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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 8, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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>> viktor stalberg her to the ground and immediately took her into the cell. all four started taking her clothes off immediately. that indicates to me that this was not a unique occurrence. second factor or the phone calls from five women describing that room and the things that were done to them. they are remarkably low. similar. >> they do allow strip searches if the officers think someone is hiding a weapon or drugs. there is no response from the sheriff's department. >> a lawsuit filed by the family is scheduled to go on trial today in federal court. community activists
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suffered from asthma and diabetes. arrested for drug possession and held for 24 hours without access to medication. later found dead in her cell. never ask for treatment. found packets of heroin in her esophagus. bonn is denied for a grand mother suspected of murdering her own infant granddaughter. charged with first- degree murder. left alone with the six month old on sunday morning. investigators have not determined a motive. she returns to court on the 28th. it's 13 year- old boy is recovering after being shot in the an old neighborhood.
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the boiler shot in the back and taken to the hospital in critical condition. a few hours later the son of a community activist was shot near 66 and self peoria.south peoria. his father says his son's shooting was random and part of a bigger problem and ankle. dna tests confirm that that of nicholas. he vanished september 20th on his way home from work. the car was found an apartment building parking lot. investigators did not suspect foul play. >> a raging fire cents a chicago firefighter and another person to the hospital. the fire quickly spread from the home to another and charred the side of a third house. a fire
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fighter went to st. mary's hospital in fair-serious condition. the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. to chicago police officers received the most prestigious awards given within their departments. >> chicago's oldest and most superstitious awardprestigious awards. >> he pushed on and reached. he felt along the mattress and discover the elderly woman on the bed but not responsive. the lieutenant honored
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in a jam packed city council chambers. they're honoring the winners of the award. two men who rescued a bed ridden 94 year-old last october. on the police said, police officer and his partner were shot and nearly incapacitated in a dangerous narcotics stop. >> the carter harrison award. a very emotional ceremony here at city council. the suspect was later captured and charged with two counts of attempted murder.
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>> conflicting reports about a phone call this morning between the house speaker and president obama. the white house says mr. obama is willing to negotiate with republicans. only after the debt ceiling issues are resolved. a spokeswoman claims that the president reiterated his stance against negotiating on either issue. >> putting our country on a pretty dangerous path. there has never been a president and our history that could not negotiate over the debt limit.did not negotiate debdid not negotiate over the debt limit. >> if he really believes the bill will not pass, he should not be word
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about bringing it uworried about bringing it up >> if lawmakers cannot address the debt ceiling by october 17th it could jeopardize social security, medicare, medicaid. as well as our flow of credit around the world. president obama will make a statement at 1:00 chicago time. safety and inspection employees are being asked to return to work. another 200 engineers and safety staff who approved a new plane designs, the republican candidate for governor introduced his choice for lieutenant governor today. an attorney, a city council member and served as chairman of the chapter. the last
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canada to select his running mate. to import and votes on the expressway could be in jeopardy. >> the project is expected to relieve congestion and bring huge economic and transportation benefits to the south suburbs. there will vote on the plan tomorrow. a final vote is expected next week. judges might soon pay more for their health insurance. judges have been paying less than $1 a month for their health care coverage. once the judges to pay their full share. part-
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time crossing guards and board of elections commissioners would also be affected. the plan could save the county $4 million a year. all of the dogs and cats have been adopted. a school bus barrel into the shelter last wednesday. the fund- raiser drew about 43000 peopl3000 people. the money will go towards animal care and buying in the building. there'll be another fund- raiser this weekend. divers must have found more human remains. might have found more semen remainhuman remains. >> a look at the new
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can i get my aleve back? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. ivar's have found what they mighdivers have found what they think might be human remains. it ran
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aground in capsized near italy in january 2012. >> the new york city police department is investigating claims as many as three off-duty officers took part in an off- duty road bridge attack.a road bridge attack. >> they are traveling and their range rover. at one. the car speeds off entering one biker and sending motorcycles flying. >> i was not there. i cannot blame anyone. i can understand why he was scared. at the end of the day my husband parked his vehicle on the
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kickstand. to try to help the situation. >> a fourth person is charged with taking part in the attack. >> navy says the aborted mission to capture a terrorist suspect in somalia because they're not confident that they could take him alive it erupted into a firefight between seals and guards. the commander called off the raid when he saw children inside the compound. the navy seals did not want civilian casualties. hearing is expected to be held today to talk about what is next for a young boy who flew to vegas home without a plane ticket. the boys somehow got past security last thursday. then boarded a delta airlines flight to vegas without a boarding pass. they're rwe
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feeling surveillance video.we're reviewing surveillance footage. because of his age he cannot be charged with a crime. to scientists who predicted the existence of the god particle have been awarded the nobel prize for physics. back in 1964 there were the first ones to publish a theory to explain how matter obtained mass to form stars and planets. the first to explicitly predict the existence of a new particle. similar proposals from three more research is appeared shortly afterwards. the particle became known. last year scientists and switzerland finally detected it. >> a salmonella outbreak. we will tell you what it is being linked to. the
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see, over time, cascade platinum's triple cleaning formula delivers brilliant shine finish gel can't beat. it even helps keep your dishwasher sparkling. find something, mother? no. [ counselor ] cascade platinum is cascade's best. the partial government shutdown taking its toll on the economy. costs the u.s. $1.6 billion last week in lost economic output. the total hit $2 billion of the shutdown continues. president obama will deliver a statement and answer questions. the biggest to the loss
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since august. meantime consumers signing up for health care coverage under the new government run health exchanges might get yeleft on what they bargained for. insurance companies have been receiving files that they cannot open. if these problems are not fixed some people might not have coverage, january 1st. the illinois dnr is accepting registrations for permits. companies must complete the registration 30 days before filing an application to drill. they will be
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posted publicly on line. that will give towns an idea if they will be and the hunt for any tax revenues. tracking will not begin in 30 days even if companies apply right now. a legislative committee must approve rules. that process could take several months. >> it is time to start booking your flight. data from travelocity, $415. up 7% from last year. it is best to book before november 9th. air fare will jump beginning the week of the 10th. if you could be a little bit flexible you have a better shot at a good deal. >> a new $100 bill goes into circulation today.
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>> i am among the select few to actually possess one of the brand new $100 bills. here it is. this is the first redesign of the $100 bill. the new cost 12.6 cents to print. tunis security features. a blue 3d security. a color shifting bell that changes from copper to green. the designers also kept several old security features. a color shifting 100 in the right corner. reserve officials said they held today's press conference to point the security features. new
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sophisticated security features. the new design was approved in 2009. some production issues delayed the rollout. >> only available to fix. you have to the check with your financial institution to find out when it will be available to you. do not worry the federal reserve says they have plenty on hand. $4 billion worth of the new $100 bills. >> and the study about the mental health of babies. the rose plays in a
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they're playing their second preseason game against the grizzlies and st. louis. down seven early. tied at 46. he scored 13 points and 23 minutes. the bulls win 106-87. the bears are even more shorthanded. an mri confirms the defensive tackle will be out for a year with a torn a seal. the bears will bring in a defensive lineman for tryouts today. the bears know they need to start fast to break a two game skid. >> the cubs are still waiting on the head coach to for growth as future.the figure outs
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if you have abnormal bleeding. xarelto® can cause bleeding, which can be serious, and rarely may lead to death. you are likely to bruise more easily on xarelto® and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. tell your doctors you are taking xarelto® before any planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® is not for patients with artificial heart valves. jim changed his routine. ask your doctor about xarelto®. once a day xarelto® means no regular blood monitoring -- no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit >> a little scary statistic. it is
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long gone. the beautiful air mass is heating up. before this day is over we will have logged about 100 percent of the day as possible sunshine. >> she sends us the shot from rapid city south dakota. wind gust and accumulations that one up to 57 in. in some areas. check this out. he was out there, he calls the same mother ship. looks like something from the movie independent state.
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now are far from crescent city. beautiful fair weather clubs.clouds. look at this. shows what happens when lightning strikes a tree and splits it right down the middle. confirms the fact that there was frost this morning. look carefully to the rising sun. you'll see the frost that was covering the ground this morning. wonderful shots from all of our photographers. mccall sharp the horizon as. the humidity is low. that is why the air mass schools at night. we sit
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between a storm developing on the east coast and another big one taking shape of west. turns the upper wind that steers the weather southwest. is completely cut off the supply of arctic air. it has already been warm because three us today this is the 19th warmest october open in five years. the fifth warmest october open in five years. this is an amazingly warm season. about 12.6 degrees warmer than oct. year ago. things didn't last all the time. we of cool nights and warm days. the numbers
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that might, of that have gone up overnight. to assure there with you in a moment. talk about a fast warm up. 65 on the other hand. a lovely warm air mass. the really cool stuff still bottled up to the north. 10 degrees warmer earth than 24 hours ago. throw much of the midwest is a double digit temperature increases that we have going. not a bad way to go into october. the whole
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area is warmer than 24 hours ago. when we get up around 70 it feels he mad. that is when nighttime temperatures go.where nighttime temperatures go. >> know when are reported within the hour. producing a 51 percent relative humidity. the mold, is still high. 67 at o'hare yesterday. that is about on target. the normal high temperatures 66. to be talking as we are today about 70 degree temperatures, that is a bonus territory. these are
12:34 pm
the high temperatures for this afternoon. tonight you will see how the ford is occur in most areas. ford is occur in most areas.40 iss occur in most areas. forties' inland and fifties away from the lake. some lovely weather coming. here's the set up across the country. high pressure in our area keeping the skies sunday.sunny. remnants are dashing into the atlantic. a pressure gradient between the high and low. sending a stream of easterly wind.
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creating huge waves that will pound the east coast. here's the next storm spinning out out west. a southerly wind on thursday and friday to warmus up. warm also up. we will bring some ran fall back into the area. we will talk about that during the update. about eight degrees above normal at 74 this afternoon. that is a temperature more typical of september and early october. tonight a low of 50. it stays beautiful on thursday. maybe a
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tad cooler on the beaches. who is complaining? >> how long can the lasthey last? >>
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good afternoon.
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>>fireball number 2. moving on to pick 4. join us tonight for mega millions 14 million dolalrslars. >>no fire ball.
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>>jackpot 14 million dollars,. mega millions.
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a salmonella outbreak extends to 18 states. warning customers. so far no recall has been issued. the recommendation, for leacock all of the chicken.the early call of
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the chicken. >> when the liver develops fact come away complications like high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol follows. they need to figure out why fat accumulates on some livers and not others. targeting the liver might relieve other major health problems. another major health threat from smoking. mothers who smoke might have babies with smaller brains and mood disorders. more likely to suffer with depression than peers. the journal reports that exposure to smoking in the womb alters a growing brain structures. we have lunch break coming up. >> it is time consuming but just >> i[ mixer whirring ] [ dad ] hold it steady!
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but they are a little bit starchy. and start off with a pumpkin. cut them in half, scoop up the seats. and they are nice and soft, take the skin off of the pumpkin. kind of help to build up the sugars and different flavors. we had them into a pot. , of course a little salt and pepper. i like to finish it with a little bit of maple syrup and apple cider. we finished it with just a touch of cream and
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butter. >> that is wonderful. voice server that with a little bit of our chilis placed granola. little sweet and spicy. >> some michigan apple. comes from wisconsin. he is out there and kankakee raising the cause for us. come on
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down and began to fall on who your favorite mastabas. we've run into the celebration in the end of the season party with a marathon viewing party. a great breakfast for people want to sit and watch relatives and friends race. a perfect location. you're having a great meal why they meal. >> all of the food is available for them to try and simple. you get to
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sample each one of the brewery's beer. as you go through you put your little card of who your favorite master as. we also have more information about fall fast. if you think it is easier we can link you there. we are going to have this pumpkin soup recipe. >> we will be right soup recipe. >> we will be right plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin
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was never enough evidence to prove the theory. they passed a resolution exonerating catherine o'leary and her cow from all blame. our weather records periscope to that point.perished up to the plighthat point. it is quite interesting. we learn something every day. 70 degrees today. right now in chicago, sunday in minneapolis cooler coming down the west end of the continent. there's a big storm that or wrapup. the storm going up the east coast. one of the
12:56 pm
bigger weather stories in the country. we shall do the forecast here on the air massesshowed you befe cast for air mass. that is up from a half an inch. the range and at national malls will be 51 hundredths to 1.5 in.. a little closer look at this system going up the east coast. if if plans to travel to washington dc or philly, it will be kind of wet out there. you can see the cloud mass streaming northward. small craft advisories up and down the east coast and anticipation of the highways. small
12:57 pm
craft advisories up north on lake michigan and green bay. wind advisories in minnesota. those are red flag warnings out and the plains states. it is being watched very carefully. a developing situation there. powerful easterly winds that travels over water before reaching the coast. here are the forecast win the us. wwindid gusts. here in chicago could not be more different. we have a 71 tomorrow. 74 thursday and 77 71 tomorrow. 74 thursday and 77 friday.
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