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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  January 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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that 19-year-old woman visibly distraught after this accident. all troopers will say at this point in time is that it's under investigation and in charges are filed at this point in time. bringing you the very late he have from the side of 128 in lexington, kelli o'hara, 7 news. also at 5:30 parents damaging answers from the state towrnl's office. they want to know what really happened between their kids and a former worker. >> parents argue the abuse of their kids. steve cooper live for us in boston with what those parents said in court today. >>reporter: those parents are disappointed and they are angry at the process right now. they sent their lawyers here to the court house in boston today. this afternoon a lengthy hearing and they want some e-mails that are being held back to be made public. they think those e-mails are connected to this case. >> and they have a right to know what happened. >>reporter: attorneys representing the parents of four
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former day care center employee who worked at the facility which was part of bridgewater state university came to court after filing a discovery lawsuit against the state attorney general's office which represents the university. >> they all want to see something done because of what's happened to their kids. >>reporter: the attorney general' office wants the suit dismissed telling the scrog they are trying to work with the plaintiffs. >> if we don't receive a response if plaintiff to see meet us halfway, how can we take action on the further public records request. >>reporter: kyle laughlin of wrentham pleaded guilty to child rape. the center's then director was later charged with neglecting to report the suspected abuse and now lawyers representing the parents want the attorney general's office to turn over critical e-mails showing who knew what and when. >> we're dealing with children three years
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are not in a position to explain, even to their parents, what precisely it is that happened to them. and we're not going to get to the bottom of this unless we can get to this kind of information we're looking for. >>reporter: so the judge has taken both sides' arguments under advisement. we're told the ruling could come as early as the end of the week. steve cooper, 7 news. police in manchester, new hampshire looking for a robber on the run. the clerk says the man said he had a knife but didn't know one. the robber allegedly told the clerk he needed drug money. he left the store after failing to not -- after failing to get crash. police in hull
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question after a donald trump campaign sign went up in flames. investigators say the sign was set on fire last night. it's attached to a tree on the property of a construction company. firefighters were able to put the flames out before there was too much damage. the tree and sign were of course charred. tense moments in central florida caught on camerament an orlando officer opens fire on a car speeding towards him. the officer forced to dodge the car over and over again while trying to stop the teen's dangerous drive. >>reporter: the footage is striking. a police officer shoots at a car in orlando. police say the january 16th incident started when officers spotted the driver not wearing his seatbelt.
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body cam coverage. when the suspect did not stop, police used batons to smash the car's still the suspect backs up into a parked car. before trying to make another mistake, that's when a car comes right toward one of the officers who says he was forced to fire four himself. another angle shows the driver of what turns out to be a stolen car being shot but still managing to drive away. >> everything happened to fast, i just froze, in a state of shock. >>reporter: the car eventually crashed and the 17-year-old driver was arrested. he was treated for a bullet wound to his shoulder. the officer involved in this with on paid administrative leave. police in ohio say the man was trying to
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his car and when they tried to pull him over, only stopping when his car caught on fire. >> we're here putting our lives on the line for not only victims but in this case they put the life on the line for a suspect. >> everybody did exactly what they should have done from the child to the parent to the 911 dispatcher to the officers responding. >> that man has been charged with failure to comply but may face more charges from the incident with that young girl. a texas family's house is destroyed after an 18 wheeler crashes into it. police say the driver of the tractor trailer fell asleep at the wheel. the family has lived thaip home for more than 40 years and they say they plan to rebuilded. an intense case of road rage caught on camera in texas. you can see one driver has a baseball bat, then the other driver gets a babe bat and grabs a
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witnesses say it all started after the drivers made obscene gestures at each other. they say it could have been worse. >> i was actually thinking like that guy was going to get a gun. >> no arrests have been following more news today, families in flint, michigan slowly water flees into the area. people from across the country lending a helping hand after being forced to use contaminated water for two years. bottled water, palate after palate, hundreds of thousands of gallons. to replace the lead contaminated water that has been spilling from faucets and putting families in jeopardy for almost two years now. >> and the scope of the work that needs to be done, this is not even a drop in the bucket. >> celebrities, corporations, service organizations continue
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and cash to the struggling city. >> the outpouring has been amazing. >> still though the outrage is building. >> people want to have you shot. >> well, i mean that's true. so again that doesn't help solve the problem. >> yesterday the michigan attorney general appointed a former prosecutor and retired head of the fbi in detroit to lead an investigation into the process and possible cover-up with problems for the city's water system. >> we're going to ask the tough questions, the proverbial questions of what did you know and when did you know it. we're going to get through and to the bottom of what happened in this situation. >> a dangerous, potentially dangerous situation that continues in flint. a group of protestors bathered in flint today saying they are still getting billed for water they can't use. michigan's attorney general says his office is looking into what can be done to stop those bills from coming. 13 people were rescued from a sinking yacht off the coast of southeast florida.
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said the whole yacht sank about 25 minutes after the last person was rescued. officials say it was an area where they won't be able to recover it so the yacht will remain under water. locals in india rescue aid tourist who fell into a well while taking a selfie. a couple of boys heard the austrian woman scream when she fell. she helped pull her out by dangling a cloth down to her. the woman was taken to a hospital. you can see the structure drop right into the water. the bridge stood for 107 years. the state constructed a new bridge right next to it to go in its place. the olympics announcing an historic decision today concerning transgender athletes. they say athletes will not be required to get a sex change which was previously required. the rule change still needs to be approved. if it is, it will go into effect for this year's summer olympics in rio de janeiro.
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accident caught on camera. >> what caused it to suddenly swerve and run him over. how the ground likely saved his life. a tire comes off a truck in lexington, hits a car killing the driver
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a crushing blow caught on camera in ohio. an officer directing traffic ends up pinned under a semi. the officer miraculously survives. >> the video is incredible. he's sharing his heart-stopping story. >> you remember seeing the train hit the trailer. >> this is the incident that landed caught on tape brad moore in the hospital. >> i think i'm in a safe area because i'm hard right. you can see it jack-knives to the video and shoots it into a
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>> came capturing ther fig moment when moore is sent under the wheels of the truck. >> that's kind of what you see me barring rolling, shot me out. >> medics surround him within minutes and hospital. video. captain moore is dealing with a minor wreck on the highway. as he's directing traffic, a semi is stops. when moore waves him on, the railroad arm is pupped down, the trains slams into the semi. >> and in the video it almost looks like i'm going to be ran over a second time. >> but moore says a small incline near that bush sends him rolling to safety june hill and wheels. 25 stitch forensic two gashes on his head and a broken left hand. >> it's a miracle. it really is. it's very -- makes you
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so it's definitely one of those that foot this way, foot that way, no bush, it could have been really bad. fortunate. >> so the captain says he hopes to be back on the job by next week. coming up a missing dog tied up in some traffic. how she was finally found after a day long journey. nice and warm today. temps in the low 50s. a little bit cooler tomorrow but still above normal. forecast up next. then at 6:00 the local woman about to become the most accomplished basketball coach in the state. it took a while, more than 1600 days until a cute dog finally found a forever home and he's headed to new
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videos with periscope. go-pro hero four users can start streaming by selecting the go-pro signal on the periscope app. the airplane says it will be resigning all 130 of its air bus a-320 planes so they are more spacious and entertaining. power outlets for every seat and free wi-fi. jet blue says they will start remodeling these planes next year. the weather perfect toe. we recovered nicely in the 50s. >> it was wonderful. i know everything was in perspective, jr, but everything was really >> it was. the normal high is 36. we reached about 50 boston. any time you can take the work-out routine outside and get off that dread-mill, big fan of that. few flurries around on friday and mild again
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today near 50. average high 36 tomorrow and thursday temps in the low 40s. friday upper 30s and again that's why there might be a couple of sprinkle for the upper 30s. saturday we bottom out. even above 37 it's above normal. norwood at 48. boston at 47. provincetown at 45. martha's vineyard at 45. again it was a year ago tonight we were talking about an incredible blitz of snow under way. 84 inches of snow over the next four weeks. what made it tough is you couldn't melt any of the snow. you have a snowstorm and then you do some melting for a few days before the next storm. that was not the case last year. yes, there will be more cold and snow this winter but nothing like last winter. i find the more i talk about it, it helps me get past it because it was such a nasty event last year, as you know.
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pennsylvania here. there's not a bitter blast of cold air blowing across the great lakes today. it will pass off to our north up through northern new england and southern canada. so that's why the numbers come down just a little bit. tonight cloudy, mild, a few sprinkles out there. air temps between 34 and 38. the surfaces, the ground, there may be a couple of untreated surface that's may be a little slick. i don't think anything around metro boston. be mindful of that. few clouds around throughout the morning hours and developing sunshine, breezy, mild temps between 40 and 45. boston around 44, attleboro at 45. dartmouth at 44. north of town the numbers reach the lower 40s tomorrow afternoon. at times you'll have that breeze which this time of year low 40s. might add a bit of a chill to the air for some of you. out on the cape and the
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and province town 45. for thursday more sunshine, less wind so thursday is actually a fantastic winter day. go skiing or boarding. with the numbers on thursday in the lower 40s. them we watch the weather system on friday which it will be this cool front out of canada. it's not an arctic front but it will generate a lot of clouds. perhaps a random snow shower. i thought this front would grab this area of low pressure. if that were to have happened, then we'd be talking significant storm. as of right now i do not see that in the cards. your weekend forecast, upper 30s on saturday. for skiing. temperatures outside of ski country in the 40s. next week heading for a daring little puppy is certainly living life in the fast lane. the dog disappearing for hours, even spotted in a local tunnel. >> yeah, but that was just the start of a nightmare for the dog's owner who happened to be in florida at the time. he was worried all day until his dog showed up
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three hours of adventure for little posey was three hours of agony for her owner scott cohen. >> we get a call from our day care saying we lost your dog. >> they were transporting other dogs around 2:00 p.m. monday. >> as soon as the door opened, she bolted out. >> he immediately went to facebook writing posey is lost in the north end somewhere. police were notified. everywhere. >> there has been a warning apparently on i-93, the tunnel today. she was racing down outside new market station. she's apparently just galloping all over the freeway. >> cohen writing one person, this is my dog, i'm in florida right now losing my mind. then around 5:00 p.m. another phone call. posey showed up outside of mass general hospital cold and scared. this is video showing her being reunited with the people caring for her.
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and scott so thankful for everyone's help. >> it was great. it was crazy. it sort of restored my faith in humanity. >> posey is currently curled up at his feet taking a nap right now. next here on 7 news, local emergency workers make a special delivery boxboro. everybody. i'm craze -- kim khazei. >> i'm adam williams. a pick-up truck loses a tire it. flies over a median and smashes into a car right now an investigation is under way. then a fire fight in quincy finally coming to an end. crews spending much of the day underground after a water plant explosion sends five people to the hospital. and home ward bound. an abandoned dog getting a new found family hundreds of miles away after a social media campaign goes viral. those stories and a lot more at the top of the
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>> we hope you join us. six days until the vote in iowa and we're tracking a dramatic reverse hamilton fortune at the top of the republican race. frustrations in the east over say slow blizzard recovery. and why doctors may start screening pregnant patients for depression when we see you back here tonight for nbc nightly news. new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you. ever new england.
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a boxboro family gets a special delivery on the highway. >> a mom gives birth to her third child an the side of the road as they are racing to the hospital. harper grace was born just before 6:30 this morning on 495 in the back seat of her minivan. the new mom says they called 911 when she went no labor and then instincts just kicked in. >> i had to tell my husband to pull over, coming. i jumped in the seat and my house caught her in his fleece jacket and that was it. >> wow.
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born and the family says they were very grateful for the support they were given. >> what a story to tell. driving down the highway, i was born there, right there. there's another 30 minutes ahead on 7 news. 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. a deadly crash in lexington, a tire flies off a truck, smashing into another car on a then a fire fight in quincy comes to an end. whose putting down their gear. after a lengthy battle underground. temps today upper 50s to the low 60s. what a community is calling her a local legend. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. there is breaking news first at 6:00. a deadly accident on 128 in lexington after a pick-up truck loses a tire. troopers say the tire
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median smash anything an oncoming car. >> and the driver of that car has died. kelli o'hara in lexington with the latest on this. >>reporter: state police say an accident happened earlier today that was a freak accident, a sad situation where somehow this tire became loss on this young woman's car and flew over the embankment and killed a man in this freak accident. a tragic accident on the side of 128 earlier, a young woman dreufg a pick-up truck somehow loses a tire from the back of her truck. that truck flying over the barrier into oncoming traffic, hitting and killing a man driving on the northbound side. it landed on his roof and windshield. when rescuers arrived to try to help the man out, it was too late. the impact killed him. you can see the state police on both sides of the highway for hours reconstructing this accident.
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troopers were looking
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