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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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we have a winter storm warning in those locations and you notice boston there are no watches or warning or advisories even. that's the same in worcester as well as nashua. meaning very light amounts of snowfall on the way so the thought process what not changed all that much. not a sudden sift in course because of that blizzard warning in martha's vineyard. t the fact that it's right on the edge and it's not going to take much to go from a lot of snow to no snow. that's still the principal with the storm. looks like a 12 hour storm. about midday tomorrow into midnight tomorrow night light snow around the metro through the evet, heavier snow along the south coast and out on to the cape and we have wind on the way for tomorrow night and sunday morning. that might lead to some minor coastal flooding at the 11:00 a.m. high tide on sunday. so the storm continues to un untense my right now and it does really want to come north up into new england but high pressure is not budging and it still is expected to force most of the storm underneath new england. so we're going to be right on
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this is a close call because metro dc getting pummeled with snow, bree gets into that in a second. here is your storm time line. tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. nothing happening midday toll. pocket of light snow and flurries around the metro but at no time overwhelming around metro boston. steadier snow route 44 south, south coast and cape. portions of the south shore late tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow evening and then i think as we work toward mid tight tomorrow night and after that is when the whole activity begins to wind down. so how much snow is on the way. have not changed our numbers around the metro. snow? metro boston. lighter amounts north, per plaque valley worcester hills maybe a couple pockets of light that's it. south of town different story especially once you get to route 44 and south of there 6 to ten inches of snow likely south coast as well as portions of the cape and then just north of there along route 44 about four oh five or six inches of snow. winds an issue late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night even in metro boston and then
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winds gusting 45 to 50 miles per hour. for more on the storm here is bri eggers . >> reporter: we have been watching this even yesterday causing severe weather across gulf coast states then it became a big snow maker 16 inches recorded in parts of kentucky and a half a foot of snow in tennessee but that was even topped with some ice concerns. as you can see still a concern for the carolinas right now with the ice storm and we're already working that snow into the metro dc area. that's why that blizzard warning is in effect and look at the terms of real estate how much area this storm will cover take a closer look in washington, d.c. that. blizzard warning verying all the way up on the long island and again as jr mentioned heaps of snow but you couple that with also seeing very gusty winds and that creates blowing snow and reduces visibility and that would make it blizzard criteria. it has to verify and we haven't seen that just yet. no reports of blizzard conditions just yet. that falling and or blowing snow winds 35 miles per hour or more or frequent gusts that are that
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a quarter mile or less and again blizzard warning in effect for martha's vineyard because of that blowing snow, some mixing on nantucket just winter storm warning. we'll continue to update you on this as we head to 6:30 . >> anchor: bri, jr, thank you. the snow coming down on the east coast. foreclosures saying it could be one of the worse storms ever to hit the region. in washington, d.c. they are telling people to stay inside for the next 36 hours. let's go over to ryan schulteis now with the look at some of the preparations people are being forced to make . >> reporter: at least six states have declared a state of emergency. leaders are taking no collapses with the storm drivers in nashville, tennessee dealing with some slippery conditions getting up hills, proving to be one of the worst problems of a pickup truck even towed a trait and sell other cars to get them through a tough spot. police that responded to more than 150 crashes during the morning commute. snow is falling in washington, d.c. the national mall and monuments closed along with the rest of the government. people there were being asked to stay inside during the storm. officials are trying to prevent any injuries or dangerous situation.
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roads are clear for the plows to go through. and the snow is already covering parts of virginia, crews are out clearing the roads but it's slow going for drivers as you can imagine there. a record breaking snow dropped 28 inches of snow on washington, d.c. back in 1922. this storm may could close to that record. the newsroom, ryan schulteis, 7 news . >> anchor: winter weather lead leading to travel trouble here. flights being canceled i'm lot of people at the airport today we're hoping to get to their destinations ahead of the storm. and you are going to want to check those flights before heading to the airport. save yourself some time. let's get to jonathan hall live at logan with how things are looking right now. john? adam, good evening. i don't have to eremind you or anybody at home it was about this time last year that we had the beginnings of record snowfall, six weeks of pure hell and now another big storm is bearing down on the east bound. this time it looks like boston is going to get off easy but we may be in a position to help washington.
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the move but logan flight screens are showing some cancellations to various points from washington to charlotte . i took a proactive role and i rescheduled the flight twice to avoid bwi . >> reporter: these sisters clearing clear of stormy baltimore but they will see kansas city and chicago before they land in ft. myers . when she explained the route i said well i don't mind at all if it takes us nine hours to get to florida bus i don't want to end up on the news. and here you are. >> reporter: washington's mayor dealing with snow in a get ago. mayor walsh may loan the nay's capitol the new snow blowers an hour. he offers this advice. if washington gets hit with two feet of snow which we dealt with last winter several times be prepared to research out to your parters this . one traveler going on vacation sympathetic to folks in .
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we're going to be in sunny cabo san lucas . >> reporter: he feels horrible right? boston says it may send those snow blowers down to dc on sunday but first the aior wants to be absolutely sure that we're going to get off scot-free on this one. live in logan, jonathan hall, 7 news . >> anchor: thank you, jon. you can always get the latest on the winter storm when we're not on the air as well as updated track on our web site and also on our 7 news mo boil and tablet apps. >> reporter: and they are off. the patriots hitting the road for a mile high matchup and they are in it to win it. we do things differently around here. that's why we're here . 7 news with big story coverage of the pats in the play playoffs. >> reporter: so a lot of excite for the afc championship.
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for the super bowl the team left gillette, the they boar their flight to denver and they are expected to arrive there tonight tonight. we have steam 7 coverage from the big departure to early morning practice. let's get going with alex corddry. the team talking about what it will take to win. alex? >> anchor: 16 pages are list as questionable going into sunday's afc championship game and that includes two key players on defense. dante hightower and jamie collins expected to test this front 7 early and often. part of it was against us. as the season has unfolded broncos built a consistent running game. the 179 yards against the patriots was the second highest total of the season. it was a problem. it i just didn't play very well. it's not where i want to be .
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hightower can change that. the broncos rushed 17 times for 136 yards in three touchdowns after hightower left the game with a knee injury. we have to go and execute it so i don't like to live off old games but there is a bad taste in our mouth that we want to go out and change that . >> anchor: they are going to have to because the pats know denver's best shot at beating them is on the ground. the chiefs came back from a 21-6 deficit to lose by a score because injuries cause snaps to hightower and jimmy collins. there has been situations where jimmy what not been there or i haven't been there and when we finally stepped up, whoever we asked to step up we're going to count on them to step up and this year everybody has done a good job of that so hopefully jimmy will be out there but next man up then. >> anchor: so as you heard hightower just there next man up
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they can do that remains to be seen especially with players like hightower and collins limited by injuries but certainly with the offense round rounding into mid season form there is pressure on this defense to help pave the way to another super bowl title. live in foxboro, alex corddry, 7 news. >> anchor: maybe cold outside today but the patriots certainly got a warm sendoff from fans. dozens of people lining the streets as the team left stadium stadium. byron barnett spoke to some of those who came out to wish them well and he joins us live now. absolutely. definitely a warm sendoff on a very cold day. the loyal patriots fans out here cheering their team on to victory. the new england patriots rolling better get it together because we're coming in. it's going to be a storm. excited fans brave the cold temperatures to give the pats an emotional sendoff as the team
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broncos in another epic show down for the afc championship . they just mean so much to me deep down inside you have to come out here. they play hard on the field so why not fight hard in the cold weather for them . really, really lucky we get to do this every year . how many time have you done this before? every year they have gone. p doesn't get old. people will be begging to be where we are . pats fans are used to playing title games at home but they are confident the pats contain the broncos in their . . we'll beat the broncos and bust the broncos. they are not even broncos. they are donkeys. that? pats fans say they are confident of a win this weekend. they expect to be back here again cheering their team on to another super bowl. that's the latest live at gillette stadium. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: it's good to be back for julian edelman the wide
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injury that sidelined him after a strong showing against the chiefs. he is ready for denver. in fact, today he talked about making up for lost time. here is dan hausle live in foxboro with more from julian. what you will find with edelman and one of his keys to success is he is never satisfied with his own performance. he is a difference maker for the pats and the fans are could you youing on him making a dison sunday. >> anchor: julian el elman gave the pats a post season boost when he returned from injury last week. but after blaming himself for a few drops, ed elman is using every minute to improve for the game in denver. the game comes down to fundamentals, getting out, catching a ball and that's my job. >> anchor: fans are convinced fine. oh he is going to be fine for denver. first game back get your jitters out, get your bearings down and high altitude. he will be back no problem.
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. >> anchor: even if edelman still isn't fully haled, fans enough. i'm not sure if he is 100% but he has a big heart and is we need him . >> reporter: ed health hahn is finally back on the roller coast coaster and doesn't want the ride to end . it's cool and it's been a journey but trying to keep that journey going. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 we ask the fans who we think might be the difference makers most fans athinking about now, guys who step up and make the head on monday. we'll have answers could up at 6:00. >> anchor: denver of course is also gearing up for the big game game. patriots are stronger than ever with all of their injured players back and they know stopping brady isn't going to be easy. trey daerr live in englewood, colorado because that's where the broncos practice today. tre? kim, we had a lot of talk
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the idea of bulletin board material exists in awful sports. you pretty much never hear it coming out of new england but that however is not the case here in denver this week. the broncos immediately grabbing headlines earlier in the week. most notably with linebacker brandon marshall saying he thinks rob grokowski pushes off and gets away with it about 98% of the time. meanwhile, no receiver in football has been flagged for offensive past interference more than gronk. marshall speaking today and says patriot fans haven't exactly been a fan of him speaking his mind. i didn't think that they would blow up like that. i wasn't aware that all of the patriots fans would be in my twitter mentions and calling me all kinds of explicit names and i'm sorry, you know, whatever. i don't want to say the names. i didn't think that would happen but i mean i said what i said and i can't take it back but i just have to be ready to cover hill . my message has always been
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that's what we want them to do. i think have you done a good job of that. >> reporter: marshall also speaking about the idea that saying some of these things will bring the attention to officials officials. he says that's not really the case that in playoff football the officials for the most part really let both teams play on both sides. reporting live in denver, colorado. trey daerr, 7 news. fashion forward and warm too. they are top hats for fans and players coming up the 6:00 the perfect way to cap off your patriots pride and be sure to stay with 7 news for continuing coverage of the afc championship game. tre and joe will be live all weekend long and you can look for their lives reports from denver. >> anchor: all right, still to come here at 5:00, we are following some more news today when we come back a judge siding with bill cosby's legal team. what is now being thrown out of court. >> anchor: continue a miami doctor rights herself a prescription for problems. the tirade in an uber situation that led to her suspension at the hospital .
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car on a crash course in cambridge ends up making a pool. what went wrong there. those stories and a lot more
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight
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>> anchor: time to get you updated on other news today. walpole police stopped a truck yesterday afternoon after
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norwood. two people inside were arrested. the truck belongs it i local land saying company. the owner tells 7 news an employee took the truck when he was not supposed to. a federal judge siding with bill cosby in pennsylvania yesterday the judge dismissed a lawsuit that a woman filed accusing cosby and his lawyer of detail detailing her in the media. that woman is one of the dozens of women accusing cosby of sexual assault . >> anchor: a florida doctor purposing, ing caning and ing at an uber deliver and it's all caught on calm ramp doctor that fourth year neurology resident on administrative leave. the video shows her demanding a ride from an uber driver she didn't order. she swing at his face, attempts to knee hill. she then gets into his car and refuses to get out. then she starts throwing all of these papers and receipts out of the window. it was quite the tirade it. lasted quite a while people from the hospital where doctor is doing a residency is conducting
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>> anchor: coming up next at 5 5:30 patriots coverage continues sam adams. why the brewers have a lot on the line for this weekend's game game. >> anchor: mild out in denver this week. temperatures in the 40's out there. we are tracking snow for tomorrow night.
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>> anchor: our coverage
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pictures of this potentially crippling storm. the in addition's capitol in the cross hairs and first flakes have definitely gun to fall with a little bit of snow there already on the ground. millions are people are in the path of this storm. >> anchor: as we in boston know cope wag storm like this is never easy by any reasons so we want to head out live to chris welch with a luck at what it's like this dvc today. chris? >> anchor: kim, you know as well as anyone on the east coast that this winter has been a little bit more mild. that is, until today. we see things start to change it was just a few hours ago when snow started falling here in dc. we could see two feet here possibly even two and a half feet you can still see cars driving on the road. the mayor had asked everyone to be off the roads as of 3:00 p.m. obviously a few hours ago that has not happened yet. she just held a press conference urging everyone to heed that
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are going to get much, much worse. we're sustained winds of about 30 to 35 miles per hour tonight overnight into tomorrow. then in maryland that's where they could see gusts of up to 65 miles per hour. now when all is said and done 85 million could be in the path of this storm. kim? adam? >> reporter: okay, chris, yeah up in new england it's a close call. boston worcester no watches, warnings or advisories then you move down through the south shore. the purpose ehere winter weather advise are we upwards of three or four inches of snow portions of the south shore, south coast, the cape, winter storm warnings 6 inches of snow and right here is martha's vineyard, blizzard warning in effect beginning midday tomorrow through midnight tomorrow night and again the blizzard warning does not tie to the amount of snow on martha's vineyard. what the concern is the wind and the snow reducing visibility for three hours or more under a quarter mile and again it would
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hour on martha's vineyard. now it's not in effect to nantucket because i think there be a heavier, wetter snow on nantucket and so because of that you won't have as much blowing of the snow and reducing vice the on nantucket. here is the storm system right here. still moving through the virginias as well as carolina then it will move off the east coast tomorrow night and toll morning and at that time it continues to move east northeast there has been no significant change in the track of the storm system. i realize when you probably started getting text messages about a blizzard warning massachusetts and martha's vineyard that was a little bit alarming but it's not changing for metro boston and here your storm time line again tomorrow morning quiet and as ework through the morning hours we'll have patches of light snow arrive midday as well as flurries then steadier snow along the south coast and you notice that blue shading of the steady snow does not move that far north through entire event. it doesn't make it into the city of boston and in fact i think fitchburg and nashua the reason i'm kind of covering you guys up here is it season a storm on the way.
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about it. most of the activity is going to be focus across southeast mass and then it all winds down just after midnight tomorrow night and certainly by sunday morning it's gone. we'll still have wind out there sunday morning. the accumulating snow long gone after midnight tomorrow night. so you can see here we talked about this for much of the week how there would be a drastic cut off you are going from a coating to an inch perhaps two in worcester down to the south coast six, seven, 8 ins of snow right at the water's edge. around the metro one to three inches of snow north and west of town merrimac valley coating to an inch and heading farther south route 44 plymouth and then new bedford, fall river, westport, mattapoisett, wareham 6, 8, 9, tens of snow and it will lead to poor travel tomorrow evening south coast as well as the cape and the islands i think though for metro boston if you have travel plans late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening i think you can keep them just allow for extra time if you have reservations at the restaurant. i wouldn't cancel the reservations around metro boston
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out on to the cape that might be something you went to row think just because of poor travel for a time tomorrow night on cape cod as well as the south coast. and any event sunday morning clouds, sun in the afternoon, take the kids sledding looks great, temperatures mid 30's. >> anchor: thank you, jr. still ahead on 7, police on the prowl trying to track down the person who opened fire on that cat on the cape. >> anchor: a store owner comes out swigging when a robber tries
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>> anchor: still another hour of 7 news is straight ahead. i am aadam williams i'm kim khazei considering ourselves lucky with the storm which we'll talk about at 5:30. >> anchor: a southern storm heading our way. >> anchor: winter storm warning and blizzard warning in effect for positions of southern new england. the latest up next .
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emergency in the mid-atlantic.
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