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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 7, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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grandmother is behind bars. >> the actions of this woman appear beyond explanation. she is in custody tonight accused of brutally killing her zero infant granddaughter.own in the grandg >> she had to be struggling inside in order to do something like this. people do not react that way unless there is something else going on. >> neighbors never saw any sign of trouble until sunday when
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lights and sirens were blaring on the block. the 61 year-old woman was left alone with her granddaughter for only a short while. family members were across the street when everything unraveled. >> after the defendant's husband left the home the defendant took the victim of the couch. >> according to prosecutors the grandmother did the unthinkable grabbing a sledgehammer and used it on a helpless infant. she confessed to using a kitchen carving knife as well. neighbors are devastated. >> you have to pray for the whole family. >> the defendant's daughter the
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victim's mother was so excited about the birth of her first child back in april. the loss leaves everybody searching for the right words. >> it will affect different people different ways. we have made counseling available. >> while no motive has been revealed. the crime is described as calculated. the suspect is being held without bond and will be in court on october 28th. >> a third person arrested in
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connection with the dismembered body under threat last week from a southwest side backyard. the murder arrest happen in the jersenew jersey. milton mirandas arrested over the weekend police say he is the man who attacked jose reyes last may with a pipe and a knife after he was lord it to the suspect's house by the suspect's girlfriend daisy gutierrez who was also in jail won a $2 million buyoubond. >> classes resume tomorrow at a south side elementary school after a small fire closed at the school to be close.caused the s. >> the structure itself did not
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burn, it is more of the contents. in this case it was the flooring and the sub flooring. >> a woman is found dead over the weekend in her dorm room at indiana university. the body was found sunday afternoon. autopsy found no evidence of trauma and officials do not suspect foul play. results from toxicology test will come back in four to six weeks. big changes for cta and paste customers as they move closer to the mark kirventra cad system. there are no longer selling temporary magnetic strip cards. the changes making it
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difficult for some writers who have not received their new card in the mail. writerriders who he magnetic cards can still use them but they cannot add more money to them december 15th card readers will only accept ventra cards. pace is trying to make sure its writerpassengers expera smoother transition to the ventral system. they rolled out a comprehensive public outreach campaign in an effort to educate customers about the policy changes. these outbreed events will run through october 17ththe will run through october 17th.
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>> it is the day after the birthday of the chicago baby who was so anxious to meet his parents he could not wait until they got to the hospital. the venture began sunday morning when the parents were on route to the hospital when the mother's water broke and they have to be stopped by a traiwast is when the baby decided to make his arrival. the family is all in good health and spirits to night resting at the hospital. mark kirk making headlines in the government shutdown and debt ceiling debate what he is doing that no other republican has
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done in the latest on the political back and forth in washington. a deli worker in new york refuses to back down even when faced with a gun. the weather forecast is coming up. the day my doctor told me i had diabetes, i remember thinking there's a lot i have to do...
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senator mark kirk is being reported as the first republican senator to say he would vote for a clean debt ceiling increase. republicans are asking the president to negotiate over the debt limit the budget and certain aspects of his health- care law. the president says he will not make any deals while the government shutdown. the house speaker says there are not enough votes in the house to end the shutdown of the president claims that there is any is calling on them to vote. >> will not negotiate under the threat of a prolonged shutdown. >> one thing both sides can
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agree on is making sure government workers impacted by the shutdown eventually get paid as a unanimous decision in the house of the weekend to approve back pay for all the days missed due to the shutdown. wall street does not like any of this coming out of washington. experts say the debt ceiling deadlock is starting to rattle investors in summer wondering it will take a massive debt in people's retirement desmans to motivate lawmakers to push ego aside and come to a deal. >> libyas interim government is demanding answers calling saturdays capture of a suspected al qaeda operative a kidnapping. abu anas al libi was captured by u.s. forces outside his home on sunday. he's expected to be taken to new york facing charges in a 1998 embassy bombing in kenya and tanzania.
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his wife says the charges are fabricated claiming he left al qaeda two years and earlier. she admits he was a personal bodyguard for osama bin london the did not take part in any terrorist activities. >> a crane at a manhattan skyscraper is back on the ground after a mechanical failure left it suspended above west 57 street. workers were raising construction materials and an apartment building when the mechanical failure caused it to become jammed. no injuries were reported. >> it would be a thief picked the wrong clerk to mess with. the clerk reached under the counter and pulled out a machete and chased the man from the store. police are looking for the suspect. the store owner says that she brought the
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machete a month ago after her store was broken into several times. controversy over a hamburger boils over on the northwest side. the clash between the restaurant and some catholics. putting the full court press on the proposed illiana expressway. what is really inside a chicken nugget? the results may surprise you. over 20 million drivers are insured with geico. so get a free rate quote today. i love it! how much do you love it?
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the mayor announced a plan to reduce flooding. the project will produce 10 million gal. of storm ... >> we will do what 10 million gal. of storm water. we will be better able to manage it. >> the mayor says the changes will reduce the amount of runoff water each year.
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>> state officials are making their case for a new expressway connecting highways in illinois and indiana. the project which has been rejected will bring huge economic benefits and transportation benefits. studies contained misleading analysis. >> the governor and the mayor joined the u.s. holocaust museum today. today was the museum's largest fund-raiser. the
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controversy continues over a hamburger which as catholics saying you are eating more than ground beef. catholic charities want a donation from the hamburger bar that created this and which. this is the berger of the month. it is topped with red wine reduction and a communion wafer. >> while many of the restaurants loyal customers are giving the burger a thumbs-up others are calling a blasphemous. >> you do not respect the church you have no sensibility for people of the faith. >> one priest is asking parishioners to boycott the burger bar saying the burger makes a joke of the sacred christian symbols.
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>> if we want freedom of religion in this country we have to respect one another's beliefs. it is not ok to bash people of other faiths. >> we made the burger for a band. we do not have any partiality to any of religion or anything against anybody. we did it because we like the band. >> in a statement the restaurant's management vowed to stand their ground but they did make it $1,500 donation to cap the charities. >> they should be able to do what they want. >> advertisements disguised as games are proving very affective
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and all to read this eating habits of youngin altering the f young people. the evolving relationship between latinos and religion. we take a look at the new $100 bill that goes into circulation tomorrow.
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they found at the games tend to promote foods that are higher in levels of fat sugar and sodium. children usually engage with these games for much longer than the average 32nd tv commercial. the researchers would like to see eating healthy promoted through "advergames". at least one in 10 americans admits to perpetrating an act of sexual violence. one in seven think they're not responsible. the authors of the study stress the importance of bystander training this emphasizes the responsibility to discourage negative behavior and also the need to intervene if sexual violence is witnessed. chicken nuggets are not what you think. researchers found that chicken nuggets from two different fast- food restaurants contain 40 percent chicken meat. the rest was fat, cartilage, bone and
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stay in the groove with align. ♪ need help keeping your digestive balance in sync? try align. it's a probiotic that fortifies your digestive system with healthy bacteria 24/7. because your insides set the tone. stay in the groove with align. let's take a look at the weather. it was a beautiful day today. take a look these
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pictures from our viewers.
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we had cooler temperatures today. this is the 19th warmest opening to in october in 143 years. the forecast for the entire week is cool nights with warmer days. our high debitor today was 67temperature today w7
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degrees. our low temperatures tonight will be in the '40's and '50's. it will be in the '70s tomorrow. this is the area where there was a snowstorm going on. at this hour it is 54 degrees in wyoming where they got 34 in. of snow the other night. we are four degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. we will start to warm
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up again after wednesday. there's high pressure which keeps us clear tonight and sunny tomorrow. look at this system on the east coast. we expect a storm to develop from remnants of karen. temperatures are
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currently in the '50s. we will have clear cool weather with a low temperature of 43 degrees to night. the wind will be callem.
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tomorrow's high temperature will be 74 degrees. we don't expect any rain until saturday. >> more latinos are moving away from the catholic church. why they're shifting their spiritual focus. how illinois is honoring well-known latino american inventors. i started a week ago going pro with crest pro-health.
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since enbrel helped relieve my joint pain, it's the little things that mean the most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. as we celebrate hispanic his heritage month we take a look at the impact latinos are making in many industries. today we are looking at religion. latinos are opening the doors to new ministries which thousand switching from the tradition itl catholic church to a protestant ministry. >> from 68 to 17,000 on all our campuses. the pastors were the
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past there was voted one of the 100 most employable people in the world. protestant and evangelical churches are growing by the moment. >> there's a migration happening from the catholic church. it has been a big loss for the catholic church. >> the newly chosen pope hopes to lead latino's back to the church. >> we are aware of that. in the
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catholic church we do not have enough priest that are latino. >> half of the archdiocese of chicago is latino. >> if you look back historically latinos have been transforming religion since the 15th century. what many people do not realize is there are latino catholics who worship in the style of protestants. they're not afraid to sing or clap. we could see more of it in years to come. many of these
9:40 pm
smaller churches... >> you cannot speak in generalities. we cannot just have mass. >> covenant the ministry that you just saw is growing even more. in the coming months it will open a brand-new facility which will house 1500 people. another
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is planned for the south side which is expected to be even larger. starting tomorrow there will be some new currency in circulation. we will have a closer look at what is different with the new $100 bill. it is game to for derrick rosen and the bull hey, it's me, progressive insurance. you know, from our 4,000 television commercials. yep, there i am with flo. hoo-hoo! watch it! [chuckles] anyhoo, 3 million people switched to me last year, saving an average of $475. [sigh] it feels good to help people save... with great discounts like safe driver, multicar, and multipolicy. so call me today. you'll be glad you did. cannonbox! [splash!]
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n io t
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the newly redesigned $100 bills will go into circulation tomorrow. they were supposed to reach banks in 2011 but issues with new security features caused a slowdown. the new features include a 3d blue security ribbon and color shifting ink. the changes help prevent counterfeiting. >> let's take a look at the weather. we sit between weather
9:45 pm
systems on the east and one that is developing out west. these of the remnants of tropical storm karen. which failed to make landfall as a tropical storm or hurricane. there were heavy storms along the east coast.
9:46 pm
take a look at the wind gusts. some reached 40 mi. per hour. we have sunny skies tomorrow with a high temperature of 74 degrees.
9:47 pm
we could have showers and storms on saturday. >> creators of the ballpoint pen, hydrogen battery and the victory lap artist of you the people who were honored as part of the governor's commencement celebration of latino heritage month. consuls general from latin american nations joined the governor for the launch of the exhibit inventors innovators and trailblazers as it opened today in the james r. thompson center. the bears are back to work after a second straight loss. what the team needs a short memory this week. a wild
9:48 pm
day of baseball playoffs. [ female announcer ] we invited women to see
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the bears got the unexpected bad news tha pre-season basketball chicago bulls took on the map is grizzliethen thismeantmemphis gs would rally early. they owned the second half. rose made this one to put the bulls ahead for good. they went 96-87.
9:52 pm
>> the bears found out nate collins is out for the rest of the year. they had a few moments of the decision yesterday against the new orleans saints. they lost 28-16 and now they take on the new york giants on thursday night which the bears are seeing as a good thing. >> after yesterday's game when other guys are anxious to get back out there and play. >> you cannot overlook them.
9:53 pm
>> the cubs are waiting to hear from the man who is mulling over the yankees' latest offer. they're telling joe girardi to take his time since they have exclusive negotiating rights until november 1st. reports said the cubs will try to outbid the yankees but it is possible they may not get the chance to do it. postseason baseball the cardinals ticking on the pirates. the cardinals would win 2-1 to force a game 5 on wednesday in st. louis. the detroit tigers taking on the oakland a's today. oakland with
9:54 pm
the detroit 673 and give them a chance to win the series tomorrow night. tampa bay defeated the boston red sox today with a walk off home run. game 4 is tomorrow. the braves and dodgers are tied in their game right now. clay matthews is expected to miss a month with a broken thumb. this is a high- school football finish of the weekend. elk grove village taking on rolling meadows. this 52 yd touchdown. they win the
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game 34-33. >> thank you for watching have a great night. sometimes i think my family off the field... is sweatier and messier than my family on the field. so like the nfl i use tide... ...because i'm the equipment manager in this house. that's my tide. what's yours?
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hey. hey, guys, how's it going? i'm just gonna finish this. we just had dinner with stella's sister and her fiancé. they're getting married before us. okay, you know how you've dreamt about your perfect wedding day ever since you were a little girl? yeah. totally. my sister is stealing my dream wedding. down to every last detail-- on shelter island, at sunset, ...just down the beach from our family's old summer house. it's my dream wedding. hmm. i'm gonna finish this. uh, the lamb here is supposed to be great. oh. i'm a vegan. i wish i could tune out that moral voice
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inside me that says eating animals is murder, but i guess i'm just not as strong as you are. that's 'cause you need protein. i'll have the lamb. okay, new goal: i want our wedding to kick her wedding's ass. i want our wedding to take her wedding's head and shove it in the toilet and flush it, like, 20 times. oh, ted, in high school, you were her wedding, weren't you? (chuckles) you know, she's always trying to one-up me. i mean, i love her, but... there's a little part of me that kinda wishes this whole thing would just fall apart. i hate him. i hate him. i hate him! god, this steak is so good! four days to go and he just runs off with the vitamin consultant from whole foods? i gave up makeup for him. i gave up showering for him. i gave up shaving my armpits for him. hard to imagine where it all went wrong. and now it's so close to the wedding... there's like bacon or something in this dipping sauce. i love it. i can't get any refunds. i'm gonna be out thousands of dollars. narrator: kids, when you're in a relationship,


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