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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> sarah: arctic temperatures continuing to grip through new england. the freezing weather makes it hard to leave the house. the good news here today, it isn't as windy. good afternoon, everybody. >> kris: we hope it is getting warmer. bundle up for now. d.c. snowing there. it is expected to move up to area. bri eggers joins us now. place. now, that system will eventually warm us up. the two are running into each other first.
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in the teens. already warmer than yesterday. as you mentioned, lighter winds coming out of the southwest. and making for the gradual climb. that gradual up-tick that we get into the 50's tomorrow. if you can believe it. after a bitter blast this weekend. here is the snowfall we were just looking at the live picture of washington, d.c. that is the leading edge of this system that moves in. already bringing some light showers... light snow showers state. a winter weather advisory at could bring us some light snow. a mix and also some slick spots. overnight tonight. that starts this afternoon, though. we are also expecting some all said and done with the snowfall totals, one to two inches points north and west of 128 and north of the mass. pike. the city to the south of there. again, all of this snow shower activity wrapping up by the time we make it to midnight. for most locations.
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more of the rain-snow mix. we will run through the timeline here. we will see the on-set of precip running into the frigid temperatures. with the ground so cold as quickly. a quick one to two inches not out of the question here. but then changing to that rain-snow mix. we see a lull in the precipitation tomorrow. then a wind-swept rain that pushes in for us tomorrow afternoon. and evening. with those temperatures climbing into the 50's. we will run through the timeline in more detail coming up in a few minutes. >> greg: take a look at this flooding causing serious serious problems there. this all happened after the city's flood gates froze open. high tide waters then came rushing in as a result. let's go to jennifer ea g an in revere now with a look at how residents are dealing with this watery mess. >> reporter: well, there is not much they can do except for wait to things to warm up. the wear comes from this small creek over here that some residents along the street
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problems. >> reporter: sherry's home in revere surrounded by a thick sheet of ice. water from a creek at the end of arcadia street overflowed sunday as temperatures plunged below row. >> when the ground freezes as you can see it did, it freezes up all the pipes that went underground. so there is nothing you can do inside to help what's going on outside. home. pipes are frozen solid. happens? there is nowhere for the water to go. >> she couldn't use anything. when she flushed the toilet, it went up in the bathtub. now we pump the tub down. she is going to have to go to a hotel. >> reporter: part of the problem, a grate meant to flows under route one. drains. when high tide comes, the water has nowhere to go. but out that drain into, you know, through.
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what happened. >> reporter: sherry's children are staying with friends as she waits for things to thaw out. >> this is definitely a city issue. they are home in their nice warm house. it is okay. they have water. >> reporter: well, actually, a city cowens says the other part of the problem is that flood gate that was prosen open, he believes it should be shut until all of this cold weather passes. we are live in revere, jennifer eagan, 7 news. >> last i checked, it was delayed to 7:06. >> sarah: massport anticipated problems, especially with equipment in the dangerously low temperatures. busy responding to smoke alarms at littleton high school. it wasn't smoke, though. it was actually steam setting off those alarms. a radiator pipe failed. that released steaming hot
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luckily, school is on winter break this week. so they have time to get things cleaned up and back in order. freezing temperatures caused several pipes to burst at faneuil hall. water then leaked into several stores. and restaurants in the area. they had to close as a result. >> sarah: a series of fires breaking out across the state. this raging fire in worcester. it is one of three that broke out in that city alone. and in weymouth, crews had to battle three house fires, but with these frigid temperatures, it is even harder to battle the flames. nicole oliverio is live with the latest details. nicole? >> reporter: well, sarah, firefighters here in worcester say the cold temps slowed them down. you can see the damage done to this triple-decker. they feared if they couldn't get their equipment working in time, the fire could have taken out not only this home but the triple-decker next-door. fire guts a triple-decker. ice finish it is job, destroying the worcester home. the freezing cold temps caused problems for crews trying to put out the fire. >> our ladder pipes weren't
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the valves to get the water through those apparatus didn't work. so it was a challenge all the way around. >> reporter: this was worcester's third fire in a span of several hours which department's equipment. >> most of the crews that were working at this fire had been to the previous fire and thaw out. >> worcester, not the only community to battle multiple house fires overnight. in weymouth, crews responded to three fires in just two hours. the fire chief says two were caused by people trying to warm their pipes. the third fire remains under investigation. again, the weather making things more difficult. >> cold weather operations, the frozen hydrants. we did well with that tonight. >> reporter: in worcester, fortunately, no one was hurt. only one person was inside a first-floor apartment. he made it out safely. but it was a busy night for firefighters. >> it's been a long time since we have had so many multiples
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>> reporter: now, the cause remains under investigation. because there is a fear that this home could collapse instead, it is going to be torn down. they say firefighters are going to have to speak to anyone who was inside and through interviews, figure out the cause and origin. we are live in worcester, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> greg: more problems today because of the cold. more than a hundred people still without power and heat in east boston, though. after a man hole fire on sunday. it happened on putnam and bennington streets. authorities say the fire may have been caused by a broken transformer. >> sarah: family and friends will say good-bye to the woman killed by a flying man hole cover last week. there will be a wake for a 5-year-old... 35-year-old in her home town of winchester tonight. the elementary school art teacher was on her way to work last friday. a man hole cover came loose and flew into her windshield. funeral services will be held
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>> kris: a person struck in brighton. >> sarah: police searching for a missing harvard man. zachary marr was last seen outside the bellingham bar in boston on saturday morning. the 22-year-old who is from the town of harvard, was wearing dark jeans and a blue sweatshirt. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> kris: developing today: according to some reports out now, former massachusetts governor deval patrick is on the short list of possible supreme court nominees. this after just antonin scalia suddenly died over the weekend. deval patrick has not commented yet on the speculation. overnight, the body of supreme court justice scalia arrived back in the d.c. area. his unexpected death continuing to spark fallout as well. but there are already some names being thrown around of who the replacement might be. justice antonin scalia's flag-draped casket arrived in the d.c. area last night.
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his replacement is already under way. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >> reporter: the white house says that won't happen this week. while congress is on break. with flags at half-staff, we are already seeing possible candidates mentioned. >> we don't have to confirm and we won't. fvbs. >> the vote should be rejected based on the history of how president obama selects judges. if there is no vote, that is fine, too. >> reporter: the court is in the middle of its term. with more cases to hear and decide between now and july. without conservative ska lee, a tie. >> we will see unlimited abortion on demand throughout this country. partial birth abortion, notification. >> we need a conservative person. >> reporter: democrats insist the country shouldn't have to next president to decide. >> we have a president. he was elected. he has the right to nominate another supreme court justice.
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will look kindly on republican actions to try to thwart what he is supposed to be able to do. >> reporter: republicans are battling each other as well. ted cruz is out with a new ad saying that donald trump cannot be trusted to appoint the next justice. >> sarah: a developing story from overseas now. today doctors without borders is saying one of its hospitals in northern syria was hit by air strikes on purpose. videos up-loaded to social media supposedly show the aftermath of those air strikes. the hospital says nine people died. dozens were injured. and at least eight staff members are still missing. >> kris: australian police announcing an almost billion-dollar drug bust. police seized more than $900 million worth of liquid meth. it is the largest seizure of drugs in australia's history. the drugs were hidden in boxes of silicone bra inserts and art supplies. four suspects have been arrested.
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the forecast coming up. >> sarah: peyton manning being called out in ala. what a trainer says the
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>> kris: take a look at this pretty wild. caught on camera. an earthquake shaking new zealand so hard it caused part of the cliff to collapse down into the ocean below. you see the smoke rising from the rubble. no serious injuries.
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evacuated as a precaution. next week, by the way, marks the fivele-year anniversary of the catastrophic earthquake that killed almost 200 people there. >> sarah: lifeguards used a reef. you can see that 19-year-old stuck in the cove there. lifeguards swam through rough waves to get to that victim. >> kris: it is warmer there. i can't believe the video of the polar plunges over the weekend. the people here locally, dyeing into icy waters here in our area. >> sarah: brave souls, bri. wow. >> bri: if you are going to be extreme. do it on a bitter weekend. our lows in most locations well below zero once again. a cry from what we were dealing with 24 hours ago. the reason being that we had a lot less wind today. that wind was making for dangerous windchills yesterday morning. contend with. that still cold, though. warmer than our highs
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17 in boston right now. 18 in norwood. 15 in worcester. like a heat wave compared to yesterday. and we will continue that slow up-tick. close to the upper 20's by the time we hit 9:00 p.m. tonight. and then past freezing in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. those temperatures keep rising. as we move into tomorrow and into the 50's. hard to believe that we are making that much of a jump. but here we go. frigid start for today. but then we do see some snow working in this afternoon. and this evening. it is a little bit of snow at the on-set of the system. which eventually, will be a temperatures. into the cold air that is already in place. and that's when you get that first part of the storm system bringing some snow showers in already seeing that in the western part of the state. winter weather advisory goes into effect 4:00 p.m. through the wee hours of tomorrow morning. not necessarily for the snow accumulation. but more so for the slick spots that could develop due to some sleet and also some freezing rain. it is not a lot of snow that
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not breaking out the shovels or plows for this one. anything we do pick up will eventually melt and wash away with all of this rain. you can see that warm front stretching through here. and then bringing through possibly even some rumbles of thunder as we get into tomorrow afternoon. and evening. so running through a very closer look of this timeline here, temperatures mid to upper 20's. by the time we hit 10:00 p.m., either side of midnight, that some freezing rain and sleet. because of the warm a littlier wedgeds if in the middle of the atmosphere. it isn't until torm that that rain really picks up. we are talking an inch to an inch and a half of wet, wet weather. and wind-swept rain at. that for more on this, danielle gersh. >> danielle: thank you, bri. it is hard to believe the air won't be cold enough to support snow. but again, we are talking about freezing rain. so we have warm air sandwiched in between the two layers of cold air. our snowflake melts as it moves through the warm air. then it freezes again when it connects at the surface.
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so not only are we dealing with the freezing rain and the about. also the very strong winds. goes into effect for much of the area. this is for tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. we could see isolated wind gus hour. we are seeing these winds start to pick up when our temperatures warm up, too. as we head into tomorrow, 4:00 p.m. look at these winds out of the southeast. gusting from upper 30's to 40's. even 50 miles per hour. staying this way through dinnertime tomorrow. then these winds not dying down until we head into the overnight hours heading into wednesday. so bri, this storm has everything with it. huh? >> bri: sure is, danielle. wind-swept rain. first dealing with the snow. breaking it down on the time line for you. a coating to two inches. basically, generally speaking, 6:00 to 11:00 p.m.ment either side of midnight, sleet, freezing rain, and wind-driven rain as we head into tomorrow afternoon and evening. this is a lot of rain. as i mentioned before. an inch to an inch and a half. with localized downpours
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that. snow mix to rain tonight. temps rise. in the afternoon, low to mid-50's. honestly. i can't believe it myself. roller-coaster temperature ride. as we head throughout this entire week. at least we are either at average or just above. maybe some light snow showers expected on thursday. but no real big significant storms in the next 7-10 days. >> kris: how often do you see a 50-degree swing? that is wild. >> sarah: still ahead on 7 news, subway drivers have reportedly started noticing something with their schedules. >> kris: elliott spitzer in hot water.
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>> kris: comcast is experiencing a nationwide outage. according to their web site now, those outaging began rolling in earlier this morning. some internet outages have been reported but the majority of the problems seem to be f with unavailable cable channels. another story this noon: the former governor of new york is in the spotlight today. but it is not because of his tv career. >> sarah: investigators are looking into whether eliot spitzer assaulted a woman inside a new york city hotel room. eliot spitzer back in the
12:22 pm
the former new york governor is now under investigation for assault. sources familiar with that investigation tell nbc news that on saturday night, spitzer and a woman in her mid-20's entered new york's iconic plaza hotel and headed up to one of the rooms. inside, spitzer is being accused of choking the woman. the nypd investigating him for assault, but not for sexual assault. a source familiar with the investigation says after the alleged incident, the woman slit her wrist but the wounds were not life-threatening. no charms have been filed. a spokesperson says there is no truth to the allegation. in 2008, a prostitution scandal forced spitzer to resign as governor. 14 months after being sworn in. >> i have acted in a way that violates my obligations to my family. >> he was never charged with a crime. spitzer attempted a career in television. >> the politicians are
12:23 pm
>> hosting short-lived shows on cnn and current tv. before a failed return to politics, losing to his opponent in the democratic primary for comptroller of new york city in 2013, following that loss, spitter divorced his wife and later started dating the spokesperson for his failed campaign. sources tell nbc news the woman traveled home to russia overnight. >> kris: coming up next, brad marchand earning bragging rights this past weekend and setting a new record with the goal you just saw. >> sarah: it is not quite baseball season. red sox fans are already talking about this photo. what travis shaw says happened
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handled alleged assaults with athletes. a trainer sued manning for defer nation in 2002 and that case was settled a year later. >> kris: to the ice. we still don't know what's keeping patrice bergeron off the ice. bergeron missed sunday's game in detroit and saturday's game in minnesota as well. while bergeron missed the game against the red wings, brad marchand was out on the ice playing the red wings. he scored eight seconds into sunday's game against the wings. setting the franchise mark for the earliest goal to start a game. marchand, by the way, has 13 goals in 13 games. fortunately, the bruins ended up losing to detroit 6-5, the final score. let's talk baseball. sort of. red sox fans hoping this isn't a sign of things to come in 2016. travis shaw says his teammate
12:27 pm
golf cart into a pond on a course in florida. who needs a sand trap when off water trap? shaw posted this picture on twitter sunday. writing that that's what happens when "mookie drives." red sox pitchers and catchers will report for spring training on thursday. >> sarah: much more to come in the next half hour of 7 news. dozens of people left out in the cold at a ski resort. what caused the trams to suddenly stop. bri soon it will be out with the bitter cold and in with the snow. forecast coming up. >> kris: why a flight was forced to turn around and return to london.
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>> kris: big story this noon. it is the cold. we continue following the frigid temperatures we have been dealing wachlt live look outside right now. it looks cold, doesn't it in this weekend, sub-zero temperatures. breaking records. negative 36 with the windchill. good news is today isn't as windy. >> sarah: yup. there might be a warm-up in sight. just a little. right, bri? >> bri: it is a significant warm-up. we have to wait until tomorrow for that to kick into play. some flakes flying in worcester county. this isn't even the leading edge of the system. it is more like an impulse moving through ahead of it. it is not going to last for too long. we do know the cold air is still in place. this is what will run into that cold air bringing us the quick one to two inches of snow accumulation as we make it into the later evening hours. current temperatures, into the teens. and almost balmy when you compare it to yesterday. because we have fairly light winds out there. not factoring in much of a windchill. that is much warmer than our highs yesterday. boston only got to 11 degrees.
12:31 pm
here is your temp trend. as we head into the evening hours. we do continue to see the temperatures rise as we head into the overnight hours. but this system, while it's warm is going to wedge in warm air upstairs. that could cause some problems, bringing us not just the snow at the on-set but also some freezing rain and sleet. only making it into the mid to possibly the upper 20's for highs this afternoon. and then the winter weather advisory goes into effect. not necessarily for the amount of snow that we will see. but more for the slick spots caused by that freezing rain and sleet that i mentioned. so running through the timeline here, you see the frigid air. it is in place. we know. that we have dealt with it all weekend. then the warm front runs some precipitation into that cold air. snow to start. then rain-snow mix. and then we see it turn to rain. but the real rain event waits until tomorrow afternoon. we are talking wind-swept rain around an inch to even an inch and a half for most locations. here we go with the snow. we will start with tonight. coating to an inch.
12:32 pm
to the south. and one to two inches northwest of 128. into worcester county as well. whatever snow we do pick up we will quickly wash away and even melt as those temperatures rise into the 50's tomorrow. more on the extended forecast in a few minutes. >> kris: new this noon, the wintry weather and water might being together to cause a messy scene they are dealing with in revere right now. flooding causing serious problems there. it all happened after the city's flood gates froze open at a high tide, the waters came rushing in caused what you just saw there. some residents in the area are dealing with the icy mess. >> it was frozen to that bottom step. all levels. all the way through to the street. >> reporter: sherry's home in revere surrounded by a thick sheet of ice. water from a creek at the end of arcadia street overflowed sunday as temperatures plunged below zero. >> when the ground freezes, as you can see it did, it freezes up all the pipes that went underground. so there is nothing you can do inside to help what's going on
12:33 pm
>> reporter: water ran under her home. pipes are frozen solid. >> it comes up my floor. because there is to where for the water to go. >> she couldn't use anything. when she flushed the toilet, it went up in the baths tub. now we pump the tub down. she is going to have to go to a hotel. part of the problem, a grate meant to catch trash, the city maintains the drain. >> they are not clearing the drains. when high tide comes, the water has nowhere to go. but out that drain into... if that's clogged, this is what happens. >> this is definitely a city issue. but they are home in a nice warm house. it is okay. they have water. >> reporter: well, actually, a city cowens says the other part of the problem is the flood gate frozen open. he believes it should be shut until all of this cold weather passes. we are live in revere, jennifer eagan, 7 news. >> sarah: these frigid
12:34 pm
firefighters. in fall river, a man died during a fire there. today crews are still trying to figure out what sparked a blaze. fierce flames ripped through a three-storhome on eastern avenue in fall river sunday night. neighbors say they knew something was wrong when they smelled smoke. >> the whole third floor, you couldn't see it. it was in flames. >> the windows blew out. then rain started shooting. >> reporter: once firefighters put out the fire, they found floor. they believe he lived in a home. the fire chief says it's too soon to know what caused the fire. >> inside, there is extensive damage to the third floor. it will take us a lot to sort that out. >> at first, fighting this fire was difficult. with only one truck in the area when the call came in. fall river's ladder truck was helping battle another fire in neighboring rhode island. the bitter cold and ice only made things worse. >> everything is frozen. this temperature. you make do with what you can. nothing is meant to work with
12:35 pm
>> reporter: firefighters pulled several women from the first floor. they are doing okay. >> kris: the m.b.t.a. hasn't announced whether it will or will not eliminate late-night service, future work schedules indicate that decision may have been made already. according to the "globe", a union official says if that drivers do not have to work shifts past 12:30 in the morning beginning march 19. members of the m.b.t.a. fiscal control board won't officially vote on whether to cut the service for two more weeks. so far, late-night service has cost the city about $14 million. the m.b.t.a. is trying to close a budget gap of more than $242 million for the fiscal year 2017. >> sarah: a car crashes into a home in seekonk. the car plowed into a pick-up truck and then went through a bunch of front yards before hitting the house. there is no word yet on any injuries or what may have caused the crash. >> kris: investigators looking into a potential chemical threat after a dangerous discovery near a children's hospital.
12:36 pm
chemical situation at a lab on longwood avenue. fire officials say that there was some sort of water leak at that lab. now they are checking to see if there could be a dangerous chemical interaction. >> dozens of people stranded in the cold for hours. aftera ski tram breaks down. the ski resort in new hampshire says a mechanical issue caused the problem. the weather at the time, below zero. and one of those passengers, an eight-month-old baby. a day on the slopes at canon mountain ski resort in new hampshire. turns into a harrowing rescue. when two tram cars suddenly stop. leaving dozens stranded 40 feet in the air for almost three hours in sub-zero temperatures. after what passengers described as a severe jolt, one tram came to a rest near the top of the 4,000-foot the other near the base of the mountain. among the 48 people trapped, an eight-month-old baby. with the mercury around a frigid negative four degrees,
12:37 pm
top car to help guests stay warm until help arrived. then one by one, ski patrol and firefighters rappelled each person down through a trap door from the tram. thankfully no, one was injured. and there were no reports of any frostbite. canon mountain officials say a mechanical issue, not the cold, caused the brakes to somehow engage and get stuck. making for an unexpected downhill situation for those onboard. the tramway has not reopened yet. crews are still working to resolve this issue. as for the stranded guests, canon mountain offered them vouchers to come back another day. >> kris: pretty scary for those folks there. pilots are urging for a crackdown on lasers after another flight was forced to turn back around. a new york-bound virgin airways flight to london heathrow airport returned as a precautionary measure after a laser beam was beamed into the cockpit. the copilot actually started feeling sick because of it. passengers were offered an
12:38 pm
the airline apologized for any inconvenience. no arrests have been made in the case. police in california, meantime, searching for suspects after two people walkedded on to the golden gate bridge. they were hit with blow-darts. the five-inch darts were launched from a blow-gun. the two injured were treated by paramedics. the darts are being tested to make sure they weren't coated with any sort of chemical. >> sarah: officials make an explosive discovery in a rental car at the airport. a bomb was attached to a car that was rented somewhere else and then dropped off at the airport rental company. a bomb squad detonated the device. no flights were interrupted. >> kris: icy road conditions being blamed for this 60-car pile-up in indiana. dozens were hurt. drivers were going too quickly in the icy conditions and following the vehicles too closely. that led to the 60-car collision. crews closed the highway for about four hours to get all of those cars and trucks removed.
12:39 pm
lucky to be alive after getting pulled into a wood-chipper. his haress got stuck in tree limbs. his leg tripped the safety bar at the last moment. shutting the blades off just inches from his head. he still suffered a broken leg and head injury but is expected to be okay. >> kris: more news today: remembering the terror attack in paris. survivors of last year's attack talking now about that terrifying night. a memorial concert is set for next weekend. the band eagles of death metal was actually playing at a venue in paris that was targeted. some say, though, it is too soon to attend this upcoming concert in paris. >> the idea of returning there so soon, and being in a venue... for me personally, it would be too soon for me to be there mentally. and obviously, physically, it is a nonevent at the moment. >> kris: that band started its
12:40 pm
week in stock homo, stock h.m.o. >> sarah: a fire broke out in india on an outdoor stage during an einvestment. the performers appear to be unaware of it at first. 21,000 people were evacuated. including celebrities and high-profile politicians. >> kris: still ahead, some couples going all out for valentine's day. bri a big warm-up. not before some snow falls.
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>> kris: awesome video. look at. this meet jesper. a cat in norway. loves to go out skiing with his owner. he loves hiking and running in the snow. jesper has his own blog and thousands of followers on facebook as well. you need to train buddy to do that. your dog. >> sarah: buddy actually loves the snow. he buries his face in it. and just, like, rolls around. yeah. he loves it. i don't know. could you get simba to do that? >> bri: absolutely not. he is a lap-cat. he is not norwegian. he just sits. well below zero in most spots this morning. the city of boston coming in at four degrees this morning. not as bitter as yesterday
12:44 pm
we didn't have the winds with us. that is still the case right now. air temperatures in the teens. and that is about what it feels like as well. with light winds coming out of the southwest. this is going to help to usher in some milder air, slowly but surely. the best we could do is 11 degrees yesterday. we could make it to the mid to possibly upper 20's later in the day. tomorrow, not even a typo. low to mid-50's. we are also looking for a wind-swept rain. here is our system already bringing some light snow showers into worcester county. just some flurries at this point. the reports that i'm seeing. but it is a big one. it lasts not only for tonight into the evening hours overnight. but also tomorrow, we could have some rumbles of thunder.
12:45 pm
coming into the picture. now, here is the big picture. warm front coming through. colliding that precipitation already in place. the ground is so cold that any snow that falls will quickly start to accumulate. a fast one to two inches not out of the question. look at. that a nice band of rain that really moves through. an inch to an inch and a half of rainfall expected tomorrow as those temperatures are in the 50's. how much snow are we expecting. a coating to an inch inside of 128 to the south. one to two inches in worcester county. it is not a lot. it will melt off and wash away as we get into tomorrow. look at this temperature profile. two hours either side of midnight. that concern is there for freezing rain and also for some sleet. you see that wintry mix that's indicated with the pink color there. then we wait, really until tomorrow afternoon to see that heavy rain enter into the picture. looks like it takes until about 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow. but again, inch to an inch and a half of rain. that is not all we are talking about.
12:46 pm
about wind. >> danielle: thanks, bri. and the freezing rain, too. temperatures we have had. that we don't have air cold enough the support snow. we are going to deal with the freezing rain as we head into tomorrow. we have that because we have this layer of warm air sandwiched in between the two layers of cold air. our snowflake melts and then it freezes again upon contact. as our temperatures warm up, we are going to be dealing with this wind also. because of that, we have a high wind watch. this is for tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. we could see isolated gusts in these areas. and this orange area. getting up to 60 miles per hour. the winds are going to be really strong. here is the wind timeline. you can see they are starting to pick up really. tomorrow at 4:30, they are out of the south. and out of the southwest. they are getting anywhere from 40-50 miles per hour out on the cape here. these gusts getting up to 60 miles per hour. especially as we head into dinnertime tomorrow. they are not dying down until the overnight hours as we head into wednesday.
12:47 pm
everything with this. >> bri: yeah. a multi-faceted storm, for sure. a timeline for you once again. akoving to two inches of snow. 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. we could see some pockets of light snow showers past 11:00. that is really the prime of. that sleet, freezing rain, either side of mid might into 2:00, 3:00 a.m. then wind-driven rain we are in for more like a spring rainstorm. an inch to even an inch and a half with some localized downpours. we are also talking about that snow melting off as well. so poor drainage areas could see some puddling and isolated areas of flooding. snow mixed to rain tonight. a coating to two inches not out of the question. we won't be breaking out the shovels or plows. and then tomorrow, those temperatures just incredible. still hard for me to even believe. 50-55. after what we have dealt with this weekend, we deserve it. we can thaw out a little bit. throughout the next 7-10 days, no big storms in sight. temperatures tend to stay
12:48 pm
average. >> kris: thanks so much. pope francis continuing his today. the pontiff is viz signature an impoverished and heavily indigenous part of southern thousands o'. pope. a mass is being held and will focus on the state's large i indigenous community and will include readings and songs in three different languages. >> sarah: coming up on 7 news, a group of vets getting star treatment from a boston salon. how a spa day becomes all about giving back. >> kris: a love story decades in the making. how a world war ii veteran
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
>> kris: some couples in new york had a bird's eye view while saying i do on valentine's day.
12:51 pm
the empire state building. they got the opportunity to do so after winning a contest for the most touching love stories. >> sarah: okay. also on 7: a boston salon spreading the love. by giving a group of veterans and their families a surprise makeover. and star-studded treatment. unique salon in west roxbury getting people's dolled up for a good cause this valentine's day. the salon offered free makeovers to massachusetts families with relatives serving overseas or relatives killed in the line of duty. the salon says it is a way to put a smile on their face. other salons in the area pitched in as well and say they will do it again next year. >> kris: a sweet gesture. sweet story here. a world war ii couple together again after the war ripped them apart. many decades ago. norwood thomas and joyce morris first met-- ready for this? more than 07 years ago over in england. he went to war. then they married other people. they have reconnected on-line. last week thomas made his
12:52 pm
long-lost love. >> the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me. >> sarah: yes, i love it! >> kris: the couple reuniting 7 decades later. they met just before d-day. just in time for vallefine's day. what a cute story. how true love... 70 years apart. they still have that connection. >> sarah: it needs to be a movie now. >> kris: it will be. >> bri: some snow and then spring-like rain. one more look at that fore if you live in massachusetts,
12:53 pm
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>> kris: the revenant winning big at the bafta awards. >> sarah: leonardo dicaprio won best actor-for-his leading role. he thanked his co-stars and his momma. thanking mom. marvel's latest superhero movie dead-pool has set a record. it earned $135 million at the box office over the weekend. the most ever for an r-rated films debut. the previous record was set by the matrix reloaded in 2003. deadpool also smashed a record for a february opening which was set last year. by 50 shades of gray. >> sarah: "sports illustrated" releasing three covers for its annual swimsuit edition.
12:56 pm
one woman to grace the cover. >> bri: winter weather advisory in effect from this afternoon into early tomorrow morning. we could see some rain-snow mix. that is after the snow. just a little bit of snow. that all washes away, melts away, as our temperatures rise into tomorrow. we are talking a wind-driven rain tomorrow and not out of the question to get some rumbles of thunder as well. gusty winds between 50-60 miles per hour. not out of the question. a nice day on wednesday. staying mild. and then maybe some light snow showers thursday. another warm-up on the way for
12:57 pm
>> kris: okay. we can get back to mother nature. bring those 50 degrees on. so thank you so much for making us a part of your day. that is going to do it for 7 news at noon. i'm crust anderston. ... i'm kris anderson. >> sarah: i'm sarah french. see you tomorrow morning. have a wonderful afternoon. i feel too young to be this old.
12:58 pm
i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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1:00 pm
>> brady: ha, found you. rebecca jonas, okay. that's daniel's wife. that's--no. who the hell have i been dreaming about? >> nicole: ugh, these dogs are really barking. ow. >> theresa: can you lieve we went to every site on the east side? >> nicole: i don't know why it's so hard. all dj wear needs is, like, a design area, a little kitchenette, a work area, a couple of offices. i mean, we're not talking about 10,000 square feet here. [groans] >> theresa: i know, i mean, all we need is-- oh, my god. why didn't i think of that? >> nicole: hmm, what? >> theresa: i know exactly where we can locate.


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