman to accept a major party's using her speech at the democratic national convention to go directly after donald trump. >> a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> and to address her flaws. >> i get it that some people just don't know what to make of me. >> will she convince skeptical voters she can be trusted or will the relentless attacks from
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just over 100 days to go until election day and it's anyone's race. breaking overnight, more police officers shot in the line of duty. this time in san diego. one officer dead. another in surgery right now. police say they have a suspect in custody and are searching for others. have they arrived? new zika cases in florida that could be the first from mosquitos carrying that disease here in the s. suspends all blood donations and taking our plaza by storm. they're a little wet but parrot heads have turned out in force to welcome jimmy buffett to our summer concert stage for the lucky 13th time "today," friday, july 29th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from
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good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. you know what's great about parrot heads? they don't care about the rain. they just don't care. >> they're just like let's have another margarita. >> great crowd outside. jimmy buffett taking to our concert stage at 8:30. we love having jimmy here. welcome back. you got back late last night from the convention. >> late last night. up early. ready to go. >> let's get to hillary clinton's highly anticipated speech on the final night battle with donald trump? our decision 2016 team has it all covered starting with nbc's andrea mitchell in philadelphia. andrea, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. hillary clinton stepped onto the stage and into the history books with an appeal to bernie sanders supporters and devastating takedown of donald trump. before a convention, hillary clinton took her place in history.
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humility, determination and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> the former first lady, senator and secretary of state officially accepting the democratic party nomination for president. the first woman to ever do so. >> we are the party of working people. >> reporter: promising a litany of progressive economic policies in a speech that could have been >> bernie, your campaign inspired millions of americans. america is great because america is good. >> slamming his convention speech. >> he spoke for 70 odd minutes. i do mean odd. >> questioning trump's fitness for office. >> a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.
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television audience, clinton appealed to voters alienated by the republican nominee. >> will be a president for democrats, republicans, independents, the struggling, the striving, the successful, for those that vote for me and those that don't. >> she took a moment to acknowledge her historic accomplishment. >> tonight we reached a milestone in our nation's march toward ae first time major party has nominated a woman for president. after all, when there are no ceilings, the sky's the limit. >> daughter chelsea introducing her before the two appeared on stage to a roaring crowd and a visibly emotional bill clinton looking on. the final night of the democratic national convention came to an end with fanfare and
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katy perry. and attempted interruptions from a small group of bernie sanders supporters. >> let's be stronger together, my fellow americans. >> clinton acknowledging she does have ground to make up to make people trust her. she'll tackle that starting today when the clintons running mate tim kaine and his wife leave on a bus tour of two vital swing states, pennsylvania and ohio. matt and savannah? >> all right, andrea mitchell. thank you so much. let's turn to team sleepless chuck todd and nicole wallace. >> are you doing okay? >> we'll start sleeping in november. >> you're almost at the finish line. hillary clinton had a lot to accomplish in this speech last
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his supporters. she had to acknowledge the history that she's been making. how did she do? >> i thought she did great on two of the three things you mentioned. speaking to the room. a speech written to unite the democratic party and i don't think she built on what president obama did the night before, which was open up this election and open up the democrats message to the entire country and squandered accomplished the night before by separating conservatives and republicans away from trump. >> i was surprised at how liberal and progressive the speech is. you really felt as if the shadow bernie sanders hanging over her head as they were writing that speech. you understand they want to be united. if you thought a year ago -- if you went back a year ago and said this would be her speech, you would have said this doesn't sound like hillary clinton. it's amazing how much bernie sanders had. >> the fact she's a democratic
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to do with these issues of character and trust. i'm trying to imagine that voter who is genuinely torn and watched this speech. was it progressive on that front? >> the speech wasn't. the night had other highlights. the democratic party had a fantastic week. they strung together four solid nights. there were some speeches for the ages in michelle obama's speech and president obama's speech and the father of a muslim american soldier whoie gave the most stinging rebuke to donald trump's muslim ban than i heard in the entire political cycle. >> if this convention moves numbers the wait i think it will move numbers for her it will be mostly that wednesday night with president obama, joe biden, the entirety of that night. it was the night that a bunch of democrats who are in good standing with the american voters made their case for hillary clinton, so while i don't think her speech last
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between president obama and the totality of it will be helpful. >> we'll do best and worst. >> best moment -- i thought president obama's speech was remarkable. >> what was the worst moment in your opinion? >> booing during leon panetta. the man responsible for the operation that captured bin laden was a terrible moment for swing voters. >> you have to say the obamas. it's possible the two best speeches given by the last name of obama, both mrs. obama and the president. i thought behavior of sanders supporters particularly last night. i don't know if -- >> we wondered if you could see it on television. >> it impacted her. it bothered her the whole time. i think that's what hurt the delivery a little bit. they were in the middle of it
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they were disruptive enough. >> she powered through it but it was distracting. >> it didn't help her delivery. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. donald trump was busy on twitter overnight hitting back at some of the points hillary clinton made in that speech. nbc's hallie jackson is on the road with the trump campaign in cedar rapids, iowa. good morning, hallie. >> reporter: hi, matt. good morning. donald trump's campaign is now calling hillary clinton's speech a collection of cliches and recycled rhetoric delivered from a fan underscores the fundamental difference in how each campaign is framing this race from clinton optimism, from trump, warnings about what could happen if he doesn't end up in the white house. on offense after hillary clinton's acceptance speech, donald trump tweeting hillary's vision is a borderless world where working people have no power, no jobs and no safety. and this, hillary's refusal to
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refugees is move proof she's not ready to lead the country. a compliment only trump could deliver. >> i thought the speech was good and i thought it was well delivered. >> reporter: the gop nominee's strategy is accusing rivals of being out of touch and living in a fantasy world. real world. they're not talking about radical islamic terrorism. >> reporter: trump himself under fire from across the aisle. >> by the way, donald trump, i didn't put my life on the line to defend our democracy so you could invite russia to interfere in it. >> reporter: new fallout for encouraging espionage from russia against hillary clinton and now a new defense. >> i was being sarcastic when i
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e-mails. >> sarcasm he says. national security experts not laughing. the comment raising questions about his relationship with putin. >> he said one nice thing about me. >> here's what he said in 2013 to thomas roberts. >> i do have a relationship. i can tell you that he's very interested in what we're doing here today. >> reporter: a trump aide maintaining the two men have never had a personal relationship arguing nothing trump contradicts that. those public comments including these in 2014. >> i spoke indirectly and directly with president putin who could not have been nicer. >> reporter: and these in 2015. >> i got to know him very well because we were both on "60 minutes." >> reporter: and on the topic of national security, trump will start receiving intelligence briefings any day now that both he and hillary clinton have been formally nominated by their
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national intelligence james clapper will handle those briefings himself. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> let's look at the road ahead for hillary clinton. steve kornacki, good morning. you have the same battlegrounds that all candidates are fighting over. do you see that change in that dynamic this time? >> this is what it looked like in 2012. we are in the longest period of stability in american donald trump appealing to different voters and turning off different voters than we're used to and there's a new fault line closing off traditional states for him and opening some up maybe. >> what are hardest states to turn from blue to red? >> he has to flip blue states to get to 270. you think of two right away. look at virginia and look at colorado. remember how much time we spent on these states the last few elections? if you look at the type of voter
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college educated and more culturally moderate and rising hispanic population in colorado. these states may close off donald trump even though they were prime battlegrounds four years ago. the flip side is he's appealing to blue collar voters. pennsylvania. state republicans haven't carried since '88. ohio obviously we're familiar with that. also if you're donald trump and this is going to be your path, look at michigan. look at wisconsin. maybe nevada. you don't necessarily see it yet but that's where you'll have to see it. >> no question the democratic ticket is headed to pennsylvania and ohio today. you took the 2012 map and said we'll work from that and see what happens. >> you can see if you took donald trump right here and gave him pennsylvania and you gave him ohio and you gave him michigan and wisconsin, boom, he hit 270.
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there states that hillary clinton has a chance to expand, a red state turning blue? >> that's the flip side of this new fault line that trump introduced. a couple states to keep an eye on this fall that we're not used to. georgia. polling out of georgia that shows a dead even race right there. north carolina, obama came close in 2012. hillary clinton has been leading in polls out there. how about arizona. rising large hispanic population there and the ultimate wild card on this map, utah. the mormon population has been very in utah. >> who would have thought that. steve, thank you so much. let us turn to breaking news overnight in san diego. two police officers shot in the line of duty. one of them fatally. nbc's steve patterson is there. steve, what can you tell us? >> reporter: matt, first thing, this still remains a very active scene. police patrol units still on the ground and helicopters in the sky searching for any additional possible suspects as the information as we have it one
7:15 am
survive. this morning one police officer is dead, the other in the hospital following a shooting in downtown san diego. police say the officers were making a routine stop when a gunman opened fire. >> we have two officers down. >> use caution into the area. we do not know where the shots are coming from. >> almost immediately they called for emergency cover. other officers were in the area. they arrived shortly on scene and found suffering from gunshot wounds. >> reporter: authorities not releasing the names of the officers say one was shot multiple times in the torso and died of those injuries. the other is still in the hospital surrounded by family, friends and colleagues fighting for his life. >> extremely difficult. you can imagine early in the morning when a chief knocks on the door of a family member. >> reporter: the shooting
7:16 am
the area. helicopters, s.w.a.t. teams and patrols swarming the neighborhood. one suspect was taken into custody overnight while police continue the search for other possible suspects keeping the community on edge. >> cop cars just rolled up and then i saw roughly 20 cops with shotguns running down this street. >> never experienced anything like this. it's like the military just rolled up the way the police just kind of swarmed the street, which i feel safe knowing that the cops showed up that fast. it feels a little uneasy. >> reporter: moments ago some good news. the police chief tweeting that the secondary officer who was shot is now out of surgery and is expected to survive. again, you see patrol units, the search for any additional suspects continues. matt and savannah? >> steve patterson, thank you. to serious new concerns over
7:17 am
this morning, several cases are being investigated in florida that could be the first from mosquitos carrying the disease here in the u.s. that would be dramatic change. nbc's kerry sanders is in ft. lauderdale for us. kerry, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this morning in south florida, blood donation centers are shutdown unless they're like this one now set up to begin testing those blood donations for the zika virus. four new cases of zika have shown up in patients here i broward counties. scientists believe the vector transmitting the disease may be mosquitos right here in the united states. growing concern this morning that zika is spreading with the discovery of four now cases in south florida, four counties are halting blood collections. the fda wants the blood supply tested to make sure it's not contaminated. health officials are alarmed
7:18 am
country, meaning virus carrying mosquitos here are infecting people or the virus could have been sexually transmitted by someone who had traveled into a zika zone and then returned back to south florida unknowingly infected. >> if it does turn out to be transmitted by mosquitos in this area now, we need to take action. >> reporter: aggressive mosquito control efforts are under way throughout south florida. the florida department ing urine samples to see how many people are affected. the danger is most critical for pregnant women. according to the cdc, zika is known to cause a range of birth defects. for pregnant women, it's a frightening prospect. brooke is 33 weeks along. >> it's scary. i stayed inside for most of my pregnancy. i turned down vacations.
7:19 am
relatively calm about it. >> reporter: the fda says it's working closely with blood screening companies to make sure they're ready to expand testing as needed. >> we don't know the extent of the infection right now in the community. they want to be overly careful to make sure the blood supply remains safe. >> reporter: while zika may be in the mosquito population in south florida, blood donation centers like this one here work under an umbrella called one blood. they're now set up test in south florida but they say they'll begin testing all of the blood donations across the state of florida, georgia, alabama, and south carolina just out of an abundance of caution. savannah? >> public health officials lookilook ing hard at that situation. thank you. >> mr. roker, you have an hour and 20 minutes to fix that mess outside. >> i'll get on it. in the meantime, flood watches to talk about. 29 million people in the northeast and we'll see airport
7:20 am
have showers and thunderstorms pushing. this is going to be an all weekend kind of event from the midwest into the northeast as a system moves from the plains to the midwest. storms from chicago, louisville, on into buffalo, pittsburgh, as we move into saturday. sunday more of the same. we look for more heavy showers and thunderstorms. the good news is we have drought situations out there in the northeast and new england so we can use the rain. you can see in the midwest into the mid plains we're talking about upwards of two to three inches of . england. beneficial amounts of rain but could have some flash flooding as well. so you have to take the good with the bad.
7:21 am
>> chris: good friday morning, everyone. a flash flood watch on because way, the cape and the islands. essentially your highest threat of downpours will be late this morning, early this afternoon. right now just a general light rain in boston out throw worcester. a few downpours across northern mass and southern new hampshire. and a few more downpours back into connecticut, as well as long island. showers and localized downpours through late morning into the early afternoon, and then we'll get back into partly sunny skies this afternoon. temperatures running into the lower to mid-80s >> that's your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al. thank you very much. just ahead, charges suddenly dropped against the man once convicted of killing washington intern chandralevy. reaction from her parents and where that 15-year-old case goes
7:22 am
new fears hackers could target u.s. voting machines in november. could that happen?
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>> this is 7news now. >> christa: good morning, everybody. 7:26 your type. we're starting off this friday with some much-needed rain. >> chris: wet weather in the
7:27 am
western new england. we're in the showers through about mid-day. localized downpour possibility, but not all towns will see tremendous amounts of water. dew points way up there. we're seeing a lot of humanity in place, and as we go through this afternoon, i think by mid-afternoon, partly sunny skies starting to break back out. that's when temperatures will jump back up into the 80s away from the coastline. >> christa: a man from lynn is due in court today after police say he attacked a woman in winthrop with a child inside the car. police say the man asked the woman to get inside the vehicle beat her, breaking bones in her face. and investigators say the suspect's three-year-old daughter was in the become seat the entire time. and police searching for clues after discovering more human remains at a national grid work site in everett. investigators say a worker found him on thursday. this comes after a human skull was discovered there earlier this month. authorities believe those sets of remains belong to the same person.
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? >> a cheeseburger sounds so good. maybe a margarita. back at 7:30. it's a rainy friday morning. it will take a lot more to dampen the spirits heads. >> i'm surprised that the parrot heads are using umbrellas. they don't seem the type. >> they are ready to party. we'll step outside in just a bit. >> shakers of salt as well. inside studio 1a here's a look at the headlines. hillary clinton is officially the nominee of a major party. she formally accepted the democratic nomination last night
7:31 am
convention in philadelphia and in her speech, clinton went right after her opponent. >> enough with the bigotry a bi. he's not offering change. >> for his part, trump was quick to fire back in a series of tweets he called clinton unfit for the presidency claiming no corruption and devastation. follows her wherever she goes. with rio olympics just one week away. fireworks lit up the sky last night but the specifics of the ceremony still very much under wraps. you can see next week one week from tonight right here on nbc. >> also this morning, a stunning
7:32 am
murder case of washington, d.c. intern chandra levy. prosecutors dropped the case against the man previously convicted of that crime. here's nbc's gadi schwartz. >> reporter: for years the mystery of who killed chandra levy gripped the nation. the investigation twisting and turning originally focusing on former congressman gary condon who admitted to with chandra levy. and years later, lewis guandique was convicted of the murder. in 2015, his conviction was overturned with a retrial set for this october. now prosecutors have dropped the case against him all together based on "new information that the government received within the past week."
7:33 am
family. >> i am pretty shocked right now. physically, emotionally not doing very well. >> reporter: the case was fraught with problems from the get-go. a botched search, for forensic evidence and investigation side tracked by a scandal that cost a congressman his political career. legal experts say guandique's conviction may have relied jailhouse informant. guandique now returned over to immigration officials until he can be deported. >> the question is, no matter what, we don't have our daughter back. >> reporter: for them justice for their daughter now ripped away. >> you always want justice. even if i get justice, doesn't bring calm back to a family
7:34 am
horrendous crime. >> reporter: a murder once again unsolved. for "today," gadi schwartz, nbc news. >> lisa green is a "today" show legal analyst. good to see you. good morning. >> good morning. >> they dropped these charges based on new information they received this week and yet they tell us nothing about that new information. how unusual is that? >> they're not obligated to tell us. it's an enduring mystery. who knows what it was. we can take an educated guess this case has had evidentiary problems >> wouldn't they share that information with the levy family? >> i sure hope they gave this family advance notice. what a mignightmare it's been m than a decade. >> the evidence against this defendant hung on the testimony of a jailhouse informant. a jailhouse snitch. there could be two possibilities. one they feel this defendant is
7:35 am
testimony of that snitch. do you have a sense of what it might be? >> the defense team in this case doggedly pursued that second notion. a jailhouse snitch. in trial he said he never snitched before. that wasn't true. they say the prosecution hasn't met the standard of fairness for this defendant in our legal system. that matters, too. >> we don't know what prosecutors have. it does seem as though we're back at square o 15-year-old murder case. where do you think it goes from here? >> it was tough from 2002 when chandra was found. no dna. no physical evidence. the passage of time never makes it easier to bring a killer to justice. >> lisa green, lisa, thank you very much. >> we'll shift in gears and cameras. al is at the weather wall. >> thank you so much. it's been so hot here in the northeast. for our friends in the plains and the midwest, it's going to stay cool.
7:36 am
look at chicago today. 77. that's gorgeous. 83 in cleveland and rochester. 88 in baltimore. charleston, 83. this weekend you have a perfect weekend temperaturewise from cleveland, rochester, new york city. 80s in roanoke, indianapolis will see temperatures in the low to mid 80s. for our friends out west, that upper high just stays there. that heat dome and unfortunately look at the temperatures. portland, 93 degrees. that's 12 degrees above normal. 101 >> chris: good friday morning, everyone. we have a flash floods watch around the cape and the cape ans until 5:00 p.m. targeting mid-day downpours. that would create localized street flooding there as this wave moisture continues to slide in from the south and from the west. for rest of us, showers. most of us light. a lech i willized downpour a possibility. once we get into this afternoon, mid-afternoon and early
7:37 am
the peeks of sun, especially north and west of boston. temperatures this afternoon, 70s coast, no to >> don't forget you always get your forecast on our weather channel friends. >> you have 54 minutes to fix that problem outside. >> let me get back to you. coming up on "trending," what you can do to make beer taste better, carson. >> have russia's ties to that dnc e-mail hack and growing concerns could hackers target voting machines on election day ? with this level of intelligence...'s a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class.
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with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena?. we're back at 7:42 with new developments into the investigation of the hacked democratic e-mails. >> multiple senior government officials t confident russian intelligence was behind the dnc hack though they lack definitive proof, the incident is raising new questions about the security of our country's overall electoral system. could voting booths or voting tallies themselves be vulnerable? the security firm hired to investigate the hack of dnc e-mails says it detected two breaches of the system. senior government officials say they are confident that russian intelligence agencies were
7:43 am
the e-mail scandal upended the democratic party exposing officials efforts to get hillary clinton elected during the primary even though they were supposed to remain impartial. beyond the capitol hill damage that includinged resignation of the head of the party, debbie wasserman-schultz, there's another concern, is the u.s. doing enough to protect the country's electoral system in general. >> i believe we are if someone is not paying close attention, you could rig the system. >> reporter: voting systems are controlled state by state and don't fall under the umbrella of the department of homeland security. typically voting machines are not connected to the internet. current and former security officials tell nbc news that any part of the electoral process handled online is potentially vulnerable. that can happen when it's time to count the votes.
7:44 am
if they're put into a computer, those computers can be hacked. >> reporter: we reached out to voting officials in multiple states. new york says the state has some of the most stringent testing protocols in the nation and voting machines in california are not connected online and the state has extensive certification and testing that goes beyond the federal as for dnc e-mails, what no one knows is how the information made its way to wikileaks. in an interview earlier this week, wikileaks founder julian assange was not giving up his sources. >> the real story is what e-mails contained. they showed collusion at the top of the democratic party. >> with government officials now increasingly convinced of russia's role in the hack, the next big question is what to do about it? there's a debate over how to
7:45 am
entire electoral system may now appear vulnerable to outside manipulation. the response from the russian government remains the same. we had nothing to do with it. >> scary thought. >> it really is. >> stephanie, thank you very much. try to imagine how much do you think they paid for their wedding bands? >> carson has the "sesame street" shake-up sparking a firestorm online right after this is how you apply the first paint that kills bacteria. sherwin-williams paint shield continuously kills 99.9% of bacteria. totally breakthrough. surprisingly the same. and it's only avaiblble at sherwin-williams. a leading consumer testing publication recently tested
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we're back with big changes coming to one of the most iconic children shows of all-time. >> three of the longtime staff members will move on from the show. mcgrath broke the news. people online not accepting these changes. seriously though, you can't write off bob, gordon and luis. they are originals and beloved. sam adding poor way to carry the "sesame street" legacy. it's a shame our youth will not have the true experience that positively shaped many young minds. earlier they moved from pbs to
7:51 am
changes. since the show began we're constantly evolving content and curriculum and characters to meet educational needs of children. this is not the last you'll see of bob gordon and luis. they'll represent the show at public events. having a hard time dealing with this this morning. i offer you this heartwarming moment. willie geist and big bird here. hopefully that brightens your day. back to you. >> carson, thank you very much. appreciate that. just ahead, this is great way to end the week. a live concert on the plaza from the great jimmy buffett after your local news and weather. >> weather is getting better.
7:52 am
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>> this is 7 news now. >> kris: good friday morning. live look outside. you see the braintree split. traffic moving smoothly despite the rain showers. let's go over the chris lambert for a peek at this forecast. >> chris: finally have some red across the area. we have a few embedded downpours. we'll continue to have a few embedded downpours. very localized. a flash flood watch until 5:00 p.m. temperatures got a lot of the rain and even the brex of sun. low to mid-80s inland. upper 70s along the coastline. can't rule out a mid to late afternoon isolated shower inland. but overall rain this morning through about mid-day. >> kris: chris, thanks so much. now for a look at our top
7:58 am
a 26-year-old man dead after a serious crash in plainville. it happened on washington street late last night. police say this man was killed when his car collided with a tractor-trailer. a young girl in his car was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. a lynn man is due in court today after police say he attacked a woman in winthrop. investigators say this man asked the woman to get into his car. when she refused, he allegedly when she refused, he allegedly beat her, bre ? sip in summertime stay cool this summer with a new sour apple, watermelon, or blue raspberry coolatta.
7:59 am
? keep on track with dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies, made with low-fat yogurt and real fruit blended into feel-good flavors like new wildberry.
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, moments of reckoning. hillary clinton accepts her party's nomination becoming the first woman ever to do so on a major party ticket. >> after all, when there are no ceilings >> this morning we look back through the years at her many appearances here on "today." >> he said he would consider you for a cabinet position. >> well, i'm proud of him and he's proud of me. i think that was a very flattering thing to say. i don't think that's realistic. plus, sweet shot. remember when golf superstar jordan spieth did this and it went viral? we'll show you what happened
8:01 am
? and party on the plaza. the legendary jimmy buffett brings some of his greatest hits to our summer concert stage, "today," friday, july 29th, 2016. ? ? welcome back to "today" on this friday morning. this rainy friday morning.
8:02 am
long if you have to have a concert in the rain with a group of people who don't give a you know what, it is the parrot heads and it is jimmy buffett. >> we just love having you here. you are the sunshine. i got to tell you, it's so slippery i'm going to follow your lead, jimmy. coming up in the next half . >> love it. cannot wait. let's go inside to sheinelle. >> we begin with hillary clinton launching a bus tour of battleground states, pennsylvania and ohio, as the democrats official nomination. >> reporter: the speech was the most important of hillary clinton's life.
8:03 am
voter trust but aimed to draw a sharp contrast with donald trump's go it alone vision of leadership. her message, the country is stronger together. backdrop of the city where the nation's democracy was born, hillary clinton made her own history. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> reporter: the moment clinton stepped onto the stage, she was emotional pausing to take it all . in her race against donald trump. >> he wants to divide us from the rest of the world and from each other. he wants us to fear the future and fear each other. >> reporter: arguing he's not fit to lead. >> do you really think donald trump has the temperament to be commander in chief? a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with
8:04 am
finished, trump fired back in a series of tweets. in one writing hillary's vision is a borderless world where working people have no power, no jobs, no safety. this after clinton laid out her own vision for moving the country forward. >> we will not build a wall. instead, we will build an economy where everyone who wants a good job can get one. and we'll build a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants who are a contributing. >> reporter: her speech capping a convention aimed in part at reintroducing her to voters, a task clinton took on herself. >> i get it that some people just don't know what to make of me. so let me tell you. the family i'm from, no one had their name on big buildings. >> reporter: clinton is setting her sights on the next chapter, winning the white house.
8:05 am
history we make tonight is the history we will write together in the years ahead. >> reporter: one of the stated goals of this speech was to reach out to republicans who might not be ready to vote for trump so did that strategy work? clinton will learn more when she hits the road in the key battleground states with tim kaine later today. pope francis made a somber visit this morning to the site of one of history's most horrible more than 1 million people mostly jews were murdered. the pope prayed silently and wrote in the guest book, lord, forgive so much cruelty. one police officer is dead and another out of surgery after they were shot overnight. a suspect was also wounded and taken into custody. san diego's police chief says the gunfire broke out as the officers were making a traffic stop. police spent the night searching for possible additional
8:06 am
husband and a father. police officers in ft. worth, texas, made a courageous rescue caught on camera. an armed robbery suspect was stuck in his car after a high-speed pursuit and crash earlier this month. this just released body camera video shows officers struggling to pull the unconscious man from the passenger seat as flames erupted from the car. he suffered minor injuries and was arrested. they say good things come to those who wait. in this case, that goes for this golfer trying to save par on thursday. his long putt stops right on the lip of the cup and just won't drop. first he gives it the evil eye and then slowly circles the hole waiting and waiting and just when he's ready to give up and tap it in, some unknown force knocks it in for par.
8:07 am
>> i don't get that. it's from "caddyshack." >> i speak for those who haven't memorized the movie. >> how much do you expect a star hollywood couple to pay for their wedding bands? wait until you hear from milla kunis and ashton kutcher. and jimmy buffett live in concert. he'll perform some of his biggest hits for us. firs clean food. words you don't often hear. words we at panera live by. because clean food is food as it should be. with no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, and no colors from artificial sources. we think clean food tastes better, feels better, does better. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. every bite will be food as it should be.
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8:11 am
the citi double cash card. all right. 8:11 on a friday morning. pouring inside. let's stay inside and do "trending." do you remember this amazing trick shot that jordan spieth we covered it on "trending." jordan hits a golf ball with marshmallow on top of it. goes up in the air. catches it in his mouth. i was on the course with the man that taught spieth that trick. i was on the golf course with the one that taught spieth that
8:12 am
it through plywood and then i said, matt, it's time to try the marshmallow trick. here's what happened. yes. >> rewind. i have to hear that laugh again. >> there's another angle. watch out perfect this is. i hit the ball and the marshmallow is right in front of my face. that was my first take. the first one. >> that's impressive. >> i have never heard you laugh like that. >> would you identify that laugh. >> not in a thousand years. >> go online and check it out. he's amazing. >> that's so awesome.
8:13 am
"trending." >> how do we top that? >> i have a video. okay. here it is. we know weddings where all eyes are on the couple but one couple's wedding one of the guests went rogue and got distracted during the ceremony. take a look. >> always value and respect you. >> i promise to be faithful and supportive. >> it's not a cartoon. w running after her at full speed. one more time. >> do you know what you do? we should put your laugh on every "trending" video. >> a roadrunner cartoon. >> we've had the internet in our lives for 20 years. there are still some internet based words that we don't know how to pronounce. we're going to play a game of see if you can pronounce these words correctly. all right. here we go. the first one.
8:14 am
what is that? >> i asked you this yesterday. >> i ask every time it comes up in a script. >> according to internet gods, that's gif like gift. >> what is that? >> what is png? >> it's photo format. >> ping. there you go. hold up. let them answer. don't give answers yet. what's >> i don't know what that is. >> i can't even pronounce it with a cheat sheet. what is this? >> image-er. >> okay. and this one. how do you pronounce that word? it's supposed to be day-tah.
8:15 am
belgian researchers took on an intensive study searching for the answers does lip syncing to music make your beer taste better? >> go to the man. >> you're right. those who listen to music while drinking beer like the beer more than the group that did not listen to music while drinking. does that make sense? >> sure. >> we talk about french fries and there are fries everywhere. milkshakes everywhere. >> an entire beer segment. >> do you have a favorite beer drinking song. >> in the late '90s i spent most of my time playing punk rock. ?
8:16 am
laugh. okay. i went eagles. i love "take it to the limit." >> that's if you're sipping beer. >> i love "born to run." >> where's mine? >> sheinelle's song. >> i'll sing it to you. ? pour me a cold one and oh the way ? >> jimmy buffett. >> did we mention jimmy buffett is here in the flesh? >> beer and music. >> does listening to music make beer taste better? >> makes margaritas even better. >> it works. >> other than your music, what's your favorite beer drinking
8:17 am
>> great song. >> all right. >> it works. >> are you getting ready? >> yes. i think they've been drinking beer in the rain out there early. >> i have seen a few sloshy looks out there. not just the rain. >> see you later. >> jimmy buffett. >> thanks, jimmy. >> could that just happen more often. that's great. >> how cool is that. >> drop kick murphies back and mila kunis sat down with conan o'brien and opened up her marriage with ashton kutcher. they bought their wedding bands off the internet and disclosed the price of what the rings cost. have a look. >> i wanted the thinnest possible platinum band. you can't see it. it's super thin, right. and then i went and looked at -- they're how much?
8:18 am
$90. buy now. and ashton's is $100 so technically his was more. >> pretty cool stuff. the couple got married back in july 2015. will smith last night the actor made an appearance on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon to talk about his movie "suicide ska squad." he felt the first entrance wasn't good enough so he decided to take a mulligan and >> that was good. that's a really good introduction. i think i can do it better. >> please welcome the one, the only will smith! >> that was only the second entrance. he would do two more.
8:19 am
will smith, very funny. that's your "pop start." find more pop culture news on "today's" facebook page. >> good way to end the week. mr. roker, weather? >> it's been raining quite a bit. flood watches are down. airport delays. more heavy rain pushing its way through the area. here in the northeast this is going to be the pattern really from the midwest right into the northeast and we're starting to see thero we have two tropical investigation areas. we look for 30% and 50% development over the next five days. we'll be watching that as well. and as you can see, a wide swath >> chris: good friday morning, everyone. tracking some rain across the area. once in a while a few localize downpours. the bulk of the the heaviest rain and thunderstorm activity south of us. a couple of these heavier
8:20 am
south coast of new england. there is a flash flood watch in place until 5:00 p.m. you get into this afternoon. mid-to-late afternoon. wouldn't be surprised to see breaks of sunshine reappearing. upper 70s coast. low to mid-80s inland. then over the weekend. we are in the low to mid-80s. >> that's your latest weather. for more than two decades, hillary clinton has been on in her words the high wire of american politics. >> the world from first lady to senator, secretary of state and now presidential nominee and has spoken out here on "today" every step of the way. >> accomplished. >> divisive. >> polarizing. >> from day one politics have been in her blood. bursting onto the scene in 1992, hillary rodham clinton let it be known she wasn't content to be the traditional first lady. >> he said he could consider you for a cabinet position. >> i'm proud of him and he's proud of me.
8:21 am
flattering thing to say. i don't think that was realistic. >> we often joke that our campaign slogan should be buy one, get one free. >> not everyone was onboard and sensing unease, she took a step back walking the line between model first lady -- >> welcome to the white house. >> easy to shop for, right? >> the man who has nothing. >> and policy driver. >> i would ask everybody who thinks what we are proposing as complicated to sit down and try to explain america's healt what we have now is complicated. >> no matter what role she played, one thing always seemed to follow her. controversy. >> more than half of the people are saying they don't believe you've told them the whole truth about whitewater, the travel office, what do you, hillary clinton, need to do to regain that credibility? >> hurtful to have people question your credibility. >> and then the scandal that
8:22 am
white house years. >> the president has denied these allegations on all counts. bill and i have been accused of everything including murder by some of the very same people who are behind these allegations. >> clinton's defense of her husband igniting a firestorm with four memorable words. >> this is the great story here, vast right wing conspiracy >> she was in no way out. >> i think a democrat will win the senate race. >> clinton was just the democrat to do it. >> town hall meeting with first lady hillary rodham clinton. >> running for the seat while calling 1600 pennsylvania avenue home. >> trent lott said i'll tell you one thing. when this hillary gets to the senate, she'll be one of 100 and we won't let her forget it. didn't sound as if he was
8:23 am
>> i'm looking forward to working with all of my colleagues in a bipartisan way. >> priming her for an even bigger role. >> the elephant in this room. >> she's been asked a lot. >> would you ever like to live here again? >> speaking about the village, do you want to run the village? >> when are you going to get off the sidelines. >> she said no a lot. >> i don't think that will be a chance. >> i have no intention to run for president. >> no. >> in 2008, clinton jumped in. her experience immediately called into sitting on the sidelines and watching your husband necessarily deal with problems over the years. what do you say to that? >> those eight years gave me a unique set of experiences i'll take to the white house. >> after a heart fought campaign, clinton fell short. >> you believe you would be the best president and give it all you got but it wasn't meant to be.
8:24 am
>> when obama asked her to serve, clinton answered the call. >> it was awkward at first? >> of course he asked me to serve our country and him in his administration so i said yes because at the end of the day we have to be bigger than politics. >> as glamorous as being first lady was, being secretary of state could be a grind. >> i saw your cabin. for those who think this may be glamorous work, i couch and there's not a hair and makeup team waiting onboard. >> that should be obvious. when i get off the plane in the middle of the night. i'm always worried i'll scare the children. >> first lady, senator, secretary of state but there's still one title yet to claim. >> we're here with secretary clinton. >> it hasn't been smooth sailing. >> could you have imagined back
8:25 am
finish line and turned into a firewall? >> i said from the very beginning this is going to be a tough contest all of the way through. >> clinton has proven she's always got another hand to play. >> a lot of different sides of hillary clinton throughout the years. now we turn to a new chapter. >> we did the same thing with donald trump and his appearances which go back decades as well. always fascinating to look at that. >> we'll take a little bit of a turn because jimmy buffett on the plaza on our citi concert stage. perfect way to go on a friday
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> this is 7news now. ism good friday morning. live look outside. the rain is coming down. chris lambert joins you with a peek at this forecast. >> christa: we need the rain. >> chris: we do need the rain. on the satellite and radar at times late morning and early afternoon showers along the south coast of new england. flash flood wash across buzzards bay, if cape and the islands. by mid-afternoon, i think a lot of us done with the showers. a few breaks of sun this afternoon as we tend to dry things out. mid-80s inland. upper 70s at the coastline. scattered showers possible sunday and monday. >> christa: thanks so much. now to our top stories. a man from lynn due in court. police attacked the woman in win thereon. police asked the woman to get into his car.
8:28 am
beat her, breaking bones in her face. investigators say that suspect's three-year-old daughter was in the back seat at the time. police are searching for clues after a worker found more human remains at national grid site in everett. it comes after a human skull was found there earlier this month. authorities believe both sets of remains belong to the same woman. and police looking for a suspect in brockton who allegedly broke through a glass door of a house while a teenager was home alone. police bereave the man rode off on a mountainik connected to another break-in that happened yesterday, as well. 7news "today in new england"
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now. it's 8:30. it's friday, july 29th, 2016. the weather is perfect for jimmy buffett. we're so excited to have him and his fans here. they citi concert stage live. >> can we mention we have a couple big concerts next week. next friday, blake shelton will take his turn on the plaza. >> this is kind of cool. blake is letting you pick one of his songs. your choices.
8:31 am
>> let's explain our wardrobe change on our countdown to rio we're one week away from the opening ceremony of the olympic games. these are the jackets that team usa athletes will wear next friday as they march into that stadium. let's bring out carson and sheinelle who are wearing the full monty so to speak. here they come. >> they look great. >> wow. >> if you couldn't are by ralph lauren, the outfitter of the u.s. olympic and paralympic teams for the last five olympics. royal >> you wear them, very, very well. now, you know it's always a real honor to be named the flag bearer. this year there's a special jacket that's been designed specifically to the 2016 u.s. olympic flag bearer. we'll show it off.
8:32 am
and he's inside studio 1a. hi, cliff. good morning. do you like the outfit? >> i love it. they did great job. they always do a good job putting these uniforms together. >> does wearing something like at that take you back and bring back great memories? >> incredible. i remember during the opening ceremonies in sydney holding that american flag and turning around and looking behind me. only thing i could see for a quarter of a mile was the sea of red, white and blue. the entire united states olympic >> more images like that to come. cliff, it's like a commercial. there's more. some feature built into that outfit if we turn the lights down. look. it glows in the dark. >> awesome. >> the parrot heads approve. >> very cool. cliff, thank you so much. great to see you. >> thank you. >> you need to get one of those. >> i do.
8:33 am
monday on "today." hoda will join me later in the week and then a week from tonight, hoda, meredith and i will bring you the opening ceremony of the olympic games on nbc. >> i'll be watching on my couch. so exciting. now let's get a check of the weather. >> let's look at your weekend and show you what we've got for you. first of all, it's going to be wet in the eastern half of the u.s. and northern new england escapes and so does florida. look for hit and miss showers and thunderstorms back through theou continues in the pacific northwest. sunday, sunday, the rain continues eastern half of the country. we are looking at sunny skies and warmth as you get into the upper mississippi river valley. gorgeous weather >> chris: good friday morning, everyone. tracking showers across the area. even some localized downpours. a few downpours around mid-day. the cape and the islands, they do have a flash flood watch
8:34 am
over. a lot of showers over by about 2:00, 3:00 p.m. cloudy to partly subcommittee skies. temperatures upper 70s to the coast. low to mid-80s inland. taking a look at the 7 on 7 forecast. no more 90-degree weather, seasonable over the weekend. >> don't forget you will get your full forecast on the weather channel. coming up next, are you ready to go to >> jimmy buffett takes the stage live in concert on our plaza. they're ready. they're so ready. first, this is "today" on nbc. man: he chose for all of us to get together, go to great wolf lodge, and have a family birthday. woman: and that's the family i wanted to give luke -- lots of siblings, people who love him all around him at all times, and lots of support.
8:35 am
8:36 am
>> the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi.
8:37 am
concert from the legendary jimmy buffett. before he takes to the stage, let's show you what makes him the undisputed king of margaritaville. ? >> since his first tour 40 years ago, singer songwriter jimmy buffett has been reminding his fans that it's always 5:00 somewhere. ? it's 5:00 somewhere ? >> and that the time for a cheeseburger in paradise is >> jimmy buffett's tours are a highlight for parrot heads. high energy. beer soaked. some of the most concerts you'll see of the season. >> perhaps the biggest hit of the grammy nominated artist's 50 recorded albums is "margaritaville." the salty, sweet, sour song has turned into a lifestyle empire bearing restaurants, bars, hotels, clothing and accessories and this morning parrot heads are eagerly awaiting as jimmy
8:38 am
sunshine to rockefeller center where he'll make his 13th "today" show appearance. the parrot heads are ready. the blenders are in action. ladies and gentlemen, jimmy buffett! ? nibin ? all of those parrot heads covered with rain ? ? strumming my six string on my front porch swing ? ? here we are with no shame once again ?
8:39 am
margaritaville ? ? searching for my lost shaker of salt ? ? some people claim that there's a woman to blame ? ? but i know it's somebody's fault ? ? i don't know the reason ? ? ? with nothing to show but a brand new tattoo ? ? but it's a real beauty ? ? a sag harbor cutie ? ? how she got here i haven't a clue ?
8:40 am
? searching for my lost shaker of salt ? ? some people claim that there's a woman to blame ? ? but i know, it's somebody's fault ? ? who could ? ?
8:41 am
? stepped on a pop top ? ? i had to limp on back home ? ? but there's booze in the blender ? ? and soon it will render ? ? that frozen concoction that helps me hang on ? ? hang on, hang ? wasted away again in margaritaville ? ? searching for my lost shaker of salt ? ? some people claim that there's a woman to blame ? ? but i know ? ? it's my own damn fault ?
8:42 am
as woman to blame ? ? but i know ? ? it's my own damn fault ? >> jimmy buffett just getting warmed up on a soggy friday
8:43 am
8:44 am
? >> a busy guy. he's toured the country every
8:45 am
tour. with a don't you know? >> what we didn't know was what to call this tour. i don't know. that was the tour. >> every summer you do this. does it just feel like a right of passage now? >> if you get a summer job like this and lucky enough to have people come out and see you -- [ applause ] >> i was going to say this is your life. i know you a little bit and you're good at other aspects of your life as well. if you weren't doing music, what would you do as a >> i would -- that was the plan i had if it didn't work out, i was going to open a beach bar in the caribbean. >> guess what? it worked. >> it all goes together. you must see parrot heads everywhere you go. >> as an example, i was on west coast last week and ran into a friend of mine who was a astronaut on the space station
8:46 am
to cheer him up because they couldn't get him down in time so i sang "cheeseburger" to him in space. >> 50 albums. people would say let's end there but you're working on another one. >> i'm a christmas baby. why not a christmas album. >> new songs? >> a humorous look at christmas. i was born on christmas day. >> a real christmas will margaritas be involved even though it's christmastime? >> of course. >> what are you going to to sing for us now? >> i love you, too.
8:47 am
in. and the rain has stopped. ? ? grapefruit ? ? bathing suit ? ? chew a little juicy fruit ? ? wash away the night ?
8:48 am
? guzzle gin ? ? commit a little mortal sin ? ? it's good for the soul ? ? and oh it gets so damn lonely ? ? when you're on the plane all alone ? ? if i had money, honey ? ? i'd strap you in beside me ? ? and never ever leave you ? ? and crying ? ? ten speed ? ? no need ? ? my pickup gets me where i please ? ? shuggin down the street ? ? but i'll be leaving in a little while ?
8:49 am
? ? if i had money honey i would strap in beside me ? ? and never ever leave you ? ? leave you at home all ? grapefruit ? ? bathing suit ? ? chew a little juicy fruit ? ? good for the soul ? ? chew a little juicy fruit ?
8:50 am
thank you so much. he's back with more music
8:51 am
>> you bring the sunshine. jimmy buffett, we're happy to have him on our citi concert
8:52 am
summer school? >> let's go. ? ? you messed up ? ? you read the paper ? ? you accidentally watched the news ? ? you inedadvertently find yourself in the vicinity of the blues ?
8:53 am
life ? ? you make a habit out of overtime ? ? when the big report card comes ? ? your priorities are way out of line ? ? you need to go to summerzcool ? ? get to the beach or least in the pool ? ? time to go to summer school ? ? remember what is and is not cool ? ? time out for bad ? time off you've been under the gun ? ? high time somebody told you it's time to let those puppies run ? ? what's up with this election ? ? i don't watch ? ? the answer to your burning question is dancing on your tailgate ? ? it's time to go to summerzcool ? ? remember what is and is not cool ?
8:54 am
act like a fool ? ? at summerzcool ? ? get your butt to a beach or at least in a pool ? ? know when to keep and to break the rules ? ? beer ? 102 ? ? tune it in ? ? turn it out ? ? that's what i'm talking about ? ? it's time to go to summerzcool ? ? the courses are easy and there are no rules ? ? at summerzcool ? ? remember what is and is not cool ?
8:55 am
? this is the time and the place to act like a foul ? ? oh summerzcool ? ? just know when to keep and to break all the rules ? >> hear more from jimmy he has more to go.
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> breaking news overnight in san diego. two police officers shot one of them killed. what we know about the violent crime. >> plus closing out the democratic national convention
8:58 am
happened in wintloep headed to court. the patriots getting back to work in gillette as they knew starting quarterback gets ready for the season. the high heat ends today as we track rain through the morning. what to expect ahead. all that and a lot more. coming your way
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> making a statement the democratic national convention wrapping up with a speech from the nominee who is making history. plus an attack in winthrope beaten up when she refuses to get into a man's car. outrageous summerville police pro testing after black live matters banner remains at the hall. it's 9:00 friday good morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> i'm christa delcamp if you are sick of the sun then i get this day is for you. >> so nobody raised their hands. >> the only one excited about today the plants, flowers and trees they need the rain. >> golf course superintendent saying yes. we're sick of the sunshine. bring us on the rain in a good soaking rain. farmers probably agreeing as well. what is this.


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