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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 11, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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pathffect, effect. >> if you are up north you get the most snow. we will tell you more about that in just a few minutes. >> tractor is roads across northern illinois and northwest indiana. the fire departments have responded to several crashes. similar crashes are being reported all over the area especially on bridges. temperatures are falling to the 20s. the roads will still be slick. the heaviest snow is taking aim at northwest indiana and that is where we are live. >> you never know you're going
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to get along the lake. >> this winter remix was blowing sideways with temperatures dropping you never know what lake affect snow will bring out here. >> we usually get a lot of the
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storms blowing right past us. >> he is hoping for snow because he is a snow plow oer. >> a blizzard would be the best thing. hopefully everybody to stay safe on the roadjust stays. >> the snow should be coming back around midnight. three to 6 in. is expected overnight. >> meanwhile here in the chicago area people with ties to the
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philippines are doing their part to help out.filipino officials e nearly 2000 people confirmed dead from a typhoon. they fear the death toll roswill rise over 10,000. they think the number could grow if they cannot find a way to get food water and supplies to the people who had been cut off from the outside world. filipino and american military forces are working round-the-clock to create a pathway for the aid. >> here in chicago people with ties to the philippines are doing their part to help out. they're organizing fund-raisers and donation drives. >> chicago has a sizable filipino community and many of
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them are making sure they are all part of the solution tried to get donations to people back home. on the north side the donations for tycoon disaster relief are coming in. >> he helped organize this donation drive today and continues tomorrow. for the next few days military planes will pick up donations and deliver them to the filipino people. >> we need a flashlight batteries clothing. >> donations of money are being accepted here that the fellowship of filipinos. >> it is so bad so many people
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are dying and starving over there. >> sometimes the government moves way to slow. it makes a big difference. >> it's a disaster hitting home for the 100,000 chicagoans who are of filipino descent. >> they called me on thursday and asked me when i am coming back they said we're preparing for this typhoon and we have too much work to do. they said it would call me afterwards. the film was cut off atpoint phone t that point. we have not heard from them sense. >> they need clothing,
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nonperishable foods, medical supplies, flashlights, batteries and it will be here from 10:00 tomorrow morning until 8:00 tomorrow night accepting donations. >> a massive sinkhole this morning on the south side. 20 ft. by 40 ft. and 14 ft. deep. residents felt the earth shake and then saw the gushing water. it what are mainly to blame. once it broke the ground collapse and sewer water began rushing into people's basements . the water department is helping residents will have the service restored later tonight or tomorrow.
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>> new information about the death of an 18 year-old woman. family and friends pay tribute while officials explain what might have happened. a gathering of some of the best chefs in the country at a public memorial for charlie trotter. the president attends a veterans day ceremony at arlington national cemetery.
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trusted everywhere. a candlelight vigil was held to night for a suburban teenager killed in an incident in worth. family and friends of brittany wawrzyniak gathered in the spot where she died. state attorney's office says she either jumped or fell from a moving car. investigators believe she purchased thirty skills of an anti anxiety drug. they say she opened the door of a car and was thrown from that when a man who sold the pills began to drive away. 20 year-old eric johnson has been charged with unlawful delivery of a controlled substance is being held on $300,000 bond because the
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incident ended with a death. >> chicagos for celebrity chef charlie trotter brought the world spotlight to the city's culinary scene. he died last week at the age of 54. today family and friends and many of his fans remembered the man at the fine dining legacy he left behind. >> the who's who of the culinary world was here to pay their last respects to weightman whose name was synonymous with the world excellenword excellent. >> he was taken away from us we're too early. >> charlie trotter died last tuesday found unconscious by his son inside their home. an
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autopsy was inconclusive on his cause of death that his wife confirmed in january that doctors discovered an aneurism which caused him to have seizures. his death caught many by surprise. >> he was a phenomenal teacher. >> i knew chicago and a new the food because of charlie. in a small way he convinced me to move to the city. >> charlie trotter was a generous man who put chicagos culinary scene on the map. >> he will always be remembered as somebody who paved his own path, who really cared about the field and wanted to make it better. he did make a betteit b.
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>> the service was private. donation for ast to be made in the memory ofasked to be made i. >> ghostwriters on mass transit. >> goes on mass transit to another problem with the troubled ventra card rollout. a man recently got a card in the mail for his mother who died five years ago. he and his wife for waiting for their cards and were surprised when the car arrived. the database has deceased former writepassengerso
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help weed out fraud. a group of local veterans' pick this holiday to launch a new business. vinyl is cool again what is behind the resurgence of the old school music format. the the old school music format. the
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have been fighting in afghanistan over the last 12 years. >> over the coming months more of our troops will come home. this winter will be 34,000 and by this time next year will transition to afghani led security. the longest war in american history will end. >> on this veterans day the start of something special made right here in chicago. we were at the launch of the veteran beer company. the special event last night was giving locals their first taste of a new beer made for veterans to help veterans. the general public that to try it out today and sales are reported the killing very well. it's the start of a new business with a very special mission. >> they hired a few unemployed veterans at that event last night and hope to hire more.
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before you say it is just beer just know it's a product that's already changing lives and maybe even saving some. >> from a nondescript chicago warehouse they are shipping appeared they hope will change the nation.a beer they hope wile nation. >> it's extremely hard for me to find employment. >> this death is made for veteranthis craft beer is made r veterans and is brewed by veterans. >> there is a high suicide rate among american service members. there's also a high rate of veteran unemployment. he went
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into business and made it his mission to set a few things right. >> we seek to employ as many veterans as we could. >> the core group are all disabled veterans. they have studied rollinrolling rollingbre a they have studied the art of berlinbnrewing b thaweer. >
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beer. >> they already knew who it wanted to hire and how they could help. that is the enormous background issue here. all the service member's coming back only to find something missing in civilian life are sensing where they fit. >> hopefully they will say this is the best chapter in my life. i'm working for a company that values what i've been through and respects the service that i provide. it's a group of people that get its and i wanted to become america's beer. >> right now veterans beer is only available in illinois and indiana but a piece of each sale goes to support veteran programs nationwide and of course the more they sell the more veterans they can hire and they'd like to expand and hire nationwide and
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what are they probably will.odd. >> why this veteran was singled out by the president. white vinyl record sales are at a 10 yeapresident. why the vinyl record sales at a 10 year high. a new imaging procedure may help predict heart attack risk. [ baby crying ]
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let's take a look at our weather. it will be very cold. this is kind of going to prepare us for what is eventually going
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to come. take a look at some of the shots of the snow. here are the clouds that delivered the cold weather and are starting to make some lake effect snow in northwest indiana. there's a big
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storm going up the west and it brings this cold front down along with this air mass that will be very chilly. the wind is blowing in from canada which is bringing us this early season cold air. the cold air all had l the way down to the gulf coast. heads all the way down to the gulf coast. the wind will turn
9:32 pm
northwest tomorrow. we could have a wind gust reach 30 mi. per hour. there is some really cold air as we get into late in the week there's a storm that will put uweek. we have gone fr7 degrees down to 28 degrees. tonight the windchill is below zero at lake superior. we had a
9:33 pm
wind chill of 16 here in chicago. we're down 16 degrees from 24 hours ago. we will not see temperatures until later in the week in the upper '40's. the humidity is 69% the water temperature is 50 degrees. debitors are in the mid twenties arounthatemperatures are in
9:34 pm
the mid-20s around the area. tonight partly cloudy and windy with some snow showers inland in northwest indiana. 1during the day tomorrow partly sunny but cold and windy with a high temperature of 34 degrees. tomorrow night we'll be in the
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people give away their record players and record collections many years ago may be regretting it now. a bundle record renaissance is under way things to a new generation of music fans who prefer vinyl. young people are killinfuelling a 33%p in sales so far this year. it's keeping some local record stores alive. >> it may be an old music format. >> i think the way they sound and gives them a sense of being and a lot more character. >> this new way of appreciation
9:39 pm
of music is helping keep stores in business and that isis no spin. this business almost pac- 10 but is thrilled that children have turned theclosed the busint thanks to the kids that has all changed. >> if it was not for vinyl i would not find path to the music i have now. >> part of the appeal is the hunt for a classic rock and other musical gems. >> there's no greater thrill than finding a record yet been looking for for many years. >> kids are buying all of these
9:40 pm
classics. >> the first thing they buy is led zeppelin, pink floyd, the beatles, the doors, the music that was during that classic. period. >> lenny kravitz said he is inspired by young vital fanviny. >> the old school friend finds new releases pack on vinyl with coats for digital downloacoades
9:41 pm
>> the sound of record is second to none. >> they want the vinyl and now they can sincthey have convinces that it is the best way to sound. >> we have probably sold more needles in the past few years that we have in the past 15 years. >> they plan to keep the records playing. >> i like it's going to stay around. >> final sales and still make up less than 10 percent of all
9:42 pm
album sold, major artist behind a major surge in popularity this year. new release by many modern artists have pushed u.s. record sales to its best year since 2003. >> president obama goes out of his way to single out one former service member this veteran's day. why the man turned to the extra recognition. more bad news for the chicago bears this time on defense another injury knocked out one of their pro bowlersd ndthnu c
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the veterans honored today at soldier fielpresident obama ande president had breakfast with one particular better in this morning. this is richard overton he is the oldest and living veteran at 107 years old. he still drives in cuts his own grass. he smokes a dozen cigars a day and even has a girlfriend that is much younger than him at 90 years old. >> this was the most snow on the
9:46 pm
veterans day in 18 years. we wound up with airburst measurable snowith our first me. this note is fadinthe snow is fa fair amount of moisture in northern indiana. there could be two to 6 in. of snow. it
9:47 pm
could be rough around the south side of the latke. there are leaks no warnings in some lake snow warnings in some counties. tamara's i temperature will be 34tomorrowsl be 34 degrees. here is the 7 day forecast. >> we have highlights of the
9:48 pm
chicago bulls taking on the cleveland cavaliers. the chicago bears have explaining to do for leaving jay cutler in the game for most of the second half. for over a decade
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injuries all began for chicago sports.weekend for chicago spor derrick rose showing glimpses of its former self against the cleveland cavaliers. but there was an issue on the play that may overshadow the bulls' victory. derrick rose really put
9:52 pm
his head down and took it to the raim. watch this landing... they were checking on his right leg on the bench now calling it a mild hamstring injury a significant subplot to the victory over the cavaliers. >> it will be of value awaited furtheevaluated later. we'll hae more information than. it appears to be minor.
9:53 pm
>> bad news for the chicago bears. jay cutler has a height ankle sprain and will not start against baltimore on sunday. charles tillman has a torn triceps and will be out this season. jay cutler who made a comeback from a torn groin muscle but it looked like it was bothering him a lot. the bears say it's the ankle that kept him out against the ravens. if he was hurting, then why did he stay on the field for the second half? >> we were moving the football. there were outstanding prosoutsg
9:54 pm
throws. he's our starting quarterback he's our leader. he can move the team. we want him to be in there and he wants to be in their. these things come up during the course of the season. you have to make those decisions and they are not easy one. there are no regrets here. >> eric johnsocharles tillman ch a break. he bounces back from a knee injury and then tears his tricep. at age 33 next year will he be back? in the short
9:55 pm
term it's not just his arm that's causing his pain. >> the part that hurts the most is that i'm not out there to help my team succeed. >> the packers are signing met flaatt flynn. jose fernandez and wil myers are rookies of the year. thank you for watching have a great night if yand you're talking toevere rheuyour rheumatologistike me, about trying or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns.
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