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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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of the law. why a iver pulled the officer over after chasing him down. >> anchor: first at 5:30, investigators combing for clues in roxbury after a three three-year-old child is rushed to the hospital with traumatic injuries. police sat the child is now in critical condition . >> anchor: investigators still trying to figure out what happened here. nick emmons is live with the very latest. nick? >> anchor: ryan, the emergency call came in just before 10:00 last night and i can show you right now the investigation appears to be ongoing. you can see a police line is set up outside of this home here on alpine street. police officers stationed outside of this alpine street home hours after a three three-year-old child was rushed to the hospital. i came downstairs because i saw all of the police cars and e emt's . >> anchor: betty the neighborhood association president . >> reporter: it's sad. very sad . >> anchor: and was shocked when she found out about the investigation. there is so much trauma, so much hurt in this world . >> anchor: police say the child
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center with breathing problems in critical condition. but no word on what may have happened or who may be responsible. the department of concern and families did release this statement reading the department received the report on this situation and as we investigate in collaboration with law enforcement custody of the child has been transferred to dcf. so a lot of questions still un unanswered as of right now. one of the main questions is the condition of the child. that's the latest live in roxbury, nick eons, 7 news . >> anchor: five people called to court in western mass. they are facing accusations of abuse and at a school the investigators say all five wore in the school for boys and young men with special needs. local law enforcement officers and f.b.i. agents were at the school over the weekend as part of the investigation. community members say they are stunned . they had a good reputation of i never heard anything bad come out of there so to hear it now that there may be allegations of something going
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>> anchor: four the five people accused of charged with assault and battery on a disabled person person. the fifth charged with obstruction of justice and witness intimidation . >> anchor: a deadly discovery at umass lowell. police say a student's body was foundp side a bathroom on campus sunday morning. investigators say the death of the student doesn't appear suspicious. officers are looking at exactly what happened there. school officials released a statement saying "we are deeply saddened by tragedy and offer condolences to the student's familiar low and loved ones." the case of a man convicted of killing four people could be going before the state's highest court. dwayne moore was sentenced to life prison for the 2010 murders murders. now defense lawyers want to question jurors they think may have been swayed in reef reagan verdict by inside influences. sandy hook happened when jurors were deliberating. lawyers think may have put pressure on jurors to quickly come to a decision . >> anchor: police in manchester familiar are looking for a robber on the run. they say the man in these surveillance photographs robbed a gas station at gun point saturday night.
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the register and the thief ran off. police say there may be a cash reward for information leading to an arrest. >> anchor: and fire fighters in new hampshire are serving for whoever is turning cars into hot wheels. officers say nine vehicles were vandalized in portsmouth saturday morning. six set on fire. people say they can't understand why someone would do this . there is no reason for that other than malicious. they don't benefit from any of that. now police say it pierce only cars that were left un unlocked are being targeted. >> anchor: a driver going off the road smashing into the post office in plymouth. now police say the 88-year-old driver jumped the curb and crashed through front glass. officers say a woman was inside at the time but not hurt. there was no word on the condition of driver at this time time. >> anchor: more news today as we're learning new details in a deadly shoot nag packed motorcycle expo in denver over the weekend. investigators say two motorcycle clubs got into a brawl that escalated. officers say someone started
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injuring several others. an attorney for the club known as the monsays a rival group called iron order started chaos. iron order has a history of police officers in the club. we have not verified absolutely that law enforcement was part of one of those clubs. absolutely not. >> anchor: an attorney for the group said several members of the rival group abeing tad them. police shut down the event and are continuing to sort out the investigation . >> anchor: a south carolina church where the tragic shooting took place last june is receiving a nobel prize nomination. the congregation at the emmanuel church has been nominated for the nobel peace prize. nine people were killed at the african-american church when a white man opened fire there last june. officials say the church was nominated because of the peace peaceful demonstrations that led following that shooting. you will remember dylan roof a awaiting trial for his alleged trial. he said he targeted the church because there were african-americans there and want wanted to start a race war. his trial is set to start this coming july . >> anchor: a housing project is
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baltimore bounce back after the death of freddy gray. officials held a ceremony saturday marking the final phase apartment complex. it's in the neighborhood at the riots after gray's death . this is a great day for our community. we are always excited to see positive changes copping to our neighborhood. i continue to support the works that they do in creating a way for people to stay in baltimore, people to move to baltimore. the complex will provide 61 apartments to families in need. violent protests erupted in the neighborhood after freddy gray died in police custody in april of last year. he suffered a spinal injury in the back of a police van. six officers are charge in husband death . >> anchor: checking news across country protests in texas of the release of a individual oh showing an argument with police. you can see in the video here a 17-year-old black teen-ager fighting with an hispanic teen-ager then a police officer comes in to break up that fight. 's when protestors say the officer pushed the black teen
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that teen did suffer injuries. the officer is denying allegations. an investigation is ongoing. the manhunt continues for the driver who smashed into a car killing a woman and her two grandchildren. the crash happened after a high speed list case in georgia sunday morning. the victims were heading to church when the driver of the su suv crashed into them. one witness said the driver ran away and officers believe he is injured. i saw the car coming down the street, mining their business and all of a sudden i saw the black car running stop sign right here and hit him. t bone him. i was just screaming man, look, get that give. get that guy. >> anchor: the district attorney is investigating that incident there. crews in california taking an intense fire fight on their loo look at this. an industrial plant ignite there there. fire fighters say a propane tank and other materials fueled the flames. thick, black smoke convene for miles. officials say more than 150 fire fighters were called in to attack that fire. no one was hurt and the cause is still under investigation. dozens of church notice detroit helping ease water
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michigan today. church members loaded 15,000 cases of water into trucks and advance in an effort to provide relief during the ongoing water crisis. the caravan was expested to arrive in flint this afternoon. the detroit church plans to provide long term help to the community in need. about 300 plumbers also work to help the people in flint. they replace faucets and installed water filters in homes through throughout the day yesterday. 's water system has been contaminated with lead. home owners say they are thank thankful for the repairs and plumbers say they are happy to help. it's our community. it's right here. this isn't some other country, this is america. these are all our american brothers and sisters. very important. me myself, i don't have the money. so it's important to me. to get somebody to come in and do it . >> anchor: last week flint's major said it could cost up to 1 1.5 billion to fix the water system .
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brett the hitman heart has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. he retired in 1999 after suffer suffering a concussion. he made his living fighting and now he vows to wage a fear some fight against cancer . >> anchor: still ahead on 7 news at 5:30, roll reversal for a police officer in florida. how a driver managed to pull over an officer for speeding . >> anchor: then at 6:00, break breaking news i'm weymouth fire fighter off the job. why a facebook post is stirring up controversy there . one person dragged for miles after a dangerous drive in chinatown. the suspect now in custody.
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>> anchor: a brief role rears versal in florida. it all started of a woman notice a squad car was speed that's when she chase down the officer until she got him to pull over. a friday afternoon on an expressway in play taking an interesting turn for one mime e etoday police officer . the reason pulled you over today and i am asking to you come over and have a conversation is because i saw you since miller drive when were you first jumping on to the palm palmetto and you were pushing 90 miles per hour
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really? okay. >> anchor: claudia turning into citizen officer castillo. she said she was running errands when all of a sudden a squad car allegedly sped by her so fast, it shook her car. it scared the day light out of me. i mean, he woke me up she then decided to follow the officer until she could get him to pull officer. the officer thinking she had an emergency until she started questioning . you were leaving me behind and i was going 80 miles per hour and i just want to know what's the emergency? i don't know how fast i was going. but i can tell you this. i am on the way to work right now. i don't believe i was speeding. >> anchor: she said she also sped up but only for a few moments to see how fast the officer was going. that's when she began videotap videotaping the chase on her cell phone. she said she didn't do this to cast a shadow over this officer or law enforcement. they are not bad guys. but they are held to certain principles spot video which has
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officer apologizing and the two coming to somewhat of a solution. you are speeding . i apologize and i will be sure to slow down then . yeah? yeah, okay? all right . >> anchor: miami today police say they are now investigating the incident . >> anchor: a night to remember in maine of h you a basketball team manager helped their team get a shot on his court. look at this great shot. boom. >> anchor: love that. >> reporter: nothing but net i'm lot of clouds out there right now. sunshine back tomorrow. a bit cooler as well. the forecast is up next . >> anchor: at 6:00 we are covering the race for the white house. g.o.p. candidates making a final push for votes in iowa. we're live in the hawk eye state for tonight's caucuses . >> anchor: a disturbing discoversy in worcester. two women called to court after their kids are found living in
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>> anchor: a whole new world for this european museum. it's under water. museum features 300 sculptures 40 feet under water right off
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all were used making molds of people who live on the island. a special kind of cement was used guaranteed to last for 300 years. the museum will officially open by the end of the year. >> anchor: so how do you get to it? a wild wipe out in hawaii. a surfer finding himself in a wave of trouble. ouch. so he is at the top of the wave. we'll repeat the video. when it looks like he kind of jumps off the board there . do you think he gives up? >> anchor: i think he knows. like i will try to get ahead of this. the surfer's crash left him with a stiff neck and broken board but that's all. he said he was out on the water again the next day. >> anchor: got to get back on the horse. get back out there. no fear of that big wave. my gosh. >> anchor: i wonder how tall that really was. i'm not good at measuring. i'm thinking 25, 30 feet. that's nasty stuff. i was in hawaii and thought i was on a massive wave.
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it's four informs. it felt so much bigger. she is like slow your roll. february here we go. we are under way. and the month of february where did my graphics go? i wonder if i can launch that right there. it's not, there we go. february 1 the afternoon high of 36 average low at 22. sun rise this morning was at 6: 58. by the end of the month sun rise back up to 6: 21. we pick up over an hour of daylight in the month of february. the hottest it's ever been or warmest it's ever been back in the coldest 1934. that was a ye we referenced a lot last year because last february was the second coldest only behind 1934 for the city of boston. but we will not do that again. normally, yes, you pick up about 11 inches of snow. the current temperature in the fitchburg 48. worcester at 45. cool front actually moves through. that's why we went from the 50's and 60's now down into the 40's and 50's and that front
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is the front right here. this is not an arctic front. this did not come charging out of the arctic circumstance well all sorts of cold air. yes, the air is cooler so we do not have 60's in the if forecast last year though. first four days of last year had a lot of cold and snow as well. bri eggers put this together last week and she wanted to throw that little snowman in there. the man snow blowing the snow we year. how about this year? clearing skies tonight, 28 to 34 and through the day tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. much cooler tomorrow, 41 to 46. there goes your front offshore tomorrow with lots of sunshine. here comes another weather system at us on wednesday. another storm to the west of new england ofen they go off to the west like that we are on the warm side that weather system. so that means rain in here on near record warmth. temperatures on wednesday head for the upper 50's and that will happen late in the day but again you will have rain and wind so not as nice as it was out there
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and then we're back into sunshine and seasonal for the end of the week of the overall this week, the jet stream will look like this, a mild configuration and then as we work toward next week it is going to allow some slightly cooler air to get close to the eastern seaboard but looking at some of the maps i think the coldest of the air stays to our best. i think the upper midwest, great lake states and down through the ohio river valley see the brunt of the cold and our numbers tomorrow will be or i should say next week will be closer to normal. your 7 on 7 forecast again thursday and friday. thursday near 50 in the morning then suddenly into the 40's fridayestly sunny skies. upper 30's. see you at 6:00 . >> anchor: thank you so much. look at this. a high school basketball team in maine giving their team manager a night to remember. teammates helping to create, whoa, that magical moment i guess he did all on his own for sure . one that both got teams on their feet. both teams are cheering, nick em emons has that awesome story. jerry says his job on game day includes filling up the water bottles. but not on friday night as he
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game. i knew all day yesterday i would be playing in the game . that's what the crowd including joey's dad was hoping to see. joey draining the shot, nothing but net . i felt great, everybody was like screaming. the big guy from thornton academy came to give me a hug at the end of my shot . after she scored the basket he was snowed to back on defense but the gm erupted with applause. they want need go after the game with the other team at the end when we graduated the guys from thornton academy i gave everyone hugs and rushed them good luck . nickons, 7 news. very sweet story. well, up next a special surprise cancer. how a group of iron workers brighten up the little gil's day day. also we have breaking news going on right here. an update on the situation here
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chinatown, dragged a victim into dorchester much more on that investigation coming up. >> reporter: also i canning off the iowa caucuses, candidates go all in their final hours before voters decide whose moving forward. >> reporter: an inspirational story after a series of setbacks a boston marathon bombing survivor is taken on a 26.2 mile challenge again all for a good cause. all of those stories and much more coming up at 6:00. >> reporter: greetings from iowa. we're setting the table for a big night of coverage here. we'll tell what you the candidates and articly of volunteers are doing right now to get their supporters out to the caucus sites. we'll drill down in the latest polls and look at what victory or the size of a loss can mean to the field going forward and we'll walk you through exactly how a caucus works when we see you back here tonight for nbc
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>> anchor: a special surprise for a girl from salem, new hampshire. we first met ava back in 2014 when she started her battle with brain cancer . that's right. her cancer has returned but now she has a bigger team behind her battle. susan tran has the story. she is a small girl fighting a
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got bigger. this is your army out there there. we're all in . >> anchor: local first spray painted her nail on beam . wednesday i brought her by to show her name on the beam and she was so excited about it. and that's when worker saw her and they came out and met her and they basically fell in love with her on the spot. but when it got covered as the work at the brigham and women hospital site continued, the workers got a better idea she didn't want just ava. she washed her army represented. and her army to me and the guys was everybody that's trying here here. they are all battling the same thing . the 7-year-old is battling brain cancer for a second time. so smiles can be rare due to hospital visits and treatments but little things like seeing her name brightened her day . she smiled like it was the best thing ever. for these men and women who work with steel put them in front of ava. and thursday a bunch of softies willing to go to great heights to make her smile .
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that's what we're looking for today. now not only did the men and women of local 7 put up that sign but they also put these stickers and decals on their helmet. as for eva she still has 7 more treatments to go and her dad to say they will continue to drive her by the sign to make sure she can see her name and smile. live in the control room, susan tran, 7 news . >> anchor: what a great story there. >> anchor: we have 30 more minutes of 7 news ahead. thanks for watching of the having a good time on 7 news. hope you stick around. a jadiann thompson . >> anchor: i'm ryan schulteis. 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. breaking news, a weymouth fire fighter suspended after posting controversial comments about drug use on social media. near record warmth today. cooler tomorrow . >> anchor: all eyes on the iowa caucuses tonight. the politicians rational for last minute votes and the officials start of elicks season season. ready to run again of a boston
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next step, what she is giving back to boston. >> anchor: we begin with break breaking news at 6:00. a weymouth fire fighter suspended for making some controversial comments. he actually made them on-line using his facebook page to talk about a life saving drug given to people who overdose . >> anchor: now he is off the job without pay. 7's jonathan hall live in weymouth with the breaking details for us. john? >> reporter: good evening. there are 183 overdose deaths in weymouth last year. two dozen of them resulted in death. the mayor says these comments were tone deaf to that problem and certainly inappropriate. inappropriate.. the town of weymouth taking action . 90 day suspension without pay . >> reporter: after a firearm's controversial facebook post calling narcan the worst drug ever created . >>it's a sensitive subject for a lot of people. a lot of families have been huge hugely impacted . >> reporter: the facebook post read i for one get no extra
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these losers are out of the hospital and using again in hours. you use, you should lose. the firearm has been with the department 11 years but will now undergo special sensitivity and social media training and will be reassigned away from first responders status when he comes off suspension . then the chief can do an evaluation and determine whether or not it's appropriate to put him become on front line service service. the mayor said these comments do not represent the values of the town of weymouth or its fire departments. he says the fire fighters should have known better . there were some boundaries you have to abide by on those comments. not only from a common sense standpoint, but from a legal standpoint. >> anchor: news of the post spread quickly and residents say this is way out of line. awful. awful. i am so deathly against drugs. i don't think he was that smart because he should be standing by what they are trying to do to help the people.
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