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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  November 23, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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>> anchor: we have pictures rlier of it finally swimming away so good news to report now that the beached whale is free. new at 4:30 an animal shelter up in flames in paxton. fire fighters racing against time to try to save dozens of dogs and cats. fire officials say only a few animals made it out alive . >> anchor: such such a sad story. my officials are trying to figure out what sparked the fire in the first place. byron barnett has the latest from paxton. paxton.. i can't even say how i feel right now. they are my animal. they are my babies . >> reporter: heart broken workers at the sweet pea animal shelter paxton after a raging fire rips through their building killing dozens of animals. shelter officials say 17 dogs and 39 cats were inside. they say only two cats and four dogs survived. and that one of those dogs may not make it. i am devastated. i don't have words. >> anchor: dick clash, a retired animal control officer, who used to bring strays to his
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home founded the shelter in 2001 2001. living on the street they are abused, they are beaten, all kinds of things that happen to them and they don't deserve to be out there. we're trying to help get him in, . shelter animals. i take a lot of these katz and i work for them for months to get them so they are human trusting again. and one of the cats that was in there, it took me two years to touch him. and the dogs, i mean, they are my family. >> anchor: shelter manager melanie said all of the animals here were up for adoption except for four cats that were boarding for a helless veteran. now she has to deliver the bad news to the vet that three of . i have to send somebody to the veteran's scheller tomorrow in worcester so they can get a hold of him and let him know. my records are burned so i don't have his phone number. >> reporter: shelter officials say they will rebuild but they say they know it will be tough
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because there are non-profit donations. right now, they need all the help they can get. news. >> anchor: student at brandeis university will come together tonight to honor the victims of israel. 18-year-oldes aschwartz from on was one five people killed. 9 vigil will be held at brandeis campus at 6:00. friends and family gathered over services. the teen was killed when a terrorist opened fire in a line of traffic near the west bang. he graduated from a high school in brookline in the spring of he was visiting israel for a year before college. >> anchor: also on 7, a former university of connecticut student charged for a rant over mack and cheese facing a judge today. luke gotti applied for probation in court today. he is facing several charges following that incident at uconn student union back in october. you might remember this, that former freshman yelled at a worker and then started shoving him for refusing to sell him macaroni and cheese. marker event whale push the teen
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to the ground until police got there. investigators say he was denied food because he brought alcohol into the building which is a big no-no. gotti late area poll jewsed for the incident . >> anchor: right now the new york city police department is preparing for macy's thanksgiving day parade expected to draw millions to the big apple. officials are stepping up security and running emergency drills to keep people safe. macy's herald square surrounded by the nypd. a show of force ahead of this week's parade. kit is happy to see them for one one. her daughter, jillian sparks cheerleader performing in the parade but says she is not afraid. i can be an overprotective mother so if i can get over it, i feel like a lot of people can bear. you like seeing heavily armed officers . i love it. i took a picture. >> anchor: officials say police have eyes open and encourage people on the street to do the same which is what someone did when they saw this black backpack left unattended. that person alerted officers on the corner and they inspected it it. turns out the bag was full of trash, possibly left by a home
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homeless person but it's that kind of vigilance that gives officials the confidence to say this. we encourage americans as the holiday season approaches to continue to travel, to associate to go to public events, to go to public polices. secretary jay johnson in new york for this long planned terror drill in the subway. multiple agencies simulated a paris style attack, victims bleeding on street, people platform. first responders had to approach . these exercises are vitally necessary in light of all that's going on in the world at this . we know of no specific credible threat of a paris like homeland. we are and we continue to be and we have been concerned about >> anchor: hundreds of first training ebber size. new york's police commissionered
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a the city is well prepared in the wake of the paris attacks . >> anchor: we're following more news today. in new orleans 16 people were playground. it all happened after hundreds of people were called to take part in a music video and police say the shootout was between several people and appeared to be gang related. police also confirmed that all of the victims have been listed in stable condition. a pilot makes a frantic call for help just moments before a small plane crashes in florida. does anybody have any idea of what i can do to shut off the auto pilot? >> anchor: the pilot and a woman on board were killed when that plane crashed into a lake on friday. federal investigators are now going over their wreckage trying to figure out what happened. we have lowed a pilot logbook in the wreckage of t if the process of being dried out. it's still wet so imi've not reviewed it . >> anchor: officials say full investigation into the crash could take up to a year. >> anchor: there are new details in a home coming tragedy oklahoma stay university.
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adacia chambers wasn't drunk when she plowed her car in a home copping parade. she is now charged with murder, four people were killed and dozens of others injured. chambers's attorney said his client likely suffers from mental illness. >> anchor: a state news agency announced jason razion has been sent to prison for an un unspecified term. his attorney said he was accused of collaborating with hostile governments and disseminating propaganda. he has been behind bars since july of 2014 in iran. secretary of state generalery has called on iran to release him. >> anchor: a father from utah left heartbroken after he says his infant daughter was taken away and put up for adoption without his permission. she said the baby's mother organized the whole thing without talking it over. now he is ready to go to court to fight over custody. nancy chen has much more. >> anchor: breaking into tears he says watching his baby girl being taken away was the hardest
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i couldn't even get her out of her car seat . >> anchor: she was born on november 4 and since then her 20 20-year-old father has never left her side until he was forced to give her to adoptive parents this week. after cally's mother decided to put her up for adoption . my favorite moment is when she would just lay on my chest and we would just watch tv when she slept . >> reporter: his lawyer said a technical reading of the ta-da adoption law allows biological mothers put their babies up for adoption without notifying the biological father. they took this man's daughter without his knowledge or consent. that is essentially by definition stealing . >> anchor: in order to keep her colby needed to file a variety of paperwork at left a day before the baby's mother signed adoption papers. but caley's mother only gave him a few hours notice. ed to wheeler said it's an unfortunate situation but one that colby could have prevented .
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h this case it's a heart break story but a simple google search would have told this father the steps he needed to take. >> reporter: colby's lawyer said the law is unconstitutional. >> reporter: a statute that permits this to happen is statutorily skewed against biological fathers. >> reporter: colby said his girlfriend was upset caley was born to unmarried parents. nancy chen, 7 news. >> anchor: well, a group of very brave turkeys visiting a neighborhood in colorado just days before the thanksgiving holiday, the birds took a walk together sunday morning. one couple recorded the outing with a cell phone. they say they spotted about 18 turkeys in their front yard. maybe they think if by traveling in groups they will be safer. >> anchor: coming up on 7 news at 4:30 hugs for humanity. a muslim student spreading the love one person at a time . >> anchor: are you ready to cook a thanksgiving turkey? tips you should know to keep
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>> anchor: new at 5:00, the babier accused of kidnapping a child in court. what attorneys say about her behavior after that alleged crime. and they are getting set to take to the field for monday night football with the pats playing to keep their perfect season coming up. >> reporter: the new smoking sensation. some say it's like smoking candy candy. peach, economiy, it's really aim at kids . >> reporter: an alternative to cigarettes, but is it safer? the cloud over vaping.
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>> anchor: a muslim student in south carolina passing along a message with open arms. it's called hugs for humanity of he is spreading love one gesture at a time . >> anchor: his goal is to have people to trust him enough to
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all across the country. it gives me hope . >> anchor: his arms and heart were open to any station their passed by. his eyes were covered to put his trust in the people of green greenville, south carolina. he is blindfolded. he doesn't know what people will do for him. >> reporter: he is muslim an lived upstairs with his family since he was a child . i moved here when i was five years old with my parents in hopes of better opportunity. >> reporter: after attacks in paris he said he saw a lot of backlash for islamic faith until he saw video of another muslim man blinded being hugged by ers . i didn't expect that much positivitiy but i had faith. it's something that shows love, peace, acceptance. that's what this was all about. as he stood there for who hours chilly and styles in the rain response was better than he expected. many passed by, but many also accepted his embrace. especially when that first hour i mean it was just back to back to back to back. not many could see it but i was
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i am not about the negativity. i always try to spread the positive vibes. he hopes those that didn't take the free hugs will keep an open mind to the muslim community. you know, some of us just want better for the world . >> reporter: for now at least he knows that he and many strang humanity . treat people like they are people. >> anchor: he said he is currently working on another clever way to spread his message of love and acceptance. >> anchor: coming up, the great trees. it's a holiday tradition so what is in? real or artificial? pete? that's a good question. it starts a fight in my family every year. our forecast is warming later on through thanks giving and perhaps a little bit later on too. details to come. >> anchor: coming up on 7 news at five o'clock, weapons recovered after being stolen from the worcester armory. the new detail released by the f.b.i. >> anchor: hot on the trail. a man hunt spanning the big easy after a medical student is shot on the sidewalk . >> anchor: getting ready for game day. our 7 sports team gets you
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prepared for a monday night matchup with the buffalo bills. >> anchor: if you see breaking news and have a story idea we would love to hear from you. that number is 1-800-280-tips. we know having a soda before bed is never a good realize even some healthy foods with mess with your sleep too. we will tell you which foods to steer clear of before bedtime. that's before bedtime tonight on 7 ne it's been her fight for twenty years. something is wrong with our
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>> anchor: a day debate growing over christmas trees . >> anchor: fake christmas trees may becoming arfish over new ones. it's believed it's due to the fact it's chiefer to buy a tree overseas and families say it's just easier to deal with . i will buy the frasier fir spray in my state house house and you never know the difference. and you don't have the pine needles . we get enough stuff from china.
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let's do domestic. lets do home stuff. u.s.a. stuff. stuff.. the c us mastery association said most trees are sold to people who already have one. i know another problem too with the real trees is the animals inside the house. when they smell that tree, they are like, and they smell like the outside. i'm outside, i can go to the bathroom. that's a problem . . >> anchor: the smell of a real tree. i don't care what kind of spray have you, you can't republic lick eight that . >> reporter: it keeps giving off. the gift keeps on giving, clark. when you said animal in the house irk thought you meant the winds you bring in with the tree because i had that problem too. squirrels, had mice, a mouse nest last year that gave me like four mice in the house. was like where did these come from? in the tree of i found them. the dog was going nuts . >> anchor: what a surprise . >> reporter: lots of things living in the balsam and frasier firs. wind chill about 26. north northwest wind at 15. yes, i changed it, dew point is gone, we've turned the page now. it's almost winter, so the wind
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chill will be on there from now on. that is a factor tonight and tonight's game too by the way. temperatures will be chilly with subfreezing temperatures. now quiet week ahead. we do have a slow warming trend. won't see it tomorrow, you will barely notice it on wednesday but thursday, friday those two days primarily part of this warming trend. sharply colder into the weekend though, it seems like we have a front that will take us from 60's maybe back down into the the lower 40's so a huge knee jerk reaction it a cold shot by saturday. our temperatures now close to freezing. not norwood, but definitely there in worcester in fitchburg too, look at jaffrey, new hampshire at 31. 36 boston, 39 right now in plymouth. our water temperature falling to the 50's and the tailgate weather about 32. kickoff 29 for the game and then by the time the game is over, we're looking at about 26 degrees so steady drop but not dramatic and the breezes will make it feel like low 20's, maybe upper teens too later in the game. keep that in mind if you are
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preparing a dress or if you are tailgating you probably are already there. you already know it. clear skies to start. clouds will finish the night. come in from the west. it's a weak weather system that doesn't mean much to us. high temperatures tomorrow make 40's. similar to today. there is really not much a change there. wind out of the southwest may nudge us up to 44 in boston and up through marblehead and maybe 43 in brockton and then 44 new bedford. worcester again around upper 30's. wednesday we are looking at a milder day, if we can call it that. there is the small semi seminoticeable jump. that day is brighter too when you take away the sun it makes a big difference too. 43 turns to 48 and temperature trend keeps going on thursday and friday when the weather is quiet the confidence is high. i said that before. so thursday doesn't look like it's going to be all that chilly on the ride to grandmas then normal high temperature about 49 degrees by the way. all right, clear sky, at least to start and men clouds finish 16 to 28. then tomorrow still cool shall
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partly sunny, 38 to 44. 7 on 7 forecast, later in the week with a warmup and then the showers friday night into saturday morning maybe a couple of those lingering predawn but saturday is blustery and colder. look at that drop, 62, 41. that's sharp. then we recover early next week with wet weather. nothing arctic, that's for sure. tonight maybe the coldest night in the city. we'll see you in a bit. >> anchor: see you then, pete. thanks so much. get a check of the monday drive home. update . >> reporter: a local a ride northbound and southbound on the expressway. those taillights and brake lights are southbound here right around the dorchester and clear clearing that connor heading down toward braintree just leaving office right now planning about a 58 minute ride right now down toward route 3 if braintree. mass pike westbound is heavy and slow going as well. really jammed up here as you can tell. those brake lights trying to get down by exit 17 newton watertown off ramp stays heavy out past 1 128 no accidents, breakdowns,
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an hour ride here as well heading out toward exit 13 in the natick area. seeing a lot of increasingville on 1238 down by route 95 in the canton section, 95 little heavier down through norwood as well and route 1 of course seeing increasing volume too down by the stadium in foxboro. downtown a lot of company northbound and southbound right on the zakim bridge making your way up into the medford area. joe staple ton, 7 news. >> anchor: well, thanksgiving is just days away and families are getting ready to prepare their turkeys . >> anchor: when it comes to handling raw poultry there is a right way and wrong way. christa delcamp shares food >> reporter: a few weeks ago on the "today" show matt lauer thanksgiving. handling raw turkey then eating without washing his hands. . what kind of mail do you get from this? i got some beauties liken joy salmonella for the next 24 hours, idiot. it is his mistake hurt no one
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but potential from harm of eating raw or undercooked meat is serious . nearly 48 million people get a food bourne illness annually and that results in 128 000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths . the usda says turkey is safe to eat when it reaches 165 degrees. the pop up timer is not as good an indicator of as a meat thermometer because you can use it to gauge the temperature in several parts of bird . the temperature should be checked in the thickest part of the breast, innermost part of the thigh and wing . >> reporter: after it gets hot enough you need to cool down leftovers within two hours after the feast is over so bacteria doesn't have time to grow. your guests will thank you. for more tips on preparing a safe and healthy thanksgiving day male, just head over to our web site in the newsroom, christa delcamp 7 news . >> anchor: straight ahead, moving forward miranda lambert opening up about life after blake.
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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>> anchor: topping the buzz, a star-studded show for one of music's biggest nights >> anchor: jennifer lopez kicked it off with a ten minutes dance montage of the biggest hits. one direction was the big winner of the night for the second year
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the boy band won artist of the year. >> anchor: country singer miranda lambert said she is moving forward. it's been four months since her divorce from blake helton. she is focusing all her energy on zigging and song writing. they recently confirmed rumors that sell ton and again stephanie are dating. >> anchor: 7 news at 5:00 start right now. >> anchor: a former baby-siter in court faying serious charge accused of kidnapping and beat beating a two-year-old girl . >> anchor: a lot of sun, but not much to show for it. a cold night is ahead. >> reporter: then ready for a battle against buffalo. tb 12 and the pats taking the too without key players . >> anchor: with added secure around the stadium fans are fay . >> anchor: plus, belgium in lock down. fears of an immeant terror threat and a key suspect in loose . >> anchor: as massive manhunt
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the street. news . she is experiencing . >> anchor: we're learning more about what a former baby stator said she was doing the day a two two-year-old girl from hamilton disappeared from her home. this evening that woman is being held without bail. she is accused of kidnapping and assaulting the child. >> anchor: investigators just released some new evidence in this case. dan hausle live in newburyport with the latest for us. dan? >> reporter: well, the new findings and court paperwork including a search warrant after police went looking for the former baby sitter when the family who lost their two two-year-old child said that they had use her as a baby sitter but once fired her. what police found when they found hannah was a young woman with a dirty face, dirt in her hair and a twig in her hair. she told police that she had been out smoking pot and was chasing a stray cat.


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