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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  July 23, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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the mayor visits the family of the 11-year-old killed at a sleepover, as police work on leads in the case. we'll have the latest in a *live report. israel asks for the u-s to reconsider flight restrictions, as the bloodshed continues in the middle east. and the city of niles approves a controversial gun shop and shooting range near schools. good morning. i'm cortney hall in for dan today. and i'm erin mcelroy. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. how cold is it going to be after all the grain? >> the wind of change. yesterday we were 90. >> yesterday was weltering you are not kidding. >> we do cooled down today. the highs will struggle to make the mid-70s. we might only be at
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about 70 to the north and west. dry conditions. the rain overnight did not hit everyone. i think a lot of people with gardens want that rain is been dry for a while. but the rain did ms. most of the north and west but we did have showers and storms to the south. here's the line pressing to the south. didn't really get itself together until late last night. things are beginning to clear out, this front is moving into the ohio river valley. 73 decreased by 5:00 p.m.. sun and clouds. it will be breezy as well. not the best beach day. but yesterday it was the day to go. 76 degrees on thursday. scattered showers and storms friday a bit warmer. >> with construction work along to 90 causing issues and slow pockets. outbound from canal to
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morgan. down to three lanes through the 31st. another stretch at 83 from maine to bluff town to a single lane while the two bridge maintenance work. that one will be longer it will last through mid september. numbers look good, nice and light volume. no accidents to report so far. another update in a few minutes. >>possible developments in the murder investigation of shamiya adams - the little girl killed during a sleepover at a friend's home. tonya francisco is live at area north police headquarters on the northwest side. >> good morning. a source close to the family says police questioned two people they let one go but reportedly they are still speaking with the other. this development comes as the mayor made another visit to the family last night. the 11 year- old girl was killed friday night
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while attending a sleepover at a friend's house. it was a stray bullet meant for someone else came through the window here on the head while she was sitting on the floor. the mayor spoke briefly. >> it just tell them that they're in your thoughts and prayers and that the whole city is with them. >> we needed that. we did. the next step is to stop the violence. >> neighbors say the mayor's visit gave them hope. there is an $8,000 reward being offered for information leading to an arrest in the case. city officials say they are closer earlier in the week the superintendent said the detectives had good leads and the case was developing quickly. tomorrow there will be a fund- raiser for the family held at the restaurant on the 2200 block
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of one chicago avenue. the money goes to help the family. back to you. >>new overnight - a 17-year-old was shot in the head. police say she was sitting in a car with her boyfriend in the one thousand block of west cullerton in the pilsen neighborhood. the gunman walked up to the car at about 1:45 and fired several shots, hitting the girl. she is listed in stable condition. police say they are looking for the shooter. israel is trying to get peace restored. >> andrew spencer reports about the deadly fighting. >> with many international flights to tel aviv on hold, this really government asks the faa to reconsider. >> this is a major setback. it's a big hitch the economy and to our pride that we could maintain the aerial traffic to
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and from israel. >> u.s. airways announced it would resume flying to and from israel on thursday pending approval. the faa party u.s. airlines from flying to tel aviv for least 24 hours after a rocket struck close to the airport. >> the system is calibrated to ignore certain missiles we're not going to ignore any missiles that are headed for an area that we don't want them to land. >>, as maintains rockets are a response to the israeli operations in gaza. the bloodshed tracks on with more deaths on both sides. in kansas city it's not uncommon to see rubble or hear the sounds of war. u.n. relief workers said they found themselves between israeli soldiers and, as fighters with neither side showing any sign of backing down. >> we hope we can achieve a cease-fire. we want it to be
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part of the agreement of the cease-fire opening the borders and ending the siege on the palestinians. >> for more than two weeks, 29 is released soldiers into is really civilians have been killed. palestinian health officials say more than 630 palestinians have been killed. the u.n. believes between 70-80 percent were civilians. >>the bodies recovered from the crash site of malaysia airlines flight 17 were turned over to authorities at a ukraine airport this morning and loaded on to two transport planes headed for the netherlands. the bodies were taken by train from the crash site. it's unclear just how many victims have been recovered, but teams of experts will now work to identify them. the dutch government has declared today a day of national mourning for the 298 crash victims. russian separatists also turned over the planes black boxes. they will be sent to the united kingdom for analysis. u-s officials say the pro- russian rebels were responsible for shooting down the plane, but they add it's likely the rebels didn't know the plane was a commercial airliner.
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a trucker may face reckless homicide charges, over a crash on i-55 that killed four people. for now, francisco espinal quiroz is charged only with falsifying his log book, by claiming that he had been driving for 8 hours straight... when in fact he'd been driving for 12. as he entered a construction zone near arsenal road, he suddenly changed lanes, rear- ended a car, and caused a chain reaction crash that killed three women and one woman's daughter.// >> there are allegations that the defendant was speeding. no indication he had great part to thrate prior to the accident. espinal quiroz may have dozed off from driving too long, and awakened a split second before the crash. investigators will determine whether he'll face homicide charges. a gun shop and shooting range will be coming to niles. the village board approved a permit in a four to one vote yesterday. many residents spoke out - for and against the plan. its planned to be in an industrial neighborhood in
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niles.. but many people are concerned because it will be within a mile of five niles schools.. including niles west high school. firearms sales, safety training, and an indoor firing range will be allowed. >> we got what we were looking for a we're happy about that. we just really respect the process. glad it went our way this time. the shop and range is expected to open in about 10 to 12 months. a waukegan man is accused assaulting a 5-year-old at his wife's home daycare.. prosecutors say mario montes- deoca confessed to police that he assaulted a 5 year old. he's out free- after posting ten thousand dollars bail. his wife slammed the door on a wgn news crew.. police say the child told his mother about the attack july 10th. investigators fear there may be more victims... and are asking concerned parents to contact police. a former janitor and volunteer coach at a south side school... is facing sex crime charges. paul peatry is accused of sexually assaulting one student.. and molesting another at bowen high school.
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cook county prosecutors say the cases happened between 20-12 and 20-13. he allegedly preyed on the teenage girls in classrooms after school. the suspect is being held on 100-thousand dollars bond. mayor emanuel is trying to stay out of the latest controversy over chicago's red light cameras. thousands of drivers were improperly ticketed over the past seven years, because the cameras either malfunctioned, or were rigged to ticket innocent people. when asked whether those people should be entitled to refunds, the mayor said, "that's not for me to decide." several aldermen are demanding an investigation into the improper ticketing. chicago's canter middle school is closing. kenwood academy, just a few feet away, is overcrowded. now, the chicago public schools are planning to move kenwood's middle school students into the canter building, at 50-th and blackstone. 250 students will move, starting in the fall of next year. when c-p-s announced the impending closure of canter middle school, it assured neighbors that the building would *not be used to house another school.
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recent heavy rains created an unusual site in alabama -- they're calling it "sod surfing". check this out! that's sharon jeffreys walking in her "floating" yard after the area got three inches of rain. it's a phenomenon that happens when water gets into a crevice between the grass and soil.. the water did eventually absorb into the ground... and the grass was back to normal a day or two later. >> that's pretty cool it's like a giant house made of grass. and you are seen anything like that? >> that's something. they have to keep it going. how much money will kids pay to do that? >> until the fall into the giant sinkhole. but stich a look at today. much cooler. we're readings in the '70s right now. some of these numbers are going down. we climbed up to 90 degrees yesterday. third time this year will be lucky to be the '70s today. a different day
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the cold front has moved through. the strong swiss saw overnight in the across the southern areas are moving further to the south. no more rain today. 75 degrees today. paul, 76. 79 on friday. chance of rain friday and saturday said it is high 86. >>coming up ... a man is arrested for leaving an *elderly man* in a hot car. what he was doing. officers come under fire while trying to serve a warrant in texas leading to a standoff. >> a community launches a campaign involving toilet paper to boost the local economy. to boost the local economy.
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yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive. officials believe they have
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found the final victim of a deadly washington state landslide. crews have been searching through mud and debris since the march 22-nd disaster. yesterday.. officials may have found the body of molly "kris" regelbrugge. local officials can't confirm the identity until the body is recovered. 43 people are thought to have been killed in the landslide. a gunman in texas is "presumed dead" after he shot and injured two police officers during an intense standoff. it started just before five yesterday in the town of la joya, texas. the man was wanted for questioning in a murder last weekend. he barricaded himself in a house and shot two officers as they got out of their car. hours later, swat team officers rammed down the front door of
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the house and exchanged fire with the suspect. he is presumed dead until a bomb squad can clear the house. the injured officers underwent surgery for their injuries and are expected to be o-k. a 98-year-old woman was left in a hot pickup truck for five hours while her son gambled at a casino. police in hanover, maryland arrested dwight mc-ginnis of raleigh, north carolina, after his wheelchair-bound mother was discovered in her son's truck in the casino's parking garage, with one of the windows cracked open. she was disoriented... but paramedics pulled her through. mc-ginnis is charged with vulnerable adult neglect. take a look at what business leaders in eldridge, iowa are doing, to get people to "buy local." they've launched a new campaign called "shop, stay and wipe local." that's "wipe"... as in "wipe" with toilet paper. the chamber of commerce says, a
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typical person uses a hundred toilet paper rolls a year. so eldridge could keep almost 700 thousand dollars a year in the community, if everyone just bought their t-p locally, instead of at the mall just outside of town. this fall, they'll launch an "eat local" campaign, followed by a "gift local" campaign in december. >> i don't know if you want each local just after wiping local. >> 100 rules a year? that is like to roles a week. person? >> we'll send it to square role at our house when we were a kid. 66 degrees right now wind up in the north at 16 mi.. a cooler day. yesterday we reached 90. today we will be lucky to reach the low 70's. the long sleeves may be needed later today. it's 65 right now at the lakefront. 63 in waukegan. we know some storms came through mainly to
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the south. it's still pushing to the south is should not be returning. high pressure coming from the west providing cool temperatures and preconditions. sunshine today and tomorrow and next chance of rain on friday. unfortunately for the weekend we do have shares and storms often on. high temperature today 75. typical high is 84. cooler along the lake. tonight we're back down to 57. try as high is 76. friday we make 79 degrees. >> looks like we have worked along 355. this is a rate where it intersects with norplant 88 pick one lane out until 5:00 a.m.. another 40 minutes before that's picked up. he spent 88 from 131-159 this is taking things out by about two lanes. a lot of these construction
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projects will follow the pattern we expect to see them moved out by five or 6:00. volume is light. it may be just a few slow spot with the construction. more numbers in a few minutes. >> marcus is live in northbrook. would be doing today? >> good morning. this is cool. this is the green filter home toward you contort 18 homes all over the area that are all about a green living. eco friendly homes. if he thought about doing some homes renovations a contract amount. this is the home owners. and you call this the smart house. tell me about this what's so special about your house. >> or send it to be on the tour. we were on the tour last year as we were building our house. there are lots of great ideas
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for home builders and current homeowners different ideas and technologies that people are using to make their house or green and smart and healthy. >> what's needed is that this is your kitchen. you think sometimes ego living in live in a tiny box. the use of big open rooms. we were in the basement before. we are going to take four to court to show you what this house is capable. you don't have any furnace. will talk about how that works and how you heat the house and keep it comfortable. are you excited? i should say that there are two sleeping children. if i'm talking quietly that's why. normally i am loud and yelling. but i'm try to be quiet. we will have much more and tell you how you can check out more. >> you'll the guy from lifestyles and the rich and famous for his sort of try to evoke that. >> coming up, we are honoring
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national hot dog day. >> and brandon marshall enjoys a few hours of the off season before the bears get ready to report to training camp.
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heavy hitters joining forces for a sports camp this week in the south suburbs, a cross over
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partnership handling the basketball and is between wade. on the football side, brendan marshall. having a great time, the kids are not the only ones learning a few things. >> i don't like camp but it's cool because for getting older now i know how to be smarter when i first got to the bears they said it wouldn't need be until september. the time is approaching. we know we look good on paper but we have to prove it. >> just look like the bulls were set, rumors about kevin love are popping up. apparently there is still a deal that could bring him to chicago with gibson and butler as part of it. the cleveland is still the favorite to wind up with love. the bulls just signed a first rounder and a veteran. jack white part of a
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crowd at wrigley watching the cubs and padres. third inning already 1-0. rizzo, national league player of the week may when it again. that's number 24. fourth in four games. then in the seventh, how can a guy this tiny hit a baseball so far? out into the field, its four-zero. look who's behind it, a line drive to left into the basket. five home runs from aristos last four games. great pitching from the kid and the cubs shut out san diego 6-0. that's morning sports. >>a couple of other cubs notes-- second baseman darwin barney was designated for assignment. and third baseman mike olt was sent to iowa. and two of their highly ranked prospects are moving up: jorge soler goes to triple a iowa, and albert almora is promoted to double a tennessee. just one offensive highlight from the sox last night: adam dunn hit his 15th home run of the season. but that was the only run they
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scored against the royals, while pitcher scott carroll had a rough night. sox lose seven to one. the series finale is today at one right here on w-g-n. in honor of national hot dog day - today ... we're looking at some of the top ten most outrageous toppings... by j-j red hots in north carolina. here's *mac and cheese featured on the mac daddy... this one made "dog of the week". *sweet potato hash featured on the "yam i am" hot dog... took second. and if you're not already drooling... here's *scrambled eggs featured on the britney casons breakfast dog. >> that is wrong. that's just wrong. >> the mad caribbean she's one looked good. but the chicago dog is not for me. >> it looks a little bit like what i make for dinner. a little of this and a little of that and
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was a big mess. >> looking for that right now. 66 degrees right now. our high today is 73. the official high will be 75. no more rain coming today. we did have some thunderstorms late last night. the seven days forecast coming up. >> speaking of the storms, we have some high standing water so watch out for this right or that intersects with a northbound 57. it's blocking the far right lane. waiting for the water to subside as you had to rush hour. we will break down free with a full traffic hits in just a few minutes. >> much more to come including how police monitoring in new jersey could affect chicago cops. >> and the brooklyn bridge has a flag theft. >> and who donald sterling is targeting in a new lawsuit or the sale of the clippers. >> and warning for writers to sleep
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the mayor visits the family of the 11-year-old girl who was killed at a sleepover, as police work on leads in the case. israel asks for the u-s to reconsider flight restrictions, as the bloodshed continues in
4:30 am
the middle east. good morning, i'm cortney hall in for dan. and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. hi, demetrius. with a big cool down. >> yesterday we reached 90. i forecasted 91 so i was pretty happy about that. >> a little bragging. >> your spot on. >> we spend so much time and it only makes 89 it's a bad day. or talking about only in the mid- 70s today. yesterday with short sleeves today you may need a jacket. it's 61 degrees right now. these numbers don't move much. are heights it will only be in the '70s. we did have showers and storms across the southern areas. that was much needed rain. to the north, he lost out. another chance into
4:31 am
friday and the weekend. 73 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. wind of the north between 15-20 gusting up to 30 degrees. 75 later today. to rouse the temperature 76. to warm up with a good chance for much-needed rain over the weekend. >> starting with 57, roadwork along this stretch northbound at halsted. flooding related to the storms that moved through last night. right lane is blocked waiting for that water to subside. wisdom of some work along the stevenson north and at lake shore drive. this will go through thursday. squeezing everyone down and working on the bridge deck. it started yesterday it will go through thursday making it slow as the volume built in and around rush hour. the rest is looking good. a full rundown of york into in just a few minutes.
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>> possible developments in the murder investigation of shamiya adams - the little girl killed during a sleepover at a friend's home. tonya francisco is live at area north police headquarters on the northwest side. >> good morning. police sources close to the family says the police are questioning a person but they will not confirm it. however, top city officials do say they are getting closer to making an arrest. that word comes as the mayor makes another visit to the family of the victim last night. the 11 year- old was killed friday bulletin in a sleepover at a friend's house. the bullet came through the window and hid her in the head as she was sitting on the floor. the families and neighbors say after the mayor's visit it gives them hope. is something they really need. >> we needed it. we really did. now the next step is to stop the
4:33 am
violence. >> came here as a parent to tell them there in our thoughts and prayers and to make sure they know the whole city is thinking of them. >> the mayor would not comment on whether an arrest is close but there is still a need thousand dollars reward offered in the case leading to an arrest. tomorrow there will be a fund-raiser at a restaurant on west chicago avenue. the fund- raiser will help the family as they await the arrest of a killer. back to you. >>new overnight - a 17-year-old was shot in the head. police say she was sitting in a car with her boyfriend in the one thousand block of west cullerton in the pilsen neighborhood. the gunman walked up to the car at about 1:45 and fired several shots, hitting the girl. she is listed in stable condition. police say they are looking for
4:34 am
the shooter. the government of israel is asking the federal aviation administration to lift its ban on america's airlines flying into israel. the 24-hour ban was imposed after a hamas rocket landed near the tel aviv airport. u.s. airways is already asking for permission to resume *its flights to israel. and the israelis say, the flight ban is exactly what hamas wants. >> a big hit to the economy and to our pride to maintain the aerial traffic to and from the girl.airport. >>hamas argues, its rocket fire is just a response to the israeli military push into gaza. more than 600 palestinians, and dozens of israelis, have been killed in the past two weeks, as israel seeks to disarm hamas, and collapse its network of terrorist tunnels. hundreds of israeli and palestinian supporters demonstrated outside chicago's israeli consulate -- demanding an end to the ongoing bloodshed in gaza. both sides say they want peace. the protesters from both sides
4:35 am
say they're worried about the safety of their relatives back home. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. a trucker may face reckless homicide charges, over monday's deadly crash on i-55. for now, francisco espinal quiroz is charged only with falsifying his log book, by claiming that he had been driving for 8 hours straight... when in fact he'd been driving for 12. the plane's black boxes from the malaysian airline are being sent to the u.k. for analysis. my truck driver faces a charges after monday's deadly crash. charged with falsifying his log book, he claims he had been driving for eight hours when a fact he had been driving for 12. he rear-ended a car at full speed arsenal road, causing a chain reaction crash that killed three women and one woman's daughter. a proposed gun shop and shooting range near niles schools... is approved... this comes after a 4 to 1 vote yesterday... where numerous residents spoke out - for and against the plan. it will be near 5 niles
4:36 am
schools.. including niles west high school. the shop and range is planned to open in 10 to 12 months... the chicago school board is expected to vote today on a new school budget that expands the "safe passage" program. 94 schools already provide escorts for children who have to walk through potentially dangerous gang territory. the new budget will add "save passage" at six *more schools. the n-y-p-d is trying to solve a mystery atop the brooklyn bridge. this morning during rush hour two white flags were spotted where two american flags are usually perched. when members of the emergency services unit went to the top of the bridge they made an interesting discovery. spotlights were shown on the flag. there were covered up white flags were actually american flags were bleached white. investigators say the flag swap may have been an inside job because of sight
4:37 am
security. >>the newark, new jersey police department is being placed under federal oversight, amid years of complaints that its police officers violated people's civil rights. during that period, garry mc- carthy ran the police department. he is now *chicago's* police boss. mc-carthy left newark, one week before a federal investigation began uncovering claims of excessive force, and failure to punish offending officers. >> one could look at this 22 days in that the roof is caving in. but i look at this as an opportunity to build a new roof. >>we tried to contact superintendent mc-carthy for his reaction to the newark developments. so far, his office hasn't responded. two federal appeals courts suing his wife shelley sterling the clippers and the nba commissioner also the nba. the new lawsuit claims the family trust being revoked, the l.a. clippers robert back to donald sterling as the sole owner. also
4:38 am
state his wife has no power or right to sell the team. and the coach of the clippers said he doesn't want to return next season if donald sterling remains associated with the team. >> to federal appeals courts delivered opposite opinions today about a section of the affordable care act. at issue is whether the federal government can provide money- saving subsidies for people who sign up for health insurance. a court in washington d-c said the government could only provide those subsidies to people who made the purchase through state marketplaces. but, a court in virginia ruled that the subsidies were available to everyone regardless of where a person purchased insurance. >> you don't need a fancy legal degree to understand that congress intended for every eligible american to have access to tax credits that would lower their health care cost regardless of whether it was state official or if federal officials running the marketplace. >>neither ruling will have any immediate effect on anyone's insurance. the decisions have been stayed pending appeal. democrats in the senate or
4:39 am
cutting a billion dollars from the president's proposal to address the crisis of illegal immigrant children into america. the president was $3.7 billion in emergency spending. not to secure the border, but to help the new arrivals rejoin their relatives either in america are back in their home country. congressional republicans said it will not support the bill unless america changes a six year old immigration bill to make it easier for those children to return to central america. the president arrives on a three day west coast trip devoted to fund-raising. he arrived in seattle yesterday has stops plant in set francisco and los angeles. talks about obama appearing on the jimmy campbell while in los angeles that he deemed it inappropriate. >> we've all heard of kickstarter... a way of crowdfunding for miscellaneous projects.. but this one is quite unique..
4:40 am
this kickstarter aims to warn c- t-a riders of squirrel attacks in their sleep.. the goal: to get red line riders to smile... even if they are packed like sardines.. lakeview resident - ben larrison created the kickstarter.. in hopes to raise 41-hundred dollars by the end of august.. if it sounds silly -- in june, he earned enough money to have a slam dunk contest with the w- n-b-a's sheryl swoopes.. and should never underestimate the squirrels. >> they do get crazy. they are wild. here are the current temperatures. we know it is already cooler than yesterday. yesterday we were at 90. today we will be lucky to make the low 70's. it's 63 in waukegan. some of us saw the rain mainly to the south of chicago. heavy thunderstorms now exiting the area that's the good news. as we continue through the morning, we see the front pressing down to the south. high pressure and
4:41 am
sunshine for an extended stretch today and tomorrow and even into friday. no rain but then over the weekend another chance of showers and storms. today's high 75. 57 degrees for the overnight low. it will be cooler. tamara's high temperatures 76. friday shares and storms later in the day. 79 degrees for the high. >> still ahead, wiping of butter and jelly sounds tasty this morning. >> and a bigger recall for chrysler. and michael sam response to comments made by an nfl coach who also has something more to say. >> and details on a sequel to fight club. >> its been awhile scooler tempd
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4:44 am
firefighters battle wild fires in washington state. and today might bring some much-needed rain -- but also lightning. the largest fire is in the carlton complex in the center of the state, where close to 400-acres have been scorched. one man died of a heart attack while fighting the fire near his home. the fires are about 16 percent contained. stocks ended tuesday on a positive note. the dow rose 60 points, and is
4:45 am
within spitting distance of its record close. the nasdaq gained 31. and the s-and-p hit another all time high before pulling back slightly. another ignition problem with a car...but this time with chrysler vehicles -- nearly 800-thousand jeeps being recalled. once again, the culprit... faulty ignition switches. the key can move out of the "on" position while the car is moving. that could cause the engine to stall and airbags to stop working. the recall affects jeep commanders from model years 2006 to 2007 and jeep grand cherokees from 2005 to 2007. chrysler says it will contact affected customers by mid- september. families are looking for ways to get the best deals on school supplies. costs have climbed nearly 12%. grade school age children will spend more than $669 on average for school essentials. the biggest chunk will be spent on electronics, more than $212 on average. most shoppers start early as long as
4:46 am
two months in advance to fund a hunt for those good deals. . butter and jelly is a go to on the budget but it may be even cheaper now. all the fixings for the coveted san which are cheaper thanks to inflation. white bread has fallen 2.8 percent over the last year. canned fruit including chile also has fallen. a. butter costs about 4 percent less than last year. >> here are a few stories that are trending online this morning ... former indianapolis colts coach tony dungy is clarifying his remarks about the n-f-l's first openly gay player. dungy said this week that, if he were still coaching, he wouldn't have drafted michael sam because it would have been too much of a distraction for his other players. sam was drafted by saint louis. now he's speaking out about dungy. >> thank god he wasn't the st. louis rams coach. i do have a great respect for him. but
4:47 am
everyone in america, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. >>dungy says he has no issue with sam's homosexuality, or his right to play. he says his remark simply addressed the *practical aspect of trying to run a successful team when one player commands so much media attention. when former beatle george harrison died a tree was planted in his honor in los angeles. but the tree is gone, killed by beetles. the japanese black pine was one of the victims of an infestation of bark beetles last month. l.a. city officials are already planning to plant in the tree in its place. >>a facebook page created to fight club is getting a sequel to a form ofthe story picks up ten years a comic book. after the ending of the 19-96 book. we find the author, edward norton's character, dealing with marriage and fatherhood. we also learn the origins of tyler durden -- played by brad pitt... and "project mayhem"
4:48 am
returns. "fight club 2" will be a 10- comic series to be released in may 20-15. >> you just ruined the rest of the week he thought it was a movie sequel. >> i work here and i fell for the tease. i've been waiting around for 10 book minutes just for a comic book. >> you just wanted to see brad pitt. >> sorry about the guys. but you did give me to see the team spirit and now it's 60 degrees. cortland is coming in at 68. kankakee sell the grain but now they are drying out temperatures in the upper 60s. sunlight radar composite shows cloud cover exiting the area. the rain is getting out of here. with stay dry. cool temperatures, breezy conditions only 73 by 5:00 p.m.. typically we are at 84. 75 degrees later today. much-needed
4:49 am
rain comes this weekend. >> a few construction maps to lay out. or going to hit some slow spot near dealing with flooding from storms from last night causing high standing water on the north and at halsted blocking the far right lane. cars are getting through waiting for this water to subside. he's bound 88 henson construction from 31-59 impacting two lanes. another 10 minutes before that picked up. the rest looks good. numbers are good in terms of commit. no accidents to report. >>marcus is *live this morning in northbrook. hi marcus! >> are you yelling now? >> i am in the basement. i don't think the kids can hear me. i hope not because i don't want to wait a three-year-old up at 4:45 a.m.. we are at the greenbelt
4:50 am
home tour previewing this in northbrook. i believe we have a photo to show you during the day this is a gorgeous home they called the smart house. it is like one of the ultimate levels of cert. this is a picture of what the house used to look like. the company redid this house. the recycle the 95 percent of the house. here's the architect who worked on the new property. explain the process of recycling and what you mean by that? how'd you recycle the home? >> we collet reconstruction. which took apart, essentially piece by piece. first thing we did was have habitat for humanity, and they took everything they could use like cabinets and doors and plumbing fixtures and they were able to reuse a good portion of that in other homes. and other things we
4:51 am
did, which took elements of that house and we incorporated that into here. for example, the brick wall over there is the bread from the original house that was here. we were able to save that park. it's here as a feature wall providing a nice backdrop in the basement. >> this door sticks out to me when i come down here. where did this come from? >> back door is from an old farm in illinois. it was a few pieces we found and we incorporated it into this. they provide some flexible space. we're able to recycle it and use it to open the space into two separate rooms or closing off. >> and recycled materials also into the floor. this is not a standard cement. >> this is a high percentage of recycled contact. fly ash is a byproduct of manufacturing mixed into the concrete which would typically be other material.
4:52 am
here we were able to take recycle products and incorporated into the concrete and now we have a beautiful product. >> you can check out the home chores. 18 homes all the way to the wisconsin border, $10 per home you can pay $20 and tore all the homes you want. we will take you in to the basement in the next hour we'll talk about how they heat this place. its one-of-a-kind bran do not a furnace. something you can do at home. will have tips for you in the next hour. >> coming up, hollywood heavyweight coming to the aid of a troubled actor.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
after a series of embarrassing drunken incidents... actor shia labeouf says he's sober now... and fellow actor brad pitt may be the cure. labeouf is set to co-star with pitt in the upcoming world war two movie "fury." "t-m-z" reports labeouf is taking his sobriety seriously because he doesn't want to embarrass pitt. labeouf was thrown out of a new york theater last month and arrested for criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and harassment.
4:56 am
his reps say labeouf is voluntarily receiving treatment for alcohol addiction. there's a gossip. >> yesterday's high temperature was 90 degrees. today, 75 and was 90 degrees. today, 75 and dry.
4:57 am
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