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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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martha's vineyard. midday tomorrow through midnight tomorrow night. light snow around the met heavier snow confined to the , cape as well as the islands and where is that snow right now? marching up across the jersey shore. the storm center now coming off of hatteras and will start to intensify over the next four to five hours it. does want to move north but high pressure has not changed its position. it will force the storm essentially south new england. we'll be right on the northern edge of this powerhouse storm system tomorrow and tomorrow night. so your storm time line dry tomorrow morning, here comes the light and flurries into the city midday tomorrow. steadier snow in the shading of blue here does not make it into boston at any time. 7:00 tomorrow night, light snow around the metro, steady snow occasionally heavy snow south coast and cape and islands even at mid height tomorrow night and after midnight tomorrow night that is when everything begins to wind down rapidly by early sunday morning. total has not changed around the metro. one to three inches of snow the city of boston, north of town a
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north shore merrimac valley flurries south of town these are the numbers. been we've added pink zone here i think six to ten informs of snow south coast, cape and islands of i don't anticipate shifting colors any farther north. for more on storm here is bri eggers. jr, massive storm you said that before and you showed us the criteria for blizzard so we will see blizzard conditions but to refer to this entire massive winter storm as a blizzard would be incorrect. it's been a multi face eed storm even tearing through the gulf coast states yesterday with some severe weather even some tornado warnings and look at the sheer amount of real estate that's covered with winter storm warnings and winter storm watches and even blizzard warnings as we've been saying long island, martha's vineyard included in that verying dunn through the in addition's capitol and that really looks to be the bull's eye of where most of this snow goes as we head through the overnight hours tonight and into the wee hours of sunday morning still some snow that linkers in the nation nation's capitol and strong winds there as well.
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west virginia most of virginia and also into washington, d.c. and possibly up into philadelphia as well. and this could be historical for washington, d.c. you can see that top snowstorm within a one oh three day period for dc, 28 inches and foreclosures we're looking at between 24 inches to even possibly 36 inches maybe not right in metro dc but still a possibility. we'll continue to track this as we head through the next couple of days. >> anchor: eater is pack a punch. state to the south are in the bull's eye of this powerful blizzard. some spots could see up to two feet of snow. could set records. hers are take nothing chance was this storm. the snow is already covering parts of virginia, crews are out clearing the roads but slow going for drivers there. driver in nashville dealing with
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be one of the worst problems. police there responded to more than 150 crashes. north carolina also getting hit hard with snow and ice more than 70 collisions most happening during the morning commute a record breaking storm dropped 28 inch of snow? washington, d.c. back in 1922. this storm may come close to that record. ryan schulteis, 7 news . >> anchor: so here is new england travel troubles is a big concern. flights in and out of boston already being affected by the storm. jonathan hall live at logan airport with more on these problems. from the airport some people are scrambling here. flight aware says 3,000 flights have been canceled from coast to coast including 120 right here at logan. no problem on the logan runways but flight up states screens inside shows some pain. more than 100 cancellations in all to places like dv, baltimore and charlotte. these pats fans living in tampa flew into watch the afc championship game with family and friends.
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would have had trouble . yeah, you know, we were looking at that and lucky we went through atlanta p she's berry wake forest women's basketball wept through atlanta as well after beating north can lina thursday night the ladies . we were celebrating and they were like you also have an hour to get ready and get back . they pack quickly and in order to avoid snowy char lot and its ghost town airport they hustled on a bus for a six hour drive to atlanta. they got in at 4:30 a.m. and blew off a little steam doing some buy i don't know say karaoke. >> reporter: the stars finally got their flight to boston straightened out planning late this afternoon for a sunday game versus bc. we were all a little little bit upset about it but what you can do. we needed to get out for safety . >> reporter: but they are young, right? they will rebound literally. live in logan airport, i'm e ejonathan hall, 7 news . >> reporter: coming up in just
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close elook at the conditions in washington, d.c. with a live report down there. >> reporter: pats looking to sunday a mile high message . exciting with the patriots on the road to super bowl 50 and new england leaving the snow behind. those patriots heading to denver this afternoon. weather is a little better out there believe it or not. julian old eman and didn't what i hightower say they are ready to go after being haverhillered by injuries. team 7 coverage begins with alex cordy live at gillette stadium this evening. alex? hey, ada, kim, we know the patriots embody the next man up mantra but as we saw this season injuries may have hit a tipping point because replacing players
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hightower it's tough to do. two months after breaking his left foot julian returned to game action and picked up where he left off snagging ten passes for 100 yards . i have always been a big practice guy so whether it was baseball, catching ground ball or hitting, swinging it was many time as you can until you feel like you mastered it and do more so that's what i have to do . with edelman back in the lineup it's not coincidence things look like old times against the chiefs. in the games edelman has played, tom brady has more touchdown passes than any other quarterback in the nfl, the best passor rating and the pats have been number two in third down conversion. but the veteran receiver is far from satisfied saying he was disappointed in himself for his . there is plenty of situations that we didn't click and there are plenty of balls
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there is always something to work for and you can always do better. if the chiefs rush for 135 yards by taking advantage when dante hightower was force out of the game because of injury. hightower's impact on the run defense is obvious. that's the one thing i take pride in is being aggressive run stopper and that's what i do. that's what i take ride in so it means a lot to me. hightower missing just a game. he did finish the game unlike fellow linebacker jamie collins who left with a back injury. both players are listed as questionable going into sun's af afc championship gail. live in foxboro, alex corddry, 7 news. >> anchor: so brady and the clash . >> anchor: of course the team is going to have to adjust to
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trey daerr continuing our coverage. pretty sunny here getting close to 60 degrees today. going to be about mid 40's for the game. speaking of the game itself you almost really never hear any bulletin board type of material. that is not the case in depend very where earlier this week brandon marshall made remarks about rob grokowski pushing off on defenders in an attempt to clear the air. i wasn't aware that all of the patriots fans were being my twitter s and calling me, you know, all kinds of explicit names . >> reporter: linebackers aren't none for back peddling but that's what brandon marshall is doing in regards to comments on rob grin could you ski . i said what i said. i can't take it back. i just have to be ready to cover . if you are going to talk you bet ebe prepared to back it up against one of the game's best. you he beats corners, he beats safeties, he beats linebackers and he will play all . you want to put hands on plate train.
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be physical and you want to be on him . he has been doing it for a minute so for us it will be a . for all of the talk of . i feel like in these games they will let play anyway. i don't know if anything i say or anybody else says will have the ref saying we have to look out for that because i doubt that will happen. t not just gronk. the broncos defense has to contend with. they also have julian eeman and danny amendola back on the feel. they were not out there in the new hampshirup in week 12. recording live, trey daerr, 7 news. >> anchor: obviously patriots fans are puffed up for this tie el game and it's getting so building. pats nation giving their predictions on who will shine on sunday. dan hausle live at gillette with >> reporter: well, bill belichick always talks about how all the players have to do their job so we asked the fans to look into their crystal ball and see who they think might be the
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headlines on monday. march come butler was the unlikely hero everyone was talking about after last year's super bowl win. so who do fans think they might be talking about monday morning? we're going to need james white. the running gail has been slow. i think they will defend gronk, eedelman. i think white has has. to come up with a few big place . bride elooks to check down to them a lot so i think you can see some big plays out of him . with some predicting this game could come down to a field goal, that would point to just one man . gostkowski the kicker. he could make or break the game. some say the hero could once again come from the defensive side of the line stopping denver in its tracks. they will try to run it up the middle like seattle should have and still will be there with alan branch and make that big old stop for us. >> anchor: so put those names
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right but truth be toll the fans are saying they don't care who is the ear oh as long as the team comes away with a win this weekend. live in foxboro, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: hats off to new england on the podium and in the pro shop. knit hats flying off the shelves shelves. brady made those popular a couple of years ago. fans gore up with one of the hottest on field items. byron barnett live at patriot place and where is your, byron? well, we'll see a little bit later on in the show but you know the fans really do love those pats hats you see them on the sidelines, you see them at the podium and press conferences of it seems like there is a style for just about every kind of fan. new england patriots players and their famously colorful knit winter caps this. i have become as popular passengersies for fans who want to display their patriot pride these are the most popular knit caps. they are big sellers because,
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right now this is tom's favorite with the red as el on top and the throw back logo . >> reporter: i amming thering for the one that tom brady wears. >> reporter: with more than a dozen styles, fans are madly showing for the patriots head wear. some with the sense of history . i am going with a throw back. >> reporter: you like the old logo . yeah. been a patriots fan forever. we remember that logo . >> reporter: or maybe it's . i'm going to get the do your job hat so i can wear it to work and make guys i work with, i work outdoors so that way they will, you know, get to work . >> reporter: for others it's just about fashion . kind of just looking because i want a certain style. i want to match certain things that i own but. >> reporter: and many of the fans we talked to say they plan to do their jobs and wear these winter caps indoors while they are watching the game this weekend. that's the story live at gillette stadium. i'm byron barnett, 7 news . that was a quick purchase . there it was.
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be sure to stay with 7 news for continuing coverage live from denver. tre and joe will be live in colorado throughout the weekend. stay right there. we are staying on top of this winter weather. a monster storm first live look as we go into the break at washington, d.c. where could be trouble for people there. our coverage continues next. everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less.
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>> reporter: mid-atlantic bear bearing brunt of this powerful storm i'm blizzard warning in effect for several major cities. lots of states of emergency. washington, d.c. pro gentlemened to be in the eye of the storm. we'll have more on this weather in just a bit . but we're following more news here today. first an suv taking a plunge in . >> anchor: police say that a suv. it crashed through a windy and before planning in an unindoor pool. accident happened late last night at a high-rise near the museum of science. deliver had to go to the injuries. suspect arrested in roxbury after police say he barricaded himself inside a home. witnesses told police that the man had a gun and took a woman inside with him. negotiators were eventually able to talk the suspect out of the apartment on hutching street. >> reporter: stormy saturday afternoon and saturday night especially for southeast mass.
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>> anchor: no watches or warnings in effect. boston worcester but we do have the blizzard warning in effect tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. martha's vineyard nantucket will be a winter storm warning. that's also the case the south coast and cape. it looks like a 12 hour storm
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light snow around metro boston with the heavier snow along the south coast and out on to the cape and there will be strong northeasterly winds that might lead to some minor coastal flooding 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night and 11:00 p.m. sunday morning. powerhouse storm system taking shape moves up the eastern seaboard until about this point. east of cape may, new jersey. and we still have an area of high pressure. think of this as the patriots defensive line at the goal line. the storm is not going to be ale to punch it into the end sewn. it will be forced out underneath new england and so we are right on the edge of this storm which even with that said with these powerhouse storm you can go from nothing which you will have in fitchburg to a fair am of snow along the south coast. so your storm time line again midday tomorrow pockets of light snow and flurries around the metro. steadier snow narragansett bay, southeast mass. buzzards bay and cape and that's the case tomorrow evening 7:00. travel might be a little bit tough southeast mass tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and metro boston will have light snow tomorrow evening then
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after midnight tomorrow night. looks like one to three inches of snow around the metro including the city of boston and then you move northwest get up toward 495 merrimac valley and nashoba river valley. worcester hill, coating, inch, maybe two. south shore, two, three inches of snow then you approach southeast mass basically route 4 44 i have been using that all week. i think once you cross there then you are talking four, five, six informs of snow and pink zone we added that this afternoon i think there will be 7 or 8 inches of snow. ten inches of snow by just after mid night tomorrow night. so travel around metro boston tomorrow afternoon it's fair but i don't think we're talking poor travel conditions. different case south coast and cape so if you have travel plans tomorrow evening around the city of boston, personally i would keep the dinner reservations in the metro. i don't think it's anything overwhelming. it will be similar to what we metro boston. nothing heavy. again, south coast and cape much different. windy conditions tomorrow night
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that 11:00 a.m. high tide pockets of mine to moderate coastal flooding so scituate, sandwiches 11:00 a.m. on sunday. 7 sports coming to you live from englewood colorado. soon enough patriots will be here as well. gentlemening out of foxboro earlier today to youing down in denver where they will be greet greeted by sunshine an temperature in the upper 50's leading up through the afc championship game. lower 40's and overnight cast the forecast for sunday just in case you are wondering bill belichick ing a whopping 16 players including julian el el elman, rob grokowski, jamie collins and chandler jones is questionable. dante hightower on that list as well but he and husband teammates ready to do everything they can to avenge their week 12 loss here in denver. this say different game. this is a different team with a different mind set so you know
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have to execute it soy don't like to live off old games but there is a bad taste in our mouth and we want to go out and change that . the patriots perhaps take a page out of the rex ryan play book tapping ty law as an honor honorary and tan leading town kick on sunday. law an inspire choice seeing his patriots hall of fame career he picked off payton manning nine times in his career with five those interacceptings coming in the playoffs. current td logan ryan hoping to channel some of that magicked create a few take aways of his own come sunday . no particular step but we win the turnover battle when you win definitely gives you your team a higher percentage of whiching. i just think that's a general football stat an when you have a great offense and great guy like tom brady every time you can take a ball away and give him an extra possession hopefully he
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just some football in general. great weather in denver not so much back east the celtics feeling the wrath of the blizzard that's battering the mid-atlantic. their tip tomorrow night in philly already postponed being pushed become to sunday night. the green team hosts chicago bulls tonight at the guard especially. that will do it for us in the afternoon in denver. more to come tonight.
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>> anchor: that's our tie of the thanks so much for your valuable time. i'm adaway yams . >> anchor: i'm kim khazei have a great evening of we'll be back to talk about the storm if we
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