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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the. we hope you can stay right there if you're just settling in. we've got another hour of 7news to deliver. i'm adam williams. >> i'm kim khazei. 7news at 5:30 starts right now. now at 5:30, a somerville man linked to a hospital hack in hot water, how investigators ship. and a murder at a randolph bar. the accused shooter answering to a judge today. and a mall brawl caught on camera when a case of shoplifting takes a dangerous turn. and student debt brings u.s. marshals to a man's front door. we are following breaking news right now. the fbi and irs are investigating state senator brian joyce. authorities say this is all part of a federal investigation. >> and tonight the governor is talking about that situation. let's get over to 7's adam
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>> all right, tonight the state governor is calling -- and the state g.o.p., i should say, the republican party of massachusetts, calling for senator joyce's resignation saying disregards the law, the milton democrat's law offices in canton were surrounded earlier today by federal a little. in january joyce agreed pay nearly $5,000 for using campaign found pay for his son's 2014 governor baker spoke about the case at the investigation just moments at the state house. >> i was concerned with some of the issues raids previously with respect to the senator's relationship to some of the folks in his district, and obviously i'm not gonna comment specifically on the investigation because i have no information on that. it'll take its course and go wherever it goes but as i said, i was hoping the ethics
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investigation and still hope they do. >> there are reports out that the accusations stem around the senator receiving free services like dry cleaning. a statement was released by the senator's office saying that he is cooperating with the anything wrong. in the newsroom, i'm adam williams, 7news. following this breaking news out of waltham. a car smashed and pinned up against a business there. this is on sayon street. the chopper zooms in there, really between the building and what looks like a dumpster. there is a tow truck that's trying to remove that vehicle at this time. we're waiting for word to see if anyone was injured in this. we haven't seen anything of the driver up to this point but of course will continue to follow owl how this unfolds and find out exactly what happened there. a somerville man accused of cruising for trouble.
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attack on boston children's hospital. he planned to go to cuba but his plan hit a hitch. >> he no choice but to be rescued by a disney cruise ship. jonathan... >> the fbi talked to him back in 2014. last week his family and employer were concerned enough to call the somerville police for a well-being check. he tried to sail to cuba but didn't make it. >> reporter: he's facing a judge after being arrested in miami as he and his wife got off a disney cruise ship this morning. but a attorney in boston said they were in a sailboat trying to escape to cuba. they got in trouble and picked up by the cruise ship captain. sources confirm 31-year-old martin godsfeld's alleged target was children's hospital in
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the justina pelletier controversy in 2014. the connecticut teen had been transferred to children's to be checked out. an emotional 16-month battle erupted over dualing diagnosis and parental rights. the teen's family disagreed with children's who claimed she needed to be in a treatment center for psychiatric problems. the hospital brought in dcf and the bay state took custody angering many. in this dewpoint, the fbi agent says he admitted he attacked a web site and posted a youtube video calling for cyber attacks on children's in the name of the hack group anonymous. two days later on march 25th, the twitter page asked for attacks on an ip address associated with children's. the fbi says godsfed created that twitter page. the fbi says the attack cost children's $300,000 and forced it to shut down servers and its
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the fbi says operations were disrupted but patient medical records were not comprised. children's hospital released a statement applauding this arrest, making the fbi and -- thanking the fbi and u.s. attorney's office as he will back up here in boston to face a judge soon. jonathan hall, 7news. also on 7, police make a quick arrest after a deadly shooting outside a bar in randolph. 7's nicole oliverio has the story from quincy courthouse where the accused shooter faced a judge today. >> reporter: under heavy police presence, gregory wright faced a judge, accused of killing a man inside a randolph bar. >> mr. wright went to the city limit saloon in randolph last night and at that saloon -- or that barrow oh was mr. drake scott, the victim, who was performing at open mic night that evening. during the evening, mr. wright was -- he asked two different
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asking if that was the only exit that evening. >> reporter: police were responding to a disturbance nearby when they heard the shots. >> shots fired! shots fired! >> reporter: they quickly arrested wright across the street. inside court, the family of the victim broke down as prosecutors explain there was no explanation for the shooting. >> your honor, there was no interaction between these two men during the evening, and it appears that this was an execution style murder in which this defendant followed the victim out of the bar, having no interaction with him, firing five times at him and then take the police on a chase. there is no explanation for it. >> reporter: prosecutors say as far as they know, wright didn't know the victim at all. in quincy, nicole oliverio, 7news. a corrections officer called the court today facing drug trafficking charges. prosecutors say yawnld cover state trooper bought heroin from steven la bro several times. the 40-year-old is an officer at
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drug sales happened while la bro was off duty and out of prison. he pled not guilty this morning and being held on $20,000 bail. a civil rights lawsuit is being filed against harsh vard university. a former student claims the college mishandled her sexual assault case. alyssa taylor and her attorneys filed the lawsuit yesterday claiming the stool was indifferent to sexual harassment complaints, allowing her accused abuser to live in the same dorm room as her for months during their investigation. >> he continued to harass and i repeatedly reported these incidents to administrators. i reported that i was living in constant fear. harvard has an institutional culture of ignoring and silencing people like me. our reports are not taken seriously. with, alyssa says she hopes the lawsuit will keep future students safe.
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a drone debate is underway in holyoke. the city council president wants to make flying drones over private property illegal unless the user has written consent from the homeowner. he also wants users to have written consent from the city before flying drones over any government property. he hopes to have a public hearing on the issue in the future. san antonio's mayor is under arrest after city council meeting in texas last night. police led the mayor there ricardo lopez away in handcuffs. witnesses say he pushed a woman he told police to arrest. lopez is charged with resisting arrest, but may face assault charges. this is the second time low please been arrested. he was indicted on conspiracy and bribery charges earlier this month. an 18-year-old man from florida is accused of practicing medicine without a license. police say malachi love robinson tuesday -- he was arrested here atmosphere allegedly gave a physical exam to a female undercover officer. he opened a medical clinic in january.
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concerned he had been posing as a doctor. >> driving home drunk... >> let's see if i can get a d.u.i. >> reporter: the florida woman, who live streamed this video of her driving dlung not serve any jail time. she was arrested last fall after making the video and pleaded no contest to driving under the influence. she has had her license suspended and will serve a year of probation, which is common for a first-time d.u.i. offense. caught on camera, a mall brawl in california. a suspect taking aim at security officers when a case of shoplifting takes a dangerous turn. police in fresno say they often see petty thefts but the alarming attack is all part of a larger trend. >> reporter: police say this surveillance video from a fresno, california department store shows one of three robberies that got violent within the last week. two african-american female suspects are seen acting suspicious. >> they start selecting
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in their purse. th $180 worth of merchandise that was stolen from the store. >> reporter: sergeant mark hudson says this is not just a petty theft, and because they violently assaulted agents who tried to stop the women, it's now a felony robbery. surveillance video showed one suspect pick up her shoes and walk out with a child with them. >> this law agent was struck and bitten by one of the suspects. so it turns into a robbery when that occurs. >> reporter: hudson says a similar thing happened that same day. bratt brandon whitman stealing $500 worth of merchandise from a home depot and the assaulting law prevention agents. >> we've seen a 42% increase in robberies city wide. these do include the petty thefts that have turned into robberies. so certainly we've seen an increase also in those type of robberies as well. >> reporter: on saturday another man was arrested for robbery after stealing two cans of beer at a convenience store and fighting with law prevention agents there, causing minor injuries.
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that we don't want to see happen. we don't be want to see people getting injured. we don't want to see anybody getting hurt over a small amount of money. and police are still trying to identify the two women in the department store robbery. two big winners finally coming forward claim their prize from january's $1.6 billion powerball jackpot. maureen smith and david of florida will take the lump sum richer. the couple says they have a few plans for the money but and want to get into any specific beside what that will be. two other winning tickets were sold in tennessee and california. the people in california haven't publically come forward. >> that's when people come out the woodwork, flight is. >> hey, we've been friends for years. >> let me walk your dog... decades-old debt rearing its ugly head. how one man's student loan landed him behind bars. and fbi agents still raiding
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also breaking, a manchester
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a houston man learning a tough lesson.
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u.s. marshals without notice for a 30-year-old student loan and now facing time behind bars. >> if you're one of the estimated 40 million americans with student loan debt, listen up. 7's nancy chen has the story. >> reporter: like millions of americans paul has debt from student loans. >> i went to my garage, opened the garage door and walked out with mist my hands up. >> reporter: he was handcuffed and shackled for non-payment of a $1500 loan from 1987, 29 years ago. >> surreal. i think it's so -- it's unreal , is it that you can treat a citizen as if he's a drug dealer. >> reporter: court the documents show that acres started getting notices 10 years ago and he does owe the money. he's been ordered to pay over time $5700 for the loan which includes interest and another
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the u.s. marshal service says acre refused multiple requests to appear in court dating back to 2012. >> the people in debt out there shouldn't be afraid u.s. marshals are going to come and kick their door down. this was an extreme case. >> we must take him down and when you get me, you celebrate as if you're taking down a kingpin. >> acres say it took him days to shake off what happened and more than anything he's just happy his family wasn't home to see it happen. in the newsroom, nancy chen, tonight, partly cloudy skies. a bit colder for tomorrow. the forecast is up next. then at 6:00, breaking news in norten. a long-time bernie & phyl's worker killed outside the
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skies. temperature in the city at 43. a windchill at 38. sun went down this evening at 5:18 and i've been on twitter noticing a number of you have noticed the increasing amounts of daylight. yes, indeed, over the next four weeks, picking up gobs and gobs of daylight. in fact, february and march, this is where it's at and even into april, look at all the daylight that we have yet to pick up and we'll continue to pick up until the month of june when of course we don't pick up that much daylight because we're at the top of the pyramid.
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downpours. merrimack valley the numbers in the mid 30.
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kiddos, a good day for skiing. 45 like today, a mix of clouds and sunshine. more clouds friday afternoon and friday evening. and perhaps a few isolated snow flurries friday evening. not from a storm, but actually a warm front, and that will move through new england during early saturday morning and send the temperatures on saturday above normal. upper 40s on saturday. sunday a mix of clouds and sunshine. near 50 the weather is a little bit quiet but there is a storm for next wednesday. still several days away from pestering anyone here in new england. >> all right. next on 7news, an act of kindness with a bit of a twist. the note one man received when a stranger found his lost wallet. >> and good evening, everybody. >> we are working on several breaking stories coming up at 6:00. a state senator's law offices raided in what the fbi says is
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investigation in what the governor is saying about the case. >> plus, a deadly accident in norten. a bernie & phyl's employee killed in the company parking lot. and a new hampshire teacher facing serious charges, accused of assaulting a student over candy. we'll have those stories and a lot more. >> hope you join us.
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finder's fee. he lost his wallet during a concert and a stranger returned it. >> but he didn't get all of the contents back. >> dear riley flaherty, i found your wallet and your driver's license had your address, so here's your credit cards and other important stuff. >> reporter: as soon as riley flaherty opened this letter he realized the sender was no pen pal. >> i kept the cash because i needed weed, the metro card because, well, the fare is $2.75 now and the wallet because it's kind of cool. >> reporter: this is one of those only new york kind of stories that all began with a night of good company and good music. >> got all the i would back to manhattan and realized my wallet is not in my coat, have that classic freak-out moment, have the uber take me all the way bark to brooklyn, go go back into the theater and the neat doesn't have it. >> reporter: the quasi good samaritan's letter arrived in the mail about a week later and left flaherty reminiscing about the main character in the popular television series
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chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer turned drug dealer, someone else who flaherty believes blurred the lines between good and bad. >> i'm thinking maybe you and i could partner up. >> reporter: he writes to a friend, quote, to be honest, i was thinking this person was the walter white of wallet returning. they start out with seemingly good intentions but quickly realize they're actually just a villain plagued with an insatiable appetite for metro card spending and marijuana infused subway rides hurting everyone they love around them. >> one more time that you did this for the family. >> i did it for me. i liked it. i was good at it. >> enjoy the rest of your day. toodle, anonymous. >> whether it's a dollar or 1,000 dollars, the fact of the matter is there is a, you know, pot smoking, modern day robin hood out there that, you know, knows my blood type, knows if i'm an organ donor, knows where
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so it's terrifying, frankly. >> a little scary there. flaherty says the funniest part to him was that that person put so much energy into writing that letter. took the time do that. another 30 minutes of 7news ahead. >> 7news at 6:00 starts right now. op. trouble on the tracks, passengers in a panic when an orange line station fills with smoke. >> the quiet weather continues for the rest of the week with a bit of a cool-down. >> and there's also a buzz around red sox spring training. pitchers and catchers ready to report for duty and we're live in fort myers. first at 6:00, breaking news, state senator brian joyce's office raided by federal agents. the spokesperson says the raid is part of an ongoing investigation but they're keeping details about the investigation under wraps right now.
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we do know the irs was on scene today. let's head out to kelli o'hara live in canton with some breaking details for us. >> good evening. the fbi still inside, they've been there all day long. they've been inside for at least six hours and loading up two minivans full of evidence. >> reporter: federal agents surrounding the law offices of state senator brian joyce all afternoon collecting a garage full of boxes. the paperwork now evidence in this fbi and irs joint investigation many in this quiet community surprised by the corruption allegation surrounding joyce. >> it's a little scary. it's not something you want to officials. >> reporter: the state g.o.p. asking for the milton democrat's resignation saying the senator disregards the law. in january joyce agreed to pay nearly $5,000 for using campaign funds to pay for his son's 2014 high school graduation party. the office of campaign and political finance telling 7news
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and not kept detailed records. at one point the organization says he didn't report expenditures totaling more than $10,000. one person, though, not surprised by the allegations, ahead of the state watch-dog group common cause who says joyce has been on their radar for a while. >> there were some allegations around, pressuring people to give business to his law firm. there was a long history of take goods and services, particularly dry cleaning. >> in a statement, the lawmaker's attorney says, quote, the senator has been cooperating with each inquiry that's taken place and he believes he's done absolutely nothing wrong. now, back out here live in canton where the fbi is still inside the state senator's law office and they said they'll be there for quite some time. in canton tonight, kelly o'hara, 7news. governor baker speaking a little over an hour ago about the investigation. for that let's go to 7's nick he


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