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tv   Today  NBC  October 21, 2015 2:07am-3:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody! it's booze day tuesday. october 20th. that is "waiting to ignite". and another song i don't know.
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thomas, she was like my hero when i was growing up, with "that girl." you've seen her in this new play. >> called "clever little lies" a half billion people watching your video online. that's what happened to this kid tyler oakley. he was just downstairs. he colors his hair different colors. anyway, he's got two exciting new things for his fans. two, not one, two. >> you know who else is here? grammy winning penttonics is here. >> not even a second. >> 1.8. >> and tell them how long you spent on that.
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this is how long i've spent in my dressing room rehearsing. >> she learned the whole song. she learned it all! >> she learned it that day that she got it. she made up her own choreography. and sang her heart out, and you didn't even use her singing! >> i didn't see that! whoever asked you didn't tell you it was going to be a second. >> by the way, kath didn't do it. >> now i know why. >> we're excited for you guys to be singing for us. >> number one, okay, the biggest thing is that yesterday whee a e had a major, major seismic change. we moved hoda's part from one side of her head to the other exploded.
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more than 1 million people looked at the facebook page. it's not the new hair. part. better. >> you were saying change it! face? >> what am i looking at? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. cloris leachman said that. she said you should change places. but we've always been this way, and it would be wrong. >> one of our facebook fans said, lynn guyer said hoda lost a big 10, maybe 15 years by switching those bangs. but christine was concerned about you. she says you may have neck problems as a result. as you figure out how to hold your head now. >> okay. anyway, >> she says you're going to be stiff in trying to compensate for the change. >> you know what i think everyone should do? they should take a picture of how their hair looks now and send us a picture -- however you
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what does it feel like? show us pictures and we want to see how it works. >> you can't hide a million dollar smile. just do a different part in your hair. >> thank you. >> stand up, darrin lin'darlin'. i go to hug her. >> the tag's in there. >> and we go to sit down, and i go, hoda, you've got the dingell dangle coming off here. now we've been told -- >> i thought it was a sensor. >> but it's a different kind of sensor than you and i are used to. it's a different kind of sensor that if you try to return this dress and that's missing, they won't let you return it because they don't think anyone's stupid
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>> i've never seen this before. >> okay. >> can you do it out loud. >> you open this up and that's so you cannot return -- >> then why can't you put it on? >> because you broke it once you break it, you can't return it. >> it happened to joanne. because joanne had a very bad happenstance. >> they don't do it anymore. i don't do it anymore. >> it's humiliating. >> thank you. >> we were going to sing during the commercial break. >> we're not quite there yet, so keep it down. >> so "the voice" was last night. this is from team blake, blain versus a guy who called himself "blind joe".
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i'd rather -- old time rock and roll ain't got the same soul i like that old time rock and roll >> i say blind joe! >> me too. >> going with joe. >> let's see who blake picked. >> all right, blake, i know you loved them both. but we have to find out right now, who is the winner of this battle? >> hmm. the winner of this battle is blind joe. >> blind joe! the winner moves on. >> and. >> it's a steal! >> a steal thing.
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>> except in this instance. >> they were twins. it's andy and alex versus 15-year-old chance. take a look. runaway with my heart runaway with my heart runaway with my love i know now just why and how my life and love my still go on in your heart it your mind i stay with you for all of time >> why don't they sing together? >> they have to be a group. two more and they're pentatonx. i think he's going to go with the ladies. >> i'm going to pick the guy. >> adam, who's the winner of
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>> the winner of this battle is andy and alex! >> andy and alex move on! >> and believing in me. >> i still do believe in you. >> hit it! >> and even the short amount of time -- >> a steal! >> that's so exciting. >> that's great. they've all got big careers. remember when we saw celeste the other day? she's probably workin' already. >> if you were watching football last night, you may have been watching it specifically for one reason, because of the "star wars" trailer came out. it was the most tweeted about thing. a writer wrote, smart of the nfl to put a whole football game around the "star wars" trailer. >> the jedi.
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>> uh-huh. it's titled "star wars, the force awakens". it's set 30 years after the jedi. >> it's got harrison ford in it and carrie fisher. >> yes, and who are the young ones? the children of these two? >> no, they are saying he's in it too. >> people are really, apparently, all the websites blue up blew up trying to buy tickets. >> it's going to be the same movie even if you don't see it on opening day. >> but you want to see it, it's fun to see it, isn't it? to see it on the first day? >> you're asking someone who -- that's it in my life. and marlo thomas who's joined us.
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tonight in the broadcasting hall of fame. >> marlo thomas. >> kathie lee! >> it's a big, big day. >> why? make sure you're all ears. we might call your name when we give it away. >> and we're going to find out what secrets marlo thomas is hiding. don't let them bring you down down, down, down, down sing, sing, sing f sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... covergirl is the easy way to draw attention perfect point liner smudge with
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there aren't many people in this world who can say they have four emmies, a golden globe, a grammy, a peabody award and the presidential medal of freedom >> unless of course you are marlow thomas.
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>> she's back on the stage, which she loves, in a newcomb comedy called "clever little lies." >> ma! >> it says unknown. hello, this is billy's mother. he can't take any work calls right now. it's family time. it's family time. >> it's off, it's off! look, it's off. my iphone is off. [ ringing ] [ laughter ] >> of course, it's his girlfriend, and he's married. and he's cheating on her. >> you are so good. i got to see marlo. >> you wait, and then she delivers these lines like little bombs. she drops them and steps away and they blow up. >> and a great audience opening night. >> all you need is hoda there.
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you hear her. so you're off-broadway. and you're a star of such stature that you could be on brad broadway or anywhere. tell us the difference. >> the house is smaller. and we waited six months for the west side theater. it's a little gem. >> don't you love it? >> it's like an english theater. and my co-star, who i would die for, is greg. >> i was wondering, he looks familiar. >> with one look, he can take the whole thing. >> the premise is your son in the play is cheating and he's trying to hide. and everybody has lies that they're trying to conceal. >> very sneaky. >> it's interesting, because you start watching it and you think this is a light little comedy, it's going to be fun. changing. and by the end, you said, geez,
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i didn't know we going here. i love to hear the audience gasp on the opening night. it's amazing. here's all these sophisticated people in the audience, and they go, ah. >> and it's a limited run with you through january -- >> third. >> so all through the holidays, you're going to be working. about this? >> we go out. >> and you guys have been married 35 years? 35 years. >> i remember when they said it would never last. >> they said that about you, too. they said that about everybody. >> mine didn't. sadly. i can make jokes, too. >> well, laughter all the time. he would be here. >> amen. >> tell us about. >> we have a game, right? >> since you're lying on this show, we want you to tell us something, and we're going to call it "lie or pie."
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if you are lying, we are going to have a bite of this pie. >> i thought with you guys it would be shock. >> that's not funny. >> here's first one. >> okay. >> my father gave me a horse ring after my first big performance. >> a horse ring? i think that's true. >> no. it was horse blinders. this was a very tricky question. because he said i was a thoroughbred and i should wear my blinders and run my own race. the next one is my birth name is marjorie julia. >> that's a lie. >> it's true. >> reporter: >> actually, it's margaret julia. too bad you didn't have shots. i first met my husband, phil donohue when i was a guest on his talk show. >> i remember that that was true. >> i think false. >> who we going with?
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is that your time answer? >> that's my final answer. >> it's true. >> have a nice bite, hoda. >> my family nickname is mugsy magoo. >> that sounds ridiculous. not true at all. >> it's true. >> eat up, hoda. we love you. "clever little lies" is playing until january 3rd. catch it with this amazing woman. and videos seen by 500,000 people. >> she's very cute. adorable. hey buddy, let's get these dayquil liquid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. these are multi-symptom. well so are these. this one is max strength and fights mucus. that one doesn't. uh...think fast! you dropped something. oh...i'll put it back on the shelf... new from mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus.
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>> guess who's here? one of time magazine's most influential people on the internet that's not doing porn. >> his name is tyler oakley! he was just a freshman in college when he uploaded his first youtube video in 2007. fast forward and he has over 350 videos with 500,000 views. he's won two teen choice awards. >> tyler's the subject of a through documentary called snervous. the reason you're in a computer box is because you're a youtube sensation. >> oh, my god. that's perfect. >> you're on youtube in your own private idaho. how's it? >> it's the best. it's the dream. all my friends and family are watching, so hello. >> your mom is probably nervous.
2:28 am
>> what is your mother's name? >> jackie. queen jackie. >> hi, queen jackie! >> she's got to be so proud. >> she'll be tweeting along. >> you are one of the few kids who have graduated from college and are making money. >> i am really lucky. a lot of people try to do youtube. i just feel like i started early and i really kept doing it. >> there are so many places for people to go. what did you do that was unique that you think caught the attention of your fans and the and everybody else? >> i think at the end of the day, when you are, you can have fancy editing, fancy cameras, but if you're just telling stories and people are connecting to that and if you're being authentically yourself and having a good time, people want to watch that. that's why people watch you, because they like watching you have fun. >> you're unique and you say that. you're a different kind of kid. you're not the every-day kid. >> a sweet little face.
2:29 am
>> what is it that people connect with? >> i think it's the showing the good and the bad. it's not just the highlights reel of this is all the good things but being honest about why. and i think a lot of people can relate. >> give us an example. day like. >> you don't have bad days. >> i try not to. but if something's stressing me out or if i'm feeling lonely on the road. i share that. >> you talk about snervous in the book. >> it's a combination of scared and nervous. >> you were kind of uncomfortable having documentary cameras around? >> yeah, for a long time i've been in charge of my own videos. this was the first time i took a step back and let somebody else be in charge of what's out there. and it really follows a year in the life, going on tour and being a youtuber. >> and the name of your book is
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called "binge." >> like bingeing on life? >> taking the concept of bingeing and turning it around and saying there's plenty in life to of indulge in that's worthwhile. >> you are beautiful. >> and bye jackie. two southern favorites. fried chicken and sweet tea. and ghoulish gadgets, all
2:31 am
the monster mash we're putting the boo in booze day tuesday. the author of gadget nation, steve greenberg! hi, steve.
2:32 am
>> we've got dancing, scare eye y moves over here. there's motion sensors. there's so much motion going on they go off. this costume i'm wearing is a walking x ray. >> does it glow in the dark? >> it doesn't glow in the dark. it's just very scare eye yscary, very cool. we have baby masks. there's a big run on them. we had a lot of "today" show staffers wearing them. oh, my god. a lot of crying babies at the "today" show staff. and scary babies. next -- can't do halloween without trick-or-treat bags. they're from personal creations with l.e.d. lights built in. >> look at that. >> you can really appreciate it and it's safe for crossing streets.
2:33 am
if you order them now you can personalize them. >> in time? >> if you order them today you can have them by halloween. this is a both a trick and a treat. these are edible insects. there's crickets. these are chocolate covered crickets. i am going to eat one because i have to. >> are they crunchy? >> nothing chun runches like a cricket. >> their is is is an old married couple. >> they have l.e.d. and think touch to each other. next we have this here, these are walking dead. these are string lights that you can decorate your home with. and underneath it, these are little things that add to your trees, it's scary from the
2:34 am
for $14, you can take your real scarier. if you want a little something in the garden, this is pretty cool from an undead zombie statue from amazon. it looks like he's coming out of a shallow grave. >> they're so loud over there. it's ridiculous. and finally to end with a bang, you can put this on your front porch and when someone rings the bell, these are firecrackers, they are electronic. >> people are going to have a heart attack. that is not good. >> and kind of neat. >> sounds like gunpowder. >> okay. we got it. >> is that it? >> that's it. >> thank you, steve. have you got a hot dish? the kitchen? and we're not talking about the
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temperatures are dropping and so are the leaves, which means it's time to embrace the flavors of the fall season. >> to help you do that, our "today "food team enlisted the help of this man with his grandma's recipe. >> i can't tell if you ladies like it. >> we looking at it. and he said, no, no, no, try it.
2:39 am
>> let's show people what my sweet tea brine chicken is all about. i'm using butter nut squash, oil, eggs, chicken, sweet tea, cayenne cayenne. i've got something in here i don't know what it is. >> tea is the only ingredient we haven't heard of. >> brine, at thanksgiving you do a brine. instead, my brine has salt and sweet tea, i add sugar to it. i add lemon and lemon zest. >> don't touch my chicken. >> i'm fine. >> i liky. >> now that this has been brined and brought to a boil, i'm going to add ice water to it. >> why ice water? >> it's going to cool it down saltiness. >> in that icy bath? >> in that icy bath. let it sit anywhere from six to eight hours.
2:40 am
it's completely fine. can you go 24 hours. you take your brined chicken. don't tell anybody. this is what people don't know. how many times have you had chicken that's been undercooked and raw? i bake it at it 200 degrees for two and a half hours so it's cooked all the way through. >> you bake it first. >> have you ever had raw chicken in the middle? >> not good. >> get your hands ready. come on, girl, you take one, pop it in the now flour. >> more than warm. >> eggs and butter milk, tangy. >> what am i doing? >> it looks good anyway. so let's go here, okay? >> this one first. drink, now shaky shaky, mixy mixy, whisky whisky. eggs, now my spice. old bay. chili spice, all that good stuff. we go here.
2:41 am
and get the kids involved, because the way you're involved -- >> okay. >> now we're going to dredge it. look at this, girls. come over here. now it's drink edged, it's done. >> it's popped in oil low and slow. crisp y y on one side. look at this. grab a spoon and try the butternut squash. >> oh, my gosh. >> instead of mashed potatoes, check this out. i put cream, milk, butternut squash, brought it to a boil. >> hoda! >> but then you -- oh, you want to go crazy, take hot sauce, put it on your chicken with a little lemon juice. that's my sweet tea brine. >> you can find the recipe on you need a little music?
2:42 am
grammy award winning pentatonix, they're hitting all the right notes right after this. this. oh, i think i found myself a
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the city concert series on "today", is proudly presented to you by citi. they got their big break in 2011 after winning the nbc reality competition "the singoff" >> since then, pentatonix have become multi-platinum artists. and more than 1 billion views on youtube. that's twice as many as tyler oakley. here is pentatonix singing "cracked." i'll never get
2:46 am
brought me to my knees and a heart made of glass but mine's cracked oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, but mine's cracked oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, well, mine's cracked there's no lookin' back i'm cracked oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, i'll never get, i'll never get back there's a hole in me a hole in me all i did and a heart that's a feeling bad well, mine's cracked
2:47 am
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, well, mine's cracked oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, well, mine's cracked no lookin' back i'm cracked hey, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, liar, liar my oh, my you hurt me so badly liar, liar treat me so bad why oh, why you do me like that liar, liar treat me so bad my oh, my why you do me like that whoa oh, oh, oh, whoa mine's cracked
2:48 am
well, mine's cracked whoa oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, there's no lookin' back i'm cracked hey, whoa whoa whoa whoa sing it with me now oh, >> they are so great. >> they are! >> they're still singin'. whoa oh, oh, oh, oh, >> and don adorable in her formal wear is going to help us out. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> go, girl. i'll never get back
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all right. we want to make five lucky viewers really happy. >> because i'm holding on to hodi's you know what because it's time to give it away. >> a wine and accessory package worth $400. >> a stocked bar, everything you need to serve and preserve your favorite cocktails, great corks. you'll get the vip rabbit corkscrew, a bar tool set, and an electric cocktail mixer and more. >> whatever. it's a muddler. >> i can't concentrate. >> let's find out hot win who the
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>> first one is marta brown of grand rapids michigan. >> monday ica aware. >> grandy lynch. >> robert dougherty. >> and ricky stebens from west springfield, massachusetts. make sure you sign up again at klg and >> that spankin' music is starting. that's my favorite. >> before we go, we want to share this webtastic video. a father and son were giving away blue cupcakes in honor of the giants. he was asked if he ate one. look at his response. >> did you eat a cupcake? >> no. >> are you sure you didn't eat a cupcake?
2:51 am
cupcake. >> no. no? >> definitely not? minutes? >> no. >> no cupcake for jack? >> no. >> jack's going to grow up and be a politician, don't you think? >> look at jack's face. no. no. >> anyway, tomorrow we have the very handsome james denton. >> we like it when he stops by and stays for a while. >> we do liky. then leah thompson takes us back to 1985. >> and take the test of how well you're aging. and liliana's here. >> and kathie lee is getting honored at the broadcasting and cable hall of fame tonight. it's going to be a big night. regis, your kids, all the "today"
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it's going to be fun.
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