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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  January 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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his tracks. and apparently wanting the referee to fallout. >> breaking news right now at 5:30. this is a live look at i-495 south of milford where a tractor/trailer caught fire just a short time ago. sky 7 rushed to the scene. >> this is happening near exit 20 on 495 south. if you're familiar with the area in milford, there is a big shopping center quarry place right there off the exit. you can see the video from just a short time ago. clearly the road is shut down because of what has happened here the last hour. the video just recently shot. the entire truck up in flames. leaders from the paper company who own that company tell us that that truck is there. no one else was hurt in the fire. the truck of course will have to
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fire is out but you see the mess left behind on the highway backing up for several miles. live in the newsroom, tim caputo, 7news. >> the scene causing big trouble on the road there, let's get and chat about what's going on >> thanks, we have big problems by exit 20. backed up right now, about 7 miles at this point, all the way back beyond route 9 and barely moving. avoid exit 20 along route 25 in milford. joe staple tonk 7 nuts. a mystery hero in spencer. police say a woman saw these
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her warnings helped the family escape. the. >> the smoke could be seen from over a mild away. it was a raging fire in a barn and started to spread to the two-family home. inside several people, including a mom and 11-month-old baby, say the only reason they're alive is because a stranger came running in. >> it was so engived you couldn't recognize that there was a barn there. >> reporter: no one inside the two-family home even knew they were in danger. s. >> chantal and her 11-month-old daughter ava were asleep and the stage just barged into their
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i said, mom, get out of the house, the house is on fire. we ran out and saw the whole garage up in flames. >> while 911 calls were flooding in. >> there's a fire. i can see it from south senior housing. i see some smoke. >> reporter: and this video after the fireball across the street. >> it was scary to be honest. >> reporter: the chief says the fire marshal is investigating it as a suspicious fire. for hours the barn smoldered as the family of six on the second floor and the family of five on the first floor reunited. >> i'm happy to know that they're all okay and still here with me. and chan tell grateful for the stranger that saved their life. >> thank god she stopped because we would have never known. >> a firefighter suffered burns to his face but is said to be okay. the fire marshal is
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suspicious fire. >> the boston globe is making some changes. >> yeah, a huge problem for the boston globe. the newspaper dumps its long-time distributor, hired a new one from california, but that change has caused big problems for people who get the paper delivered to their home. it was so bad, in fact, this past weekend that writers, editors and the ceo delivered the sunday edition of the paper. now the globe reports rehired the distributor for half of its deliveries, starts next monday. so for the rest of this week customers may still see some issues. >> i can't promise anything. you know, i'm hopeful that it will be kind of equal to last week, which was 98%. could be better but starting monday in particular, i think you'll see steady improvement every single day after that. >> and the owner of the globe, john henry, is apologizing to readers, released a letter from
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transition to a new distributor was much harder than anyone anticipated. in the newsroom, i'm kim khazei, 7news. and we're learning new details about a crash on the highway. a 38-year-old originally from oxford, authorities say he had gotten out of a car, pulled over in the breakdown lane on i-290 late monday night and investigators are still trying to figure out how he died. >> tonight we're learning more about one of the secret service agents seriously injured in a car crash in new hampshire last week fitzgerald is one of four agents injured while serving as part of hillary clinton's security detail back on december 29th. a go fund me page has been set up to collect donations. the secret service writing, please keep special agent fitzgerald in your thoughts and prayers. police say the agent were driving back when another car
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slammed into the other vehicle. police say the driver who died did not have a valid driver's license. fitzgerald expected to enter rehab in a couple of weeks. 64-year-old dennis vavar was arrested yesterday in haverhill. the woman says she passed his car to avoid rearending him. that's when she says he followed her, got out of his car and pointed a gun in his face. police searched the home and found 9 guns and more than 3,000 bullet there is. and fighting bark, a manchester new hampshire woman proved she is not an easy target when a suspected robber tried attack the 65-year-old, she pulled out a gun and shot him. she spoke with brandon gunnoe about the frightening conversation. >> my instincts told me, i always have my gun on me, but i took it out and put it in my coat pocket. >> a 65-year-old woman who didn't want to show her face on
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23-year-old michael when he tried to mug her. >> his left arm went out to try to grab me and that's when i pulled the gun and shot him. >> reporter: it happened monday night manchester, new hampshire. the woman toad police she was driving home from work when a dark car followed her home and into the parking lot. when the 23-year-old from manchester tried to grab her, she shot him in the chest. i only defended myself and i had absolutely every right to do that. >> the 65-year-old woman has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, but never imagined she would have to use it. >> it's the first time i never shot that gun. never fired it at firing range or nothing. this is the first time i ever, ever shot that gun.
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course, 7news. a high school basketball referee. the coach overreacting to a call that didn't go his way. the rev wasn't seriously hurt and remained on the court. the coach was a teacher at the school and ejected and placed on administrative leave. >> i got you on camera yesterday. >> a starbucks barista out of a job after a confrontation with a customer goes viral. the customer pulled up to the drive-through and accuses the employee of stealing her credit card information. the customer got suspicious when the worker took a long time with her card during an earlier order. >> honestly at the evidence the day, i hope she learns her lesson like you can't go doing that. >> reporter: we're told the store has apologizeed and fired
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on 7news at 5:30, creators of a so called brain training web site accused of lying that their product can fight alzheimer's disease. and criminal charges a baby's mother for me is it keeps the food out. little pieces would get in between my dentures um and it was uncomfortable. a few dabs is clinically proven to ut more food r poligrip is part of my
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. >> the federal trade commission has money on the mind tonight. finding popular brain training web site looms noity. the web site claims it can fight alzheimer's and improve brain function. >> but federal investigators say that's not true and now the creators have to pay up. it's like a personal trainer for your brain. >> reporter: for as little as $15 a month, lumnosity offers dozens of games and claims by playing them a player could boost his or her performance at work or school, improve adhd and
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65-year-old wes henson bought a subscription several years ago. >> i don't know if i'm losing my memory or not but want to improve my memory. >> reporter: but the federal trade commission fined them $50 million for deceptive ads and then reduced it because lumnocity can't afford it. >> reporter: some of the best testimonials in exchange for awards as the company played on the fears of an aging population. >> there just isn't evidence that any of that will translate eventual any benefits in the real world setting. >> reporter: that was also the conclusion of more than 70 prominent researchers who in 2014 issued a statement that there is no compelling scientific evidence that brain games can reduce cognitive decline. i wanted to spend time, an hour or two hours playing games with their grandkids. it's much more realistic and i think meaningful cognitive exercise. >> reporter: the company says it's made strong contributions to the science community and
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language that has been discontinued. >> lumnocity is allowing customers to cancel their subscription and ask for a full refund. clear and cold for tonight. back into sunshine you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. what it'
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i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. m not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, m a fellow citizen. her best. just like you. elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy jared duemling
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>> turns out this horse is a ham. a little girl looking for a cute picture at the farm and then the horse making sure he gets some of the action, too. look at that. he photo bombs the picture stealing the show with the giant smile. the little girl had no idea. >> art he was smiling or was yawning and go the picture just in time. >> all right, let's talk about the weather. >> temps seasonal for the next couple of afternoon with more sunshine tomorrow. cold again tomorrow morning but
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dry for the end of the week and then unsettled for a weekend. drizzle on saturday rain, not snow on sunday. boston at this time, 40 degrees. worcester 32. martha's vineyard at 36. nantucket at 40 with mostly clear skies in new england. we'll have clear, chilly conditions this evening. cold overnight. but not as cold as we have been the last couple of mornings, single numbers in teens. i think tomorrow morning, most of us between 17 and 22, boston will be a little bit warmer as it usually is. cold tomorrow morning, the bus stop with lots of sunshine. >> i will take it any day of the week, even thursday. 37 to 42.
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of a westerly and southwesterly breeze, during the afternoon, the winds will shift into the north and eventually the northeast. so boston and points north of there, you may briefly be near 40 and i think the upper 30s late in the day. south of town, lower 40s. cape ann 39 and out on the cape and islands 39. and nantucket at 42. for friday, a lot of clouds. a cool day on friday with a couple of pockets of drizzle possible and temperatures on friday in the upper 30s, again, compared to tomorrow, it will feel cool and raw even though that 38 is about where we should be this time of year. ironically enough, it's actually from high pressure, not a storm coming at us on friday. the northeasterly flow will push moisture in from the gulf of maine and southern new england with a lot of clouds and then on saturday, the first of two weather systems will pester us, because that's all this really is, just kind of a nuisance storm moving through new england, weakening and will
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be a couple of pockets of freezing drizzle early saturday morning. this is not an all day thing and certainly not an all morning thing. but if you're out in the day early on friday, be mindful of that. and saturday things will continue to warm into the upper 30s with cloudy skies. if you have travel plans saturday evening, keep your reservations. temps on saturday night, upper 30s. then as we work into sunday, jetstream will buckle in this fashion. and that will pop a storm sound, but the storm is going to go to our west. and when it does, that it opens up the flood gates for milder air to come up in new england. so not the rain, not the snowflakes, temperatures upper 40s to near 50. see you at 6:00. >> well, a taste of putting theatricals, announcing their 2016 woman of the year. >> made a scandalous choice with actress kerry washington. she will visit the school on january 28th.
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hubbard square and subject of course to the entertainment put on by the players. and prince gorge already off to his first day of nursery school today. the proud parents dropped the 2-year-old off at the school in england near the country retreat. they showed photos of him with his light blue backpack on there. very stylish. coming up next, meet the stars of the nbc he's hit chicago pd show. and coming up at 6:00, we've been following breaking news. this huge truck fire shutting down part of 495 in milford. we'll have the latest on the traffic back-ups the theft is causing. also, an intense battle for crews when a house goes up in flames in saugus. firefighters had to race to rescue some of their own. and then an evolving story overseas. north korea announcing that it has detonated its first hydrogen bomb. some officials here in the united states are questioning that claim.
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those stories and more coming up at the top of the hour.
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. and the crossover continues tonight. three hit shows crossing over
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the characters of chicago fire, chicago pd and chicago men working together for the first time on tv. >> the shows are all based in chicago, obviously but the actors have ties right here in boston. theca talk to chris anderson about their boston connection. >> reporter: its names and phases you know. >> but before they were saving lives, putting out fires, and arresting bad guys in the windy city, many of these stars got their start in acting right here at the hub. >> i spent eight of the best years of my life in the boston area. >> reporter: oliver plat who plays dr. charles on chicago med began his career as a stage actor in boston while he was a student at tufts university. >> i saw roger clemson pitch his first game at fenway. >> reporter: speaking of the sox, plat's costar collin donald
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the lead role in the america repertory's musical johnny baseball. >> i had the opportunity to get on the field at fenway and the city was soing with. >> reporter: before he was heating up the tv, taylor finley was a carpetner boston. >> we'd demolition these and renovate them and then party. >> reporter: the costars on chicago pd but this trio first teamed up in boston. >> four years ago we did a pilot together in boston and the three of us played siblings. >> reporter: the star was perhaps the closest ties to our area, chicago pd's jason bigay. >> on the julia childs show, she would present and put it in the oven. and then there would be one that was ready. my aunt was her friend that made
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>> reporter: but he also spent time in the bay state with another family, the kennedys. they were close friends growing up. >> took me to europe for the first time. >> reporter: and says he has nothing but warmth and respect for the entire family. >> his mother was very kind to me and he was a beautiful kid. >> reporter: and a man who bigay says influenced him to become who he is today. >> his life is so fresh. >> bigay also had family in cambridge and used to visit this area while growing up. by the way, the one thing that ought stars loved about the city of boston, the amazing food. in the control room, chris anderson, 7news. that is for sure, with a jam-packed line-up, starting at 8:00, with the new season of the mysteries of lore and followed by a brand-new "law & order: svu" at 9:00 and then the chicago crossover continues at 10:00 with chicago pd and after
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day's news with 7news. 7news at 6:00 starts right now. >> an intense inferno in saugus. crews racing to the rescue as firefighters get trapped inside a burning hope. then a developing story and alarming threat overseas. north korea says it has detonated its first hydrogen bomb. why some officials are doubting the claims. >> and here is our next weather system. i'll let you know when it arrives and when it's going to break. >> i'm always up for a challenge >> and the pats battling a number of injuries but making sure the fans are ready for action. >> 7news at 6:00 starts now. >> breaking news first at 6:00, an explosion of flames on 495 south in milford. that was a truck packed with paper, burning on the sigh side
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no one is hurt. that's the good news. >> but it is a rough ride for commuters. the back-up stretches for miles. we're joined now with all the details. >> yeah, this is all happening on exit 20 on route 495 south in the town of milford. sky hd over the scene when the traffic was complete -- the cab quickly was even duffelled in flames. you can even see what appears to be the truck on fire and what's presumed to be fuel on fire and that grassy area next to the highway. creating. firefighters rushed to the scene once they got there and got it all under control quickly. we watched as the flames turn into thick, white smoke. crews are still on the scene
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that busy highway this time of
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